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underused fc's you'd like to see more?

alisha boe , diego boneta , avan jogia , chris wood , cierra ramirez , maia mitchell , the 1d boys aside from harry ( they all just ? disappeared from the rpc except harry ) , calum hood ( he just ? disappeared along w the 1d boys ) , troye sivan , kiana lede , tom maden , jesy nelson ( nowhere near as popular as the rest of the lm girls . idk why ? ) , sophie turner , sammy robinson , jordyn woods , shameik moore , jaden smith , justice smith , amadeus serafini , ashley moore , michael b jordan , justine skye , ashley graham , brianne tju , tyler blackburn , sofia carson , CL , santiago segura , chloe bridges , keegan allen , keke palmer , liz gillies , cody simpson , arden cho , ian harding , drew van acker , kylie bunbury , bob morley , karrueche , ariel winter , alberto rosende , sarah hyland , brandon flynn , lindsey morgan , david castro , richard harmon , winnie harlow , christian navarro , ashleigh murray , devon bostick , madelaine petsch , ricky whittle , christoper larkin , ki hong lee , meghan markle , neels visser , troian bellisario , justin baldoni , lily maymac , tammin sursok , yael grobglas , brett dier , gina rodriguez , torrey devitto !

here’s an update for those who aren’t happy w the initial list !! i hope this helps with what you’re looking for.

dashca polanco , aisha dee , aishwarya rai , aja naomi king , bailey de young , alessia cara , bex taylor-klaus , dichen lachman , charles michael davis , alexa pena-vega , cameron monaghan , alexandra daddario , freida pinto , jessica zshor , deepika padukone , caitlin stasey , daniella monet , karla souza , bianca lawson , jacob artist , debby ryan , jackie cruz , alia bhatt , freya mayvor , elle fanning , amanda arcuri , cher lloyd , dev patel , amandla stenberg , darren criss , jordan fisher , rami malek , brant daugherty , priyanka chopra , amber riley , amber stevens , diane guerrero , brenton thwaites , daniel radcliffe , matt bennett , ansel elgort , katie findlay , lea michele , gage golightly , john boyega , freddie highmore , jasmine villegas , lorde , taylor lautner , elsa hosk , dave franco , chloe bennet , douglas booth , ruby rose , danielle brooks , ed sheeran , michael trevino , eiza gonzalez , francisco lachowski , kimiko glenn , miles teller , harry shum jr , keahu kahuanui , nat wolff , will poulter , hannah simone , theo james , leon thomas III , jamie chung , peyton list , david lambert , jasmine sanders , luke pasqualino , booboo stewart , kelsey chow , malese jow , steven r mcqueen , george shelley !

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I'm sure a lot of independent labels would take Louis with them in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. Louis even has the money to release music by himself without a label. I know it wouldn't have the same promo and probably not a lot of support by radio stations but if he wants to keep making music, he definitely can.

It seems Louis wanted to release his music so badly that he went along with this – essentially it seems he’s allowed to create the music he wants but it will never be seen to succeed. His music, however brilliant it may be,  will always be classed as the  least successful, the least liked of the 1D boys. he has basically chosen to put his music out there even knowing that. For us I assume. Maybe he just wanted us to know what his solo music would have sounded like given a chance. And doesnt that tattoo sound all the more poignant now.  Because Louis has never been, and never will be, given a chance while the demons at Sony own him.  This is like a self release using his own money (probably) and with not only no label support but active label suppression and sabotage. Its worse than an indie release, worse even than self release. It has built in failure because Sony is making totally sure it fails and I would imagine Louis knew that all along. 

Someone reminded me that Syco have a procedure in place for crashing artists and then blaming them for ‘not having star quality’. They always have to sign the XF winner and the public doesnt always oblige by t=giving them who they want. So they pretend to give them a chance -only they dont - then their tame media record how they were ‘dumped’ because they didnt cut it.  Matt Cardle was the example the anon gave me so I looked him up properly – the guy who won in 1Ds year, very popular with a fair sized fan base, wrote good songs, had a great voice - a talented guy -but Cowell had decided in advance that a white man with a guitar wasnt going to go anywhere. And he and Syco and indeed Sony always operated on trends. WMWG wasnt a trend then, 4 little Beibers were and so were female R&B singers. Matt C was a hugely popular winner and they had to give him a contract ince thats the deal of the show but they just sabotaged his launch. His album actually sold inconveniently well because of his considerable post XF popularity, but they gave him a deliberately disastrous first single (the only one he didnt help write) and zero label support in the Uk and no US launch at all. Instead they gave it all to Rebecca Ferguson who theyd wanted to win, 1D ofc and Cher Lloyd who came fourth (they lost interest in her quickly though). This was when Cowell still had significant power in Syco – but the same cast of grotesques played the same roles as they’re playing now  - Dan W., Simon Jones,  The Sun, The Daily Mail, Radio 1…  Whats happening to Louis is nothing new… it’s boring every day stuff in Syco-Sony world. Sony’s chosen ones dont always make it because we, the audience, don’t slavishly agree with their judgement of who should be allowed to succeed (how very dare we?). But the ones they decide should fail ‘because they dont have what it takes’ always fail and Sony’s hands are never publicly seen to be dirty because they own the music and celebrity media. 

I say this ad nauseam but the only power we have as Louis fanbase is to bear witness to whats happening and to be loud enough to shine a light on it. No one likes to have a spotlight on them then they’re in the middle of an assassination. We should be pointing and shouting. But we’re not. Posts about Louis happily supporting Harry get hundreds of reblogs. Posts about Louis own career actually being throttled in front of us get more or less ignored. Thats how toothless theyve made us.

  • Alec: *clears his throat*
  • All of them other boys can walk away
  • They ain't even in the game
  • 'Cause they know that you own it
  • You got this swag, you got this attitude
  • Wanna hear you say my name
  • 'Cause you got me...
  • Flying with your love, shining with your love, riding with your love.
  • I feel like I'm on top of the world with your love.
  • One hit with your love. Can't quit with your love. So sick but so what?
  • I feel like I'm on top of the world with your love.
  • Magnus: *stunned out of his wits*
  • Isabelle: Alec has grown up. So much. You make me proud, brother.
  • Jace: Who is this and what have you done to the real Alec? *glares at Magnus*
Get to Know Me

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Bless you love

Name: Lilly

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 5′ 7″

Put your music library on shuffle what are the first 6 songs that pop up?:

Brokenhearted // Karmin

Outta Style // Aaron Watson

You’re the One that I Want // Grease

Goodbye // Kristinia DeBarge

Want U Back // Cher Lloyd

Michael Buble Christmas Deluxe Album

Grab the nearest book to you turn to page 23. What is line 17?:

“Sherlock’s interest perked up. “Travelling? You mean you’re a Gupsy? Or you’re with a circus?”

Death Cloud // Andrew Lane

Ever had a poem or song written about you: No

When was the last time you played air guitar: A few weeks ago in my college dorm

Who is your celebrity crush: Tom Hiddleston. Hands down. With some Jordan Connor and Madelaine Petsch

What is the sound you hate? And a sound you like? :

The sound of styrofoam or plastic rubbing together

I love the sound of rain and thunder

Do you believe in ghosts/aliens ?:

Ghosts? Yes

Aliens? No

Do you drive? If so have you crashed?: Yes and No

What was the last book you read?: My history textbook for class

What was the last movie you saw?: Justice League

What was the worst injury you had?: I broke two of my fingers while spinning rifle in my high school band

Current Obsessions: Riverdale, Pink Sparkly things, Coffee, Candles, and Christmas

Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done wrong to you:

No, I’m not that kind of person. It would really just depend on what you do

Are you in a relationship?: 

Physically? No 

Mentally? Yes (Hello Sweet Pea)

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The Signs As Beautiful People Lyrics
  • Aries: its my last big breath what you want me to do?
  • Taurus: Who get whatever they want
  • Gemini: But you'll be so long gone if I ask you to stay
  • Cancer: Who make me cry
  • Leo: Cuz its beautiful people like you
  • Virgo: And its all quite clear what you want me to say
  • Libra: Cuz nobody else could be nearly as cruel as you
  • Scorpio: Who suck the life right outta my heart
  • Sagittarius: Till your heart starts beating for that somebody new
  • Capricorn: Its a wicked game that you're making me play
  • Aquarius: When I crawl back home as you're walking away
  • Pisces: That I'll be stuck here cold just waiting it through

girl, you’ll be alright, forget that boy // a kickass playlist to get over a jerk who broke your heart

boy // little mix | it’s alright, it’s ok // ashley tisdale | since u been gone // kelly clarkson | too little too late // jojo | we are never ever getting back together // taylor swift | really don’t care // demi lovato feat. cher lloyd | he wasn’t //avril lavigne | fighter // christina aguilera | so yesterday // hilary duff | don’t call me baby // kreesha turner | shut up and let me go // the ting tings | i will survive // gloria gaynor | how ya doin’? // little mix feat. missy elliott | smile // lily allen | survivor // destiny’s child | rolling in the deep // adele | stronger // britney spears | irreplaceable // beyoncé | so what // p!nk | hush hush // the pussycat dolls | part of me // katy perry | best thing i never had // beyoncé | miss movin’ on // fifth harmony | stronger (what doesn’t kill you) // kelly clarkson | goodbye // kristinia debarge


♀girl power♀ - a mix by roeswood

{ l i s t e n }

i. salute - little mix / ii. warrior - demi lovato / iii. run the world (girls) -beyonce / iv. miss movin’ on - fifth harmony / v. fuck you - lily allen / vi. i wish (ft. t.i.) - cher lloyd / vii. beautiful - christina aguilera / viii. fancy - iggy azalea / ix. boy - little mix / x. womanizer - britney spears / xi. skyscraper -demi lovato / xii. girl on fire (ft. nicki minaj) - alicia keys / xiii. take a hint -victoria justice & liz gillies / xiv. survivor - destiny’s child / xv. me and my girls - fifth harmony / xvi. stupid girls - p!nk / xvii. who says - selena gomez / xviii. pretty girl rock - keri hilson / xix. stronger (what doesn’t kill you) - fifth harmony / xx. fire starter - demi lovato 

don’t need you // for that person who broke your heart and you know you will be just fine without them

boy - little mix // leave (get out) - jojo // better in time - leona lewis // love shoulda brought you home - toni braxton // like a boy - ciara // shake it off - mariah carey // good enough - little mix // miss movin’ on - fifth harmony // survivor - destiny’s child // take a bow - rihanna // vaction - g.r.l // so what - p!nk // he wasn’t man enough - toni braxton // irreplaceable - beyonce // ain’t it funny - jenifer lopez // i don’t need a man - pussycat dolls // really don’t care - demi lovato ft. cher lloyd // since u been gone - kelly clarkson // best things i’ve never had - beyonce

listen here

Don’t put a restriction on the music that you listen to. Don’t tell yourself you “only listen to rock” and get mad when you happen to like a mainstream pop song. What the hell, listen to classical, listen to indie, listen to something new every day because music is meant to inspire, not be categorized and put into a neat little box. Every artist is different, every sound is different, and you might be surprised by what you listen to. Whats the point in “being different” by listening to one genre of music. You’re not being different, you’re stuck in the same cycle as everyone else.
Branch out.
—  something that needs to be said because I’m tired of people music-bashing. 

i got one less problem without ya :* // listen to this mix if you’ve been burned and you’re mad, you’re hurt, and you just want to move on and forget about the one that burned you. {listen here}

leave the pieces, the wreckers | wasting all these tears, cassadee pope | i knew you were trouble, taylor swift | bang bang bang, christina perri | kerosene, miranda lambert | done., the band perry | red high heels, kellie pickler | really don’t care (feat. cher lloyd), demi lovato | problem, ariana grande ft. iggy azalea | we are never ever getting back together, taylor swift | hell on heels, pistol annies | little black dress, sara bareilles | stronger (what doesn’t kill you), kelly clarkson | roar, katy perry brave, sara bareilles 

S a v a g e L i t t l e B i r d

‘Woman? Is that supposed to insult me? I would return the slap, if I took you for a man.’

For birds that break out of their cages; for little girls who sit up straight and snarl behind perfect white smiles; for the wolves forced to look like lambs; for the dragon hearted girls moulded into princesses; for the girls everyone is trying to save; for the girls whose saviours are the real dragons keeping them caged.

For Wendy Darling, and the ancient, mad girl trapped beneath teenage skin. For the princess who is a dragon, and was taught to harness her fire by wolves and demons.

01 - The Best Thing That Never Happened - We Are The In Crowd / You like to think you broke the mould, but now I’m sure / 02 - Trouble - Neon Jungle / But some boys they just can’t eat it whole / 03 - What The Hell - Avril Lavigne / All I want is to mess around / 04 - Zero Fidelity - Anavae / Open the door and lead us to our sin / 05 - King Of Anything - Sara Bareilles / Who cares if you disagree? / 06 - Really Don’t Care - Demi Lovato ft. Cher Lloyd / You should have known that I would talk / 07 - What You Want - Evanescence / Remember who you really are / 08 - Wondergirl - Hey Monday / Go save yourself / 09 - Music To Make Boys Cry - Diana Vickers / Some nights you feel cursed / 10 - Under The Thumb - Amy Studt / You’ll fit woman that’s all that counts / 11 - Grow Up - Paramore / I told them all where to stick it / 12 - Competition - Little Mix / You ain’t ever beating me / 13 - This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) - Ellie Goulding / Who are we to find ourselves in other peoples’ beds? / 14 - Go Screw Yourself - AVERY / I’ve had enough / 15 - 22 - Taylor Swift / You don’t know about me, but I’ll bet you want to / 16 - Long Live The Kids - We Are The In Crowd / I’ve been the hope and the doubt / 17 - Human - Gabrielle Aplin / We’re all broken, we all end up alone / 18 - Bottle It Up - Sara Bareilles / There’ll be girls across the nation that’ll eat this up / 19 - Braveheart - Neon Jungle / As the love fills up our lungs / 20 - Trouble - Natalia Kills / Hey lover come and be my alibi / 21 - Moving On - Paramore / Sit back and let 'em shine /