who should get more work

“Well, nobody we cared about

nobody I cared about.”

Presenting to you the Doctor’s brother, Irving Braxiatel
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more sketches of my version of countrybat (bc shes still rly fun to draw) ((also i changed her bat ears so now theyre flying fox ears HA))


Wand Update (Find me at Phoenix Comicon AA904 & 906!)

I did a few wands last night to finish up some things. Here they are in better lighting. Sorry to instagram friends who get really dark images while I was working lol.I should have more done tonight but I may not have photos of those before I go to con. We shall see!

  • Like all the Host, Goggle, Bing, Jack, Mark, Dark, all the alter egos Mark and Jack have. Y'all are doing a good job, keep it up!! Same with the other roleplayers who have their own character or a character from something else!
  • The people who make amazing art should get more likes! They work really hard on the drawings and paintings and everything! Cosplays also!
  • Everyone last person on here needs more followers and likes and reshares!

I find it so fucking funny how I’m a complete mess when it comes to interacting with people, but stick me behind a register and slap on my work hat and I’m the most cheerful and talkative person ever.

It’s so exhausting to deliver so much energy and to talk to customers. Which makes me upset when idiots say “they want $15 an hour to serve lattes?!”

Pues……yeah. I’m not only writing people’s orders on a cup, I’m also serving coffee, managing cash/transactions, I’m coding bags for other baristas to warm up food, I’m grabbing food items when customers request them, I’m restocking our cups, I’m managing the line, I’m searching for the appropriate buttons to punch on the screen, and I’m making sure that the mobile order stickers are places onto a cup and put into the queue as soon as our store receives them so those customers have their food ready to go the minute they step in the store.

We’re not “just doing one thing”, we’re doing a great amount of tasks all at once to serve YOU, the consumer.

After my shifts my back hurts, my feet hurt, my soul is tired, but I take an hour or two to relax then clock in at my full time job.

So to anyone who says “if people want more money, they should work harder/get a better job/ect”

Fuck you.

You clearly don’t understand the complexity of “retail” or “customer service” jobs. You don’t understand how hard people actually work.

How lucky some people are to never work behind the counter.