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it’s so weird when you meet a person irl and within minutes of talking to them you can already tell they’re someone whose ideology centers entirely around repeating ideas nearly word-for-word from tumblr posts they’ve seen instead of a critical examination of the systems and structures that govern their life and the lives of those around them 

its okay for boys to like boys, desire other boys, have crushes on other boys, fantasize about other boys.

you are normal, good, and nice, youre attractions and thoughts are normal, good, and nice. you arent doing anything wrong.

love between boys is good and wholesome


Bringing back this bit from Burn the Stage episode 2 because I recently stumbled upon an interesting observation.

During the clip where Jungkook gets tended to by the staff backstage (during the performance, not after), we see Namjoon and Hobi standing around beside him. Some clips before that also showed Jimin peeking in, and later we hear a staff call out to him saying ‘Jimin, let’s go.’ He says something else too but that bit was not translated in the original video.

However, thanks to a K-army’s video (they have their video unlisted so I won’t post either the video or mention their name cause they are a private account) they were able to tell what was said in the background. So when we read the caption “Jimin, let’s go” the staff says in korean: 지민아, 먼저 올라가. 너 먼저 올라가고, 정국이 나중에 올라가 which is translated as: Jimin ah, go up first. You go up first and Jungkookie will come up later

I trimmed the audio alone and uploaded a slowed-down version of that part to make out the dialogue better. It’s not perfect, but you can hear bits of the convo. There is a random woman’s voice cutting in between, but if you listen closely you can hear the male staff’s voice say ‘jungkookie…’ right where the woman’s voice fades out. Not all people will catch on to it immediately as you need to know Korean and your ears to be trained for that.

This actually tells us two things for sure:

  1. That Jimin was indeed waiting around (with Namjoon and Hobi but out of focus of the camera) to check on Jungkook.
  2. That Jimin refused to leave Jungkook’s side until the staff reassured him that Jungkook will follow behind.

I’d like to tie this in with the scene after the performance ended in Burn the Stage ep. 3, when Jungkook collapsed and was brought back to the medical room. This scene has already been debated on several times (here’s my own take on it) but let’s look at it with the new info I just shared.

Many mentioned that Jimin staying behind in the medical room is not a big deal but first let’s get some facts straightened out:

  1. You are not allowed to stay behind in a medical room unless you are family or spouse. Those are the concrete rules.
  2. It is not up to the patient or the visitors to decide who gets to stay behind when said patient is being tended to. Especially in an emergency situation such as this one.

With this in mind, there is no way that Jimin would have been allowed to stay back in the room UNLESS it was approved by the medical staff themselves. You can argue saying they needed someone’s help to tend to Jungkook but that argument would be nonsensical since there are already several staff around to do that. Jimin specifically was not needed. Yet, he was allowed to stay.

Tie this in with the above audio clip of the staff having to reassure Jimin firmly that Jungkook will follow behind, for him to leave the younger’s side. Note, they did not say this to Namjoon and Hobi despite them both being there as well.

So what does this say? To me, it speaks volumes about KM’s relationship not just from their own point of view, but from the staff and the rest of the members as well.

We know that Jimin is a perfectionist when it comes to performing on stage. He’s even fainted on stage before, meaning he performed even at his worst and refused to cancel out on the show. So for someone like him to NOT leave Jungkook’s side during a performance tells a lot about Jimin’s emotional state at that time; he could not go out and perform unless he knew that Jungkook was alright. While Namjoon was balancing out his priority between making sure Jungkook was ok and seeing the concert through smoothly, Jimin’s sole focus at that time was Jungkook. And we see the effects of that in the subsequent clips.

This also connects to Jimin barely acknowledging the rest of the members when they came in to check on Jungkook after the show. Jimin was in the room from the start. We also see Jin, and then Namjoon enters the room. Then we see Suga, Hobi and Tae. While leaving, no one batted an eye towards Jimin, as if they were certain that he would stay behind. The staff did not ask him to leave, he did not ask to be allowed to stay. It was an unspoken agreement, which in a hospital, only happens when dealing with family/spouse.

In conclusion, Jimin staying behind was indeed approved by the medical staff. And the above conversation bit further proves that Jimin MEANT TO stay behind.

Another thing to note. Someone mentioned that RM/JH “respected Jungkook’s wishes for them to step outside”. The same person also mentioned that “Jungkook wanted Jimin to stay behind.” This is not true.

Fact is, Jungkook was near unconscious at the time. He did not respond to Jin’s ‘are you ok?’ as he was already on the respirator at that time. (3:35 - 3:38). He also did not respond when Hobi asked ‘do you want us to get out?’ (3:38). Hobi then says ‘it will be easier if they remove his pants. Let’s get out.’ to which Jin replies ‘Yeah’ and they all leave (3:39 - 3:42). Throughout all this, Jungkook was on the respirator. So no, he did not ask anyone to leave or stay, it was an unspoken order by the medical staff that Hobi voiced aloud and the rest of BTS, except Jimin followed through.

Some more points I’d like to touch on. Some argued saying Jimin would do this for any member, but let me remind you, in BV2 when Hobi fell seasick and he was resting, Jimin did not stay behind. He was with the rest of the members. In that situation, there were no medical staff involved, no protocol to follow so Jimin could have easily stayed behind to tend to his hyung if he wanted to, and no one would have batted an eye. However, he and Suga only went to check up on Hobi AFTER they were done with their agenda for the day. Point number one.

Point number two, the whole idea of Jimin being allowed to stay because he’s Jungkook’s “older brother” is utter bullshit. (If you still have that thought in mind, please dispose of it). Social status means nothing in a medical emergency situation. Unless Jimin is Jungkook’s brother BY BLOOD, his social status as Jungkook’s ‘hyung’ will not grant him free pass to stay behind. By that definition, the ones who would be asked to stay would be either Namjoon or Jin or one of their managers instead.

So, a key takeaway from this episode, and this scene in particular is that:

  • Jimin given equal importance as ‘family/spouse’ in a medical setting means that KM has a special relationship that is acknowledged by the medical team, BH staff and BTS members.
  • Despite Namjoon and Hobi being on the scene, the staff had to particularly reassure Jimin that Jungkook would be alright, before he agreed to go on stage.
  • Jimin was trusted enough by the medical staff to move Jungkook’s leg (another thing that only family/spouse is allowed to do. Touching the patient while the doctor is tending to them is a big no otherwise) while he was unconscious.

And let’s not forget, the member dynamics at the end when Jungkook joins them for the group shot; Hobi asking him when he started to feel sick, Jin complimenting him on staying professional throughout, Namjoon saying that Jungkook even rapped with him and of course, Jimin remarking on how he felt really down that day and how Suga’s little bit of impromptu dancing cheered him up, Tae laughing and joking alongside them. This showcases the strong bond that OT7 have as a whole, and also how they were attuned to KM; they were checking up on both Jungkook AND Jimin here.

All of this tells us so much about KM’s relationship and the fact that they chose to share this with us means that they want us to know, to understand. So instead of negating or denying the fact that this was a monumental peek into Jimin and Jungkook’s dynamics, take a step back, clear your biases and watch the video again. 

The lyrics in GCF in Tokyo will make so much more sense now.

a very concerning stigma i often witness in conservative circles is the idea that girls are only lesbians because they “can’t get a man”. if they were only prettier, smarter, thinner, more passive etc., they would naturally be straight. it’s basically saying that the only reason girls are attracted to other girls is that there is something inherently wrong with their appearance or personality. this is SUCH a damaging concept for young lesbians and if you hear something like this being said, please fight against it. this is blatant homophobia at best, and needs to be called out. there is absolutely nothing wrong with you for liking other girls! you are not worth less because you aren’t attracted to men! your sexuality does not define your self-worth.