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Anonymous request for the expression challenge!


Hairstyles with R!Genji! And a bonus canon Genji because he is beautiful and I love him

up10tion x sf9 interview: singing each other’s songs!

kogyeol singing sf9′s “o sole mio” and inseong singing up10tion’s “going crazy”

(watch the full video for kuhn and dawon both doing voice impressions (not of each other sadly))

idk what he’s doin but i support him

Signed in Black- Part 1

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Soulmate!AU, BadBoy!AU, FLUFF [potential smut in future chapters]

Summary: Min Yoongi. That was the name magically tattooed to your skin. You were told he was your lover by fate. And as cute as it would be to have a soulmate, Yoongi was the last person you ever wanted to be bound to. But thankfully, there was a way to remove the tattoo. All you had to do was convince six Bulletproof Fairies that the two of you were in love.

Word Count: 3.3k

Parts: ONE // TWO

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anonymous asked:

Apparently the rogues all drew each others' names out of a hat in order to decide who to dress as for Halloween. Cute idea, but I really wish someone other than Joker had dressed up as Ivy. #ScarredForLife #Didn'tNeedToSeeThat #OnlyInGotham #HarleyWasACuteScarecrowTho #SheLookedLikeRaggedyAnne #ButSheAlsoBorrowedHisSytheWhichWasTerrifying


White as Kiran (Playful Comm-Arts) with Fon as Sung

Captain as Kiryu (Extroverted Humanist) with Jannine as Pinyin

August as Firstclass (Single Lawyer) with Apple as Minute

Push as Sibtis (Handsome Cowboy) with Esther as PrickKang

March as Brian (Ambitious Boss) with Mook as Mantou

Mek as Hawk (Foxy Pilot) with Baitoei as Aurora

Kacha as T-Rex (Lovely Geologist) with Cherreen as BaiPlu

Victor as Dash (Badass Baker) with Piglet as Rene

Kang as Thesis (Gentle Vet) with PunPun as SuaySai 

Kuncha as Hippie (Crazy Artist) with Notep as Melby

Hunz as Teddy (Absolute Economist) with Focus as ChomPink

Mystery Prince” as Survey (Badly Politics) with Mild as Cherry Milk 

PD101 as chickens

Jisung and Park Sungwoo: old chicken
Jonghyun: a chicken
Minhyun: a mother hen (with strong analytical skills)
Dongho: commercialised chicken (nice chests)
Minki and Dongmyeong: raw chicken
Ong: young chicken
Jaehwan, Sungwoon and Sewoon: chicken choir association
Daniel: chicken with cats
Youngmin: sweet and spicy chicken
Hyunbin: chic
Jihoon: McSpicy Chicken
Samuel: Texas Chicken ™
Jung Jung: Hainanese Chicken
Kenta: Teriyaki Chicken
Yongguk: Mala (麻辣; very spicy) chicken
Seo Sunghyuk: chicken who ordered chicken to celebrate with his family Justin: cute chick
Moonbok: beautiful chick (swan?)
Eungi: flexible chick
Park Woojin: soy chick
Taehyun: dancing chick
Ahn Hyungseob: chair flipping chick
Bae Jinyoung: paper-wrapped chicken
Yehyun: extra chicken
Byun Hyunmin: chick with a flip
Joo Haknyeon: messed-up-a-little-but-it’s-ok chick
Daehwi: cute chick
Guanlin: slightly older baby chick
Seonho: baby chick
Lee Woojin: egg

euphoria ; chapter 1

Originally posted by xiuchens

Pairing: OT13 x Reader
fluff, romance, light reading, college!au, drama (?)
Word count:

eu·pho·ri·a - a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.

“ because living with these thirteen dorky guys results happy moments, maybe with a little drama here and there and hint of angst. but, in the end, you will feel the euphoria with these boys. ”

a/n: this chapter was more like introduction part of the boys..

prologue | 1 | 2

Saturday morning never really your favorite, because you had to wake up early even though you had no class that day. You let out a small sigh as you make your way to the stove with a bowl of soybean sprout in hand and spoon on the other hand. After pouring the bean sprouts onto the pot and add some salt, you place the pot lid then went back to dining room with a look.

“Why is it, when something horrible and drunk happens, it’s always you three?” You sit beside one of the boy, he had been complaining about his headache since you came to the kitchen.

The boy turns to you with a scowl. “It’s all Soonyoung hyung’s fault, he told us we won’t party too hard last night. I shouldn’t have believes him, it’s always end up like this. Oh gosh, I feel like my head gonna explode soon.”

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“You’re So Cute” (The Quiett)

Anonymous asked: I found the request. “A romantic/fluffy one with #3 & #30. You are on a date at the amusement park and having a lot of fun trying to make him smile a lot and take pics of it since you know he doesn’t smile a lot in pics. In the end you talk about how cute he looks when he smiles and he gets bashful about it.”

Prompts: “You’re so cute.” +  “I can’t remember the last time I’ve smiled this much.”

A/N: I’m so sorry this is so late!!

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    “Want some cotton candy?” you asked as you spotted a stand a ways ahead of you and Dong-gab.

    He considered. “I don’t mind, but I’ll have some if you want it.”

    “You’re so… I don’t know, so neutral about stuff!” you said. “Like I get that you expend most of your energy on music and stuff, but still…”

    “You’re right,” he said, giving you a small smile. “Let’s go get some cotton candy.”

    You laughed, which made his smile get bigger, which gave you an idea… You pulled your phone out of your pocket as you approached the stand and watched as the old woman who worked there spun his order. “You two make a cute couple,” she said kindly, her face wrinkling further as she grinned at Dong-gab. You swiftly unlocked your phone, snapping a picture of him as he thanked the woman with a warm smile.

    “Did you take a picture of me back there?” he asked a minute later, handing you the cotton candy as you walked away from the stand.

    “Maybe,” you said through your bite of the whispy candy.

    He just chuckled, taking a bite for himself when you handed him the snack.

    “What ride do you want to go on first?” you asked after a few moments. “I heard most of them are fun here.”

    “Hmm.” He considered. “How about the ferris wheel?”

    “Shoulda known you would pick that,” you said, winking at him.

    “What do you mean?” he asked.

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jennrally  asked:

Any good klance coffee shop AU's?

yessss good shit

can you tell me by aknightley (1/1 | 28,058 | Teen And Up)

Keith works in his brother’s coffee shop for the summer, expecting a boring break before college. Lance changes all of that.

The boy is still in the front of the group, but he doesn’t take off his glasses so Keith can’t tell what he’s really looking at – either the menu or Keith. Keith feels a flash of annoyance but smothers it and pins his smile in place.

Better than coffee by peralta (3/? | 14,805 | Teen And Up)

When Lance tries to curb his coffee addiction by replacing it with boba, he can’t help but linger around a perpetually grumpy-looking employee who works at the nearby teahouse. Keith, despite all the Yelp reviews, turns out to be surprisingly kind. Lance starts coming every day—although he insists it’s only for the boba.

And to complain about the customer service, of course.

Of Don Juan and Elvis (1/1 | 3,210 | Teen And Up)

Keith held the sharpie over the cup expectantly. “Can I get your name?”
“Bond. James Bond.” The statement was accompanied by a crooked smile.
Keith looked at him blankly. “Your name is James Bond?”
Keith works at the local Starbucks and lately his days have been disturbed by the annoying(ly cute) guy who comes in and orders the most ridiculous drinks and gives him the stupidest names for the cup. Keith would like to think of him as a major source of irritation, and he is, but he can’t help but want to know what his real name is. From curiosity of course — nothing else.

three minutes to closing by Yuisaki (1/1 | 1,691 | General)

“So you don’t know his name,” Pidge says slowly. “And he says meme-y things. And he always comes in three minutes before closing, and—”

“Always leaves on the dot,” Keith adds. “And uh, he never orders the same thing twice in a row.”

Pidge’s face is blank. “A customer who leaves at nine on the dot and never orders the same thing twice in a row,” she repeats. She opens her mouth, closes it, and taps at the screen of her tablet, hopping off the counter. “I’ll just tell everyone I didn’t get the answer out of you.”

“Pidge,” Keith protests. “I mean it.”

“And I think you have a cryptid customer,” Pidge says.