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Warning: Swearing.

Tony shook his head, not believing that they were to send you off on a mission. “I still think it’s a bad idea. [Y/N] is not… not a real woman.” 

“Don’t let her hear that, Tony.” Natasha said and leaned back on the couch.  “It’s final. She’s going.”

“But it’s true! She has no manners and wears sweatshirts, does she even know how to behave like a woman? Does she even own a dress?”

Bruce let out moan. For days now they had tried to find someone who could complete the mission, being all femme fatal, stealing some dangerous stuff, but there was no one. You were the only member of the avengers who wasn’t known by the media and enemies. 

And that was Tony’s problem. You were no femme fatal. You were the kind of girl who fought against bullies, and burped the loudest, wearing sweats, running around with unwashed hair. Not to mention your colourful vocabular. 

It made sense why Tony was against the idea of you being on that mission. 

“While she lacks on feminism, [Y/N] has fighting skills that are equal to the one to Natasha.” Thor intefered optimisticly. Natasha looked at him, raised eyebrows, hearing his slight scepsis.

Steve stood up. He needed to calm him friends down before you arrived. “I have faith in her. We should believe in [Y/N]. She doesn’t need to use her femininity to get the mission done.”

“But it’d be more helpful.” Tony chirped in.

“I heard that.” You hissed angrily as you stepped into the room, greeting your friends. “Hello, boys. Natasha.” 

As Natasha expected every male in the room gaped. You looked like a siren, ready to seduce man to lure them into death. 

“You look like a woman.” 

You scoffed, hands on your hips. “Fuck, thanks, Steve. I just found out I had titts and a cunt.” You heard him mutter an apology.

Tony cleared his throat awkwardly. “You’re gorgeous, [Y/N].” 

“I know that I’m a sexy piece of ass, no need for compliments.” You grinned smugly. “I still hate dresses. Especially this one. I feel like I’m airing out my vag.” 

things i saw at this years pride festival:

a tv with an xbox set up with just dance 4 with like six people playing

a person in an inflatable pikachu suit dancing nearby

people taking off their shirts and splashing each other in the fountain water bc it was hot out

karaoke with a really fucking sizeable crowd (the dude singing went “chubby guys can be sexy see” and was dancing while he sang)

an obligatory babadook sign

a person with an asexual flag who directed me to where they sold more pride flags than just the bi and rainbow ones. we got our picture taken together.

a woman wearing a shirt that depicted a rainbow bear hugging a baby bear the colors of the trans flag with the text “mama bear” and wow what a fucking family am i right

couples of all shapes and sizes and colors holding hands

a lot of people with rainbow mexico flags (texas yall)

a lot of people handing out flyers for things glued to popsicle sticks so they could be used as fans which is hella smart advertising

little trans kids totally decked out in beads with their parents

sexual stuff i saw:

one (1) guy in a leather puppy mask (wish he hadnt been there bc wow dude i dont need to know what gets you off)

two (2) guys in lowkey bondage gear who were literally just standing there talking to people

one (1) guy wearing a shirt that said “come in me bro”

its fucking 2017 can we stop pretending pride is a fucking orgy fest based on like 10 pictures

acting like gay men are perverts who prey on children how original


Eric x Reader

Part One

“We all know why we’re here, (Y/N) would you like to explain yourself?” Max asked as he hurried in and sat down, not looking at Eric or Tori.

“Running to Abnegation gave my child the best chance to correctly decide on her faction.” You said seriously and everyone seemed to be taken back.

“So, you were pregnant before you left?” Eric asked through gritted teeth.

“Yes, less than two percent of Dauntless children leave Dauntless I wanted to give my child a chance to experience a faction that had a higher…” Eric shook his head and stood up.

“Are you saying that she wouldn’t have the chance to change factions if I raised her!” Eric snapped and Max motioned for him to sit.

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The boy next door (JK Smut)

Words: 3042

Warning: Smut

A/N: I dunno where this came from

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There they were. The new family in my neighborhood had just moved on to the house across from mine and all the neighbors were talking about it.
“Go get dressed, Y/N. We’re going to meet the new family”. My momma told me.
“Mom, I don’t wanna go. I don’t like meeting new people” I said. “Why do I have to do it? It’s not like im going to be their friend”
She gave me that look “are you going to contest me?” so i went to my bedroom to get dressed. Five minutes later I was ready.
I picked my simple white shirt and my mini skirt. Yeah, this was enough.
“Helloooo! Are you one of our new neighbors?”. A really beautiful woman opened the door and smiled at my mom and I
“Yes. I’m Clarice and this is my daughter Y/N”. My mom said and I smiled back at the woman.
“Oh. I’m Betty. Nice to meet you both” She said. “Come in”.
We entered into the house and walked towards the living room. I looked at the couch and saw a young boy sat down at it. He looked at us.
“Sun, say hi to our new neighbors! This is Y/N and this is Clarice. ” Betty told her sun.
He stood up and walked toward us with a smirk. I did pay attention at his face. Oh my god! He is such a pretty boy. Hm…He looks like a bad boy.
Hi. My name is Jungkook. Nice to meet you, Clarice…Y/N”. His eyes scanned all my body and i saw him bit his lips.
“Let’s meet each other” My momma said and Betty started guiding us to the table.
“Awn, do you want to stay here in the couch?” Jungkook asked me. “I bet you prefer a teenager conversation” he said smirking.
I blushed. Oh my god, his lips…
I nodded hesitating.
We talked about those basic things… Age, school. He is in my school!
I was trying hard not to appearing shy. But god…

“Y/N, we have to go. It’s late” my mom told me. Damn it. I looked at the clock. 10:00 pm.
“It was a pleasure” Betty said.
We left.
I went to sleep.
I dreamed about Jungkook and his lips close to mine that night.

I woke up when the alarm scared me. It was time to school; time to see him.

Oh my god stop it!
“Y/N, why don’t you go to school with Jungkook? He doesn’t have friends here and you can help him to meet some” my mom said
“Mom! I am shy. What will i say all the way to school?” I contested. But i had to admit: I wanted it.
“Betty asked me to talk to you”
“Ok ok. I’ll do it”.
I get dressed as beautifully as i can. Ok, Y/N, Control yourself. I thought

I left home and met him in front of my door. God damn it. His hair was so… sexy
He was wearing really sexy clothes

“H-hello” i said.
“Hello. Let’s go?” He smirked at me. ~YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE WHO IS SHY, NOT ME~
We made our way to school, talking about boring things and stuff.
“Do you have a boyfriend?” He asked.
“N-no… do you have gf?”
The silence grew around us. Could it be more embarrassing?
When we arrived at school, all the eyes were looking at us. It was expected. A new boy joined the school in the middle of the year, he was news. But when i realized the girls were looking at him in a different way… Ok, i couldn’t do anything but deal with it.
He wasn’t shy. He introduced himself to anyone who talked to him - even the girls. My face was turning red and i tried to hide it. He looked at me curiously, trying to read me.
“what?” he asked
“Nothing. Let’s go class, it’s starting” i said rudely.

“Say hi to our new student, class” the teacher told us.
“So, about the homework in pairs i told you guys before, you’ll have till next week to do it. Y/N, as you are his friend, make pair with Jungkook, he can’t be alone.”
He smirked at me and I blushed. Oh My god! Thank you Jesus!
The school time finished fast.
Jungkook and I spent all day talking about his life before he moved on.. more i met him, more i was getting interested.
We made our way back home. “So.. when are we going to do the homework?” he asked.
“Hm… my mom is not at home tonight so we can have space and stuff. Are you free?” i said. The idea of being alone with him made me freak out for a second.
“Yeah. han… Give me your number. ”
I did as he asked.
“See you.”.

I spent all my day cleaning the living room and my room. My mom wasn’t here and jungkook was coming to do homework. I was so nervous.
I prepared some junk food and soda and then… i prepared myself.
It’s just a homework. It’s not like he’s interested in you.
~ Ding don
He was here.

“Hi Y/N” he smirked at me. I immediately blushed over his beautiful looking.
“Hi..Come on in” i said.
I guided him to the living room and told him to sat down on the carpet while I picked the stuff for the homework.
I sat down beside him, putting the stuff in front of us. The proximity between us made me feel warm. His such good smell dominating the air.
“So… what is this about?” he asked
“Huh… we have to talk about the topics the teacher told us.” I answered.
One per one we wrote about those things: “effects the drug has in our life” “dreams and how to get them”… till we ride the next topic: “sex at the adolescence”
I felt my face getting hot, my breath failing. He saw my reaction and laughed.
“Such a good subject,huh? Don’t be shy. It’s normal”. he said
“I don’t know how to talk about it.” I confessed
“What do you mean?” he smirked “are you a virgin?”
“Yes…” i said, blushing harder.
“Oh…i’m sorry.” his expression suddenly changed to surprised.
“it’s ok”
I looked at him, his eyes darkened and he stared my lips, biting his.
“Have you ever kissed a boy before?”
“Yes.” i answered shyly.
“Are you a good kisser?” he asked playfully. Where does he want to go with this conversation?
“I don’t know…I gues-” he cut me off putting his lips on mine. I frozen. Was that really happening?
His hands squeezed my waist, forcing me to lay down on the carpet. He placed himself between my legs and sucked on my lips. I moaned at the kiss, giving him chance to explore my mouth with his tongue. I felt my panties getting wet, but suddenly we heard the principal door opening.
“Darling? where are you?”
Damn it.
“It’s my mom” i told him, voice failing
We immediately stand up, pretending nothing happened.
“Oh, hi Kook! Are you doing homework?” she smiled at us.
“Yes” we answered. I was blushing and I hoped she didn’t realize.
She went to the kitchen and Kook looked at me surprised.
“You said she wouldn’t be here” he whispered.
“She shouldn’t be here… Something must’ve happened” i answered.
We finished our homework, my mind full of memories of what had just happened. What could we’ve done…?

When he left, i immediately went to my bathroom to relax. I took a long shower and laid down on my bed. I just laid, thinking about the kiss.
Some minutes after, maybe hours, i don’t know, my cellphone shook.
My heart stopped. He messaged me.
JK:*I wish we could’ve finished what we started*
How could he be so… “not shy”? What was he trying to do? maybe just use me.
ME: *Hm…me 2" i answered his message
He answered back almost immediately
*Jk: What would you want me to do?*
*Me: We could continue the kiss*
*JK: Hahaha. That’s all? Well, let me tell you what would i like to do to you*
My body was shaking, my heartbeats was so fast that it could stop.
He messaged me again a few seconds later.
*JK: I would kiss your neck, tracing my way down to your shoulder and then taking of your shirt. I would suck and lick your breasts… going down to your stomach. My hands would tease your thighs…*
Fuck! I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know how to answer. All i knew was: i wanted him. I needed him to show me. I could imagine his face while he was writing this dirty talk.
I felt my panties getting wet.
*ME: I would like it, too…“
JK: you’re very shy, little girl. I think you’re gonna be a challenge. Or not? Anyway i always win whatever i want"
*ME: and what you want?*
*JK: Can I be honest?“
*ME: …”
*JK: Now, all I wanna is hear you moaning my name*
My eyes darkened in lust. I wanted him so much.
*ME: So.. what would you do? keep telling me" i answered shyly
*JK: Oh no little guy
I don’t talk, I do.*
And there it was. My head was about to explode!
“Go to sleep little girl. Tomorrow is a new day (:” He said and the conversation ended.
But as he said, i went to sleep.

I woke up thinking about him. About his lips on mine. But it was time to school, i had to get dressed.
I put on my skirt and my shirt and waited for JungKook. When he came, I couldn’t look him in his eyes.
“Have a good day, kids” my mom told us.
“Thank you” Jungkook answered.
We made our way to school and then he placed his hands on my waist.
“So…Y/N. Did you Wake up well?” He asked laughing.
Little bastard.
“have you dreamed about me?”
“No” i said quickly
“No? Oh, i’m sad. I dreamed about you. Well, i was awake but who cares” he said
He dreamed about me? Was he serious?
“w-what did you dreamed about?” i asked shyly.
“I was fucking you” He said
I gasped. How could he… be so… sexy.
“And i pretend to make this dream come true” he added.
I looked at him, my face was completely red. These simple words turning me on. But what was i doing? we were just friends…
And we’d just met each other.
But i was liking it.
“Don’t be shy. I’m sure if you let me do this, you’ll like it. But i won’t do anything till you ask” he said
What did he mean with ask?
“Now, Y/N and Jungkook, how is it going? i mean, your homework?” the teacher asked.
“It’s done, and we had a lot of fun. Right Y/N?” jungkook looked at me smiling.
I blushed. I knew what he was trying to do.
“You’re done? Wow… ok. Come here and talk about what you guys wrote, please”
I didn’t say anything. He did all the part of talking. He was good. I would i could be like this. Fearless.

I was almost sleeping on my chair when the teacher told me: “Y/N, do you wanna go to the restroom to wash your face? Wake up! it’s not time to sleep”
I stand up and left. I washed my face, but when i was backing to the class, i saw him, leaned on the wall. The hall was completely empty. I frozen
“A-are you going to the bathroom?” i asked
He smirked.
“No. We are going to the bathroom” he said, pushing me back to the bathroom.
He locked the door behind him, and looked at me maliciously.
“What are you doing? They’re gonna caught us! We’re having class, the teacher will look for us” I almost screamed.
“Shhhh. If you don’t want to get caught, keep quiet. The class is almost finished.” He said closing the distance between us.
He pushed me against the wall and started kissing me. His hand squeezed my waist and the other squeezed my ass. He lifted my skirt to have better access. I moaned, and he gave me an open-mouthed kiss. I sucked on his lips and he groaned.
“Don’t tease me, baby” he said. His mouth found my neck, licking and biting it.
“You’re so hot. I really want to fuck you right now, but as I said, i won’t do anything else.”
I brushed.
“D-don’t stop. Please” i whimpered.
“Don’t stop what?” He teased
“Keep doing that. Kiss me, take off my clothes”
He kissed me again and then whispered in my ear
“I really want to eat you out, but not here. Is your mom at home tonight?” he asked
“So wait for me. Tonight.”
He gave me a peck and left the bathroom. I looked myself in the mirror.
“That’s it. Tonight. You’re gonna lose your virginity”.

*Come here at 8:pm*
i messaged him.
I couldn’t sleep that afternoon, just thinking about what i was almost doing. Thinking about how that would be.
*Ok baby. Prepare yourself for me* he answered a few moments later.
I had already seen sex movies, read about sex and talked about it with my friends, but do it was completely different. I was nervous. But one thing I knew: I really had to prepare myself.
So i ran to my bathroom. I depilated all the excess hair from my body, my hair was washed, my bedroom was cleaned and I was ready. I needed to be ready.
“Daughter. I’m leaving. Take care of yourself. I’ll be back tomorrow morning. Love ya” My mom screamed at me from the door and left.
I was trying to keep calm but it was almost time. Lose my virginity.
I sat down on the edge of my bed and breathed deeply. I waited for him. A few minutes later, i heard the bell.
It’s time.
Hi” i said shyly
“Hi baby. Won’t you invite me to come in?”
“Yes, sure. Come in. Let’s go to my bedroom” I said while guiding him.
I locked the door and he turned me around to face him. He kissed me deeply. My hands found his neck and my fingers pulled him against me. He groaned and squeezed my ass.
He grabbed the edge of my shirt and took it off with my bra.
I covered myself. I was so nervous.
“Hey, baby girl. Don’t cover yourself. You’re so fucking hot. Don’t you want me to lick your nipples?” he said licking his lips. I blushed harder but felt my pussy getting wet. I nodded. He squeezed my breasts and then sucked me off. I moaned, my nipples getting hard to him. He found his way down to my short and unzipped it. He took it off but not my underwear. I was just in my panties. He looked at my body.
“Y/N, I want to fuck till you forget your name” he said
“Then take me” i answered and he laughed sexily. Did i really say that ?
He kissed me again, lifting me up so my legs wrapped around his waist. I could feel his erection. He pushed me against the bed and started unclothing himself. I looked at his abs and tried not to moan. He caught me staring.
“You wanna touch me, huh?”
He was completely naked, I looked at his incredible cock and gasped.
“Suck me off” he groaned “I’ll guide you”
I started sucking him, his hands wrapped my hair and he moved my head up and down. His cock was hitting my throat, making me gag.
He started moaning my name, and I sucked the tip of his dick, licking the pre-cum.
“Yeah baby…Taste me”
His words were turning me on; He stopped moving my head. “Lay down”
I did as he said and he started leaving kisses from my neck to my clothed womanhood. He took of my panties and placed himself between my thighs. His finger found my clit
“Look how wet you are…oh baby”
He inserted one finger inside me, making me gasp, but suddenly stopped. I whimpered.
“What do you want?” he asked
Please, don’t do it.
“You” I said
“What do you want me to do?”
I frozen. I was so shy i felt my face getting red.
“Sorry but if you don’t talk, i cannot know.”
“Jungkook please…”
“Please what?”
“Fuck me” I almost whispered.
“Huh? What was that? I didn’t hear you”
Little shit! Ok, if he wanted to see me like a slut, he would see.
“Fuck me! Fuck me right now!” i groaned and he laughed.
“As you wish” he said
He placed his dick at the entrance of my pussy and slowly entered me. I moaned.
He gave me time to adjust and then did thrust me harder. The pain was replaced by pleasure and I started moaning his name
“Yes baby, that’s it. Moan my name, let me know how good i am at fucking you” he groaned
Our moans echoed by the room.
“Fours” he said
“Just do it. Trust me” he said
I did as he said and he slapped my cheek ass.
“Damn it, girl” he groaned.
He placed himself behind me and wrapped my hair. He started fucking me again and all i could hear was his skin hitting mine. His pace got erratic, and I felt a strange feeling inside me. I liked it.
“I’m gonna cum, y/n” he moaned
“I think i’m going to cum, too” i said
And then I came. He did after me. My breath was failing. He laid down beside me and smiled.
“So…” he took a deep breath “Did you like it?”
“Yes” i said sincerely.
“When your mom is coming?”
“Tomorrow” i answered and his eyes shined.
“So, I think we have all the night to make my dream come true once more,huh?” he laughed
I looked at him, my eyes full of happiness.
I gave him a peck and smiled at him.
“As you wish, Jungkook”

Dante slammed the truck door behind him after climbing in, loudly, the way he did everything, and his eyes widened as he took in Ari’s button-down shirt and slacks. 

“Did you get dressed up?” Dante asked.

“Maybe I did,” said Ari. “Shut up.”

“It’s just me.” Dante nudged his head against Ari’s shoulder, the way Legs did when she wanted him to pet her.

“Yeah, just you,” said Ari. “Just you who couldn’t even be bothered to put on shoes.”

They laughed. Ari rested his chin on Dante’s head for a moment, and then pulled away so he could start the car. “It’s a nice restaurant, you know,” he said. “They probably wouldn’t let me in wearing my threadbare Carlos Santana shirt.”

“That’s not why you got dressed up,” said Dante. He kissed Ari on the cheek.

“Fasten your fucking seatbelt,” said Ari, grinning. “I love that face too much to see it torn up by the windshield.”

“I love it when you say stuff like that,” said Dante. He didn’t buckle up. Not even that day in the rain had taught him to be afraid of cars. Dante Quintana refused to be tied down by things like shoes and seatbelts.

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Football Game- Tyler Joseph (smut)

Request- Something hardcore yet sweet with Tyler like they were at a football game or some shit and the girl keeps teasing him. 

A/N- I sorta changed it, but I hope you still like it. I know it’s not all that good, but I’ve started to loose a bit of motivation to write lately.

“Hey, you ready to go soon?” Tyler asked when he came up to your room and kissed you on the cheek.

“Do we have to go?” you asked wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him. “My parents won’t be home tonight, we could have the whole house to ourselves.” you said trying to get out of the plans.

“You should probably grab a coat babe.” Tyler suggested pulling away from the kiss with a smirk on his face.

You were going to a dumb football game with Tyler and his friends. You rather spend the night under a warm blanket with your boyfriend then with his friends at school.

“Come on really? You rather go to another dumb high school football game than hang out with me?” you asked grabbing one of Tyler’s hoodies from your closet.

“I’ll be hanging out with you, just not the plans you had planned.” he said sitting down on your bed as you applied a few touch ups of make up.

“I didn’t have any plans, what do you mean?” you lied and you could see the grin on Tyler’s face grow.

“Don’t lie to me, you were trying to get me to have sex, weren’t you?” he said standing and moving towards you.

“Well maybe, but just because we haven’t done it in a while and I really want you Ty, please?” you asked nicely and he chuckled.

“I’ll be in the car, hurry or we’ll miss the entire game.” he joked as he left your room and went out to his car.

You let out a sigh and finished getting ready. You went out to his car and he gave you a smile when you got in the car.

“You look great in my hoodie.” he said as he drove out of your driveway. You wore this on purpose, he always loved you in his clothes.

“I’ll look better if I wasn’t wearing it.” you said and Tyler’s eyes widened and you could swear you could hear his breath hitch for a moment.

“Y/N, don’t say stuff like that infront of the guys.” he said as you pulled into the school parking lot.

“No promises.” you got out of the car and went towards the football field. Tyler trailed behind a bit

“Hey look who finally showed up.” one of Tyler’s friends said as you both sat down next to the group.

“Were only 15 minutes late.” Tyler said.

“You know what can happen in 15 minutes.” another friend joked while gently punching Tyler’s shoulder.

“Oh yeah, that’s where you were. Way to go Joseph getting some.” a third friend joked and all his friends were laughing.

“Guys shut up.” Tyler said holding back laughter.

You glared at him before standing.

“Where you going?” he asked following you to the end of the bleachers away from this friends.

“To find some of my friends. I’ll meet you at the car at the end of the game.” you said kissing him deeply before leaving.

You heard some whistling from his friends and a ‘get it someplace else Joseph’ and you rolled your eyes.

You found some of your friends sitting on the other set of bleachers.

“Oh hey Y/N, where’s Tyler? I thought you were coming with him?” Claire asked as you approached them.

The entire bench was full, but you were pretty close with James so you sat down on his lap. You two had been best friends since kindergarten so it wasn’t weird for you to sit on his lap.

“Yeah you said you couldn’t come with us because of your dumb boyfriend.” James joked.

He joked about how you didn’t hang out with him as much now that you were dating Tyler, but it was just to poke fun at you.

“He’s on the other set of bleachers. His friends were making sexual jokes and I got uncomfortable, so I came to look for my best friends.” you said pinching James on the cheek.

“His friends are all dumb jocks, don’t let it bug you.” Claire said.

You continued to sit on James’ lap until half time when Tyler came over to you. You were in the middle of laughing at a joke James told you when Tyler cleared his throat.

“Oh hey Ty.” you said cheerfully.

“I’m leaving. Coming?” he said sternly.

“No. I’m having a good time. Go back to your friends and I’ll meet you after the game like we said before.” you said back, knowing he was mad at you.

He wasn’t mad, he was more jealous because you were having fun with your friends and not him. The fact that you were sitting on James’ lap only added to his jealousy. Laughing and having fun with James was making him extremely jealous.

He huffed and walked back to his spot. The rest of the game you could see Tyler watching as you hung out with your friends. It was almost fourth quarter and you were standing cheering for your school’s team that just got a touchdown. You went to sit back down, but you tripped and fell onto James.

“Woah, you okay?” he asked you, both your faces really close.

“Yeah. Sorry about that, I’m such a klutz.” you laughed it off and stood back up.

“Y/N your hand is bleeding. Let’s go to the concession stand, they must have something to bandage that up.” James pointed out while taking your other hand and dragging you down the bleachers.

You were standing waiting for someone to get you a band-aid and something to clean the cut out when you felt arms wrap around your waist.

“What’s up Tyler.” James greeted.

“You okay Y/N? I saw you walk over here and you looked hurt, so I wanted to check and make sure my girlfriend was okay.” he said, exaggerating my girlfriend.

You felt his breathe on your neck and his lips brush lightly against your ear.

“Yeah I’m fine.” you said trying to ignore the chills that were going up your back. “Just a small cut is all.”

“Here you go Y/N. Let me clean this for you.” James started to take your hand, but Tyler took the band-aid and alcohol swab out of his hands.

“I can take it from here. Thanks James.” Tyler said and James looked at you. You shrugged your shoulders and he walked away saying good luck under his breathe and chuckling.

“Okay what the hell Tyler. What’s your issue?” you asked once he started cleaning your hand up.

“Y/N you were awful close to James and I know you guys are just friends and you consider him a brother, but I was uncomfortable.” he said.

“I’m sorry Ty, but you still had no reason to be a total dick to James. He was just helping me.” you said and he finished putting the bandage on.

“Well maybe I don’t like people touching my girlfriend.” he said and the chills were back. “Now what do you say we head back to your place?” he asked, but it really wasn’t a question.

You two started walking back to the car hand in hand.

Once back at your house you unlocked the door and Tyler pushed you inside quickly.

“Tyler what are you doing?” you squealed as he picked you up carrying you to the living room.

“I’ve been waiting for this all night. Don’t lie you wanted it earlier.” he said kissing your neck.

“Not here Tyler. My parents sit on this couch.” you said and he picked you up again, this time you had your legs wrapped around his waist kissing him.

He somehow navigated himself to your room and placed you on your bed never breaking the kiss.

“I love you Y/N. I’m sorry that I was rude earlier, but I just can’t stand seeing other guys touch you. I want you to be mine forever.” he said between kisses.

“Tyler shut up and get undressed.” you said sick of hearing him say he was jealous.

You weren’t one to like apologies and you didn’t really think he needed to apologize.

“Oh I see how it is. You’re so eager to get fucked, is that it?” he smirked while pulling off his clothes.

You rolled your eyes at him and pulled off your own clothes. Now just in you bra and panties and him in his boxers Tyler placed his hands on either side of your head and sucked on your neck in the place he knew drove you crazy.

You moan quietly and he continued while running his hand down to your thigh. You felt him rub your core threw your panties and you let a moan slip through your lips again.

“Tyler no more teasing.” you begged.

“Anything for you.” he said and he stood up.

You unclasped your bra and removed your panties while he took off his boxers.

“I knew you would look best without that hoodie, or anything for that matter.” he said climbing back on top of you.

“I love you.” he said lining himself with your core.

“I love you too.” you kissed him and felt him push inside you.

You found yourself moaning uncontrollably as Tyler left hickies on your neck and collarbone while thrusting in and out of you.


“I know me too.” he quickened the pace bringing both of you closer to your climax.

It only took a few more thrust before both of you were moaning each other names as you released.

“You’re right we shouldn’t have gone to that football game.” Tyler said out of breath.

“What do you mean?”

“We could have done this earlier and multiple times.” he said smirking at you.

“Who said we have to stop. My parents won’t be home for another 2 hours.”

“Round to in the shower?” he asked.

You nodded and he jumped off your bed and headed towards your bathroom.

anonymous asked:

prompt: (takes place after 4x05 but just pretending like the fight and yousef/noora never happened🤧🤧) sana gets into a bad bad bad fight with vilde ( because of the islamophobic things she keeps saying) and goes home afterward and maybe she's hurt or something. the whole ballook squad is there and they take care of her and confront vilde! do what you want with this prompt i know you can make something beautiful out of his messy idea:-)


Thank you so much for trusting me with your idea

I hope you don’t mind that I focused more on the balloon squad confronting Vilde than on them taking care of Sana, but there’s a reason. I received another prompt kind of about that and I don’t want them to be exactly the same so I took the defending Sana idea and focused on that. Of course they’re taking care of her too. Also I added a tiny Yousana bit because well, I’m me and I can’t help myself, I really hope you don’t mind.

Also I set it in 4x05 and not after ‘cause I feel like it could be a good opportunity to have everyone in the same place. I really hope you don’t think I’ve messed up too much

I really hope you like the fic and that I don’t diappoint you.

Also I wanted to say some things before all of you read this:

1) I’m not trying to demonize Vilde, just following the prompt and trying to keep her on character. I mean, she’s not the most thoughtful person we know

2) I really hope no one feels disrespected about the comment I chosed for Vilde to say. I just wanted to pick something that would affect Sana so I went back to the kind of comments season 1 and 2 Vilde would say. I really hope you don’t feel upset or disrespected ‘cause that was not my intention and I’m really sorry if you do feel like that.

Well, that’s it I really really hope you like it! 


“Honestly, Vilde, I’m so done with you”

She had tried to be patient with her, she had given her the benefit of the doubt so many times, but still there she was again with her comments.

“Sana!” she heard her calling her name but she was already leaving the karaoke place, she didn’t want to cause a scene and she knew that if she stayed she wouldn’t be able to control herself, not anymore.

She slammed the door opened and got outside focusing only on getting out of there and arriving home as soon as it was humanly possible. That’s why she didn’t realize that there were five boys looking at her confused.

“Sana? Where are you going? What’s going on?” Elias asked approaching his sister followed by the rest of the group.

She stopped walking and looked at them

“Nothing, I’m fine” she sighed “I just want to go home”

“You don’t look fine” Yousef said “What happened in there?”

“Nothing, I just…” she started but was interrupted by certain blonde that had just exited the karaoke club


“Seriously Vilde, I don’t want to fight so just leave me alone” Sana spat at her

Okay, okay, calm down, both of you” Elias said trying to meddle between them “What happened?”

“Just Vilde being Vilde and not being able to keep her mouth shut” Sana said

“What did you say?” Yousef asked squinting.

“Nothing!” Vilde tried to defend herself

“Nothing?” Sana laughed sarcastically “Nothing. Of course, nothing”

“I only suggested Sana that when we’re alone with the pepsimax girls she could stop wearing her hijab, I mean there would only be us girls, she wouldn’t need to wear it” Vilde said innocently.

As soon as the words left her mouth five voices started to sound. All of the members of the Balloon Squad, even Adam, Mikael and Mutta who had been trying to stay away from the confrontation since they didn’t want to pry, began to say stuff to Vilde from “Not cool” to “What the hell?”

“Wow, guys, it’s not that big of a deal, it was just a suggestion” Vilde said

“Are you for real?” Elias asked, then he turned to his sister “Is she for real?”

Sana only gave him an exasperated look.

“If you don’t like the idea you can just say it, Sana, you don’t have to throw your brother and his friends at me” Vilde said rolling her eyes

“Throw us at you?” Adam asked not believing what he was hearing

“What do you think we are? Dogs?” Yousef added

“Girl, we’re only reacting like anyone would if they hear what you’re saying” Mutta tried to make her understand

“I don’t see how what I said was so offensive”

“I can’t believe this” Mikael said covering his face with his hand

“Okay, okay, let’s hear her out. Come on, tell us what your thinking behind that comment was” Elias said almost laughing at the absurd of the situation

“I only wanted Sana to be more comfortable, to fit in” Vilde argued

“And you don’t think she can be comfortable and fit in just the way she is?” Yousef said “You’re her friend, you’re supposed to love her no matter what”

“I do, I just wanted her to know that she’s not forced to wear that with us” Vilde said

“For the last time Vilde, no one is forcing me to wear it! I wear it because I want to. Can’t you understand that?” Sana said almost losing her temper

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry. Okay”

“You better be” Yousef said shaking his head

“Jeez, I didn’t think you would react like this” Vilde said

“Maybe that’s your problem Vilde, you don’t think before talking” Elias told her

Just forget about it. It’s not worth it” Sana said “I just want to go home”

“Then we’re all going home” Elias said

“You don’t have to”

“Hey, you’re going, we’re going” Yousef told her smiling

She looked at the rest of the boys and all of them nodded at her

“Sana I don’t want you to be mad at me” Vilde said

“I’m not mad Vilde, I’m just tired” Sana answered and then she turned around and left with the balloon squad by her side

“I honestly can’t believe that girl” Elias said as they entered the Bakkoush’s.

All of them took off their shoes and entered the living room. Sana sat on one of the couches with Mikael by her side. In the couch in front of it, Elias, Adam and Mutta tried to fit in. Lastly, Yousef sat on the floor with his back against the boy’s couch so that he would be facing Sana’s and Mikael’s.

“Eventually you get used to that kind of things” Sana sighed

“Well you shouldn’t” Mutta said

“I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s do some other thing”

“I have an idea. Sana you’re smart” Adam said

“Well, I like to think so, yeah” she smiled

“Why don’t you help us figure out the next topics for our videos? I’m sure you’ll have better ideas than your brother”

“Hey!” Elias argued

“Sorry, man but he’s right. Sana’s way smarter than you” Mikael added

Sana couldn’t help but smile. Those boys, not only they had defended her like she was their sister but they were always really kind to her and make her feel welcomed among them.

“Accept it Elias, your friends like me more than they like you” Sana said laughing

“I certainly do” Yousef said looking at her

Sana looked back at him and smiled as wide as she could, biting her lip in embarrassment when she saw all of the boys staring at them.

“Okay, if I’m going to help you we need something to eat first. I’ll be right back” she said standing up

“I’ll help you” Yousef immediately said getting on his feet

“I’ll go too” Adam added trying to stand up but he was stopped by Elias’ hand on his arm

“Let Yousef go, I think they’ll be fine on their own” he said

A unison “ohhh” filled the room making Sana blush.

“Shut up” she said glaring at the boys before turning around to go to the kitchen.

“Sorry about that” Yousef said embarrassed as he entered the room

“It’s okay, they’re kids” she said rolling her eyes acting like her heart wasn’t pounding as fast as humanly possible on her chest

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked looking at her “About the Vilde thing”

She nodded. He raised her eyebrows not believing her.

“Yes, I’m okay”


“What can I say? I’m used to that comments. I don’t know why I exploded today when I’ve been hearing  them for a long time, I guess I was just tired”

“You shouldn’t be used to that”

“I know she doesn’t mean to hurt me, she’s not a bad person…she just doesn’t think”

“How can you be so amazing?” he whispered more to himself than for her to hear it

She tried to contain the smile but she couldn’t. He smiled back at her and looked at her more tenderly than he had ever had.

“Your friend hurt you and here you are, defending her ‘cause that’s who you are. You’re this selfless person that always put others first.” He bit his lip before continuing “You’re amazing Sana, and no one should ever make you feel any other way”

She was speechless, the honesty in his voice struck her and all she could do was stare at his eyes and get lost in them, just as he was getting lost in hers. The moment was interrupted by a voice that came from the living room.

“Hey, lovebirds, we’re still waiting that food” Elias said

“Can I say that my brother’s an ass and still be amazing?” Sana asked Yousef rolling her eyes

“I think that makes you even more amazing” he said laughing and they both got to work, they had four boys to feed.


So this is it!

I really hope you’ve liked it and that I haven’t disappointed you

Again I’m sorry if this upsets anyone

Thank you so so much for reading!!

Next promp will be written probably tomorrow morning ‘cause I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it this evening after classes even though I’ll try

Who wants some positive trans headcanons since I know there’s been some transphobic stuff in the fandom lately?

Trans McCree Headcanons:

- Jesse’s known he was trans since his Deadlock days. No one in the gang really cared, so long as he did his job.

- After joining Blackwatch, Gabriel found out Jesse was binding with ace bandages. He gave him so much grief over it and demanded Jesse start wearing a proper binder.

- “I really don’t know why its such a big deal, Boss, I been doin it for months–”

- “Months? Jesus Christ, you could have said something earlier!”

- Angela is officially Jesse’s favorite doctor ever because she started him on hormones without making a huge fuss about it.

- Jesse runs to Angela when he starts getting facial hair “Angie these damn things are workin can you believe it?”

- Gabriel won’t stop teasing Jesse while he’s going through Second Puberty. Jesse’s voice cracks so damn much and he keeps trying to argue with Gabe whenever he makes fun of him, but it just makes things worse.

- He’s really proud of his top surgery scars!

Lost Boy (Chapter 5 & Epilogue)

This is our final chapter! This fic was both lovely and hard to write, and the amount of love I received has been SO AMAZING!

If you are just joining the story, catch up HERE.


Steve spent every day of the next three weeks re-reading every text in his phone between him and Tony, from the very first flirty texts to the more heartfelt ones later on.
He hated it.
Loved it.
Missed Tony so much it was like a physical ache inside of him.

The day his results came in, Steve actually sat at his table and cried.
Eight years of school were finally over. Countless hours of studying. The last three weeks of pacing and worrying and running every minute of the exam through his mind over and over again.

And he had passed.

Steve poured himself a celebratory shot of his favorite aged whiskey, and picked up his phone to call Tony.

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Brilliant - Fred Weasley x Reader

Requested: No

Warnings: None

A/N: I might make a Part 2, if this gets enough notes ;)

Summary: This takes place in the fourth book, right after Molly scolded the twins for their plans with the joke shop. You are Harry’s twin sister, but you haven’t talked so much to Fred alone before.

 Your group was on the way to the portkey, which would bring you all to the Quidditch World Cup. You were walking with Harry and Ron on your left side and Hermione on your right. You looked constantly over your shoulder to steel a quick glance at Fred who seemed to be still upset about Mrs. Weasleys words.

“God, you’re so obvious, y/n! Why don’t you just speak to him already?” Hermione chuckled slightly.

“It’s not that easy, I don’t even know what to say or how to start.” You resisted the urge to turn your head towards Fred again.

Hermione gave you a push in his direction and whispered:

“Just say ‘Hello’ or something.”

You scoffed, “Hello or something!”, but let yourself fall back behind the rest of the group until you were walking next to Fred.

“Hey Fred, nice to see you.” You blushed immediately and cringed mentally at your words.

Nice to see you, really as if I haven’t seen him already today. How stupid.

Fred smiled kindly and replied: “Well hello there, y/n. It’s nice to see you too. In fact it was already really nice too see you yesterday.”

With this you blushed even harder. “Uhm… I just wanted to say that I think your joke shop would be brilliant.” You mumbled quietly.

Fred looked down at you in surprise. “Are you serious?”

You nodded and smiled. “This thing you gave my cousin was hilarious. I’m usually not someone who laughs about others, but he really did deserve it.”

“I did not give it to him.” Fred said, playing offended. “I would never do such thing, I simply let it fall out of my pocket by accident, I swear.”

You laughed. “Oh, you swear, huh? Just like you solemnly swear that you are up to no good?” You laughed even harder at his shocked expression. “What, you thought Harry wouldn’t tell me who gave him the Marauders Map?”

Fred poked you lightly in your side. “I thought for a moment that you can read minds or something.” He grinned.

“Unfortunately I can’t.”

You both walked quietly beside each other for a moment, before you carefully looked up at him. He now looked somewhat gloomily again, so you asked: “And you two really invented this stuff all by yourself?”

“Yes, it took us some time actually, but then we figured out how to make the spell last on the sweets, but make them wear off slowly, once someone eats it.” He explained.

You were amazed. “Wow, that is impressive.”

Fred blushed under your admiring look.

“Yeah, but apparently you’re the only one who thinks so. We always hide all the stuff we make, before mum finds it. She thinks the idea of a joke shop is not brilliant at all.”

He sounded so sad as he said this, that you took his hand in yours, before you could stop yourself. He turned his yet again surprised gaze towards you.

“I’m sure she is just worried what will happen if your idea will not work. I mean, that is good, right? That just means she cares for your future… and, well, I don’t have personal experience in this, but aren’t mothers supposed to do this? Care for their children’s future and worry about them? It’s just a sign that your Mum loves you. And I’m not the only one who would come to your shop. I’m sure your brothers that are not named Percy and lots of other Hogwarts students would love it there.”

You looked down at your feet to hide your gigantic blush, but he gently intertwined his fingers with yours, and turned your head towards him with his other hand.

Fred smiled sweetly at you and said: “You’re right, y/n, thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Fred.” You stroked his hand lightly with your thumb.

“Maybe… uhm… I wanted to ask you… do you want to drink a butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks with me, when we’re back at School? L-like a-a date… maybe, only if you want of course, I…”

“Yes, I want to go on a date with you.” You interrupted his suddenly very shy, but very cute ramblings.

Utterly relieved he placed a kiss on your cheek and chuckled when you held your breath and blushed again.

“Well I have something to look forward to then.” He said smiling, now with his confidence returned.

Me too, you thought, as you finally reached the portkey.


Fic: Too short

Based on the prompt:  “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” Read it below or on Ao3

Too short

“Are you sure you want to wear that?” Oliver said, taking in the short skirt and halter top Felicity had donned for their undercover mission.

“What’s wrong with it?” she asked.

“Um, isn’t that skirt a little too short?” Don’t look at her legs, don’t look at her legs. Oh crap, I looked at her legs. Oh crap I looked at her legs.

Felicity looked down at her outfit.

“The skirt is supposed to be this short,” she said with a frown. “At least that’s what the lady at the store said. Why? Do I look bad or something? I knew I couldn’t pull off this look. I should just stick with geek chic from now on.”

Diggle cleared his throat and gave Oliver a pointed look.

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anonymous asked:

I went to the Tiny Pride in my city over the weekend and there were no ace or aro flags out or for sale. I was wearing ace colors and I saw someone else but the colors could've very well just been an outfit choice. There was nothing. I was with my friends who were well represented and they said they need to get me an ace flag to wear for Big Pride or next year. I was disappointed but I have hopes Big Pride will have aspec stuff around.

Fingers crossed! In my experience ace and aro representation is becoming more common at larger Pride celebrations, but even if it’s not they’re usually very receptive to it, so you could always talk to organisers and help bump up the amount of representation at future events!


In the Nude (Hanzo x Reader)

Request: I really liked your previous Hanzo drabble and wondered if you had something on Hanzo and s/o staying at s/o’s parents house? Hanzo would be up early in the morning, brushing his teeth while s/o’s mother comes into the bathroom and is shocked to see him standing there in just his underwear? I thought it would be a funny idea x) Maybe s/o could comfort their mother by saying he doesnt care much for nudity

Words: 497!

A lot shorter compared to the other one, but I hope this one suits you, anon!

TW: None?? Idk if theres anything wrong just message me!

Hanzo was always the one to wake up first between the two of you. It was usually nice, with you waking up to either breakfast in bed or Hanzo peppering your face in light kisses while he murmured about how much he loved you. What you never woke up to was your poor mother screaming her head off.

You had scrambled out of bed, grabbing the nearest thing that could be used as a weapon (Which was your old colorguard rifle. Your room hadn’t changed much since highschool) And as you ran out of your old bedroom thoughts were running throughout your head. Had someone followed you guys? Hanzo told you about how the Shimada claw used to send assassins after him, but that was years ago! Why would they try to attack again now? As you got closer from where you heard your mothers scream (Which you assumed was downstairs since upstairs was just a bathroom and your room) you couldn’t any fighting. No grunts. No whimpers of pain. The only thing you recognized was Hanzo’s hushed murmurs. This was starting to confuse you. You turned the corner to see your mom crouched in the corner with her hands over her face. Hanzo was bending down and was still talking to her. What was the problem?

Your eyes wandered down to Hanzo’s form. He was wearing his old fundoshi. Oh. Your poor mother’s small cry brought you back. “Uh, Hanzo, sweetie would you mind getting me a shirt?” You asked, not exactly going for subtly as you walked over to the two. Hanzo’s eyes flickered from you to your mom, his cheeks flushed in embarrassment. “Of course, dear.” He said, before getting up and heading to your old room. Once he was gone your mother let out another cry. “Oh, Y/N! How could you fall for a man who goes around in the nude?” You cringed at the word. You flicked off the bathroom light before crouching down next to her

“Mom it’s fine, he’s not..NUDE, he just wears different stuff than most.” You tried to explain. “He isn’t exactly ‘all for’ being nude, so the chances of him walking around naked isn’t very high.” You chuckled at the scene. Never in your life did you think that you would have this conversation with your mom. Your mom let out a sniffle as she pulled you and herself up. “Just..How can you be with a man who walks around in that?” She asked, honestly confused. “I don’t know, how you can be with a woman who farts and burps like a man?” You said endearingly, hearing your other mom burp in the kitchen, no doubt drinking too much Coca-Cola.

Your mom laughed as she brought you into a close hug. “Oh hush, dear. Let’s just go ahead and start making breakfast,” She let go and lead you into the kitchen. “Now tell me, is he more of a waffle or pancake man?”

The Sneak Out (Stark!Reader x Peter Parker)

Word Count:

Summary: Peter Parker has acquired tickets to the Star Wars premiere and would love to take the reader. Only problem is, Tony, reader’s father, doesn’t think it’s such a hot idea. But Natasha does.

A/N: My first ever COLLABORATION! Woohoo!! This was a lot of fun to write, so thanks to my co-writer @avengeultrons for making that possible. Go check her out if you haven’t all ready! Lots of bomb Peter stuff there, as well as all the other dude and dudettes we all adore. Enjoy, friends!

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Title: The Sneak Out (Daughter of Tony! reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Peter Parker has acquired tickets to the Star Wars premiere and would love to take the reader. Only problem is, Tony, reader’s father, doesn’t think it’s such a hot idea. But Natasha does.

Word Count: 2055

A/N: COLLAB IMAGINE! This is a collab imagine with my sis/ fellow imagine write @theincredibleultron . She’s oh so talented and deserves all the love in the world. Go check her out! Also, thank you SO much for 2500 followers. WOAH!! Oh; Little FYI that requests are open, as well. Enjoy!!!

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The Curse - Solangelo

Thanks to everyone who read Brains! I didn’t really expect that people would actually like it so much. So, this is a little longer than Brains and I hope you all enjoy it :)

The Curse

It was supposed to be a normal day. It should have been the same as yesterday, same as last week and same as tomorrow. Nico had the whole normal day planned out in his head - wake up, eat, spend time with Will, maybe go down the Underworld if his father had ‘chores’ for him and finally, spend more time with Will.

In private. Possibly, in the middle of the forest where no one could see them…

However, his sweet, funny and definitely secret boyfriend had other plans because when he woke up that morning -afternoon, whichever it was, he knew his plans for a normal day were… inconvenienced.

Nico yawned and then blinked a few times before looking out the window, wondering if he missed breakfast. 

“Is it morning or afternoon?

Did I miss eating cereal with a spoon?”

His hand swiftly came up to cover his mouth. What in Hades did he just say? Did he just…? No, that was impossible. Nico’s sleep-deprived brain was probably imagining things again.

Ignoring his sleepiness, Nico pulled the blankets off and sat on the bed. A few seconds later, when his body regained a sense of balance, he stood up only to hit his head on the upper bunk. He still wasn’t used to the new beds in his cabin. Although he did prefer these bunk beds to the coffin he used to sleep in, he was still constantly hitting his head.

“Ouch! I have hit my head!

I want to destroy this bunk bed!”

There it was again. This time, Nico was sure that it wasn’t an exhaustion-induced figure of his imagination. He rubbed the sore spot on his head and sat down again.

He was cursed. Somebody had the gall to rhyme curse him. And that somebody was probably the blond and freckled boy that made his heart squeeze whenever he smiled.

I’m going to punch him, he thought, knowing it was best, given the situation, to keep his words to himself.

Nico got dressed. He didn’t want to confront Will in his pajamas because he’ll just laugh at him and call him cute. The last thing he wanted was to be even less intimidating to him. 

He was about to head out the door, when he saw Percy and Jason through the window. There was no way in hell that anyone would be hearing him like that. Shadow travel was his only way to get to Will without running into anyone. Of course, it would make Will furious but heck, he was furious as well!

Will was always in the infirmary around this time. He once reasoned out that the Ares cabin loved starting food fights so he had to be ready when people got injured by flying bacon. Nico concentrated on his destination and let the shadows take him.

When he opened his eyes, he was in the infirmary. He heard a gentle humming behind a storage room and he instantly knew who it was. Nico leaned against the wall, reminding himself that he was angry with his boyfriend and restraining himself from marching towards him and kissing him right there. It didn’t look like there were patients or other healers around but Nico wanted to stay on the safe side because someone can walk in on them anytime.

Will dusted his hands and started walking to his desk but froze when he saw Nico in the room. He flashed Nico a blinding smile and went up to him. “Hey, honey. What are you doing here?”

Nico glared at him, hoping that it could get the message across, but Will just stood in front of him, smiling. 

“Don’t you dare call me honey

With your face all bright and sunny.

I hate rhyming.

It feels like dying!”

“Oh,” Will said but he didn’t stop smiling. There was this mischievous gleam that sparked behind his eyes, that made Nico even more angry. “But you sound so sweet that way. So poetic.”

Pathetic was more like it.

“Sound sweet, I do not.

In the Underworld, I hope you rot!”

“No need to be grumpy, Nico. It will wear off in a day. Three days maximum.”

Three days? No way was he going to poem whatever he wanted to say for seventy-two hours.

“I sound like a fool, you see?

Why have you done this to me?”

Will crossed his arms over his chest. Finally, the annoying smile was gone but it was replaced by a disappointed frown that Nico didn’t ever want to see on his boyfriend’s lips.

“Because you deserve it,” he replied. “You know what the problem is, Nico.”

“What I did, I know not,

This is annoying me a lot.”

“Well, maybe it has something to do with us dating for three whole months and you won’t let me tell anyone?”

“Oh. That is the problem, I see.

We cannot tell people about you and me.”

“But why not?” he asked as he sat down on his chair. “You won’t even let me tell Lou Ellen or Cecil about us. They’re my best friends. They should be happy for us.”

“Even if we whisper in hallways,

I’ll be with you always.”

Will rolled his eyes. “Okay, now you’re just taking lyrics from musicals.”

Whose fault was that? He didn’t even know any songs from musicals!

“Look, Nico,” Will said, taking his hand gently. “I know you’re frustrated about this but it’s the only way I could think of to make you realize how unhappy I am with our situation.”

Those eyes that implored his gaze were too blue that it was impossible to look away.

“I-I’m afraid that this won’t last,

That it will be over too fast.”

“Nico, we’ve talked about this. I have no plans of breaking up,” he said. “I’m so happy and I just want everyone to know that the reason is you.”

Why was it so easy for Will to spout out words like that? It just seemed so natural and it made him feel bad.

“While rhyming, it’s hard to explain.

Uncurse me for I am going insane.”

"Fine,” he yielded, shoving Nico’s hand away. 

Once, Will told him that most of the curses that Apollo kids do are created with hymns. Apparently, uncursing someone required a hymn too. While Will sang, Nico stood in front of him, mesmerized by his voice. How was it that when Will sang regular songs, he sounded like a dying whale that was going through puberty?

Suddenly, he was grabbed by the shoulders and was shaken frantically. “Hey Nico. Nico! You can speak now.” He was surprised when he found Will standing in front of him. He must have dazed out while he was singing.

“Oh right. I’m sorry and um…thanks.”

“Gods, don’t stare at me like that. That was so frightening. I thought I broke you!”

He didn’t even know that he was staring. Nico felt his cheeks grow warm. No matter how many times he would brush it off as embarrassment, he knew deep down that he was blushing because he liked the attention Will gave him.

He cleared his throat. “So um…like I said, I’m scared,” Nico admitted.

“You know how much I like you,” Will said, placing his arm over shoulder, pulling him closer. “Would I really get rid of the one person I like so much?”

He nodded. “I know, I know,” Nico said, not knowing whether to get out of Will’s grasp or melt in it. “I like you too, but-”

The thing was, Nico didn’t know the extent of Will’s feelings for him. For all he knew, he could be lying to him and all of this was just part of some elaborate joke. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust him. He trusted him more than he trusted Hazel. It was just that all the people in his life seemed to leave him in a way.

“All I want is to hold your hand around camp and not to hide when we kiss. Don’t you?”

“I do. Trust me, I really do.”

“The only one who’s stopping us is you,” Will said, pulling away from Nico.

Nico cringed. He hoped that he would never need to discuss this. “Everyone who gets close to me… gets hurt,” he murmured.

Will tilted his head to one side, reminding Nico of a cute, confused puppy. “But I’m a doctor. I’m not going to get hurt.”

“That’s what you say but my mom died, Bianca left me and then she died too and Percy fell into Tartarus…” Nico’s voice dropped to a whisper when he realized he was rambling. “It’s a pattern, Will. A curse.”

“Curses break,” Will assured him. “I could sing a million different hymns to make sure. I’m not going to break up with you and I’m not going to get hurt. I’ll just be here…loving you.”

There was a definite blush on Will’s cheeks. Nico smiled at that.

Will looked around the room. “So, one quick kiss?”

Confidence suddenly surged through him. It was strange because he rarely felt that. Nico was used to doing things with at least fifty percent of doubt in his mind. He glanced at Will’s outstretched hand and then up to his face. How could he ever think that his happiness was cursed when he had this guy loving him?

He shook his head. “No,” he said. Will’s face fell but before he had a chance to mope around, Nico grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the infirmary.

Hundreds of campers went about their daily activities, too busy to notice that Nico di Angelo was holding Will Solace’s hand. Maybe it was what Will said or the blush on his cheeks but Nico could care less about whoever saw them. The hurt confusion that was previously on Will’s face disappeared to just plain confusion.

“One big kiss,” he told him. “This is what you want, right?”

“W-wait. Are you sure? I mean, yeah but how about you?” Will asked, his eyes wide.

Sure, it was very spontaneous and way out of his comfort zone but this is what Will wanted and he could set aside his discomfort for him.

“I still won’t let you drag me to do sappy couple stuff though,” Nico said. “Because who in the world likes going around wearing matching shirts and basically being a two-person humiliation to mankind?”

Will wrapped his arms around his waist. “Okay. No sappy couple stuff. Gotcha.”

“And promise to never curse me again.”

Whether Will agreed to his request or not, he wasn’t sure. It didn’t matter because in less than a heartbeat, they were kissing each other.

How dare you (Jimin scenario)

Paring : Jimin / you (female) + Jungkook & Taehyung.

Genre : A little angst.

Requested by anon : “scenario where you’re dating jimin, but jungkook is madly in love with you and will use his golden maknae expertise in any way he can to grab your attention? :“) ”


A/N: this is crappy and long, so if you think you want part 2 let me know, I apologize for any mistakes, this has nothing to do with the members’ real personality. Enjoy

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

In your one year long relationship with Jimin, you became friends with his two best friends, and they became part of your dates sometimes. Like the day you were watching a comedy movie on TV, while your boyfriend’s arm was hanging around your shoulder, and Jungkook was sitting next to the couch, and Taehyung was on the ground with his legs crossed.

Giggles were heard from the four of you when a the lead made a funny comment, you leaned your head on Jimin’s shoulder and continued watching. However, someone wasn’t paying much attention to the movie and glancing at you from time to time, but you didn’t see it.

Whenever you hung out with your boyfriends’ friends you had a good laugh and a great time, they were so much fun, and Jimin trusted them with you.

One day, you went to see Jimin at his place but he wasn’t there yet, only Jungkook was there so you decided to play with him while waiting for Jimin.

“You’re so going down.” You announced, clicking on the buttons on the controller.

“Nah, I’m jungkook and I don’t lose!” he said, focusing more on the game.

“Oh yeah! Things are about to change.” You said giggling.

“Wanna bet?”

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Aiko in canon 20

Aiko heard running in the hallway seconds before any of her students did.

Stupidly, her first thought was that someone in Konoha had heard the news that Kirigakure had announced there had been a change in leadership and that all burnt personnel were invited to return. But she’d only told Mei to take care of that yesterday… The information had probably been released in the afternoon or late morning. Konoha wouldn’t know less than 4 hours after the fact.

Maybe they’d know tomorrow.

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Preferences #99 He left you when pregnant but came back four years later.


‘Calum,’ you said seriously as you sat on the sofa your hand very close to your stomach. He was busy in the kitchen quickly scoffing something down before he had to leave for a couple of weeks. ‘Calum can you come here for a second?’ You asked and Calum turned round chewing something in his mouth. He stood up walking towards you, ‘what is it?’ He asked and you took a deep breath, ‘I know this isn’t the best time to tell you but I need to-‘ You were about to go on when he cut you off. ‘You’re not breaking up with me are you?’ He asked and you shook your head, ‘No, it is a lot more serious than that.’  You said with no smile on your face, Calum sat down next to you putting a hand over yours, ‘What is it then honey?’ He asked and you looked at him with tears in yours eyes. ‘I’m pregnant Calum, I only just found out and I had to tell you. I don’t know what to do.’ You spoke quickly but Calum didn’t listen. He stood up immediately looking at you in disgust. ‘Pregnant? How could you let that happen? You idiot!’ Calum shouted at you and anger bubbled up inside. You stood up, ‘Do you think it was a choice? Do you think it was my fault? You’re the one who came inside of me! Refusing to wear the condom!’

‘So you think it’s my fault?’ Calum shouted and you shook your head, ‘I’m just saying it’s as much your fault as it is mine.’ Calum shook his head, ‘No. I can’t not right now.’ Calum said refusing to look you in the eye. ‘I’ll send someone back for my stuff in a couple of days.’ Calum said, you followed him towards the door. ‘So you’re just going to leave. This is your kid Calum and you’re leaving it without a father?’ Calum didn’t respond he just swung the door open and he walked out. ‘I hate you Calum Thomas Hood.’ You screamed at him before slamming the door. Hoping never to see him again.

Four years later and you still hope never to see him again, 5 seconds of summer got big. They grew massively whilst you were pregnant and Calum made up an excuse as to why you broke up. People were shocked especially the rest of the boys, you didn’t think anyone knew about your little girl, you kept yourself hidden when you were pregnant and now people think it is your little sister or cousin.  You two were always out at the park, she loved the swings and slides that were close by. She had just started going to nursery and she didn’t really understand that most of the children there had two parents, where as she only had one. She didn’t ask questions, not yet but you weren’t looking forward to when she found out.

‘Can we go to the park mummy?’ She asked you as she bought you her coat, hoping you would put it on for her. You put your plate down, and nodded wanting to get outside for a bit. You held her hand as she skipped towards the playground. As soon as the swings were insight she ran off knowing you would only be a couple of feet away. You sat on the bench nearby watching her run around a big smile on her face. Someone sat next to you, you didn’t look who it was because your eyes were on hers. ‘Do you have a child here as well?’ You asked and there wasn’t an answer for a while. ‘I think so.’ Your eyes grew wide as you recognised the voice. Your head whipped round looking at him, he looked exactly the same except four years older and duller eyes. ‘Hi.’ Calum said and anger bubbled up in you again, just like your last conversation.

‘Hi? That’s all you can say after years?’ You asked and Calum was about to speak but you stood up refusing to be near him. ‘Babe please.’ Calum said following you but you came to a halt. ‘I am not your babe. Do not think you are in a relationship with me or have anything to do with me. You left me four years ago scared and alone. You have no idea what I was going through and I don’t think you even cared. All you cared about was you career. So many times I wanted to end it all so I wouldn’t have to face everything but I didn’t. I did it for her.’ Anger was running through your veins as memories came flashing back, ‘I have a daughter?’ Calum asked and you just wanted to punch him. ‘Don’t think after years you can just come crawling back into our lives thinking it will be okay. I had to go through labour on my own, pushing our kid out of me. All my sleepless nights where there was no one to help me. You cannot just come back.’ You said tears wanting to run down your face but your anger replaced it. You heard little footsteps running towards you, quickly getting louder. ‘Mummy who’s this man?’ She asked and Calum bent down a big smile on his face. ‘Hello, what’s your name?’ Calum asked as if he was a stranger. He held out his hand for her to hold it but you picked her up before she could move or speak. ‘Do not touch her. I don’t care if you’re her father or not right now you don’t even know her name. I hope you are ashamed of yourselves.’ Those were your last words to him before you turned around leaving him there. ‘We have to go home now darling.’ You spoke to your little girl in your arms and she nodded, ‘Who was that man mummy?’ She asked and you didn’t answer for a while. ‘No one to worry about.’