who risks his life every night for the people of gotham

Dating Bruce Wayne Would Include

(Btw I am using the Batman v Superman Bruce Wayne, y’all)

  • Not being entirely sure as to how it all even happened
    • On the off-chance that you’re one of Gotham’s minimal elite, you probably met Bruce at a charity gala and, for some reason beyond your comprehension, he picked you out of the other well-dressed women
    • In the higher likelihood that you don’t come from an affluent family, there’s a multitude of possibilities as to where you met: Maybe you were at a gala working as part of the catering company and he accidentally spilled red wine on you. Maybe you worked as an intern or temp or had a desk job somewhere in the Wayne Enterprise building in Gotham. Or maybe he just saw some assholes giving you a rough time and he stepped in and then offered to walk you home.

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Sharing is Caring

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Request: Jason Todd x reader where the reader is training with Roy on how to use arrows and Jason gets jealous

A/N: So I’ve never written for The Outlaws before, so this could be completely rubbish and out of character. Despite that, I really enjoyed writing Roy and Kori, maybe I should do that more?? Idk guys, idk.

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Moving in with The Outlaws was, surprisingly, a lot less difficult than you had expected. You’d been dating Jason for a few years now, and when your own roommate moved out of Gotham for work he’d suggested that you stay with him, save yourself the trouble of finding someone else to share the rent. You stayed over frequently enough that it didn’t take much getting used to, but you weren’t expecting the ease with which you slipped into the camaraderie of the group. 

The apartment was small and by no means fancy, but somehow they made it feel like home. It gave you a warm, fuzzy sensation in your stomach to return from work and have three other people waiting to greet you and ask how your day had been. (It was still mildly terrifying to get up for water in the middle of the night and be confronted by Kori’s glowing eyes when you walked into the kitchen, or to find a gun in the cutlery drawer, but slowly you were becoming used to it.)

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A soul mate to remember chapter 10

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Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9,

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Chapter 10-

    It had been three months since Jason and you had met, you had still kept his secret, and he had occasionally come to work with you. Your stitches were out but your leg wasn’t fully healed, your Mom somehow sprang back faster then you, and it annoyed you ‘cause she was now a big helicopter mom. But in the last few days she’d backed off.

The public found out your name not long after that lunch. You soon noticed that many, many women gave you some dirty looks whenever you were out and about, but you couldn’t really blame them, your Soul Mate was attractive and part-heir to a fortune. You didn’t particularly care about that, you weren’t gonna lie, you were eternally grateful that your soul mate was a 10.

Your mother was thrilled, however, more so about the money. After all, you lived in an apartment, and you had no hope to move out in the near future, as half of your money that you made working three days a week went to your rent and the other half went to any fees that the program you were in, didn’t pay for. You tried not to focus on the money, but the two of you had spoken briefly on it, but you both were both too nervous to really breach the topic, you guessed.

     You thought about how people treated you different now. Like when Ben had come back to work that following Wednesday, his usual chipper self. He was a kind boy with sandy hair and deep brown eyes that pulled you into a cacoon of safeness and warmth if you got too close. Ban and you watched the kiddos as they played in the sanctuary- that doubled as an indoor gym at times-though any sort of sports-ball was strictly prohibited. He fashioned a paper fortune teller for a two preschoolers,“So. I hear someone met their soul mate.”

You nodded,“Yep.”

 Ben’s eyes suddenly became cold and his whole demeanor seemed to shift,“Well good luck with him.”

  You stiffened, about to retort or say something, when as soon as that shift was there, it was gone. Ben was back to his warm, charming self and was rounding up the kids for snack and story time. You scrambled up after him, maybe you had been seeing things?

    You put it out of your  mind, after all Ben hadn’t done anything similar after and it had been a few months. Jason and You were having dinner. You shouldn’t be thinking about those kinds of things, you decided. The two of you were talking about our childhoods more in depth, when Jason asked,“So, can I know about your father?”

   You put down your fork,“I don’t see why not. He…” You paused thinking over your words and how to best choose them,“He was a good Dad, a little bit of a hard ass at times, but he was still good. He… He died trying to evacuate the streets during one of those Batman-Gang fights a while back.”

  Jason nodded,“Oh. I’m sorry.”

 "Don’t apologize,“ You sighed,"He knew the risks, especially living in Gotham. I just wish he could have met you. I think he’d like you.”

  Jason took your hand and gave you a soft smile,“I think I would have liked him too.”

  We settled on a routine, you’d see Jason during the day, and after his nightly activities, he’d usually shoot you a text which you’d read that morning, just to know he was fine.

    But one night, You were working on a research paper due the next evening. It was late, or rather early, about two-thirty. You hair was pulled up into a bun, and you wore only a white tank top and tights. You were so focused on your work you had hardly heard the loud noise out on your fire escape, the only thing that made you snap back to reality was the heavy tapping on your window. You set your laptop aside and pulled your blackout curtains aside, revealing the Red Hood, holding his side and kneeling.

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So I’ve been thinking about the fall-out from Lyle Bolton’s actions in Arkham Asylum for a while. From Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, we know that the Asylum was eventually torn down in favor of building a more modern (and more high-security, though I wonder how effective it really was) facility for the inmates’ treatment, and I’ve started to wonder if maybe that was connected to the fall-out from the whole debacle with Bolton. And I do think there was a debacle, and one with massive fall-out, because there really is no way he could have done everything he’s described as having done by himself, with no one else on Arkham’s staff knowing about it.

Bolton is known to have A) electrified the cell doors at Arkham, B) chained the inmates in their cells at night, and C) took away ‘privileges’ even when the inmates are well-behaved. Electrifying the doors and installing the same sort of wall-mounted shackles we see Bolton using on Summer Gleeson, Mayor Hill, Dr. Bartholomew and Commissioner Gordon (if they are the same sort of shackles Bolton used to restrain the inmates) would have required a lot of work, and even if Bolton does have the expertise to do it himself, it strains credulity that he could have done so without anyone else on the staff noticing. As for the third point, whatever it was Bolton was doing to the inmates that involved taking away ‘privileges’, we don’t know (And the fact that it’s kept so vague tends to worry me). We know that Bolton tormented Arnold Wesker by dangling Mr. Scarface over a can full of termites to torment him, but otherwise, we get no details. My guess is, we get no details because it’s the kind of stuff a kid’s show can’t talk about without getting in trouble with the network. Given that Bolton feels that the treatment the inmates deserve is to be beaten to within an inch of their lives, it probably wasn’t pretty. And was probably the sort of thing that would have been difficult to pull off without some level of collusion from at least some of the staff, either from them actively aiding him, or at least turning a blind eye.

And of course Batman would get involved, because DCAU Batman (at least as of BTAS) is not amused by Bolton’s antics, genuinely wants his rogues to get better, and knows full well that inhumane treatment is not going to make them better. And if I can make the connections I’ve made, he certainly can. So have this mess of speculation and not-fic.

[TW: Abuse]

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Kids Again - Richard Grayson x reader

Dick watched as you poured your coffee. You drank it black, no time for sugar or milk. You left your dreams and desires at your welcome mat each morning, going through your day and collecting them when you returned in the evenings. You prioritised. It was make enough money to survive or live your dreams. His apartment had been put on sale without him knowing, he guessed that was what happened when you ‘died’, and he had accidentally broken in. You two had slowly realised that you’d met quite a few times before. Now you were addicted to each other. Your life was a messy rush, and it was his fault. 

You thought about the boy who was living through his burner phone. He was running from people, bad people. He flirted with anything he could, and everyone would fall. But his fire was fading, he was going to trip up eventually. And you could do nothing to save him. Instead, you were left living in his old apartment, thinking about all the picture frames and belongings you had packed up into boxes, the things that had belonged to him. Slowly his things had begun sneaking their way back into their old places and you didn’t even mind. You just wanted him to be happy and feel like he had a home. 

But every now and again, he would swing through the bedroom window of what used to be his apartment. You two would sometimes sit and laugh, sometimes you’d sit and cry together. You fell in love at the same time, and suddenly it didn’t seem so scary. The rooftops of Gotham were his home, his territory, you had nothing to fear at night, because you knew he’d find a way to save you. You would reminisce about your childhood run ins. Both of you were hopeless romantics, believing it was the universe determined to get you together. Meeting once was luck, but being at the same place on multiple occasions and accidentally managing to pass a jacket back and forth for years was a sign from the universe. It was originally his but he’d left it at an event. You had been searching for your phone after the event had finished and took it because it was cold outside. Then you left it at a bar and he had been part of the next group to sit in the booth. Then it had been a cinema, then Gotham Library, then a Wayne Enterprises thing, a yacht party, a coffee shop, an airport, the list went on. You two would stay up all night, just the two of you, watching kids movies and eating junk food. Like you were kids again, and spending that time right. Before he had to disappear on you.

Dick always wondered why a girl like you had never settled down with someone already. You didn’t go out partying much, and every time you had in the past you had managed to meet him for a moment. You had never tried to meet anyone but him. You barely had any belongings and had never stayed in a place for long enough to become attached, that was before you moved permanently to Gotham. You used to constantly travel round America and the world. You settled in Gotham for a more secure job. You wore your loneliness like a crown. But, then you’d smile, and everyone around you fell in love. They would do anything for you, they were your subjects. Yet you never chose them. You were waiting for him and he knew it. He wished he could stop the waiting and come home, but he had Spyral to deal with, and he wouldn’t drag you into that.

You always found it funny how Dick managed to brake every vow he’d ever made to you. He was a master of excuses and lies, like he’d been raised on them. Always dodging certain subjects with a flirtatious coward’s phrase. Then he’d listen to you without hesitation, watching you rant and helping drown out all the noise in your head. He made you relax and you trusted him, despite your better judgement. He helped you get through life, even if you could only see him on a rare occasion. He was always busy and out of the country, working at some girls school. 

It took you far longer than you’d like to admit to realise he was Nightwing. You didn’t even tell him when you figured it out, you wanted to avoid that conversation for as long as you could. Laughing at him whenever he said you were looking at him funny. You said you were trying to work out how puberty changed him so much. He’d been such a sweet kid and now he was hot and in hiding. You knew his family thought he was dead, but you pushed that conversation away too. You both liked to pretend you were younger than you were, acting like teenagers, like you had more time together than you did.

When you felt small and insignificant, he reminded you how important you were to him. How you were his world. Both of you wanted nothing more than to live in his stupid apartment together. To go out in public and smile with heart eyes. Live your lives with each other. It was when he showed up bruises and in his spy gear that you knew he was free. His family had helped him and he was finally done with Spyral. He could tell you everything. 

“I’m Night -”

“I know.” you said, cutting him off and moving closer. He pulled you in and kissed you for the first time. Neither of you had wanted to risk kissing any sooner, once it happened you wouldn’t be able to pull away. “You can be alive again?” you pulled away to check.

“We can be together.” he assured you.

Both of you wished you had properly met when you were younger. You were both fully functioning adults now and that didn’t leave much time for whirlwind romances. But being together made you both feel like you were kids again, laughing and dreaming like it was meant to be, like there had never been another way of living. You were kids in love and that feeling didn’t care about reality for a second.

Slightly inspired by the song Kids Again by artist vs Poet, I think that’s the artists name.
Joker x Reader - Deadly Voice Part 24

Yes! Another Part! Don’t hold out hope that they will always be coming out this quick - it’s only because I am suppose to be doing revision, but this is far more fun!

I’ve noticed my notes are decreasing on my writing so I hope I haven’t actually lost too many readers and people either aren’t leaving notes or just haven’t read it yet but I do apologise if my writing has got worse!

Anyway I hope you enjoy!


The car hadn’t even stopped on the bridge before the Joker had open the door and stepped out onto the road. He wasn’t in the mood for time wasting. Cars behind blasted their horns but he ignored them and they soon silenced when they recognised him. Frost soon followed on behind.

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Batman AU where Tim Drake doesn’t go knocking on Bruce Wayne’s door, no, jeez what is this? The 1980’s? No, instead geeky, technologically gifted millennial Tim Drake does what every other kid does when they have something to say: they put it on the internet.

He’s probably already made thousands of posts online about Batman and Robin sights and theories (until he really does find out their identities, then he spends his time covering up for Bruce and the others). But when Jason dies and Bruce begins his downward spiral, Tim knows he has to do more. So he puts on a mask and makes videos, dozens of them all with the same idea: Batman needs a Robin, he needs that balance and that light in his life. He gets mocking comments from  fuckboys people about Batman being badass and not needing a sidekick but Tim keeps at it hoping that maybe, just maybe, Batman will see i

And Bruce does, he’ll be sitting down there in the Cave, grieving and angry, watching these videos Dick keeps sending about this kid who tells Batman that he’s concerned for him, that he knows Batman is hurting but he needs to find a new Robin, not just for himself but for Gotham. Tim then gets into videos musing on the qualities in ideal candidates and, against his better judgement, Bruce is ticking off the requirements in his head as this mystery kid helps renew his faith. He is reminded again of why he began this journey as Batman, why he took in Dick and Jason; because he wanted this to be a better city where hope and goodness can find a way. It’s nice, it helps with his grief, but it’s not bringing Jason back.

 Until Bruce starts getting the videos sent directly to his email, his private Bruce Wayne email along with these little notes of encouragement and offer to help in anyway to finding a new Robin. And Bruce is just so charmed and impressed by this kid who’s making these videos and then sending them directly to him to ensure he sees it. He’s already halfway to adopting this kid. So they begin an email exchange which of course has Tim over the moon and slowly helps Bruce channel his anguish. After a time, Tim is officially invited over the Manor to be introduced. He’s shy and quiet because it’s one thing to be big and bold on the internet another to be standing in Batman’s study. But Bruce is smiling, truly smiling for the first time in a long while and asks if Tim would be interested in a job: long, late nights, risk of injury, poor benefits, but one that would suit you perfectly. He laughs at Tim’s surprise. You’ve been sending job interviews for months, this shouldn’t be that shockin

BONUS: Once Tim trains and hits the streets as Robin, the public immediately hones in on the mystery video kid as the new Robin seeing as the videos had stopped not long before robin appeared. Tim is so embarrassed that he could have potentially compromised Batman. Bruce isn’t worried, Tim was very careful in the videos not to reveal his identity and the solution is easy, make more videos. After some convincing, Tim is back making videos, explaining away his absence with other stuff and getting into the new Robin. So Timmy has to sit there with a straight face and speculate, talk about, praise the new Robin. Because of course he’d be happy for the new Robin, he’s been promoting it for months. So tiny lil low self-esteem Tim Drake has to make and post videos of himself talking about the new Robins skills and how good he is for Batman. It diverts suspicion and has the added bonus of boosting Tim’s tragically low confidence. 

ADDED BONUS: All those videos… are saved on the Batcomputer. Hundreds of videos of teeny, baby faced Tim in a homemade mask talking about how great Batman and Robin are… Can you even imagine the blackmail??? Like Dick and Jason pull that shit out constantly, they have most of them memorized and quote them all the time, complete with starry eyed enthusiasm. Stephanie makes recordings and plays them back at Tim who is cringing so hard. Damian goes so far as to make an opposing account talking trash about Tim’s online persona and Robin in general. They get into a video war that escalates out of control, lines are drawn and it gets brutal real fast.

Dating Bruce Wayne would include

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•Meeting most of the Bat-kids and them more or less accepting you, Damian being very grouchy in the beginning, Dick on the other hand asks if he should call you mom right away.

•Bonding over Bruces reckless behaviour with Alfred.

•Being a bit heart broken every time Bruce has to act like a drunk idiot even though it is necessary to hide his identity.

•Meeting Clark Kent at some charity event and asking yourself how blind the general public can be, still wondering who the man of steel is.

•Not understanding why people ask you all the time why you won’t move away. Gotham is your City, your home, you were born here and most likely will die here.

•Trying to keep in your laughter when Bruce whispers sarcastic comments on Gothams elite in your ear, while his hands sneak lower and lower down your back and now you also have to suppress your blush.

•Dancing to Frank Sinatras “Strangers in the night” while Bruce hums the melody into your ear.

•The Joker developing a small obsession with you since his Bat saved you more than one time.

•Going by days without hearing from Bruce.

•Randomly finding Alfred parked outside your work, waiting to pick you up.

(Later you will find out that some new tragedy happened that day in Gotham)

•Being an absolute failure in the kitchen and Alfred patiently trying to teach you how to cook (he taught all the Bat-Kids) with no results yet.

•Damian slowly warming up to you since you approached him to teach you a bit of self defense, since you’re both more on the slighter side and the moves of the other guys might not even work for you.

•Being kidnapped by the villain of the week since you’re now officially Waynes lover.

•Kisses that taste like dark and foreboding things.

•Trying to watch Bruce train in the Batcave but getting too flustered when Damian enters it so you leave.

•Finding out later that Bruce put a tracker on both you and your car.

(Not being able to be mad about it since you know Gotham all too well.)

•Waking up in his glass house with only vague memories of Bruce leaving.

•Finding Jasons old uniform and being smart enough not to ask about it, head lines of old newspapers proclaiming the assumed death of Robin appearing before your eyes.

•Him showing up in your home in the middle of the night (out of the suit, he would never risk your life like that) and staying with you till morning.

•Spending lazy afternoons together reading to each other.

•Wondering if you’ll ever be as important to Bruce as Gotham is, without realising that you’re one of the parts that still makes him love this mad city.

Cover up

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Request - Reader finds her neighbour Edward covered blood and in shock, so she cleans and helps him get rid of the evidence. But she has no idea where he’s working, so one day when she’s called to the GCPD for interviewing about the murders near her house, she sees Ed and understands that it’s him. He’s afraid she’ll give him away, but she didn’t and later he comes to her place and she tells him that she likes him, and that’s why she kept silent at the police station. 

Pairing - Edward Nygma X Reader

Wordcount - 2637

Warnings - Mentions of blood, murder, general fluff. 

Author’s Note - I loved doing this request. Thank you so much for requesting. 

When you first moved into your apartment, Edward Nygma was the only person who came and welcomed you to the neighbourhood. As time passed, Edward Nygma became a friendly face, who was more than happy to help you out in your time of need. Whether it be something as simplistic as giving you some sugar when you had forgotten to buy some at the store. Then there was that one time your heating broke, so Edward Nygma bought over all of his spare blankets insisting that you were likely to get a cold if not insulated properly. Despite knowing that Edward Nygma was not the most normal of guys with his passion for riddles and love of knowledge. But it was his abnormalities that drew you to him in the first place. 

The most endearing thing about Edward was he would leave you notes, folded securely inside with a single question mark placed on the outside of the car. You admired the penmanship, seeing it as recognisable. Edward Nygma left you stunned with his considerable depth of knowledge. Edward Nygma was an underestimated man. According to the very vague conversations that you had shared, people at his work continuously underestimated Edward often mocking him for his intelligence levels and his appearance. Despite, not knowing a lot about what Edward did as a profession, but you were disgusted at how badly they treated him. Edward was nothing but sweet, friendly, kind, charming and handsome.You couldn’t quite understand what Edward’s colleagues saw, whatever it was, they were polar opposites to what you saw.They were the unlucky one’s. Edward Nygma was truly something special. 

For the past few weeks, men had been going missing, then appearing in a nearby alleyway smothered in stab wounds. Reports called the attacks to be “emerged from built up rage” and severer overkill” The attacks had left you shaken up, believing that the killer could change their patterns and attack a different person. Serial killers were known to change their patterns and motives, victims pool and their style of attack. A wave of relief flooded through you as you entered the corridor that leads to your apartment. You realized there was something terribly wrong. You observed a familiar silhouette, hunched over someone lying on the floor. Concerned for Edward’s well-being, your quickened pace made you get over to Edward faster. Bending down beside him, his muscles were tense as he stared blankly into space. Presuming that Edward was in some sort of shock, you placed your hand on Edward’s shoulder. 

“Edward, are you alright?” Your soothing voice brought Edward back into reality. His head turned meeting your gaze. There you were looking as beautiful as ever, meanwhile, he was covered in blood, crunched down in front of his latest kill. He couldn’t even speak unsure how you were about to react. You pulled out a tissue from a packet that you had in your bag, moving slowly to wipe the blood off of his cheek. Normally Edward was so careful at the direction of the blood splatter. Who knew what kind of diseases these disgusting scumbags had? Your touch was like a feather as if you were afraid to hurt him He smiled at your soft touches. 

“Edward we need to get this cleaned up. If someone else sees this they could jump to the wrong conclusions. We’ll get this cleaned up and then we will get you cleaned up and burn these clothes” As you removed your hand from his shoulder to roll up your sleeves and got to work, heading to your apartment to pick up some cleaning materials before beginning the mammoth task ahead Cleaning away the blood and gruesome task ahead of you were by no means an easy task, but you scrubbed the floors, making sure there was no evidence of the scene ever happening. You went to the extent to help Edward with the body of the dead man which he directed to you in an alleyway. Odd right?

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[This fic was requested by @coolgh0st feel free to send in your requests at anytime, P.S This one is very long, I kind of got carried away so my bad, ENJOY, and if you want please lemme know what you think]

Not that I was surprised or anything but it seemed Mister J had some difficulty understanding that JJ was one and it was inadvisable to give a one year old a taser, gun, or throwing stars. Luckily for us, he has gradually learned that toy weapons were okay and the real ones could be stored in a locked toy chest until he was old enough.
           Now, to make one thing perfectly clear, I would never ask Mister J to change. I like our lives, I like chaos, bloodshed, power, proving a point. His madness matches my madness and I didn’t want it any other way… but… there comes a time when you gotta ask yourself, how many bullets do you have to dodge and shoot with a baby in your arms before you become a bad parent?             Now this kid was never going to get the normal treatment from us, he was going to be the prince of crime and the cutest one ever… but if we kept it up Mister J and I wouldn’t be around to raise him…. or worse… Little J wasn’t gonna live that long to continue our legacy. I didn’t want us to stop, we did what we did because we liked it and it was for a reason, I just didn’t want us to take unnecessary risks. I didn’t want to watch my family die on me and if the Bat got his hands on JJ… I clutched my son to my breast at the thought.            Stroking JJ’s thick black curls and kissing his pale alabaster skin, he was so much like Mister J. I carried him into the soundproof room where Mister J was conducting… business. 
           “I wouldn’t advise that Y/N,” Frost blocked my path.
           I glared at him, if he hadn’t been good at his job I would have killed him a long time ago but there was an understanding between us now, a mutual respect and fear (on his part).
           “Tell Mister J I want to talk to him, now.
           He was smart enough not to say something stupid like the boss is busy, no, like the good little minion he was he nodded. Muttering gibberish to JJ I turned away from Frost, carrying my little clown to his nursery. Mister J had spared no expense with JJ’s room, Frost and Panda had decorated it and I remember thinking in another life they could have done this sort of thing professionally. The walls were a rich purple with a classy gilded trim. His cradle had a black frame with a mattress covered in a green silk sheet and a fuzzy purple blanket with JJ embroidered on the bottom right corner of it in green. The mobile hanging above his crib had three smiling clowns and three hanging batman action figures painted to look like clowns. I thought it was funny.
           JJ’s toys were custom made, the carpet as green as his father’s hair, the diaper table was painted gold and stolen because I had liked it, and the chair in the corner of the room was a fluffy purple winged chair with a gold scroll print. It made me smile every time I walked in. Imagine needing to empty it a sane voice whispered in my ear and I smacked my head a few times to try and knock the image out. Setting JJ down in his crib I jumped when Mister J spoke. 
           “What is it Y/N, I was just having a chat with our guest, he’s a little… broken up about crossing me.” He laughed and I smirked.
           “Would you do something for JJ… for me?”
           His eyes darkened a fraction as he glanced up from cleaning the blood off of his fingers with a rag. “You know I’d do anything for the both of you.” 
           Anything seemed like a bit of a stretch right now. “I want us to… tone everything down a bit. I… just… I just want JJ to live long enough to be able to continue our legacy. I want us… I want you here,” I moved, cupping his neck with both hands and he stared at me blankly. 
           “I want you to be here to raise him with me and that won’t happen if you are dead or back in Arkham when the Bat throws you there, or both of us for that matter! Just imagine Batman taking JJ under his wing-”
           He growled, a fury in his gaze that made me release him and I glanced down. 
           “He’ll die before he touches him,” 
           “How can you make sure of that-”
           “I will-”
           “How? How Mister J? Just, promise me you’ll be more careful, promise me until JJ is a bit older we won’t take any unnecessary risks or do anything like kidnap the god damn president. If not for me then for him.” I whispered, continuing to look down.
           Tilting my chin up with his index finger so I was looking at him he rolled his neck, the corner of his mouth pulling back for a second. It had been a tick for whenever he was angry, irritated, conflicted, or feeling. It was something he had done back when we first met too in Arkham. 
           “You’ve gone soft, doll. I’m disappointed.” 
           “You can take care of yourself, and I can take care of myself, I never had to worry about us. Now there is JJ, and I feel fear, I was never afraid of anything when I was with you but now I have someone to protect, someone who can’t fight back yet, someone I fear for, our son who I love.” I turned my head to glance at my sleeping clown.             “What about you? Huh, Mister J? Does the thought of losing him scare you, or is he expendable t-”
           “Careful Y/N, I don’t like it when you’re presumptuous.” He warned, but I didn’t look at him. 
           “I’ll tone it down, for him, happy?” He grunted.
           He didn’t wait for my reply, he simply stormed off breaking a few things in his wake and I mildly pitied the man he was returning to. Something told me he wasn’t going to make it. 

***(1 Month Later)

           “Are you fucking insane?!” I demanded, watching as at least three dozen men from various rival gangs were dragged into the soundproof room. 
Mister J laughed, “Why yes, yes I am,” 
           “You promised me, you promised him. The city fears you but you’re angering too many people at-”
           He brushed past me, annoyed and bored with my protests and I grabbed my gun, firing right next to him and hitting one of his men in the leg. Mister J turned to look at me.
           “You’re starting a war, in our home. The Bat, their leaders, won’t let three dozen missing criminals go unnoti-”
           “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, I know what I’m doing Y/N, don’t think you can tell me otherwise.”
           I glared at him, raising my chin indignantly. “Oh, my apologies, sir. How dare I question you.”
           Choosing to ignore my tone he left, following after his men and I screamed, punching the wall a few times until my knuckles were bleeding. That’s it. That. Is. It. Rushing to our bedroom I grabbed my pink duffle bag, throwing everything I would need for a small trip until this blew over, until being here was no longer a danger to JJ. If Mister J wanted to send a message I was proud of him, but I wasn’t going to let him be reckless with JJ around.
            If Mister J was captured I’d return him to us, if his life was at risk I would go fight by his side and if he…. if he died I would raise JJ in a way that would make him proud.   Grabbing my purse with all of my weapons and car keys I carried them to the nursery, setting them down. Putting JJ in his car seat I packed his bag, taking enough clothes, diapers, and wipes to do me for a while before I left. I knew this place like the back of my hand so avoiding his security was easy, not that they would dare stop me. It was only when I had everything ready and I was driving in one of the cheaper low-key cars that I began to regret leaving. I began to question whether I had made the right choice, but looking at JJ in the rear-view mirror I knew I had.

***(Mister J P.O.V) [1 Week Later]

           “WHERE ARE THEY?” I snarled, knocking everything off of the table in one clean sweep. 
           A few of my men flinched, and in a rage I pulled out my gun and shot the weak ones in the head. One day, one day I didn’t pay any mind it’s Y/N she goes where she wants, when she wants. Two days, it was nothin’. Three days, I was irritable when the hell did she think it was okay to just go off without telling me where? Four days… I noticed some of her things were gone. I had my men looking for her day and night but she was good at hiding, she had ditched her car near the outskirts of Gotham and both she and my son had disappeared without a trace.
           I should throttle her; I should take her over my knee and show her just how stupid she was acting. So what, I broke a teensy little promise, a promise that I didn’t really officially make, and now I’m the bad guy.
           I laughed at this, I laughed until tears streamed down my cheeks and then Frost entered. 
           “Where is she?” 
           “She had one of her contacts bring a note to tell us that they are okay. That she-”
           “Kill her contact. Kill them.” 
           “I said kill them. Kill anyone you have to, hell, if you don’t bring them back you’ll be killing yourself old pal.” I hissed menacingly and he nodded.
           “I’ll keep looking, boss.” 

***[Two Weeks Later]

           I rose quickly, whipping around but it wasn’t Y/N but it also was. One of Mr Dig’s men from the West side was holding his cell phone up with Frost gripping him by the back of his neck tightly. 
           “M-M-Mister Dig s-s-s-s-said i-if you d-d-don’t return his son t-t-t-to him your girl d-d-” I twisted my knife in his gut, gripping him by the hair as I watched all life drain from his eyes. 
           Picking up his phone where it fell I pressed play on the video. Y/N was chained by her wrists spread eagled in the air. She had a gag in her mouth, bruises and cuts covering her body and every now and again she would cry out against the gag, her body spasming as she was electrocuted… and in the distance… JJ was crying.
           With a yell I threw the phone, stomping on the bastards head over, and over, and over again until his brain oozed out on the floor.
           “What’s your play, boss?” 
           “Round up the boys, we have some graves to dig.” 

***(Y/N P.O.V)

           I was tired, so, tired and weak I knew even if I wanted to rip the faces off of these assholes I wouldn’t last very long. My contact, the one who I had given the note had also been the one to betray my location to Dig. There was too many of them to fight off, too much gunfire to retaliate alone and JJ had been screaming, so I surrendered. I surrendered in the hope that Mister J would save him; I didn’t give a damn about me… I didn’t think I would last much longer anyway. I had been stabbed twice, shot in the leg, cut, beaten, starved and shocked for a few seconds every five minutes or so. I didn’t even know what day it was anymore. But I didn’t fear death… I feared for his death, I feared that I would live long enough to watch them kill Mister J and then our son.
           In the back of my mind I could hear JJ crying and I tried to speak around the gag. Someone removed it but their voice was muddled, like they were speaking to me underwater and I could barely see them but I tried to speak. 
           “His… blanky… it cal…ms…… give-” The air left me as a blow struck my stomach leaving me gasping like a fish out of water.
“I’ll…. fucking…. just wa-” I tried to threaten them but the gag returned, and I fell into darkness a few minutes later, scared for JJ that I wouldn’t wake up this time.

***Mister J’s P.O.V

           “Hello, pal. It’s so good to see ya,” I was ripping his innards out in my mind.
           His boys and my boys had their guns aimed at each other; little did they know more of my friends were entering from below through the tunnels that ran under Gotham. I’m comin’ honey.
           “Where’s my son, J?” Dig asked.
           I grinned. “Where’s mine?” 
           “He’s inside, fussy little bastard but he’s fine.”
           My eyes narrowed. ”Frost, bring the kid, let’s show Dig how merciful I can be.” 
           Frost went back to the car, yanking the man from the trunk. He was gagged with a black bag over his face and his hands were tied behind his back.
           “My son, if you’d please, Dig. And Y/N.”
           “My son first, Joker.” He spat.
           “My son, for your son, don’t make me ask again.” I said lightly, my patience wearing thin.
           The thing I liked about Dig was that he was a thinker; he knew I would make him eat his own fingers if he got me angry enough but I was past that. He nodded and I waited, my fingers fluttering on my cane and I began humming a little tune to myself. I heard him before I saw him but I remained impassive, waiting until the carrier was given to Frost before I spoke again.
           “You’re a man of your word, I respect that,” I murmured, watching them shift as Frost drove off with my son.
           “Hey! Now return mine or your slut eats a bullet.”
           I clenched a fist. “Of course, Panda, give this man his son.” 
           Removing the black bag to prove it was his kid; Panda shoved him forward and into his father’s arms. He was violently trying to speak around the gag.
           “I gotta say, it has been a blast Dig.”
           Backing away a few paces I waited until Dig removed his sons gag. “Bomb! There’s a-”
           I detonated the bomb that was strapped to his sons chest, waiting until the gunfire was over before I walked into the building. 
           It took me several minutes to get to her, and when I did I realised a bomb had been too generous. Panda was in the middle of getting her down and when her arms were free I held her, waiting while Panda unstrapped her legs.
           “I got you Y/N, I got you bab-” She had no pulse. 
           Yelling I ordered the Panda to grab the Doc we had kidnapped. I didn’t say you could die! You stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, perfect little monster I’m not done with you yet! 

***            I woke up at home, an I.V in my arm and a I was more bandage than woman. Frost walked into the room and I panicked. Why wasn’t Mister J here? Was he dead? No, no, no please.
           “Mister J, JJ, what happened?” I croaked.
           “They’re both fine Y/N, he hasn’t slept a wink since we brought you home two weeks ago. I’ll get him.” 
           I relaxed considerably, wincing when each movement ached. A few tears escaped though, not because of the pain, pain I was used to, I was just so glad my men were safe.
           “I have half a mind to come over there and throttle you.” I looked at him standing in the doorway.
           His hair hung in his face, an odd look for him, and he looked just as dead as I felt. He held JJ in his arms, upright, one hand on his tummy and the other supporting his bum as his back rested against his daddy’s chest. He was making it his goal to shove his entire fist in his mouth and I let out a shaky sob, wincing. 
           “Stop that.” Mister J growled, padding across the room and taking a seat beside me.
           “I just wanted to get out of your-”
           “Don’t ever do that again.” He said in a low voice.
           Slowly, I reached out and slid my hand into his where it held JJ. Mister J cracked his neck, glaring down at me like I was the greatest inconvenience, but I knew better.  
           “Did you kill them all?”
           “They took you both.” Was his only reply.
           I smiled, “Good.”
           “You died.” He said it in a curious way, a growling, accusatory, and angry way.
           “Am I still to die for?”
           The corner of his mouth twitched. “When you are better Y/N, I am going to punish you.”
           “Looking forward to it, Mister J.”
           He was quiet for a long time, and he surprised me by giving my hand a small squeeze. “I promise.” He grunted, standing up abruptly and walking towards the door. 
           He paused. “I promise.” He repeated and disappeared.
           He’ll try harder this time, for us, for now, and that is all I could ask.

Stay By My Side Part 2

Bruce Wayne x Reader

Part 1

Here’s the second part that’s based on It’s Quiet Uptown from Hamilton! I know you’re probably thinking “Wow two imagines in four days. That’s some kind of record.”

I’m procrastinating. Enjoy the labors of my procrastination

I cried a little while writing it… but what do you expect?

@cait-writes-stuff do you approve?

Words: 1119

Your heart sinks with each and every ounce of soil that fills the grave. Up until this point it didn’t seem real. It couldn’t be true. Surely your baby bird will sneak up and surprise you at any time. But the sound of dirt on metal makes it more real.

Your heart twists in your chest, and you hold onto Tim and Jason, willing yourself to fight back the tears. That Dick wouldn’t want you to cry any more than you already had, but you can’t stand the thought that you’ll never see him again. He’ll never have another birthday party or Christmas. The thought sends you into a darkness that you aren’t sure you can escape.

Bruce stands with you, but not close to you. You refused to speak to him since the incident, and he doesn’t blame you. As the last bit of dirt covers the grave, his heart falls deeper than what he thought would be possible.

He needs to clear his head, take a walk.

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Victor Zsasz AU: I knew you were trouble part II.

Name: I knew you were trouble. Part II.
Author: Aya-Fay
Fandom: Gotham
Pairing: Victor x Reader
Theme: M - for murdering people.
Summary: Altruism could lead you anywhere. Even in the hands of the darkest creature of Gotham.

Part I:http://aya-fay.tumblr.com/post/139959040954/victor-zsasz-au-i-knew-you-were-trouble-part-i

My dear @myregardstothereader @queencobblepotstuff @jokesterwrites @thequeenofgothamxo @oswald-cobblepot-addicted @minpov thank you for your support!

Originally posted by kvintessenciya

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The Detective’s Daughter and The Circus Boy | Run While You Still Can {6/?}

Title: The Detective’s Daughter and The Circus Boy

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

Notes: You can read the other parts here!

Chapter summary: You find yourself getting more and more comfortable living with Jerome at the penthouse.

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Writing the Gender Swapped Batman

Since I’ve seen that Batman/Gary Stu/Mary Sue post going around, I thought I’d discuss how to write a gender-swapped Batman as a non-Mary Sue. This isn’t about the current Batwoman, Kate Kane, who is a marvelous and wonderful. This is about how one could create a gender-swapped version of Bruce Wayne and keep the spirit of the character while making a small adjustment in gender. The ironic truth is: you really don’t have to change much. No, really. Whether it’s a Bruce or a Beryl, Batman’s traits and quirks are extraordinarily gender neutral. The trick is figuring out the elements that make the character tick and what the audience connects to without wearing gendered goggles.

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The Kindergarden Teacher

Originally posted by fuckyeahgothamfox

Request -Where his girlfriend is a Kindergarten teacher. I think it would be cute to see their differences and both stay together 

Pairing - Victor Zsasz X Female Reader

Wordcount - 1711

Warnings - Strong language, jealousy, fluffy Victor 

A/N - There could be a part 2 to this 

Everyone outside of your relationship would never understand why you continued to stay with Victor. How could you stay with such a man? He could kill you. How could you be with an Assassin, it was from that day onwards that you decided to keep the details of your relationship to yourself. If they couldn’t support your relationship, they certainly didn’t deserve your attention. You were with Victor. You loved Victor and were going to continue your committed relationship with him no matter what people had to say. You were not asking for their approval nor their acceptance.

Even though you and Victor were polar opposites, he was an Assassin and a part of the Gotham underworld and you were a Kindergarden teacher. Teaching had always been your passion and you knew for a very early age teaching would be your choose profession.

Meeting Victor had been by mistake, one of your friends from college had been in town for the weekend.  She suggested that you go down to the new bar that had opened downtown, Oswald’s. After having a pretty stressful week, you agreed,eager to have a night out with an old friend and finally having time to let less and forget about the pressures of work.

When you arrived, you were instantly taken back by the classiness of the place; it was far from what you had been expecting. Most bars in Gotham were dully lit with sleazy men sitting in the corners trying to get laid; the places were normally dirty and covered in grim. Oswald’s was the opposite, it was spotless, dark yet you could see everything around you. The bar did not make you feel intimidated and cautious rather calm and invited. Whoever had opened the bar was very wise indeed.

You and your friend were having a good time; catching up on what had been going in your lives since you last spoke. She had settled down, meet a lovely man and now we’re engaged to be married, you congratulated her despite her scolding that you had no intention to find somebody. You believed strongly that when the time was right you would find someone; unbeknown to you the night at the club you met the person you were never going to withstand giving up.

As you were talking with your friend, you noticed a bald man sitting in the corner hovering over his drink; your eyes met those cold brown eyes and somehow the look warmed you. One cold stare was all it took for you to become transfixed. That one look took you down a path you never expected to go down, yet you wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

As you closed your door on your car, you moved to the boot of your car grabbing bags that needed to be taken into the house. Okay so maybe going grocery shopping and bringing home all your marking was not such a good idea. But with the school breaking up for two weeks you had a lot to do. Tiredly, you began to bring bags into the house, one trip, two trips, three-

“Y/N we need to talk.” You rolled your eyes at the voice; one in which you had become very familiar with since you entered your relationship with Victor. You didn’t mind seeing the Detective every once and a while, Victor was a criminal and you were well aware of the risks being with him but this was the third time this week and Detective Jim Gordon was beginning to scratch on your last nerve.

“Detective, what a lovely surprise. As I told you previously twice this week already Victor is not here nor am I aware of where his current location is. So if you don’t mind as you  can already tell I’m preoccupied at the moment. It was good to see you again Harvey.” You carried some more of the bags into your house; hearing the sound of two sets of footsteps behind you, you debated about drawing one of the many guns you had dotted around the house. That was not your idea, it was Victor’s. The only reason you kept them was to get rid of some Victor’s anxiousness concerning your safety.

Turning around with anger boiling within you like a volcano, Jim Gordon had indeed followed you into the house, his arms empty, yet Harvey’s arms were full of your groceries. You smiled at Harvey, your expression shifted when your eyes met Jim’s. You had no patience for Jim’s constant prodding around in your life.

“Thank you, Harvey. At least someone has some manners around here. Would you mind putting them in the kitchen for me?”

“Sure thing darlin’, how about I bring the rest of ya bags in for ya while you and Jim here have a little talk.” Harvey walked by you and Jim leaving you two both alone in the hallway.

“You better come in.” You lead Jim into the living room, as you slipped off your shoes, your feet were hurt particularly badly today.  

“What do you know about Don Falcone?” As you sat down on your couch placing your feet up on the couch, stretching out your legs as you looked up at the Detective.
“He’s a mob boss and extremely powerful; he can get what he wants when he wants. He’s not a man to cross. The normal characteristics one would normally associate with a powerful man.” The Detective seemed impressed with the answer that you had given him.  

“Is Victor working with him?” The way the Detective spoke his Victor’s name like it was poison on his tongue infuriated you to the extent you stood up.

“We have had this conversation multiple times Jim, I do not know anything about Victor’s life outside of our relationship, as it does not concern me.” You lied through your teeth, you knew exactly who was Victor’s current employer was indeed Don Falcone himself.

“Your lying.” Detective Gordon pressed further, as you began seriously debating the gun that was so close within your reach, just in the draw next to the couch. Victor had bought that for you on your first-month anniversary. Most men bought flowers. Victor liked to buy you weaponry.

“No, I am not. Victor keeps that part of his life very much away from me. Is that all Detective?” You asked as you began to walk towards the living room door.

“For now.” The Detective walked out of your living room as Harvey entered the end of the hallway.

“Hey Y/N, you don’t mind if I take some of those brownies that you had on the counter.” You laughed, being fully aware of how Harvey would always ask if you had food when he and Jim came around.

“Go for it Harvey. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you, gentleman, again soon.” As soon as the two men left, you walked into the living room collapsing on the couch, wondering if the day could get any more hectic .

After distressing and putting away all of the groceries that Harvey had helped you bring in you sat on the couch, dressed in one of Victor’s old shirts as you marked the children’s books, as your freshly made mug of tea, sat beside you on the side table.
Faintly you could distinctively hear a key beginning turned within the back door. Victor never used the front door. His footsteps were urgent, you placed everything down before turning looking up to face Victor who was standing in the doorway.

“Who has fucking been in here Y/N? Are you fucking someone else? Your mine, no-body else, do you understand me”  Victor growled as he blocked the doorway preventing you from leaving, you got up and began to walk towards Victor closing the distance between himself and yourself.  

“ Will you relax; I am not fucking anyone else. The only men that have been here is  Harvey and Jim Gordon.” You took hold of the ends of his suit jacket pulling him closer towards you.

“What did they want?” Something was off. Something at work had gone wrong or was currently going wrong. Victor was acting like his old hostile self, something you didn’t see so much anymore, currently, he refused to even acknowledge the closeness between you. Usually, he would have placed his hand on your face by now pressing a soft kiss to your lips yet nothing.

“Harvey helped me bring in the rest of the groceries that I had been unloading into the car and then he took some of the brownies from the dome on the kitchen counter. Jim was the one pressing for information.” Victor’s eyes were staring down at you, emotionless, vacant, Victor’s arm wrapped around are your waist, his fingers digging into the side of your hip. You knew that you had to give him every single piece of information about Jim and Harvey’s visit. Especially Harvey’s, you couldn’t allow Victor to seem Harvey as a threat, he was one if not the only people who understood the situation.

“What did Jim want?” Victor’s voice was grave, you refused to make eye contact with Victor knowing the anger was rolling off Victor in waves. His other hand slid up the back of your neck making you look at him.

“He asked if I knew who Don Falcone was and then asked if I knew if you were working for him. I might have given him a smart ass kind of answer when he asked if I knew who he was. I told him nothing, made out that you never told me anything about your work. He accused me of lying.” Victor leant down and kissed your lips softly, although the grip on your hip tightened. What was troubling Victor so badly?

“I believe you. Sweetheart go and get dressed; pack a bag and gather up some of your work. I’ll explain on the way.” Victor pressed his lips to yours passionately as you walked away, your hips swaying with your every moment. Victor was going to teach Jim a lesson for harassing and going near you, but first, he needed to make sure you were in a safe place.

headcanon: ‘normal’

Harley and the Joker are known for being the troublemakers of the night, but the daytime is a whole different story. The Joker specifically has a painful amount of anxiety when it comes to going out and trying to be ‘normal’. Yeah, they murder and cause mayhem and are textbook psychopaths but even he knows it’s kind of impractical to go out and murder a whole store just because he wants fruit. 

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A Mouth Full of Blood

For anon, who wanted Red Hood!Steph as laid out in this post.

Warnings for torture, death, and canonical Bruce dicker-y. Nothing too severe, but this story draws heavily from both War Games and Under the Red Hood. 

A whole boatload of thanks for everybody who supported me through this story but especially Nina, who’s the best damn proof-reader a writer could ask for. 

Also on Ao3

Stephanie Brown died with a mouth full of blood and her eyes wide open, staring at the locked door, hoping still for a miracle, for a rescue.

She died in a hidden place, still hanging from the ceiling by her wrists, bleeding out from a wound in her stomach, and no one was with her when her heart gave its last beat.

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