who said sit down

“You left me some dinner in the fridge? awwh sweet

 (Kuroo in a suit? kuroo in a suit)

Kyungsoo: Show! Music Core 170722

Trans: Baekhyun said Knowing Brothers tomorrow~ The hyungs thought kyungsoo was really cute and Minseok who was sitting down said ‘Christian D.O.’!

Trans: Kyungsoo was on standby for Music core’s recording and the wait got longer so he grabbed his shirt and fit in around his elbow like a bat??? and covered his face ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ so cute 

Trans: When the members came to the front and sat down. kyungsoo came to the front also and crouched down and kept touching the ground? He looked like a baby playing with dirt at the playground.

Trans: Kyungsoo was sitting down and talking to Sehun. Today there was part where sehun grabbed his shirt in the choreography and Kyungsoo tried to copy Sehun and Sehun laughed at him and they promised something to each other

Trans: Sehun was laying on the ground and Kyungsoo went over and they started talking and they promised each other to do the Peekaboo pose and pinky promised each other.

Boys Don’t Kiss Boys

Group: Bangtan Boys

Pairing: Yoonmin

Genre: Fluff

Yoongi always liked Jimin the most.

Jimin wasn’t like the other boys. Jimin was different, much kinder. He didn’t want to hit Yoongi or steal his lunch like all the others boy did.

Instead, he wanted to play with Yoongi.

Yoongi always wondered why out of everyone did Jimin chose to be with him. But he was happy because at least he had a friend.

They were on the playground during lunchtime. While everyone else was away playing Yoongi and Jimin were hidden behind the trees playing pretend in one of the many elaborate stories that Yoongi came up with.

This time Jimin was playing a young prince that needed to be saved and Yoongi was the knight in shining armor that was going to save Jimin from the clutches of the evil dragon-a one-eyed teddy bear that they had found in the toys’ room.

“Stop right there,” Yoongi bellowed in his loudest voice to the teddy bear behind which Jimin was quivering with fear.

“What did you say?” Yoongi asked in a dramatic voice.

Jimin cried out louder.

“Do not worry prince for I am here to save you,” Yoongi said to Jimin before returning his attention back to the dragon.

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“ If you want a Superman movie done right, watch the Captain America films”.


Superman’s not human. Superman isn’t a government experiment. Superman wasn’t lost at sea and frozen for over 70 years. Superman’s love interest isn’t being forced out of the narrative once she’s done something useful for him. Superman didn’t run away when his universe’s public said he needed to answer for some of the damage he caused; he came fully prepared to argue his case. Superman is shown saving people in situations where he is the only one that could do so; replacing him with a super soldier results in all the people in those situations ending up dead. Superman doesn’t go on covert missions for the government; nothing he does is covert.

Clark Kent wasn’t a boy from Brooklyn who had to stand up for himself against bullies, Clark was a boy in Kansas with powers he was struggling to understand and control. He was a boy who could have destroyed any bully that got in his way, but his parents raised him better than that. Clark’s parents are present to give insight into how he grew up and why he feels the way he feels about his powers. Clark Kent was saving people before he put on the “S”, whether it be the kids on a bus, the workers on an oil rig, or the countless others Lois tracked down to figure out who Clark was.

They’re not the same character and they’re not supposed to be. Their cinematic versions are also different from their comic interpretations, so the courtesy of insisting that Superman is less of a superman because he doesn’t follow the comics completely should be extended to the mcu’s Captain America. This constant desire to see a Superman movie done like the Captain America ones ignores what the role each character plays in his own universe, as well as ignoring the genre of films that each character fits into: Superman is not a military asset/government personnel, and Cap. America is not an alien trying to find his place on Earth.

If your idea of Superman is a human-turned-super soldier that punches people for the government, then go watch the Captain America films. They’re enjoyable, and I won’t stop you, but I will say that they are not what Superman movies should be like.

All Tangled Up

Prompt: Hi, just wondering if u could please do a Draco x reader where she falls asleep in the common room and he doesn’t want to leave her there so he carries her to his bed. Thanks :)

Prompt: Hi there, could you do a draco x reader imagine where no one knows about their relationship but they both have hickeys all over them one day and Blaise and pansy try to piece together because they think that draco doesn’t know the reader? If that makes sense

A/N: Thought I’d put these two into one! Hope you like it! Also, if you want to be tagged in future fics/imagines, let me know and I’ll start the tag list :D This has been the death of me! I couldn’t get this how I wanted and it’s taken me so long to get it finished; sorry if it’s a bit not good! I APOLOGISE FOR THIS ATROCITY I CALL ‘MY WRITING’

I don’t know if Draco and Blaise shared a dorm so for the sake of this they did not!

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut (but not really)

Not edited/proof-read


“What is that?” Pansy squinted, bending down to get a closer look at you. “There…on her neck.” She pointed. Blaise looked at Draco before huffing. He shut his book and sauntered over. He leaned over the back of the sofa,

“That, Parkinson, is a hickey.” 

“I know that but…who from?” She smirked with a raised eyebrow and folded her arms. Blaise rolled his eyes, albeit fondly,

“How am I supposed to know? She’s your friend.” He said going to sit back down with Draco who had been watching. Pansy went to reach out and wake you up but she stopped suddenly when Draco shouted ‘don’t’ at her. Blaise and Pansy looked at him.

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Forever (FP Jones-Riverdale)

Request by the lovely @imagination-factory : Could you do an FP imagine where The Reader is a serpent (much older than the gang but still theres an age gap) and she and FP have been in a relationship for a while bc Jugheads mom moved on and asked for a divorce so FP moved on too. She’s almost the opposite, loves being peaceful and her and FP are completely in love, Jughead doesn’t know. The situation but catches them together and gets angry? Fluff with FP explaining the story to him as well as you meeting his son properly? Thank you!!

Love it! If you guys want any more FP, let me know, and tell me what do you wanna see in those imagines :)

Y/N woke up to the sound of some kids playing outside of the trailer. She rolled on to her side to come face to face with a sleeping FP. He looked so peaceful when he slept. The 28 year old girl couldn’t help but smile at the love of her life.

She and FP have  been together for a bit over 2 years now and they still somehow managed to act like they were in the honeymoon faze of their relationship.

They were so different, yet they somehow managed to fit together perfectly. She was very calm and peaceful, she was able to talk and get along with absolutely anyone. FP always thought she had the power to calm any situation and make it better. While he was a very impulsive person. If someone pushed the wrong buttons he wouldn’t hesitate to get in a fight with that person. They were life fire and ice.

The girl leaned down to press a light kiss on FP’s cheek before getting out of bed. She made herself a cup of coffee before grabbing her yoga mat and spreading it open in the living room. Yes, a south side serpent did yoga. Besides when she wore a south side serpent jacket there was no way anyone could tell that she was from that part of the town.

“Well this is a nice view to wake up to.” A raspy voice said from behind her as she was doing the downward dog pose.

“Mornin’.” She smiled straightening up before walking over to her boyfriend who was leaning against the door frame in nothing but his boxers.

“Don’t let me disturb you, princess.” He smirked, letting his eyes run up and down her body. She was wearing a pair of black panties and a white t shirt that she slept in.

“Can’t help it, you’re too distracting.” She said joyfully before walking over to him and wrapping her arms around his neck.

“You’re the one to talk.” He said before kissing her.

“I’m kinda hungry. Wanna make breakfast while i shower?” She asked as the pulled away, his hands still on her hips.

“Sure.” He said before making his way in to the kitchen as she walked in to the bathroom.

“Breakfast’s ready.” FP called out just as she walked back in to the living room wearing nothing but a towel, her hair still dripping wet.

“Thanks, love.” She smiled before sitting down and taking a bite of her eggs.

FP bent down and kissed her forehead as she ate before walking over to the fridge and pulling out a bottle of beer.

“Forsythe Pendleton  Jones the second, don’t you dare open that bottle.” The younger girl said with a serious voice. 

“Fine.” He left out a sigh before putting the beer back and replacing it with a cup of coffee.

“Seriously? After two years  of being with me, you still try to drink in the morning.” She said shaking her head, remembering all the times she had to slap the bottle of beer out of his hands. 

“Can’t blame me for trying.” He winked at her as he sat down next to her. She has changed him, a lot. As crazy as it sounded love really does change a person. Yes, it was hard to break the old habit  of drinking at every hour of the day, but with her in his life, he had something to fight for, someone to help him break the nasty habit.

“Yes, yes,  I can.” She said before standing up and washing her plate.

Less than a minute later FP Joined her by the sink, giving her his plate to wash as well.

“How the hell  do you manage to eat this fast?” She said with a chuckle as she started to wash the rest of the dishes. The slightly older man leaned down and started to kiss her shoulder, warping his arms around her waist. 

Once she was done with the dishes she leaned back against her boyfriend  and enjoyed the feeling of his lips on her skin and the slight starching of his stubble.

“I should get ready for work.” She sighed without actually moving.

“You can be a bit late.” He said against her neck making her smile, none of them hearing the door open and close.


Y/N jumped away from FP, wrapping her towel righter around her body, making FP turn around to come face to face with his son and a blonde girl, who he remembered as Jughead’s girlfriend.

“Jughead.. I-” FP didn’t know what to say. He knew his son always hoped for him and his mother to get back together, never accepting the fact that they got divorced.

“Hey Jughead, it’s nice to meet you, finally.” Y/N jumped in, giving FP some time to think about what he’ll say.

“Who are you?” Jughead said in a flat tone.

“I’m Y/N.” She said, not knowing if she should say anything more about her and his fathers relationship. “And you must be Betty.” She smiled at the girl who stood behind Jughead.

“Nice to meet you.” The blonde smiled.

“Sorry about.. um.. my outfit?” Y/N smiled a small blush creeping on her face. “I’ll let you guys talk, I have to get ready for work anyway.” She smiled, squeezing FP’s hand in encouragement before walking in to the bathroom where she started to put on  her make up.

“Um.. Make yourself at home, I’ll be right back.’‘  FP said before walking in to their room.

’'I thought you said your dad and your mum were close to making up.” Betty said to her boyfriend as they sat down on the couch.

“They were… But Now he’s sleeping with her.” Jughead said, spitting the last word out like it was venom.

“Sorry about that.” FP said sitting down opposite them, now fully dressed.

“Who the hell is she?” Jughead snapped.

“She’s my.. girlfriend.” The older man said, not sure what to call her or how to explain to his son that he found the love of his life and kept it from him for over two years.

“What about mum?” The boy pressed again making FP let out a deep breath, knowing this will be a difficult conversation.

“Juggie, your mum and me, weren’t made for each other. That’s why we separated.”

“But you said you want to work things out!”

“Yes and I did. I  do. But not in a sense that i want to get back together with her. I want to work out something, so i could see Jellly bean.” He told him. “I don’t love your mother. We got together, when we were very young… Your age. She got pregnant. That’s the only reason we got married. None of us was in love. But we got you. For which I’m always gonna be thankful.”

“What about Jelly bean?” Jughead tried, in his mind, still imagining his parents madly in love.

“Your mum thought that getting another kid will bring us closer together.” FP explained just as Y/N walked out of their room, now dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a red and black flannel paired off with a pair of black high heal ankle boots.

“Betty, do you want me to drive you home, i think the boys need to talk about a lot of stuff.” The girl offered grabbing her keys and her purse from the kitchen table.

“Sure.” Betty nodded before looking at her boyfriend. “Are you gonna be okay?”

“Yeah.” He said shortly still looking at his dad with an angry expression on his face.

'I love you.’ Y/N mouthed  to FP, trying not to make things worse by walking over and kissing him like every morning.

FP nodded, sending her an apologetic smile before she and Betty walked out of the trailer.

“Juggie, She’s the one.”

“How do you know?” The boy asked, like a little kid not believing their parents when they told him Santa Clause wasn’t real.

“I just know. She makes me a better person.” He told him and that made Jughead realize that his father really cut down the drinking, got a job and in general fixed his image in the last year or so. “I meet her in the Whyte Wyrm.” He told him, noticing that he is listening, he decided to continue the story. “I was in a bad place. Black out drunk. I remember some guy pushed the wrong buttons and i snapped. We got in a fight in the middle of the bar. It wasn’t looking good for me.” He said remembering how drunk he was, he was hardly able to stand, let alone fight. “Y/N stepped in, talking some sense in to the other guy, before taking me to her place. She patched me up and let me crush on her couch. Next morning she made me breakfast and we talked. At first, I’ll admit, i thought she was just another girl that felt sorry for the old drunk.” He shook his head. “But oh, i was so wrong. We ran in to one another at Whyte Wyrm, the next day as well. She saw me drinking again and sat down next to me, grabbing the bottle of beer out of my hand. I didn’t realize it at the time, but she started to ask questions, talking, about this and that. She kept me talking, to distract me from ordering another drink.” He said, noticing that the expression on his sons face had softened. “I was absolutely enchanted. She was nothing like the other girls  who usually hang out at that bar. No, she was nothing like anyone i have ever met on the south side. I walked her home that night, it was the first night i was sober, in a very long time. I found myself thinking about her, wanting to know more. I went to the Whyte Wyrm again  and again, hoping to see her again. I was like a school boy, having his first crush.” The man chuckled, shaking his head at his own actions. “Weeks passed, and i found out that she was only in the bar on the weekends, i caught myself counting down the days to the next Friday. By the first month i was whipped, but i haven’t even got a kiss from her yet. I’ve tried, oh I’ve tried, but she always rejected me.” He chuckled again. “I think that’s what made me want her more.”

“So how did you get her?” Jughead asked, surprising his father with a soft voice, the wrinkles of anger gone from his face.

“Roses.” FP said shortly, smiling at the memory. “One day i noticed she has this tattoo on the side of her left wrist. A small and simple rose, so i asked her about it. She told me that she got it when she finished high school. I was confused what it had to do with high school. She just laughed and said that there is no connection, she just loved roses. So the next day i got her a rose. The smile it brought on her face, it lit up the whole room. Such a simple thing made her so happy. And that’s when i knew. When i saw that smile, i knew, I was in love.” He said not even realizing he was smiling. Jughead couldn’t recall last time he saw such joy on his face. “She jumped up and hugged me, when she pulled away she gave me the sweetest kiss I’ve ever received. Sorry sorry, I know you don’t wanna listen to that.” FP laughed a nervous laugh, starching the back of his head.

“I get it, dad, You love her.” Jughead nodded.

“I do.”

“I… I’d like to meet her, property.”

“Yeah, how about we go  to Pop’s today? A dinner, on me. You can bring the Cooper girl.” FP offered.

“Sure.” The boy nodded.


“Why am I so nervous?” Y/N asked herself as she fixed her hair.

“You have nothing to be nervous about. He will love you.” FP said wrapping his arm around her shoulder as they sat in one of the boots at Pop’s, waiting for Jughead and his girlfriend.

“Yeah, he really seemed to love me this morning.” She laughed.

“He understands now. He’s the one who asked to meet you.”

“I know, i know.” She said taking a deep breath as she noticed the two teenagers walking towards them. “Jughead, hey.” She smiled offering him her hand, which he shook.

“Hey.” Jughead said before sitting down. “I wanted to say sorry about how I acted this morning.”

“That’s okay.” The girl smiled before sitting down besides her boyfriend again. “So,  how was school?” She asked and before they knew it they were talking about everything and anything.

FP couldn’t help but to smile, he loved the girl. She was his and he was hers. They were forever.


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AN: Ooo i really loved writing this one, please tell me what you guys think.  :)

Void Stiles Imagine- Costume Party

Everyone wanted to date Y/N, the fact you had no interest in dating any high school boy only made it more of a competition for their stupid egos. It wasn’t that you thought you were too good for them, you just wanted to save yourself the heartbreak and embarrassment after everything goes sour. You just wanted to go to school and have a laugh with some friends, that didn’t make boys a top priority on your list. Well that’s how it used to be anyway. There was something about Stiles Stilinski’s goofiness that you adored, how he took the blame for his friends all the time, how he didn’t care to embarrass himself in front of the class as long as he’s protecting someone else from doing it.

You had a free period so you decided to do some extra studying in the library, your friends were all going for something to eat but they were bringing their boyfriends and their friends. So In other words it would be you having a bunch of guys hit on you, while your friends moan at you for being too ‘prude’ or ‘high maintenance’. You were recapping your knowledge on stem cells when you heard the library doors swing open. You briefly glanced up to see Stiles walking in, you followed him with your eyes until he looked back at you. He then suddenly covered his face with the folder he was holding and scrambled to sit on an empty seat at the back of the room. You shook your head and smiled, looking back down at your work. It wasn’t until ten minutes later that you felt the chair opposite you be uneasily pulled out. You heard a loud panting and books being slammed down on the desk. “It’s about time, I thought you’d never get the balls to come over” you claimed, still reading your textbook.  “You knew I was going to come over?” he asked, finally catching his breath. “No. But I knew you wanted to” you replied, finally looking up at him. Catching his brown eyes reflect the glare of the light. “Did you want me to?” he interrogated, leaning forward. “Did I want you to what?” you asked sarcastically. He gave you a questioning look, while trying not to laugh, “So where’s your friends?” he asked, looking around. “You sure love asking questions” you grinned. “And you sure love giving short answers” he fired back. “They’ve gone for something to eat” you finally told. “They left you here?” he questioned, like it was the most unjust thing he’d ever heard. “No, I just didn’t feel like going” you shrugged. “ I was going to say, because you are way too pretty to be alone” he said, clearly on accident.“Are you flirting with me Stilinski?” you smirked. “Yes, I mean only if you want me to be flirting then I am, only if you want me to be-” He began rambling, before stopping himself after realising you were trying not to laugh. “Oh god, that was embarrassing” he said, rubbing his neck. “No, it was kind of sweet” you reassured. “Well, I think I’ve took enough humiliation to last a lifetime. See you.” he picked up his books and began to walk away. “Stiles, wait!” you shouted, getting up and running over to him. “Hey erm, my friend’s having a fancy dress party later and she said I could bring someone” you said, sounding somewhat nervous. “And you wanted me to ask Scott if he would go with you” he said out of routine. “Actually, I was wondering if you would go with me” you smiled. “Seriously?” he asked, looking up. “Seriously, unless you don’t want to-” you began. “So, ill see you at eight?” he said, almost immediately. “See you then” you replied, walking back to your seat. You couldn’t help but watch as he beamed out of the library, you also couldn’t help laughing when you saw his victory air pump when he thought you weren’t looking.

“Guess who landed a date with Y/F/N” Stiles said smugly, sitting down at his lunch table. “Don’t tell me it’s Greenburg, he’s been eyeing her up all year” Allison said, shaking her head. “No, guys it’s me, I did” he announced, like they all should of known. “No you did not, she’s way out of your league” Isaac smirked. “Says the guy in the scarf. I’m picking her up tonight for a costume party” he beamed. “I dont think that’s a good idea” Scott said fermly. “Why not?” he asked. “Maybe because you’re possessed by an evil spirit that can take over at any second” Lydia said bluntly. “I have it under control! This is my one chance and I’m not screwing this up!” Stiles raised his voice. “You need to cancel!” Scott demanded. Everyone glanced over at your lunch table, you were laughing at some joke one of your friends told. “Y/N’s a sweet girl, if you liked her you wouldn’t put her at risk” Allison shrugged. “It’s going to be fine, I know what I’m doing” Stiles said, picking up his lunch and throwing it in the bin. He stormed outside, putting one of his backpack straps in his mouth, a clear sign of his anxiousness. ”There is no way in hell we’re letting him do this” Scott stated. “We haven’t got a choice, he seemed pretty determined to me” Lydia said, opening a bottle of water. “If we cant change his mind, maybe we can change hers?” Isaac suggested. “You heard him, he’s liked her since forever. We cant ruin it for him completely” Allison said. “Well what other choice do we have?” Scott asked. “Well I’m down for a costume party” Lydia hinted. “No way on earth” Isaac shook his head. “That doesn’t sound so bad” Scott agreed. “Great, I’ll get us all invited by the end of the day, tops” Lydia smiled, picking up her tray just as the lunch bell went.

You looked in the mirror one last time and brushed down your dress, removing any remaining creases. For once, you weren’t met by the normal self consciousness you usually got before a party but a radiating happiness. You knew Stiles wasn’t going to judge or rate you, like the normal idiots your friends set you up with. When you heard his jeep pull into your driveway you didn’t feel the urge to wait a few minutes before letting him in, you actualy got that butterfly feeling and were excited to see him again. You grabbed your phone and clutch, picked up your heels and ran down to open the door. “Heyy” you said smiling wildly. “Hey you” he grinned, surprised by your eagerness. You opened the door all the way and leant against the frame to slip your heels on. “You look stunning” Stiles said gawping. “Thank you, you look very handsome yourself” you laughed to stop yourself from blushing. He opened his jeep door for you and helped you get in, before walking over to the drivers side. Before he turned the engine on, he sat there still staring at you while you topped up your lipstick using his wind view mirror. “Sorry I didn’t have enough time to get a costume” he said, gesturing to his usual plain top and jeans. “It’s ok, you look fine” you assured, clipping your seatbelt in. For the journey you both sat there, having sassy conversations and lip singing to songs on the radio. He was practically the male version of you, he just had friends that accepted him for him.

When you arrived you took a deep breath, you weren’t prepared for everyone to ask you why you were with Stiles. But as soon as he opened the car door for you and linked your arm, all of your doubts faded. When he was around, you couldn’t help but smile. He walked you in with a proud expression after seeing the crowds of jealous boys staring at the pair of you. What you didn’t understand was why girls weren’t falling at Stiles’ feet, sure he’s socially awkward but also hot as hell. He walked you over to a corner and you spoke, while people came and greeted you. You were talking to one of your friends and their date when you noticed Stiles kept looking around. “Are you ok?” you asked quietly. He stared at you blankly for a second, before nodding his head and smiling. Later on, it was just the pair of you leaning against the back fence chilling. He looked over your shoulder and then suddenly ducked. You furrowed your brows and began to turn around before he grabbed your shoulders quickly so you were still facing him. “What’s going on?” you asked confused. “Erm nothing, I’m just going to the toilet and maybe you should get us someee… drinks for when I get back” he stalled, before disappearing into the crowd of people. You stood there, before hesitantly going to the drinks table which was in the opposite direction. ”What the hell are you doing here?” Stiles hissed, approaching his friends that were all gathered in a corner. “And what are you supposed to be, mentally retarded?” Isaac asked, referring to his non existent costume. “We came to make sure everything was ok” Allison claimed. “No, you came to check on me” Stiles retort. “We’re just doing what’s right” Scott told. “Just make sure she doesn’t see you!” Stiles demanded. “Make sure who doesn’t them?” you asked standing next to him, two cups in hand. “Oh god” he jumped. “Hey, I’m Y/N. I’ve met Allison and Scott but I don’t think I’ve met you guys” you smiled. “I’m Lydia and that’s a really pretty dress. I can already see us going shopping together” she greeted, you handed Stiles the drinks as she pulled you into a hug. “And you’re Isaac, right?” you asked. He nod and kissed your hand rather than hugging you, causing Stiles to mumble under his breath. “Just one question, Stiles hasn’t done anything strange yet has he?” Isaac questioned bluntly, causing the others to glare at him. “Not particularly” you answered sceptically. “Well as great as this little get together was, I think we’ll be off” Stiles said, gesturing you to follow him. “You can stay here and talk to us, I’m sure Y/N would like to get to know us better anyway” Allison said quickly. “Well it’s our first date so I think we should get to know each other first” he said guiding you away before they could say anything else.

You and Stiles walked out the back gate, to get some privacy so you could talk without having to shout over the music or be interrupted every 5 seconds by one of your friends or a drunk boy trying to hit on you. It was a cold night, you wouldn’t think it in the back garden with all the dancing people and bonfire but as soon as you took a step out of there you were hit by the breeze. You turned to look at Stiles who was holding his head. “Hey, are you ok? Do you need some water?” you kept asking, not knowing it sounded muffled to him. He stood up and turned around, giving you such a weird look, it was like a whole different person. You backed away slowly to the gate but he grabbed your wrist before you could go any further. “You’re hurting me” you winced. “We’re going on a walk” he stated, dragging your arm down the empty street. “Scott what’s wrong?” Lydia asked as the four of them walked through the crowd. “He’s took her” Isaac answered. They burst out of the gate, ”They’ve gone” Allison panicked. “If he’s gone void they could be anywhere” Lydia paced. “Cant you catch a scent?” Allison asked. “Of him yes, of her no” Scott stated. “Wont they be together?” Isaac queried. “The forest, it’s a 5 minute walk from here” Lydia claimed. “That’s where he’s taking her” Allison run her hands through her hair. “Then we need to find them, fast!” Scott exclaimed.

“Y/N!” Stiles called mockingly. “Leave me alone” you cried. By now you had already took your heels off and thrown them at him, only for him to dodge them and laugh. You ran through the trees, as twigs snapped under your bare feet. Your chest was pounding, not only out of fear but out of the exhaustion and bitter air. You turned around, noticing he was no longer a few steps behind you. You’ve seen how this goes, it’s on every Tv show. The second you stop running or hide he’ll be there so you had no other choice but to carry on even when you physically couldn’t anymore. He stopped calling your name and you stopped hearing his footsteps. You knew your feet were bleeding, you knew you wouldn’t be able to wait it out until the morning. The only option you had left was to find your way out of the forest, but you didn’t know it as well as Stiles. The only way you knew was going back past the old burnt house, but you had no idea where to find it from where you were now. You ran down a smaller trail on your left, your legs and arms being stung the whole way, you checked to make sure he wasn’t following. When you turned back around you bumped into something, into someone. “Y/N” he smiled, like it was some twisted game. You glanced down at his hand to see him gripping a thick branch, you then saw him swing it towards you. You fell hard onto the ground, hitting your head. All you could see was the blurry figure towering above you, “Please, Stiles don't” you murmered, trying to drag yourself away. “Such a waste, especially on Stiles. Pretty, but stupid enough to believe anything anyone says” he said, kicking your arm so you stopped moving. “Why are you doing this?” you grovelled. “Always the same questions, no one has any originality” he said, lifting the branch again. “Stiles” you whispered crying. “Stiles!” someone shouted. All you saw was the shadow of two bigger forces knocking him over. “Are you ok?” someone asked, lifting you up. “I don’t, I don’t know-” you slurred, before passing out.

“We need to tell her” a low voice said. “How are we supposed to do that?” another one asked. You opened your eyes, to an unfamiliar location. “Y/N, don’t worry, you’re in Scott’s living room” Allison spoke softly. “What happened?” you questioned nervously. “Don’t be scared, nothings going to happen to you” Lydia smiled sympathetically. “You didn’t answer my question” you stated, sitting up and moving the blanket they had put on you. “I’ll tell her” Stiles mumbled walking in. You tensed up in fear, until you were met with a nod from Scott, you trusted him. You relaxed slightly and crossed your arms. “I’m possessed by an ancient spirit that tried to kill you last night but I promise it wasn’t me” he rambled. “I thought you were different, but you really are one big joke” you snarled, standing up. “Scott’s a werewolf” he added quickly. “You were only supposed to tell her about you” Scott huffed. “Well it didn’t work” he bit back. “We’re not insane, I promise. Just hear him out” Allison said, before you walked out of the door way. “You have five minutes” you said with an eye roll. “We can prove it, you just have to trust us” Lydia intervened. You nod your sighed. You looked up to see Scott’s eyes glowing red. “What the fu- how did you do that?” you asked, mesmerised. “I’m an alpha” Scott smiled. You learnt a lot that morning: Hunters, Werewolves, Werecoyotes, A Nogitsune, Oni and a possible Kitsune. You didn’t want to believe them, but you were ready to. You knew there was something strange about Beacon Hills but you just shrugged it off. After what you heard you were scared, but happy to be in the know of everything. “I promise i’ll do everything I can so I don’t hurt you again” Stiles said, standing next to you. “I know you will” you said quietly. He squeezed your hand and rubbed it with his thumb. “I was wondering if we could maybe start fresh if I make it through this” He said, staring at his shoes. “It’s going to be ok, ill be with you every step. Now I’m going home for shower and Scott’s picking me back up later for my very first pack meeting” you claimed, standing up. You began to walk out before quickly kissing him on the cheek, “And yes, we can start over” you winked. You beamed out of Scott’s house, excited for the new chapter in your life. Not knowing the events that were soon taking place, that would soon change your life forever.

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Date Night

Requested: yep!
Rating: PG-13 bc mild cursing, tbh this is 100% fluff
Summary: it’s been 2 years now and the team keeps asking where Baby goes every night and why they drop him off at a coffee shop after work and not at his apartment. Well, it’s been 2 years now, and Baby is ready to show them why.


The job was over. The sun was low in the sky, shadows running like wet paint off of every surface and Baby pulled one earbud out of his ear, stepping out of the car that he’d been driving, allowing Buddy to sit in the driver’s seat now that it was his turn to leave for the evening.

He waved subtly to the team and began to walk across the street to the coffee shop where you worked when Darling’s window rolled down and she spoke with slight concern.

“Hey, kid, why don’t we drop you off at home anymore? Everything okay, with your dad and everything?”

He nodded again to signal everything was fine and began to walk away again when once again he was stopped. “Baby, why are you going to a coffee shop that’s about to close?”

She asked, and Baby saw the lights flicker off in the building, the bell on the door jingle and the lock twist shut.

It was your job to close up tonight and that’s just what you were doing, he watched you take your hair out of its pony tail and run your hands through it, looking around because your boyfriend Baby had committed to meeting you here after work. He watched as you reached your hands intocyour bag that was slung over one shoulder, probably looking for your phone. He’d call to you, but the team hadn’t met you yet and he figured that this wasn’t the right time, then again there may never be a right time to introduce his dream girl to his coworkers.

“We’re like family, Baby, you can tell us,” she pleaded, and Baby, wanted Darling to let the subject drop so he could go to his girlfriend to avoid her thinking even for a moment that he had forgotten her.

He quietly agreed to tell them soon without thinking about it, and walked away, slightly jogging over to you, who hadn’t seen him in the low light, the car had driven away before he reached you and he was glad, up until this point you had been his secret, hidden from the team and all of the things he’d had to do since he’d began working for Doc.

You knew what he did, and like anyone who cared about Baby, you didn’t like it. But you accepted it as a part of him and loved him anyway.

“Hey, YN!” He greeted you and you turned to face him, glad he hadn’t forgotten to meet you.

“Hey, yourself,” you replied and your hands found each other without either of you having to look. “How was work in there?” Baby asked as the two of you started the short walk to your apartment. “Crazy, I didn’t have time to eat lunch,” you laughed, your stomach growling as you mentioned it.

Baby looked at you with slight concern, “you need to eat lunch, YN,” he chided and you smiled, the two of you had had this conversation many times before, you didn’t skip meals on purpose, not even close, you just got so caught up in the whirling torrent of people constantly in and out of the shop, that you forgot to feed yourself as well as them. “I know, I know, don’t worry, I’ll get something when we get home,”

Baby nodded, he loved it when you said things like “let’s go home” it made his heart warm and beat even faster in his chest. It’s been two years and you still made him react like it was a first date.

“Good,” he said, leaning onto you a bit to make you stumble slightly as a joke, you moved accordingly, used to him messing with you like this, your body leaning slightly to the side, you reciprocated his movements, nudging him slightly to the side and the two of you shared a quiet laugh, your hands still connected comfortably.

“So how was work out here?” You asked, looking up at your boyfriend, you still loved hearing about his day or the music he was working on like it was the first time you’d ever heard him tell you.

“It was alright, pretty standard, Doc gave me my cut, Darling and Buddy made out, Bats did that weird anti-capitalist rant he always does, and I listened to our mixtape in the car,” he said with a smile at the bit about the mixtape he’d made of all the songs the two of you had bonded over. Every song on it had at least one memory the two of you shared tied to it. You’d asked about his coworkers before, and he’d answered all your questions without argument, but you knew that he hated to talk about work when he didn’t need to so you didn’t bring up anything too specific about it often.

“Everything went okay, right? You didn’t get hurt at all?” You always asked this, you knew the kind of people Baby got mixed up with every time he was called in and you couldn’t deny it made you uneasy, but you also knew that Baby could really do nothing about it.

“Everything went just fine, nobody got hurt,” he reassured you, you nodded and relaxed, the two of you entered into your apartment building after you swiped your key at the front entrance.

The two of you reached your apartment, stepping inside. Baby put on some soft music, you began making dinner for you and Baby, him sitting on the counter watching you boil water for the noodles.

The two of you ate, and Baby looked slightly preoccupied.
“Everything okay, love?” You questioned from your spot on the counter across from Baby, who was also seated on the counter. This had become your dinner tradition, the two of you eating together in the warmth of your slightly cramped kitchen, legs dangling.

“Yeah, just thinkin’,” he said with a smile.

“What about?”

“The team, they’ve been getting kinda suspicious of me asking to be dropped off so far from my house, Darling keeps asking if everything’s okay, I hate to make her worry,” he explained.

You nodded in understanding as he spoke. “You gonna tell them where you go every night?” You smiled, thinking about how for the last two years, Baby had slept over at your place, at first he had been wary of leaving Joe, but his father assured him it was fine and Baby checked on him often, most times bringing you along to visit his dad.

“Do you want me to tell them? About us?” You knew Baby had thought the pros and cons out a billion times.

“It’s up to you, Baby, I’m okay with whatever you choose,” you said, and he nodded thoughtfully, taking your answer into consideration.


It’d been a few weeks since you and Baby had visited the subject of talking about you to the team, when you and Baby were out for dinner one night at a cheap Italian restaurant when you noticed a group of three adults spot Baby from across the room and walk over.

“Baby, are these your friends?” You asked while they were still out of earshot, and Baby subtly looked to see his team walking over to your booth, the two of you sitting on the same side of the table.

“Yes, ma'am, that would be the team,” he replied. You nodded, a bit nervous as to what their intentions were. Your hand clutched his subconsciously under the table and he held your hand in his.

“Don’t worry, babe, they’re alright,” you nodded, knowing Baby wouldn’t lie to you, especially not about potential danger.

“Baby, who’s this?” A beautiful woman in high heels said once she was within a comfortable distance of the table. She smiled, looking you over.

Suddenly, compared to her outfit you felt slightly underdressed in what you were wearing, a hoodie that belonged to Baby, some leggings and a pair of sandals that had been laying by your door that had been convenient to pull on.

“This is YN,” Baby said, you could tell the two were comfortable with each other, the woman reached out her hand and. You reciprocated, shaking hands. “I’m Darling, it’s my pleasure to meet you, YN,” she grinned and you smiled back, watching two men make their way to the table.

“Is this why you’ve been having us drop you off on the opposite side of town?” Darling asked with a knowing smile, Baby just nodded.

“Don’t think I’ve ever seen you without a pair of sunglasses, kid, and those damn earphones,” one of them said and Darling rolled her eyes slightly but smiled. “YN, this is Buddy,” she said, and you nodded, glad for Baby’s reassuring arm around your waist.

“And this is Bats,” she said, motioning to the last of the three, who moved to sit down in the booth across from you and Baby.

“Bats, you’re so rude, don’t ruin their date!” Darling chided and Bats seemed unbothered, simply replying “I think we’ve already interrupted whatever date they were having just by walking over,”

“Well, you heard him, mind if we barge in? I’m hungry,” Buddy inquired, already moving to sit down next to Bats. Darling sat down last, still smiling at you.

“So, YN, are you and the kid together?” She said, he arms on the table as she leaned forward with interest ever so slightly. You nodded shyly. “Are you as quiet as the kid always is? Because Jesus, being together must be like watching a silent movie all the time if you are,” Buddy joked and you laughed slightly. “Ah, there’s a real smile,” he said.

“So, what do you do, YN, are you still in school?” You answered her and added that you worked in the coffee shop down town.

“So, Baby, you’ve been going to see this lovely lady after every job?” She said, and made an “aww” sound when Baby confirmed this to be true.

“These damn teenagers and being in love,” Buddy said, feigning annoyance with a smile showing through the facade.

“So, how long have you too been together?” Darling inquired, you felt like you were meeting family for the first time, Darling practically radiating maternal waves.

“Uh, for like what? Two years now?” Baby questioned, looking at you for confirmation. You nodded happily in agreement.
“Kid, you kept this a secret for two years?” Darling questioned with surprise.

“You can’t be too shocked, when he’s barely said 2 words to us in the time we’ve known him,” Bats said and it was only them you noticed a waitress had walked up to your table with a pad open in her hand and a pencil tucked behind her ear.

“Can I get you guys anything?” She questioned and you tried to hide your surprise when the team began ordering meals.

“Not the dinner we had in mind,” Baby said with a slight chuckle into your ear. Baby and you ordered a pasta to share and as the waitress was walking away Baby leaned over to whisper to you again. “Let me know if you want to leave,” you squeezed his hand in confirmation you understood.

“Hey, keep the dirty talk to a minimum, yeah?” Buddy joked, causing your face to get warm and Baby’s cheeks to go pink.

“Oh, hush,” Darling scolded, the smile never leaving her face. Your food arrived after a few minuets of small talk and you and Baby ate together, every so often squeezing each other’s hands under the table to make sure you were both doing alright. Bats and Buddy seemed much less on edge than Baby had described them,you could tell he felt the same by how relaxed he was.

“So, you two are dating? How’s the kid in the sack?” Buddy inquired with a deep laugh, you felt your face get hot as you leaned against Baby’s chest, your head near his shoulder. Baby had rolled his eyes but his face was pinker than usual and he let out a laugh as well.

“You’re going to make them leave early!” Darling chided her lover with a hand to his shoulder. Bats asked you if you knew what they did together for work and you just nodded. “You tell her or did she find out?” He inquired to Baby, who truthfully answered that he’d told you as soon as he could.

Bats nodded thoughtfully. “And you stayed?” He tried to cover up his genuine interest with a scoffing sort of laugh and you nodded without pause, smiling. You could feel Baby’s chest rhythmically rising and falling beneath you.

You and Darling had definitely gotten off on the right foot, the two of you felt like friends by the end of the evening, talking about everything from hair and makeup to books and movies, the entire table getting involved to talk about music, especially Baby, who naturally had opinions on every genre any of you could think of.

The time had flown by and by the time the restaurant was ready to close and all the stragglers had spilled into the street outside, the five of you had become closer to friends than ever, Darling had typed her number into your phone and had instructed you to keep in touch. When you and Baby had said you were going to call it a night and go home, Darling wrapped her arms around you and spoke softly into your ear.

“The kid is lucky to have you, I can tell how much better his life is with you in it, you can call on us for anything okay?”
You nodded with a smile.

“Thank you, I’m so glad that you’re with him, I can tell he cares about you a lot,” you said truthfully and she smiled. “We all love the kid, it’s just a natural response,” she joked so that everyone could hear her. Bats and Buddy pretended to deny it but you could tell that they agreed.
Baby and you began the walk home hand in hand as always in the cool evening air after parting ways with the team.
“I’m glad you have them, to look out for you,” you confessed to Baby once you were out of earshot.

“Me too,” he said. “And even more glad to have you.”

Late Night Studies

Parring: Sirius Black X Reader

Word: 1601 EXACTLY!

Warnings: none other my English!

Summary: Reader’s shy personality doesn’t quite fit with her boyfriend, Sirius Black’s

A/N: I hope this is alright, it turned out a bit longer than i planned. Tell me what you think or request something!

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“You’d thought I would have gotten the hang of it now”

You looked to your left, where your eyes fell on a dark-haired boy. A small smile spread on your lips as you admired him. He was looking down in a book while scratched his neck with a frown on his forehead.

“I give up” Sirius said as he dropped his quill, leaned back, and looked at you with a smile on his lips. “What about we just do this another day, huh? “

“You said that yesterday” You answered with a lifted eyebrow. “And the day before that, and the day before… “

“Okay, okay, I get your point! “. You couldn’t help but chuckle a bit, and Sirius soon joined in, before looking at you.

“fine” you sighed, not being able to resist his puppy eyes anymore. “But this is the last time, we’re doing it tomorrow! “

“Promise! “Sirius said seriously, before breaking into a big smile. “So, Y/N… “he said as he leaned towards you.

“Sirius” you answered while looking away, feeling a light blush rising to your cheeks. It wasn’t that long since Sirius had asked you out, and you had started dating.


“Look who it is “He said, sitting down in the chair that stood on the other site of the table. “What are you doing here, Princess? “

“Just… Trying to do some homework… “you said without looking up from the potions book. Your grip around the quill tightened when the boy didn’t continue. However, you were not the type to do something about it, so you just continued reading for the next few minutes.

You could feel Sirius’s eyes rest on you, and your face became redder for every minute he watched you.

“Progressing? “He asked, and you wondered why he had asked that, before you realised you had read the same paragraph since he sat down.

“Why are you here? “you asked, daring to look up at him without lifting your head. His eyes were fastened on you, a small smile playing on his lips.

“What are you doing next weekend? “He asked, almost as careless as if he had asked what you hoped there would be for dinner. You frowned slightly.

“I-I don’t know… “You answered, finally lifting your head to meet his eyes fully. His smile grew, and your face became hotter under his look.

“Good” he said. “Then I suppose I can ask you on a date to Hogsmeade? “

“A what?! “You asked shocked, before becoming embarrassed by your outburst. Sirius only chuckled. “Sorry”

“No, do not apologize” he said, and sharpened his look. His grey eyes were calm and intense, like he could look right through you. You often wondered if he could.

“What do you say? “he asked. You looked around in the library, scanned the bookshelf’s, expecting to see the other boys behind one of them. You had never talked to Potter, Lupin or Pettigrew, but lately you had started talking to Sirius more. It had started when Professor Middleton asking if you could help Mr. Black with his herbology, and well, you had.

“Don’t bother” You said on a low voice, looking down in your book. “I know all about it”

“What do you mean? “he asked with a frown, and you looked up.

“Your prank” you said, begging he wouldn’t notice how your voice was shaking. “You can go find another girl to make fun of”

“A prank? I wouldn’t do that! “He asked, and you lifted an eyebrow. “Alright, maybe I would. But not on you! Not with this! Trust me! We don’t have to go to Hogsmeade, we could do something else, we don’t even have to tell others about it! Please, Y/N? Give me a chance? “

You bit your lip, considering it for only a moment


Almost four weeks had passed since the Hogsmeade weekend. The weekend had turned into you two meeting more often, but it became less about herbology. Sirius had started talking about you two as if you were more than friends, which had caused you to question him. You had been sure no one would want to date you because of your… disability. It was a problem for you every day, so why would anyone else want to deal with it? Take twice as long to get anywhere because there were stairs everywhere in the castle? There were places you weren’t even able to go because of your wheelchair. You had often cursed the founders for not thinking of things like that, but then you figured that there probably weren’t wheelchairs then. Then you cursed the chair itself and all the stairs.

“Y/N? “Sirius said, and you looked up. “You’re zoning out”

“Sorry, I was just… thinking… “you said while looking down, a small blush creeping onto your face.

“We talked about that, it’s not good for you” Sirius said with a grin, and you smiled. When you looked up, his face was serious. “What was it this time? “

“Just… “You started, taking a deep breath. “You, and us, and the chair, and stairs, and… I just… I hate it sometimes. I wish it wasn’t like this”

“Y/N” Sirius said softly, leaning towards you, taking your hand. “I don’t care about the chair, you know that! Hell, I don’t care if you an arm, or both, or your head! Okay, maybe I would care about that, I’m not sure you would survive”

You chuckled, and he smiled at you before continuing.

“The point is, I love you” he said while looking at you. “I love you more than anything else, and I’m not going to let a stupid wheelchair get in the way! I don’t care about it, it doesn’t matter to me, so it shouldn’t matter to you either”

You nodded, and he lifted an eyebrow to ask if you were okay. You answered by taking his other hand, and he leaned towards you.

“Hey! Padfo-OOOOOH! “Someone shouted, and Sirius jumped up. You both looked up to see three boys stand in the library, looking shocked at you.

“So, this is where you have been disappearing! “Potter said, and walked towards the table. He grabbed a chair, and sat down on the other site, before looking at you. “You know, I was starting to get worried. He told us a girl was helping him out with some herbology, but I think he forgot to mention she was cute“

“Stop flirting with my girlfriend, Prongs! “Sirius said, his eyes sharping as he looked as his friend.

“Girlfriend?! “The boy with the glasses gasped, and lifted a hand to his heart. “Padfoot! You forgot to mention you had gotten a girlfriend! “

“If I may interrupt… “Lupin said, and you all looked to him. “I said he was in love”

“yes, yes” Potter said while waving it off. “But can you blame me for not believing you? I believe this is the first time our dear Padfoot have been in love! “

“Maybe you could stop talking about me like I ain’t here? “Sirius asked, his face starting to redden. Normally you would have been embarrassed, and sure you were, but it was also fascinating to hear his friends.

“Maybe you could introduce us to your girlfriend then? “Lupin asked, and you could feel everyone look at you. Now it was your turn to blush.

“This is Y/N Y/L/N” Sirius started, and took your hand, trying to calm you down. “She’s… “

“James Potter, also known as Prongs, Sirius’ best friend, Gryffindor quidditch captain, but you probably know that already” Potter said, holding out his hand. You tried to dry your sweaty palms in your skirt before you took it. A big smile spread on his face.

“James! “Sirius said, and the other boy laughed before winking at you. This lead you to blush even more.

“That’s Peter” James said, gesturing to the smallest one of them. He lifted an arm to say hello, and you mirrored his gesture. “And then we have Remus”

“Hello Y/N” He said with a smile.

“Hi” you said nervous. Remus seemed nice, like the kind of boy you could become friends with. James was loud and dramatic. Sure, so was Sirius, but he knew how to turn it down when he was with you. Peter hadn’t even said a word this entire time.

“We were… kind of in the middle of something… “Sirius said after a while with silence, and the other boys nodded as if they remembered.

“Yes! Of course, we also have stuff to do, right James? “Remus said, his two last words were sharp against James.

“Not really” James said with a pout, but stood up anyway. “But I guess we’ll go. I’ll see you later Sirius! “

“Y/N” Remus said while looking at you. “it was nice to meet you, I hope Sirius decides to introduce us probably next time”

“M-me too” you said with a nervous smile, and Remus smiled again, before the three boys left the library. You still had the shadow of a smile on your lips when you turned to Sirius, only for it to disappear when you saw his face.

“What is wrong? “you asked, and he sighed.

“I’m sorry about them, especially James” he said before looking at you. “He can’t read a situation”

“I’m glad I got to meet your friends” You said with a smile, and he lifted an eyebrow to ask if you meant it. You answered by taking his hand, and leaning in. You could see the smile on his lips before you kissed him.

Justin Foley x Reader: No more secrets

A/N: Hope you like this imagine I am pretty proud of it so I hope you guys like it. Also in this imagine Jessica never got raped.

Warnings: Mention of rape, Mention of suicide, Swearing

How could he do this to me? Why wouldn’t he tell me? That were just a few thoughts that were running through your head. You had found out what Justin had done to Hannah and you couldn’t believe it. You and Hannah were friends and your long time boyfriend was one of the reasons why she killed herself. You were talking to Tony when he had told you about the tapes Hannah never asked him to tell you something or give them to you but he felt like you needed to know why she did what she did. You were happy that you finally knew why she did it but you that still didn’t bring her back and then to find out that your boyfriend is one of the reasons you just couldn’t believe it. You knew that he would be at Bryce’s and even though you didn’t want to see or have anything to do with that rapist you had to put that aside because you just needed to talk to Justin. You knocked on his front door hard and angrily and stopped when he opened the door.

“Oh hey Y/N. What’s up?” Bruce asked with a smirk.

“Get out of my way Bryce I need to talk to Justin.” You said pushing past him.

You walked to the pool house and angrily stormed inside which startled Justin. He looked behind him and smiled when he saw you but that smile immediately dropped when he sad how angry you were.

“What the hell Justin!?” You yelled angrily.

“Wow babe what’s going on?” He asked confused as he stood up from the couch and walked towards you.

“I heard the tapes Justin.” You said angrily as you crossed your arm.

“L-look Y/N you don’t understand.” He said with a scared look on his face.

“There’s nothing to understand Justin. How could you do something like that?” You asked looking down.

“Now babe look you can’t believe her okay. She lied okay.” He said as he tried to take your hand.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” You said as you pulled your hand away from him.

“Why would she lie about something like that Justin. And I heard the rumors too you know so I know she’s not lying.” You said angrily.

“Y/N I’m sorry please I know you were friends with her but how was I supposed to know at that time what damage that would bring and also you can’t blame it all on me Bryce is the one who send the picture to everyone.” He said with tears in his eyes.

“You shouldn’t have taken that picture in the first place. And another thing why are you protecting Bryce he’s a rapist why are you still friends with him.” You said crossing your arms.

“I-I know that I never should have said that we did more then just kiss. I know I’m wrong I know that I killed her but there’s nothing I can do about it now. At the time it happened I didn’t think that it was that big of a deal. And about Bryce it’s complicated.” He said as some tears rolled down his face.

“What’s complicated about it? He’s a rapist he needs to be behind bars. I know he is one of your best friends and that you always stay with him when your mom and her asshole boyfriend are being annoying but you now you can stay with me too if you need to.” You said.

“Yeah I know but l-look Y/N just forget about it okay. I know that protecting him might seem wrong but. Look we don’t have any proof okay. He isn’t gonna admit to doing it and who is gonna believe a dead girl.” He said sitting back down.

“Look Justin I love you so much. But after finding out what you did and that you keep protecting him. I know that Hannah is dead but who would lie about getting raped. You just want to protect him and I can’t be with someone who does stuff like this Justin.” You said tears forming in your eyes.

“N-no no no, please Y/N please don’t break up with me. I love you so much.” He said as he stood up crying and freaking out because you were breaking up with him.”

“I’m sorry Justin but I-I have to.” You said also crying.

“No no please, please Y/n don’t do this to me.” He said crying.

“I’m sorry Justin. Goodbye.” You said wiping away some of your tears.

Justin just broke down he fell on the ground and sobbed so hard and so loud. You were crying and when Bryce started to ask questions about what happened you just ignored him and kept walking. That night Bryce had invited over the rest of the guys to cheer Justin up a bit but while the other were playing poker or playing video games he was just drinking and drinking. He was trying to drown his sadness. You were in your room trying not to start crying again so you decided to do some homework to distract you when suddenly your phone went off. You looked at the caller I.D. and saw that it was Justin.

“What is it Justin?” You asked harsher then you had expected.

“Hey Y/N uhh I uhh just wanted to say sorry again and that I love you and also I’m drunk and I miss you. Please come back to me and take me back I’ll do anything to get you back.” He said.

You could hear that he was very very drunk and even though you broke up with him you were concerned about him. So you decided to go to Bryce’s house to get him.

“Justin please just stop drinking. I’ll be right there to come and get you.” You said putting on your shoes.

You got into your car and drove to Bryce’s house you walked inside his house cause for some reason his door was open and walked to the pool house. You immediately went to Justin and he immediately hugged you.

“I’m so so so so so sorry babe please just take me back. I’m a mess without you.” He said hugging you.

“Come on Justin you’re coming home with me. Then we’ll talk.” You said taking his arm and dragging him out of the pool house ignoring everyone’s questions.

After a few minutes you arrived at your house and you went inside. You wen to your room and gave him some water to drink.

“I’m serious Y/N I’m a mess without you please take me back.” He said after he was a little bit more sober.

“I know that Justin and I wanna be with you to. But how can I know that you will never do anything like that to me.” You said looking at him.

“How? Because I’ve learned from my mistakes. I don’t know why I did what I did and believe me or not I feel horrible about it. But please you have to believe me when I say I will never ever do that to you.” He said looking into your eyes.

“Okay I believe you.” You said taking his hand.

“So does that mean you will take me back?” He asked a little excited.

“Yes I’ll take you back. But that means no more secrets okay.” You said with a smile.

“Promise no more secrets. I would kiss you but I feel like I’m gonna puke so I’m not gonna do that.” He said holding your hand.

“I love you Y/N.” He said with a smile.

“I love you too Justin.”

Life lessons Pt. 1

So, picture this…….. Alec is working at the institute as an instructor in between missions along with Izzy, Clary, Jace and other instructors. A group of new Shadowhunter recruits have just arrived straight out of the academy.  Four of them are girls. They have been really excited to get assigned to the New York Institute because they’ve all heard stories about Jace and Clary and one of the other instructors was rumored to be gay. They have been hard at work all morning with Alec, Jace and Clary in seraph blade training. Now its lunch time and they are sitting in the cafeteria eating. Some of the girls have gotten together to discuss their morning and instructors.

“So, do we know which ones are Clary and Jace?” one girl asks, leaning in towards the others.

“Yeah the instructor with the red hair. Jace is the cute blonde one” answered one of the others.

“And they are supposed to be together? The ones that thought they were brother and sister? Wow. I heard that he was killed by Valentine and brought back to life by Raziel”

“Yeah, I heard that too. She is so lucky cause he’s really hot” All the while, the girls are taking secretive peeks across the room to the table where Clary, Jace and Alec sat eating lunch and talking.

“the instructor we had was hotter then Jace” one of them said.

“who was it?”

“the tall dark haired one sitting over there with them” all eyes went to Alec who knew full well that the girls were watching them but pretended not to notice.

“Hey, Alec, looks like you have fans again this year man.” Jace said, quietly.

“Yeah I’m aware. Hey, wanna have a bit of fun? Just play along with me ok?” Clary and Jace agreed.

“So do you think they have worked out that Clary and I are together yet?” Jace asked him.

“Yeah, I think they would have. You might want to confirm that for them just to be sure” Alec grinned. “right about now I figure they are trying to work out who the gay one is”

“I think your right about that, bro. Well, let’s put them out of their misery shall we?” Jace turned to Clary and wrapping his arm around her shoulders gave her a sound kiss. While they were still sitting with their heads together, Jace smiled and asked Alec; “so what are they doing now?”

Alec’s eyes flickered to the girls and back again too quick for them to notice.

“Oh I think you just confirmed it for them. Want to know the best part? Magnus is coming in after lunch,  I bet they go nuts when they see him. I’ll send him a message so he knows what we are doing. Hey Clary, can you text Izzy and tell her to come up to me and hug me? Throw them off the scent?” Alec was trying not to laugh. Clary got her phone out and did it. A few minutes later, Izzy came striding into the cafeteria in her gear.

“Whoa, who’s that then?” one of the girls said.

“Well obviously she’s another Shadowhunter, a real badass one too by the looks of it. I hope she’s not instructing. She looks like she could bust you in half!” said another.

“So do you think the hot dark haired one is the gay one?” said one of the girls.

“Nah, look at him! Are you blind? He’s so cute. I bet he’s got a girlfriend some where though.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Hey, I dare you to ask him about it in the questions session this afternoon”

“What? No! I can’t do that! Your crazy.”

“I will! I’m not scared.”

“Hey look!”

They cast secretive looks towards Alec as he sat talking to Izzy who was standing in front of him.

“Are they watching yet?” Alec asked, pretending to talk to Izzy.

Clary went in for a hug with Jace to see.

“Oh yeah. Go for it”

“Do you think you could ham it up a bit Iz? Pretend I’m one of your Saturday night special dates?” Alec asked her.

“Your’e so amusing, Big Bro but yeah. You ready? This is gonna get weird real quick.”

Izzy reached out and ran a hand through her brother’s thick hair while edging forward, forcing Alec’s knees apart with her own.

“I’m gonna need therapy after this.” she said, smiling down at him.

“ No problem, I’m in love with a warlock who can help you with a memory wipe.” he said, putting his hands on her waist.

“Please tell me I don’t have to kiss you? Or I may throw up”

“Eww, no not even a possibility.”

“Can you sound any more girly? Anyway, wouldn’t it be weird for you to kiss someone who hasn’t got a goatee?” Izzy said, still smiling at him while sitting down on his lap. Alec wrapped an arm around her back pulling her closer.

“ Ha ha, but you’re right. I like the way it tickles my lip.”

“Arghh! Too much information!”

So, what’s the general opinion over there do you think?” Alec asked, Izzy who was facing the girl’s table.

“Well I think we’ve pretty much convinced them that your straight. Broken hearts abounding. You’ve done it again” Izzy told him and got up to go. She started to walk passed Clary and Jace but stopped.

“Hey, are you up for something really weird?” she asked Clary.

“Oh no, what now?”

“Just go with it ok? This will really throw ‘em.”


Izzy went to where Clary was sitting and pulling her to her feet, wrapped her arms around her and planted a kiss right on her lips before pulling back to brush back a length of Clary’s long red hair.

Alec had almost chocked and Jace sat back looking at the two girls with a huge grin on his face. Thank goodness he had his back to the table of the now thoroughly confused recruits.

“You are so evil Isabelle” Alec said as she went to walk off. Izzy waved her fingers at him and then at Clary, as she left.

“I can’t believe she did that!” Clary said.

At the girls table confusion was thick in the air.

“OMG! Did you see that? I thought she was with the hot guy, Alec I think his name was. But then she kissed Clary! I don’t get it!” one said.

“Wait, isn’t she with Jace though? they were kissing earlier.”

“I have no idea! This is just getting weird. Hey, it’s nearly time for the question time let’s go now so we can get in front. When Alec was helping to show me how to hold that seraph dagger, he smelt really good. If they are so open at this Institute maybe he’d consider going out with a recruit. Wouldn’t hurt to try at least.”

“But what about that other Shadowhunter chick, the tough one? I don’t think you should mess with her.” one of them said as they started walking.

“I don’t want to mess with her, I want to mess with him.” the girl said, suggestively.

“Ah, look out confused recruits approaching fast.” Alec told Clary and Jace.

“lets sweeten the deal shall we? Throw ‘em a bone?”

The girls started to file past the table  and Alec stood up as they got level with them.

“Good afternoon ladies, heading in for the question session?” he asked, giving them a megawatt smile.

“Y.. Yeah we are.” one of them answered.

“Ok see you in there. Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.” he said, giving them a wink.

The girls giggled and scurried out as fast as they could.

“Ha ha, hook line and sinker.” Jace said, laughing after they ha

A moment from the past: what happened in Tokyo

Alec sighed, looking around at Magnus’ loft. Magnus had said he needed to be here for some surprise. Alec wasn’t one for surprises, but he trusted Magnus. As he looked up from one of the bottles on Magnus’ liquor cabinet, he saw Magnus come in. He looked stunning as always, and it took Alec a moment to regain his ability to breathe. He smiled at Magnus and kissed him before asking:

“So, what’s this surprise that I’m here for?” Magnus grinned at him and suddenly opened a portal. Alec stares at him. What on earth was he doing?

“Magnus, what’s going on?” Magnus grinned at him.
“I’m whisking you away, my dear. We are going to Tokyo.” Alec stared at him. He knew Magnus was spontaneous, but this was huge. He thought about it for a moment and nodded. He might as well learn to go along with Magnus’ over-the-top plans.

“Why not? Let’s go.” Magnus took his hand and led him through. He was surprised how fast Alec had accepted, but he wasn’t going to give him the chance to hesitate. Alec landed gracefully beside Magnus and looked around.

Tokyo was breathtaking. It was colorful and everything seemed to be moving twice the speed of back home. And New York City was quickly-paced on its own, so that was saying something. He looked at Magnus, who turned to him.

“What would you like to do first? Shop? Eat, maybe?” Alec thought about it, and suddenly his stomach answered for him when it made an embarrassingly loud noise. Magnus laughed, taking Alec by the waist so they wouldn’t get separated. Alec looked around as they walked. It was wonderful here. He hadn’t realized what an amazing city it was. He looked, smiling a bit as Magnus led them into a noodle shop. Alec looked around. This place was very touristy- very low class and definitely not “Magnus.” He looked at him.

“This isn’t a place I thought you’d ever choose to eat at.” He said, sitting down beside Magnus, who smiled.

“We’re tourists, darling, we have to commit to it. That includes eating at dives.” Alec nodded, smiling. Magnus sure was something else. Alec looked at the menu. It all looked delicious- though he couldn’t read any of it- and he couldn’t choose. When the waiter came, he decided to let Magnus choose. After all, Magnus had been doing well so far. Magnus looked at the waiter with a small smile.
“一番辛い食べ物お願いします。” The waiter nodded, writing down the order.
“いいえ、それだけです。” The waiter bowed and walked away.

“I ordered us the spiciest food they have.” Alec stared at him. He didn’t do well with spices, but he could stomach them- though it did often bring tears. Alec looked over at him.

“We’re gonna burn our tongues off.” Magnus grinned devilishly.
“Yes, my dear, I’m quite aware of that.” Alec leaned back, looking at him.

“You’re quite the mystery, did you know that?” Magnus looked over at him.

“I won’t be a mystery much longer.” Alec looked at him, not sure what that meant. But before he could ask, the food arrived, and it looked amazing. He’d had ramen before, but not the real stuff. The authentic kind looked much more appetizing. He reached for the utensils, but Magnus pushed away his hands. Alec frowned, laughing despite himself.

“Why’d you push away my hands? I’m hungry; let’s eat.” Magnus shook his head.
“Nope, in this restaurant, you have to feed each other.” Alec raised an eyebrow. He knew that was a total lie, but he played along.

“If you say so.” He watched as Magnus scooped up the noodles carefully with his chopsticks.
“Don’t move, or it won’t work.” Alec nodded, staying still. He waited with his mouth open and laughed when the noodles fell on his nose.

“That’s not my mouth!” He said, laughing, and Magnus laughed too.
“I told you not to move!” Alec rolled his eyes playfully.
“I didn’t move. You just suck at this.” Magnus got more noodles between his chopsticks and got ready to try again.

“Don’t move this time.” Alec rolled his eyes but nodded. The noodles almost made it. They swung all over and Alec leaned back, trying to catch them, and fell out of his chair. He laughed, laying there on the floor.

“You’re the worst at this!” He said, grabbing Magnus so he would fall too. Alec laughed and got up.
“Okay, it’s my turn now.” He grabbed the noodles with his chopsticks, struggling a bit with the grip- he hadn’t used chopsticks in a long time; since he had last gone to visit the Penhallows. Lifting the noodles up, he aimed for Magnus’ mouth and dropped them in successfully. He grinned proudly.
“See? It’s not hard.” Magnus rolled his eyes, swallowing. “It only worked because I actually stayed still.” Alec shoved him playfully and laughed when he got shoved back. Sitting back at the table, he finally tried the noodles. They were the best he’d ever had. Very hot, though; he had to down water with every bite.

Soon, they were done, and Magnus took him shopping. After countless stores and snack breaks, he sees a store specializing in charms. He tugs on Magnus who was arguing with a lady over fan prices. He told Magnus that he wanted to look at the charms. Magnus nodded and kissed his cheek, letting him wander off as Magnus continued to look at some antiques.

Alec looked at the charms. They all had supposed magical properties that were useful, but none that he liked. He wanted to get Magnus a present; a “thank you” of sorts for being here for him, for being so wonderful to him. For being such a good boyfriend.

He wandered aimlessly and finally drifted over to the protection charms, called “omamori.” He looked at them, eyes landing on one in particular. He twirled it between his fingers. Something about this charm made him think of Magnus. He couldn’t explain it but he knew it was the perfect present. He wanted to protect Magnus and if he couldn’t always be there this charm could. He took it to the salesman and paid for it.

He turned it in his fingers. It was perfect. He went back to join Magnus, who had gotten the. fans and was waving one proudly. “I got these at half price.” He said, grinning. Alec smiled at him.
“We should head back. It’s getting dark.” He said softly. He didn’t want to leave. Magnus nodded.

“Let’s go home, darling.” They found a discreet alley, and Magnus opened the portal. He took Alec’s hand and they walked towards it.

Alec had had the best day with Magnus and he didn’t want it to end. He sighed a bit.
“I loved today.” He said, looking at Magnus. Magnus smiled, kissing him gently.

“We will do it again, then.” Alec smiled and squeezed the charm as they stepped back through. His boyfriend was the best.

Dear Journal,

Last night Lily, James, Regulus and my parents stayed for dinner to celebrate Teddy’s birthday. He had a lot of presents! James got him a toddler broomstick so he could practice in the backyard! Lily got him a few books and Regulus gave him a giant stuffed animal. He was so happy when he saw it! Mum and Dad gave him a nemo pyjama with some cute toys that he really liked. He was so happy. Sirius sent me a look from the other corner of the room, and I knew what it meant. He was happy that we addopted Teddy. That we gave him a better life. He was happy we were a family.

At the end of the night, while Harry and Teddy were playing, Lily spoke up.

“I have an announcement to make!” She said, sitting down next to James who wrapped his arm around her.

“Don’t tell me you’re pregnant again!” Sirius joked.

The room went silent.

“Oh my god you did that joke twice and it worked everytime!” Lily laughed.

“Wait.. so you are?” I asked.

She nodded and James kissed her pink cheek.

I jumped into her arms and hugged her close.

“That’s amazing! Congradulations!”

“Thank you.. And since he’s a late baby he’ll go school with Teddy and Harry a year later.. They’ll all be together!” She smiled.

“He?” Sirius asked.

“Suprise!” James said awkwardly.

“Did I ruin the punch?” Lily laughed.

It was a great night. I was so happy for the two of them. Teddy got to sleep with us because it was his birthday and we had a little home-camping setting. Sirius had charmed some blankets so they could cover us like a fort. We fell asleep cuddled into eachother.

This morning I woke up to Sirius kissing my bare chest softly.

“Wake up handsome, Reggie got us some breakfast at the Patisserie. It’s beautiful outside.” Sirius smiled.

“G'me one more minute.. I want to cuddle you..” I said, yawning.

He wrapped his strong and warm arms around me and burried his nose into my neck, making me giggle.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too..”

May 31st 1998

@stopandimaginelove As another year goes by here’s a ficlet on your special day. Thank you for your incredible ideas, support and absolute readiness to discuss fic ideas with me. Based on an AU idea that just seemed too cute to pass up. Happy Birthday Lynne! 

“Mr. Criss?” a small voice called from the doorway.

Both Chris and Darren turned around and saw a young girl who tucked a strand of hair behind her ear nervously, waiting for further instruction.

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It’s a Date

Requested by @mannatgalhotra   Could you please do a Marvel and Kingsmen crossover where maybe they come to the avengers for help and eggsy has a thing for the reader and just flufff I don’t know if you do cross overs but if you don’t then that’s okay thank youuu

“Sir I think there’s someone here to see you”, Vision said phasing into Tony’s bedroom at 3am. Tony rolled over and threw a pillow at his head.

“Show me the outside cameras,” he said to the computer with his face mashed into the pillow.

On the projected image was Eggsy, Harry, Roxy, and Merlin standing at the entrance of the compound arguing with the guard that they needed to speak with Tony Stark immediately.

“I’m gong to tell you one last time, arsehole, I need to see Tony Stark, NOW,” Roxy yelled frustrated.

Tony put his hand on the intercom,“Just let them in,” he groaned.

When he was face to face with them he looked them up and down,“Please tell me why four bond actors are needing to speak to me at 3 in the morning,” he groaned holding the bridge of his nose.

“We’re very sorry, Mr. Stark, but there’s a group of rouge agents from our organization and we were wondering if you could help us track them,” Merlin explained.

“Considering you’re all dressed as James bond, I’m assuming you’re a top secret spy organization with the most highly trained agents in the world, right?” Tony guessed.

“That’s an accurate description,” Eggsy answered.  

“Fine, I’ll lend you one of ours, Vision tell (Y/N) to pack their gear,” Tony said over his shoulder.

You groaned as you  grabbed your duffel bag and made your way to the front. “tony what is so important that you had to wake up me and only me at 3 am,” you said rubbing your eyes.

“I’m putting you on a mission with these guys,” he said pointing at the suited quartet.

“Tony, did you ask them their names, or the reason, is this like the Russian incident,” you rolled your eyes.

“No….” he said stringing out the o, “They need  help with some rouge agents and there names are…,”

“Agent Lancelot, real name’s, Roxy,” Roxy stood up to shake your hand.

“Agent Merlin, and that’s all I want to say about that,” He said shaking your hand after Roxy sat down.

“Harry, former agent Galahad,” he said holding out his hand.

“Former?” you say  shaking his hand.

“it’s a long story,” he said sitting down.

“And who are you,” you said snapping Eggsy out of his thoughts.

“Oh, Eggsy, current agent Galahad,” he said vigorously shaking your hand.

“Eggsy?” You say confused.

“Yes that is my name,” he sighs.

“Well then, where do I start,” you smirked.

Eggsy was completely infatuated by you, the way you walked, the way you talked, it also didn’t hurt that you could match his sarcasm. The more time he spent with you he realized that he was in love with you. He loved the way you scrunched your face when you focused, the way you could talk your way out of almost anything, but when you had to fight he can honestly say that he may have taken a few punches because he was too busy staring at you.

Then came the part when you had to go back to being an avenger. You’re not going to lie you had feelings for Eggsy, but you were professional, so you drowned yourself in work to keep from thinking about it. You also loved working with these guys and you wanted to keep in touch with them.

“Well, this is where we part ways,” you sighed.

Everyone said their goodbyes then came Eggsy.

“Well I guess this is goodbye,” he said.

“I wish it wasn’t, I like you guys,” You said giving him a hug.

You were about to get in the car to take you back but stopped yourself,“Wait, did I give you my number.”

“No,” Eggsy shook his head.

“Oh my god I’m an idiot,” you said scrambling to get a piece of paper,“Call this number if you have another emergency.”

“thank you, we will,” Eggsy said taking the piece of paper and looking down.

You bit your lip and looked at the other peice of paper,“oh and Eggsy,” you said scribbling your number onto the paper,“Use this one if you want to call me sometime,” you winked.

The driver honked the horn startling you both.  You gave Eggsy a peck on the cheek and got in.

“I’ll see you later,” he yelled as the car started to drive off.

“It’s a date,” you yelled back, leaving Eggsy dumbfounded as to how he got someone like you. 

“How was your little trip”, Tony asked.

“I don’t know, you might just have one less avenger,” you joked.

“You’re kidding right,” he said surprised.

“Maybe,” you smirked as you walked off.  

Jaebum imagine where he says i love you for the first time

Originally posted by leader-jb

You, Jaebum, Yugyeom and BamBam had decided to go to the amusement park because of the nice weather. After finally getting yourself out of bed, you got dressed and applied some light makeup. You then made your way to the kitchen to grab breakfast.

10 minutes later you got a text from Jaebum saying he and the boys was outside to come pick you up. “Good morning babe” He said as you entered the front seat of the car. “Good morning!” You bent over to give him a kiss on the cheek. “Yah! Save that for later” Bambam whined from the backseat. “You´re just jealous you´re still lonely and single” Jaebum said as he glared at him trough the front mirror. Bambam was about to say something but got interrupted by Yugyeom. “Shut up, let´s go!” He said, excitingly hitting the seat in front of him.

After the 30 minute drive you finally got to the amusement park. It was filled with lots of people and the sun was shining. There was plenty of signs telling you that this was going to be a good day.

“So where do you wanna go first?” You asked the boys looking at the map over all the rides. “This one looks awesome” Yugyeom said pointing at one of the rides. “No, that looks boring. What about this one instead?” Bambam said. From experience, you knew that this discussion would be going on forever if you didn´t step in. “What about letting Jaebum chose?” You said looking over at him who was sitting down on a bench in front of you. “You only let him chose because he´s your boyfriend” Bambam said jokingly.

After Jaebum chose which ride to go on first, you made your way over to the line. “Why did you have to chose the scariest ride of them all?” Yugyeom asked looking at the rollercoaster with a terrified expression. “Because those are the most fun” He said with a smirk. “Holy shit man!” Bambam said as he heard the screams from the people going down the rollercoaster. You bit your lip at the thought of being at the top of the ride. There was no secret that you were scared of heights.

After a few minutes it was your time (unfortunately) to go on the ride. If there was any trash cans around you would probably end up throwing up in them all. “This is going to be fun, don´t be nervous babe” Jaebum said grabbing your hand as you both got on the ride.

Bambam and Yugyeom got on the seats in front of you as you and Jaebum sat down on the row behind them. “I feel like dying” You jokingly said burying your head in his neck. “Everything will be okay as long as you hold my hand” He said trying to comfort you while petting your hair. You nodded and took a hard grip around his hand. “Yah yah yah! You´re hurting me” He cried while laughing. “Sorry” You laughed back as you loosened your grip.

The ride started moving and you could feel your seat slightly going up. “Omg omg omg” You heard Bambam say, probably just as scared as you. You knew there was only seconds before you dropped down god knows how many meters from the ground.

“Y/N I need to tell you something” Jaebum said facing you. “Hurry up, we´re about to di- i mean go down” You said, still holding into his hand. “I love you” He said quickly. You turned your head round to face him, suddenly forgetting all about your fears “Wait what!? You asked in confusion. Before you could say more you dropped down the hill, making you scream your lungs out.

You got of the ride, your mind only filled with those three words Jaebum told you just a few minutes ago. This was the first time you had ever heard him say that, and it made your heart flutter and your cheeks turn hot. “That was fucking awesome!” Bambam yelled out jumping up and down. “Seriously, I thought I was going deaf because of you during that ride” Yugyeom said glaring at Bambam.

“I´m hungry, let´s go grab some food” Jaebum said, making you all nod in agreement. “Let´s got to this burger place around the corner” Bambam suggested. “No I want pizza” Yugyeom said crossing his arms. Tired of their stupid little fights you pulled up the map from your pocket trying to search for a good place to eat yourself. Jaebum walked over to you and looked down at the map. He then leaned close, whispering something in your ear. “I meant what I said up there”

This really made me want to go to an amusement park aaah,, Anyway I hope you liked it!! I´m actually supposed to study for my math final but instead i´m sitting here writing this in my pikachu kigurumi lmao ,,,

-Admin Karoline

Give It A Chance

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Request:  @sassy-and-classy-cowgirl : Hey I love your writing! I was wondering if you could do ReaderxWinter Solider where the reader is Sharon Carter’s friend or cousin or something and Steve and Sharon try to get them together but the reader has had her heart broken before so her walls are high and Bucky doesn’t think he deserves for anybody to care about him

Author’s Note: I am SO SORRY for writing so less lately. I just have really less time. I’ll be regular from now on. I have used gender neutral pronouns for the reader’s lover. The reader is Sharon’s best friend and works for S.H.I.E.L.D.i have also used a prompt i read somewhere(just thought might mention it) hope you like it!

Warning(s): swearing and mentions of heart break.

Word Count: 2300

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

You lied awake in your bed, just staring at the ceiling. It was weird how sometimes your gaze gets fixed at a point and you can’t do anything but, stare, stare and do nothing but breathe. The few moments of nothingness were comforting but the thoughts would follow soon after. The ceiling would become a screen and play all those memories, all those painful memories that would make your heart ache again. You didn’t feel hurt anymore all that filled you up was anger. You didn’t want to waste any more time mourning over a lover who didn’t deserve you. it was them who lost someone who loved them, not you. as the storm started to rise in your brain, you sat up and sighed.

The monotonous beeping of your alarm clock soon followed and you shut it off with a slam. You ran a hand through your hair and got out of your bed.

You walked out of the bathroom after getting ready. Your eyes were fixed at a file as you walked in your bedroom.

‘took you long enough.’ You heard someone and held your arms in front of you in defence. ‘it’s just me (y/n).’ Sharon smiled at you and you rolled your eyes.

‘just refresh my memory, why did I give you the keys to my apartment again?’ you asked putting the file in your backpack.

‘well,’ she stood up from your bed. ‘I’m your best friend and colleague. And you have a habit of putting your life in danger and often get injured so..’

‘yeah, yeah. Why are you here?’ you asked.

‘I thought we could go to the facility together and maybe go somewhere after that.’ She said and you gave her a suspicious look. ‘what?’

‘I am trained to detect a lie, Sharon. You don’t exactly “spend time” with me after you and Steve got together. Damn, is he that good? I thought he wasn’t even a good kisser.’ You smirked as you saw her cheeks burn a bright shade of red. You walked into your kitchen and started to make your coffee.

‘hey, that’s not true!’ she said walking behind you. ‘he’s-‘

‘I don’t care! I was kidding, I would love to spend time with you.’ you smiled and sipped at your coffee.

‘good.’ She smiled. ‘then you won’t mind if Bucky and Steve join us.’ she took a seat and you choked on your coffee.

‘fucking again?!’ you coughed and she handed you a tissue. ‘I told you how I feel about this whole setting up thing.’ You crossed your arms over your chest.

‘yeah, but you two are perfect for each other. Give it a chance! Steve and everyone else thinks so too!’ she said and your eyes grew wide.

‘the hell do you mean by everyone?’ your eyes grew wide.

‘oh, not like everyone, just all the avengers.’ She tried to explain.

‘that makes me feel so good.’ You smiled sarcastically and she sighed.

‘come on, (y/n). please, he likes you, you like him. you both deny it, you both got issues, you both are professional killers- ‘she stopped abruptly. ‘sorry, but just think about it please?’

‘nope, I don’t wanna ruin it and I need a break after… you know, them.’ you looked down. ‘I will go with you though. You haven’t spent time with me in so long.’

‘okay.’ She smiled.

You both were sitting in your favourite coffee shop after spending the day together. It felt nice to distract yourself and be with people who cared. It was so comforting. The aroma of the coffee and the spirals of vapour were certainly comforting. You looked around and smiled. your smile soon faded and a certain heat rose to face as you saw two very familiar faces.

‘what the-‘ you breathed. ‘I thought they weren’t going to be here.’ You kicked Sharon from under the table

‘ow!’ she rubbed her leg and looked back. ‘hey! It’s not my fault! I can’t stop them from going anywhere!’ she whisper-shouted.

‘I know you both planned this!’ you whisper shouted back.

‘hey Sharon!’ Steve smiled brightly as he spotted you both and made his way towards your table. Bucky followed him with a small smile. It wasn’t like you didn’t like Bucky. He was amazing and everything you could ask for in a man but, you couldn’t pull yourself together and let someone in just yet.

‘hey sweetheart.’ Sharon got up and hugged him and you stood up as well. ‘what are you doing here?’

‘hi (y/n),’ he shook hands with you and sat beside Sharon. ‘we were just walking around and saw this place. It seemed nice so we just thought of stopping by.’ He said. ‘sit down already, buck.’ He said to Bucky who stood awkwardly by the table.

‘yeah, come here’ you scooted away and patted the seat beside you. he muttered a ‘thanks’ before sitting beside you.

‘you look great. I’ve never seen you wear something so… feminine.’ He said and you chuckled.

‘well, I wouldn’t have if Sharon didn’t make me. You look good too, seems like you’re finally trying new stuff.’ You said and he smiled.

‘all thanks to Barbie over here, who keeps nagging me to do stuff I don’t like.’ He pointed at Steve and he rolled his eyes.

‘Barbie?’ you grinned. ‘damn, I wish I had thought of that one.’ both of you engaged in a deep conversation.

‘look at them.’ Sharon whispered to Steve as you two were lost in your own world. ‘they are just so perfect for each other but no one has the guts to tell the other. It just drives me crazy.’

‘I know, I mean look he’s smiling! He never smiles or looks at anyone like that.’ He replied. ‘you can’t really blame him, with his past he thinks he doesn’t deserve her.’

‘and she won’t make a move until he lets her know he wouldn’t break her heart like her previous lover.’ She sighed. ‘I wish I could just- I have an idea!’ she turned to him.

‘what?’ he furrowed his brows.

‘we can- ‘she leaned closer to him.

‘ew, don’t do that in public. What happened to PDA, Rogers? Has my friend been a bad influence?’ you said and Bucky grinned. Sharon shot you a glare and you smirked.

‘no, we were just, um, talking.’ He stuttered as a pink smudge appeared on his cheeks.

‘pretty intimate talking.’ Bucky teased him.

‘well, none of your business.’ Steve shot him a glare. ‘hey (y/n), we have some work we would like your help with.’

‘are you sure I am needed?’ you asked and Sharon kicked you under the table. ‘god, I didn’t mean it that way. Get your head out of the damn gutter.’ You rubbed your leg. ‘what do I have to do anyway?’ you asked.

‘oh, um, we have this person who needs to be interrogated, and since you and Bucky are both you know..’ Steve tried to find some better words.

  ‘scary professional killers?’ you suggested and Steve nodded hesitantly.

 ‘yeah, so can you go to the other facility and do the work?’ Steve asked and you nodded. ‘great, Bucky will pick you up.’ he looked at Bucky. He shot Steve a glare before smiling at you and nodding.

‘someone’s getting better at lying.’ Sharon whispered to Steve.

‘you have no idea.’ He smiled at her and she chuckled.

You looked in the mirror and fixed your uniform. You brushed your hair and reached for your tinted lip balm before you retrieved your hand. What were you doing? It wasn’t a date, it was a job. Were you trying to look good for Bucky? But you thought you weren’t ready yet. You took a deep breath and cleared your mind.

‘it’s nothing.’ You said to yourself. ‘just relax.’

The bell rang, you slung your bag on your shoulder and opened the door.

‘ready?’ Bucky gave you a small smile. it wasn’t an uncomfortable one. It was a sweet warm one. Something he saved for a few. You were so glad you were one of those few.

‘you bet.’ You smiled brightly at him.

The drive to the place was quiet, but it was a nice silence. A one filled with comfort, not the awkward one. There were a few jokes and some little conversations. It was nice. It made you feel happy. Being with Bucky seemed to give you a sense of healing. He felt the same with you.

But, no matter how hard he tried he could never think that he deserved you. he just couldn’t believe that he deserved happiness. No matter how much they told him it wasn’t him who did all that, there still was this part of him, deep down, that believed that he did those horrible things.

You walked out of the interrogation room with a smug smile plastered on your face.

‘so…?’ he asked.

‘so, there never was a plan B, it was just a lie to distract us.’ you stood next to him.

‘you are good at this, what’s your secret?’ he asked.

‘that’s for me to know and you to find out.’ You grinned. ‘let’s sit in the conference room, we can wait for the others there.’ You said and he nodded.

‘I seriously wanna know how you made him talk, the guy wouldn’t budge when I questioned him.’ Bucky crossed his arms and looked at you.

‘it’s just my technique. I just exhaust them, annoy them and get in their brain.’ You shrugged.

‘you make it sound so easy.’ He said.

‘hey, so what were you and Steve doing there the other day?’ you asked.

‘punk said I needed clothes and dragged me out of the facility.’ He said.

‘he wasn’t wrong to do so.’ You smiled. ‘you seeing someone?’ you asked trying to be as casual as ever.

‘no, I-I, just don’t think I deserve someone. I don’t want to waste someone’s time. Who would want to be with me anyway?’ he scoffed and you felt the pain behind his smile. how lowly he must have thought of himself that he felt that way.

‘you deserve every ounce of happiness this world can offer, Bucky. You might think I am crazy to say that, but one day you will not. I wish you can be as happy as once wished to be.’ You smiled at him.

‘what’s taking them so long?’ Bucky got up to open the door, only to find it locked. He struggled with it for a while before turning to you. ‘it’s not opening. I think we’re locked.’

  ‘what do you mean?’ you tried to open the door but couldn’t succeed. ‘well, they’ll be here soon. No need to worry. It could’ve been wor-‘you were about to complete your sentence before the light went out. ‘Bucky, did you turn off the lights?’

‘no….’ he said.

‘then we might have a problem.’ You sighed and sat down.

  ‘seems like we’ll be stuck here for a while’ he sat beside you. You both sat in the silence for a while before he decided to break the silence.

‘do you really think someone can actually like me?’ he asked with hesitance.

‘of course, I don’t know much but I do know this one thing, we all have this one person who has the ability to make us believe again. I must be sounding silly but, one day you will find someone, who will help you pick all the pieces. Maybe they won’t be able to heal you properly but they would surely fix you and make you happy. I wish you find them soon.’ You kept your hand on his. Bucky felt a warmth spark inside him when you said those words.

  ‘(y/n)?’ he asked and you hummed in response. ‘I-I have feelings for you.’ he blurted out and your eyes grew wide. ‘I am only able to say this because, well, I can’t see you. you-you make me happy. I had forgotten how to smile when I looked at someone. You gave me a feeling so beautiful back, I don’t wanna lose it. if you think that there’s any chance, even the slightest, that this can work, hold my hand. If it’s a, no, let go. I will understand and I hope it won’t affect our friendship.’ He ran a hand through his hair as his heart started to beat wildly. Every second was like an hour, like something precious was slipping away from him, again. What had he done?

You thought for a while, was it worth it? what if you ended up hurting him? what if he didn’t like you after he came to know you properly? What if it ended like last time? What if he didn’t find you good enough?

Regret it or risk it; a tiny voice inside your head said. You had to decide, you could either be bitter and refuse, or, you could be brave and give him a chance, give something beautiful a chance. You took a deep breath, smiled and intertwined your fingers with his. It took him a moment to realize before he faced you.

‘you-you are…?’ he stuttered and you grinned. You placed a kiss on his cheek and caressed his cheek.

‘you are an amazing person, I’ll be happy to go out with you.’ you said and he took a breath of relief. He pulled you in a tight embrace. ‘you’ll have to be a little patient with me.’

‘anything for you.’ he mumbled in your hair. ‘is it just me or do you think that Steve and Sharon are behind this too?’ he asked as he pulled back.

‘hell yeah. You can get Steve I’ll take care of Sharon.’ You suggested. ‘after a date, sure.’ He kept an arm around you.

when i wasn’t looking (jane/kurt + eden weller fanfic + #bspromptchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject 30 day gif/fanfic prompt challenge

day 13. future

series: what i never knew i always wanted

A/N: Basically all of the fics in this series are future fics so I decided to go waaaaaay into the future for this prompt. Something a little different but I really loved writing it. Hope you all like it.


when i wasn’t looking

Jane could hear them yelling before she’d even put her key in the front door. She glanced back at her two sons who were carrying their hockey bags up the driveway and then back at the front door to their house.

“Boys, why don’t you take your bags down to the basement and start your homework down there. I’ll see what’s going on…”

She opened the door and the volume of Kurt and Eden’s shouting match went way up as she stepped into the entrance.

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Strip Poker - Pavel Chekov

Requested by anonymous.

Jim had been trying to get you to come to his game nights for weeks. Each day, when you would walk back to your apartment, Jim would follow you. He would tell you everyone that was coming, even though that was pointless in and of itself. The same crew came to his parties each time: Bones, Spock, Sulu, Chekov, Scotty, and a few women that Jim would manage to charm into coming.

“Like I’ve told you a thousand times, Jim, I don’t like playing poker.” Jim followed you down a hallway, trying to keep up with you as you marched away.

“But it will be fun,” he said, cutting you off. You rolled your eyes.

“I’m sure you’ll have fun,” you said, trying to push past him. He didn’t move out of your way and you sighed.

“I promised someone that I’d get you to come.”

“Who, the women you invited?” He laughed and sighed.

“Maybe.” You looked at the man who had lead you on dozens of trips successfully. Jim was much more than a captain to the entire crew. He was your friend. 

“I’ll try.” He grinned and leaned forward to kiss your cheek.

“Thank you, Y/N,” he said, walking down the other way. You laughed to yourself and opened the door to your apartment. Flopping down on your bed, you only had a little bit of time before Jim’s party. Taking about a ten minute nap, you crawled out of bed afterward to get dressed. You chose a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with the Starfleet insignia on it. 

After throwing your hair up into a sloppy ponytail, you left your apartment. Walking down to Jim’s lodging, you knocked on the door. You heard giggling from inside, figuring that Jim was entertaining someone. 

“Y/N?” You turned and saw Chekov walking towards you. Unlike his usual attire, he was wearing a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt with the Starfeleet Academy insignia on it, too.


“I didn’t know you were coming,” he mumbled.

“Yeah, Jim finally tricked me into coming.” He laughed, and Jim opened the door.

“Hey,” he said. You peered inside and saw a girl who worked in Med Bay, buttoning up her shirt. You and Chekov exchanged a look and laughed. 

“Are we early?” 

“No,” Jim said, nodding back behind you. Pretty much everyone else that came to Jim’s parties was standing behind you. “Come in, come in.” You were the first one to walk in, except the Med Bay nurse. A large table with an awful green felt over it sat in the middle of the room. You took a seat, but Jim shook his head and made you get up.


“That’s not your seat.”

“There’s assigned seating at poker?” you asked. He laughed and you grew worried.

“Y/N, we don’t just play poker. We play strip poker.” Your eyes widened and you heard Bones clear his throat.

“You didn’t tell her?”


“You’re an asshole.”

“Agreed,” you said. Jim rolled his eyes and sat down next to you. 

“Fine. You don’t have to move. Does that make you feel better?” he asked. He started shuffling the cards but you took it from him.

“Yeah, actually. I also feel pretty good because I’m really good at poker.” You started shuffling confidently and you could have sworn that Jim began to sweat a little. Everyone was looking around a little nervously and you laughed. “Sit down,” you said, specifically to Pavel who was closest to you. He sat down and the other’s followed.

Dealing the cards, you picked up your hand. Holding back a smile, you put your cards in your hand and threw a few chips into the center of the table. Pavel did, too, and one by one everyone started throwing in chips, except for Sulu, who folded right away. 

A few minutes later, after an intense stair off with Spock, you both laid down your cards. The rules of strip poker were simple. You won, so everyone took off one article of clothing. Since everyone else knew what the game was, they all had layers of clothing on. Pretty much everyone was wearing a t-shirt now.

The next few rounds went the same. Everyone definitely underestimated your abilities. Jim, Bones, and Scotty were all shirtless. Jim was actually only in his underwear. Spock was the only one who was still nearly entirely dressed. He wore a lot of layers. On your left, Pavel was shirtless and looked nervous. Every time his term came, he would mutter something in Russian before folding or chipping in.

Walking back to your apartment afterwards, you had only lost your t-shirt. Pavel had left at the same time as you, but was much less fortunate. He was holding his t-shirt and jeans in front of himself to hide his naked body. You tried not to laugh.

“We are never going to invite you to poker again,” he said, laughing.

“Really?” you asked, smiling widely.


“Well, I can’t believe that you bunch of guys would want to strip in front of each other.” He laughed again.

“Well, that’s why we invited you along.” You smiled, and blushed a little bit. You thought back to the fact that Jim said that someone wanted you to come specifically. You stopped in front of your door and looked back at him.

“If you want someone to beat you at poker again, you know where to find me.” He smiled and you leaned forward to kiss his cheek. “Or if you just wan someone to strip for, let me know.” He bushed and you winked at him before walking back into your room.

anonymous asked:

Malec 48 and 50 ❤😬

48. “You know, it’s okay to cry.” 

Alec slammed the door of the loft shut throwing his bag on the ground.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” he yelled making his way over to the bar to pour himself a drink from Magnus’s stock and downing it one shot.

“Alec?” Magnus calls from the bedroom.

“What?!” Alec snaps, pouring himself another drink and drinking it as fast as the other one.

“Well excuse me.” Magnus snaps back leaning back into the lounge crossing his arms.

“I’m not in the mood for you attitude today Magnus” he replies downing his third drink.

“I beg your pardon?” Magnus asks rising from the lounge, if he was a cat his fur would be standing on edge and his tail would be swishing from side to side. “I think you forgot who house you are drinking that 300 old whiskey in my love’ he snaps back.

Alec slams down the bottle and cup.

“Fine! I’ll find somewhere and someone else to drink with then” Alec yells back and he begins to gather his things.

“Woah woah Alec. Whats wrong?” Magnus says grabbing his arm, “Come on. Talk to me…hey…” He says reaching up to cup his boyfriends face. Alec softens.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be taking out my shitty day on you. Im sorry” he say pulling his face out of Magnus’s hands and making his way over to the lounge and sits down. “Jace was made head of the institute today”

Magnus sighed closing his eyes. He knew that this day may come, he was hoping that it didn’t. he was hoping that the Clave would see that Alec’s was more then just who he picked to love. 

“Alec…” He said coming to sit down next to him.

“It’s all that I have ever been working towards. I follow the rules, I take all the mission no one else wants, I do the hours and yet still Jace just get handed it. All because of his last name and the fact that I’m…”

“Gay.” Magnus cuts in, taking Alec’s hand.

“Yes!….No…I…” Alec try to say. “Yes. There was no way I was ever going to be given head.”

“Well I could..” Magnus tries to make a joke, smirking.

“Magnus…” Alec say getting up. “I love you, you that I do. But do you think sometimes that this…us is just…too much.” he asks staring at Magnus, his eyes searching for something, anything. 

“Alec.” Magnus said, reaching out to grab Alec’s hands, but Alec was too fast and was off the lounge before their fingers touched. 

“I think I should stay at the institute tonight, I’m not the best company” Alec said quietly, not looking at Magnus. 

“Woah woah hey….” Magnus said leaping off the lounge. “No, you’re not the best company. But you’re not going anywhere, not when your head is in “should we break up with Magnus” mode. Talk to me.” he said, reaching up to cup his boyfriends face. 

“I cant…I” Alec said trying to hold back his tears. 

“You know, it’s okay to cry. No judgement here.” Magnus said running his fingers across Alec’s wet cheeks. 

“They just gave it to him.” He sobbed, finally breaking. He leaned down and hide is face in Magnus’s neck. 

“I know, baby. I know.” Magnus said soothingly, rubbing a hand up and down Alec’s back. 

“Why don’t we go away for a few days. Just the two of us.” Magnus said pulling back to look at his tear stained boyfriend. Alec cracked a watery smile and nodded. 

“Right, I will go pack a bag and you can pick a place.” Magnus said, leaning up the place a quick kiss on Alec’s lips before walking away. 

“Magnus” Alec called out, Magnus turned around. 

“Yeah?” He said from down the hallway. 

“I love you.” Alec said quietly. 

Magnus smiled, “I love you too. Now pick a place” he said before leaving to find their luggage.