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Seeing people complain about the CW’s lack of positive female rep and in particular female friendships is great. Seeing them complain about Arrow especially is even better.

Seeing them complain about it without mentioning Laurel Lance though, is WILD.

“Felicity’s so isolated, she has no female friendships”

“The new team has no women”

“What happened to women supporting women”

“Why are there no female friendships”

like, man, I dunno, it’s like they all disappeared for NO REASON I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED

Chris Colfer to Star in Sci-Fi TV Drama 'Indigo' (Exclusive)
Sonar Entertainment will produce the drama, which the 'Glee' grad will create and direct.

Chris Colfer is plotting his return to TV.

The Golden Globe-winning Glee grad is teaming with Sonar Entertainment to develop sci-fi drama Indigo, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The drama, which Colfer created as a starring vehicle for himself, explores the mysterious world of Indigo children — those who are misdiagnosed but wildly believed to possess extraordinary paranormal abilities — and the dark forces working to exploit their powers.

Colfer will pen the script for the potential pilot and is expected to direct it as well. Keith Quinn and Colfer’s manager Rob Weisbach also exec produce alongside the actor.

A network is not yet attached but the plan at the moment is to shop the project to broadcast, cable, premium and streaming services.

For Colfer, Indigo would mark his return to series regular television following his six-season run as Kurt Hummel on Fox’s Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk/Ian Brennan phenomenon Glee.

In the years since Glee wrapped, Emmy-nominee Colfer — who also penned a season five episode of the Fox musical — has remained busy as an author. His New York Times best-selling children’s series The Land of Stories has been translated into 20 languages. The book was adapted into a film, which Colfer wrote, starred in and produced. He previously had a deal with Disney Channel to adapt The Little Leftover Witch for the small screen.

For Sonar, meanwhile, the independent studio has multiple TV series in the works including season two of MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles, AMC’s Pierce Brosnan drama The Son, David E. Kelley’s adaptation of Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes for the Audience Network; and also serves as a distributor on FX’s Tom Hardy vehicle Taboo, among others.

Colfer is repped by ICM Partners, Rob Weisbach Creative Management and Myman Greenspan.

oh fun fact: the gang tends bar was written solely by a woman (megan ganz) who formerly worked on modern family and who wrote the season five finale in which mitch and cam get married… lol


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“Come on, Echo! Don’t you get it?”

“Fives, it was Cutup who was good with jokes. Not you.”

“Okay, then what am I good at?”

Rex sauntering in: “Obviously not unloading supplies off that gunship.”

Me: *flies back into the wall Palpatine-style*

How Droidbait got his name. Fives lamenting the fact they aren’t ARC troopers yet, and Echo comforting him about it. A little more Commander Colt. More Riyo Chuchi and Ahsoka. Revan??? And so much more.


Ian Gallagher - Who You Are

I stare at my reflection in the mirror
Why am I doing this to myself?
Losing my mind on a tiny error
I nearly left the real me on the shelf
No, no, no, no
Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the stars
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing
It’s okay not to be okay
Sometimes, it’s hard to follow your heart
Tears don’t mean you’re losing
Everybody’s bruising
Just be true to who you are

-Jessie J

I'm listening to my "60's songs" playlist and it's mostly The Monkees and I'm dying.😂

okay so…… I’ve been thinking a lot about this in the past week and,,,,,, who will season five be about??? like, i know we’ll probably get some clues in s4 the way we did in previous seasons (focus on the unresolved noorhelm subplot in s1, isak living in the basement in s2, and arguably [since we STILL don’t have the trailer] the focus on religion and importance of Sana in s3) but right now just trying to figure it out i’m ???? 

at this point, my best guess is Jonas to be honest. I’m not really sure though, because I can’t think of what his season might focus on? BUt I basically eliminated all other possible characters from being main for season 5 for the following reasons:

+ I strongly believe s4 will be Sana’s. Her plot had been building since s1 and 2, and she had a lot of importance during s3. Sana as main just seems like a very logical choice at this point in the skam timeline.

+ Vilde will likely be the main for season six due to her character being so invested in russ time. I think this is also a logical choice for Julie to make since Vilde has been concerned about Russ since literally episode 1, so this will be an important time for her.

+ so unpopular opinion but…. I personally don’t think Even is going to get a season for various reasons, mainly that the show revolves around the group of ‘99s introduced in season one and their school/life experiences. The series has never revolved around him the way it has with the girl squad, Isak and Jonas. So despite being an overwhelming fan favourite, I can’t see Even getting a season without fundamentally altering skam’s main concept. Especially since by s5 he will have graduated. (I do think there will be some kind of focus on him in s4 at least, at the very least to follow up on plot from s3 the way s3 did with s2’s, and s2 with s1’s relationships)

+ I don’t think girl Chris will get a season, partially because I believe that her actor Ina is busy with many other projects and might not have time for that kind of commitment? Also I just get the vibe from Chris’s character that she’s there to round out the girl squad almost? (that sounds horrible but honestly she’s the goofy character who provides comedic relief, and has wayyyy less development than the other girls. unless they give her more focus in s4 I just don’t see her getting a season unfortunately…)

+ Magnus and Madhi were only introduced in s3, like Even, so I just can’t see them becoming a main. My belief is only the core cast introduced in s1 will become mains, since it just seems logical. (Although I guess Julie could completely surprise me haha)

so therefore logically the only possible candidate is Jonas. I’m curious as to what his season would be about, since he doesn’t seem to have any conflict outside of his s1 relationship with Eva….. I’d like to see him as a main though!

this is such a pointless post that got really long haha

Stronger Than You Know

A/N: This is an anon request for someone who has been watching season five and thinks that Hotch needs a hug, which he does, so this is about the importance of Hotch and hugs :) Short and sweet. <3 @coveofmemories


As one of Jack’s godmothers (Hayley’s sister Jessica was the other), you felt you needed to go over to Hotch’s place after work to check on him, and Aaron too. No one should have to go what they went through, but here they were, without the mother and wife they couldn’t live without.

You’d been recruited to the BAU at just 20 years old, at which point Hotch took you under his wing. Ever since, you’d been great friends - so much so that when Jack was born, Hayley and he made you godmother in addition to Jessica.

Work was done for the day, so you decided to make an impromptu visit to see them.

Knock. Knock.

“Hey, Y/N,” Hotch said surprised as he opened the door. “What are you doing here?” You and Rossi were the only ones that normally saw Aaron outside of the office.

“I just came to see you guys,” you admitted, shrugging as Jack walked into the room. “I had to come see my favorite godson.” Jack came running over to you without a word, wrapping his little arms around your neck. He was normally so vocal; losing his mother was so traumatic he’d barely spoken in weeks. Just a bit here and there to his father. Bending down, you let Jack go, kissing him on the forehead before letting him run back off to play.

“Thanks,” Aaron said, closing the door behind you and sighing. “He’s been so quiet lately. I don’t know what to do.”

“You can’t do anything except be there for him, Aaron,” you replied, trying to comfort him. “Just give him time and he’ll work through it. He’s a brave little boy.”

Aaron shook his head, knowing you were right. You couldn’t imagine how hard it was for him to not only lose his wife, but also feel helpless in regards to his son. You hated feeling helpless, so for someone like Aaron it was probably driving him nuts.

“Is there anything I can do?” you asked, wishing there was some way to alleviate his pain, but knowing it was fruitless. “Can I cook you guys something?”

Aaron looked up with the tiniest bit of light in his eyes. “Jack keeps saying how much he loved your chicken cutlet and baked ziti, and it’s pretty much one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.”

You chuckled softly, looking over to where Jack was playing with his toys. “Hey Jack, you want chicken and baked ziti?” His head popped up and he vigorously shook his head up and down with a smile of his own.

“Well, then it’s settled,” you said. “I’ll make some tonight and bring it over tomorrow.”

“Thanks again,” Aaron said, watching as Jack picked up his toys and went to get ready for tonight’s dinner. “Tonight we’re having pancakes.”

You stood up, grateful that you could do something that made it feel like you were making a difference. He walked you over to the door, opening it up for you before your turned around, wrapping yours arms around his neck and pulling him into you. Normally, Hotch wasn’t a hugger, but you could feel in his embrace that he was desperate for it right now. 

He buried his head in your neck and suddenly you felt a tear hit your skin. Aaron was crying. Words weren’t necessary or needed in this moment, so you pulled him as close to you as possible and cradled the back of his head. 

For what seemed like forever, you just stood there as Aaron wrapped his arms tighter around you. Although cooking was nice, you felt that this was what he really needed but was afraid to ask for - a hug. A physical anchor to the world that was spinning around him right now. You decided then and there you were going to make a habit out of hugging him - whether he wanted it or not. He’d never ask, but he needed it.

As you pulled away from him, you wiped the tears from his eyes, promising delicious Italian food for tomorrow night. “You can do this, Aaron.” Once more, you pulled him in for a quick hug. “You’re stronger than even you know.”

Other things I like: they are so married and it’s hilarious. Someone needs to unearth a greatest hits holoreel so Luke can marvel at what total nerds they are.

Hey remember that episode of doctor who in season five called Amy’s Choice when the dream Lord was there and the doctor said “there’s only one person in the world who hates me as much as you do” and then it turned out the dream Lord was him so the Doctor hates himself more than anybody else in the world including the daleks and the master and everybody else so yeah haha I remember that *gross sobbing*