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100 “Epic” Adventure Ideas...

Here are one hundred adventure seeds you can use to generate ideas for your adventures and campaigns.

  1. A ancient and evil balor sorcerer imprisons old friends of the player characters, holding them hostage in return for a service. 
  2. A band of several death slaadi rogues and sorcerers begins to waylay all planar travelers who chance through their recently claimed turf on the Astral Plane.
  3. A ranger hero recognized around the world begins to organize a group of explorers for reasons unknown…
  4. A bardic college develops a style of music that charms and dominates any that listen to it too long.
  5. A beholder cluster, made up of many beholders driven mad, begins to war with lesser beholder communities, apparently all seeking a beholder artifact. 
  6. A prominent deity grows sick and will die if the cause of its divine ill is not discovered. 
  7. A beloved prophecy long accepted as true fails to occur because of the characters’ meddling, and the world turns against them…
  8. A blinding, yellow haze seeps down from the sky, covering the world…
  9. A celestial tree hundreds of miles long reaches its roots down and begins to grow on the world’s surface. Creatures from other worlds live in the heights of the tree. 
  10. A child is born who prophecy indicates will one day ascend to godhood. 
  11. A black disease blights the forest, killing all vegetation as it continues to expand without limit at an ever-accelerating rate. 
  12. A clan of psionic militants breaks away from the kingdom — literally. A huge chunk of land hundreds of acres wide floats up and away (taking with it many terrified non-psionic people). 
  13. A conjunction of parallel planes somehow energizes a lowly peasant to the power of a greater deity — but only until the conjunction ends. 
  14. A cross-time catastrophe has cut off the Material Plane from all others. 
  15. A dragon kills the ruler of the largest nation and takes over, calling itself the Dragon King.
  16. A flaw in a true resurrection spell leaves one player character undead by night and alive by day. 
  17. A floating city arrives from across the sea, apparently fleeing the depredations of the Warlord, a barbarian of an epic caliber.
  18. A flock of angelic avengers and celestials is ravaging across the continent. 
  19. A meeting is called by a storm giant blackguard. Powerful giants from around the world (and other worlds) begin to congregate. Though no one knows the meaning of this calling…
  20. A glorious gemstone in which the first light of creation still lingers is purportedly languishing in an ancient, crumbling demi-plane. 
  21. A great chase ensues through endless parallel dimensions as wizard researchers follow the faint trail of the long-vanished elder elves. 
  22. A group of gargoyle paragons claims the Cathedral of Pelor as its own new home. 
  23. A hero of renown (a quasi-deity, really) is to be wed to an elven prince, but the prince’s royal family claims the prince is under a spell. 
  24. A hole is gouged in the veil separating life and death. As the tide of life pours out into the void, all creatures everywhere begin to die as they accumulate negative levels. The hole must be mended. 
  25. A red dragon and two of its siblings emerge from a red-lit cavern in the earth. 
  26. A lesser deity declares the PCs as its mortal enemies, enjoining all its worshipers and allies to find and slay them. 
  27. A longstanding illusion is pierced, revealing that the king is nowhere to be found, and that all dictates of the kingdom have been actually flowing from the thieves’ guild. 
  28. A new deity decides to leave the Outer Planes to set up its palace on the face of the Material Plane. Once it arrives, it demands worshipers and servitors. 
  29. A mad chronomancer with a mastery of time, has determined how to destroy the past (and therefore the present). Unless it can be stopped, time itself will unravel. 
  30. A planar conjunction will soon come to pass, allowing the legions of hell (or worse) direct access to a selected part of the Material Plane for 24 hours. It can’t be stopped, but some famous characters may attempt to defend key cities or strongholds from the onslaught. 
  31. A player character’s heart is stolen and replaced with a magical gem or a strange alchemical creation. Who knows how long the replacement will last? 
  32. A powerful wizards’ guild enters all-out war with the dominant religious order of the world. 
  33. A quasi-deity wants an escort as it ventures into the Abyss to release a companion quasi-deity from bondage. 
  34. A rogue moon threatens to crash down upon the world, ending all life. 
  35. A sentient spell-virus is raging out of control among spellcasters. All who fall victim to it become part of one unified mind controlled by a malign intelligence. 
  36. A species of “fish” introduced from another plane has provided good eating and relief from famine over the last year. Now, thousands (possibly millions?) of the fish-like creatures begin a sudden growth spurt, transforming en masse into terribly powerful and bloodthirsty predators. 
  37. A splinter community of humans evolves into a sub-race sporting strange and variant powers. 
  38. A syndicate of assassins dramatically expands its membership by introducing a mind-control potion into a city’s water supply. 
  39. A team of nightmares draws a chariot driven by a powerful fighter into the city. 
  40. A titan seeks those brave enough to release it from its age-long bondage; its rescuers may face the wrath of higher deities. 
  41. A vampire scion from another plane begins to conquer world after world with the help of a reforged artifact of legend, Midnight’s Heart
  42. A volcano erupts. In the aftermath, a portal to the City of Brass on the Elemental Plane of Fire remains open permanently.
  43. A well-known wizards’ guild’s magical dumping ground of failed experiments and stale spell components becomes sentient.
  44. A wizard attempting to summon a powerful devil slips up and somehow summons an abomination instead: an infernal lord of the hells. 
  45. A wizard claims to have developed an epic spell ritual that, if cast, will slay a deity.
  46. All magic items crafted from a particular city begin to bestow negative effects on their owners with each use. 
  47. All who fall asleep on a selected world cannot be awakened and eventually die in their sleep. Exhaustion is beginning to take a hold on even the greatest heroes of its realm…
  48. An adventuring party stumbles upon the tomb prison of an long dead half-god and releases it. 
  49. An anti-magic plague is released by an unknown agency, causing sickness and eventually death to any who prepare or cast arcane spells. 
  50. An artifact belonging to one of the characters must be destroyed, lest some great catastrophe, which has secretly been gathering, come to pass. 
  51. An artifact capable of forever dominating all red dragons everywhere is discovered.
  52. An enclave of gnomes customizes an iron colossus into a walking war platform.
  53. A group of NPCs known for good deeds suddenly embarks on a death spree, murdering merchants and their envoys…
  54. A group of NPCs decides to destroy the PC adventurers, for reasons that are initially obscure. 
  55. A sentient, free roaming, self-casting disintegrate spell breaks loose from a wizard’s laboratory. 
  56. A legendary paladin leads a crusade to hell. 
  57. An inter-dimensional caravan must float on the River Styx through the dangers of several lower planes. 
  58. Spirits begin to manifest from machines as complicated as simple steam-powered wheels — is it a warning from the gods of the forge to desist? 
  59. Angry druids raise the beasts, animals, and dire animals of the wild, intent on beginning a new world order in which nature comes first. 
  60. As the world ages, frequent earthquakes threaten to plunge the major nations under the sea. 
  61. Blue-skinned merchants begin to sell enormously popular items composed of dreamstuff — “mined from the very dreams of a deity,” claim the merchants.
  62. Deeper than the Underdark, the world is discovered to be hollow. Hanging in that vast opening is an unknown, uncharted inner world of strangeness.
  63. Dwarf miners follow a vein of adamantine to a hinged valve sealed with divine magic of an age older than any of the current deities. 
  64. A group of seemingly amateur rogues steal the magical scepter of the Dragon King. 
  65. Evil opportunists slay the Guardian of the Flame of Destiny, hoping to remold the Law of Reality to their own liking. 
  66. Ghosts of every sort begin to rise again, and they won’t recognize their own undead state. 
  67. Mind flayers successfully gain control of a surface nation, plunging the region into permanent darkness. 
  68. Jade pyramids of prodigious size rise from the earth. Sounds unlike any heard before echo faintly from within their stony cores. 
  69. Construct-like creatures of insane complexity called “machines” move across the land, preparing the way for a larger invasion of automated entities. 
  70. Magic begins to fail, supposedly because it is being “used up” faster than it naturally regenerates. 
  71. Mercenary half-dragons who ride chromatic dragons as steeds sell their swords (and spells) to an evil empire. 
  72. Newborns begin to be born without souls.
  73. Off-plane raiders begin to steal people away for use as slaves and food. 
  74. Once every ten years a small cave provides access into a magical, underground world where all living beings give off colorful light, ruled by mysterious fey lords with mysterious agendas. 
  75. One of the player characters learns about his or her real mother or father — in fact, that parent was a demon, and that demon has come calling. 
  76. Planetars and solars bring heaven’s war to the Material Plane, slaying any and all they deem evil or immoral. 
  77. Chromatic dragons decide that their “species” is the only true draconic race, and they begin a campaign of genocide against all other dragon types. 
  78. Several well-known cities and all their inhabitants suddenly disappear without a trace. More could follow…
  79. Someone is breaking the Seven Seals that maintain the integrity of the multiverse…
  80. The ancient Great Library has secret vaults where the Words Once Spoken are supposedly inscribed in the Book of Sleep. To speak them again would remake the universe. 
  81. The Clock that Rules the Universe is under attack by insane gnome alchemists, who are raiding it for parts. 
  82. The End Times threaten to begin. 
  83. The gods of Law put all humanoid races on trial for their excesses.
  84. The Lord High Priest of Pelor denounces her deity and faith. 
  85. The most feared and reviled weapon of legend, an artifact sword that drains life energy with a touch, is lost by its owner. 
  86. The Mother of Spiders emerges from her Cocoon of a Million Years to find a mate for her next spawning. 
  87. A vast necropolis undergoes a mystical transformation. Now, each coffin, sarcophagus, and mausoleum leads to separate cemetery dimensions and realms of death. 
  88. The PCs’ stronghold mysteriously gains new extra-dimensional halls and rooms of unknown origin, content, and extent.
  89. The populace decides that they want one of the PCs as their new ruler, which doesn’t please the current ruler. 
  90. The secret texts of a prominent religion, recently discovered, call into question the church’s real goal, its actual origin, and the agenda of its god. 
  91. The souls of a good queen and her family are drawn into the Abyss by an unknown demonic agency. 
  92. The spirits of the dead begin to possess the bodies of the living at an ever-accelerating rate. 
  93. The sun is infested with moon-sized parasites, and may soon fail like so many other stars have fallen to this celestial infestation. 
  94. The winter, which was overly cold, lasts too long — the goddess of winter, Auril, is suspected to be the cause…
  95. The woods begin to grow without bound, invading field, plain, and city. 
  96. The yuan-ti attempt to awaken the Slumbering Serpent, a little-known abomination born of their own race and a god of serpents.
  97. Twenty percent of all astral travelers begin to disappear in mid-trip. Mid-travel diversion spells are suspected. 
  98. Two parallel planes move too close to each other, and denizens and objects of one constantly slip onto the other, and vice versa. 
  99. Unless stopped, an ancient demi-lich will inject itself onto the Negative Energy Plane, where it can possess any undead anywhere in the multiverse. 
  100. When a friend or a respected associate is resurrected, the soul returned to the body has different memories from the original. Whence does this soul come? 

rhaegal: so apparently imma have a new dragon rider a la ‘aegon’ snow-

ghost: now you look here you little biotch

Idiotic GoT fan: Tries to talk about science & genetics. Comes up with bogus % of DNA characters share.

Me, an Engineer: All humans in real world share 99.9% DNA. Dany & Rhaegar (Jon’s father) are genetically impossible & shouldn’t exist if the rules of science & genetics applied to them, much less be healthy & considered the most attractive woman & man in the world. These are magical creatures who don’t burn & ride dragons for crying out loud!

The signs’ embarrassing families

Aries: An Indiana Jones fangirl, a weeaboo who smokes weed, and a terrorist dressed as an Asian schoolgirl

Taurus: A huge Pokémon fan, a weeaboo with great hair, and the leader of a huge rebellion

Gemini: A hacker obsessed with bees, a clumsy skater boy who curses a lot, and a pilot

Cancer: An angry kid who reads romance novels, a party pooper with pants that go up to his chest, and Jesus with the same pants

Leo: A huntress who writes fluffy fanfiction, a Satan worshipper who looks like a cinnamon roll, and a female version of Tarzan

Virgo: A vampire with a chainsaw, a motherly feminist with badass piercings and tattoos, and a very protective mother

Libra: A blind lawyer who eats chalk, a radical skater girl, and another lawyer who rides a dragon

Scorpio: A pirate, a nerd, and another pirate

Sagittarius: Three robotic engineers who are obsessed with horse dicks

Capricorn: A high clown, a Satan-worshipping clown, and a homicidal clown

Aquarius: Harry Potter, Danny Zuko, and a serial killer who is bad with jokes

Pisces: Barbie, Nicki Minaj, and Hitler

When the special sauce leaves a bad taste in your mouth

This is a bitter post. Keeping stuff under the cut because it’s not a meta and proves nothing about anything, it’s just a rant about how every man falls at D’s feet. You may not want to go there. It’s a dark, depressing place. 

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Tormund’s famous ep5 quote was better in the french version

Instead of “the one with her dragons, or the one who fucks her brother ?”

In the french version he says “the one who rides her dragons or the one who rides her brother ?”

Hmmm… I like it.

Demon-A-Day: Astaroth

Astaroth - Duke

  • Color: Green
  • Incense: Sandalwood
  • Metal: Copper
  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Earth (Under Ziminiar)
  • Enn: Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth
  • Date (Connolly): December 31-Jan 9 (Day Time)
  • Date (Runyon): Sept 18-22 *Note, is shown as number 36, swapped with Stolas.
  • Archangel: Auriel
  • Origin: Canaanite and Phoenician Goddess Astarte, Consort of Bael (Bael #1). She is placed in slot #36 presiding over the Autumnal Equinox in the sign of Virgo, Harvest Goddess of the Earth. In ancient times Astarte descended from Heaven down to the Underworld to resurrect the dead prince Ba’al at Autumnal Equinox in The Festival of Seven Gates. This was the original “Dance of the Seven Veils” later attributed to Princess Salome in the Bible.

From the original Ars Goetia:

The Twenty-ninth Spirit is Astaroth. He is a Mighty, Strong Duke, and appeareth in the Form of an hurtful Angel riding on an Infernal Beast like a Dragon, and carrying in his right hand a Viper. Thou must in no wise let him approach too near unto thee, lest he do thee damage by his Noisome Breath. Wherefore the Magician must hold the Magical Ring near his face, and that will defend him. He giveth true answers of things Past, Present, and to Come, and can discover all Secrets. He will declare wittingly how the Spirits fell, if desired, and the reason of his own fall. He can make men wonderfully knowing in all Liberal Sciences. He ruleth 40 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, which wear thou as a Lamen before thee, or else he will not appear nor yet obey thee, etc. 

Other citations of note:

From the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage:

Astarot: From Hebrew, OShThRVTh, = flocks, crowds or assemblies. Usually written “Ashtaroth”. Also a name of the Goddess Astarte; Esther is derived from the same root.

From Dictionaire Infernal (Paraphrased):

The Sidonians and Phlistines worshiped him in the past. […] He also believes he received an unjust punishment. Some magicians say he procures the goodwill of great lords and can be summoned on Wednesday. […] Astaroth is cited as one of the seven princes of hell who visited Faust, appearing as a serpent with a colored tail, two small feet, a chestnut neck, and spines similar to a hedgehog that can grow up to a finger’s length. As his feminine counterpart, Astarte, he is portrayed with a heifer’s head.

From Luciferian Goetia:

Astaroth appears as a hurtful angel who rides upon an infernal dragon. He is ghostly pale in color, something like a corpse with blackened eyes – no pupils. Astaroth also has long hair, and appears with a crown upon his head and a viper in his left (or right) hand, which are clawlike and bestial. Astaroth is a high Luciferic angel, whom is a very powerful guardian spirit to invoke. Astaroth is uniquely balanced in nature – being a mix of angel and demon, thus is a model and initiatory force in the workings of the Angelic and Bestial Servitors – that in union the spirit proves a balanced articulation and representation of the self. Astaroth governs 40 Legions of Spirits, and shadows forth ones own HGA/Angelic Familiar or initiator unto the path. Astaroth has been known to initiate or lead one unto the Luciferian Path of selfdeification.

From Daemonolatry Goetia:

A Daemoness of Divination. Invoke her for skrying especially. She is also a Daemoness of friendship and love and can help you find these things.

Astaroth is a demon of knowledge and sciences. Her knowledge is specified mostly on the Fall of the Angels, and can give detailed information on the subject when commanded. Despite needing the extra layer of protection due to the stench Astaroth emits, they are a great demon to speak with on historical finding. The Hierarchies Astaroth belongs to: Collin de Plancy’s Dictionaire Infernal as “Obtains friendships of Great Lords”; France Barret’s The Magus as “Prince of Accusers and Inquisitors”; John Weyer/A.E. Waite’s Hierarchy of Hell as “Prince and Treasurer of Hell”; Sebastian Michaelis’s Histoire de Admirable de la Possession et Conversion d’une Penitente as “First Hierarchy: Vanity and Sloth”; Faust’s Hierarchy of Kingdoms as “West”; Misc Medieval Hierarchies in Arch She-Demons as “Queen of Spirits of the Dead” (Astarte); Dukante’s Hierarchy as “Family Four: Demoness of Love” (Astarte). Astaroth is also referred to as Astarte, Ashtaroth, Astarot, and Asteroth.

Demonic Ranking System: No Ma’am

Now, I’m all for Decidedly feminine demons. Hell, I love when people just don’t assume all demons are male. But this demon, this very demon in particular? Probably not a demon you want to mess with. No, if you want some sweet deets? Not a bad idea to go to her, since she’s got all that info pretty easily available and you can be sure that she’s not feeding you any bullshit. But she’s one of the few demons that even the Lemegeton is trying to say you need more protection for, and that’s usually enough reason not to take this demon lightly. So I’d save this for when you’re definitely comfier with summoning rather than jumping right into it, even though she is a lower ranking than most. She’s got a lot of recognition, and when you’re a demon, you don’t tend to get that by being cute and nice.


Day VI: Reincarnation

Just barely made it, but here’s my contribution toward day six! Not super heavy on the shipping, so sorry about that. I’ll try to make up for it tomorrow with Broken Hearts.

“Oh! Fuck, sorry– ”

Jon represses a sigh and kneels down to help the undergrad gather her books. They’re history texts, mostly. They both reach for The War of the Dawn at the same time, and their hands touch. “Sorry,” they mutter as one, eager to be done with it, to finish with the demands of politeness and go about their business as they were before. All she has to do is take the last book, and they are both free.

He makes the mistake of looking up at the sound of her voice. It’s not so much a conscious choice as it is instinctual, a response to something familiar, even though he’s never seen her before in his life. It is a mistake though. She is looking at him, too, and he barely registers that her eyes are a startling shade of pale blue, before–

He is standing in the middle of a frozen fairyworld. The rose-hued light of the dawn catches on the glossy ice and makes everything sparkle. His breath is stolen, and he can’t be sure if the cold or the beauty is what takes it away. There are black tents visible through the frosted foliage. He sees shapes, movement, and tries to move forward, but–

He is kissing a woman. A redhead, but a different one, her eyes are darker, her teeth more crooked. She is naked and so is he, as he trails his way down her neck, her breasts, her stomach, until he buries his head in the apex of her legs. She moans his name, and her fingers are tangled in his hair, but the pain is somehow as sweet as pleasure–

He is looking around for… something. It is cold again, and dark. There was something, or maybe someone, that he was supposed to find… to meet… but all he sees is a piece of wood nailed to a post. ‘Traitor.’ He turns around only to stumble backward at the first bite of steel. The knife is followed by another, and another, and another. They all say the same thing. “For the Watch.” He searches their eyes for regret, for compassion, but all he sees is stony determination as he falls to his knees–

He is alive. His eyes shoot open and he gasps for air that he should not be breathing. His heart pounds painfully, as though it had to be hammered into beating again. A ghost-white wolf watches him, and people flood back into the room, but all he can do is struggle against the hands that suddenly grasp at him. He searches for the gaps in his memory, but all there is darkness, nothing, a gaping oblivion–

He is hugging a woman. This time, it is the same redhead; he is sure of it, though he cannot see her eyes with her face buried in his shoulder. They cling to each other as if to never be ripped apart. He was leaving, had been leaving, he nearly missed her, but he didn’t. He is overcome by the relief of it all, that she is alive, that they are together, that they are no longer alone, that–

He is drawing a sword. Before him, a thousand horses trample through the mud with hooves that could crack a man’s skull. His blade is nothing before the charge. He takes a deep breath, knowing that he is about to die for the second time, and readies his stance in the face of the inevitable–

He is heading a table in a hall of people. A girl is speaking, a young girl, no older than twelve. Suddenly, they are rising to their feet, drawing their swords and laying them down. The shout spreads through the room; it echoes around the walls. “The King in the North!” The redhead sits beside him, and he looks to her. She gives him a small smile, and he rises to his feet. “The White Wolf!” they call him–

He is kneeling before a silver-haired queen. Something looms behind her, something vaster than mammoths, something that radiates fire-like heat, but his eyes are fixed on her expression as he rises. He is talking, telling stories of the Others, of the dead rising again from the snow and of inhuman eyes the color of ice–

He is flying on the back of a dragon. This one is white, and a lesser behemoth than the other, but the flames it breathes are just as hot. Blood gushes from his side as they wing their way South, away from the army of wights, the horde that now holds faces he had come to know–

He is lying in bed. The redhead’s voice is sharp, and so are her eyes, even as they are glossy with tears. He thinks deliriously that she looks more like a queen than the silver to him. His side is burning, and she presses something against it that makes it burn hotter, as he thrashes and cries out in pain. But her lips, when she presses them to his forehead, are cool and soft–

He is drawing a sword yet again. Only this time, it is the last time, as he faces an enemy worse than cavalry. Behind him, the living stand in a barrier of flesh where there once loomed a wall of ice. Before him, the dead spread as far as the eye can see. There are few horses, but the true danger comes not from the beasts, but from those who ride them. Three dragons circle overhead, one of fire and two of ice. The sky is lightening as the sun begins to crawl back into the sky–

Jon gasps and jerks his hand away. Beside him, the redhead pants loudly. Her eyes are wide and horrified, as if she has seen what he has, or worse. She jumps to her feet, leaving the book between them, and walks away. Her steps quicken the farther she gets until she disappears from view completely.

Jon swallows convulsively. His heart is racing; his mind is trying to beat it. He stares down at the abandoned textbook. It flipped open at some point, maybe when they recoiled from each other, and the page is embossed with a glossy picture. Beneath it, a tiny caption reads: The King and Queen in the North.

He leaves the book too – someone else will find it and pick it up, maybe even return it to the undergrad, who knows – and spends the rest of the day doing his best to put the incident out of his mind. Some kind of strange hallucination, he decides. Maybe his roommate baked pot into the brownies again.

The picture was an artist’s interpretation, after all, not a photograph. Besides, Jon tells himself, it didn’t really look like them anyway.

By the time he goes to sleep that night, he almost believes it.

Voltron Dragon Riders AU

Instead of riding robotic lions and forming Voltron in space, the Paladins all ride dragons and create formations and battle strategies in a magical kingdom. Their dragons are still the same colours as their lions tho.

  • Shiro rides an old war-hardened dragon who has even more scars than him. She’s seen many battles, and she’s definitely getting on in years, but she’s still sharp as a tack, and she’s fiercely protective of her rider. Anyone who fucks with Shiro is gonna get burned. As the oldest, she’s also the much-annoyed caretaker of the rest of the team’s dragons. She is not thrilled with this, but she’s the only one who can keep them in line when they start squabbling. Mostly by sitting on them
  • Shiro uses flying with his dragon as a way to cope with his past traumas when he was held as a POW. Shiro isn’t her first partner, she’s seen many come and go over the years, but she loves him just as much as any past rider, and Shiro takes good care of her. They share a very close bond.
  • Lance’s dragon is a very calm beast to contrast Lance’s energy. Lance tries to use his dragon to pick up girls, but his dragon never wants to play along, much to Lance’s frustration. His dragon is always on his best behaviour until a girl walks into the room, and then he’s just an asshole. Everyone but Lance is very amused by this
  • But Lance is also the best trick rider out of all of them. He doesn’t need a saddle or harness half the time because he can just cling to his dragon like a monkey and crawl all over his scales, even in mid-flight. Just the thought of trying something like that usually makes the rest of the team dizzy. Lance’s dragon is very dependable, though, so he never worries about falling. His dragon will always catch him.
  • Hunk’s dragon is so very spoiled. He always gives her the best food and blankets and pillows he can find because he loves her so, so much. She’s rather shy for a dragon, so she usually needs extra encouragement whenever she tries to interact with others, but Hunk is amazingly patient with her, and she always appreciates him for that. Thankfully Shiro’s dragon has taken Hunk’s dragon under her wing lately, which has helped her confidence a lot.
  • Hunk is the most likely to be found sleeping curled up with his dragon. They all do it, but he does it the most. It started out because she got scared when she was apart from him, but then it just became habit. If anyone ever can’t find Hunk, he’s probably down with his dragon, napping.
  • Pidge’s dragon is the second biggest after Shiro’s, and it’s comical watching the two of them go flying together because Pidge is just so smol in comparison. They have to make Pidge a custom harness and saddle to make sure they don’t fall off. Shiro insists Pidge will one day grow into their dragon, but their dragon isn’t so sure. 
  • Pidge’s dragon is just as much a little shit as Pidge. When Shiro’s dragon has to step in to stop a fight, it’s usually Pidge’s dragon that started it. Their usual target is Keith’s dragon, but sometimes they can even get Hunk’s shy dragon and Lance’s mild-tempered dragon in on it.
  • (Pidge’s dragon is actually a twin, and the other dragon belonged to Matt. Both of them went missing when the Galra forces attacked, and both Pidge and their dragon miss their siblings very much. That’s part of the reason Pidge’s dragon acts out so much.)
  • Keith’s dragon is both the smallest and the youngest, but neither of them let that bother them much. She’s also the fastest and the fiercest, just like her rider, and she is always ready to fight. Unfortunately she and Keith often feed off of each other, making them even more impulsive together than they would be apart, but they’re such a good team they can usually pull through. But during the fights that Shiro’s dragon has to break up, it’s usually Keith’s dragon that’s getting sat on.
  • Everyone assumes that Keith’s dragon is an orphan like him, but Allura actually secretly suspects that Keith’s dragon has a very unique and respectable pedigree. She refuses to say anything, though, not sure how that might be taken by the others.

And of course Allura is the princess of the Kingdom of Altea, and her Paladins fly with their dragons in defense of her lands. She has her own dragon that she inherited from her father, but her dragon is too old to fly now and mostly sleeps in the castle, keeping an eye on home. They are trying to resist the invasion forces of the Galra kingdom, who ride on strange dragons made of black metal. So far the five dragons have managed to defend the kingdom from harm, but it’s only a matter of time before Zarkon himself and his witches arrive…

(Other headcanon: Coran has never been allowed a dragon in his life, but when an egg is discovered, he’s the only one left who can take care of it. So he gets his own baby dragon. He loves that little thing more than anything else and treats it like his own child)

baby dragon au that I’m not writing because I have a hundred other plot bunnies already:

  • it’s come to my attention that rather than 5 reds, it’s most likely there’s one of each chromatic color. this is even better tbh
  • clones of the Conclave, obv, but only Raishan’s was mature enough to function. but then when her soul was transferring, Vax did something deathy and Pike did something lifey and Percy did…something; no one’s really sure what (possibly including Percy himself) but you can be damn sure they’ll ask later because there was a considerable amount of black smoke billowing from his sleeves at the time
  • somehow it all results in five dragons who really are just fresh babies? no memories? most everyone’s ready to kill them, except Pike stands between the dragons and her friends as a cleric of Sarenrae, goddess of second chances
    • I, for one, ignore the whole “alignment/personality by nature” thing whenever possible, and so would Sarenrae. Anyone can be anything they choose to be.
  • and then Vex starts petting them
  • it all goes downhill (GETS WAY BETTER) from there

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date a girl with a flower in her eye
date a girl whose sole mission is to murder her sisters
date a girl who rides a baby dragon who pees mid-flight
date a girl who would kill you if you asked to date said girl
date a girl who cusses out the snow because it’s ‘stupid’.
date a girl who can kick your ass to the moon.
date a girl who  will eat meat off the floor.
date a girl who can unexpectedly make you cry.
date a girl with a flower in her eye.

little kids at Camp Half-Blood draw SPQR tattoos on their arms, not so they can be like the Romans but so they can be like Percy and Jason

they build themselves little makeshift toolbelts to wear around, so that they can be like Leo Valdez, who rides the metal dragon. they make sure there’s space on their toolbelts for a papier-mache cornucopia, like the one Piper McLean fights with

they’re in awe of how many beads Annabeth has got on her CHB necklace. they whisper to themselves that they’ll have that many someday

they follow Will around the infirmary with toy stethoscopes around their necks. whenever nico is sitting or napping outside, they gather in groups a little ways away from him and whisper about his death powers, how scary he is, giggling the whole time and secretly thinking he’s super cool, drawing little skulls on their arms and dressing in black. tons of tiny goth demigod munchkins. think of this

at Camp Jupiter, the bow and the spatha are now the most popular weapons because of Frank and Hazel. from being the most ridiculed, they become the most sought after. every kid at CJ has at some point attempted to turn into an animal, hoping they share an ability with Frank. every kid has attempted to bend the Mist, to summon gold, to no avail.

everyone with hair long enough to attempt a braid has adopted Reyna’s hairstyle. once she realizes what’s happening, she changes it to a high ponytail, but within a day half the legion has followed suit. desperate, she goes in for her first haircut in forever, chopping it off at the chin: no dice. they all copy her. fed up, she shaves her head. she’s certain this will dissuade them, but two days after this momentous decision, Piper and Annabeth get a snapchat from her that shows the mess hall at New Rome filled with bald and buzzed heads, captioned: “why didn’t yall warn me that I was leading a cult?”

randomnameless  asked:

Jugdral AU : Deedee wants to publish a novel about a young woman living in the forest being rescued by a knight, but Julius steals her notepad and doodles dragons in it, because his mom's story will be better with dragons. In the end, she writes a story about a woman living in the forest but who rides a dragon and saves a knight from a big betrayal, but no one wants to publish her story. Julius loves the story though, so nothing is lost.

WHO ARE WE KIDDING that would be  the best story ever id read it the second it published

I’m glad that medieval fantasy is getting away from the “women who ride dragons must always be clad in leather bikinis” trope, but for gender equality purposes I’d like to see at least a few franchises with equally-scantily-clad male dragonriders