who only

  • Yukimura: Hey wanna hang, Sasuke?
  • Sasuke: I’m busy.
  • Yukimura: You’re not allowed to be busy you’re my only friend!

Me picking up my friend and carrying their drunk ass home because they can’t take care of their dang self

don’t worry I’m going

Me this morning, making plans via a facebook group of awesome local women: Yeah! I’ll go out and do something social in real life! Meet some online friends that aren’t fandom friends for a beer! This is A Good Idea. 

Me now: But I don’t wanna go anywhere! I’ve barely touched tumblr today! I bought several comic books earlier! How do I even talk to non-fandom people anymore?!

hello im tat and i love exo and cute animals!!💖🐶🐷🌸💕

i remade and it seems tumblr has unfollowed a lot of my mutuals, so i really need to follow more people! please reblog or like this if you’re an aesthetic (preferably blue or white) / kpop blog!

list of things lup and taako have argued over:
  • who owns that skirt
  • how to pronounce macarons
  • what the best type of wine is
  • the ultimate fmk scenario for the crew
  • who the hotter twin is
  • who kicked whose ass at duelling/pool/arbitrary game they just came up with the rules of which are also made up
  • who the hottest not them member of the crew is
  • which of them has had the coolest/gruesomest/most dramatic death