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The Batkids at Wayne Parties

Dick: The charmer who’s definitely the most attractive person there and is always flirted with by the ladies  

Barbara: The only one who’s actually up for intelligent conversation and also kills it with Dick on the dance floor 

Jason: The ghost who Bruce said isn’t allowed to attend because he’s legally dead but who still sneaks downstairs to hide under tables and steal food 

Cass: The quiet one who is always flirted with by gross men and laughs when Bruce comes over and growls “that’s my daughter” before punching them 

Tim: The Teenage Mess™ who hides in corners and tries to look like he’s busy texting on his phone but is actually just typing gibberish on a notepad 

Steph: Tim’s date who’s really only there for the buffet and to gossip about the Waynes to the paparazzi 

Damian: The small evil chihuahua who has to deal with every single old lady in the vicinity pinching his cheeks  

I’m trying to close all my tabs on my browser before going to bed, and I had this NPR article open on the Trump-Russia investigation. This bit was particularly interesting, I thought:

All These Lawyers Are Getting Expensive

President Trump and several administration officials have retained their own lawyers in the Russia matter, and all that advice is not cheap. So donors are covering the costs: The Republican National Committee has directed more than $427,000 to attorneys representing Trump and Donald Trump Jr., Matea Gold reported in the Washington Post.

Separately, family members of former Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn announced on Monday that they have set up a legal defense fund to help Flynn continue to pay the lawyers helping him in the Russia matter. Joe Flynn and Barbara Redgate, Flynn’s brother and sister, made a case based on Flynn’s record of service.

“Mike devoted 33 years of his life to our country serving in the United States Army, spending years away from his family while he fought this nation’s battles overseas, including the war on terror,” they wrote.

[The Russia Investigations: Bad Week For Manafort, Social Networks In The Hot Seat – NPR]

So basically, the Republicans are literally crowdfunding their legal defense for the Russia investigation, aka “begging” for money. Meanwhile, they’re out here cutting back on welfare and healthcare, which affects literally the most vulnerable people in the country, all without a single shred of irony. All while their supporters continue to lap up this shit.

I followed up with the Washington Post article referred to in this blurb, and it had this to say:

The Republican National Committee is using a pool of money stockpiled for election recounts and other legal matters to pay for President Trump’s ballooning lawyer fees related to the multiple Russia investigations, directing more than $427,000 so far to lawyers representing him and his eldest son, party officials confirmed Tuesday. […]

RNC officials concluded that it is permissible for the party to pay for the president’s legal fees, according to a person familiar with the conversations. Separately, party and administration officials are working to determine whether executive branch staff members, who must comply with gift rules, could have their legal fees defrayed by the RNC or private legal defense funds. […]

Trump’s reelection committee — which is largely financed by small donors — has also directed to money to lawyers dealing with the Russia investigations. Such payments are permitted under federal law, as long as the legal expenses resulted from campaign activity. […]

It remains unknown whether Trump, who has said he is worth billions, is personally paying any of his legal expenses. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not respond to a question about whether the president is helping defray the costs.

[RNC taps legal account to help pay for lawyers for President Trump and son Donald Jr. in Russia probes – Washington Post]

TL;DR: Trump et al.’s legal defense for the Russia investigation is literally being crowdfunded by private donors and the RNC/campaign donations. Even though these people can absolutely afford their legal fees.

But yeah, sure, people asking for money on Tumblr are the only people who are lazy and expecting handouts.

Chiam baby legal release.....

My friend who works for the newspaper said they all had an email from the legal people for Cheryl and Liam (or laim as his name was spelt wrong). Cheryl is very shortly to give birth and it said Liam was the father of the baby. It was long and detailed and was about asking for privacy due to high public and media interest. They will take action if the media intrudes. They ask for no photographs at the hospital, outside their homes or of their baby. They will make a statement after the baby is born. My friend said that the amount of detail is almost asking for attention as they don’t normally get so much in an email, they are reminding the press of the story….

heroism isn’t necessarily doing backflips and kicking criminals in the face.

sometimes heroism is spending twenty dollars of your tight budget to buy an icecream for a small child, who then turns out to not be a small child, but a grown adult partnered with a hustler who then proceeds to use said ice-cream in a clever, just-about-legal scheme to make money which turns a slightly higher profit than usual today due to his manipulation of your naivety and better nature.

…it’s the thought that counts, right?

NurseyDex | 1+k | Fluff |

Neither of them are awake when the other seems to be. They find a compromise.


“Nursey, come on you said you’d come and get breakfast with me!” Dex is standing over his boyfriend, already dressed and starving.

Nursey just rolls over, pulling the covers over his head with a groan.

“Five more minutes….”

“Nursey!” Dex tugs at the quilt, huffing out an agitated sigh as Nursey’s grip becomes iron like as he clings to the comforter.

“Dex no!”

“Fine!” Dex lets go, huffing again, before turning around to grab his bag from where it’s propped on Nursey’s chair.

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Revealed: FBI terrorism taskforce investigating Standing Rock activists
FBI representatives have contacted several ‘water protectors’, raising alarm that an indigenous-led movement is being construed as domestic terrorism
By Sam Levin

The FBI is investigating political activists campaigning against the Dakota Access pipeline, diverting agents charged with preventing terrorist attacks to instead focus their attention on indigenous activists and environmentalists.

The Guardian has established that multiple officers within the FBI’s joint terrorism taskforce have attempted to contact at least three people tied to the Standing Rock “water protector” movement in North Dakota.

The purpose of the officers’ inquiries into Standing Rock, and scope of the task force’s work, remains unknown. Agency officials declined to comment. But the fact that the officers have even tried to communicate with activists is alarming to free-speech experts who argue that anti-terrorism agents have no business scrutinizing protesters.

“The idea that the government would attempt to construe this indigenous-led non-violent movement into some kind of domestic terrorism investigation is unfathomable to me,” said Lauren Regan, a civil rights attorney who has provided legal support to demonstrators who were contacted by representatives of the FBI. “It’s outrageous, it’s unwarranted … and it’s unconstitutional.”

Regan, who has regularly visited Standing Rock and is the executive director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center in Oregon, said she learned of three cases in which officers with the taskforce, known as the JTTF, tried to talk to activists in person. She described the encounters as attempted “knocks and talks”, meaning law enforcement showed up at people’s doors without a subpoena or warrant and tried to get them to voluntarily cooperate with an interview.

The three individuals, who include a Native American and a non-indigenous activist, asserted their fifth amendment rights and did not respond to the officers, according to Regan, who declined to identify them to protect their privacy and out of fear of retribution… READ MORE

Stay safe.

Anna Analyzes: Chronological De-ageing

In which Anna discusses the implications behind what we saw the Chronological De-ager accomplish in the episode ‘Backward to School Night’

We all saw that part where the science class skeleton came to life when zapped right? That has some interesting implications; both for the school (having an actual skeleton) and in our understanding the device.

Cavendish says it reduced their ages 90%, and Milo says their parents are all three. Dakota doesn’t look older than five, so that mulches my original age estimations.

[However, I got a good reference for Cavendish’s height, (originally estimated as 6'7" based on the assumption that Milo was 5’ even, but now that I’ve seen him stand in a doorway I think he’s actually 6'5" and Milo’s 4'10")] 

Back to Chronological de-aging; Dakota zapped a bookcase too, and turned it to a living tree… which that alone would have showed that you can restore non-sentient life with said device…

Then he zapped the skeleton. And the entire game changed. They brought a dead guy back to life, one who seemed to know that he had died. If the 90% de-aged thing applies to him too, he didn’t die all that long ago. (30ish years, give or take)

I mention this because it was actually legal to have a human cadaver as a learning tool (bones and skeletons etc.) in medical schools like 100 years ago, but they outlawed that after some medical students actually started digging up cadavers.

You could get someone to donate their body to science or whatever and their skeleton could be used in this manner. But that has long since no longer been the practice.

Basically what I’m saying is that Jefferson County Middle School had an illegal human cadaver this whole time (hopefully without their willful knowledge of said fact) of a guy who didn’t die long enough ago for his skeleton to have been a legitimate donation of a cadaver to a medical institution

(who wouldn’t have been able to legally give said skeleton to anything other than another medical institution, so he had no business winding up in a middle school)

So there have been a few felonies that have been uncovered by the fact that we’ve got confirmation of these facts via Chronological De-ageing.

Not to mention we now know they could restore life with this technology!

It’s an honor (Steve Rogers x Reader)

This is for the anon who requested a Steve x reader where Steve is teased for his lack of sexual experience. I noticed I haven’t said happy birthday so… happy (late) birthday! And I’m so sorry it’s so late :) Enjoy!
P.S. (S/n) = ship name
((Warning: Smut, virgin!Steve, mentions of bi!Bucky))

X X X  
“Here they are again, folks. Our beloved (S/n).” Tony greeted as (Y/n) and Steve walked in to the room. A chorus of soft laughter was heard through the Avenger’s lounge as the couple strode in and took their places in the sofa. They sat next to each other, (Y/n)’s back leaning against the L-shaped couch’s armrest, her legs lapped over Steve, who seemed to be leaning into her. “I’m gonna puke,” Sam joked, making a fake-gagging sound. (Y/n) and Steve had been treated like this with all the other members of the Avengers since they had first gotten together. It means they have been treated like this for three months, and by now they have gotten used to this. They even quite enjoyed it.
“Shut up, chicken,” (Y/n) said playfully in response to Sam’s statement. “With all due respect, Mrs. America, it’s falcon, not chicken,” he corrected, trying to get back at her. Bucky shrugged, “I think you should be called the chicken. It’s more accurate,”
“I thought you were on my side!” Sam exclaimed, feeling betrayed that the winter soldier had just taken the side against him. “I am never on your side,” Bucky responded, feeling pleased with himself.
“I sense homosexual tension here,” said Nat, observing the two arguing boys.
“I do not like him!” Sam argued, his cheeks flushing a darker shade than his own skin, then muttering to himself, “besides, he doesn’t like me back.”
“Ha!” exclaimed Nat. “I knew it. I knew you were gay for him!” T’challa defensively crossed his arm across his chest and huffed aggressively, “but I am sure that Mr. Barnes prefers cats over birds.”
Wanda was shocked, so shocked that her eyes could probably fall off her eye sockets. “T’challa, are you really flirting with Bucky?” She asked in awe.
“I believe they are fighting for the soldier of winter,” Thor added, eating another mouthful of pop tarts.
Sam thumped his fist on the coffee table. “Listen here, kitty cat-”
“What did you just call me?” T’challa said, rising in his seat to face him. Bucky was flushed, hiding his face in the sleeve of his jacket.
(Y/n) buried her face in Steve’s shoulder and whined, “Come on, guys. We just want to watch TV!” Steve, who has been awfully quiet in this conversation finally decided to speak up, “After we’ve gone to bed, you can talk about matchmaking all you want. We just want a quiet evening.”
“‘We’?” Vision questioned, slightly tilting his head. “I have never thought Captain Rogers and Ms. (L/n) would refer to each other as ‘we’ as if they were the same person with the same mind. It seems oddly intimate.”
“Intimate?” Clint repeated quizzically, “Nah, Steve can’t be intimate.” Steve’s cheeks turned red, he was flustered and he can’t hide it. (Y/n) isn’t much better off either. “What do you mean I can’t be intimate?” Steve asked, and for the first time, his thick and authorized voice turned into a small squeal.
“You’re not exactly a guy who strikes as someone who would sleep with their partner before legal marriage, Steve,” Bruce said, trying to clear things up. Steve blushed even redder, blood rushing to his cheeks.
“He’s a virgin,” said Stark, who was tinkering with the metal glove of his iron man suit, “or at least I assume he is. Are you, Steve?” he asked pretty confidently.
“I- I am,” Steve answered slowly, trying to hide his embarrassment.
“(Y/n)’s not,” Said Tony a second too soon, causing Steve to shoot an angry glare at him. Tony’s eyes widened as he explained “I mean- It’s not personal, I’ve never done it with her. But with a body like hers? She can’t be. Besides, before grandpa here got unfrosted I’ve seen her with a guy at one of my parties and-”
“That’s enough, Tony,” (Y/n) groaned, tugging on her boyfriend’s arm, leading him out of the room. “Let’s just watch at our place.” Steve followed without saying a word, the doors closing around the faint argument of Sam and T’challa as it came to an end.
(Y/n) knew Steve was insecure about his sex life. She didn’t know he was this insecure about his sex life that he let what the team said get into his head. They had decided to go back home to their apartment.
As a couple, Steve and (Y/n) had shared several passionate sessions. (Y/n) would read a book or watch TV on the couch then Steve would come in, change into simpler clothes and jump on the couch, softly kissing (Y/n) before propping down against her, cuddling her.
But after what happened in the lounge, Steve seemed a little different, a little restless. He even pushed her up against their front door and kissed her desperately before entering, leaving (Y/n)’s cheeks red.

“(Y/n)? You okay?” asked Steve, snapping her from her thoughts. “Uh- Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay,” she said, trying to get a firm grip around her voice. “You seem a little off,” Steve pointed out, peeling his own clothes off his body before going placing himself on top of her firmly on the. (Y/n) blushed, sending shivers down her body as Steve lowered his lips on to hers.
“Steve,” She squirmed under him, trying to push him away. Steve looked at her wide-eyed and he pushed himself off.
“I’m sorry,” he apologized, his head down. “I thought you wanted that.”
(Y/n) cupped his cheeks and kissed him slowly. “I want to,” she admitted, bringing Steve on top of her again. “But you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”
Steve gulped, dipping his head on hers again. This kiss was slow until Steve grazed her tongue with her lower lip and (Y/n)’s mouth opened instinctively, letting his tongue explore her mouth. “Believe me, I never wanted anything more.”
He slid her shirt off her head, throwing it across the room as she kissed her collarbone, gently tugging on her skin. (Y/n) threw her head back and laughed in surprise. He seems awfully experience for someone who hasn’t slept with anyone yet. Yet.
That was when (Y/n) realized she may just be the first one to sleep with Captain America.
“I thought you were a virgin,” said (Y/n).
Steve shrugged and hummed as his teeth bit her skin, leaving a couple of red marks on her shoulder. “I never had sex before,” he said, “But that doesn’t mean I’ve never seen people having sex before.”
He hummed in pleasure as her snapped her bra open. His pupil dilated and his jaw dropped. His hands roamed either side of her breast, squeezing them softly, sending a gasp through (Y/n)’s mouth. “Does Captain America watch porn?” She asked in delight, her mouth quirking at the thought of God’s righteous man, Steven Grant Rogers, watching things he shouldn’t.
“No,” he said, slightly blushing. “When I was younger, I wanted to surprise Bucky in his room,” said Steve, who was playing with her breasts like a little kid who was playing with his new toy. “So I hid in his closet.”
Steve pinched her nipple, making her moan his name. “And Bucky came in his room. I was going to jump out, but he had a girl with him,” he said. If he noticed that (Y/n) was squirming under his touch, he didn’t show it.
What a tease.
“A girl? I thought he was into guys.” (Y/n) said, trying to distract her mind from the thought of her dripping core. Steve cocked his head, taking one breast in his mouth as he fondled with the other. “He always had varying tastes.”
Steve’s mouth sucked her, licking her as her fingers raked through soft golden hair. “Have you ever thought of, you know, sleeping with him?” asked (Y/n), getting a little turned on by the thought of it. “No, why?” he asked.
(Y/n) laughed, “You two are a little gay for each other.” Steve laughed, sucking even harder, making her whimper. “You know… You can sleep with him if you want, as long as I get to join.”
Steve laughed, sending shivers through her skin. His mouth glided down, pulling her shorts down with her panties. “Are you really still talking about Bucky?” he asked in a low growl and kissed her dripping core softly, tugging on it as the back of his hand caressed the skin on her thigh.
“Steve,” She moaned, grinding herself against his mouth. “Your tongue,” she pleaded. She could feel him smile against her clit. His tongue moved painfully slowly against her, lapping his tongue on her folds gently in an up and down motion.
She tugged on his hair. “I need you,” She whimpered. Steve complied, standing up, and then stripping himself down.
She was turned on by the sight of him. He was already hard and she needed him. Now.
“Do you like what you see?” Steve asked, slightly smirking. “It’s just hard to believe that you have never attracted the attention of a girl with all that weight on you,” she pointed out.
Steve threw himself in the bed. He had seen Bucky sleep with people. It had always been aggressive needing. But this? This was just plain fun and he loved it. “I’m just going to remind you that I wasn’t always this big.”
(Y/n) smiled and guided him on top of her. “The super soldier serum did you good.”
She took his member in her hand, lining it with her core. Steve pushed in, penetrating her wall. The laughter soon turned into pants and groans, the room filled with lust as they went. “Steve,” She whimpered, placing kisses on his neck. “Steve, go faster.” He did as he was told, pushing himself to his climax. (Y/n) arched her back, moaning his name in pleasure as she reached her orgasm.
Steve collapsed next to her, drenched in sweat.
“Oh, God,” He said, smiling. (Y/n) laughed. “That was fun, Steve.”
He kissed her softly, taking her in his arms. “It has been an honor, (Y/n) (L/n), losing my virginity to you.”

And Again Wanda and other things

On this post made by the awesome @one-piece-of-harry there has been some interesting discourse. 

Now someone has made the following points as an end of argument statement and the post is long as fuck so I’ve decided to make my own post.

- Do you at least appreciate the irony of saying vigilantes are necessary? And then supporting the Accords?

Now the person this was said to was someone who said the Avengers were vigilantes who were necessary. And I agree without a legal system in place for superheroes to operate under vigilantism was the only option. The Accords make being a superhero a legal position, and therefore a necessary service protecting people from superpowered villains/alien armies/ in general can now be preformed by a legal team under The Accords. 

- The MCU is broader than the movies, so we do in fact know that the Accords were ratified, Spider-Man didn’t sign and it involves a lot of fun documentation like DNA and fingerprints. Google it.

I have a post about the Accords here.  I would also like to point out that the Accords as they originally existed were simply a control on the Avengers because they were operating internationally, that is how they were presented in civil war.

- Peter wanting to keep something a secret from his aunt is normal. That was my original context. (I’m using complete sentences. It isn’t hard. Go back and reread.)

Peter wasn’t blackmailed, but it’s an understandable interpretation, and I don’t feel like rehashing this again. So, I won’t.

- This is the thing about “retirement” - Clint retires, but a friend of his needs help saving the world and so Clint shows up and goes to jail after the fight. In Avengers, Bruce got the Hulk under control and was hiding out off the grid; SHEILD came and brought him in to fight Loki. The qualities that make them heroes will almost will almost always lead to extenuating circumstances that will put them against the Accords. Hence my negativity. (But you are, like, so clever for calling retirement a ‘death sentence.’)

Here’s the difference between Bruce and Clint. Bruce got the whole picture before getting involved, and Bruce does not have a family he is abandoning by joining the fight. Enough said.

- Here are two things about Wanda vs. the Big Guy: 1) Wanda’s mind games are not shown to last long and 2) are less about introducing something new than they are about showing something that was already there - which is why all the other visions went to backstory consistent places. So everything about that Hulk rage was already in Banner. Whatever Bruce’s reaction, we don’t actually see what vision led to the moments that followed. It could have been mostly benign like Cap’s.

Oh my god where do I start with this one? Are you honest to god saying that Wanda is not responsible for what happened in Johannesburg? Are you trying to tell me that it’s Bruce’s fault for having a bad past/fears? Yes the Hulk already exists in Banner the problem here is that Wanda unleashed The Hulk in the middle of the city maliciously. 

What the vision was is irrelevant, the point is that Wanda attacked Bruce’s mind with the sole intent of making him lose control in order to further Ultron’s plan. She did not care about the people in Johannesburg when she unleashed a scared and angry Hulk on them. 

The mind game did not need to last long all it needed to do was trigger the Hulk. That’s what it did, that was the intention, and that makes any damage or death the Hulk caused Wanda’s responsibility. 

It doesn’t take long to fire a nuke, and a nuke is already capable of doing damage even if I don’t fire it, all those nuclear explosives are still inside it, therefore I did nothing wrong if I fired the nuke. That’s your argument right now. 

- Wanda ended up in Hydra because she wanted the chance to fight for her home and defend it. Wanda left when she saw where it was heading. Like Widow, like Tony, she’s trying to put things right. 

Wanda left Hydra when she saw where it was headed? If by that you mean when she saw that the group she was with was losing to the Avengers, then yes. If you think she realized they were evil and left, well frankly I think you need to watch the movies again. 

Wanda then joined Ultron another bad guy to continue furthering her own revenge plot against Tony (The actual reason she joined Hydra btw). She doesn’t begin to try and put things right until she is personally threatened by Ultron’s plans. 

- And here’s the thing to view Wanda as inherently, irredeemably awful also casts doubts on the Avengers who trust her, Tony Stark included. She’s part of the Avengers family before the Civil War breaks out.

Yes it does. Although I highly doubt Tony had any say in trusting Wanda to join the team, and if he did he probably agreed out of guilt. Also part of the Avenger’s family? Tony doesn’t live with them, and Clint is retired, I’m not sure how much of a family this is. 

thekutestkillua  asked:

I'm curious as to what your reason is for banning all pedophiles (even those who do nothing wrong). You said it's a legal liability, but could you explain that in more detail? PS: I'm not fighting your decision, I am just curious.


The legal liability part comes from a part of the law that mentions that if we know about a pedophile committing assault/grooming a minor, we’re just as culpable as the pedophile themselves! Hence, we have to ban pedophiles because if they are blatantly telling us that they are pedophiles (as with the MAP community), and then one of them actually acts on any impulse or urge, we would be punished.

Larger sites like Facebook and Tumblr can skirt by this since they’re “too big” to be reasonably expected to know. Their TOS and guidelines prohibit sexual assault of minors, which is considered sufficient. However, we’re much smaller and have had pedophiles being very aggressively insistent on telling us that they are pedophiles and trying to push for a very public presence on the site. If we didn’t ban, we would definitely be held liable!


I won’t be surprised if it turns out that those leaks are wrong. I’ll make a post if they are. 

But now we knows the ages. Supposedly.

Shiro = 25
Keith = 18
Hunk = 17
Lance = 17
Pidge = 15

Not bad. 


First of all. 

an 18 year old can be in college. A 25 year old can, also, be in college. (Sometimes they go back for a second bachelor’s, or need to have more schooling to get a better position at work. My aunt was in college for 10 years, and she has four degrees. It’s rare but it’s still a thing.)

That is NOT a big deal. Both are adults. There’s no “power imbalance.” There is no “age gap is abusive” bull. Both are mature adults under court of law. And this may come as shocking, but an 18 year old dating someone older than them happens extremely often. Right now. As in I’m not saying that to convince people it happens. It DOES happen. And it’s, oh my god, NORMAL.

Now people have distorted the meaning of “pedophilia” to simply “attraction to minors.” Um, no. Pedophilia is ages 13 and under. Period. You don’t get to change that definition because it’s convenient to you. So klance is NOT pedophilia, a one year age gap is NOT a big deal, and if you continue to say ANY of the ships are pedophilia you are twisting a very serious, very real problem in society into a soft word easy to sling around just to feel like your argument is valid and serious. 

I had an argument with someone on discord about this already. A 17 year old is a minor. An 18 year old is an adult. According to antis that is pedophilia. 


Also shoutout to that one person who said “18 doesn’t automatically mean an adult :/” because fun fact it. Actually does. Legally. That’s what you antis have been arguing for months is that 18 is an adult age and anything under isn’t. 

You. Don’t get to change what you say. Then again you’ll try anyway.

Anyways, this blog still supports all shaladins (minus harassers) and the “age difference is inherently abusive” argument is made up. I’m not going to debate this. 

Outcry as Azerbaijan police launch crackdown on LGBT community
At least 60 people have been imprisoned or fined after a spate of raids in the capital, Baku
By Shaun Walker

Authorities in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, have begun a vicious crackdown on the city’s LGBT community, according to activists in the country. Reports suggest that over the past 10 days dozens of gay and trans people have been arrested. One person the Guardian contacted said he had been beaten in police custody.

Homosexuality is legal in the oil-rich, post-Soviet country, but a survey released last year by a rights organisation ranked Azerbaijan as the worst of 49 European countries in which to be gay.

“There have been previous crackdowns on LGBT people, but this one is much bigger, with systematic and widespread raids,” said Samed Rahimli, a Baku-based lawyer who is helping coordinate legal defences for those who have been detained.

Rahimli said he was aware of 60 cases of LGBT people who had been either sentenced to 20 days’ imprisonment or fined as part of the recent crackdown. Those currently in jail were charged with resisting police orders. “This is a common charge used in Azerbaijan for arbitrary arrests.” He said many more people could have been caught up in the sweep but not formally charged.

Azerbaijani authorities denied that the roundup targeted all LGBT people. Eskhan Zakhidov, a spokesman for the country’s interior ministry, told the local APA news agency: “These raids are not against all sexual minorities. The arrested are people who demonstratively show a lack of respect for those around them, annoy citizens with their behaviour, and also those whom police or health authorities believe to be carriers of infectious diseases.”

Zakhidov did not clarify what might count as annoying behaviour or a lack of respect. Other officials have said the raids did not target LGBT people specifically but were instead aimed at people engaged in prostitution, and were launched after complaints from local residents.

The Guardian exchanged written messages with three gay men who said they had been caught up in the wave of arrests. None of them wanted their names disclosed and all said they were currently in hiding in Azerbaijan. One of the men said he had been beaten in a police station and released after being made to pay a 150 manat (£65) fine. “The police told me they would arrest me if they see me in the street again. Now I am afraid to leave my house,” he said.

Another said he was approached in a Baku nightclub by police who said they were conducting a search for LGBT people. All three said they had friends currently in detention, and reported police carrying out sweeps of the city searching for people who “look gay”. Their stories could not be independently verified but chime with the testimony of local lawyers and rights activists.

Eichen House


Pairing- Stiles x Reader, Isaac x Sister reader

Word Count- 2,122

Request ( @love32111 )​  - Can you please do a stiles/issac sister imagine with 58 & 105

A/N- This was originally requested as a prompt, however I had a better Idea and decided to do it as a one shot, I’m un decided on whether or not it should have a part two, feel free to give me your opinions, Hope you all enjoy!

It was no doubt you had been acting weird since the night you all defeated the Nogitsune and the Oni and lost two pack members in the process. That was to be expected, everyone was acting slightly strange, Allison and Aiden were dead and Isaac had left with Chris, which had effected you much more than everyone else because he was your older brother and he hadn’t even said goodbye, it was heart breaking. But you were on a whole other level.

You had been living with Lydia since the  death of your father, the man you hate with a burning passion. He abused you and Isaac, often beating you within an inch of your life. You had lost your mother young, so you had no one to protect you. You hated being the girl at school with black eyes and having to cover hand prints on your wrists every day, however, Allison saw you sitting alone on her first day and decided to befriend you, both of you became best friends immediately, she introduced you to Lydia and the three of you were inseparable. They found out about your father quickly and would try to have you out of the house as often as possible, not realising that it made things worse until you finally told them so.

You rarely went to them after a beating though, you and Isaac had been taking these beating for a long time and you always comforted each other, that didn’t change.

Isaac went to live with Derek and when Derek kicked him out he went to Scott’s. Whereas Lydia told her mom about your father and she welcomed you with open arms, treating you just like another daughter.

With all that had happened to you, the pack wouldn’t have been surprised if you had gone crazy. You had been acting weird but when Lydia heard you talking to yourself in your room as if someone was there with you, which made her think you were on the phone until she walked in quietly and saw that you were talking to no one, but when you used the name Allison to address the person you were talking to, Lydia knew something was wrong.

Little did she know you had actually been talking to Allison. In actual fact, you had been talking to a fair amount of other people who were dead. Aiden, your mom and even someone who you hadn’t known. Talia Hale. The sister of who the man who attacked you only a few hours after Lydia resurrected him, he told you he was blood thirsty from being dead for a few months and hadn’t meant it but ever since then, you had been able to talk to the dead.

Talia had been helping you through and you were sure if it wasn’t for Derek’s dead mother then you wouldn’t have been alive because when she fist appeared infront of you, you were on the verge of break down, seeing every dead person in beacon hills wherever you went and if you didn’t know them, then you would have to watch how they died, it was playing in your mind with everywhere you went, you would go to visit your best friends grave and you would hear every single story of how every single person died and you couldn’t drown it out until she came and taught you everything you needed to know.

Lydia brushed it off at first, letting it go on until the dread doctors appeared, , but soon she heard you talking to your mom and Talia and then came the last straw, hearing you laugh with ‘Aiden’.

So she told the pack how you’d been acting and within time, they heard it too and they didn’t know what to do, they didn’t want to go as far as Eichen house, it had been horrible for Stiles and he would never want to put you, his girlfriend, in there.

Then one day, the pack arrived at Lydia’s house, hearing your scream, begging however was attacking you to let you go and not to take you, screaming at Lydia’s mother to not let them take you.

They burst through the door and Scott had to hold Stiles back. There were four guards from Eichen house, you were trying to break free, shouting and begging for them to let you go. You sent your elbow into one of their faces, you thought you were getting away before you felt one of their tasers in your back, but you still fought, you didn’t want to go. It took until one of them jabbed a syringe in your neck until you finally went limp, falling unconscious and onto the floor.

One of them hoisted you up onto a gurney and began wheeling you out, Stiles finally broke free from Scott’s hold, trying to run for you, only for Malia and Liam to step in his way, still not allowing him to save you.

“Y/N” he bellowed, trying his hardest to push against the werewolf and werecoyte blocking his path. “Stiles….It’s what’s best for her” Lydia tried, making him spin around. “You…You knew. You all knew” he said in disbelief

“I loved her…. I  LOVE HER” he shouted, “You-You’re my best friends and your taking one of the only things I love away from me because you think she’s crazy, she’s not crazy, I will never believe it, she’s so sweet and just wait 'till I tell Isaac about this”

Stiles ran outside, just staring after the Eichen house ambulance speeding away. He pulled out is phone with shaking hands and clicked on Isaac’s name. “Hello” Isaac answered after a few rings. Stiles couldn’t form any words, he couldn’t utter a syllable as he tried to calm himself. “Y/n, she-she- The pack-They sent her away” he stuttered, tears pouring down his cheeks, he could almost see Isaac’s confused face. “Stiles. Calm down what’re you talking about, where did they send her” he asked, his confused tone evident. “They-they think she’s crazy and-and sent her to Eichen h-h… House” he cried, he heard Isaac gasp.

“I’ll catch the next flight over, we’ll get her out” he said simply before hanging up.

Stiles knew no contact for the first 72 hours and he didn’t know if he could wait that long to see you, he loved you with all of his heart and watching them take you away while he could do nothing about it, it broke him.

He gave his friends one last destroyed and angry look before solemnly walking to his jeep and driving straight to the station. There was no way he was going to let you rot in there. No way in hell.

As soon as Isaac made it to Beacon Hills, we went straight to the Stilinski household, his hand thumping on the door repeatedly until Stiles came to the door.

“Isaac your here, thank god” he breathed, letting the tall boy into his home. “She was talking to dead people, with everything that’s gone on in this town, dark druids and all sorts, they don’t even believe y/n” Stiles scoffed and Isaac sighed. “It’s been the 72 hours so we can go visit now, I’ve already told them we’re coming to visit and thankfully their moving her to a visiting room or you wouldn’t be able to see her, she’s in the supernatural ward” Stiles told Isaac as he put his bags in the spare room.

“When” Isaac replied as he followed Stiles down the stairs. “Now”

When both boys arrived, they knew they only had half an hour. Stiles was quick to embrace you and passionately kiss your lips. “Y/n, we know Isaac’s not an alpha but uh, we really want to see what you’re seeing so he’s gonna do the claw thing and put us in your mind” Stiles said softly, watching as you nodded and situated yourself on the chair next to Stiles, Isaac standing behind you.

“1…2……3” and a stinging pain shot through your neck and Stiles’ and they were in your mind.

What they saw bewildered them, they were in the room that all three of you were currently in, however when they looked around, they say Allison standing in the corner, glaring at Isaac. “Allison” Isaac breathed as he began approaching her but she held out her hand when he got too close. “You left her here all alone Isaac, you never even said goodbye” she snapped, still scowling at him.

“She might not mention it because she wants to savour the sweet time she has with you before you leave her again but I’m telling you now, you apologise and tell the pack I’m sorry” she said, bowing her head. “Tell them I’m proud. Tell them I’m angry too though, sending her here. Tell them I love them, can you do that Isaac” she said softly, watching as he reached out and grabbed her hand, she was cold and he couldn’t warm her.

Her gaze flickered to Stiles, who stood mouth agape as he watch the figure advance towards him but all too soon, both boys came crashing back to reality  when you jolted away, pulling Isaac’s claws from the back of your neck.

“I saw her, I saw my mom” he breathed, his eyes wide. “Allison was there too” Isaac whispered, tears brewing in his eyes. “I told you all I wasn’t lying” you muttered, slightly glaring at the door, because, like the werewolves, you had the enhanced hearing, among other things Peter’s bite had given you.

They took that as their cue to open the door and topple in, thudding onto the floor in a heap, sheepish smiles pulling onto their lips as they mumbled apologies. “We’re getting you out” Scott assured with a nod of his head, only to be tapped on the shoulder by Liam. “The only person who can legally sign her out is Miss Martin” he whispered in his alpha’s ear.

Scott’s shoulders didn’t slump and his smile slightly grew when he replied. “Who said we’re doing it legally”.

Scott was sure they could do it, they could get you out and you’d be safe, they’d arrange a visit and break you out from there, which they did.

Liam roared as he kicked down the last door holding them from their escape and a crowd of guards began thundering towards them. “Now or never” Liam suggested, looking hopefully at Lydia on his right and Malia on his left. “Now or never” they both replied with nods. You lay limp in the arms of your brother, who shoulder barged any guards that came his way, the tasers didn’t effect him because his mind was set, set on getting you safe, getting you to the hospital where they could look after you while the wounds on the back of your neck that Doctor Valack had drilled in had time to heal.

It was a wonder they even made it to Stiles’ beat up old jeep which of course, wouldn’t start. “Come on! Not now baby?!” he groaned, smacking the bonnet repeatedly and that was when Parrish showed up in his SUV, leaning back and throwing open the back door to the large car, the pack all squeezing in. "Lydia, I’m trusting you to drive, I’ll deal with them" he said, pointing to the Chimera’s readying to follow the car, passing her the keys and sliding out.

He heard the engine roar to life just as another pair of feet landed next him his, making him look to his left, seeing Malia. “I betrayed a member of my pack, I have to fight for her forgiveness, I’ll protect her, I’ll make sure no one makes it to the hospital” she explained, glowing her eyes and allowing herself to shift. Parrish, who had leaned how to use his hellhound powers to his advantage, flicked out his claws and allowed flames to ignite over his body.

Melissa McCall had never been happier to see you. She had been so angry at Scott for the choice he had made was calling for a gurney the second she saw Isaac carrying you.

“You’re gonna be okay, you’ll be okay” Stiles assured as he ran beside you, only stopping when they took you through the double doors and the two security told him he wasn’t allowed to go any further. “I love you” he called after you and though he knew you couldn’t reply, nor would you hear him, he had to say it, just in case he lost you.

Teasing Ashley Doesn't Go As Planned

You screamed as a water balloon fell on you from above.

“You assholes!” you yelled, looking up at Ashley and CC who were snickering from the roof. “I’m going to kill you guys!” you glared up at him, and they disappeared.

“Relax, (Y/N), you aren’t wearing make-up or anything so it’s not like they made you look that much worse,” Juliet told you coming out shortly after.

“Jeez, Jules, thanks,” you said sarcastically. You were really trying to like Juliet, but she was so condescending. As the newest member of the BVB & girlfriends group she was either hazing you or really bad at being welcoming.

“Shut up, Juliet, she doesn’t look bad at all,” Ella laughed from where she was lounging by the pool with Jake.

“You’re all so supportive,” you laughed rolling your eyes. “Has anyone seen my boyfriend?” you asked, and then you heard Ashley and CC making their distinctive war cry.

“Fuck,” you yelled, because you knew they were coming for you.

“This way,” Jinxx said to you, and you followed him thinking he was going to save you, only to be ambushed.

“Damn it!” You yelled as Ashley tackled you to the ground.

“I win,” he smiled, and you glared.

“That’s not even fair, Purdy, not even,” you smiled when he kissed you.

“I know,” he grinned.

“I’m just going to kill you, okay?” you asked, and he smiled.

“I can deal, but the band may not be happy,” he chuckled and you rolled your eyes, relaxing against the ground.

“Wanna have sex?” you asked and his eyes widened.

“Are you serious?”

“No,” you giggled, “but the look on your face was hilarious,” you told him as he glared down at you.

“You guys are gross,” CC said and you both turned and stuck your tongues out at him.

“Eww, tongues, how disgusting,” Ella laughed, and you giggled, kissing Ashley’s cheek.

“I think you missed your target,” Ashley chuckled, kissing you on the lips.

“No, I don’t think so,” you smiled then tilted your head back to you could sort of look at where Jake and Ella were longuing.

“Hey Jake!” you yelled, and Ashley and Jake both looked at you.

“Yeah?” Jake asked a sort of amused grin on his face.

“I’m just going to talk to you about nothing in particular for a moment so I can distract Ashley,” you told him, and he was confused.

Ashley looked down at you and you smirked before rolling him over and putting him on his back.

“That’s cheating,”

“Nah, you sent Jinxx as a decoy, that was barely a fraction of the cheatingness.”


“It’s a word, look it up, it’s a staple of the (Y/N) dictionary,” you smiled, keeping his arms pinned above his head.

“It’s like dating a kid,” Ashley said to Andy who was watching bemusedly from the side.

“Except I’m legal,” you giggled leaning down and kissing his lips lightly. “But you’re still mean,” you smiled at him.

“Aw, does the baby need to go tattle to her mommy?” he teased and you rolled your eyes.

“You know, when I turn out to be a serial killer you’re going to be the first to die,” you smiled, rolling onto the ground beside him and looking up at the clouds that were almost non-existant. “Why the fuck is the sun so bright? There can’t be a logical reason for that?” you joked and Ashley chuckled, taking your hand.

“Because science,” he laughed and you smiled.

“Talk nerdy to me,” you whispered in a mock sultry voice and he chuckled.

“Star Trek,”

“Yeah?” you asked, pretending to be aroused by the words.

“Quantum mechanics,”

“Mmm,” you hummed, biting your lip.

“Gravity,” he whispered low in your ear. You had to frce yourself not to giggle and instead fake a moan.

“You’re so good at this Ashley,” you told him breathlessly and he tried to hold in a laugh of his own.

“I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet,” he told you in a low, seductive voice. “The square root of pie times the number of sides on a quadrilateral at the speed of light equals physics.

“Holy shit, take me home,” you told him, biting your lip and barely containing yourself.

“If I do the nerdy talk stops,” he chuckled, kissing your lips lightly, “and the real stuff starts.”

“Really?” you asked, and he nodded.

“Maybe later,” you told him, getting up and dashing for the pool. You heard him yell your name just before you jumped and landed in the water.

When you surfaced he was glaring at you. “You know, Ash, you were always my favorite,” you smiled at him, pretty sure you were in for it.

“Yeah, I know, you better stay in the pool, because I’m slinging you over my shoulder as soon as you get out.” He told you with a grin.

“But Ashley, don’t you just wanna build a snowman? I mean look at that sky, it’s just so awake!” you told him, laughing.

“The second you get out,” he warned you taking a seat in a chair by the edge of the pool.

“Are you really serious?” you pouted, and he nodded.

“Ashley,” you whined and your face heated up a little bit, because everyone was staring at you two.

“(Y/N),” he mocked putting his sun glasses on. “I can wait all day, babe.”

You glared and considered just giving in for a second, but the decided firmly against it. You turned your nose up at him and decided to go for a swim. You felt tense, fairly certain everyone was staring at the two of you and it was just sort of awkward.

“Ashley,” you called to him, floating on the other side of the pool.

“Yeah, babe?”

“If I run are you going to chase me?”

“Yup,” he said, taking a sip of his beer.

“How drunk are you?”

“Not very,”

“Good, I don’t want you to fall while I’m running,” you told him, jumping out of the pool.

“You know, I’ve never seen a couple trying so hard to get away from each other.” Ella said to Jake as Ashley chased you around the pool.

“Yeah, it’s kind of pathetic,” Juliet said and you stopped, glaring at her.

“Take me home, now,” you whispered to Ashley as he approached you.

“Thank God, she was mumbling the whole time you were in the pool, she’s pissing me off too,” he said, kissing you lightly then throwing you over his shoulder.

“Damn it Ashley,” you grumbled and he laughed, spanking you.

“I’m going to fucking murder you,” you told him, kicking him in the thigh.

“I look forward to it,” he chuckled, taking you to his car.

“I hope I ruin your interior,” you grumbled and he chuckled.

“Who said you were riding inside?”



This video of Ruth Bader Ginsburg talking about feminism is even better than you hoped

  • RBG on the sheer staggering dumbness of overt sexism: “In the U.S. Attorney’s office, women were strictly forbidden in the criminal division. There was one woman in the civil division. And the excuse for not hiring women in the criminal division was ‘they have to deal with all these tough types and women aren’t up to that.’ And I was amazed! I said, 'have you seen the lawyers from Legal Aid who are representing these tough types? They are women!’”
  • RBG on how we’ll know when there are enough women on the Supreme Court: “When there are nine!”


Watch the video here - it’s only 1:50 mins!

Federal Agents Arrest a Former Guatemalan Soldier Charged With Massacring Civilians

Advancing an investigation that has spanned two continents and three decades, U.S. federal agents have arrested a Guatemalan immigrant suspected of involvement in the massacre of about 250 villagers in 1982 during Guatemala’s civil war.

Jose Mardoqueo Ortiz Morales, 54, was arrested at his home in Hyattsville, Maryland, last Friday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said Tuesday. Ortiz is a legal permanent resident of the United States who worked in a mail room at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, authorities said. He faces charges in U.S. immigration court and potential deportation to Guatemala to stand trial for one of the worst massacres in Latin American history, the officials said.

Ortiz becomes the fifth suspect arrested in the United States for the slaughter of men, women and children in the hamlet of Dos Erres in northern Guatemala more than three decades ago. Five veterans of an elite Guatemalan commando force known as the “kaibiles” have been convicted by courts in Guatemala on charges arising from massacre. But six others have eluded capture, some of them aided by Guatemalan security forces whose power has impeded the quest for justice, according to Guatemalan and U.S. investigators.

In 1982, amid Guatemala’s brutal civil war, 20 army commandos invaded the jungle hamlet of Dos Erres disguised as rebels and killed more than 250 people. It took 30 years for Oscar Alfredo Ramírez Castañeda, one of only a handful of survivors, to learn the truth about the massacre. During the Dos Erres massacre in December of 1982, the commandos stormed the remote jungle hamlet and unleashed a two-day rampage of rape, torture and murder. Witnesses identified Ortiz as one of the soldiers who blindfolded the victims, interrogated them, hit them with a sledgehammer and dumped them into a well in the center of the village, according to Guatemalan and U.S. court documents. Ortiz was a corporal in the 20-man unit of battle-hardened instructors in the commando academy, according to the documents.

Because of privacy laws covering U.S. immigration cases, few details were available about the investigation that led to the capture of Ortiz. He is believed to have come to the United States in the late 1990s after the civil war ended and the investigation of the massacre began in Guatemala, according to U.S. officials.

Ortiz has worked at the university for at least a decade, officials said. He has a brother who lives in Maryland and a wife and child in Guatemala, officials said.

Ortiz avoided detection in 2009 when U.S. federal agents and the war-crimes unit of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, acting on information released by a Latin American human-rights court, identified other fugitives living in Florida, California and Texas, officials said. Ortiz apparently shielded himself by using the first name Jose in the United States rather than Mardoqueo, the more distinctive first name by which he was known to witnesses who had identified him in the Guatemalan investigation years ago, officials said.

The U.S. investigation of Ortiz began in early 2015 as the result of a lead provided by Guatemalan prosecutors to the U.S. Justice Department, officials said. The Guatemalans indicated for the first time that Ortiz also used the name Jose, causing U.S. officials to check their databases with that new information.

Agents then undertook the lengthy process of identifying the man they believe is the Dos Erres fugitive, investigating and monitoring him, and developing a prosecution strategy, according to officials. Ortiz now faces charges in immigration court for his alleged role in extrajudicial killings in Guatemala, a procedure intended to remove his legal immigrant status and enable his deportation to Guatemala, officials said.

“How do these guys who are known war criminals get papers and legalize themselves?” Greathead said. “And the victims don’t. Thousands of Guatemalan and Salvadoran victims of those conflicts, of serious human-rights crimes in which the United States had a role, have trouble getting legal status. It mandates a reevaluation of our immigration policies.”

Twin Souls AUs and the Circle

During one particularly boring period of his existence, Alcor decides to pretend to be human. With the added challenge that he must support himself in the world as if he were mortal. Namely he has to get a job and work it for money. After several failed attempts, he discovers he’s fairly good at lawyering. So he crashes through a legal qualifications test and sets himself up as a lawyer. After a few high-profile cases, he gets a reputation as a good, if somewhat unorthodox lawyer.

Then one day a member of the Circle shows up at his office, utterly unaware of who this lawyer actually is. Said member wants to launch a legal case against a rather well-known publisher on behalf of the Circle.

Long story short, a new spin-off of Twin Souls was just published. The plot of said spin-off basically involves a “normal girl” who is abducted by the fanatical cultists of Alcor because she is unknowingly Alcor’s true lover Mizar reincarnated. It’s a cheap bodice ripper, that nonetheless makes the mistake of calling the Circle by name, and depicts them as fanatical, murderous minions of Alcor who undergo horrifying rites to prove their devotion and consider having their souls devoured to be the highest honor.

The Circle is understandably outraged and wants to sue the publisher for libel against them.

For Alcor, the opportunity is simply too sweet to pass up.

So you’re saying Alcor would jump at the chance to drag something Twin Souls related through the mud, while protecting something he sees as ‘his’, absolutely dominating the stage of the courtroom (most likely very theatrically) and dishing out actual justice in the process?

Yeah, you’re probably right. Sounds pretty epic too.