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I saw one of these powerpoints in the sp tag but i wasn’t satisfied with it so i got inspired. what year is it

i wanted to go into more detail especially about craig and those guys but i spent WAY too much time on this already so WHATEVER HERE IT IS

But seriously even some James fans don’t understand that he was not a bully, he and Snape both hated each other and were equally cruel to each other-after all-its not like Snape didn’t have plenty of death eater friends to help him go up against the four marauders (at that, only James and Sirius were involved in that crap anyway). James and Snape are compared to Harry and Draco-they were both as bad as each other. In Snape’s worst memory, we are shown the equivalent of the scene where Harry attacks Draco in the bathroom. if you only saw this scene from Dracos POV and weren’t shown the many times Draco tormented Harry, you’d assume Harry was a bully, but obviously, he isn’t. Same deal with James. Just because we only saw one scene of him from the POV of someone who hated his guts, doesn’t mean he was a bad person. He did stuff that was shitty, but Snape was equally as bad-he obviously created spells like sectumsempra with James in mind-which is a lot harsher than a prank intended to embarrass him. 

Sorry, I just adore James Potter and can’t stand when people don’t realise this crap.

What Sam wants

What Sam wants

Summary: Having giving so much, a certain someone wants to give back to Sam.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Setting: End of Season 11

Notes: Written for SPN MOVIE NIGHT CHALLENGE @thing-you-do-with-that-thing tag. Movie I picked is What women want with Sam. Also anything in italics is thoughts so mostly the women.

 Tag list: @aprofoundbondwithdean @winters-buck @marvel-lucy @aquabrie

“Hey Sam here’s a little present, won’t last long but it might help you get what or should I say who you want,” a disembodied male voice chuckles making Sam move restlessly in bed. “Oh and Merry Christmas.”

Waking for a few moments, sitting up right, blinking the sleep from his eyes as they dart around the dark room. Shaking his head, Sam drops back into bed, arms crossed behind his head staring up at the ceiling wondering what the voice meant. But more importantly who and why. Those thoughts would have to wait till morning as his eyes start to get heavy and droop back down to cover those expressive hazel green eyes.

Next morning dawned clear and cold with blue skies, alarm blaring at 6am, Sam rolling out of bed to get dressed for his morning run. Entering the kitchen, slightly surprised to see Mary sitting at the table cup of steamy coffee to her right nose buried in the morning paper. Still takes some getting used to, seeing her every morning now that she’s returned from her self-finding trip.

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Meanwhile, have a fluffy WIP of one of my fave ships, and this pose definitely doesn’t crib that Tev Dren pic I did.  Happy Valentine’s!

Happy Valentine’s day @tu-surak!!!!

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You know that post about Mcgonagall having children, I have no idea who they're talking about at the end. Who was she always there for? Who was the ungrateful son?

The post in question: (x).

Oh, I knew I should have explained it in the tags. It’s a response to something Harry says to her in Cursed Child. No spoilers, but basically Professor McGonagall is trying to give Harry advice on how to help Albus Severus. Harry’s ungrateful, rude, out of character reply was “Minerva, you don’t have children…”. 


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Hi! I messaged you on your story on archive of our own asking about the Sunny/Gay Mac community. So, here I am! I've been on tumblr before in different fandoms but had deleted those and created a new one. Who should I follow? lol

oh hi!! welcome to tumblr pal :) it’s nice to hear from you again!

okay so? you can start by checking out the “iasip” and “it’s always sunny in philadelphia” tags for people to follow. they’re usually fairly popular, especially the night of/the day after new episodes air!

anyways, for more specific suggestions, here’s just a real quick list of some of my favorite sunny bloggers who tend to focus on the more “fandom”-y side of things (shipping, gay mac, character meta, etc). this is by no means all the cool sunny bloggers i follow though this is just a short list to start you off!

@caroline-in-hr @itsalwaysgay @lgbtqiasip @freckledennis @ptsdee @dnnisrynolds @macelhenneys  @weirditalianplumber @worst-bar-in-philly @charliekclly @bottommac @farahblack @ace-charlie-kelly @fuzzy-face

again this is just a short list and is in NO WAY meant to cover everyone i follow!

anyways most of us are pretty friendly here so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation! and since this is tumblr gay mac is VERY popular here so i doubt you’ll have too much trouble finding people who are into that.

tumblr sunny fandom is fairly small but we’re all very passionate about the show and we love to talk about it!

When ohcrab and I aren’t crying our feels out for Hide / Amon / Akiramon we make tons of AUs about them adopting Hide and are in the way of being the stronkest investigator family ever. The only problem is Hide has the homos for Kaneki.

Yea get your filthy ghoul hands off our precious son, gantai.

I really don’t deserve this oh my god!! I haven’t written more than 1 story… seriously you should all go check out the writers I mentioned in my first post, those writers are the ones who deserve you as follower!!

Thank you tho but pls don’t expect too much from me, in the “#star trek imagine” and “#kirk x reader” tags are writers who write more and update frequently!! I really urge you to follow them!

Oh that reminds me! I only sent the v card to people who liked the “who would want one” post so if you didn’t get one, that’s because I’m to shy to just randomly give one uvub still love you all and hope you have a good day 💙💜💙))

[fic, bagginshield] Popping the Question

Characters/Pairings: Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
Genres: Humour, Fluff, Fem!Bilbo, Outsider POV (Balin’s)
Rating: General (I think? There’s innuendo but not too obvious)
Notes: Because y’all who dislike fem!Bilbo/Thorin can suck it. 
Also because come on, what’s funnier than a culture clash when it comes to figuring out who proposes first? Thanks Dwarrow Scholar, for that delicious tidbit about Dwarf-women making the first move.
This is going on AO3 in the morning. I’m going to bed.

“Well, this is awkward,” declares Fíli one night, when they’re camping by the eaves of Mirkwood.

In Balin’s estimation, ‘awkward’ is hardly covering it. Just when the Company had thought they had finally prodded their leader and their burglar past the whole shy avoidance stage of affection and into a much more honest dialogue with one another about their feelings (though, based on all existing evidence, there wasn’t a lot of dialogue whenever the two had a moment to spare), they had to run into this problem.

Balin has to admit, it’s not a bad problem to face, considering that the previous ones had been ‘stop viewing each other with obvious disdain’ and ‘talk to each other in a friendly, or at the very least civil, fashion’, ‘make the first move’, and ‘Mahal wept, stop doubting yourselves and start a relationship already’. Now that Thorin and Billie had stopped dragging their heels and were actually very enthusiastically bounding into their (honestly very sickeningly sweet) relationship, Balin had to admit that he’s surprised this hadn’t come up earlier.

And now he and the rest of the Company have to watch as Thorin completely dances around the topic of marriage, dropping hints like anvils to a clearly oblivious Miss Billie Baggins, resident burglar whose current items stolen numbered one gold ring, three pieces of waybread, and the King’s heart.

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AU: Meg and Freddie have an online relationship and meet for the first time via facetime

F: Oh my god, you must be Bea, I’m Fred- no that totally makes sense, you should definitely check that I am who I say I am, you wouldn’t believe the number of people these days who– oh, bye Bea! It was so good to meet you, and I just want you to know that I really like Meg and I think she’s really cool and I’m- ok…bye…