who said we can't

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When they were all hugging Stanley, one of the kids says "we love you" and I can't figure out who said it could you help

I think it was Eddie??? (but still not 100% sure tho)

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If it's tourist season why can't we shoot them?

Lucifer: Who said you can’t?

Michael: Lucif–!!

Lucifer, covering Michael’s mouth: No, it’s okay brother, I got it.

Lucifer, imitating Michael: Lucifer! No! Killing people is wrong! blah-blah-blah! How could you say such a thing?! I’m so disappointed in you!

Lucifer, no longer imitating Michael or covering his mouth: I know! take a joke, sheesh!

Michael: … I don’t–

Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel in unison: Yes you do.

Guys… I’m still not okay!

but i will never understand why clarke didn’t mourn wells like that boy was your best friend from birth and he literally got himself arrested just to come to the ground to protect you with no knowledge of whether or not the ground was survivable WHILE HE KNEW YOU HATED HIM and he took the blame for getting your father executed just so you wouldn’t hate your mother not to mention child wells trading in his toys to get you art supplies

Well today was certainly eventful 

Bravely Second: Chapter 1 sentence starters
  • ~"Forgive me, everyone."
  • `"Don't put the weight of the world on your shoulders like that, (NAME). You've had it tougher than any of us."
  • `"No matter who turns against you, I'll always be here."
  • `"And as long as we hold hope on our hearts... We can fight back, over and over again if we must!"
  • `"Haha! Is somebody blushing?"
  • `"Our emotions, our passions can move the hearts of others."
  • `"Kapow! Mr. Oblivious strikes again!"
  • `"What're you writing, (name)? I keep seeing scribbling in there."
  • `"For the first time, I feel like I don't understand you at all..."
  • `"You suggest we simply sit by and do nothing? P-preposterous!"
  • `"Is is so hard to... Imagine a better future?"
  • `"It moved me a great deal, you know, when you spoke of your hopes and ideals..."
  • `"I will succeed... I will!"
  • `"Who said you have to shoulder the burden all by yourself?"
  • `"We can't have you catching cold. Here, come... Closer."
  • `"(NAME), you're all red! Have you come down with a fever?"
  • ~"Aiiiya! Get a clue, blockhead!"
  • `"What did I do now?"
  • `"Cats are great, they never betray mew!"
  • `"But you will be fine, as you always have been. I'm sure of it!"

I like the ‘Gallifrey is invisible’ theory mainly because I’m having a blast imagining Narvin’s reaction when someone suggested it

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What's his problem. I confessed my love to him and he confessed his right back. But he said although I'm who he'll always want we can't be together because of a short distance. He said we could figure something out but then a week later he got a girlfriend and said I had no right to be upset.

that really sucks, i’m sorry. but unfortunately that’s life. all you can really do is move on, stop talking to him, stop any contact with him, you’ll find someone else or something else that will make you glad it never worked out with him.



Imagine Tony had a sister and she when she started dating Steve he got really overprotective.

“Out of all the nice guys you could have gone out with, you had to choose the red and blue spandex guy.”  


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