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Reddie plus dirty dancing movie headcanons.

yes yes yes 

  • eddie is really close to his mother because he’s her baby, and one summer they both go to a resort. everyone calls him baby because hey it fits him 
  • eddie meets stan, who leads him to a hidden cabin where all these people are “dirty dancing” and eddie is shocked by their dancing ?? like?? why the hell are they so close? why are they looking at each other like that? what are they wearing? 
  • he watches beverly and richie dance, and stan tells him they’re professionals. eddie assumes that they’re dating, and he’s down because he finds richie really attractive. stan then tells him that they’re not dating. they’ve been friends since they were little and just really close, and eddie is relieved
  • richie is kinda rude at first, making jokes that eddie snaps at him for. then richie pulls eddie into dancing with him, and eddie is uncomfortable for a second because wow richie is really close and all touchy, but he gets into the mood quick, and he’s following richie’s instructions on how to dance. he’s disappointed when the song is over and richie walks away
  • eddie finds beverly crying after running away from some dude who likes him, and he finds out that beverly is pregnant and can’t dance for the rest of the stay. eddie immediately offers to take her spot, but richie shuts him down. stan talks to him about it, and soon richie and eddie are at richie’s cabin teaching eddie how to dance
  • “those are spaghetti arms, eddie spaghetti!” 
  • richie tells eddie about the lift, and eddie can’t do it!! 
  • they easily start to fall for each other. eddie makes some mistakes in his first show, and richie is so sweet about it !! 
  • when they’re getting pretty good and get really close, they all flirty and touchy while dancing. richie is being all touchy one day and eddie goes “you’re invading my dance space. this is my dance space. that’s yours.” 
  • “oh…baby…oh, babyyy my sweet babyyy…you’re the one”
  • when richie is blamed for wallets being stolen, eddie tells his mother and the manager that richie didn’t do it. “how do you know?” “cause i was at richie’s cabin…last night.” 
  • “nobody puts baby in the corner” “that was so fucking weird, richie” 

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Thanksgiving themed questions! In TSC, who would... 1) cook the turkey & run the kitchen like a boss 2) do nothing and just sit there watching everyone else work 3) get in political fights with everyone 4) not get invited 5) arrive drunk 6) eat all of the food then fall asleep in the bathroom 7) play games on their phone and not talk to anyone 8) flip the table of food over for whatever reason 9) arrive dressed in a Christmas sweater

1) I honestly can’t think of anyone. Royals don’t cook, and many of the other characters don’t know how. 

2) Cosima

3) Leila

4) Like a million characters

5) Milo or Caesar

6) In the bathroom? Why is someone asleep in the bathroom?

7) Raphael (but he’s reading articles, not playing games)

8) LOL Drake

9) Awww! I guess Pippa, though no one would wear sweaters in Thessen. Hot AF.

listen i know hailee steinfeld isn’t out here delivering mind blowing vocals but she’s pleasant to listen to, sounds the same in studio as she does live, is improving as her career in music progresses, and puts on fun performances so i really don’t think she deserves to be dragged esp when there are singers out here who sound like a group of dying cats and run around on stage like they lost their mom in Walmart (or, alternatively, just stand there)

LGBT+ Space Nerds Discord

Hello! I’m Tyler and I run a server that is based on LGBT+ people who like space! It is a general server meaning you can just talk to people about anything and we will add fandoms as requested. 


-no ace discourse 

-no fighting 

-don’t purposely trigger people 

-no spamming


-please try to keep everything in the correct channels 

There is a strike policy on this server! three strikes you are out, you will get warned!

If you don’t have a discord, they are free, and you don't have to download anything, and there is an app! DM me ( @banhowell )  for the link to join the server! 


He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 

when you pick a dialogue option because it seems funny but your character actually says something horrible and your last save was 5 hours ago

  • (somewhere in a space rebel base idk)
  • Lance over the comms: Pidge come quick! We found your brother!!
  • Matt: ...... what the fuck's a pidge

not really splatoon related but i jus think u guys need to know a Cool Salmon Fact

this is what salmon look like in the ocean!! but they migrate to rivers to lay their eggs, and when they go to the river, the males turn into

this!!! which is closer to what the salmon in salmon run look like!!

so maybe when salmonids arent in their breeding season, they look a lot nicer? o:

but yea, i jus thought that was an interesting fact!!

So canon it hurts :”D