who pooped in the park


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Summary: Dalgom ran, and so did she - right into the one person who might just change her whole life.

Jisoo/Female Reader, very slight angst, fluff, open-ended


Warnings: Slight swearing

Word Count: 2,480 (6 Pages)

POV: Jisoo, Third Person

Anon said: “Jisoo takes Dalgom out for a walk and he runs away. She searches for him and find him in the company of a really cute girl. Jisoo tries to flirt but is lowkey awkward but the girls really likes it and asked Jisoo out after she’s too flustered.”

A/N: This is the first time I’ve written for Jisoo on this blog, and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, honestly. It was a creative request! It’s not very long(it’s one of my shorter ones, in fact), but I didn’t feel that any more length was necessary for this piece. I like it as it is, so here you go! Enjoy!

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