who said this was okay tyler

person: are you okay?

me: yeah i’m cool

me on the inside: tyler joseph and josh dun are such important people i know you probably know that but it’s not been said in this conversation yet so i’m just letting you know they are vital elements in our society I feel sorry for anyone who hasn’t experienced the warm loving embrace of their music they’re so pure let me squish them

bad boy josh / dancer tyler

josh propositions tyler and exploits his flexibility. also worked a jockstrap kink in because you know, why not (for a request) ;-p

ps - i know i have a huge surplus of bottom tyler and i said i’d do some bottom josh, don’t think i forgot. 


when josh got off from work, it was his job to pick up his younger sister from ballet practice. it was in a somewhat shady part of the city, and she was not allowed to take the bus home because it would be getting dark by the time her class was over. his mom never understood the dyed hair, the make up, tattoos, and piercings. But she figured it was the least josh could do, was use his intimidating looks to protect his sister and allow her to fulfill her dream. 

josh was a high school drop out in his early twenties. he never really outgrew his rebellious phase. his parents wanted him to go to college, so instead he picked up a full-time job as a bartender to support his bachelor pad, supplementing his income selling drugs. they also wanted him to find a girl and settle down and have a family. but instead he got drunk every weekend, bringing strange guys home to fuck before practically shoving them out the door. he had been to jail a few times for petty crimes, mostly to do with misdemeanors, drugs, or stealing. but he worked out and fought dirty, so no one fucked with him.  

josh’s phone buzzed when he was standing outside having a smoke before getting in his car. he sighed when he seen the text was from his sister, and he realized he was running late. he dropped the cigarette on the ground and stomped it before getting in his beat up car and driving to the city. it was a friday, so he was beyond tired from the work week and ready to party. but this was his last obligation. 

sorry sis, just lost track of time 

josh texted while parked at a red light. a car behind him honked as soon as the light turned green. so josh rolled down his window to flip off the cunt, then turned his music up. 

josh pulled up beside the building to see his sister standing next to a guy he never seen before. he parked and took in the guy’s appearance, finding it hard to peel his eyes from him. his sister waved, which broke him out of his trance. then he realized she was walking to his car with the guy. 

“thanks josh. oh, by the way, this is tyler. is it alright if you give him a ride home? his mom forgot to pick him up.” she asked. josh looked at tyler, a tall, thin boy with soft lips, doe eyes, and dark features. his expression looked vulnerable and apologetic, maybe even a little scared. 

“yeah i guess” josh answered with a shrug, “get in.” 

josh’s sister got in the front seat, and he watched in the rear view mirror as tyler climbed into the back. he looked down timidly and blushed when he caught josh’s piercing eyes staring at him in the mirror.  

“thank you, josh, f-for the ride” tyler said politely. josh nodded to him in the mirror before starting his car. 

“so how old are you, tyler?” josh asked after a few minutes of driving. 

“i’ll be 21 december 2nd” tyler answered, curious as to why josh was asking. josh did the math in his head, realizing tyler wouldn’t be old enough to drink for another 2 months. 

“why do you ask?” tyler asked finally, smiling a little. josh’s sister felt slightly awkward with her big brother hitting on her friend. but tyler didn’t seem to be aware at all. josh smiled at him, playfully winking through the mirror. 

“i guess getting you drunk is out, for now at least” josh mumbled. his sister made a disgusted look and turned to face tyler. 

“i’m sorry he’s like this. he can be kind of forward” she apologized. tyler just shook his head, his cheeks still flushed. 

“it’s fine. how old are you, josh?” tyler asked. josh liked how this guy seemed to be awfully bold for wearing a floral kimono and tights. 

“i turned 24 a few months ago.” josh answered. 

“oh, i like older men” tyler joked. josh felt a rush of something he hadn’t known existed at tyler’s voice. maybe because it was the first time in a while he’s picked up on someone without being drunk. 

“yeah, well i like younger men,” josh said. “would you like to check out my place instead? i got video games and weed.”

“oh my god josh, are you actually bribing him?” his sister asked, appalled at how this was going. she’d never seen this pliant side of tyler. 

“wow. i’ve never smoked weed, but do you have mario kart? i love mario kart” tyler said, bouncing in his seat a little. he was warming up to josh quickly. 

“yeah, i have mario kart. so you down?” josh asked glancing between tyler’s beautiful reflection and the street. 

“umm…..okay, i’m down! i’ll just text my mom and tell her i’ll be at a friend’s” tyler said. josh smiled at his innocence, and his sister just crossed her arms and stared out the window. 

josh dropped his sister off at home, and she gave him a warning look. she knew of josh’s fuckboy ways and didn’t like the idea of innocent tyler being swept into it. she knew tyler was sensitive at heart, and probably looked up to josh in a way for being a badass. she really didn’t want him to be some hook-up and get his heart broken. 


josh asked tyler if he was hungry, which his reply was that he was starving, but he could only have salad with lean protein. josh gave him a funny look, but ordered the grilled chicken salad for tyler and a quarter pounder with cheese for himself. 

“so what’s with that? are you always so strict with what you eat? i mean you’re already pretty thin” josh said, looking over him with concern. 

“yeah, there are strict guidelines that i have to maintain a certain weight and train hard. i can’t have my system clogged up with junk. it’s just part of it” tyler answered, shrugging. josh took a huge bite of his burger. 

“so how do you train, isn’t it just twirling in tutu’s ‘n shit?” josh asked with his mouth still full. tyler shot him an appalled look and josh laughed. 

“i do NOT wear a tutu. males just wear tights, thank you very much” 

“you don’t mind your junk showing like that? you know people are checking you out” josh asked, grinning at him. tyler rolled his eyes. 

“dude, you really have no idea, do you?” tyler asked. 

“what do you mean?” 

“i wear a jockstrap, so it’s not like too obvious. also i need to wear tights so i can stretch and move freely.” tyler explained. josh almost crashed the car with the images tyler was putting into his head and he just let out a little “hmm”. 

at josh’s place, josh offered tyler to sit on the shabby but comfortable sofa in front of the t.v. “it’s not much, but it’s my own. i’ll turn on the game” josh said. when tyler turned his back to take off his kimono, josh got his first look at tyler’s long, slender legs and ass in those tights and his jaw dropped. he wanted to run his hands over them, but he went back to focusing on the game before tyler seen him staring. tyler took off his sweaty shirt as well, draping it over the arm of the sofa. josh turned around to see tyler’s body on full display for him. 

“fuck” josh grunted, taking in tyler’s lean frame and tattoos. from how tyler looked in clothes, he never would’ve pictured him to have tattoos or any kind of tone. tyler flushed, eyes glossy as josh shamelessly eye-fucked him. josh’s gaze rested on the sizable bulge between his thighs. 

“goddamn” josh reiterated, “well let me see you in that jock strap.” josh said in a deeper voice. tyler stood up, giving a slow striptease as he pulled his tights off. josh’s breath hitched at the sight of the happy trail and bush peaking out at the top of the waistband being pulled down slightly by tyler’s interested dick. josh sat back on his knees, palming himself. 

“turn around, let me see that ass” josh said, and tyler laughed softly. he did as he was told, turning his back to josh and letting him see how the strap framed his firm, round ass. josh let out a low growl, palming himself harder. 

“we’ll play the game, but you’re wearing nothing but this” josh said.

“what about you?” tyler asked, turning back to face him and sitting back down. josh pulled his t-shirt up over his head and took off his ripped jeans, tossing them aside. 

“that’s better. so much better, wow” tyler said, grinning and settling back as josh sat next to him in his briefs. he handed tyler a remote and they started a game. 

after losing to tyler for a 4th round, josh asked tyler if he’d like something to drink. 

“just water, thanks” tyler answered. he watched josh get up and walk to his kitchen, checking out his muscular back. josh came back with a bottle of water and also handed tyler a joint. 

“what’s this for?” tyler asked, holding it between his thumb and forefinger. 

“are you kidding? put this in your lips and suck, then inhale the smoke” josh said. 

“well i never smoked before” 

“you’ll like it, i promise” josh said, lighting his own joint and taking a puff in front of tyler. josh held the lighter up to tyler’s and lit the end of the joint. tyler inhaled, taking as much as he could. but it burned, so he started coughing. josh put his hand on his back, rubbing up and down.

“you okay? here, take a drink.” josh said, and opened tyler’s water for him, holding it to his lips. tyler drank the water, eyes still closed and put his hand on josh’s to signal he was done. finally tyler opened his eyes to look at josh, and josh started giggling.

“what?” tyler asked, sounding confused. he stared at josh’s face, really taking in his features for the first time. it hit him that he was sitting almost naked next to a very attractive man who was also almost naked. and he wanted to kiss him. 

“you are so fucking high. your eyes are bloodshot” josh said. game forgotten, tyler made his move, crashing his lips to josh’s. he slipped his tongue into josh’s mouth, desperately sucking and moaning at his taste. josh rubbed tyler’s thighs as he moved to straddle his lap. he continued kissing along josh’s jawline and down his neck. 

“damn baby, this seems to bring out the freak in you” josh laughed, running his fingers through tyler’s hair as he placed kisses along his collarbone and shoulder. 

“i want you to fuck me, josh. i want you to choke me” tyler whispered, grazing his fingers down josh’s pec. josh grabbed tyler’s ass and hoisted him up, laying him back against the couch. 

“you want me to do this, huh” josh said, bringing his large hand around tyler’s neck. tyler stared into his eyes, feeling completely helpless in the best way. josh settled between tyler’s thighs, kissing him while tightening his hand. 

“is it too tight?” josh asked, to which tyler immediately shook his head ‘no’. josh continued kissing tyler’s swollen lips, relishing in the small whimpers and moans pouring out of them. tyler was beginning to feel lightheaded and started grinding up against josh for friction. josh groaned against tyler’s mouth, biting his bottom lip. he could feel how hard tyler was, how turned on he was by what josh was doing. 

“you like that? fuck, baby boy” josh said, making tyler whine. he continued grinding their crotches together and brought his fingers to tyler’s lips. 

“suck” josh whispered. tyler licked and sucked josh’s fingers, moaning and making a show of it. if josh’s heavy breathing was any sign, his intentions were working. 

“how do you want to be fucked?” josh asked, staring intently into tyler’s eyes. 

“daddy” tyler whispered, gazing back lovingly and placing his hands on josh’s arms. josh’s eyebrows shot up at this name. 

“oh that’s it. let’s see how flexible my little freak is” josh said, pushing his own briefs down and shoving tyler’s knees up to his head. tyler hooked his arms around the backs of his knees, holding them there. josh muttered something before spitting on his fingers and spreading it over his cock. 

“mmmmm, yes daddy” tyler moaned as the head of josh’s cock nudged against his hole, beginning to sink in. josh’s mouth fell open as he inched his way to the hilt, hips pressing against tyler’s ass. 

“so tight, unbelievable” josh huffed as he entered tyler over and over. he went slowly from tip to base so they could feel every inch of each other. josh lifted tyler’s ass up, bending him more. to josh’s surprise, tyler put his feet behind his head. josh continued fucking him like that, going a little harder. 

“right there, oh god daddy yesss” tyler whined. josh’s eyes widened and he sped up, hitting that same spot inside him again and again. he grabbed the hem of tyler’s jockstrap, pulling it down to reveal his rock hard dick and grasping it. he dipped his finger through tyler’s pre-cum, spreading it down his shaft and playing with him while pounding his ass harder. 

“alright baby, i wanna see that ass” josh said, remaining deep inside tyler and kissing his lips. tyler kissed back, letting his legs back down and running his fingers through josh’s hair. 

“okay daddy” tyler answered, flipping over on his stomach once josh pulled out. josh snapped tyler’s jockstrap, causing tyler to whimper and buck his ass up. he grabbed tyler’s ass cheeks, pulling them apart and licking over tyler’s hole. 

“such a good boy for me” josh muttered, pulling tyler’s hips up for more access. tyler begged josh for more, rocking back, but josh held him still and bit his ass cheek. 

“who’s in charge here?” josh asked, hearing tyler let out a sigh and halting his efforts. 

“you are daddy” tyler answered submissively. 

“that’s right” josh said, going back to eating tyler out while stroking his own cock. he reached around to squeeze tyler’s dick through the jockstrap and didn’t stop eating him until he felt tyler trembling. he also knew tyler was close because he was moaning louder.

“shhhh baby do you want everyone to know you’re being fucked like a little slut?” josh asked, placing kisses up tyler’s back and rubbing his hips. 

“yes, daddy i’m you’re slut and i want everyone to know it” tyler answered. josh appreciated his honesty, laughing slightly at his attitude. 

“well come here, i want you to ride me. i wanna see what you can do with that hot little body” josh said, turning tyler back to face him and laying back. tyler seen this as his opportunity to take control and worship josh the way he wanted to so badly. he rested his knee between josh’s legs, leaning over to kiss him before licking and sucking josh’s nipple. 

“show me what those pretty lips can do to me baby, come on” josh urged him.

“oh i will” tyler answered, traveling his way down and planting little kisses to josh’s heaving stomach. he got to josh’s briefs, sucking his cock out through the hole with his mouth. josh moaned in surprise, grabbing and tugging on tyler’s hair which caused him to suck more aggressively. he massaged josh’s balls through his briefs and gripped the base of his cock, pulling his mouth off josh’s with an exaggerated pop. he let the excess spit building up in his mouth spill over josh’s dick, spreading it up and down while relishing in josh’s satisfied grunts. 

“somebody knows what they’re doing. somebody’s had some practice” josh said, gazing at tyler’s face as he tongued at the tip of his dick. 

“am i a naughty boy, daddy?” tyler asked, positioning himself where one knee was on the couch beside josh’s legs, and the other leg was hooked over the back of the couch. josh thought the way tyler’s legs were spread looked painful, but tyler didn’t seem to mind at all. he reached behind to grab josh’s cock and ease down on it. 

“ooh you are a naughty boy. i might have to spank you” josh said, biting his bottom lip and grunting when tyler began moving his hips up and down. tyler’s head fell back, supporting himself on josh’s knees while riding his cock. josh started caressing tyler’s stomach, thighs, and dick that was falling out of his jockstrap. josh thrust up to meet him, shocking a loud moan out of him. 

“so sexy, baby boy” josh praised, holding tyler’s ass and thrusting up. when tyler leaned forward, josh took the hint and wrapped his arms around tyler’s waist, fucking up into him. tyler moaned and sucked hickies into josh’s neck, feeling his orgasm about to peak. both were panting, sweating, and rocking back and forth with each other. 

“ohhhh i’m gonna cum, daddy” tyler moaned urgently. 

“go for it, baby boy” josh encouraged, tapping tyler’s ass and continuously fucking him.

“josh, daddy, oh my god, so good” tyler babbled incoherently. he lasted maybe 5 more thrusts before he was spilling everywhere, making a mess. josh felt tyler still and something warm and wet dripping onto his skin. 

“did my naughty little boy cum for me? jesus you are so fucking hot” josh praised, continuing to ram into him. he turned tyler’s face to his and they kissed as josh reached his peak, cumming deep in tyler’s ass. tyler continued grinding on his cock while kissing him, and josh held onto his ass like he owned it. 

“you should stay the night” josh suggested. tyler broke from the kiss. 

“really?” tyler asked, staring at him with a dopey smile. 

“yes, it’s late. we can shower in the morning. um…would you be down for round 2 after more mario kart?” 

“um, sure!” tyler said, laughing. they both sat back up, resuming their game at lap 5. 

Asylum (Part 3)

Yes, I, Mod Loo, have created a part three. I’m sorry, I just love this AU so much, and I couldn’t resist. I hope you enjoy it!


The four doctors stood outside of the building, talking like they normally did. Nogla had gotten used to the asylum at this point and was in the same boat as the other three.

“Man, Squeaker will not leave me alone about gummy worms. He’s got like an addiction to them,” Nogla complained, fixing his glasses.

“It’s not as bad as Delirious. Still going on about me letting him out. And every once in a while he’ll slip a little extra in there, making it more and more uncomfortable,” Evan sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“Eh, you’ll get used to it. You just gotta keep pushing them back,” Tyler said.

“And hope that they get better. Ohm’s gotten much better,” Bryce said happily.

“We know. You wear the bunny ears he made for you everyday,” Evan replied, rolling his eyes.

“What? I think they’re cute.”

Everyone rolled their eyes and talked some more.

“Hey fellas, did ya miss me?” Everyone turned to see another doctor standing there with a smirk plastered on his face. Immediately everyone’s eyes widened.

“Brian!” Bryce exclaimed, going up to him for a hug.

“Hey man, you actually survived. We thought you were dead, you know,” Evan joked, giving Brian a pat on the back once Bryce let go of him.

“So you’re back from Ireland, huh? Well, you should’ve stayed, since we got a replacement,” Tyler grinned.

“Oh, really now? And who is this replacement?”

Tyler motioned towards Nogla, who had a blank expression on his face. “Uh, hi, I’m Nogla,” he said awkwardly. Brian broke out into a grin.

“Another Irish man? Thank god, it was getting lonely eating all of the potatoes by myself,” he joked. Nogla started to laugh, and everyone caught up with him.

“By the way, while you were gone, your patient was a pain in the ass,” Tyler said. Brian gave him a confused look.

“My patient? Are you sure you’ve got the right one? Cause my patient is an angel.” Tyler scoffed.

“He maybe an angel to you, but he’s really a sadistic fuck. Your patient’s fucking insane.” Brian was even more confused.

“Are you sure you’re talking about Moo? My Moo?”

“Uh, yeah. Who else?”

“You’re full of shit, Tyler. My Moo isn’t like that. I think Mini’s getting to your head.”

“Excuse me?”

“Guys, guys, let’s not argue, alright? Let’s just be glad that Brian is back, okay?” Bryce said, interrupting the two. Evan nodded.

“Yeah. So Brian, how many potatoes did you eat while you were gone?”

“I ate all of the potatoes!” He said with a laugh, causing everyone else to laugh.


Brian sped walked to his patients room with excitement. Moo was his favorite patient, and he had missed him. He quietly opened the door and shut it behind him, the grin still on his face. “Moo?”

Moo sat up from his bed quickly, turning around with a surprised look on his face before he smiled widely. “Brian!” He giggled. Brian’s smile widened as he sat next to Moo.

“I’m finally back from Ireland! How were you while I was gone?”

“Oh, it was terrible. I missed you so much, you know. I just couldn’t wait for you to come back,” Moo said with a sad look on his face.

“Well, I’m here now. Also, Tyler said that you gave him some trouble. Do you have any idea what that’s about?” Moo shook his head, a confused look settling on his face.

“No. I was being a good patient, I swear.”

“Don’t worry, I believe you. Now, I’ve got to go to check up on some others, but I’ll be back, okay?” Moo smiled sweetly at him, nodding. Brian smiled sweetly at him before getting up and leaving. Right after the door closed, Moo grinned and started to laugh manically.


“I swear to you Moo isn’t all that innocent,” Tyler argued.

“Well, I swear to you that he is. He said he had no idea why you said he wasn’t doing well,” Brian argued back.

“Can’t both of you just let this go? I want to enjoy Brian’s Terminator voice, not listen to him argue for a solid hour,” Evan finally groaned, looking at the two. The two stopped before sighing and finally agreeing to drop it.

“Thank you,” Evan said with a sigh of relief.

“This isn’t over, piggy!” Brian yelled in his Terminator voice, causing everyone to laugh.

“Oh man, that’s actually pretty good,” Nogla admitted with a laugh.

“Exactly. He’s the best of the best at impressions,” Bryce said.

“You’re damn right I am!” Brian exclaimed, earning more laughs from the group.

13 Reasons Why Preference - Coming Out as Bisexual

A/N: These are only going to be one or two sentences each, depending on the person. And please respect that I do not wish to write for Courtney Crimson, Bryce Walker (for obvious reasons), Ryan Shaver, Marcus Cooley and Tyler Down.

Hannah Baker

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“You are?” Hannah asked, with a smile on her face. “Really? Okay.”

Clay Jensen

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“So you like guys?” *nod* “And girls?” *nod* “But you like me the most, right?” *laughs and smiles* “Yes, Clay, no matter who I like, you’re my favourite.”

Justin Foley

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“Hey, Babe?” You said, finally gathering the courage. “I’m Bi.”

Justin’s eyes widen. “You’re bi?” He asked, slightly shocked.

“Yeah.” You nodded.

“Okay. Does that mean we can ask G/N to join us?” He asked, with a small smirk on his face.

Zach Dempsey

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“Does that mean I have an entire gender to compete against now?” Zach exclaimed.

You began to smile. “No, dumbass. I still only love you.” You laughed.

“Oh, okay, good.”

Alex Standall

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“Lex, I’m bisexual.” You announced.

Alex’s eyes locked with yours. “Okay.” 

“Really? You’re okay with it?” You asked, happy that he accepted you.

“Of course,” He said, smiling. “I love you, and as long as I’m the only one you love, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Jeff Atkins

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“You’re bi?” 


“You still love me, right?”

“Yeah, Atkins, I still love you.” *laughs*

“Then everything’s good.” 

Jessica Davis

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“You’re bi, Y/N?” Jessica asked.

You nodded, slowly. “Yeah. Jess.” you said, anticipating her reaction.

“Me too.” She simply stated.

You were shocked. “You are?” 

She nodded. “Yeah.”

“Okay. Pick a movie while I do the popcorn.” 

Unexpected Hero ~ Montgomery De La Cruz Imagine~

Summary: You’re a good girl who had just moved. Being the new girl in Liberty High is hard. When you meet Montgomery De La Cruz, you reject him. When you get harassed by Bryce Walker, Montgomery comes in to save you.

Author’s Note: Montgomery De La Cruz is cute af but Jeff Atkins will always be my number one bae. Also, Hannah and Jeff are alive in this because they deserve better. 

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You were new to Liberty High and you were nervous. You were known as the good girl back in your old school. The girl who was quiet. The girl who was in yearbook because she didn’t like to be in front of the camera.

You walked past a group of jocks who whistled at you. You looked down, not making any eye contact. You walked over to your new and first ever locker. Back where you went to school, they didn’t have lockers. You struggled to open it however since it was all knew to you. 

“Need help?” You hear. You look up to see a tall, very cute looking boy standing next to you. 

“Yes, please,” You say. He helps you open it and you smile up at him.

“Thanks,” You said. 

“I haven’t seen you here before. You new,” He asks.


“I’m Montgomery De La Cruz. But you can call me whatever you like,” He says. 

“I’m Y/N. Y/N L/N,” You introduce yourself. 

“Y/N? Beautiful name,” He tells you. 

“Thanks,” You thank him.

“Would you like to hang out at Monet’s with me after school? It’s this coffee place nearby,” He asks you.

“I’m afraid I have to decline that offer,” You tell him.

“What? Why?” He asks. 

“I saw you with your group of friends and they’re staring at us right now. Also, you have a letterman jacket so I know you’re a stereotypical jock who’s just trying to get into my pants,” You tell him before closing your locker and walking off. 

“Monty just got rejected,” Bryce said walking over to the boy who stood where she had just rejected him.

“Fuck off Bryce,” Montgomery said. 

“If she’s not interested in you, you think she’ll be interested with me?” Bryce asks.

“Stay away from her,” Montgomery tells him.

“Got a crush on someone, Monty?” Justin teased. 

“Screw you guys,” Montgomery says. 

As the days rolled by, you had joined the yearbook and have become friends with the other photographer, Tyler Down. You both were talking about some spreads until Montgomery came to view.

“Hey, Y/N. Is this guy bothering you?” Montgomery asks. 

“No. He’s just showing me around,” You tell him.

“Okay. Just find me if something happens,” He tells you before walking past you. 

“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Montgomery not as an asshole,” Tyler tells you.

“Maybe he’s change,” You suggest. 

“Maybe he likes you,” Tyler points out. 

At the end of the day, you started to walk out of school until you hear someone behind you. You look over to see Bryce Walker. 

“Hey, Y/N. Right?” He asks you.

“Um, yeah?” You said a little uncomfortable. You started to walk back where you could just ask your new friend, Jeff Atkins, for a ride home. He had offered after you told him that you had to leave as soon as possible since you didn’t have a ride home. 

“I’m Bryce Walker. You know, Montgomery likes you,” He tells you.

“He does?” You ask him as you tried to get away from him.

“Yeah. Now, I know we don’t know each other for that long but I just have to see what little Monty is so interested,” Bryce said before pulling you close by your skirt. You slap his face hard before taking a few steps away from him.

“Stay away from me,” You demand. 

“Feisty. The good kind,” Bryce said before pulling you towards him. His lips were placed on your neck while his arms held onto you tightly.

“Let go of me! Montgomery!” You yell. 

“Let go of her!” You hear. 

“Hey, Monty,” Bryce said letting you go a bit. You quickly turned to Montgomery before wrapping your arms around his waist. He wrapped his around you as he glared at Bryce. 

“I told you to stay the hell away from her,” Montgomery said to Bryce. He lets go of you before throwing a punch to Bryce. 

“Monty, no,” You said before pulling him back. Montgomery looks at you for a quick moment before looking back at Bryce. 

“Come on,” Montgomery said before leading you away. 

“Thank you so much,” You tell him.

“No problem.”

“I owe you one,” You tell him.

“Go on a date with me and we’ll call it even,” Montgomery said before giving you a shy smile. 

“Deal,” You said before staying close to him. 

Fairytale - Dylan O'Brien Imagine

❁ (not my gif, cred to sweet owner) ❁

A/N: Here’s a little something I wrote months ago but never posted. I couldn’t find the right gif for this one so I just went with the Dave gif. Anyway, sorry if it’s horrible haha and sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc, I’m too tired to check rn.(:


Pairing: Dylan x Reader
Warning: None?
Word count: 1738

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*droolz* uhm ok…how about a little masturbation voyeurism? mirror play? role play? all dat kinky shit, idk tyler n josh doin it 


Tyler and Josh were sharing a hotel room and Tyler was taking a shower. Josh must not have heard the water shut off or something, but when Tyler opened the door, he seen Josh sprawled out on their bed. His underwear pushed down to his knees, head back against his pillow, eyes closed and mouth open. His expression seemed so angelic, despite the sinful things his hand was doing to his cock and the filthy way his muscles responded. Tyler stood there, stunned for a moment out of curiosity and something more. His gaze mainly focused on Josh’s lower half, as this was his first time seeing his best friend like this. Hand working his cock and hips bucking up, as if he’d done this a million times. Tyler could easily hear Josh’s breathless moans from where he stood, seeming to be pretty deep into his session and Ty didn’t want to rudely interrupt. Tyler felt something stiffen under the towel he had wrapped around his hips as he wondered what Josh thought about. As time slowed, it felt like the world had briefly stopped as Tyler was experiencing this majestic moment, but it was only a mere few seconds before Josh locked eyes with him, realizing there was a light coming from the bathroom that wasn’t there before. Josh gasped and stopped with a jolting motion as he tried to pull his underwear up to conceal himself, but it was far too late. 

“oh..um…sorry.” was all Tyler could say before backtracking and shutting the door, allowing Josh some privacy and time to get re-situated. Tyler felt a stir of mixed feelings. Curiosity, being the most prevalent. But also amusement, guilt, and a general sense of excitement. Those were his emotions though, his body had different ideas, judging from his erection jutting through the towel. He leaned against the sink on his hands, looking at his face in the mirror and mouthing the words “holy fuck”. He had no idea what to do. If he didn’t get rid of his erection, Josh would know. But if he stayed in the bathroom too long after he was obviously done showering, Josh would know. 

Tyler turned on the water and got ready to brush his teeth. He thought of everything in the book to get rid of his hard on, but nothing seemed to work, the image refusing to leave his mind. After brushing his teeth, he sighed and unwrapped the towel from his hips and leaned against the sink, wrapping his hand around his cock and giving an experimental tug. He bit his lip to keep from moaning and swiped at the pre-cum at his tip, sighing as he twisted and pulled the only way he knew how. He reached down with his other hand to gently tug on his balls. It felt right, touching himself like this while his friend was just on the other side of the door doing the same thing minutes before. He wondered if Josh was taking this time alone to finish what he was doing, or if he was too embarrassed. That’s where the guilt came in, because he really didn’t want him to feel bad about it. 

“Um…Tyler? Are you okay in there?” Josh asked after a moment. His voice was deep and clear, it was obvious he was right up to the door. Tyler’s breath hitched, and he slowed down, trying to stabilize his breathing so he’d sound normal. 

“Y..eah, just a minute!” Tyler managed, cringing at the obvious arousal and nervousness dripping from his voice. He considered taking his hand off his cock, stopping altogether out of shame, but it just felt so damn good. And he was so close. Josh’s voice on the other end wasn’t helping, in fact, it was adding an element of taboo and excitement. His mouth dropped open and head fell helplessly back as his hand carried out the motions on his slick cock. 

On the other side, Josh was grinning wide. He knew exactly what was going on. He could feel Tyler’s presence before he met his gaze, but dragged it on just a little bit longer to put on a show. When Tyler was in the shower, Josh couldn’t keep his mind off his friend just feet away. All tan and naked with water cascading down his tight little frame. He’s seen him naked before, and that image is how his hand ended up in his underwear, and how they ended up around his knees. His little experiment worked, and he knew what Tyler was feeling now. 

“Can I help?” Josh simply asked. Tyler shivered at his suggestive tone. 

“Wh…what?” Tyler asked, still in denial at what was happening. 

“C’mon Ty, let me in. It’s okay, we’re friends.” Josh said, his voice soothing. That was his best friend outside the door, how was he not to trust him. 

“Ok.” Was all Tyler said in a small, unsure voice before unlocking and opening the door to Josh, who immediately stepped in and wrapped Tyler in his arms. Tyler’s eyes widened at the physical contact as he was still stark naked and hard. In fact, there was no way Josh couldn’t feel the way Tyler’s cock was obscenely pressed into his hip, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. Tyler blushed as Josh finally pulled away to face him and look down. All he felt was love and acceptance. 

“Is it ok if I….” Josh began to ask, looking back up at Tyler’s face in hopes he’d understand without having to finish the sentence. Tyler nodded, staring into his eyes and feeling an overwhelming urgency mixed with a little fear, his heart pounded faster.  

“Please.” Tyler whispered, nodding before realizing it. All fear and uncertainty melted away as his cock was enveloped in the strong, warm embrace of Josh’s hand. Josh looked to Tyler’s face for approval before continuing to expertly work him the way he just was on himself earlier. Tyler nodded, muttering “yes yes, more Josh, please.” In the heat of passion, Josh attacked his neck, kissing him like he’s wanted to for so long. Delicious moans and exhales fell from Tyler’s lips in a steady stream as Josh drank him in, licking and sucking at his warm skin. Tyler leaned his head back, allowing him easier access. He pulled back up, staring at Josh’s lips with lust as Josh met him in what he’d describe as years of pent up affection. All awkward tongues fighting for dominance, eventually subsiding into the most elegant dance that was trance-inducing. Josh’s hand slowed down considerably by the distraction, until Tyler started rutting in search of friction. 

“Fuck me.” Tyler breathed absentmindedly, primal urges taking over. Josh looked at him in a mix of confusion and shock. Tyler wasn’t one to cuss, but now he was saying to fuck him? He was seeing a side to Tyler that he never knew existed, and it was so hot. 

“Turn around.” Josh growled. Tyler whimpered at the order and obeyed naturally, turning towards the sink and baring his ass to Josh, who immediately took to cupping it like he always wanted to. He took a moment to just play with him, squeezing, lightly smacking and spreading his cheeks. Tyler groaned at the new stimulation he was receiving, wanting to shrink away and receive more at the same time. It was a new, confusing feeling for him, being this exposed and vulnerable. He felt submissive, leaning forward further towards the mirror in a metaphorical attempt to say “take me”. He could see Josh behind him in the mirror, shirtless and looking really turned on with his bottom lip between his teeth.  

Josh got on his knees and kissed each cheek, causing Tyler to giggle because it tickled kind of. Josh smirked when his giggling turned to moaning as he opened him up and licked into his hole for the first time. Josh was the one to laugh this time, kneading Tyler’s cheeks and tongue-fucking him until his legs were trembling and he was being held up by him. Josh inserted a pointer finger once he was sure Tyler was slick and ready. Tyler jolted, as it was a little less forgiving than Josh’s tongue, but he eventually relaxed enough for Josh to add one, even two more. Tyler was putty in his hands, a squirming and moaning mess as Josh thrusted, twisted, and wriggled his fingers inside Tyler. 

“So gorgeous. Knew you were a bottom, baby boy.” Josh muttered. Tyler moaned in response, blushing and easily slipping into his role. Josh had him so whipped. 

“Yes daddy, just for you. Fuck me, please.” Tyler begged, shocking himself. Josh held onto Tyler’s hip, kissing up Tyler’s spine as he slowly stood up. Tyler fucked himself back on the three fingers, gasping when Josh pulled out to wrap his arms around Tyler’s small body. He grinned at Tyler’s reflection in the mirror, kissing up his neck. 

“Hm. Since you asked nicely.” Josh faked nonchalance, pulling his briefs off and leaning over Tyler’s back while guiding his cock to his hole. Tyler felt himself being pushed forward by the stronger man’s body as Josh began to sink into his entrance. It burned, but once Josh was fully inside him with both hands braced on the sink, he was given a moment to adjust. Josh rested inside him like that, leaning further down to lick and bite at the skin he could reach on his back. 

“Touch yourself.” Josh spoke, as if reading his mind. Josh waited until he seen Tyler wrap a hand around himself and began moving it up and down before pulling his hips back. He pulled almost all the way out before slamming back in, hissing at how unbelievably warm and tight he was. Tyler cried out in response, never feeling this full as he’s only ever used his fingers. Josh continued thrusting, starting out slow and deep then working up to a faster rhythm.

Tyler closed his eyes, holding himself up the best he could as Josh literally pounded his ass, hips slapping against skin. Nothing but moans filled the bathroom as he focused on the feeling, Josh’s cock hitting all the right spots inside him. He opened his eyes for a split second and caught a glimpse of Josh’s face in the mirror, all focused and looking down, licking his lips and making the most ungodly sex faces. 

“Ohh my god Josh I’m gonna cum.” Tyler warned, speeding up his hand on his cock. Josh continued grinding into his ass more deliberately and grabbed Tyler’s hips, pulling them back to meet him. 

“Spill for me, Ty, I wanna see. I’m so close.” Josh cooed, squeezing his hips encouragingly. He was breathless, switching between studying Tyler’s face in the mirror and his body as he shook and slowly fell apart. When his moans got louder, Josh sped up his thrusts to try and match his orgasm. His eyes rolled back as he tried to hold it in, almost failing. 

As soon as Tyler let out a convincing moan and tightened around him, Josh immediately let go with a grunt. 

“Oh…fuck…” He cursed, digging fingers into Tyler’s hips with the intensity of the orgasm coursing through him making his knees go weak. Tyler shuddered as he felt Josh cum inside him right as he was finishing, extra sensitive and sore. He squeezed the rest of his cum out, letting it drip into a pool on the floor. 

Josh smoothed his hand down Tyler’s chest and stomach before pulling out, causing him to whimper. Josh’s cum seeped out with it, adding more to the mess. 

“Jeez man, we should probably take another shower and clean this up.” Josh suggested.  

“Yeah.” Tyler laughed awkwardly, touching his hip and remembering why it felt bruised. He tried not to notice how hot Josh looked post-coitus, with his chest all flushed and sweaty hair sticking to his forehead. Josh noticed Tyler was just as sexy, with glazed eyes and a satisfied smile playing on his lips. The way they both looked after fucking wasn’t too different after playing a show together. 

“Maybe we should do that again.” Josh suggested again, trying to not sound desperate, but Tyler seemed completely approving of the idea. He wrapped his arms around Josh’s neck in a hug and Josh held him for a moment, pulling back only to place a firm kiss on his lips. 


i’ll just stop it there. thanks for descending into sin with me

we’re all going to hell


In honor of LGBTQA+ Pride Month, I’ve written what was supposed to be a short snippet that quickly turned into a monster.

Quick shout out to my boo thang @catastrophicfawn. Here’s the H2OVanoss I promised you, even though its not the one I sent you initially. Lmao

And To my wonderful and amazing girlfriend, @heidipoo-xox, who reads everything I write to make sure it’s not garbage. I love you babe. Happy Pride. <3

Last note, there is a part where there is homophobic language that may be triggering to some. It’s quick and its short, but it helps with the message and I just want y’all to be aware.

That’s it! Love you guys and I hope ye enjoy! <3

In small towns, the likelihood of a person coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community was rare. More often than not, these individuals will remain deep in their own personal closets, afraid of the persecution that comes along with being themselves, until they can move away and pursue the life they’ve always wanted. There were other times however, where they would express themselves, come out with the thought that they could never live in a world where they were in a lie. These ones decided to deal with the dirty looks, the mean words, and the nasty rumors that circled about their own personal lives. It was hard, and trying on their mental and emotional states, but sometimes, they were able to find the support they craved.

For Jonathan Smith, it was all a reality.

He was thirteen when we understood that he wasn’t attracted to women.

At his best friend’s birthday party, he found himself ironically locked in a closet with a female classmate. When she leaned in to kiss him, as the game insisted, he hesitated. In the end, he did kiss the girl, but it left him asking questions about himself. He should have been happy, elated even, to have the opportunity to kiss one of the most popular girls in school. Instead, he found himself wondering what it would be like to kiss his best friend. It didn’t help when the intense feeling of jealousy bubbled up from his gut when Evan went into the closet with who would turn out to be his girlfriend for the next four years.

It took a year of soul searching, of crippling depression, of always thinking that there was something wrong with him. It wasn’t until his older brother, Luke, took him to a Pride parade in Washington DC and confided in him that he himself was bisexual, that Jonathan finally had what he was looking for.

He was gay, and he was proud.

Evan was the first person he told, and cried heavily when his best friend said that it didn’t change anything, and that he’d always love him.

So he started living a little more freely; within a month, the entire high school knew. And while he had earned some support, he had also gained some enemies.

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Not Josh (Josh Dun x reader)

AGGHH so this is my first imagine that I’ve ever posted and I have like no followers so I doubt anything will happen but I’m still nervous 😂

So, just read it and let me know if you like it. If you wanna request an imagine, let me know.

This just made me happy so I hope you like it guys. Thanks!!!


Not Josh.
Not Josh.
Not. Josh.

At least, that’s what you have been telling yourself for days. Okay, more like months. But, none of that mattered. Just not Josh.

Josh and Tyler were your best friends and coworkers. You saw them on a daily basis and travel on tour with them. As one of their managers/assistants/creative geniuses, it was your job to fully support them and to be there to do everything you could for them. So it could definitely not be Josh for that reason alone.

Not to mention the fact that you had known the boys for years now. Emphasis on the years. And you had always been particularly close to Josh. He was your best friend. You supported him through the good and the bad. You were with him through the break ups, heart break, happy moments. One of the only constant things in your life was Josh. He was your best friend. Your right hand man. And you were his. So this made the thought of any feelings that could have possibly risen for Josh absolutely impossible. Exposing any feelings (which there weren’t any of, mind you) would be awful. You’d loose your friends, your job, and your Josh. Not that he was your Josh per say but he was your best friend.

You’d convince yourself at this point that the butterflies that flooded your stomach when he smiled in your direction or touched you were purely platonic. You told yourself repeatedly that no, you did not find Josh attractive, especially not when he was performing on stage with no shirt and that determined face. And it definitely didn’t make your day when he would text you late at night, asking if you wanted to come to his room and hang out. You had to convince yourself of this. For your friendship and job. Anyways, you highly doubted the feelings (which weren’t there) were mutual. Ever since his breakup with Debby, he hadn’t mentioned girls or being interested in anyone. He was probably enjoying life as a single, handsome, kind guy. Not that you found him attractive. Of course not.

But you couldn’t help to blush as you looked at the photos the tour photographer had sent you of the boys. There was one photo of Josh, a big, goofy grin painted across his face as he sat at his drums, staring into the crowd. He looked so incredibly happy. And he also looked great with no shirt and that goofy grin. But you mean that in a totally platonic way of course. You say there, staring at that once picture for way too long, studying all his features. You have seen him almost everyday for years now but you enjoyed just looking at him. You enjoyed seeing the way his eyes crinkled when he smiled and his jaw line. He was seemingly perfect, even his flaws were perfect to you.

Not Josh.
Not Josh.
Not. Josh.

“Well, well, well, enjoying the view?” Josh popped up next to you, staring at your computer screen before giving you a devilish wink and eyebrow wiggle and laugh. Darn his laugh. It was so cute. In a platonic way of course. You quickly switched to the next photo, which was none the less another photo of Josh. More laughs left his lips as you stared at him with a quizzical grin, hoping your cheeks didn’t look as red as they felt.

“Ha ha. I was just checking the photos that Adam sent me.” You said, sarcasm dripping off your false laughter.

“You never responded to me last night. I had to watch X-Files all alone last night. You are pretty much the worst.” Josh said in a joking tone but as you looked at his face…was that disappointment? No. Don’t be silly.

“Sorry. I fell asleep. I was exhausted last night.” You said, closing your computer with a sigh. Going on tour with the boys was a blessing but it came with a lot of long nights and you felt you got less and less sleep as time went on.

“(Y/N), you okay?” Josh said, genuine concern on his face as he looked up at you, rubbing your arm with his calloused hands. Somehow, that managed to send a shiver up your spine and make you wanna scream. This was ridiculous. Plenty of times before, Josh had rubbed your shoulder or held your hand. God dammit, during your late night tv marathons, you two would cuddle. In a platonic way. “(Y/N)?”

You shook your head, pulling yourself away from your thoughts. “Yeah. I’m fine. Just need to loosen up.”

“Well, how about this? We have a free day tomorrow so what if tonight, after the show, we get some drinks with Jenna and Tyler? Then we can stay in my room and watch whatever show you want.”

You raise your eyebrow, smirking. “Any show? Even watching Friends? Again?”

“Yeah, even Friends. Again.”

You smiled, feeling warm inside. He was always there for you and always there to make things better when you were down. “Well, I guess then.”

“Perfect.” Josh flashed one of his perfect smiles, getting up. “I have to do sound check but I’ll see you later.” He brushed his hand on your shoulder before running on.

Not. Josh.


Every show was electrifying. You are convinced that the boys couldn’t perform a crappy show, and so far they hadn’t proven you wrong. You watched from backstage, like you did every night. But tonight, Josh directed more grins and winks in your direction then he usually did, causing your cheeks to flush and for you to look down at your shoes, praying he didn’t notice.

As the show came to a close, the boys ran off and you congratulated them like you always did. “I heard we are getting some drinks tonight?” Tyler said, wrapping his arms around Jenna, who kissed him on the cheek.

“I’m up for a drink. But first, you need to shower. You smell dreadful.” Jenna said with a giggle, tease fully punching Tyler on the shoulder.

“Yes ma'am.” Tyler said with a wink, walking off.

“I’m gonna get clean, too. I’ll drive you there okay.” Josh said, grabbing your shoulder and you nodded, smiling up at him. “Sounds good to me.” Josh ran off with a wink, leaving you and Jenna alone, with her smirking.

“Well…” she said, giggling a little as eying you.

“Well what?” You said, praying she wouldn’t mention what you expected she would.

“Are you ever, ever gonna tell Josh you like him? Or are you that stubborn?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Jenna laughed and gave you a wink. “Sure you don’t. Just like Josh didn’t know what Tyler was talking about when he mentioned it.” Jenna shook her head and walked off. What the hell did that mean? Josh didn’t know what? What did Tyler say? You stood there in complete and utter shock, trying to digest what Jenna had said.

Was it that obvious? I mean, you had said if you convinced yourself it was simply platonic between you and Josh, everything would be good.

Not. Josh.


The bar was crowded, full of intoxicated bodies and loud music with bright lights. You walked in dreading the evening, but after a drink or two, you felt yourself loosening up. Which is exactly what you needed. You sat with your three friends, sitting next to Josh and across from Jenna and Tyler, who were rambling about something or another. You felt yourself not listening to the story they were telling and staring at Josh, who was laughing and smiling in response. His brown eyes lit up in the bright lights and his yellow hair was pulled back in a SnapBack. A low muscle tank exposed his biceps and you found yourself wishing they were around you.

Not Josh.

You quickly turned away, chugging down a shot of who knows what before Josh looked back at you, laughing. “Take it easy, killer.” He slurred causing you to smile.

Rising from your chair, you looked at Josh, grinning. “Hey, I’m gonna grab a drink. You want anything?”

“Yeah. Why don’t you grab me a beer?” He winked before you walked off, blushing to your annoyance. He really needed to stop winking.

You walked to the crowded bar, looking at a bartender “Two beers please.” You stated, before you found yourself with somebody standing right up against you. You looked at the young man. He wore a button up shirt, pulled up at the sleeves. His brown hair was a mess, but the good kind of mess. He looked at the bartender, stating “Make that three.” before looking at you, smiling. “Hi.”

You looked back at Josh, who was grinning at something Jenna had said. You looked back at the young man before you and smiled before saying “Hi.”

“I’m Alec, and you are?”

“I’m (Y/N).” He reached out his hand and you grabbed it. It felt different from Josh’s hand, Alec’s hands were much softer and unfamiliar.

“So what are you doing ordering two beers?”

“I’m here with a couple friends.”

“A boyfriend?” Alec asked, a grin on his lips and one eyebrow slightly raised.

You chuckle, looking back at your table to see Josh staring at you and Alec, his hand pressed tightly to his glass. The look on his face was unfamiliar, he almost looked angry. You quickly turned away, wiping away any thoughts that ate at your mind. “No, no boyfriend. Just some friends.”

“Well, to be honest, I don’t know how a beautiful girl like you isn’t with someone.” He said, and you found yourself blushing. “So (Y/N), what do you do?”

“Um, marketing, managing, writing. A little bit of this and that.” You responded, pretending not to wonder if Josh was still watching you. “How about you? What do you do, Alec?”

“I’m a programming specialist at a small company. You know, a little bit of this and that.” He responded with a wink and you giggled.

“Here are your drinks ma'am.” replied the bartender as you grabbed two beers.

“I should probably go.” You said, looking back at Alec who smiled.

“At least take this.” He pulled his wallet out and handed you a card, with his name and number and the place where he worked. “You should use the number.”

“I’ll think about it.” You replied with a wink as you walked off, feeling confident up until you reached the table. Josh was staring intently at you as you sat down, handing him his beer.

“Well, who was that, (Y/N)?” Jenna said with a giggle and wink, causing you to blush.

“Just someone.” You nonchalantly said as you saw Josh chugging his beer, avoiding eye contact with everyone.

“Well, that just someone seemed interested. You gonna use that card?” Jenna asked.

“Umm…I don’t know. Maybe.” You jumped in your seat as Josh slammed his class down and quickly got up.

“I gotta go get a drink.” He said before walking off quickly. You looked down at your lap, thinking of the wildest possibility that he was jealous. No.

Not Josh.

The taxi ride back to the hotel was completely dead silent. Jenna and Tyler had decided to go off on their own, leaving you with Josh who was heavily intoxicated and completely silent. No words were spoken until you reached the elevator and said “Josh, what is wrong?”

“Nothing.” He replied coldly, still not looking at you.

“Really? Cause it doesn’t seem like nothing? What is going on?”

“Nothing.” He repeated causing you to look away from him and stare at the door in front of you. Tears pricked your eyes as you went up another floor before you heard Josh click a button and the elevator come to a stop.

“What the hell are you doing?” You hissed, glaring at Josh, who finally looked in your direction. He looked beaten and tired.

“What am I doing? What are you doing? You basically threw yourself at that guy tonight. Are you stupid?” Josh said, throwing his hands up.

“I didn’t throw myself at anyone and I’m not stupid. Is that all you have to say?” You replied, annoyed with your arms crossed. “After not saying a work for almost all night, you just ridicule me?”

“How can you not see what’s been in front of you this whole time? How can you not see how desperately I’ve wanted you? How long I’ve waited for you to finally see that I’ve been right here this whole time. You don’t need some guy in a bar. You have me. I have you. I love you, god dammit! Why can’t you see that?” Josh yelled, staring at you, breathing heavily. His face was red and he looked broken, completely broken. He looked the way you had been feeling for months.

You convinced yourself it was platonic. Nothing more. Nothing less. You convinced yourself it was just friendship as your feelings bubbled and grew. Yet here was your best friend, telling you he loved you. And you found no words to say in the moment.

“I just told you I loved you. I’ve been waiting years to tell you that. The least you can do is say something.” Josh said, pleading with you.

While you wanted to jump in his arms and tell him you loved him for years as well, you convinced yourself this was just drunken words spilling from his mouth. So you just responded with a quite “Okay.” Josh looked away instantly and pressed the elevator button, causing it to start back up and rise to your floor, before the doors opened. You both exited the elevator and instead of walking to his room like you always did, you both walked in separate directions to your own rooms.


You looked at your phone, praying Josh would text you, saying it was a drunken mistake or ask why you weren’t with him or ask what had happened the previous night. But to your avail, no text was sent and you sat in your own bed for hours, alone and wishing you were waking up in Josh’s arms in his room like you usually did on nights like the previous one. But usually, Josh doesn’t confess his love for you and you don’t respond with “okay”. What an idiot you were. You were too busy convincing yourself that in some way it wasn’t Josh and the feelings were mutual, but they had been.

You knew what you needed to do but putting a plan to action was much harder than it sounded. So, you reluctantly marched to Josh’s room, forcing yourself to knock on the door, half hoping he wouldn’t. But the door opened, and a tired, broken Josh stared back at you. His face turned from sadness to anger and you saw his eyes were red and he was wearing his same clothes from last night. “I’m busy.” He curtly responded before going to close the door.

“Is everything you said last night true?” You quickly spilled out, staring at the floor, too scared of the response, regardless of which one it was.

“Umm..listen, we can ignore what happened. I would rather do that then-”

“Is it? Please just respond with yes or no.” You looked up at Josh, this time pleading.

Josh looked at feet, before letting out a quite, “Yes. I love you.”

Your heart swelled with joy and you beat yourself up for hurting the boy standing before you. “Josh-”

“Listen, I understand. I don’t need pity or anything. I just wanna-”

“Josh, I love you too.” You said it without even thinking and he looked back up at you, a small smirk playing on his lips.


“I love you. So much. You are my best friend but I love you more than that. I just wanna be with you. And I’m sorry I said okay but I just didn’t want it to be a drunken mistake or anything-”

Your rambling was cut off by his soft lips meeting yours, something you had reluctantly thought about for years, never realizing it would come to fruition. He slowly wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling yourself closer to him as your bodies pressed together. You wrapped your arms around him, never wanting the moment to end as his lips danced against yours, feeling all the love you too had hidden from each other for so long. He pulled away, looking at you before grinning. “(Y/N), will you be my girlfriend?”

You smiled, grinning at the boy as you finally said what you wanted to say.

“Yes Josh.”

Smile Always

Summary: The reader is going to a meet up to see Mark, Ethan, and Tyler. 

Word Count: 660

Pairing: Tyler Scheid x Reader

Originally posted by markiprince

My nerves were really getting to me. The sight of the three men were exciting yet it was also enough to make me want to throw up on the sidewalk. I stared ahead at them as they stood in the park, fans crowded around them in anticipation. My friend lightly pushed me forward and I clenched my jaw. It was taking every thing I had in me to keep my cool because all I wanted to do was cry and maybe even scream a little. I could feel my chest getting heavy as I walked closer to where Ethan and Mark were getting some fans lined up in a conga line as Tyler filmed them.

I gripped my right wrist briefly, trying to find something to calm my nerves, but the action only caused me to flinch. The dark ink on my skin was still fresh and scarred. “Smile Always” was permanently etched into my arm and although it still hurt, seeing it made me feel a little better. 

It was when my friend snapped her fingers in front of my face that I realized that I had stopped walking. My eyes were still glued in front of me but I could feel my breath coming in short gasps and something warm dripped down my cheek. I brought my hand up and wiped it off, only for more to fall. 

Suddenly someone took my shoulders and pulled me into their chest as I began to sob, soaking their shirt. They rubbed my back and they were joined my more hands but all I could do was cling to the stranger for dear life. This went on until I could finally breath normally and my eyes were red and puffy. I pulled my head up and gasped when I saw that the people holding me were the same people who had unknowingly supported me through the most difficult times of my life. 

Tyler, who was the one that was hugging me from the front, said something but I was still in too much shock to say anything. I could feel more tears breaking through but as Tyler put his hands on each side of my face, the weight on my chest got a lot lighter. 

“Are you okay?”

It must have been weird for some random person to just show up to their meet up and start crying like their dog had died. My cheeks heated up and I nodded. 

“Yeah! Um, sorry…sorry. I just-” I could feel my bottom lip start to quiver and Tyler brought me into his arms once again. Mark and Ethan moved behind Tyler so that I could see them and the sight of them made me lose my shit all over again.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. Everything’s alright. We love you so much.”

“Oh god I love you too. So much you have no idea. You guys have helped me so much. I went through so much shit in the past couple months and watching you three be idiots helped me to stay grounded. I love you guys so much I can never thank you enough, I just-I just-thank you.”

At the end of my confession I started crying all over again. After a few more seconds, Tyler grabbed my wrist and brought it up so he could read it. A wide smile covered his face and he pressed his lips to the tattoo and then wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pressing a small kiss to the top of my head as well.

“That’s good advice, whoever said that must be a genius.”

At first I was confused but when I realized what he was talking about, laughter bubbled out of my chest. Well, more like half laughter/ half sob. I was still sniffling but the smile on Tyler’s face made it impossible for me not to smile, that and the fact that I was surrounded my my three favorite people.  


I'm Sorry I Failed You- Josh Dun

Request- Hello! I love your writing:) can u do a josh imagine? Maybe we’re your Tyler’s sister and while there on tour you get jumped walking to your and joshs’ appartmemt and they find out and there all worried? Thanks have a great day/night!

Y/N’s P.O.V. 

 Only a mile and a half from your apartment and your car decided to break down. You typically would have called your boyfriend Josh but he was on tour with your brother Tyler. You got out of work late that day and the walk to your apartment isn’t always the safest late at night. You and Josh lived together in L.A. by a bunch of bars and on Saturday nights the sidewalks were filled with drunk horny men.

You grabbed your purse from your car and threw your phone in. You set out on your walk home enjoying the warm night. You wanted to call Josh but you couldn’t because he and Tyler were in the middle of a show. So to say the least this walk was going to be boring.

You were about a mile from your house now when you felt like you were being followed. You looked over your shoulder to see a 3 tall men stumbling behind you. You felt them walking faster behind you so you decided to quicken your pace and turn down the next street even though it wasn’t in the right direction of your house. You could hear your heart pounding from being scared.

When you finally thought you lost them you slowed down and took out your phone quickly to call someone, anyone really so they can distract you while you find your way back home. You dialed Jenna’s number knowing she was basically your best friend and she would keep your mind off of the slightly terrifying walk. The phone rang twice before the familiar voice came through the other end.

“Hey Y/N what’s up.”

“Oh nothing. My car broke down so I have to walk home and I wanted to talk to someone to distract me for a bit. so, how’s tour going?”

“Oh okay. Tours going great, we all wish you were here. Especially Josh.” she said.

You were about to respond when you heard loud footsteps behind you. You turned around and saw the same 3 men running towards you.

“Y/N are you okay?” Jenna asked, she must have been suspicious of your long break in the conversation.

“Um, no there are like 3 people chas-” and before you could finish you were pushed to the ground and you phone flew from your hands out of reach. You could her Jenna yelling you name but you could respond due to someone kicking your ribs. The biggest man ripped your purse off of your shoulder and put it to the side while another man  sat on your back holding your face to the pavement. You were screaming but nobody heard you.

“Stop, please. Get off me.” you begged and the one kicking you stopped and the one on top of you stood. You turned over and looked at the 3 men looking down at you.

“Don’t tell me what the fuck to do.” the biggest man said and he punch you straight on the face. You could have sworn your nose broke.

The smallest man who was kicking you earlier knelt down next to you and started petting your hair. You could smell the alcohol on his breath as he spoke.

“What should we do to this one guys?” he asks as he moved close to your neck. Your fear paralyze you and could scream. He start pulling up your shirt and tears rolled down your cheeks as they pulled you up and put you against the wall.

“Stop fucking crying or we’ll beat the fuck out of you.” the medium sized man said. You knew you weren’t getting out of this. You couldn’t control your tears and you were quickly pushed back to the ground. You felt the skin on your palms and knees scrape against the hard ground and your arms couldn’t hold you from the pain. You fell and hit you head and the last thing you remember is seeing the 3 men running off.

You woke up to the sound of your phone busy on the pavement.  You phone was lighting up with Jenna’s face calling you. You reached as far as you could reach and pulled it to you.

It hurt so bad, even to simply swipe your finger across the screen to answer the call.

“Y/N. I’ve been calling you for the past 5 minutes are you okay? Where are you?” she asked frantically.

You could really talk due to your ribs being in so much pain. “Jenna I’m fine, just don’t panic. I’m walking home now.” you voice cracked a few times and she knew you weren’t okay.

“Y/N what happened? I know you’re not okay. I heard those guys, I stayed on the phone the whole time. Talk to me.” you wanted to talk but you didn’t want to Josh or Tyler to found out. They were both really overprotective of you.

“Y/N say something or I’m going to tell Tyler. I don’t care if they’re in the middle of a show or not. I’ll go and right on stage and interrupt the whole thing to tell them.” she threatened.

“Okay, fine. Please don’t say anything to them.” you started to stand  and you had to use the wall for support. “These 3 drunk guys just beat the shit out of me.”

“Oh my god. Y/N how hurt are you?”

“Well my feels like it’s broken and it’s bleeding. My ribs hurt and so does my head. Look I’m only 2 blocks from my apartment. I’ll walk there and tell you more. I just need to sit down, I feel really dizzy.” you said stumbling, trying to walk but you were really dizzy and nauseous.

“Y/N tell me where you are, I’m calling you and ambulance you don’t sound okay.”

“Only if you don’t tell Tyler and Josh, I’ll be fine. I just need to get some help and I’ll tell them when I’m ready, Please.” you begged.

“I won’t. Now tell me where you are.”

“On the corner of Daniel ave and 5th ave.” you said sitting down against the wall. Your legs were beginning to weaken and you could feel you eyes starting to close.

“Y/N stay with me. I have an ambulance on it’s way there now.”

“Okay” you mumbled and you blacked out again.

Jenna’s P.O.V.

I had heard the whole thing happen and I know she didn’t want me to tell anyone, but I was married to her brother and he needed to know. Not to mention her boyfriend Josh needs to know. I promised I wouldn’t tell them in order to get her location out of her. I called her the ambulance because I could hear her drifting off in the conversation.

I gave the hospital my number so they would call me when she got there.

When they called me to tell me they found her passed out on the sidewalk I knew I had to tell Josh and Tyler. They needed to know even if that meant they would end the concert early.

I tried getting Tyler’s attention from the side and he stopped sing, looking at me with concern because I never bugged him during a show. Josh stopped playing and came over to where Tyler was.

“Dude are you okay?” he asked Tyler as I approached them.

“Yeah Jenna looked like she really needed to tell me something and I felt like something was wrong. What’s going on? Is Y/N okay?” he turned his attention to me and everyone in the arena was completely silent.

“No. um Y/N she’s hurt. Like really badly. She’s in the hospital. I think you need to end this and we can talk.” with that Tyler pulled the microphone to his lips and Josh ran off with me asking me all sorts of questions about Y/N.

“Okay, I’m very sorry this has to be this way, but we have to end the show early.” Tyler said and the crowd was filled with disappointment. “My sister, Josh’s girlfriend is hurt and we really need to get to her. Goodnight and stay alive all. Thank you for those who are understanding.” he ran off stage and found Josh and I.

“What happened, is she okay? Where is she?” Tyler asked all the same questions Josh had asked.

“We’ll explain later, i just booked us an immediate flight to L.A. I think we should get to her.” Josh said with tears threatening to come from his eyes.

“She’ll be okay Josh, she just needs us there.” Tyler said not knowing anything.

At the airport Jenna told her side of the story to Tyler and Josh.

Before getting on the plane Tyler was really worried about you and he texted your family to tell them what happened. Josh couldn’t keep still. When ever he was nervous he would bounce his leg and that’s what he did the whole plane ride and car ride to the hospital.

Josh’s P.O.V.

As soon as we got to the hospital I basically ran to the front desk.

“Hi sir, how may I help you?”

“My girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N, she was brought here about 5 hours ago. I need to see her. Is she okay?”

“Her file says she’s not awake right now, I’m going to get her doctor and you can go back to see her with him.” the woman said and then she left. I stood there and Tyler and Jenna came up to me.

“What’s going on?” Tyler asked and the doctor approached.

“Hi, which one of you is the boyfriend?” he asked.

“I am. Can I go see her?” I said quickly.

“Yes, but please know that it looks worse then it is.” he said leading us back to her room.

When I entered the room I saw Y/N just laying there asleep. Her hands had scraps all of them. Her arms had all sorts of bruises along with her face. She had blood stained on her upper lip and her head was wrapped in white bandages.

I went over and sat next to her holding her hand.

“So is she okay?” Tyler asked the doctor.

“She lost quite a bit of blood from hitting her head. She has 3 fractured ribs and she has a lot of bruising and scrapes. She will be okay, but we want to monitor her to make sure she doesn’t pass out again. She needs rest and pain medicine and she’ll be all good to go in a few weeks when those ribs heal.” he said.

The doctor left after a few more questions and I saw that Y/N was starting to wake up.

“J-Josh?” she questioned. Her voice was quiet and raspy.

“I”m right here baby.” I said kissing her on the hand.

“How you feeling kid?” Tyler asked walking over and rubbing a non-bruised part of your arm.

“Um, it hurts but I’m fine. Why are you here though? Did I mess up your show?”

“No Y/N you didn’t mess up anything. We’re here because we love you. You’re my sister and I would do anything for you.” Tyler said.

“Babe you didn’t mess anything up. You’re more important than a show. Everyone will understand.” Josh said.

“Hey guys, I just got off the phone from the police. They found one of the guys that hurt Y/N and arrested him. Then he turned in the other guys. They’re all in custody.” Jenna said entering the room.  

“Good, I was about to beat every drunk guy in L.A. for hurting my sister.” Tyler said and it made you laugh. When laughing it felt like your whole body was broken. you flinched slightly at the pain and it drew everyone’s attention to you.

“You okay Y/N?” Jenna asked.

“Yeah, I’m just in a lot of pain and tired.”

“I think it’s time we leave so you can sleep. I don’t think I’m gonna convince josh to leave your side though. We have a hotel across the street. Call me if you need anything.” Jenna said and Tyler and her said their goodbyes.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Once they left Josh sat a little closer to you pressing a kiss to your cheek.

“I’m sorry I failed you Y/N. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you.” Josh said and you could hear the tears in his eyes.

“Josh look at me.” you said “you didn’t fail me. You’re always there for me. Nobody could have stop this. I’m okay.” he looked into your eyes and smiled.

“I’m glad you’re okay. I love you so much. I want you to rest and get better, okay?” he said getting up from where he was kneeling beside you.

“Wait don’t leave. I haven’t seen you in 3 weeks and I want to keep you close.”

“Well I don’t want you to have to move. I’ll be right over here on the couch.” he said and as he went to pull his hand away from you you tugged on his hand making him look at you.

You moved (painfully, but didn’t let it show)  in the bed so there was enough room for Josh to lay with you.

He smiled at you and laid next to you and held your hand kissing your head.

“I love you Y/N, so much.” Josh said as you start drifting off to sleep.

“I love you too. Thanks for be so amazing.” you said drowsily and then sleep took over the both of you.


Pairing: Tyler/ Reader/ Jenna// Warnings: Smuts, Threesome, GirlxGirl, And the reader is the top with Jenna at a time// Rating: Mature// A/N: Yes! This does include Jenna! If you don’t like it, I’ll have another Josh one out soon. Don’t worry. But I’m a bisexual female and Tyler and Jenna are hot as fuck. Leave me be.

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“Just tell me who it is” Jenna says, pushing your arm lightly. For about the past half hour the two of you had been just messing around on Instagram live, and someone asked who your crush was. Your response was “I don’t have any major crushes, but I have someone in mind” or something along those lines. “Jenna, it really doesn’t matter. I can’t have them.” You say, shrugging and tucking your legs underneath yourself. “If you can’t have them, then there’s no harm in telling me” she says. “You’re right. It’s you, Jenna. I am truly, madly, deeply, crazily in love with you” you joke, looking up at her adoringly. She looks back down at you and smiles. “Yeah we all know that one” she jokes, leaning her head on your shoulders.. Truth was, before her and Tyler had gotten married or even met, you two weren’t shy on experimenting. Well, you knew you also liked women, so it was more of her experimenting. Everything fell through when Tyler came. He had her hooked, and you couldn’t be happier for her. It seemed Jenna was meant to find him, so it didn’t even phase you to back off. Though, as far as you knew, Tyler didn’t know about this. As for your secret crush, it was Tyler. It made you feel awful to have feelings for him, even if it wasn’t a major crush. She opens her eyes wider and looks up at you, doing the puppy dog face. “You’re rediculous” You say. You lean down slightly and whisper Tyler’s name. She nods her head, and her face was unreadable. “But, it’s not a big deal or anything. It’s not a major crush. And as we’ve established, they’re unavailable” you say, just in case. Jenna laughs, and you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. “It’s fine. I’m not mad” she says, making sure the audience can’t hear. “Maybe he’s not as unavailable as you think” Before you can respond to her, she turns the phone back and begins answering questions. “A lot of people want us to kiss. Let’s just give the people what they want” Jenna says. You couldn’t even tell if she was serious or not, but you caught a glimpse of her phone, and saw Tyler had joined the audience, and was watching. “Your husband is here” you say, looking at her. She smiles and shrugs, leaning in to kiss you anyway. Her lips were soft against yours, exactly how you had remembered them to be. The kiss was nearly a make out, just without tongue. As soon as it started, it was over. The two of you stare at each other for a moment, before turning and laughing. “Oh, Tyler, I’m here to steal your girl” You say into the camera. The two of you continue on the stream, with Jenna consistently checking her phone. “What, are we not interesting enough for you?” You ask. She looks up and smiles. “It’s Ty, just arranging some things” she says, with a wink you were sure you had imagined. “He wants us to come over” she says. “Okay, is there a reason?” You ask. “Not really, or, none that you guys need to hear” She says dramatically, pointing at the phone. She ends the stream after your goodbyes and you gather your things, heading to the car and driving to Jenna and Tyler’s shared house. You guys didn’t really talk on the drive, but you did blast music and obnoxiously sing, per usual. You finally pull into the driveway, getting out and walking in behind Jenna. “Ah, you’re home” Tyler says, standing from the couch and waking to Jenna, kissing her softly. “Okay, I’ll just..” you say, waking to the couch and sitting. “Does she not know?” Tyler asks. That caught your attention. “Know what?” You ask, looking between the two suspiciously. “Jenna told me you like me” He says, bluntly. You practically choked on nothing, earning a low chuckle from him. You quickly stand up. “Jenna, what the fuck?” You say, heading to the door. They protest behind you, both speaking frantically. You open the door and are faced with Josh, fist in the air as he was about to knock. “Great timing” he said, letting himself in. You didn’t want to make a scene, so you waited for Josh to walk a little further away, before motioning for Jenna to say something. “Tyler knows everything. How we messed around and everything before I met him, you’re bi, you like him, all of it” she says. You run your hands through your hair, feeling even more stressed. “And I’m okay with everything. More than okay, actually” he says, a faint smile on his lips as he takes a step closer to you. You clear your throat and look past him, towards Josh who was in the kitchen. Tyler sighs and turns quick in his heels. He walked over to the boy and started talking, but they were too far away for you to understand what they were saying. Jenna looks down at you, eyes lingering. “Me and Tyler were talking during the stream, and nothing has to happen if you’re uncomfortable” she says. “What is even happening?” You ask. “If you want me to be blunt, we were offering a three way. Considering you like Tyler, Tyler thinks you’re hot, me and you have our history. It just makes sense” she says. You look around the room, trying to just think for a moment. You take a deep breath and slip past her, heading up the stairs to their room. “You coming?” You ask. She smiles and follows you to the room. The tension in the dimly lit room could’ve been cut with a knife. You knew once this happened, none of your relationships would go back to the way it was. Either way, Jenna grabbed a hold of your face, colliding your lips together. You wrap your arms around her waist, pulling her closer to you. She slowly and gently pushes you towards the bed, breaking away only so the both of you could get on the bed comfortably. She begins to kiss you again, but you quickly flip so that you were now settled on top of her, straddling her waist. The kissing resumes, with you pulling off her shirt and yours. Jenna smirks and sits up with you still on her lap. She grabs a hold of your butt rather roughly, and you unclasp your bra, throwing it to the ground. You also undo hers, before pushing your fingers through her hair and pulling her face closer to yours. It was getting hot and heavy, almost like you two were just going to start and finish without Tyler. Of course, the door swings open to see a rather angry, yet visibly horny Ty. “You really had to start without me?” He asks, walking over to the bed. You almost move off of Jenna, not exactly knowing where you should be. “Just stay there” Tyler says, getting on his knees on the bed behind you. He pushes your hair out of the way, latching his mouth onto your neck. You lean your head to give him more access, while Jenna helps you out of your pants and underwear. In one quick motion, you’re on your back on the bed and Jenna is lowering herself between your legs, while Tyler is stripping behind her. Without warning, she thrusts two of her long fingers inside of you, curling and twisting to hit you in certain spots. You listened to the way Tyler was talking to Jenna, and it was driving you crazy. You looked at Jenna and saw her body jerking, meaning Tyler was fucking her. Jenna grabs on of your thighs and wraps it over her shoulder, leaning down to lick stripes along your clit while continuing to finger you. Tyler grabs on to your leg, pulling you forward so Jenna could get deeper, but also so he could use you as leverage to get deeper in her. Jenna begins to hum against you, the vibrations causing you to moan out. Everyone at that point was moaning intensely. Jenna starts licking in figure eights, and you wrap your fingers into her hair, pulling a bit to get her to moan and hum more. Not long after that, she’s pumping faster, licking harder, and you finally spill, Jenna quick to clean up everything that came out. You sit up on your knees and look at Tyler as he’s still pumping in her. You take Jenna’s face in your hand, and tilt it upwards to kiss her. When she reaches her own end, her moans are swallowed up by your kids, and you pull away, smiling triumphantly​. Tyler still wasn’t done, but he pulled out of Jenna. “Time to switch places” he says. Jenna moves to where you had been been laying and Tyler grabs your hips, pulling you towards him. Your naked body is pressed against his, his breath hitting you. You turn your head and look at Jenna, and she nods, indicating it was okay. Tyler grabs your head and turns it back to him. “Tonight, you’re ours. Everything goes” he says. He leans in and kisses you softly, making sure you were still comfortable. When you make it clear you are, he makes the kiss more passionate, reaching around and slapping your backside. You moan out and pull away. “God Ty, just fuck me already” You say. He chuckles and flips you onto all fours, and you see Jenna had started to rub herself while she watches you both. You move her hands out of the way and thrust your own two fingers into her, smiling when her back arches. Tyler rests his hands on your hips, quickly burying himself deep inside of you. He thrusts in and out, every time he pushed himself in, he rolled his hips. You take after Jenna and lean down, licking and sucking on her clit. She grabbed a hold of your hair, pulling every time you began to suck on her. You curl your fingers into her, making sure to do so every time you pumped in. Tyler’s grip on your hips tightens, only moving one to bring back down and slap your ass hard. You hum from his actions, and smirk when you feel Jenna written underneath you. Tyler’s penis was large, length and size. It was stretching you more than you had ever been before. His thrusts were hard and fast, and were getting sloppier after a while. After one final pump, Jenna reaches her second orgasm, and you’re quick to clean it all up. Tyler digs his fingers into you, thrusting even harder and faster, so you use your now free hand to rub at your clit. He pushes away your hand and does it for you. A few moments later, you reach your own end, moaning and laying your head down on the sheets. You hear Tyler ask Jenna something, and hear the words ‘birth control’ and you realize he was asking where to finish. With this information, he finishes inside of you, continuing to thrust until he was all out. He pulls out and the three of you lay on the bed, listening to each other breathe. “We should do that more often” Tyler says, causing you and Jenna to laugh.

It was an ordinary day in the office. Mark and Amy were discussing about projects that were coming up Kathryn and Ethan were busy editing while Tyler was focusing on his own thing while they worked.

It was an ordinary day until it wasn’t.

Mark loomed over Ethan’s shoulder as he edited, watching his progress like a hawk.”Ooh, are you sure you want to zoom in that close to my face?”

Ethan heard Mark’s comment and sighed, annoyed by his presence.

“Yeah. I do.” Ethan said before Mark made a disapproving noise and Ethan sighed once more. He fixed the ‘problem’ and left Mark with a little smile. Tyler tried to ignore Mark’s presence as he sat down next to him and whispered, “How soon do you think I can make Ethan lose his shit?”

“I could care less, Mark.” Tyler replied. The other man nodded to himself and stood up to go antagonize the blue-haired boy. 

After a minute or so, Mark began firing multiple questions at Ethan about his work. What he was doing, what he planned to do, if that’s the right option, where to go from there, etc. It was starting to annoy Tyler and upset Ethan.

“You see, if I was doing it, I would add this to the-”

“Okay but you’re not the one editing, are you?” Ethan snapped, frustrated with Mark’s advice.

“No, i’m not! Because if I was, I’d be doing a better job than you!” Mark replied. Tyler was getting tired of Mark’s attitude and he stood up from where he sat and walked over to them. “I don’t think that’s fair.” Tyler said, joining the conversation.

“You can’t edit, Tyler, don’t get involved”

“Just leave Ethan alone, alright?” 

Ethan stood up from his chair and pushed Mark away who began to chuckle, “okay okay, sorry, I was just trying to piss you off. You’re doing a great job.” 

“It wasn’t very funny, Mark. You’re the only one laughing.” Tyler replied as he puffed his chest and looked down at Mark. Kathryn and Amy were pretending not to listen but heard every word, suddenly intrigued by the argument.

“Tyler, c’mon, you know I was joking. Don’t get so defensive about it.” mark replied as he let out a chuckle, “jesus, the way you protect Ethan. It’s like you like him or something.” he teased.

“What if I do?” Tyler bit out without even thinking. Ethan look at Tyler in surprise and a blush began to rise in his neck.

“What?” Mark asked. “What if I do? What’s it to you?” Tyler snapped. With that, Tyler wrapped his arm around Ethan’s waist and in one quick motion, he spun him around and leaned down to place a soft kiss to Ethan’s lips. 

Ethan, taken by surprise, was staring wide-eyed before he closed his eyes and relished in the moment. Mark was staring at them in surprise while Kathryn slipped Amy five dollars as they gawked at the two. When they pulled apart, Ethan’s face was a bright red and Tyler looked back at Mark defensively.

“Got a problem?” He asked. Mark shook his head, unable to make out any words. He threw his arms up in defeat and walked back over to Amy who was totally not shadily throwing out ideas on Twitter. 

Ethan looked up at the taller man who had a smirk on his face.

“D-do you wanna… do that again?” Ethan asked. Tyler looked down at him in surprise before smiling and lifting Ethan up to kiss him again.

“Jesus christ, took you two long enough” Kathryn mumbled as Chica barked excitedly.

Ethan smiled into the kiss and didn’t want Tyler to let him go.

electric feel

Title:  Electric Feel
Pairing: Josh Dun/OFC (unnamed)
Rating: Mature
Warning: Just smut, with a pinch of dirty talk (who am I kidding, there’s a lot of dirty talk, yall know me).
A/N: This was a request by @beaniebabycreature. This turned out way longer than I intended it to be, because I’m an asshole with backstory; this one is like 4.7k, so enjoy this. I’ve got a Jai Courtney story I’m almost done with, and I’m taking requests for Josh or Tyler stories. Send ‘em in!

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Amsterdam 4.0

Prompted by “Amsterdam by Gregory Alan Isakov”.   You live with Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, and Pete Dunne, nothing can go wrong there right?  Recently tensions have been running high. (Note: To access the other Amsterdam’s you have to click on “Source: bombomiver”) I do not give permission for anyone to repost these onto other sites.

Part One, Part two, Part three 

This chapter involves: Tyler x Reader x Trent

Word Count: 1,488

Warnings: Threesome, club dancing (?), unprotected sex

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @fandomfreak202 @nickysmum1909 @welshwitch5 @ilovesamizaynn @bbmbabe @laigy2213 @littledeadrottinghood @shadow-of-wonder @iceninekiller-blog-blog @shieldgirl95 @laochbaineann @bettergetusedtoit @vexingfelon @bolieve-that @rollinsdar @wrestlingnoob

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It had been a couple of weeks since you and Pete had hooked up, you had to admit that you were feeling guilty for sleeping with all three of your room mates.  However, they never seemed to bring it up, and you didn’t want to add extra tension, so you never mentioned it.  You started to be careful on who you were sharing a bed with, often you would just sleep in the same bed as one of the guys instead of having sex, you were glad that they never questioned it and respected your choice.

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Mate - Scott x Reader

Prompt: You’re Scott’s mate and he’s scared to tell you. This is smoll

Pairing: Reader x Scott

Warning: None

Scott had called you to his house for some reason and he seemed stressed over the phone. Your used to his door and knocked. He opened it with a weird look on his face.
“Um, you okay Scott?” You asked. He looked at you then opened the door wider for you to walk in. You walked in and sat on the couch and expected him to do the same. But he just started pacing in front of you. You raised you eyebrows waiting for him to talk. He stopped once and opened his mouth it shook his head and went back to pacing. Than again and again.

Finally you yelled, “SCOTT!”


He yelled back. You blinked once than twice. Your mouth hung open.

“I-I mean-wha-? How?” You asked. “I don’t know but I asked Derek and he told me all my symptoms were because I met my mate.” He said.

“What symptoms?”

“I can’t stay away from you for too long, I can feel any pain you feel pain, every time I’m losing control I think about you and I’m okay again.” He looked at you as if he was studying you. You looked at the floor and thought about this. Were you okay with this? You were actually in love with Scott, you had been since you were 12. He made everything perfect but this was different. I mean being a mate, you heard, means literally being soulmates. As you thought about this a smile grew on your face.

“Yeah, I’m okay with this.” You said aloud. You ran up from the couch and kissed him. Scott looked like a little boy who won a prize.

And you were his prize.

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Boyfriend Tag - Tyler Seguin

Requested: Yes

@champagne-for-the-painn :Hey, can you do a tyler seguin one where the girl is a famous youtuber and her and tyler do a video together? Thanks

Word Count: 2,316 (got carried away)

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Your fans knew that you were dating the infamous hockey player, Tyler Seguin because he was in the background of some of your YouTube videos, accidentally of course and the both of you have posted pictures on Instagram. To say that they were shocked is an understatement, you’ve expressed your hatred for fuckboys in past videos. So they just couldn’t grasp the thought of you two together and to be honest you didn’t either.

When you first met Ty, you wanted nothing to do with him. You didn’t want to be another girl that got tangled in his sheets. But somehow he convinced you to give him a chance and so far you haven’t regretted it. Tyler has shown you a different side of the “player” everyone pins him to be. Sure he could get a girl naked in three seconds but he has so much love for his family and you wouldn’t have guessed but he’s very insecure that you’ll find someone else.

You wanted your fans to see what you saw in Tyler. A goofy guy that always seems to put a smile of your face. So when your fans wanted you two to do a video together. He didn’t object to doing it. And that’s how the both of you ended up at the foot of your bed with a camera ready to go.


“Hey, guys.” You smiled at the camera as you did a wave. “It’s Y/n and I’m here with a very special guest, Tyler Seguin.” You turned to your right to look at the hockey player besides you. “Say hey, Ty.”

“Hi.” The brunette replied then awkwardly smiled causing you to laugh, then he followed right after. “What?” He smiled.

Hi.“ You mimicked his facial expression and laughed some more.

“Geez, act professional, Y/n.” As Tyler said this, you leaned your head on his shoulder and calmed down.

“Okay.” You breathe out. “I’m back.” One last laugh escaped from your lips. “This week I’m doing the boyfriend tag. If you haven’t noticed by this dude’s presence.” You pointed at Tyler with both of your thumbs.

“How do you do that exactly?” Your boyfriend questioned as he looked at the camera then back to you. “I mean, am I being ask questions?”

“I mean, yeah.” You shrugged while typing in your phones password. “It’s a series of them that deal with with our relationship.” You lifted up your legs from the floor to be in the criss cross position.

“Oh”, nodding his head he put a hand on your thigh.

“Okay, first question.” Tyler crossed his arms over his chest. “When did we meet and where?” You looked at the camera then to him. “I know this answer.”

“So do I.” He smiled while letting out a groan. “This sounds so bad but,” Tyler laughed out. “We met at a local club in Dallas.” You nodded your head in agreement. “I want to saw seven and a half months ago.”

“Eight.” You corrected. “Eight and a half because it took me a month to agree to go on a date with you.”

“That’s right.” He smiled. “First time, I’ve had a girl turn me down.” This made you roll your eyes. “But I’m glad you turned me down.” His arms wrapped around your waist. “It made me want you even more.” You still didn’t look at him trying to hold back the smile on your face. “Normally, I would’ve sealed the deal in the first night. I would be done with them but with you, I loved the chase more.” He grabbed your chin and turned your head to face him. His lips pressed against yours for a small peck.

You looked back down at your phone. “Where was our first kiss?” This made Tyler smirk.

“Lips or other places?” A gasp escaped from your lips as you shoved him off of your body. “I’m joking.”

“I’m sure.” You laughed but couldn’t control the smile beaming from your face.

Tyler straighten his posture as he looked at the camera. “Our first kiss was during our third date.” Then he made a made. “Yes, you heard me right, third date.” He held up three fingers. A laugh was coming out your mouth as he made the next comment. “She made me wait for a lot of things.” That was the truth about so much.

“I wanted to make sure you weren’t going get what you wanted then leave. I wasn’t just going to open up for a player.” This caused Tyler to gaped.

“I was not a player.” He put a hand over his chess.

You raised one eyebrow. “Yeah, okay.” You moved on. “Who said, ‘I love you’ first?”

“Me.” Tyler said without a second beat. “But she didn’t believe me.”

The room was lit up with your laughter. “That’s so true.” You leaned into him. “I truly thought he was the joking.”

“But I wasn’t.” His hands rested on your hips so he could move you onto his lap. He kissed your cheek and you continued.

“When is my birthday?”

“Easy question y/b/d.”

You nodded your head. “This is a good one. Where does my family come from?”

“The outskirts of Austin.” He wiggles his eyebrows as he looked at the camera.

“You do listen.” You exclaimed while patting his chest. He smiled proudly as he tighten his grip around your waist. “Okay, answer this carefully.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound good.” You laughed a little.

“What is the one thing you wish I didn’t do?” You looked down right as he pressed a kiss to your bare shoulder. (You were wearing a tank top)

His thinking face was full on display. “I wish,” Ty paused. “I wish you didn’t worry so much.” You nodded your head. “You tend to let your anxiety take over.”

“That’s true.” You said to the camera. “I do, do that, but I can’t help it. It’s my anxiety.” You shrugged then opened your mouth to ask another question but Tyler interrupted.

“I’m not saying that I hate it.” He stated while running your back. “Because I like it when you have a little episode and I’m the only one who can calm you down. It makes me feel special.” His words got quiet at the end and you couldn’t help but aw.

You turned to the camera. “Excuse us for a moment.” You turned back to your boyfriend and cupped the side of his face so your thumbs were stroking his earlobes. Without hesitation you pressed your lips to his which caused Tyler to lose his balance, resulting with him to land on his back and you straddling him. You giggled against his lips as his hands went stopped just above your butt.

~Video skip~

You both were siting in your original seats like at the beginning of the recording. “Where was our first date?” You both stopped to think. “I have two possible answers.”

“Yeah, so do I.” His right hand rubbed at his stubble.

“You go first.”

“I’d have to say when we went ice skating.” You smiled at his answer thinking back to it. “Because that was the first time you agreed to go out with me.”

“Yeah,” you continued to smile. “That’s what I was thinking or that café.”

“But that wasn’t a date. I just figured out that you’d be there and I showed up and we had a cup of coffee together.”

“That’s fair.” You scrolled down on your phone. “What do you think is my favorite thing about you? And if you get this wrong you might as well leave.” You said jokingly of course.

“Easy.” He made an ‘a got this face.’ “My tattoos.”

“Eh.” You shrugged.

“What!” He laughed. “You always talk about them and whenever we’re cuddling you run you’re fingers up and down my arms.”

“I do but you know that’s not my favorite.”

His eyes squinted. “Then what?” You smiled at the camera before jumping off the bed and walked over to the door. Once you opened it, two furry creatures bursted through. One immediately jumped on your bed while the other sat at the end of the bed. Tyler started to laugh. “You got to be kidding me.”

You cooed at the doggies and made your way back to the bed letting one of them lick your face. “Guys this is Cash.” You patted the black lab who was behind you licking your ear. You pushed him away with a laugh then bent down to kiss the brown labs head. “And this is Marshall.” He returned the favor by licking your chin. “And this is my favorite thing about Ty. His choice in doggies.”

Your boyfriend motion Marshall over so he would sit in between his legs and Cash laid down behind the two of you. “I can see that.”

“But I do like your tattoos.” You paused to change the tone in your voice to sound like a girly girl. “They’re like really hot. I just melt every time I see them.”

“Oh really,” a smug look appeared on his face.

“Totally.” You said in hat same voice. He smiled before pressing his lips to yours.

~Video skip~

“What food don’t I like?” You let Marshall jump on the bed and rest on your lap.

“Tomatoes, which is weird because you can eat ketchup straight out of the bottle.”

“I can.” You dropped your head acting as if you were ashamed. “If I would go to a restaurant would drink so I order everything time.”

“Sweet tea.” He spoke with confidence. “Your obsessed with it.”

“I am.” You smiled then looked back at your phone.

“This should get interesting.” You smirked. “What’s my favorite sports teams? There’s like four.”

“Yes, I know.” He nodded before leaning back to think. “Dallas Stars,” you lifted up one finger. “Ugh, Anaheim Ducks,” you made a face that he didn’t see. “New Jersey Devils.” You snickered. “And, uh, Tampa Bay.”

“What the fuck, no.” You laughed.

Ty came back up. “Then who?”

“Dallas Stars, Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Toronto Maple Leafs.” He made a face.

“You’ve never mentioned any of them.”

“I have so.” You squealed. “Come on, I always talk about Sidney Crosby. And I’ve mentioned Draisaitl and Nylander before because you got jealous.”

“Nah, you’ve never said anything.”

You looked at him funny. “Please, even Cash would’ve gotten it right.” You both turned to the sleeping dog. “Anyway, changing topic.

“Who is my best friend?” You turned to him. “If you don’t get this. She’s going to kill you.”



“Good, because I know that the both of you would’ve hurt me.” You looked at the camera and smirked.

“Who’s my favorite hockey player and I’ll make it easy on you. You have to choose from the Dallas Stars.”

“Me.” You looked down and petted Marshall. “I’m not.” He sounded so hurt which made you laugh.

“No.” You tried to hold it together as you looked at his face.

“Then who?”


“Jam-” he stopped himself in disbelief. “You’d pick Jamie over me.” Tyler pointed to himself.

“You know I’ve liked him before I dated you.” His crossed his arms and looked away from me.

“Ty.” You pouted. “You know I love you.” You shifted your body which caused Marshall to move over to where Cash was. “You’re my favorite man. He’s just my favorite hockey player.” You straddled him and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “I love you.” You nuzzled your head in his shoulder. “Please, talk to me.” You whispered so only he could hear. “If it helps I bet Jamie couldn’t make me scream as long as you can.” This made Tyler looked at you with a compressed smile. “Oh course I mean, when I cheer for you.”

“Of course.” You both kissed.

~Video skip~

“I would spend hours on?”

“Reading, which is weird.” Ty said while grabbing your hand to play with your fingers. “Who reads?”

You rolled your eyes in response. “What kind of books do I read?”

“I don’t know, you read a lot.” He sighed. “So a wide range.”

“I’d say that’s a good answer.”

“What talents of mine do you LOVE!!!” You screamed the last past making the doggies attack you with kisses. “The question was in all caps.” You explained showing him.

“Well, I LOVE your cooking. I’d say that’s a talent. Especially, when I have friends over and you cook for us. But then again it’s not hard pleasing a bunch of hockey players.”

“That’s so so true.” You laughed.

“Okay, complete this sentence. My girlfriend is?” You set your phone beside you since that was the last question.

“My girlfriend is an amazing person, who deserves a whole lot more than what I give her.” This made you hit his shoulder, then you nuzzled against him. “She’s incredible smart, kind, and a great mother to my kids.” You looked at him questionable but once you felt one of the dogs hit you in the back with their foot because they were stretching you knew what he was taking about. “When I saw kids, I mean, Cash and Marshall. And I’m crazy about her.”

You kissed his lips. “I love you.” You mumbled against his lips.

“I love you, more.” You two kissed some more until both of the dogs wanted to join in.

~Video skip~

“Okay, guys this was the boyfriend tag featuring Tyler Seguin, who played the part of my boyfriend.”

“You made it sound like you casted me for the part.” He joked causing you to make a face and continued on.

“Anyway, I hope you liked this video give me a thumbs up and comment down below if you want Ty in more videos.” Tyler stuck up his. “And don’t forget to subscribe. Bye my cuties. Until next time.”

Lullaby // Happy Lowman

author’s note: I want to give a huge shout out to @crimsonheart01 and @megasadpizzazz for reading this and making sure it wasn’t total trash. I appreciate the ever loving shit out of them. ALSO I’m going to be writing regularly for multiple fandoms so feel free to ask me shit or request things! 


Here he was. Pulled over on the side of the highway and completely lost. All because of a drunk slurred comment that Chibs had made before stumbling haphazardly into his room.

“Oi ya know, I been thinkin’. Next time we got a job in Tacoma, maybe ye should stop by yer old lady’s house and see ‘er wee one.”

Admittedly, he’d brushed it off and took it at face value for what it seemed, a drunk confused idiot talking to the wrong Son. And yet as he laid in his bed the night before, he was forced to realize that Chibs comment wasn’t a mere word vomit. It had weight and it was about him, about Dani. She’d never officially been his old lady but everyone including Gemma and himself had treated her like she was. He’d meant to officially ask her long ago but he had no idea how to voice his true feelings for her; at least not verbally. She had always understood what he needed and wanted without him having to say it, she also understood how he expressed his love and appreciation for her. It had been in the gestures; the nights where he handled dinner because he knew that she’d had a bad day, the kisses on the forehead before he left the house, the surprisingly gentle hugs that he gave. But eventually those dinners turned into “I was busy today, I forgot”, the kisses turned into “see you when I get home”, and the hugs just became nonexistent. She’d tried to wait it out because she knew that things were rough with the club but at some point, she couldn’t take it anymore. So she walked out leaving a spick and span house with no evidence to where she went. Happy had looked everywhere, convinced that someone had kidnapped her. He’d looked under every rock, in every shallow grave but eventually he had resigned to the thought that whoever had taken her didn’t want anything from the club before killing her.

He’d given up trying to find any trace of her almost 3 years ago; convincing himself that there wasn’t going to be anything to find at this point, it had been 2 years since she vanished. If he hadn’t found it by now, there wasn’t ever going to be anything. But one slurred string of words and a night’s worth of miserable and inescapable over analysis here he was ready to denounce the smallest amount of faith he had in the high heavens. He slid his burner out of the pocket of his worn out jeans dialing the number of a beat cop he knew, ironically he was the nephew of Tacoma’s VP.

“Come on, kid. Answer your fucking phone.” Happy grumbled leaning against his bike. Getting his voicemail, Happy hung up and tried the kid’s home phone. “Jesus, pick up the phone.”

“H-Hello?”  A woman answered groggily.

“Kerry. Need to talk to your brother.” Happy grunted.



“Jesus, you have any idea how fucking early it is?” She questioned


“Look just tell him it’s me and remind him he owes me a favor, okay?” He gruffly answered quickly losing the little patience he had.

“Alright. Gimme a sec.” She sighed. “He’s not here, he took Jake’s kid to school since it’s his day off.”

“Shit. I’ll try his cell again.”

“Okay, bye Happy.” She chirped hanging up the phone with a swift click.

Groaning and swearing to himself, Happy redialed. “Jesus Christ, kid took you long enough.”  

“Hey, man I’m sorry! I was dropping the kid off at school.”

“Yeah, Kerry told me it was your day off. Thought beat cops didn’t get days off.” Happy scoffed.

“Well, they don’t but I’m not a beat cop anymore. Plus, when you’ve got my girl for a girlfriend, you get a day off when you need one. Swear to god she showed up to the station once when I told her I was working a double and nearly dragged me out by my ear.” He chuckled.

“Sounds like a pain in the ass, Tyler. You sure you can handle her?” Happy teased.

“I handle her just fine, Happy. So what’s up? Kerry said you needed a favor?”

“Yeah. I’ll keep it short. I just need you to see if you can find someone for me?” Happy asked warily.

“Is it for the club? Because you know I love you Hap but it’s like I told my pops, club shit is club shit. I can’t be doing shit for the club at my job. I’ll do you any favor you need, I just can’t do club shit man.” Tyler said uneasily.

“Easy kid. It’s not club shit, it’s personal shit. It’s my shit and I need your help.”

“Okay, okay. Who do you need me to find? And do I wanna know why?”

“I just need to check something that I never checked. Name’s Danielle Anderson. Middle initial is N. Got it?” Happy asked sternly his eyebrows creasing.

“Yeah, I got it, man.”

“Call me when you know something.”

“Hap, wait.”


“Danielle N. Anderson? As in Danielle Nicole Anderson?” Tyler questioned, quickly becoming very confused.

“How you know that?” Happy demanded, his voice becoming rougher than normal.

“Happy, why are you looking for her?”

“Told you, personal shit. Now answer my question, boy.”

“My partner, Jake. That’s his fiance’s name.” Tyler admitted noticing the sound of gravel crunching coming through the phone.

“The partner who’s kid you just dropped off at school? That one?”

“Y-yeah, that one. Look, Happy let me get to work and check it out for you okay. I’m sure it’s just some freak coincidence.”

“How old’s the kid?”

“What? Happy, there’s no way it’s her okay?” Tyler reasoned trying to convince both Happy and himself.

“I’m gonna ask you one more time, mijo. How old is the kid?” Happy demanded practically growling into the phone.

“She’s almost 5.”

Happy. Happy?: Part 2

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Part 1

Ever heard of the phrase you better swim before you drown? In my 22 years of life, I have only felt myself drowning; trying to grasp to whatever I could along the way to never fully succumb to the darkness that I feared. Serendipity brought Tyler to me and it made me believe in something I didn’t before…hope. Hope that I finally grabbed something that would bring me away from the darkness and see the light of happiness.

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