who ordered the shark

“sharks aren’t vicious!!! they’re like huge puppy dogs!! they’re big sweethearts and i dont understand why people are scared of them!!”

“sharks do not attack humans in the way movies constantly portray them. sharks are curious, inquisitive animals and many bites come from sharks who “test bite” humans in order to see what they are/if they’re a threat, but that one initial bite can be fatal. while sharks are not monsters bent on hunting and targeting humans, human who hand feed them and treat them like any other animal causes more human-shark incidents (sharks can become used to humans feeding them and thus bite at a human to find fish). sharks are not blood thirsty maneaters, but they are an extremely powerful animal that deserves respect and should be admired from a distance.”

Man Challenge: Gordon Ramsay vs James May

Gordon Ramsay challenged James May from Top Gear to to eat the dreaded rotten shark in order to see who was more manly. Ramsay laughed as May lifted up a bucket before beginning, a bucket that Ramsay would soon become deeply acquainted with.

James May proceeded to dryly rebuke Gordon Ramsay’s weakness.

The Feeling Of Hope

I finally started the Angst prompts! yay! I’ll try to complete most of them, and I’ll start with this touching one. This one I wrote while answering a questionnaire from @lucy-heartflawless . It is angst, but it has loads of fluff and open ending. (the title kinda says it; it’s about hope, not death.) Also, MODERN AU. 

Prompt: “Are you alright? You don’t look it.”

Rated: T

Genre: Fluff and humor first, then angst. (NO CHARACTER DEATH. OPEN ENDING. FOR BOTH FLUFF AND ANGST LOVERS.)

Pairing: NaLu, Graylu Saltiness, Grayza Brotp.

Word Count: 3316

“Are you alright? You don’t look it.”

Lucy squeaked in surprise when she felt Natsu’s hand resting on her shoulder, and she turned around, forcing a smile on her lips. “I’m alright,” She shook her head. “Just a little tired.”

“Are you sure?” Natsu insisted. “Maybe you should get some rest, then…”

“No, no,” Lucy waved her hands. “I’m gonna be fine.”

Sighing, Natsu relented. “Alright, then. If you say so…”

He knew there was something deeper Lucy was keeping from him, but he guessed she would confess it some other time - when she was ready. He and Lucy were especially known for not keeping any secrets from one another, always sharing their pain and sorrows.

Natsu nodded to himself, taking in consideration that they were with the rest of the group, too, and this might render her uncomfortable. He could wait - he would wait.

With that thought in mind, Natsu then grinned. “Well, then I hope you’re excited about the aquarium!”

“I am,” Lucy nodded, twirling a finger in her hair. “I don’t think I ever went to one, now that I think about it…”

“Never?” The voice of gray asked from beside Erza in the front seats. “You never went to an aquarium.”

Lucy’s cheeks flushed slightly. “My dad never really took me anywhere, y’know…”


Before an uncomfortable silence could settle, Natsu placed an arm around Lucy’s shoulder. He knew speaking of anyone’s past in their group was painful; avoiding it would be the best option at this moment if they didn’t wish to ruin their trip.

“Then be glad you’re coming with your awesome friends!”

“Yes, Lucy,” Erza agreed with a tender curl of her lips. “We’ll make sure this will the best Aquarium experience you’ve ever had.”

Gray nodded, glancing back at her. “Yup! What erza said.”

“I’m sure you guys will,” Lucy rested her head against the window of the car, a soft pulsing in the back of her head serving as a content impertinence. She still smiled, though.

“You’re gonna sleep already?” Natsu pouted, crossing his arms. He wanted her to stay awake and admire the landscape with him, as they normally did in travels like this. It would take approximately two or three hours to arrive, and Natsu would be far too bored without his best friend.

“Yeah,“ Lucy rolled her eyes in amusement. “I don’t feel like watching you and Gray fight the whole way.”

The mention of fighting had Erza diverting her eyes from the road for the fraction of a second, sending shivers down the two boy’s spines.

“We don’t even fight that much anymore,” Natsu grumbled under his breath, stealing a subconscious peak at his rival, who nodded in agreement.

“Yeah. What Natsu said.”

“I’m very proud of you, children,” Lucy retorted sarcastically. “You finally learned not to be children.”

“Hey!” Natsu flicked her forehead. “You’re being mean again. Happy was right.”

“Happy’s a cat,” Lucy stated bluntly, and Natsu shot her an incredulous look.

“Yeah, duh. You’re such a weirdo.”

“I’m the weirdo?!” Lucy flailed, and everyone laughed.

“Yup!” Natsu grinned. “And now you’re gonna watch the landscape with m– hey!”

“Too tired.” Lucy murmured sleepily, closing her eyes against the window.

“Wake up,” Natsu groaned, shaking her softly.

“Let her sleep, Natsu,” Erza told him. “She’s tired. I can see it. Besides, the more she rests, the more she’ll have fun with you at the aquarium.”

“I guess…” Natsu let go of her, settling back in his place. He watched the blurry land pass by his sight, but found no satisfaction as he would if Lucy was by his side. From the corner of his eye, he watched the sleeping girl. His hand almost instinctively shot out to brush a strand of hair from her features, and he blushed when Gray caught him in the act with arched eyebrows.

“Not a word.” He hissed under his breath. Gray only shrugged and turned back to the road ahead, silently planning his next blackmail.

With a sigh, Natsu returned to Lucy with his gaze, removing his hand. He wondered what truly went on in her head, and why she was hiding anything from him. He knew she was concealing something, but not what. Likely, it was connected to her exhausted behavior she had been displaying over the course of these last few weeks.

He didn’t quite comprehend what would cause it, but he had already identified most of her smile to be forced and not genuine. Whatever it may be, he concluded, she would tell him soon enough…


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People rarely talk about how important Damon and Elena’s little conversation in 1x11 at the bar, is to the evolution of their relationship. Elena had known that Stefan was a vampire for a while, and yet she feels more comfortable asking Damon about procreating, how vampires eat and function. These are questions she never bothered asking Stefan, because she knew that he hated who he was, and she knew that Damon would be honest with her.

Think about it, she had to take a time out from life, in order to be who she really was…a pool shark, who can hold her liquor, and make random friends at a bar…a girl who likes to have fun and smile…a girl who hates being the gloomy graveyard girl, but feels guilty if she behaves any other way.

Damon wasn’t the only one who wanted their experience in Atlanta to be real, Elena did too….but here is the important thing to take from this….even in 1x11, Elena knew that she could never be herself with Stefan, because he wasn’t honest with who he was. Which is why the epic ship crashed and burned.