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Last year I decided that I needed a job to work alongside my studies. Got a job at the Mc place, in the kitchen. At the same time as I started there my grandmother died, and she lived in another country and it takes around 12 hours to get there, and the planes went just every other day. Which meant I had to take time off.

At this point they had scheduled me at really odd times, during lunch hour rush despite them knowing I was a full time student, and scheduled me for 17-20 hours a week instead of the 8 that was in my contract. I had said I could work a little extra *if they needed me to*, but I apparently wasn’t clear enough. I knew that as soon as I returned from the funeral I would need to ask them to give me less hours, or at least not every single day time so I missed all my classes. Trading shifts was a pain in the ass, especially when I was new and didn’t know anyone. They also made me stay later so often, and once when I had plans and told them exactly that I had to leave when my shift was over because x thing, they still kept on coming back to make me stay. If I’d been a young kid I’d probably thought I HAD to stay, but this time I couldn’t.

I returned from the funeral and my mental health was down the drain. I was behind in school, grieving my grandmother, was stressed about the traveling, and that on top of work was a cocktail than ended up with me getting sick. A stomach bug. Before I got sick I had the opportunity to meet the lovely new supervisor. She replaced a guy who genuinely loved his job and was great at it. When she got even a little stressed she would yell at everyone. She yelled at a boy working his first shift because he placed the burgers in the wrong order during a rush, for ex.

I get very confusing directives when I call in sick. They’d already skipped a lot of my training, and hadn’t gone over the sick routine, so I suspected it was the same as my other jobs (health care and customer service). This wasn’t my first, second, or third job. I’m a “senior student”. Nope. Basically I misunderstood when they said “call everyday before the shift”, despite that I had a stomach bug and knew that I was out did minimum two days. They knew I wasn’t working the day after. Still has to call in for that shift. You are also entitled to up to a week as sick before you need a doctor’s note here in my country.

Because of my anxiety it sometimes messes with my stomach. I didn’t know at first if I was over it or not. So I called in for a 4th day sick since I wasn’t 48hrs post symptoms. Which is the hygiene routine, and I refuse to work in a place that skimps on that and I would’ve reported them if they did. I had 6 years in health care, so I knew.

It ended up with me being cussed out on the phone because they hadn’t given me information on the sick routine, that there was no way I was still sick. I apologized and said I’d misunderstood, but that I’m not yet 48hrs without symptoms so I can’t work. But I knew I wasn’t contagious the next day, so I’d come in then. I worked in the kitchen ffs! She proceeded to ask me “how the f could you think that?” (I.e call in this way) about four or five times and I would explain the same thing over and over again, that it had been a misunderstanding and I apologized etc. until I snapped and told her “I’ve told you why already”.

She then said I was on suspension until I had seen a doctor. I asked what I should do after I see one, and after I got the info I hung up before she got anything else out. I knew I wasn’t lying. I knew I was in the right.

After I hung up I e-mailed the manager and gave my 2 weeks notice, and asked what I should do with the rest of my shifts since I was suspended. After the weekend (this was on a Friday) the supervisor called me to apologize. Only she started the call with yelling at me because I didn’t answer when she called, but I called her right back. I’d been carrying my sibling’s luggage off a train. She then apologized, said I wasn’t suspended.

I worked another week there, but my anxiety was so bad because it was so stressful to see her there everyday. It’s difficult to convey how bad she is though this short story, but she was terrible. The last week I called in sick because my anxiety medication didn’t even help at all. The last week I worked they didn’t allow me lunch break on day because they had planned the staffing so badly. They knew I was leaving so they didn’t give an f.

When I called in the last week I made it a point to say “I’m sick, I know I won’t be better in time for my last shift, do I have to call before every shift?” Yes, I had to. So supervisor had to talk to me everyday, and then I was free.

In all my work places, all my superiors I’ve had, none were as terrible people as she. She had the ability to make you feel like dog shit for any small infraction or inconvenience. Since I knew that I would be treated better anywhere else I left quickly. I feel bad for the kids there, though, who will think that kind of talk is normal.

I ended up almost not being able to graduate on time because of how they scheduled me. Never again will I believe an employer will be respectful towards their employee. I’d had fantastic experiences up until then with employers.

anonymous asked:

What do you think would have happened if Alloran somehow morphed in book 8 so he stopped dying of snake poison and escaped the Yeerks and the Animorphs ended up hanging out with a ruthless, terrifying war prince?

  • Ax is safe from controllers for the moment, which is why Marco lumbers over to where Visser Three’s host is lying on the ground.  <Come on,> he snaps, dragging the half-dead andalite upright.  <Either morph and help us fight, or wait around like a useless lump for the yeerks to start using you again.  Dying heroically doesn’t solve anything.>
    • As he speaks, Rachel swipes a grizzly paw into the river.  Almost casually, she flattens the small grey-green body onto the ground until it pops with a squelch.
    • The andalite host starts to protest Marco’s attempts to yank him away, but by then Rachel and Ax have both come over to drag him to safety as well, and he gives in.  He morphs, some kind of bird with way too many wings and a razor-sharp beak, and follows them.
  • Unbeknownst to the newly freed War-Prince Alloran-Semitur-Corrass, an intense debate rages throughout the entire forty-minute flight back to Ax’s scoop.  Marco doesn’t think they should trust him with anything until they have more information.  Rachel cannot wait to get him on board, given how much fighting experience he must have.  Cassie thinks that they should wait and see what Alloran wants, whereas Tobias insists that if Ax worked out this well then Alloran will too.  Jake and Ax, as always, stay out of the debate.
    • Until the moment of decision comes, that is.  And then Jake, as they’re landing on the ground, says <We can’t keep it from him forever.  Might as well see how he reacts right now,> and the issue is decided.  As one, they begin to demorph.
    • As it turns out, how he reacts is with about two and a half minutes of incredulous silence, staring at all six of them at once.  Even the human Animorphs can tell that if he had a mouth, it would be hanging open.
    • And then he bursts out laughing.
    • Cassie flinches, because it’s still Visser Three’s laugh, but after a second she finds herself relaxing.  The andalite has his face buried in one hand, shoulders shaking with that silent laughter, in a way that is distinctly unvisserish.  “Yeah,” she says, spreading her arms out apologetically.  “We’re human.  Most of us, anyway.”
    • <Human children,> he says slowly.  <Who destroyed the ground-based Kandrona.  Who annihilated a veleek.> He continues to stare at all of them—and then both stalk eyes focus on Ax.  <This is Elfangor’s doing, isn’t it?> he asks.
    • Ax shifts in place, one hoof kicking nervously against the ground.  <He made a choice of desperation in his last moments of life.>
    • <Of course he gave away our most precious technology to a group of humans.> The andalite prince seems almost fond, underneath the exasperation.  <Of course he did.>
    • <You knew Prince Elfangor?> Tobias asks.
    • <Yes, and I know he wouldn’t have left you without a prince if he’d had a choice in the matter.> The andalite straightens, shaking out his tail.  <But no matter.  I can take on that responsibility now.  My name is War-Prince Alloran-Semitur-Corrass, and I am here to help you.  Dismissed, arisths.  Return to this place at the seventh hour of the Earthly time system tomorrow.  In the meantime, I have many questions for Aristh Aximili.>
  • They all go, mostly because it doesn’t seem worth fighting him about, although Marco grumbles about it the whole way home.  Jake broods on the issue for the rest of the afternoon, wondering if it would be for the best for him simply to hand over leadership.  He barely even notices when Tom’s gone for almost the entire day—some emergency at the Sharing, allegedly—and he doesn’t arrive at an easy answer.
  • Things don’t come to a head until a couple weeks later, when Alloran flatly refuses to listen to Cassie’s concerns about the potential for logging in the woods where the andalites and Tobias live.  <It’s a pity about the trees, yes, but it is not our concern right now,> Alloran says impatiently.  <We need to focus on taking out the empire’s top vissers while the power vacuum from Esplin’s death remains unfilled.  This silly worry about the local land is just one more distraction—>
    • “I don’t think it’s silly.”  Jake speaks quietly, but his voice is firm.
    • <Be that as it may.> Alloran flicks his tail dismissively. <I know the yeerks, and as the ranking officer—>
    • “Let’s get something straight, bub.”  Marco steps up to stand at Jake’s left shoulder, looking halfway shocked at his own daring.  “I’ve only got one prince, and it’s this loser right here.”  He nudges Jake with his elbow. 
    • <Excuse me?>  Alloran’s whole body has gone stiff.  Marco looks very small where he stands staring Alloran down.
    • “Look,” Rachel says, “Jake hasn’t led us wrong yet.  No offense, but we don’t know you.  We don’t trust you.  Jake’s one of us, and if you two don’t agree… We’re gonna go with Jake.”  She crosses her arms, stepping forward to stand behind Marco.
    • <It’s not that we think you’re wrong,> Tobias offers, more gently.  <It’s just…> He flares, landing gently on Rachel’s shoulder.  <Well, Jake’s got a point that Cassie’s got a point.>
    • Ax doesn’t say a word.  He just takes three steps, until he is standing directly behind Jake’s right shoulder. 
    • The silence while they wait for Alloran’s response seems to last for years.  The only one who looks more surprised by all this than Alloran is Jake himself.
    • <Very well,> Alloran says at last.  <Prince Jake,> —and if there’s a hint of mockery to the title, they choose not to notice— <it seems you have won the unflinching loyalty of every one of your warriors.  That is commendation enough for me.  What is it you suggest we do?>
  • They work out an arrangement of sorts, wherein Jake is their field commander but Alloran gives them a lot of advice in their down time.  Marco might grumble about “school all day, then homework, then what do we do with our tiny amounts of spare time? Oh goody, more homework!” but the truth is that most of what Alloran teaches them is useful.  He drills them on morphing fast, morphing smoothly, morphing without losing control, and they all improve to the point where the others can almost—almost—match Cassie in skill.  
    • Under his tutelage they all learn the frolis maneuver to combine sets of DNA from the same species, which means that, through mixing Alloran’s DNA with Ax’s, they can each develop a unique andalite morph.  Their subsequent set of andalites might look like very closely-related siblings, but at least the morphs enable them to maintain the illusion that they are all andalite bandits.
    • Tobias becomes the last one to get an andalite shape, during the frantic period of catch-up after he regains the ability to morph.  He uses more of Ax’s DNA than Alloran’s, and the subsequent form ends up (whether by accident or deliberately) looking startlingly like Elfangor.
    • Alloran is not a particularly patient or kind teacher, but he does get results from all of them as he snaps at them time after time that their best attempts are not good enough and won’t be until every one of them can master rodent shapes without losing control.  He and Marco butt heads on a fairly regular basis, and Rachel has been known to stomp away from his biting criticism in a fit of rage, but they always learn to get along in the end.  And they learn not just morphing tricks, but how to fight with tail blades and guns and knives and stolen dracon beams.  They study past battles, and learn ways to do better.  Alloran gives them no rest, but he also keeps them alive.
    • It’s odd, Ax thinks, and Alloran would probably deny it if asked, but he seems to be more patient with Tobias.  It might just be his awareness that Tobias came to the game later than any of the others, or even some degree of sympathy for all nothlits, but Alloran is far less inclined to snap at Tobias’s small mistakes.  He shows almost as much concern for Tobias’s well-being as Jake or Cassie might, which is strange when Alloran himself is also “roughing it” (as Marco would say) out in the woods.
  • Under Visser One’s influence, the invasion of Earth grows terrifying new tendrils.  Politicians in state capitols and even the White House start scheduling mysterious appointments once every three days.  The Sharing gains official nonprofit status, and opens chapters in every state in the country.  Voluntary hosts get offered power and wealth and fame in the New Yeerk Order if they will just agree to give up their bodies for a few years while the revolution occurs.  Alloran insists that Edriss is five times the strategist Esplin ever was, and pretty soon they all agree with him.
  • Jake isn’t the only one to notice that Alloran returns to the construction site where Elfangor died, but he is the only one brave enough to ask about it.  It just happens one time that Jake’s walking home and sees a very familiar young man (comprised of DNA that has bits of Mr. Tidwell and Visser Three’s human shape and the Animorphs themselves) leaning against the chain link fence to look at the abandoned earthmovers.
    • Alloran hesitates for a long time after Jake voices the question, but at last he explains.  “Elfangor was flying a damaged fighter, injured, in trouble…  Any sensible prince would have returned to his Dome ship, or at least sought his companions’ assistance.  Instead, he came—”  He gestures toward the fence.  “Here.”
    • Jake looks over at him.  “You think Elfangor was trying to do something.  Other than give us the power to morph, that is.”
    • “I think he was looking for something,” Alloran says.  “Or someone.  The only person he’d be likely to seek out on Earth would be little use in a fight, so it’d be an odd burst of sentiment indeed if she was what he sought, whereas…”  Again, he pauses, looking Jake over.  Whatever he sees causes him to continue.  “Whereas if he was looking for an object… The last time I saw him before his death, Elfangor was headed for Earth with the with the most powerful weapon in the known universe in his possession.”
    • Jake feels a chill.  Automatically his body turns, eyes scanning the cracked concrete and half-constructed walls.  He’s not sure he trusts Alloran with a weapon that powerful.  “What’s it look like, this thing Elfangor had?”
    • “Spherical.  An opalescent sort of white color.  Approximately forty inches in diameter.”  Alloran sighs heavily enough that his shoulders lower.  “The problem is, this is all speculation.  For all I know, Elfangor destroyed the damn thing out of some misguided sense of idealism.  For all I know he was just looking for Loren and the Time Matrix is nowhere near here.  For all I know his knowledge of its location was approximate, or his calculations were off, or his ship was too badly damaged to reach its location, and it’s hundreds of miles from here.”
    • “And for all you know, we’re standing within spitting distance of a weapon that could end the war tomorrow,” Jake finishes.
    • They stand there for a long time, looking out at the scattered cinderblocks and jagged edges of rebar.  And then they move on.
  • When Alloran arrives back at the scoop he set up not far from Ax’s, Tobias is standing there.  Human.  Tears painting his face.  Shoulders shaking, hands balled into fists.
    • “You knew,” he says.  “This entire time, you knew.  And you never said a word.”
    • Alloran finds himself looking away entirely, main eyes pointed at the ground and stalk eyes scanning behind him in a blatant ploy to avoid eye contact.  <There was speculation, inside the Yeerk Empire, after Iniss 226 stumbled on your school records.  That, and—>  He shifts his weight onto his back hooves.  <Your resemblance to your mother is… striking.>
    • Tobias swipes tears away with an angry jerk of the back of his hand, almost like he’s hitting himself in the face.  “And you never once thought that maybe I should know?“
    • <Would you believe,> Alloran says slowly, <that I did not tell you out of a desire to protect young Aximili?  We are taught never to speak ill of the dead, and Elfangor was one of the few I would have counted as friend even after I was taken by the yeerks.  To speak for him to his brother, to reveal secrets that he chose to keep, after such time as he could no longer speak for himself, would have been to dishonor his memory to Aximili.>
    • “Sure.  When he gets back, you can ask Ax about that one for yourself.”  Tobias turns away, demorphing.  
    • <Tobias—>  Alloran waits until the boy pauses.  <You would have made him proud, a thousand times over.>
    • <Guess we’ll never know now, will we?>  Tobias takes off at top speed and wheels away.  He turns in the direction of the hork-bajir valley, just before he soars out of sight.
  • Alloran thinks that they would have all made Elfangor proud, in the end.  He’s a poor substitute for the commander they need, but he can guide them the best he can all the same.  He’s there, in bievilerd morph and killing taxxon-controllers at top speed, when they rescue Tobias from Sub-Visser Fifty-One’s failed interrogation, and he tears Taylor’s head off her shoulders without a hint of remorse.  He’s there, a nameless monster from the hork-bajir’s Father Deep, when Jake stays their hand in the face of a whirlpool filled with helpless yeerks.  He’s there to witness as Edriss’s host tumbles off the face of a cliff and Marco speaks with detached calm of revenge.  He’s there as Ax guides his human friends through the ritual of mourning following the destruction of the yeerk pool, and as Cassie proves to him with shocking finality that not every yeerk alive is worth destroying.
  • And then, on the eve of the final battle, Jake pulls him aside for a private conversation.  He speaks not as a commander to a subordinate, or even as one war-prince to another, but as a friend asking a difficult and terrible favor of a friend.  That, Alloran thinks, is the truest mark of all that this boy was born to lead.
    • <I am the servant of my people,> Alloran says, once Jake is done speaking.  <And of my prince.  I have no honor left to give, but my life is not my own, and freely given for a worthy cause.>
    • Jake swallows.  “Then you think… you think I’m making the right call?”
    • <I am not the person to ask about questions of morality.  However…>  Alloran chooses his next words carefully.  <My brother, Arbat, tried to kill me not long after I was taken by the yeerks,> he says.  <I felt gratitude, and relief, and the wish that he would succeed.  Not just for his own sake, or for the sake of our ancestors.  For the sake of my Jahar, and the daughter I never knew except as a wish-flower.  And for my own sake as well.  It was a gesture of mercy, driven by love, and I recognized it as such.>
    • “Okay, then,” Jake whispers, after swallowing a few more times.  His eyes are unfocused, watching a point somewhere in middle distance.  “Okay.”
  • Jake tells Toby and Eva and James—all his lieutenants—what they have planned.  Toby, who dislikes Alloran even more openly than all the other hork-bajir in the valley, becomes the first to respond.  “Funny,” she says, “that you are willing to die protecting so many lesser creatures.”
    • <I know that there is no balance, no forgiveness, no recompense, for what I have done,> Alloran tells her.  <I only seek to make right what little is within my power to make right.  To learn what I can, and to use what I have already learned.  Which is why I ask your permission to die for this cause, when we both understand how that death will be remembered.>
    • “Maybe you have learned a thing or two along the way,” Eva murmurs.
    • Toby nods solemnly.  “Go in peace, and may you…”  She pauses to find honest words rather than kind ones.  “May you be remembered for the entirety of your life, up to and including its final moments.”
    • Alloran bows his head, and then drops to his knees before her.  It’s only when she rests a gentle claw on the back of his neck in benediction that he rises, and morphs, and flies away.
The Pack Survives (Roman Reigns): Chapter 1

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Summary: Andromeda has spent years overseas trying to outrun her past. She finally decides to come back to Florida to try and settle down in the house her grandmother left her. She meets Leati and feels instantly drawn to him; but there’s something he’s not telling her, a secret he’s hiding. A secret that may cost Andromeda her life if she can’t accept it.

Warnings (for the fic over all, not specifically this chapter): cis-female OC, 18+, mentions/flashbacks of previous physical and/or mental abuse, smut at some point, werewolves. I will be switching between their wrestling names & their actual names in this fanfic, im sorry if it gets confusing (I’ll make sure to mention who’s who below so yall dont get the twins mixed up lol)

Andromeda Drakos (OFC) Face Claim: Naomi Scott

Word Count: 2019

A/N: Did I really steal the title from that Game of Thrones quote? Yes I did lmao, dont @ me. I don’t really know where I’m going w this fic, I’ve had about 3 chapters written since may, so we’ll see where it goes lol. I love my werewolf shit, but I also love my Hellenic/Greek stuff so it might get confusing im sorry. Also idk why it wont let me tag some of yall, dont hate me.

Tag List: @savmontreal@vivalavonvon@hardykat@racingandreigns@inkedirishbbydoll-blog-blog@fivefootxo@lovetusk@captainrogersbucky​ @imamoxbrose24 @kamdog0014@empress-with-the-crown@sabrina-blyton​ @littledeadrottinghood @vanity1385@wweburnitdown@maahsrandom@glowrioustrash@roman-reigns-empire-1996

Roman = Leati
Jimmy = Jon
Jey = Josh

Andromeda’s house:

Andromeda huffed as she hauled box after box into her new home; a large house in Tampa left to her by her grandmother when she passed. Meda was beginning to wish she’d just sent all of her stuff with the moving trucks that would arrive in a day or so, but she needed stuff for that day itself.

As she walked back out to get the third box from the back of her truck she spotted two men standing by it. A smile stretched across her face as she recognized them. 

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My most valuable advice for aspiring Artist Alley vendors

(I touched on this in a previous post, but decided it merits elaboration.)

So my #1 piece of advice, for people who are selling fan products (be that fanart, merch, or cosplay), is to diversify your fandoms. The more the better.

This doesn’t mean forcing yourself to do work from every popular movie/show/game, even if you hate it, in some cynical money grab – trust me, it’ll show, if only on your face when you’re trying to interact with people who are legitimately fans of it – but if you liked something, even in passing, and wouldn’t mind doing work from it, then by all means, make a sketch (or do some other small piece, depending on your medium) and toss it in your shop/portfolio. This has multiple benefits:

1) More exposure – A no-brainer. More people will find you, because you’re fishing in multiple ponds. For every new fandom you branch into, you get exponentially more hits, because you’re showing up on the radar every time someone googles “____ fanart” (or in my case, “____ cosplay”). More people seeing your work = more people buying your work.

2) A jumping off point for more work – Having a diverse portfolio dramatically increases the number of inquiries you’ll get for custom work/commissions. People will *absolutely* feel emboldened to request other work in the same fandom (for instance, if you do Overwatch fanart but they want a different character/pairing/etc than what you’re showing), but it’s vanishingly rare for people to approach an artist who does exclusively, say, Marvel comics fanart and ask if they’ll do something from, say, Game of Thrones.

In my case, as a cosplay leatherworker, my entire DC line sprang from one Wonder Woman tiara that I made and released pictures of into the wild, like bait to lure in larger commissions. People saw the tiara and asked for other pieces from the costume (“Can you do her armband? Can you do her boots?”) or from other costumes in the DC movies (“Can you do Aquaman’s armor? Can you do Hippolyta’s crown?”). Likewise, all my Lord of the Rings pieces sprang from one pair of Kili bracers that got people’s attention and encouraged them to inquire about commissioning… everything else. Meanwhile I have never, not once, gotten an inquiry about Game of Thrones commissions, even though a glance over my work with LotR, Dragon Age, and my original Nordic pieces shows that it’s fully in my wheelhouse. The GoT cosplayers just don’t find me, or they assume that I wouldn’t be interested in/capable of GoT work, or it doesn’t occur to them to ask.

(This is why I’ll often cut people a first-time discount if the piece they want to commission is one I’ve been interested in making before, or is in a fandom that I’d like to branch into. It means I can make it (on someone else’s dime), accurately calculate the time/materials cost for future reference, add it to my portfolio, and then get it out of the house. Costume leatherworking can run hundreds of dollars in materials and labor, and the last thing I want is to make an expensive sample piece that winds up never, ever selling and just takes up space in my closet for the rest of time.)

3) Surviving fandom boom and bust cycles – if you’re trying to make your living on fandom merchandise, you are *painfully* at the mercy of whatever’s trending. Fandoms spring up and die down, some faster than others, and having a diverse portfolio lessens the blow when one of your sources of income abruptly dries up.

I lived off LotR and Loki armor for a few years, took a couple years off to get a useless graduate degree, and when I came back my income was practically ZERO, because everyone who wanted to cosplay LotR/Loki already had it, yet that was all I had in my shop. It took several precariously low-income months to regain my momentum, for the lines I’d thrown out into other fandoms to start drawing in new business, and to get myself financially stable again. Since then, I’ve made an active effort to keep an eye out for interesting projects in new fandoms, and it’s served me well.


Anyway, I hope this was helpful. Good luck to all my fellow con artists out there! :)

I Don’t Think Jacob’s Captors Let Him Go By Accident

by reddit user nowwegotcha

Jacob became one popular dude during my sophomore year of high school, two years ago. In the middle of the year, he just showed up. His family had moved him away from their old home, but his reputation somehow got loose in the hallways.

At the age of twelve, Jacob had been kidnapped from his home in the middle of the night. His parents had been apparently drugged by an unknown person, and their son had been stolen. No one even called the police until the parents woke up. No witnesses, fingerprints, ransom notes, nothing.

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Sit down lads and listen to my tired fueled rant on why Steven Yeun is a pure man and loves Keith!

So, its been bugging me for a while (especially with the new season just being released) about the fact that almost all the voice actors promote the show and how much slack my boi Steven gets! We all know how much Jeremy Shada, Bex T-K, Josh Keaton, Hell, even AJ whos new to the team go full out and are full of thoughts and words to say about Voltron and their charterers, SO, I am here today, ignoring every piece of homework i have due four weeks ago to tell y’all why none of the slack he gets is deserved!

Way back when in may of this year, a local (ish) convention guested Steven Yeun as a guest, and even though I may be a Lance stan before a human being, I cried cuz I loved this boi since the walking dead. 

I had saved all my $$ just to get this boi’s autograph (on top of picking one up for my friends sister) and waited in his line for almost 2 hours just so i could be first.  And as I sat in line, i noticed that the growing amount of walking dead fans where starting to get extremely high (i don’t think a single person in that line even KNEW what Voltron even was!).

So, b/c i am smart and don’t want to make a rash choice, i sneak a pick at the photos he has lined up before hand to see if they had any rad Voltron for him to sign. and OF COURSE there is no Voltron or Keith anywhere on that table.  But Worry not fellow nerds!  I did the smart thing and printed off a picture of Keith at home!  But my printer is shitty and the quality wasn’t the best

So after almost two hours and him being 20 minutes late ( i could never hate, my boi was on his lunch break) the line starts movin.  So here i am, about to meet Steven FREAKING Yeun, dressed as Kim Possible (not relevant but anyways) and I have practiced over and over what im gonna say to this man.  

“Talk about the Walking Dead, you can do it, tell him you love the walking dead”

So i get up and pay for my autograph, and they let me have two photos and his manager, when he gets to me, tells him that he can only sign one.

NOw, before I got on, my boi looked tired.  Like HELLA TIRED.  idk what he be doing, but he was doing his best to fake a smile and get through another line.

And when i get up in front of him, I FROZE!  like, BItcH, What you DOIN?!?!?  anyways, i shake his hand and all i manage to say is 

“I loved you in Voltron!”

And the look on his face gave me ten years of my life back!  This boi (whose entire autograph photo selection is just walking dead and head shots) hears Voltron, and i saw a smile that was genuine rush over him.  And the MOMENT i notice this, I just go back to talking about Voltron with him

Anyways, he signs my friends photo (which was hella aesthetic) and he looks over at my two and i explain to him the deal 

“So, heres the thing: i only have enough money for one autograph and you are my favorite character in the walking dead (bitch was already dead at this point too) but I got really sad when there was no Keith photos. SO i printed this out at home and I want you to decide.”

he looks at the two photos and tells me

“heres what we’re gonna do.”

and he reaches for the Keith picture and he starts to sign it.  I’m already close to tears at this point, and he is just signing away.  And then he glances over at his manager and quickly signs the other one, pushing both towards me before she had time to react and pull the other one away.

ANd at this point i am IN TEARS.  Crying in the con, god bless this random lady who gave me a tissue or my makeup would have been a mess.  

My friend and I sit down and we look at the pictures and he FUCKING SIGNED THE KEITH PHOTO FROM KEITH!!!!  I might be a Lance stan, but jesus fuck do I love Steven Yeun and everything he is!!

And this boi loves Keith! all the stories I heard from others who met him said that when they mentioned Voltron he would become ten times more happy.  Steven is a gift and I want nothing but happiness for that man.

Oh, and also…

Stevn Yeun loves Keith, he cares for Voltron, and I will NOT tolerate hate towards him any longer!

I rest my case

school starts for me in a little over a week so i thought i’d make a quick back to school masterpost! this is a compilation of tips that i found helpful from youtube study channels, as well as things that i’ve personally done to make school easier. 

  • do your best work as soon as school starts
    • usually the first week(s) of school have a relatively light homework load, but don’t slack off!
    • this is the time to put in the most effort
    • you’ll be able to see which subjects you want to spend more or less time on throughout the semester
    • also, if you turn in great work, participate in class, and go to office hours right from the start, you’re going to keep up those good habits as the school year continues
    • plus, you’ll leave a fantastic impression on your teachers :)
  • use! a! planner!
    • cliché? yes, but it works
    • planners are a great tool to organize so many different aspects of your life, not just school
    • write down your assignments as soon as you get them so that you won’t forget anything, and so that you can plan your day/week accordingly
    • try to space out your assignments if you can so that you don’t spend all of your time on just one subject
    • describe your tasks. instead of saying “study chemistry” (which will turn into binge-watching youtube), say “practice balancing chemical equations”
    • planners are also great for setting and keeping track of goals! 
    • BUT, if planners don’t work for you, use some other way to keep track of your tasks and your time - to do lists, schedules, checklists, bullet journals, etc. choose what works for you!
    • just make sure that you keep all of your tasks in one place. 
  • break down larger tasks, such as projects or papers, throughout the week
    • do a little every day instead of cramming all the work into one night
    • bonus: try to get your assignments reviewed by someone like a teacher or a classmate before turning them in - most teachers are happy to look at drafts and give suggestions that will improve your work and your grade!
    • also, for big projects, my procrastinating brain has found it helpful to ‘reset the deadlines’ - work so that you’ll finish your bigger assignments a few days before they’re actually due
  • a big part of breaking down tasks and planning is also knowing your own study habits
    • try to figure out how long you spend on certain types of assignments, and know how much time you should allocate to specific tasks
  • when you have a choice, go for meaningful
    • for some assignments, such as essays where you can choose your own prompt, it’s easy to choose the easy prompt
    • but whenever you can, try to go for the prompt that will help you to deepen your understanding of the material you’ve learned
    • teachers who reuse prompts will probably see a lot of the “same” essays every year, so this is a way to stand out in a positive way!
  • if you can, declutter
    • or at least try to clean up your study space for the school year
    • having a neat space to work can really go a long way
    • throw out those old pens that have run out of ink and are honestly just there to look pretty
    • also: invest in good lighting because you gotta take care of those beautiful eyes
  • find classmates who can be your study buddies
    • if you know who the “top students” in your class are, seek out their help! get contact info!
    • if you miss classes or have concepts that you’re having trouble with, you’ll always have someone to ask
    • i mean you should always feel comfortable with asking your teacher for help, but it’s nice to have someone to quickly proofread your paper or review for a test with
    • peer tutors are also a great resource!
  • take the time to establish new habits
    • maybe come up with a morning/afternoon/night routine so that you know you’ll spend some time every day being productive
    • and don’t let yourself off the hook here!!
    • some ideas for habits: hydrating properly every day, working out, getting enough sleep every night, avoiding procrastination, journaling, focusing on one thing at a time / not multitasking, going to office hours consistently, participating in class
    • be honest with yourself. what are some things you do every day that you might not need to do every day? and what are some things you hope you can add to your daily routine?
  • speaking of habits, fix that sleep schedule asap
    • if you want to pay attention in class and turn in good work, you’re going to need enough sleep
    • i would recommend sleeping early and waking up early over sleeping late - it just feels less awful throughout the day and it shouldn’t do as much damage to your sleep schedule as one all nighter will
  • get yo priorities straight
    • learn to say “no” to things that will take up your time but won’t really benefit you
    • recognize that not everything is important
  • that being said! take breaks!!
    • burnout is real my friends
    • a lot of people say that you should use your downtime to work, and you definitely can if you want to and feel able to
    • it’s so easy to feel like you have to be studying or working 24/7, and that’s not true
    • if you feel like you really need a break, take a break
    • spend time with your family and friends! treat yourself with some ice cream! go for a walk (without your phone)! call someone who lives far away from you to say you miss them!
    • being productive is great, and even if you’re the kind of person that can handle that much work without burning out, that stress will release itself elsewhere - some harsh words you didn’t mean, some small thing that annoyed you more than it should have

ok that was a lot crammed into one post, but i have one more important point: be excited for school!!! it may be stressful at times (most of the time) but school is a place where we learn things and better ourselves and open our minds to new perspectives! i am personally so psyched for 10th grade and i think having that attitude will make back to school a lot easier :)

i hope some of these tips help you, and as usual feel free to drop me an ask about anything! i’ll be writing more of these “quick tip”-type masterposts for back to school because they’re a looot less time consuming for me to make (being honest here). let me know what you think of this format! and if you have any requests for masterpost topics i’m always open to those. 

Blackjack (I)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jungkook

Rating: 18+ (explicit sex, mafia!AU)

Warning: handcuffs, breath play

Word Count: 7,579

Summary: After losing several times to a very expensive card table, you find yourself deep in debt to the notorious mafia group, Bangtan. Taehyung is kind enough to offer you a way out. If you can succeed in taking home any guy of his choosing, your debt will be wiped clear. Then he points at Jungkook.

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the-spockicorn  asked:

Hi, I’ve been considering starting a book in the fantasy genre. I really wanted to give some Native American representation in it, since it's something that I rarely see. However, this story wouldn't take place in America, it would be in a completely different world (though one loosely based off of earth in the 14 hundreds ish?) This is similar to your mixing cultures post, but I wanted to know: is there a good way to give Native American representation in stories that aren’t historical fiction?

Representing PoC in Fantasy When Their Country/Continent Doesn’t Exist

The core of this question is something we’ve gotten across a few different ethnicities, and it basically boils down to: “how can I let my readers know these people are from a certain place without calling them by this certain place?” Aka, how can I let people know somebody is Chinese if I can’t call them Chinese, or, in your case, some Native American nation without having a North America.

Notes on Language

As I have said multiple times, there is no such thing as “Native American culture”. It’s an umbrella term. Even if you are doing fantasy you need to pick a nation and/or confederacy.

Step One

How do you code somebody as European?

This sounds like a very silly question, but consider it seriously.

How do you?

They probably live in huts or castles; there are lords and kings and knights; they eat stew and bread and drumsticks; they celebrate the winter solstice as a major holiday/new year; women wear dresses while men wear pants; there are pubs and farms and lots of wheat; the weather is snowy in winter and warm in summer.

Now swap all those components out for whatever people you’re thinking about.

Iroquois? They live in longhouses; there is a confederacy and democracy and lots of warriors from multiple nations; they eat corn, beans, and squash (those three considered sacred and grown together), with fish and wild game; they wear mostly leather garments with furs in winter; there are nights by the fire and cities and the rituals will change by the nation (remember the Iroquois were a confederacy made up of five or six tribes, depending on period); the weather is again snowy in winter and warm in summer.

Chinese? They harvest rice; there is an emperor appointed by the gods and scholars everywhere; they use a lunar calendar and have a New Year in spring; their trade ships are huge and their resources are plenty; they live in wood structures with paper walls or mud brick; they use jade and ivory for talismans; their culture is hugely varied depending on the province; their weather is mostly tropical, with monsoons instead of snow on lowlands, but their mountains do get chilly.

You get the gist.

Break down what it is that makes a world read as European (let’s be honest, usually English and Germanic) to you, then swap out the parts with the appropriate places in another culture.

Step Two

Research, research, research. Google is your friend. Ask it the questions for “what did the Cree eat” and “how did Ottoman government work.” These are your basics. This is what you’ll use to figure out the building blocks of culture.

You’ll also want to research their climate. As I say in How To Blend Cultures, culture comes from climate. If you don’t have the climate, animals, plants, and weather down, it’ll ring false.

You can see more at So You Want To Save The World From Bad Representation.

Step Three

Start to build the humans and how they interact with others. How are the trade relations? What are the internal attitudes about the culture— how do they see outsiders? How do outsiders see them? Are there power imbalances? How about greed and desire to take over?

This is where you need to do even more research on how different groups interacted with others. Native American stories are oftentimes painful to read, and I would strongly suggest to not take a colonizer route for a fantasy novel.

This does, however, mean you might not be researching how Natives saw Europeans— you’ll be researching how they saw neighbours. 

You’ll also want to look up the social rules to get a sense for how they interacted with each other, just for character building purposes.

Step Four

Sensitivity readers everywhere! You’ll really want to get somebody from the nation to read over the story to make sure you’ve gotten things right— it’s probably preferable to get somebody when you’re still in the concept stage, because a lot of glaring errors can be missed and it’s best to catch them before you start writing them.

Making mistakes is 100% not a huge moral failing. Researching cultures without much information on them is hard. So long as you understand the corrections aren’t a reflection on your character, just chalk them up to ignorance (how often do most writers get basic medical, weapon, or animal knowledge wrong? Extremely often). 

Step Five

This is where you really get into the meat of creating people. You’ve built their culture and environment into your worldbuilding, so now you have the tools you need to create characters who feel like part of the culture.

You’ll really want to keep in mind that every culture has a variety of people. While your research will say people roughly behave in a certain way, people are people and break cultural rules all the time. Their background will influence what rules they break and how they relate to the world, but there will be no one person who follows every cultural rule down to the letter. 

Step Six


Step Seven

More sensitivity readers! See step 4 for notes.

Step Eight

Rewrite— and trust me, you will need to. Writing is rewriting.

Repeat steps seven and eight until story is done.

Extra Notes

I’ll be honest— you’re probably going to need a certain amount of either goodwill (if you’re lucky enough to make friends within the group you’re trying to represent— but seriously, please do not make friends with us for the sole purpose of using us as sensitivity readers. It’s not nice) and/or money to get to publishing level. 

The good part is the first three steps are free, and these first three steps are what will allow you to hurt others less when you approach. While you’ll still likely make mistakes, you’ll make a few less (and hopefully no glaring ones, but it can/does happen) so long as you do your due diligence in making sure you at least try to understand the basics.

And once you feel like you’ve understood the basics… dive down even deeper because chances are you’re about to reach a tipping point for realizing how little you know.

People will always find you did something wrong. You will never get culture 100% accurate— not even people who were born and raised in it will, because as I said in step five: cultures have a huge variety of people in them, so everyone will interact with it differently. But you can work your hardest to capture one experience, make it as accurate as possible, and learn more for next time.

~ Mod Lesya 

What I Learned From University


  • Everyone is super friendly, especially in the first few weeks → Introduce yourself to the people sitting near you for the first few weeks of lectures. Everyone is looking for a friend or at least someone to talk to!!
  • If you commute, make that time productive → My bus ride was an hour there and back each day. It sucks but I would try to be productive for at least half of the commute. I have a post about being productive on public transport here.
  • On that note, stay on campus as long as possible each day → As soon as I got back home I would procrastinate every little thing. Stay in an already productive environment for as long as possible.
  • Maybe don’t buy your textbooks used → I thought I was being smart by buying used textbooks (most schools will have a buy and sell facebook page for textbooks). I ended up having to pay for access codes in order to do my online homework – access codes that cost ~$70 separately and came included with new textbooks anyways. Email your prof or talk to someone who has recently taken the class to find out if you need an access code. If you do, your best bet is to buy a new version of the textbook (unless you can get a seriously cheap used textbook).
  • Print off your timetable and find all of your classes before the first day → This helped me so much! I found exactly where all my classes were before the first day of class. I wrote down little tricks to help me remember where everything was (i.e. my calc lecture is in the arts and science building which is also where the only subway on campus is).
  • Don’t knock living at home to save money → If you’re lucky enough to have a college or university close to home at least consider living at home. Getting your own place or living in dorms is expensive. (But if you have to find off campus housing on your own, don’t leave it too late or you might not find a place)
  • Figure out the best way to take notes for each class → You have to customize the way you study for each class, all depending on the prof and the content. I hand-wrote notes for some classes (chem, calc, and physics), but not others (psych and bio). If you’re writing by hand you can always just annotate your textbook notes or lecture slides (if they’re posted before class). If you fall behind while taking notes, just leave a gap and check out a friend’s notes after class.
  • Adjust your expectations → Don’t expect to get straight A’s, like you might have in high school. You can strive for straight A’s but be realistic as time goes on. For classes I struggled with, I expected to be near the class average. If I was a lot lower than the class average then I would know to invest more time.
  • Make time for physical activity → If we’re being honest I hardly exercised during uni. Go for at least a half hour walk each day and try to start a physical activity routine. Get a friend and join a sports team, go to a fitness class, or commit to some form of a daily workout with them! You’ll feel bad bailing on someone else, plus working out is more fun with other people.
  • Review content throughout the semester → Reviewing little bits of content will save you a massive content review right before finals! Look through old notes while you wait for your daily coffee or take 15 minutes to watch some khan academy videos on stuff you learned in the first month of classes.
  • Think seriously about how much you can handle → Don’t take on too many responsibilities at once and consider all of your options! I worked weekends and some week nights throughout the school year. Looking back I should have worked less because my stress levels were way too high. Also, quite a few people I talked to took 4 classes instead of 5, for their first semester of university. I don’t think I would have done it, in the end, but it’s always something to consider.
  • Have fun but be responsible at parties → Always go to parties with people you trust!! If you didn’t do much partying/drinking during high school (like me), remember to pace yourself when drinking! Eat before you go out and have some water between each drink, till you find your limit. Don’t let yourself be peer-pressured into anything but also don’t be afraid to have fun! And check out if your uni has a safe walk program (someone will come and walk you back to your dorm or your car if you feel unsafe or nervous for any reason)
  • When procrastination hits, aim to be productive in some way → The only reason my biology mark was so high was because I would study biology whenever I got sick of studying for physics and calculus. If you know you need to study but just can’t do it, start by being productive in some other way – study a subject you do like, do your laundry, organize your study area, etc. Get your brain to start thinking productively.
  • Labs are difficult so be prepared → I had so many labs first year. Some tips: eat and hydrate before labs, never assume you can finish your prelab last minute, be nice to your lab partner, always remember lab safety (don’t be the person trying to wear shorts in the lab, TAs will not hesitate to kick you out), don’t rush through an experiment but be efficient, and ask for help (even if you feel like you’re bothering your TA).
  • Please go to bed early. Sleep affects everything → I was so dumb and would never go to bed early even though I had to be up at 6 am almost every day to catch the bus. Lack of sleep will catch up to you eventually!! Also, all nighters are not necessary, unless you make them necessary. I prioritized and never had to stay awake too late. And never pull an all nighter the night before an exam (you’re better off getting sleep and resting your brain).
  • Bring a water bottle everywhere → Buy a decent water bottle and always carry it with you. Even though my uni is small there are still tons of spots around campus where I can refill my water bottle!! Stay hydrated my friends!
  • A practice problem a day keeps the F away → This saying probably works best for science classes, but I guess a reading a day will get you somewhere too. Do something for every class each day, even if it’s just a practice problem or a quick reading. Develop a routine!
  • You’ll have lots of midterms → I was under the impression that midterms happened just once a semester (I thought I would have one week where I had a midterm for each class). That was not my reality. I had 2 or 3 midterms for each of my classes scattered throughout the semester. Study really hard for your first set of midterms till you get used to the high expectations!
  • Don’t worry about what other people are doing or thinking → This is mostly in regards to social media. I was bummed when I looked back on my first year of university, because I felt like I hadn’t done anything fun compared to other people. You only see the image that other people want you to see. You don’t know how hard someone worked or how hard they didn’t work. Just focus on you and how you can affect positive results in your life.
  • Other people literally don’t care about your appearance → My friend’s little sister visited campus and asked us “Why is everyone wearing sweatpants?” People literally don’t care. Dress nice and put lots of makeup on one day, because you feel like it, and wear sweats the next day.
  • Start essays and reports as soon as possible → You never know what might come up so be prepared for the worst! Outline your essay or graph your data as soon as you can.
  • Eat healthy and do meal prep → You can eat healthy during university! Set aside a couple of nights each week to do meal prep. Cook food in bulk to save money and don’t eat out too much. Try to have at least 1 serving of fruits or veggies with each meal or snack you eat!
  • Find a good study spot on campus → Explore your campus and figure out your favourite places to study. I had a couple of spots where I would always meet my friends to study and quiet spots where no one would bother me. Studying outside or in an area with natural light is always good.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your profs and TAs → This is the number one thing I’m going to try to do more of in my second year. TAs are chill to talk to and they can tell you tons of useful information on what upper year classes are like, which professors are good, why they chose to go to grad school, etc. If you’re struggling in lectures or labs, talk to your prof or TA! Make an appointment and be sure you can tell them exactly which concepts you’re struggling with or at least where you got lost. One of my profs told us he just waits hopefully during office hours for someone to come in. (Also profs love it if you ask them about their research or any topics they seem passionate about during lectures.)
  • Explore all the resources your university has to offer → My university has a program that is basically people bringing their dogs around for students to pet, in order to relieve stress. It actually works and gave me something to look forward to! Just be aware of your options so that if something in your life changes you know where you can go to ask for help.
  • Get a planner and utilize it → There’s no excuse not to have a planner of some sort. Use your phone, get a bullet journal, or buy a cheap planner. Have somewhere where you can record important deadlines and make to do lists. I also recommend back planning all of your studying at the beginning of the semester. Write down your midterms and finals dates and write down how much you’re going to study each day leading up to the exam. This way you’ll be able to look ahead at each month and figure out what needs to be done (i.e. getting an essay done early because the due date falls during a busy week of midterms)

This post ended up being a lot longer than I expected whoops. Take the things I said into consideration but remember that everyone’s experience will be different. Good luck to everyone heading to university!

My Other Posts:

Guy belittles me..I make him lose over $100K per year.

I am a Purchasing Manager for the city I work in. I have been doing this job for 11 years. We have contracts with various vendors but I want to talk about the company that does all of our dirt/gravel/limestone work. This story happened almost 4 years ago.

When I started we had a contract with this company. I spoke to the owner quite often and he was a pleasant guy. It was a family owned business that had only 4 employees but they were always ready to help the city when we needed. Every year, the owner would drop by and sign the contract before the new year began.

Well, the owner ends up passing away and his son takes over the business. His son had worked for the company right out of high school but ended up going work somewhere else. Came back to take ownership when his dad died. I never met the guy, didn’t know him, but my wife went to high school with him. On his Facebook page, he has pictures of his huge home, 4 vehicles, 3 boats(who the hell needs 3 boats), every ATV and toy imaginable. Just out of curiosity, I check all of the invoices from prior years and saw that we paid this company anywhere from $80K-$200K per year. In the time I was there, I figured out an average of about $140K per year.

So, we were in the middle of our contract when the owner died. I had some property that I wanted to put some mobile homes on so I would need some dirt hauled to my property. I decided to use the same company that the city uses. My wife called the new owner and set everything up for a Monday to haul the dirt and form up the dirt into a pad. It would cost me about $3,000. The mobile home was going to be delivered the Tuesday afternoon.

So, I’m at my property waiting for the guy to show up. Never does. My wife calls him and he says he can’t do the job. Too busy. I find out where he’s at(through connections at my job) and I show up to the site. I didn’t tell him who I was but asked what was going on. He said he had a bigger job to do and wouldn’t be able to get to it. I tell him that I have a mobile home being delivered the next day and I needed the work and had him lined up and he said “You know, what you would have paid me won’t make a dent in my pocketbook.”

I just looked at him and said, “Alright…” and left.

So, I ended up having to call a whole bunch of different places and eventually found a guy that could do the job for me. While him and I are talking, I tell him where I work and he mentions if he could possibly do work for us as a vendor. I get his information down and tell him I’ll be in touch.

I start researching at work and come to find out, we are supposed to holding a bid for that kind of work due to the dollar amount. We just never did because no one else was interested in doing the work.

In December of that year, the new owner calls me up and asks when he can come by and sign the new contract. I inform him that “due to regulations” we have to do a bid process. He seems kind of nervous but I inform him that it’s just a process we have to go through now and he shouldn’t worry because I told him that I doubt any one else would bid. He seemed more at ease and asked how the bid process went. Informed him that I would send him the information and he would need to fill out the bid sheet and come by and drop it off in a sealed envelope by a certain date.

I call the other guy that helped me out and tell him about the bid process. I also informed him that the company we deal with and the prices that they give us already(every information we have is public knowledge so I’m not doing anything wrong) and let him know that he should bid under that.

The day before the bid open date, the new owner of said company comes by and asks for the Purchasing Manager. He doesn’t know my name, but he knows my face. I come in the lobby and his mouth instantly drops. I extend my hand and tell him hi and that I was, in fact, the guy he needed to see. He asks if there are any other bids and I inform him that we didn’t have any others come in yet, which was a lie since I had the other guys bid.

No one comes in for the bid opening, which isn’t required, but the other guy who helped me out ended up winning the bid. I call the new owner to inform him that we had another bid come in last minute before the deadline and they were less so we would have to go with them.

He. Was. Pissed.

He was stuttering and stammering. Telling me that I’m going to be taking food off his kids plate, etc. I told him there was nothing i could do. He went to the public works office and they told him the same thing.

He has lost the bid process every single year. He no longer posts pictures of his “toys” on Facebook and I believe he downsized his home as well.

Niall Horan reveals a secret lover he had in 1D inspired his best songs — and it has inspired his emotional debut album Flicker

FOR his five years in ONE DIRECTION – and the nearly two years since they went on hiatus – NIALL HORAN has been linked to a string of beautiful women.

But while his bandmates HARRY STYLES, LIAM PAYNE, LOUIS TOMLINSON and ZAYN MALIK have had plenty of girlfriends since shooting to fame, Niall always insisted he was single . . . until now.

In his first Bizarre guest-edit since going solo, Niall revealed his incredible debut album Flicker, out today, was inspired by a secret relationship.

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regularghostly  asked:

Okay I know the popular scenario is "embarrassed mutual pining" (and trust me I love that) but what about this: soon after lance realizes his feelings for Keith he just fully embraces them and starts flirting with Keith almost 24/7 the way he does with random alien chick only more specific/flattering? And Keith's like "what did my gay ass do to deserve this" not knowing Lance is actually fully serious. Then Lance finally stops playing games and just asks him out and Keith's like U WERE SERIOUS?


The time Lance realized that he was undeniably attracted to boys was directly correlated to Keith. It was weird because he could have sworn that he didn’t like Keith - that dense, unwillingly condescending and hotheaded idiot - until. Well. Until they were out after a mission mingling with the locals and Keith was just standing there, a drink in his hand, smiling softly while he talked to a young alien girl. 

It was a huge thing. Lance’s breath caught, his heart skipped a beat and all the blood in his body rushed to his cheeks. Keith hadn’t even done anything special, he really just stood there, a soft and attentive look on his stupidly perfect face while the sun drew patterns on his mullet. It should have been an everyday thing except it wasn’t because Lance really could count on one hand all the incidences where he wouldn’t have changed a thing about Keith (including his awful hairstyle).

So back then Lance did the most sensible thing he could have done: down his drink, cough like mad because wrong pipe and hightail the quiznak out of this situation before it could go completely wrong.

Also, a private freakout that lasted for like five minutes. And maybe some stress eating and extra face care but honestly, that wasn’t a bad thing. He was a paladin of Voltron, they were fighting pretty much 24/7, he was allowed to eat more of Hunk’s cookies if he wanted to. And his face certainly wouldn’t complain about testing out new products to help it stay smooth and soft.

Honestly, Lance thought he had handled it pretty well. No excessive drama and no insults hurled Keith’s way. He’d like to think that he matured through his time as a defender of the universe and could now totally deal with being attracted to boys and Keith. No problemo for Loverboy Lance. 

Except, of course, it was Keith. How did one woo Keith? He was pretty sure that Keith was gay, that wasn’t the problem, the problem was that Keith was dense as quiznak. 

Luckily, the response had been right in front of his eyes: Keith might have been dense but Keith has also spent nearly 2 years with him in space and knew what Lance’s flirting looked like. It was ideal, he just had to act like he always did, not even Keith could be stupid enough to misunderstand that. 

So when the opportunity arose, Lance didn’t hesitate to take it.

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say you won’t let go | 01

 part 01 | part 02 [final] 

Summary: You’ve been eighteen years old for ten years when Jungkook first moves in.
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst; Roommate/Soulmate AU (In which you stop aging when you turn 18 until you meet your soulmate)
Word Count: 12,038
Author’s Note: I was going to wait and upload the whole thing in one giant oneshot but for the stake of everyone’s sanity, it’ll be split into two parts. props to @minsvga for always being down to beta! 


The morning comes like clockwork, obviously, but sometimes you wish it didn’t. Sometimes, the morning is like an unexpected gust of wind, blowing away the present and the comfort and leaving you alone with nothing but your thoughts and the disappointing feeling akin to the sensation of something missing from your life. Which, considering everything the world and the fates and the bonds that connect individuals together and all the shit like that, is not too far off from a relevant problem in your life.

The days seem to blend together, time slipping between your fingers but leaving you with no opportunity or way to stop it or prolong it. You certainly feel different, older somehow and probably wiser, and you’re sure it shows in your eyes, in the curl of your lips, in the longing touch of your smile.

But you crawl out of bed in the morning, feet landing like a gentle sigh on the carpet, following the hall down to your bathroom until you’re situated in front of the sink and taking a long glance at your reflection. You don’t know why you insist to yourself to always look at the mirror, because it’s not like anything would have changed overnight, nothing ever really does. You take in your expression, the skin of your face and the darkness of your eyes, a harsh contrast to the youth of your face, the curve of your nose and the sharpness of your jawline—you: fresh, and young and not a day over eighteen-years-old, just as you have been for ten years.

This has been the way of human life since its creation, a science with no explanation and a connection that cannot be seen or heard or even felt. It’s a different kind of connection, moreso the type of link that brings two people together, two people whoever has a hand in predetermination believe would be the best fit for each other. A soulmate, an individual meant to compliment you in every aspect, someone gifted to you from unidentifiable figures; figures you would not even believe existed if not for the world they created and built, a world you now inhabited.

In theory, the unspoken rules of the whole soulmate business seemed easy: a case in which the aging process stops at the eighteen until one’s soulmate came along, done so in order for the pair of them to gain the ability to grow old together, experience life together, be there for each other during the true ups and downs of college and jobs and family. Every single person you’ve ever stumbled upon each has their own story, their own tales of their relationship. You’ve met people in a relationship that never grew, friends who realized they were each other’s everything, individuals who went through years upon years upon years of life with a soulmate fresh out of the gate—always a variety, never a wrong answer or a right one. Yet, they all seem happy, no matter where the path of life seems to take them.

But now that you’ve been eighteen for a solid ten years, you’re ready to call major bullshit on every single individual who dared to look you in the eye and tell you that they don’t care about the unwinding of fate.

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Disrespect me? Get Shut Down and Blacklisted

So I used to work as a waiter at a fairly okay steakhouse around the US. Enjoyed my job, got great satisfaction from making people happy, had regulars who loved me and would only come in to see me (even long after the menu items they originally came for stopped being offered).

Well the company decides that this particular location needs a new General Manager. This is someone who was, as it turns out, fired from his last GM position for toxic behaviours including but not limited to sexual harassment of younger female staff.

A'ight, no big. I can roll with pretty much anything. Mostly because I’m very ‘out’ about being LGBT (specifically the T part) and surround myself with friends and family who are totally cool with that.

GM is an older gentleman, conservatively raised, and incredibly vocal about his personal politics (including, oddly enough, something about there being more trees in north america NOW than there has ever been, and how global warming is good because ‘all those trees need all that carbon dioxide anyway’). Odd fellow, not very well educated, but this is lower-end management at best anyway so what can you expect?

Well, as I’ve said, I was very much 'out’ at work, and so would, when appropriate, gently remind my coworkers that certain pronouns are maybe… not the best used when referring to me. In reference to the GM, though this fellow would go out of his way to refer to me using an incorrect honorific- american south… Maam and Sir are just things everyone says regardless. It happens, I get that. But twice in every sentence is not an accident.  Going out of his way to dig up my 'dead’ name (the name I used before transition)… also not an accident. 

Well, I’d been hearing from other staff that the new GM was being incredibly derogatory towards me when I wasn’t around as well, and decided that the mature thing to do would be to approach him in private and ask him about it. Maybe give him a chance to ask any questions he might have, or at least come to a mutual agreement (preferably one that doesn’t include deliberately-misgendering honorifics). 
Turns out he’d rather have that conversation at the front door, while guests of the restaurant are still entering and exiting, despite my repeated requests to talk to him in a more private place. 

I bring up my concerns.

Not only are they true, but he’s been frothing at the bit to have this conversation with me, and spends the next solid twenty minutes lecturing me (I barely got in three full sentences- this man also doesn’t know that interrupting is inappropriate in a discussion). He brings up the fact that he has 'a degree in biology’… yeah so do I, but mine is thirty years more recent than his, guaranteed. He brings up the fact that it’s 'rude’, 'childish’, and 'stupid’ for me to even ask him to consider NOT using the honorific he’s decided is appropriate. He even goes so far to try to explain how chromosomes work to me. ….and.. clearly doesn’t understand at all how chromosomes work. In -any- species, H.sapiens included.

So here’s the revenge part.

I had taken about two weeks off, to be started the next day, in order to visit family in another part of the world for the first time in several years. So I simply went in the next day and told an office full of managers to.. not worry about putting me on the schedule come time. Two weeks off equals two weeks notice. No big. Got to fly the bird (In america, a rude gesture involving the middle finger alone) at GM who was in the office with other managers at the time. 

Now that I was no longer employed at company, I was free to speak of my experience without fear of consequence. So I spoke to friends. Spoke to allies. Spoke to legal teams. All about this obvious discrimination and attempted bullying by someone in a position of power, in a part of the United States with very, VERY defined fairness ordinances explicitly in place to prevent LGBT discrimination in a city that is known by the region as being a 'hub’ for LGBT treatment and opportunity and resources and community.

Friends called HR. Other co-workers contacted me about issues they’d had with the GM in the same vein. I included these (dates, times, names, witnesses, contact information for those who consented) in my own formal report. More friends called HR. And then MORE friends called HR.

So many people called to complain to the restaurants public resources team that they would no longer ever come to said restaurant if this was the kind of behaviour that was accepted as representing the company…. That the company closed the entire location with a week, and the GM has apparently been utterly blacklisted from the restaurant business in the city/county due to this scandal.

Apparently it was more money than it was worth to fight the scandal, and the restaurant chain decided to cut their losses and close the site entirely. 

(I would like to add that staff were heftily compensated/transferred/offered opportunities elsewhere and no one was 'kicked to the curb’ for being an innocent bystander)

But it feels so good to pass by the now derelict building and think to myself “I did that. Frick that guy. That guy was awful.”

The “Misdirection” Wars

Why the “GA” or “Surface” Interpretation Totally Gives you the Red-Herrings

For two days now I’ve been seeing way too many people crying “misdirect” at, well, the entire trailer. Which is frankly silly because I’ve no doubt that he THEATRICAL TRAILER = exactly what the movie is going to be about. That doesn’t mean there aren’t red-herrings ala Jedi Finn from the TFA trailer, the only red-herring I remember. The TFA trailer was pretty straight-forward in introducing the main players (”I’m no one” Rey, “I was raised to do one thing” Finn and “I’ll finish what you started” Kylo) and giving you a feeling of what the movie was going to be, but I digress…

There are a few red-herrings in the trailer for TLJ, they just aren’t what everybody’s up-in-arms about all over the internet. The GA got two big things from the trailer: Kylo is going to kill Leia and Rey is going to join or at the very least be tempted by the dark side. That’s the surface interpretation and it’s absolutely what Lucasfilm intended people who were only going to watch the trailer once and haven’t been obsessing over this shit for two years to take from it, amirite?

Red-Herring # 1: Kylo Is Going to Kill Mommy

They used a combination of Han’s murder in TFA and Carrie’s tragic and untimely passing as a means of suggesting that Kylo kills Leia because we all know Kylo already did it once and Carrie/Leia won’t be in IX. That said, for us spoiler-fiends there are a whole slew of reasons why we already know that he totally isn’t going to kill his mom, most notably the fact that he has his Act I stitches and Leia survives into Act III on Craft. But, that said, on a one-time viewing the trailer totally gives the surface impression that Kylo’s going to pull that trigger (he did kill daddy, right)? That’s the red-herring, the surface interpretation is that Kylo is going to shoot her while the clip is actually about outlining his internal struggle and really ins’t about Leia dying at all. It’s introducing what is going to be one of Kylo’s major plot-points in TLJ: the struggle, once again, to jump of the self-destructive “kill the past” path and take on a new goal.

Red-Herring # 2: The Infamous Hand

This is the big one, no doubt. Why people are so fixated on discounting it is a totally different story, but either way the surface-read is that Rey is going to go off with Kylo and join the dark side. This time around they’re playing with Empire expectations like Vader’s request that he and Luke overthrow the Emperor together, but a second watch of the trailer quickly reveals that’s not what’s happening at all. In TFA Kylo told Rey “You need a teacher, I can show you the ways of the Force”, so this bit of the trailer is not only an extension of that, it’s also a response to Rey’s line of FORESHADOWING (not misdirection) that will be heard earlier in the film, possibly around a campfire to either Luke or Chewie. Twice in this trailer she says she needs help controlling her powers and finding her way. The trailer answers at the end not with Luke’s hand, but with Kylo’s. The red-herring is that Rey is going dark, the truth is either that Kylo is reaching for the Light or the two of them, disenfranchised by their individual mentor’s inability to guide them, are trusting in each other to find a new way together.

Why TF Aren’t People Talking About This?

External image

The biggest thing about this trailer that people really aren’t talking about enough is Luke and Snoke’s big reveal about the core of Rey and Kylo’s relationship: they share something, something ancient and potentially very dangerous that was destined to bring them together in some manner from the get-go. The “raw power” their mentors make reference to is what fascinated Kylo about Rey in TFA and probably what encouraged his offer to help her. This reveal is without a doubt the biggest spoiler in the trailer because it outlines a dynamic that has been debated with tooth and claw for two years. The truth? They’re equals that are both harborers of “raw power” and “strength” that Kylo was either unable to control or embraced in the past, while it just awoke in Rey, and like Kylo said, “you need a teacher”.

So at the end of the day ya’ll who are focusing on the edits and calling misdirect at everything are missing the point: the surface-read of the trailer is just that, a surface-read, the same surface-read that led people to cry “Jedi Finn” just because Finn used a lightsaber. The trailer absolutely establishes the feeling of what the movie is going to be (and what the major character struggles will be), so don’t get caught up in the irrelevant details. Yes, Kylo is going to struggle and continue to be torn apart. Yes, Luke is going to be scared of Rey. Yes, Rey is going to beg the heavens for help because she won’t be able to control that shit. Yes, Finn is going to infiltrate the FO and fight Phasma. YES, Kylo is going to offer his hand to Rey a second time. We just haven’t seen the results of these character struggles yet.

The terrible life of Lena Luthor

And why I love her so much and she deserves the world.

First, let’s keep in mind that canonically Lena’s only 24 years old, according to the show’s timeline.

Now, in season 2 Lena was in 12 episodes. During those episodes, she was in danger/manipulated/hurt (physically and emotionally) 37 times.  Specifically, she almost died 8 times and in 5 of those times she was the target. She was hit once and knocked down and kidnapped twice.

Her own bother was the one behind the attempts against her life at the beginning . She was also constantly manipulated and lied to by her mother and later by her new mother figure/mentor. So it’s usually people close to her and people that she cares about  who end up hurting her.

Let’s also remember that the events of season two happened in less than a year! I wonder how she seems so unfazed by all of her trauma. You would think she would at least have some kind of PTSD by now. Then again, this show hasn’t been great at tackling this subject.

Also, from what we’ve seen of season three this trend of her almost dying and getting hurt isn’t going to stop. What does she have to do to get a break?! I think it’s fair to say that Lena seriously needs a therapist and a bodyguard. Also all the love.

Let’s break down everything she’s been through (that we know) and who she is despite all of that. With gifs! 

Before National City. 

- Her biological mother died when she was four.

- Lionel lied to her and never told her he was her biological father.

- Was given the cold shoulder by Lillian and was constantly manipulated and reminded that she wasn’t a real Luthor.

- The brother she loved turned out to be evil.

- After her brother went to jail and she took over Luthor Corp her boyfriend at the time made her choose between him and her family’s company.

Now, during the show:


1. She was supposed to be on the Venture.

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Yesterday at Disney’s D23 Expo, the main event was the presentation on Disney & Pixar’s upcoming films, and we got so many details from the event! However, trailers, clips, & featurettes were shown at the presentation that AREN’T available online at the time I posted this. If they get posted online soon, I will update this post (otherwise, I’ll just made a new post). 


A lot of new clips of Coco were shown at the animation panel!🎶 As we know the film will be Pixar’s first musical, and one of the songs from the movie was performed live at the panel; the new song titled “Remember Me” will be written by the Frozen songwriters Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson Lopez. We also got this new still of the main characters Coco and Hector!
“Coco” will hit theaters November 22, 2017.🎶


The actors have just started recording sessions for Frozen 2, so there weren’t any clips from the movie shown, but we did get a behind the scenes look at the team working on the movie.❄️
Josh Gad & Kristen Bell also made a special appearance to sing a song from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, titled “That Time of Year”, which will be one of the four songs in the short. FYI: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will be the Disney short playing before Coco this November.❄️

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Time for Toy Story 4!☁️
The audience at D23 were shown a clip that shows the behind the scenes work being done on the movie! We know that the first line of the movie will be the aliens saying “Oooooh” and that there will be a character named Lulu who is a “paper-doll”! It’s also been announced that Josh Cooley will be the sole director of the film (John Lasseter isn’t directing anymore). The plot will essentially revolve around Woody, Buzz, and the gang taking a road-trip to reunite Woody & Bo Peep.
“Toy Story 4” will be released June 21, 2019.☁️

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The trailer for Wreck It Ralph 2 was shown at the animation panel, as well as a new clip from the movie!👾
The movie is titled “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 “ and it will take place six years following the events of the first film; the story will center on Ralph’s adventures in the Internet data space when a WiFi router gets plugged into the arcade.👾
There will be a new character in the movies named “Yesss” voiced by Taraji P Henson, who is an expert on the latest trends for the website “Buzzaholic”; Yesss will take Ralph & Vanellope on a tour of the World Wide Web!👾
In the new clip from the movie that was shown, Yesss takes them to the Oh My Disney site, which looks like Disneyland! On the Oh My Disney site, we see Ralph & Vanellope interact with all of the Disney princesses (who are voiced by their original voice actors), and meet C3PO, stormtroopers, tsum tsums, and Stan Lee!
All the voice actresses for every single Disney princesses were on stage to show this clip to the audience!👾💕
Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 will hit theaters November 2018!👾


Incredibles 2 will take place immediately after the events of the first movie!💥
The beginning of the movie will begin with an action sequence against the Underminer, & Elastigirl will be the star of the action while Bob takes care of Jack Jack at home.💥
John Lasseter, Pixar CCO has said “It starts right as the first one finishes, so it just carries on. You know that at the end of the first movie when he comes up and you see the family dressed as superheroes, well that’s where [we] start this movie.”💥
Bob doesn’t even know that Jack Jack has powers yet! In the movie the Parr family will get a new house “that’s a cross between a dream house and a super lair.“ Samuel L. Jackson has also appeared at the panel and will be back to voice Frozone!💥
A new clip from the movie has also been shown at the panel, which revolves around Jack Jack & his superpowers!💥
The Incredibles 2 is slated to hit theaters on June 15, 2018.💥

We also got this great video featurette of Edna Mode, the fashion mogul.

Landlord is jealous of my income, raises my rent $500. I screw him years later for $20k.

All names have been changed. Long story:

In the late ‘90s wife and I were just married, just getting started, and we decided to DINK (“double income, no kids”) it for a few years to save up for a down payment on a house.

The dotcom bubble was still rising and I was a newly minted software developer. I had an entry-level job for a while and then got recruited to a new city and a new job that paid 3x what I was making before. It was an offer too good to pass up. I ran the numbers and it was a no-brainer: by living frugally and saving my entire salary, living off just her income, we would easily have enough in a year to put 20% down payment on a new house.

We rented an apartment in the new city that was listed for $950/mo. The landlord was a real estate agent who owned a two-bedroom condo as an investment property. Let’s call him “Hank Wazowski”. Hank was a thin, gray, no-nonsense guy. He was pleasant enough, but perfunctory, dry, and had no sense of humor. He made a point of explaining that under no circumstances was he responsible for maintaining the garbage disposal and that it was NOT included in the rental agreement and he would not be responsible for fixing it were it to break. Um, ok.

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