who should i cosplay as

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Hi! I really want to cosplay, but I don't have a lot of sewing skills, and I don't look like any famous characters. I have curly light brown hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. Any advice on who I could go as?

If you are looking for general suggestions it is best to crowdsource, try asking in the Cosplay Tutorial Hangout Group on Facebook.

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🔮🦄Straight outta Vengerberg🦄🔮 

I mean, ya gotta admit I’d make a good Yennefer for The Witcher TV series…. *hint hint* *nudge nudge* @netflix cast me!

I’m thinking of trying my hand at cosplay soon. Any suggestions on who I should be based off of who I look like? (I’ve only ever cosplayed as Bilbo Baggins and the outfit wasn’t even finished so preferably something very easy)

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Hi! Because of recent posts I'm curious to ask. What exactly is your opinion on "white people brown facing" anime/cartoon characters? I can understand when people say it reminds them of times where white ppl painted their face black to make fun of poc and it's racist. But time's changed and we don't want to represent a race, but a personality/character we love when we cosplay? It's just sad to see hate when hate wasn't intended? Isn't cosplay art of imitation? What do you think?

Uh You may not think hate is involved, but every single dark skinned person who has tried cosplay has received hateful comments solely about their skin being “wrong” for the character.

That’s it, that’s the experience. Before you even lift a scissors you’re ‘wrong’ and a 'bad’ Cosplay… Fortunately this attitude is changing but I haven’t met one POC cosplayer who hasn’t gone through this.

Pale people rarely have this experience because SO MANY characters are pale.

Now you, faced with a character not pasty and skin as white as snow, your skin is always “right” so I guess you think the easy solution is to paint yourself and escape getting called “the white Allura” for example.

This is not the solution this is literally the whole problem.

🙄 how do you expect to not receive backlash considering the history of brown/black face?

POC haven’t been even allowed to wear their own skin comfortably without fear of ridicule 😑 but YOU want to do it?

Look if you’re brownfacing you’re going to get the clap back for wearing somebody’s race for them.

(Cough as for your white anime fan 'they are a Japanese character from Japan’ BUT THeY R TOTallY wHITE and I headcanon X and Y and Z white models as live action for THeM crowd, you’re on your own special level of embarrassment)

OTL …..spend time and effort on that costume you love and you should be recognizable with or without the accompanying level of melanin.

If your MAIN GOAL is to match the character all the way down to skin tone (outside of your race) anyway then maybe you should rethink who you want to Cosplay as.

TLDR; I don’t like seeing brown/blackface. POC don’t consider it a kind homage, it’s an act of ridicule.


I really like cosplaying disney/dreamworks guys :D

In order: Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians), Hiccup (How to train your Dragon), Hiro and Tadashi (Big Hero 6)

who should I cospplay next? maybe Flynn Rider…?