who should not be as attractive as they are

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how do you feel about people who blog nothing but sexualized women

this is one of those complicated issues. on one hand, i think people should feel free to post whatever they enjoy, find attractive aesthetically or otherwise. but on the other hand, i think its unhealthy to idealize those beautiful images on a pedestal because it can skew your standards of regular people to an unrealistic degree and dehumanize them. this goes for men as well, etc. i was guilty of this years ago, i used to find myself addicted to reblogging a bunch of cuties out of loneliness, relishing in fantasies of a super qt waifu in an attempt to quell my depression. but one night it just hit me how unhealthy it was mentally to perform this escapist ritual. i realized that fantasizing about hundreds of beautiful faces made me feel numb to the concept of an actual viable relationship with someone amongst all those immaculate intangible unattainable virtual people i was worshiping, and acknowledging that I was subjecting my followers to those posts made my desperation feel hella embarrassing in hindsight. and it all ended up fueling my depression even more. so i stopped. im glad i did. i feel a lot better now.

  • Person who is a Woman: yeah what's that
  • Person who is a Woman: yeah that sounds great
  • Dude Bro Man: SEE I KNEW IT--
  • Person who is a Woman: ok now make him emotionally vulnerable, kind, knows how to take care of kids
  • Dude Bro Man: WAIT WHAT--
  • Woman person: very attentive, self sufficient but also willing to share burdens, basically very emotionally mature and somebody I can relate to on a personal level
  • Dude Bro Man: ...
  • Woman person: he doesn't even have to be big and strong, you know?
  • Dude Bro Man: Uhhhh so he should have depth and maturity to be attractive...?
  • Woman person: Now you're getting it

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I hate being bisexual sometimes because I WANT to love women and prioritize them over men and woman-attracted men scare me but everyone's obsessed with my attraction to men whether it be people who think it makes me straight or people who make those "REMINDER THAT BI GIRLS LOVE BOYS" posi posts. It's like my existence is just for men and I hate it so much

Oh yeah, I completely feel you. People see us as vessels of attraction to men and it’s exhausting. And some bi people don’t deal with this properly. Those “let bi girls love boys” posts (which are usually written by teenagers, lol) are generated by their genuine hurt at being reduced to men/male desire, but they articulate that frustration in the wrong way. Instead of saying “let bi girls date boys”, those posts should say that “reminder that it’s incredibly misogynistic and homophobic to reduce bi girls to men and that even if bi girls are in m/f relationships they’re still bi and they’re still whole people deserving of respect”. 

So everyone else hates us and idiots in our community don’t approach that hatred in a productive manner. 

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I know it sounds petty but the mean girls in my life drive me and my goals. I like feeling like I'm better off than them, maybe anon could use the negativity to her advantage!

I don’t think this is petty. I think is an amazing point and often overlooked in human psychology . I believe it was Robert Greene who said everybody should keep enemies around them to keep them on their toes.

Not everybody is driven by lightworker memes, love, adventure, luxury, beauty, ambition, comfort, safety, manifesting and law of attraction. I am, I’m a little bunny. I love comfort and peace lol. Hate for certain things also drives me though…

Many of us are driven by violence, dominance, competition, repression, being better than others, power, anger, revenge. How many people are in the gym right now trying to stunt on their ex or out here plotting whole come ups in the name of revenge or getting 50 degrees to prove their aint shit grandparents wrong lol. My girls love drama and get riled up, pink and girly memes wouldn’t work on them, but a  “man cheats on his pregnant girlfriend” story - they would lose it lol

You raise a good point and yes negativity can be used for good.

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wow another misinformed person who thinks that straight aces and aros are lgbt. why am i not surprised. not every one belongs everywhere. you can accept straight aces and aros, but do not tell them that they are lgbt because they 100% are not. lgbt spaces are for lgbt people case closed. maybe you should brush up on lgbt issues before you invite straight people to be a part of our community.

Please take a step back and listen to how you just conducted that sentence. I’m not quite sure where you’re coming from in life, but it sounds like you’ve been through quite a bit with your identity. So have I. And when I found myself a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I finally found a huge group of people who accepted me and supported me. I hope the same happened for you. And if not, I hope it happens soon, because everyone deserves that.

Consider people who observe no sexual or romantic attraction, which are legitimate identities, who feel wrong for one way or another. They’re asexual and/or aromantic, regardless of gay or straight, and that still falls under the A in the acronym, but I keep hearing that one half’s not different enough. Not oppressed enough. I would first say, none of us know everyone’s story, and there’s no way we will, so we don’t know what everyone has gone through with their identity. And second, when did this community become solely about how oppressed we are? [EDIT: Upon reviewing this, I should specify it is important to note the group was founded because of systemic oppression, and that is VERY important. I mean that we are also a group of support and lifting ourselves up and being proud of who we are as a diverse community, as well as continuing to fight the systemic oppression that faces many of us]. If we, as a group, achieve what I hope we can achieve idealistically and not be oppressed, are we still not a group to be proud of? Why wouldn’t we want this group to be an absolute celebration of all legitimate varieties? A celebration of all our unique experiences and struggles? They’re all different and valid.

Is this demographic of people with a legitimate sexual and/or romantic identity to make their own little group? To be made to feel like outcasts in the real world as well as in this group? I feel that this just furthers the negative, unfriendly attitude that already greatly exists in this world and I don’t wanna promote that. I just would think something like excluding would be for those who make us feel unsafe and that would only be on a case-by-case basis, not for a whole demographic who feel out of place and just want to belong, right? I don’t wanna be that way to people the way the world was to me. They’re not lgbt, but they are A, and that’s part of the LGBTQIA+ community, right? And of course I can’t change what you believe. And you’re right, I can accept them! I shall, because acceptance in this community is what inspired me and helped me when I felt lost, and I want to be that for others. [EDIT: I also want to stress that, the bottom line here is that all I’d like is for us to take time, ALL of us, asexuals and aromantics included, to educate ourselves, try to understand and respect each other’s individual struggles/experiences/stories, because they ARE all different. Empathy and trust is key because this line of distrust does not seem to be going in a positive direction. It seems to be leading to negativity, divisiveness, and name-calling and I don’t like seeing that. That’s not what I think many of us are trying to achieve. Sorry for typing so much haha]

No one can deny that Marinette Dupain-Cheng is beautiful.

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She not only has a great character design, but in the show she’s also been remarked to be considerably attractive.

But even more importantly is that Marinette actually knows this!!! 

My girl is aware that she looks good and she’s not afraid to admit it!

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In Stormy Weather, Alya tells her that she should model with Adrien and when she was hesitating, it wasn’t because she was worried whether or not she was “too plain,” she’s concerned about who’ll look after Manon. 

But once she’s reassured that Alya has that taken care of, she just goes for it and not once does she ever stop and question her looks being “good enough” to model with Adrien Agreste. She’s confident enough that it is.

It’s really refreshing to have a young girl who’s comfortable and self-assured with her appearance without it being criticized as vain or wrong to acknowledge her attractiveness!

wlw deserve better than Supergirl

Honestly, I know you are all coming at Jeremy and rightfully so but screw Melissa in particular. Because she is the lead. She is the main character. She is the role model of the cast, above anyone else. She is the one who holds the most responsibility. Not only to be a good role model but to be a feminist because that is what the show and character is about. And not whatever she is because it certainly isn’t feminism. Like yeah, she went to a women’s march. Nice. Yet she openly mocks and ridicules wlw. When she is the star of the show and when taking in such an important role she signed up for all the extra responsibility. This is a show where she plays Supergirl, a female superhero. As a lead. And a show with wlw canon representation. She plays a character that is meant to be the embodiment of acceptance, open mindedness, female empowerment and feminism in general. Yet she was having fun being homophobic on camera, on purpose, at a convention about said show, for the fans to watch, knowing most of the audience is lgbt.

Like this isn’t even about ships. The actors were not simply mocking a ship when they did that. Or making a joke. They were mocking the concept behind it. They were mocking the fact so many wlw saw two women on tv and thought maybe they could be together, maybe they wouldn’t be straight. They were mocking these wlw viewing themselves as these characters or seeing them as characters validating their identity. They find that funny. Melissa, who is playing Supergirl and has become a role model to young girls everywhere, openly mocked women even daring to relate to those characters and hoping that they could end up together.

Young girls everywhere will see these actors they look up to that play characters they look up to mock wlw. These girls will feel like being attracted to girls is ridiculous and wrong. Because they saw these grown adults mock and invalidate it. This is a show for families and for young girls in particular. Having the cast do this is awful. It goes against everything the show should stand for. Everything Supergirl and Kara as a character should stand for.

Not to mention how it validates homophobia. It will validate homophobes everywhere. In fact, it already has. I’ve already seen so many homophobic posts because of this. Because the cast was homophobic so everyone thinks it is okay to be that way. Young people learn from media. Everyone knows that. Young people will watch this video and repeat such behavior. They will start to think being lgbt is bad. That shipping gay pairings is ridiculous. This validates all that negativity.

Basically, Melissa should get as much or even more backlash. Not because Jeremy isn’t to blame but because she supported such behavior. And not only that but she joined in. While not only being one of the characters in such ship, therefore someone these women admired, but also while being the lead character of the show

You know who was the only person there that showed any actual professionalism and female empowerment/feminism? Katie McGrath, who tried to give the lgbt fans watching, wlw in particular, validation despite the fact the rest of the cast were mocking them and her for doing so. She went against her cast to try and make sure these young girls knew it is okay and that they are valid. Bless her. Because she did not have to do that. In fact, if anyone should have done that it was Melissa, who again, is the lead and the biggest role model. Yet Katie went out of her way to be the only one to actually display a good set of morals and risk ridicule for the sake of being a good person. She was in a toxic and tbh weirdly aggressive homophobic environment with people she has to continue working with and still decided to speak up about it. That is being a good person.

And then we have Chris Wood mocking the situation again and interrupting Katie. Because of course, the guy that is playing the love interest of Supergirl would do something gross like that. Not only that, but it adds up with all the Mon-El issues that teach young girls that they should look for abusive disrespectful entitled lazy guys who do not listen to them and then they should spend their time babysitting the guys until they are sorta barely decent boyfriends. Oh, and that these guys should definitely be their whole world and priority. Very progressive. Not to mention this was the same guy that said he loved the negative things about this ship. Which really means he ships it because he enjoys the abuse.

The worst thing is they knew exactly what this would do. Jeremy was purposely insulting the fans as he looked straight at the camera and aggressively yelled it out. He was yelling out homophobic things not to joke around with the cast but directly at the lgbt audience. Melissa called mocking lgbt people “brave”. You know what is brave? To dare to identify as such. Or to dare to identify with a character on tv when you know they will never be written that way. Or to openly support a gay ship despite the fact they are either canon and treated horribly or they are never canon. That’s brave. Being openly homophobic? That has been standard behavior since forever. That’s bigoted and close minded. It’s cowardly, not brave.

And don’t get me started on how they wrote Sanvers into their show as an attempt to lure lgbt fans in and exploit them for views yet everyone in the crew/cast are clearly homophobic. The crew is included for the treatment of their canon lesbian ship. They know the lgbt fans are watching because there is a wlw ship yet they had no shame in being homophobic on camera for everyone to see. If anyone had any doubt about why they wrote Sanvers now they have confirmed it exists for ratings only. Because clearly, the concept of women loving women is not realistic enough for them. Melissa supporting Sanvers? A publicity stunt because she obviously loves mocking wlw and their ships.

Im not even going to get into Jeremy’s “apology” that was really him making himself sound like the victim and acting like lgbt fans were overreacting and dramatic about it. We apparently can’t take a joke. Okay, but maybe being homophobic isn’t a joke nor is it funny. We have to deal with homophobia every single day. It is something that oppresses us. It is something that is used against us in every way. Homophobia can literally threaten our lives yet somehow we are supposed to laugh about it like it’s hilarious? Oh yeah, how funny. Silly wlw thought for once two women could be in a relationship or that they could simply pretend they are in one. So funny. Hilarious.

Great role models. Amazing. The CW should be very proud. Somehow there’s only like 3 decent people in the cast now and only one of them is brave enough to speak up against homophobia. And it isn’t the lead actress that claims to be a feminist. No. She’s too busy being homophobic.


my hobby is getting heated over ppl mistreating jotaro on twitter

anyway you can like or dislike him, but claiming he has no personality or has no regard for others’ wellbeing is bullshit. y’all really forgetting that time he bet his soul to save kakyoin? he didn’t even let joseph play the game saying “grandpa have you played any of these games more than kakyoin?” even though he himself doesn’t know how to play it

his way of showing emotions is different from, say, joseph’s who wears his heart on his sleeve, a lot of his feelings are concealed.

he was a lil shit to his mother, and he handled parenting horribly, that is true, but he’s clearly shown as a person who has difficulties in showing affection, and the reason he left his family is not to get them involved in this stand bullshit - he learned first hand that stand users attract each other.

but should i really remind you about this:

or this:

or this:

or this:

i could dig out more proof but i ain’t spending any more time on y’all dumbasses who can’t actually think about the reason for the character’s actions for a second

i do like to make fun of araki from time to time, but he knew what he was doing when creating jojos. they’re the core of the story after all. and you have to embrace their differences - as a matter of fact, it’s what makes all the jojos interesting

JULY 22: Rebecca Sugar comes out (2016)

On this day in 2016, animator and creator of Steven Universe, Rebecca Sugar, came out as bisexual on a panel at San Diego Comic Con.

Rebecca Sugar is the first woman to ever be an official show runner at Cartoon Network (x). 

Rebecca was born on July 9, 1987 in Silver Spring, Maryland. She began her career in animation with the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time, for which she was nominated for Primetime Emmy Award for Short-Format Animation twice. She left the show after the fifth season to begin production on her own original series, the now famous Steven Universe.

Steven Universe premiered on Cartoon Network in 2013 and quickly gained a huge following of both child and adult viewers. In 2016, the series was even awarded its own panel at San Diego Comic Con, where Rebecca Sugar gathered with the other talents behind the show to answer questions from fans. When one fan asked Rebecca what inspired her to center Steven Universe around feminist themes, Rebecca nonchalantly answered, “Well, in large part it’s based on my experience as a bisexual woman” – this being the first time she publicly addressed her sexuality! Rebecca went on to say:

 “These things have so much to do with who you are, and there’s this idea that these are themes that should not be shared with kids, but everyone shares stories about love and attraction with kids. So many stories for kids are about love, and it really makes a difference to hear stories about how someone like you can be loved and if you don’t hear those stories it will change who you are. It’s very important to me that we speak to kids about consent and we speak to kids about identity and that we speak to kids about so much. I want to feel like I exist and I want everyone else who wants to feel that way to feel that way too.” 

In response, the audience at the panel exploded into a standing ovation.


im so tired but saying ace ppl arent lgbt isn’t saying their identities aren’t valid. you can still support ace people and hope for them to have a productive community that has the resources needed for ace specific issues while acknowledging that being ace without experiencing same gender attraction doesn’t make you lgbt. the lgbt community isn’t a catch all for “outside of the norm” orientations, it’s always existed to combat transphobia and homophobia. the lgbt community’s resources and goals should used toward issues that impact trans people and people who experience same gender attraction. while obviously there are people who are both ace and lgbt, it’s okay to have different communities to serve different needs

I don't think people who say we're overreacting about Wonder Woman understand

When you’re a girl, you don’t get to see women be cool, not as often as boys get to see men be cool.

You don’t get to see them fly and fight bad guys and be people you want to BE, do you know what I mean?

Guys get the cool super powers and girls get romance subplots.

Girls with powers are reduced to smaller roles and we have to make up fanfics and extended material that makes them the main character cuz male writers don’t need them for anything but romance plots.

Just look at girls on Tumblr.

Obsessed with white males.

Love em.

Can’t get enough of that white guy named Chris.


I assume because they’re attractive in every socially constructed way.

And because they get to be the telekinetic, edgy angsty guy whose mom died who deserves all of our sympathy and attention.

So when people say Wonder Woman is a great movie but people are exaggerating how important it is that she be a role model, or that girls should look up to their mothers…

Like you don’t get how cool it is to be able to see someone like you do cool stuff. Your mom is great but she’s mundane, no offense to mothers. She’s not magical, she’s the kind of person you don’t appreciate until you’re older. And she’s not the type of person EVERYONE knows and recognizes and looks up to. Wonder Woman is, well now she really is. And she’s visible, she’s much more tangible, as fictional characters always ARE to mainstream audiences. So little girls get to see this awesome fictional lady…

-and you don’t have to pretend you’re a guy.

You don’t have to pretend that you’re not different from the people we’ve been told are the “desirable” people to be.

Wonder Woman is not only a great movie and a lovely social commentary.

But on a basic level, the more subconscious level of internalized feelings, of self identity and self love ?

I mean, are you a heartless monster or do you really have a problem with girls, and boys too, seeing a woman kick ass and not be the object of desire.

But the person everyone wants to be?

You show girls that they can be awesome, that they have more of a role in human existence than just being shallow love interests and you show boys that there are women they can look up to.

You got this larger than life woman acting as an icon for everyone, and for ONCE, this icon is female. Yes, the human race is represented, and idealized, in super heroes. Who are often male. Which says that our idealized self…is male.

So Wonder Woman being an idealistic superhero, our perfect self, the human shaped being we want to be…well. She’s female and BY WANTING TO BE HER…we say that there is nothing wrong with being female.

And yes yes yes yes argue that they have real life women they could look up to.

But do you really think most little boys want to learn about Madam Curie or Queen Isabella or Antoinette?

That’s boring history stuff.

Wonder Woman reaches a huge audience.

She’s more tangible, for children that is.

She feels more real than stuffy historical figures.

Stop acting like Wonder Woman being a role model is to be underplayed or devalued.

It’s important for people to feel EXCITED and exhilarated by a super hero who’s not a straight white snarky nihilistic male.

It gets their dusty little hearts beating and their minds thinking, hopefully.

Will it change anything politically, no.

Wonder Woman can’t impeach trump unfortunately.

But can it change how girls see themselves, how boys see women, how people look at what it means to be human?

Well maybe.

So TL;DR- shut up. Wonder Woman is amazing. And shame on you for trying to take her away from children, you’re a menace and I need to talk to you, adult to adult.

• Lena asking Kara if she can ask her good friend Supergirl to come over to her office to teach her kryptonese.

• Kara why-am-I-jealous-of-myself Danvers agrees.

• Lena trying her best to inconspicuously ask phrases like “will you have dinner with me?” “Will you go out on a date with me?” “Does pasta sound nice?” “You look beautiful” “they should name the stars after you” and other romantic fluff and obviously failing

• Kara getting nervous that Lena might be flirting with Supergirl and wanting to go on a date with her, confirming her horror that Lena might be more attracted to what she can do rather than who she is

• Lena going to Kara’s apartment that night and stuttering while she tries her best to say those phrases right with flowers in her hand

• Kara just MELTING, not even caring about the paper work that comes with Lena knowing

transcript of the speech i gave at Vassar’s black baccalaureate service

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, and the Vassar class of 2017.
Just saying that aloud made me feel old. Class of 2017? Most of y'all were born after dark-skinned Aunt Viv left the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. That’s wild.

I want to first thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment in your lives. I am honored, privileged, and a bit in disbelief that you asked me of all people to give this address. I try not to have feelings, and I’m going to do my best not to cry today, but no promises.

I’m here to stand in the gap between you and your parents and guardians and any other elders in your lives that you stopped listening to because you thought they were wack and out of touch. I remember being in your shoes not TOO long ago, and it is my fervent prayer that something that I say here today will help you avoid some of the mess I went through.
To be honest I’m a little nervous, but I figured there was no way could this be worse than when Betsy DeVos went down to Bethune-Cookman, so let’s get started.

As you transition to life after Vassar the changes will be both inevitable and swift, so I’d like to begin by giving you some well-intentioned advice and warning you about the continued process of becoming an adult.

Keep reading

sebastian stan is too powerful because he can fit multiple kinds of hot aesthetic. like, ‘bad guy sex god’ and ‘broody tortured soul’ hot aesthetic??? but also ‘boy next door’ and ‘james dean’ aesthetic??? and ‘subby hot who would love letting you have his way with him’ but also ‘flirty dom who’ll pin you against the wall’??? he can pull off goofy cute or attractive domestic husband or hot hipster. just look at his photoshoots, he can be literally every kind of hot and frankly, no one man should have all that power.


Okay so I’ve done Career and Childhood in astrology so I decided to go with one that I know a ton of people would find useful (personally I’m not really into the love side of astrology but I get why a lot of people are). So anyways, here’s where you should look in the natal chart to learn more about your approach to/experience with love!

Ascendant: An all-rounder placement for practically anything, the ascendant will show you how you come across to others and how you’re perceived, who you attract etc.

Descendant: Otherwise known as the 7th House cusp, this placement shows you who you attract intimately and how you behave in close, personal relationships.

Moon Placements/Aspects: When looking at committed relationships in particular, the moon placements/aspects will show us what makes us feel at home and comfortable. It’s important to look at these placements because any strong relationship needs a strong emotional foundation, so you should know your own inside out. 

Venus Placements/Aspects: No surprises here, Venus being the planet of love and romance, we look here to see how we initiate romantic pursuits, how we flirt etc. We also see the type of vibe we give off to other people and the house it’s in can show us where in our life we give a lot of our love to. It’s super important to look at Venus because it shows us what we want, what we’re attracted to and how we handle affairs of the heart.

Mars Placements/Aspects: Mars is the masculine counterpart of counterpart. When looking at it in relationships, we mainly focus on the sexual element. Our libido, sexual tastes etc. However, while that’s all well and useful, it’s also great to look at for anger. Being honest, it would be stupid to think that our capacity for anger and patience are irrelevant in relationships, so it’s important to look at Mars to pay attention to what gets on our nerves and furthermore, how we should handle our anger especially around others. 

5th House: The 5th House represents a multitude of things, joy, talent, children - but in this case, romance and casual sex. We should look at the 5th House to see what our natural aphrodisiacs are, as well as our turn-ons (to a lesser extent than Mars). The 5th House will show us what we find appealing in light-hearted romance.

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Do you think that people on the aromantic/asexual spectrums should be included in the lgbtq+ acronym and lgbt celebrations like pride month, even if they are cisgender and don't experience same sex attraction?

Totally! In my eyes, the LGBTQ+ community includes people who don’t necessarily identify with what mainstream culture deems to be the standard for sexual attraction, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, etc - while still healthy & consensual without inappropriate power dynamics, etc.

During my “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience” series, I had so many great conversations that I’m excited to share about how we need to work better as a community to be inclusive to communities - and almost always, the first step has been listening to people who belong to those communities. If there are better ways I can celebrate aromantic/asexual people, I’m all ears!! I’d love to someday do an entire video about those communities & give them a chance to speak for themselves on my channel. <3

Listen the whole “question your sexuality” ideology really should only apply to people who are heterosexual, and to reverse that to apply to gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals is belligerently homophobic.

Why? Because you honestly think that we haven’t questioned our sexualities already.

Our sexualities have already been assessed, on our own and by others, because global society is predominantly heteronormative. The reason we realize we experience same sex attraction is because we’ve already had to weigh our innate attractions against the societal expectation of being attracted to the opposite sex, and we know that nothing about them – mind, body, and soul – is what we want. Or in the case of bisexuals, they know that the social expectations from both straight and LGBT people is that they should be attracted to just one type and be done with it, but that isn’t the case for them.

I would say it’s arguable that it is nearly unheard of for someone to experience same sex attraction, from any age, and not experience some sort of backlash or reasons to keep them from embracing their sexuality. Even if your parents and family aren’t homophobic, there’s still your community and schools and strangers and media and society at large where you will be told in one shape or another that same sex attraction isn’t “normal,” through either lack of representation of these feelings you have or from bigots who will tell you it’s “sinful” and wrong. The result will be to question whether you’re really gay or bi or not.

Edit: to make this a little more personal – I’m a lesbian. I’m a lesbian from a super religious upbringing, and had to fight with both my fear of damnation and my father’s wrath if he were to find out I was gay. Even at a young age I knew I wanted nothing of boys, and as I got older I wanted nothing of men – the expectations of heterosexuality were crushing, but I still forced myself to consider just forcing myself to be straight, to like men and all their minds and bodies and souls would entail, minds and bodies and souls I wanted no part of.

Telling me, and other lesbians, other people who know that we’re attracted to the same sex, to “examine ourselves” is a gross disservice to all the pain and misery of having to do so for years and years.

Bi girls deserve better!

U deserve partners who don’t openly hate you! You deserve partners who don’t think your bisexuality means you’re going to cheat! You deserve partners who doesn’t make wild presumptions based on your bisexuality!

You are a whole person! You’re attraction to multiple genders does not & Should Not preclude you from being in happy, healthy, fulfilling relationships with people who respect you!

You don’t have to settle for partners who are uncomfortable with your identity. You don’t have to settle for partners who wish you weren’t bi. You don’t have to settle for shit people!

You deserve better!!!!!!!!

Things that the Kaiba brothers definitely do I swear
  • Hiccup when they laugh
  • Have a really annoying half-smirk
  • Spoil their friends rotten… secretly
  • Go 6 days without sleep and then crash for a solid 3
  • “Are you ticklish?”
    • both Kaibas, tucking their elbows into their sides “…no”
  • Cry at Disney movies. Neither of them can make it through Dumbo without shedding a few (read: lots of) tears
  • Go to orphanages and just kinda… kidnap them all… and take them to the toystore and say “get whatever you want, forget the price tag, I own this joint”
    • They do this independently and often unplanned
    • Once Yuugi and Jou were at Toys R Us and saw Seto in the middle of the card aisle, throwing a game against a 6 year old; two aisles over, Anzu caught Mokuba in toy handcuffs with two little girls pointing Nerf guns at him.
    • Mokuba just gets worse as he gets older. By the time he’s twenty he’s turned into a veritable Bruce Wayne and starts going up to Seto like “bro can I adopt this one”
  • Eat pizza with a fork
  • Hit ‘eject device’ before removing a USB
  • Can quote the entire first season of Avatar from memory
  • Paint their nails
    • Mokuba likes going with purple
    • Seto’s normally end up a shade of blue or white
  • Have full conversations in morse code
    • From separate ends of the house
    • It’s the only language they speak when they text
    • Sometimes Seto will be sitting at his desk, typing an email. Mokuba will be playing a game. They’re both silent, but they’re talking. If you follow the pattern of Seto’s keyboard and listen really close to the buttons on Mokuba’s console, they’re telling each other about how Kelsey in Algebra was a bitch today and they should have pizza for dinner
  • Are constantly each other’s dates for things
    • Business party? Sorry Angela, I’m going with my brother. School dance? Fuck off Kaitlyn, I’m bringing my kid sibling
  • Are attracted to pretty people who beat them at things
    • “Hey you looked pretty blushy around Yuugi today Seto” “Shut up Mokuba”
    • Mokuba, who just got beat up in gym class “SETO HOW DO I ASK SOMEONE OUT”
  • Have the voices of angels
    • At Karaoke? Don’t make Seto sing, he’ll charm the pants off everyone in the room
    • Mokuba was pretty much dragged out of band and into choir at school because let’s face it he was shit at trombone but he can sing higher than our sopranos and w e   n e e d   t h i s   c h i l d