who paid for that floor

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OMG I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!Could you please write a preference where he finds out about obsession with Harry Potter or doctor who or disney or something? YOU ARE ALL AMAZING WRITERS KEEP IT UP!

I’ll do Cake/4 :-)



He’d never really paid attention to the box set of Dr Who laid on your bedroom floor, but when you’d actually reeled off so many different facts about the show and he’d found your secret stash of merchandise, he’d actually pretend to be really freaked out even though he didn’t really mind. He’d convince you to watch some of the episodes with him, basically because he’d never really got into the whole Dr Who thing.


You’d try your best to hide the Disney DVD collection you had, basically because you’d felt a little embarrassed by it and didn’t want Calum to feel like you were still so childish. In fact, he’d known about your little collecton for quite a while and he loved it, simply because he’d always wanted to watch the DVDs back to back, and he’d finally found the perfect reason to tell you about him finding them.

- sarah x