who never even went back to sleep

Mornings with Bucky

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You were chest to chest with Bucky as the sunlight slowly began to stream through the curtains. A soft breeze flowing through as you fought to keep your eyes open. You had a lazy smile on your lips and if Bucky continued to play with your hair, you would surely fall back to sleep.

“You’re so cute half asleep like this…” Bucky murmured, a small grin playing on his lips as he brushed a small strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Are you making fun of me, Barnes?” You asked and playfully went to bite his hand when he went to brush his hand down your cheek.

A look of surprise crossed his face even though you knew it was fake.

“I would never,” he teased back and you rolled your eyes before making a noise of protest as he completely stopped touching you.

“And who told you to stop?” You asked referring to his hand in your hair as you moved back on your side to look at him incredulously. He smirked in response and leaned forward, his lips meeting yours in a slow and lazy kiss.

“You know what,” he hummed as he pulled away, “I take it back. You’re not cute, you’re bossy.” He said and a gasp escaped from your lips as your hand made contact to his chest.

“You know what,” you retorted. “I don’t need this crap,” you huffed trying to not smile as you moved away from him entirely, rolling to the side to finally get out of bed.

“Oh, no you don’t!” He said and you felt his hands grip your waist immediately pulling you back as you laughed.


“Y/N!” He mocked and you rolled your eyes again.

“Stop,” you whined but felt yourself cuddling into his chest again.

“Kiss me,” he replied and you tilted your head to look at him.

“Say please,” you smirked before yelping when he playfully squeezed your ass.

“Please kiss me.” He repeated, and you both shared goofy smiles as you moved closer to him.

“Only cause you asked nicely,” you mumbled sarcastically, your smile growing bigger before you kissed him again.

Mornings with Bucky were the best.

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this is literally 1,500 words of andreil almost-fluff based on this text post by @foxxhole​. i’d apologize except i’m not really sorry :-) 

here it is on ao3.

Neil opened his eyes slowly to a sun-filled room. It was bright out, clearly past his usual rising hour, and for a moment it worried him. For that moment he didn’t recognize the room; couldn’t name the country he was waking up in, let alone the city. It was natural to force the panic to settle by looking around the room, picking up specific memories from objects placed strategically in view of the bed. As Neil scanned, forcing himself to breathe normally, the world pieced itself back together again in front of his tired eyes.

On the dresser at the far end of the room was a framed photo of the Foxes’ first championship win, Neil’s first year on a Class I team. From there his eyes drifted slowly to the the bedside table, where there was a familiar set of keys – the keys to the house in Columbia – placed close to him for this exact reason. Just above, hanging on the adjacent wall, was Neil’s jersey from his first professional Exy team, when he played for New York. At the end of the bed was a cat, Sir, and the memory of taking him home rose to the surface of Neil’s mind. The last movement was a natural progression. It was instinct that came from going over this same list every morning.

But when Neil rolled over to check the other side of the bed, it was missing. The last piece had been removed from the board before Neil could manage to finish the puzzle. He looked back at Sir, at the end of the bed, and it was almost ridiculous how long it took his mind to finally make the connection.

Andrew wasn’t beside him.

Instinct told him to panic. A feeling of dread washed over Neil’s body like a tsunami devastates a city.

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Song or Quote :  Gasoline by Halsey
Who: Bucky Barnes

Are you insane like me? Been in pain like me?
And all the people say you can’t wake up, this is not a dream
You’re part of a machine, you are not a human being
I think there’s a flaw in my code. 

[Y/N] made her way through the Avengers Tower, wandering aimlessly around. It was inching close to four in the morning but sleep never came to those who had nightmares tucked behind their lids. She walked past the training room, her body stopping short when she saw a shadow hunched over on one of the benches. Stepping into the darkened room, she flicked on the light switch. 

Her breath hitched as she recognized the shinny metal arm blinding her for a moment. It was him. She hardly spoke the Winter Soldier but she understood because just like Bucky, she used to be a HYDRA weapon as well. Most of the team thought the two of them would have crossed paths but even within HYDRA, the Winter Solider was a ghost to those who weren’t important enough to think otherwise. 

After the downfall of HYDRA and the leaked files of SHIELD, [Y/N] was able to escape and seek redemption. Although, she had to fight hand to hand with the man who taught her everything she knew, Romlow, before she could escape. It left her with a few broken bones but in the end, her determination of leaving HYDRA and everything they stood for was driving her to win. HYDRA ripped away her smile, her innocence, and her free will. It conditioned her to be an emotionless machine without the mechanical upgrades. She was skillfully trained and could take down Natasha in a matter of seconds. [Y/N] could only imagine what they did to Bucky because after she knew he was real and heard the deaths he caused, it had to have been ten times worse than what she went through. 

Bucky turned slowly to see who was standing at the entry way, his jaw clenched as he turned back around. He had tried to avoid [Y/N] as much as he could. And the only reasoning was because he didn’t want to further the damage into revealing that he was the one who kidnapped her on HYDRA’s orders. He could never forget a face like hers. She had been so scared and back then, he didn’t care but now, he couldn’t see that kind of pain laced with devastation. 

“Can’t sleep?” Even though she had been in rehabilitation for a few years, getting her brain probed to remove HYDRA information, her voice was still emotionless. 

“Uh, yeah, can’t sleep.” Bucky responded, flinched when he felt like standing right beside him. No matter how hard they could try, the could never remove the type of training the both of them endured. 

[Y/N] took a seat next to him on the bench, pressing her finger nails in the padded material. “It’s kind of pathetic, isn’t it?” Taking in a deep breath, “We were both conditioned to feel nothing and now we feel everything. I know I wear an expressionless face and my voice might deceive my words but I can feel the regret and pain for every life I took.” Biting her lip, she looked over at Bucky who was watching her with an intent gaze. “We were never supposed to feel that. It was beaten into our systems, we weren’t humans anymore. We were machines, bred to fight and snuff out lives like it was nothing. And then tucked away until we were needed again.”

Bucky inhaled deeply, “I suffered more because I did remember. There was always a flaw within my code. I was never meant to be a machine, never meant to kill a man without a good solid reason. I’m a solider, a U.S. solider.”

“You were a U.S. soldier.” Looking away from him, she stared at her feet. “You had that title stripped from you the minute you fell from that train. Just like I had the title of being a young housewife taken from me.” Shaking her head, she looked back up at Bucky. “I know it was you that took me.” Bucky froze, “But, the thing is, I don’t remember that day. I just remember everything before and after.” Standing up, she placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “I don’t blame you. We were both unlucky pawns in a forced game that we wanted nothing to do with.” Pressing a small smile, “They used to tell me that this wasn’t a dream, that I was never going to wake up from it, so I should just do what I was told.” She scoffed a little, “Little did they know that we would wake up but they still won because we get to deal with the horrors of the aftermath.” Patting his shoulder, she spoke softly. “You and I aren’t so different, Bucky. We shouldn’t drift away from each other, instead we should lean on one another. Because you and I are the only ones who know what it’s like to be apart of HYDRA.” 

Shu Headcanon (Other woman Edition)

(In parts because my idea is soooooo long!!)

*Part One*
Shu had a small circle of ‘brides’ he would have entertain him.
Each had their own attraction to him.
Each would spend time with him, a day, a week.
You had been here long enough to know him well.
Why were you entertaining to him? You didn’t know.
What fazed you even more was that you had never had sex with him.
Was it because you were shy? That his fangs scared you?
Maybe that was why? Your fear?
Shu’s kisses were lazy, he rolled you over to sit on top of him.
‘Heh.. you’re always blushing..’ His fangs scrape your neck and you gasp.
'But you always taste so good..’
'Please Shu no! Don’t bite!’ You plead.
He groans deeply and bites hard into your flesh.
You feel how hard he is under you, rubbing close to your core.
'Shu..’ Your tears fall on his shirt.
Your pleas falling of deaf ears.
He enjoys this way too much to stop now, the way you beg him and cry. He loves it.
After he is satisfied his hands crawl up your thighs and push up your skirt.
'Ah!’ You gasp and push it back down immediately.
Shu glared at you, as he always does. Who knows what he’s actually thinking. You know usually the girls get punished for this. But for you…you are allowed to leave the room.
He’s curled up asleep in bed, his arms wrapped around you.
You smile and plant soft kisses over his face. His hair is soft as you run your finger though.
You admire his handsome face, your heart skips and swells.
You loved him.
Even the scary Shu, moments like this make up for everything.
But you weren’t to tell a soul. You were the only girl to stay in his room while he slept? Did he enjoy your company?
His innocent cuddling and sleepy kisses sent you crazy. He would open an eye sometimes and the beautiful blue would draw you in. You bravely would kiss him. He smiled once and went back to sleep. But a moment like that only drove your love for him.
This had been a while since you had last been called to his room. The rest of the girls cast aside, they were distraught.
A girl in his room who had never even left. It had been weeks.
You had hoped she would join you all soon, but she was treated differently.
Almost as if above you all.
'He’s fallen in love!’ A girl cries in hysterics.
'He won’t need us anymore.’
'Shu only wants her?’
The girls bitch and rage and cry every day and night.
But you stay watching and waiting hopefully.
All the brides help around the house. They are given chores to do.
You have peace away from the others as you garden.
The roses needed tending to and the birds needed their seed.
On your hands and knees you shovel holes in the ground ready to plant new seeds ready for the spring.
When you hear gasps and giggling.
You peer around the corner only for your heart to freeze.
The girl smiling as she had draped herself over Shu as he nibbled at her neck.
You sigh and try to pull your eyes away, until Shu sees you. The girl kisses him and all the time he stares at you.
What are you doing? You think.
Why was he here? He never came to the rose garden unless he was coming to fetch you.
Was he teasing you?
You had learned she was part vampire and had high stature.
A positive sign maybe Shu would even marry her.
A better match than a weak human like you.
Most of the girls had disappeared now, you had no idea how or where. But there were only three of you now.
'Apparently she’s moved her stuff in his room..’ one sighed.
You looked up from your book. So this was serious now?
'But I can’t imagine Shu..you know..committing?’
'Well…he’s next in line isn’t he? He would have to at some point. Unless he has another reason to do this?’
Your Shu was slipping away.
He wasn’t yours anymore. You hear her laughs and whispers to him.
It boils your blood.
But what can a simple human like you do?

No one told me about the aftershocks / The sudden eruption of the windows inward where there were but curtains before / You jump out of bed to inspect the damage, wrinkled leaves still cling to your hair from the fallen tree / when a bored god shook the world like a snow globe except no one went back to who they were even when everything returned to blue skies and city kites / We became fidgeting hands / wary hearts as we waited for the world to end a second time / We never knew that it is when we feel safe and unsuspecting would the universe decide to cave in on itself again / Like the walk back home, like reaching for a can of something at the top shelf, like rousing from a dreamless sleep, like maybe the middle of a conversation with a stranger lost and asking for directions / when suddenly the world knocks on your door and you don’t get up to open it so a pebble is thrown at your window / and something inside you awakens from a death-like sleep because something about the way this stranger looks at you / as though you were a compass that points to a place that’s undiscovered and filled with treasure / reminds you of memories you will never have because the funeral was held many broken moons ago / I tiptoe but my feet bleed anyway / Among the broken glass, I find no stone / no child’s misguided baseball / It was as if you never died at all and so as the water is heated, I’ll wait for a door to creak open and you’ll walk out of it, you’ll go to the bathroom, check on your favorite black cat, I’ll move a couple of steps to my left so you can reach for a glass off the rack, the fridge is opened, liquid is poured into glass, the fridge is shut, feet shuffle against the floor, a door creaks shut as the water begins to boil over but among the ashes, we find no candlestick / no cigarette butts and so we sit here staring at our feet, wondering how we ended up in the wake of a house fire.
—  MJL

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Summary: You find out that Dean is married and then a little boy comes up to you and calls you Mommy? What will you do when you find out what happened? What could be the reason you don’t remember any of it?

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Dean x Reader

Word Count-1621

“Mo-mmy,” you repeated. It came out like a whisper more than anything.

Dean seemed to notice it your shock, “Hey kiddo, go with Uncle Sammy to get your mom some jello yeah?” he said.

The little boy looked to his father, back to you, then to his uncle. He smiled and jumped off, “Les go Sammy,” he shouted pulling Sam’s hand along.

Dean waited for them to leave before he spoke, “Y/N…”

“Dean… What… What is…? Who?” You had so many questions you didn’t really know which to ask first. Your heart began to quicken, which was apparent on the machine.

Your nurse came in, which made Dean nervous, “What’s happening to her?” he questioned.

“Honey- Sweetie… It’s okay. Just calm down,” she said, but when you didn’t, she dug into her apron and brought out a syringed. She pricked you with it and unloaded its contents into you.

“What was that? What did you do?!” Dean shouted as he saw you fall into a deep sleep.

The nurse let out a deep breath, “I just gave her a sedative.”

“Why…” Dean said with so much frustration. He was surprised himself for actually asking what was on his mind. “Why can’t she remember him…” he said.

“Remember who?” the nurse questioned.

“Our son. Y/N… We’ve been married for six years. We have a son. She saw him and…” he couldn’t finish.

“She couldn’t remember him?” she said. “She can’t remember that you’re married either. She told me you were an old friend.”

“Well yeah we met years before we married… Why can’t she remember?” Dean asked.

“Honey I’m not quite sure. Her head wasn’t injured and her brain activity are normal. She shouldn’t, by any accounts, have any sort of amnesia.” She thought for a moment as she turned to see your sleeping face, “I’ll consult the doctor,” she said finally before leaving the room.

Dean sighed and moved over to you, took your hand in his, and rubbed circles with his thumb. “What happened to you sweetheart…” he whispered.

A few minutes later the doctor came in and explained to Dean that he wasn’t entirely sure why you couldn’t remember being married to him nor even having your child. Sam and your son came in with your jello as the doctor explained to Dean.

Dean pulled away from the doctor and walked up to his son. He knelt to the ground and gave him a hug. “Mommy fell asleep,” he whispered. He then pulled away, keeping a hand on either side of his son’s shoulder, “But she told me that you should eat her jello. Go sit next to Mommy and eat it, okay buddy?”

He looked from the jello to you, his mother, and he nodded. With a solemn expression he went to sit next to you but he didn’t even attempt to open the jello. He brought it for you after all, and he hadn’t seen you since you disappeared. Though it was a two months since you disappeared, to him, it felt like an eternity.

Dean called Sam over.

“What happened?” Sam asked. He got a little worried seeing as there were doctors outside your room, and not to mention the expression on Dean’s face.

He huffed out a long shaky breath, “Y/N… can’t remember me… She can’t remember Charlie,” he said. His voice sounded pained, reasonably so.

“What?” Sam said just a bit louder than he wanted to, “What?” he asked again in a hushed tone. “What did the doctor say?”

“They said that they aren’t sure why she’s like that. She didn’t hit her head or anything. She just forgot… I’m thinking… Maybe something… something did this to her,” he sighed, “They did all the test on her before we got here and she’s perfectly fine… They’re gonna let us take her home.”

“Will she be alright? Charlie’s been excited to see her again and…” Sam started.

“I know… I know… I’ll talk to him,” he said with a sigh. It seemed that was all he could do, sigh. He braced himself and turned to face his son. “Hey buddy, not gonna eat the jello?” he asked.

Charlie shook his head, “This is Mommy’s,” he answered.

“Well I want one too. How’s about we go get one for both of us,” Dean told him, putting on his best smile, but he was hurting inside. Charlie was a little hesitant. “You know your mom wouldn’t like it if you didn’t get jello too.”

He debated it for another moment but in the end he hopped off his chair with a smile, “Ok!” he shouted.

Dean smiled back at him, walked over, and held his small hand in his. “Let’s go then kiddo.”

Sam watched as they walked out of the room. Seeing Dean forcing a smile, as to not worry Charlie, hurt. Especially when he was so happy to hear that you were alive. Sam knew that Dean had many sleepless nights, and only ever put a front, because of course he was Dean, but also for his son. His son Charlie, who was also hurting, who’d wake up crying because he missed his mom.

Dean did the best he could but even then, there could never be a good replacement for you. He tried his best.

Sam slowly turned his gaze toward your sleeping figure. Something about the way you looked bothered him, but maybe it’s because of what you went through, whatever that was.

Half an hour later Dean came back with Charlie in tow, who promptly sat in the chair next to your bed. Just as he did, the nurse came back.

“I’m sorry but visiting hours are over,” she said.

“I thought we could take her home,” Sam said.

The nurse nodded, “Yes but seeing as she is still asleep. You are more than welcome to take her home as soon as she wake, tomorrow morning.”

Dean was about to protest, not for himself, though he so desperately wanted you home, but for your son, who just wants his mother back.

Sam stopped him, “Okay,” he replied. They waited for the nurse to leave before Dean glared at him. “Calm down. We… You and Charlie have waited this long. I get how frustrated you are, but…”

“Do you?” Dean asked, his voice came out more like a whisper than anything, even then could you sense his rage. All the pent up sadness and anger were about to burst out. “Do you really know how it feels? Cause I don’t think you do Sammy!” he raised his voice.

Sam was taken aback and Dean was about to continue but he stopped because he heard something. They both turned toward the sound, which was originating from the chair next to your bed. Charlie was biting his lip in attempt not to cry.

Dean hurried over to him. “Hey buddy, it’s alright. It’s alright,” he repeated this while patting his back. He hugged him as tight as he could. He hated seeing him cry.

“I- I can… I can wait,” Charlie responded with tears threatening to spill over his cheeks.

“Are you sure?” Dean questioned. He couldn’t believe how strong he was being. Charlie just nodded and clung onto him. “Okay buddy. Okay,” he whispered. He picked him up and carried him in his arms. He turned toward his brother, “Let’s go,” he said.

The Next Day~

Dean woke up earlier than he wanted to, but was grateful no one else was. He wrote a note for Sam, tell him that he was going to check on you and to take care of Charlie. He wanted to take him but he didn’t want to risk you freaking out again.

When he got to your room, you were already awake. He couldn’t find the words to say, not after yesterday.

You noticed him and waved, “H-Hey Dean…” you say with a nervous smile.

“Hey,” he responded, though he didn’t continue.

“Um… So was yesterday a dream or did a kid really call me ‘Mommy’?” you questioned.

Dean stared at you, not knowing how to answer you. He didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. “Uh-” was all that came out.

You chuckled, “Yeah… I figured it wasn’t a dream,” you said. After an awkward silence you spoke again, “Come on. Sit down you’re making me nervous,” you chuckled again. Just with that, Dean was already so happy. He didn’t think he’d hear that simple sound again. “Can you explain everything to me please? How old is he? What’s his name? When did we… get married?”

Dean sighed, though he smiled, and walked over to sit down. “His name is Charlie. He’s five, even though he’s a little small for his age. We got married, eight years ago.”

“Whoa- whoa WAIT! We named him Charlie? Like Charlie- Charlie? Red-head Charlie?” you question, with a bit of a laugh.

Dean laughed as well. “When we got married, Charlie made you promise to name our first kid after her. TO be fair, I think we were all pretty drunk so we agreed. Charlie didn’t forget even though we did.”

You chuckled once more before your mood dropped, “How long have I been gone? Cause… I don’t remember anything passed 2007. I honestly don’t think I’m-” you stopped what you were about to say. Not wanting to admit your thoughts, though some part of you was certain.

“Too long,” Dean admitted. He missed you terribly. Seeing as you wanted a specific number he continued, “You’ve been gone for two months,” Dean sighed. All he could think about was all the sleepless night. All the wondering. Charlie’s crying that Dean didn’t really know how to console.

“Two… months?” you questioned.

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Part 3

Eric Fanfiction Pt. 4

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Warnings: Emotions, Fighting


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After sitting on the floor for quite some time, my stomach rumbled and I decided it was time for dinner. Finding my way to the cafeteria, I got in line, waiting to get food. A few people before me stood Tyler. He catched my eye while looking around, but turned around instantly. Probably still scared of Eric after what happened earlier.
The line moved slowly and I had to wait over ten minutes to get a cheeseburger and some fries. The old lady, serving dinner kindly smiled at me before handing me my plate. Her face resembled one I once knew, but I couldn’t place it directly.
Moving out of the line, I walked straight towards Xavier and Lucy. As soon as I sat down, Xavier hugged me by the shoulder and whispered in my ear. “You sure you have a date with Four and not with Eric? He won’t stop looking at you.” I glanced towards the leaders table, and without a doubt, Eric was openly staring at me. He didn’t even bother looking away after I returned his stare.
“Forget him. And I already had my, what you call date, with Four.” I broke eye contact and focused on my food.
“What did he want to talk about?” Xavier excited took my hand and squeezed the living hell out of it.
“Bloody hell Xavier, I still need my hand!” Xavier rolled his eyes, but let go. Still, he looked at me, waiting to continue. “He asked me how I was doing in training and if I needed help. He is, apparently, concerned because most of the guys make fun of me.” The lie slipped off my tongue without hesitation. Well, I knew I wouldn’t belong to Candor. Xavier eyed me suspiciously but didn’t ask. For now.

After dinner we went back to the dorms, ready for a good nights sleep. Lucy and I walked over to the sinks to wash our faces, while Xavier staid on his bed. What I didn’t expect was that Xavier moved our beds together while I was away. “Now we can cuddle at night!” He had a giant grin on his face while I had troubles closing my mouth. Lucy stood beside me, looking more shocked than I.
“How sweet. Good night.” Lucy sounded mad, but before I could say something, she turned around and walked to the front of the room, where her bed waited for her.
Xavier, completely oblivious to Lucys reaction, took my hand and pulled me down onto the bed.
“Let’s sleep. I’m tired as shit!”

As soon as I opened the front door, I could hear my parents shout at each other. Without making myself known, I fled up the stairs to the room I shared with my older sister. She sat by the window, looking at the children in Erudite school uniforms, running home. Most of them already greeted at the front door. They returned to happy homes, we, we returned to a home filled with screaming and anger. With tears and sobs. We never had the chance to get a happy family, a loving one.
My father continued screaming downstairs, my mother sobbed, pleading for forgiveness for something that she did.  
I put my schoolbag on the ground and turned, facing the door.
“Don’t. You know what happens if you interfere.” My sister didn’t even look at me. I knew what would happen if I went down there, so I didn’t.
I sat on my bed and my sister sat down beside me. “Why us?” She didn’t answer. She only hugged me and let me cry on her shoulder.
Later in the evening my mother came upstairs and we helped her clean up her wounds. After that we all went to sleep.
The next morning I woke up to find my mother and my sister gone. I never saw them again.

I was awake without knowing exactly what woke me. It took a few seconds for me to remember the dream, or better said the memory. Xavier, who had his back turned towards me, rolled over and took my hand.
“It’s okay.” He was wide awake and looked at me. I only nodded and turned on my side to look at him. He took my other hand and pulled me towards me.
“I guess you don’t want to talk about it, but it’s okay.” Our foreheads touched and I nodded again.
He continued talking quietly while I slowly fell asleep.

“Wake up! You have five minutes to get dressed! We’re going for a run!” Four stood on the last stair, looking at all of us. Everybody scrambled out of their bed and began putting on their clothes. Xavier and I huffed and got out of bed too.
All of us managed to put on their clothes in the five minutes Four gave us. As soon as we were ready Four began jogging and we all followed him. Xavier and I began as the last ones, but soon managed to get to the front, along with Four. We jogged through the city, past the main hall where the choosing ceremony took place and through Abnegation. We took a shortcut through some side streets near Erudite and continued through the city.
We rounded a corner and saw a Dauntless troop, waving around their guns in front of some factionless. Eric was there too.
As soon as he noticed us, he came over.
“What’s the problem?” Four looked at the factionless that argued with the Dauntless soldiers.
“Just some factionless occupying a building they shouldn’t occupy. Nothing major.” His voice was cold as always, still, the disgust clearly hearable within it made me shiver.
Of course, factionless were weak and sometimes traitors, but they were still people. They were human beings, just like him and me.
“The way they treat them is unfair.” Originally I wanted to think that, but somehow it came out as a quiet mumble. Xavier looked at me with wide eyes and quickly glanced at Eric and Four, obviously hoping they didn’t hear what I just said.
They didn’t. They kept on talking for a few minutes, after that we continued our run.

Most of us were breathing heavily when we arrived back at the Dauntless compound. The asked for a timeout to relax a bit, but Four was having none of it.
Today began the real training. We partnered up and tried the basic moves he showed us against each other. Of course, Xavier asked me to be his training partner and I could feel Lucys jealous glares all day.
We trained for a few hours, Four walking through the room and correcting our posture and the way we hit. Right when all of us wanted to go get lunch, Eric walked in, looking pissed.
“I want to see a fight! First jumper and last!”
Xavier turned towards me, looking sacred. I, myself couldn’t keep my breath from catching in my throat.
“What are you waiting for?! Get on the mat!” Eric stood beside the mat, his arms crossed over his chest. I carefully stepped onto the mat and found myself face to face with Jax, the boy from Amity. He was at least two heads taller than me and a lot stronger from the work in his old faction. I could never win this fight.
“Get ready!” Both of us got ready to attack and waited for the signal. “Go!”

I knew that this was supposed to be a fight, but I didn’t expect Jax to lunge at me as soon as the start word left Erics mouth. I was able to dodge the blow at the very last second and roll to the side. This went on for quite a while until he finally managed to land a blow. He threw me backwards and I landed on the mat. It knocked the breath out of me. For something that felt so soft beneath my feet, it was really hard on my back.
Jax looked at Eric, unsure of what to do next. Rubbing my left cheek I slowly stood up again. Jaxs back was turned on me, I knew I should use this to my advantage, but that would have been to easy.
“Finish this.” Jax turned back towards me and I could see the pain in his eyes. He didn’t want to hurt me, or anyone for that matter, but this was Dauntless and this is what Dauntless do.
He tried to punch me again, but I ducked under him and kicked him in the back. He fell onto the mat and I instantly sat down on top of him, locking his arms and feet under my body.
“I’m so sorry.” I could swear he smiled at me before I knocked him out. His head fell to the right and a soaring pain shot through my hand. Swearing I got off Jax and Four and two other boys carried his body out of the training room. I slowly followed them, holding my right hand with my left one.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Erics cold voice could be heard behind me.
I ignored him and kept on walking. “(Y/N)! Stop right now!” He grabbed my arm and turned me around. “What?!” I glared at him, wishing that looks could kill.
“I asked you where you were going.” He obviously tried to calm himself down. Still the guy with the short temper. “To the infirmary. I hurt my hand.” I showed him my hand and with an unusual gentle touch, I only knew from the old him, he took it and examined it. Just as careful and gentle as he took it, he let it go a few minutes later.
“Okay, you can go. But next time ask before you leave, okay?” I nodded as a response and turned to again. “(Y/N), I…” His voice wasn’t cold anymore, it was sad and pained. I looked at him over my shoulder. As soon as I catched his eyes, he looked away again.
“I know Eric. But that doesn’t mean I understand. I mean, I don’t even want to understand it! You left me! You left me with that monster and you knew it! Why? Why?! Fuck not wanting to know it! I want to know why!” I didn’t even notice that I hit his chest with my left hand. He immediately pressed me against his body, to keep me from hitting him.  
“(Y/N)…calm down. Here is neither the right mo…” Before he could continue, he let go of me and his hard façade came back as he stared behind me.
“(Y/N)? Is everything okay?” Four stood behind us in the hallway. No wonder Eric played his part again. “Everything’s perfect Four. Take her to the infirmary.” He turned around without giving me another glance.
“(Y/N)? You cried, what’s wrong?” Four was really concerned. “Just my hand.” He nodded as if he really believed me. But he didn’t and I knew it. Still, he was way too nice to keep talking about it.

In the culmination of Superman: the Animated Series’ New Gods storyline, Darkseid had Superman kidnapped and brainwashed into thinking that he was his adopted son. This led to a series of events which would kick off the CADMUS arc in Justice League Unlimited, as the brainwashed Superman came to conquer Earth leading to the US military having to form an alliance with Lex Luthor and Supergirl needing surgery after getting Kryptonite poisoning.

However, when Bruce Timm and Paul Dini left STAS to start work on Batman Beyond, they were initially planning to have another continuation of the Legacy storyline.

Forty years later in the DCAU, Female Fury Lashina flees to Earth following the overthrow of Darkseid by a new alien dictator, who now has plans to conquer Earth. The identity of the dictator? Superman and Lashina’s son!

The groundwork for this was laid pretty clearly in the STAS storyline, where Lashina was very blatently sleeping with the brainwashed Superman, which is something she gloats about when he comes back to Apokolips to wreck up the place, leading to Superman smooshing her and her friends through an industrial chimney.

Obviously this storyline never actually went ahead, not least due to making it explicit that Lashina sexually abused Superman would have been a bit much, even for a series which established the bizarre decision to have Batman and Batgirl bang on the sly. The idea of a secret legacy was later recycled in a different direction in Justice League Unlimited’s Epilogue, which stated that Terry McGinnis and his brother were biologically Bruce’s kids, due to Amanda Waller’s scheme to create a new generation of Batmen through covert genetic tinkering and a plot to have Terry’s parents murdered in front of him.

…Because as good as the DCAU was, it still had a lot of goofy pseudo-grimdark stuff in it occasionally.

gators-aid  asked:

Hiiii :)) you've only done one request so far (that I've seen) but I'm already in love with your writing ugh. Can you do a CEO!Jungkook x Secretary!Jimin? I know it's pretty vague and I'm sorry about that :/

i didn’t want this to be like the usual ceo x secretary story so i’m sorry if it’s not what you expected! and thank you for the request, love !

pairing: jungkook/jimin

summary: jimin is clumsy and jungkook likes his secretary


It’s not that I hate my job because I really don’t but it’s exhausting, he is exhausting.

My boss is not a bad person, he is just very difficult. He wants everything to be perfectly done and in time but some things that he expects from me, his secretary is just plain.. impossible? If he had a second secretary, then maybe we could finish all the files but on my own? No way. His father wasn’t this difficult to work with, he was actually kinder than his son. After all, I didn’t work alone like I’m doing today.

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You will find me

for @agentmarymargaretskitz ❤️

Read also on ao3

Words are lost
Mouths are closed
Even through the silent pause
You take it all

Leonard stared into the void as the team explained to him what his past self did. Sara sat on the captain’s chair with her elbows resting on her knees and her head bowed. It wasn’t like her. She always held herself proud and confident and didn’t flinch, but she couldn’t look at him.

Not anymore.

If he was her, he wouldn’t have even let him inside the ship when they found him in that post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

But now they were back and he knew what he had done… because it was him. In 2014 that was Leonard Snart. He had killed Amaya, a person he didn’t know and who just seemed to have gotten in his way and he had killed Mick; thankfully not Mick Mick but he still murdered his best friend in cold blood…

There was nothing he could possibly say or do to fix that and yes, they were both alive and the timeline was restored but it didn’t change that he had killed both of them… And the rest of them had seen it with their own eyes.

Table talks
Getting through the car ride home
It could be a late night call
You take it all


“Snart, it’s not your fault.” Ray says first and his voice is so genuine, Leonard almost sucks a breath. Almost.

“Yes it is.” He answers and turns to Amaya who is standing next to Ray and Nate. “Look, I don’t know you… I don’t know if you are a nice person, but judging by your crew… you must be.” He took a shaky breath. “I’m sorry; I mean… I’m sorry for killing you. ”

“To be honest, I don’t remember it. I don’t remember anything that happened in Doomworld, as you know. But I appreciate it.” She gave him a small smile.

“We’ll be in the temporal zone for a couple more days.” Sara announced and stood up from the chair, finally setting her eyes on Leonard.  Her gaze is focused and blurry all at once.

He turned and left the bridge; ignoring Sara calling out his name in the distance.

Anchor to hold


“Snart, wait!” She called out as she finally reached Leonard, who just realized that someone else might be living in his old room. The room wasn’t neat, as he always made sure it was. Many history books were scattered around the desk where he used to set his cold gun and notes and post its, were all over the floor.

“Nate uhm… he moved in your room a while back because we didn’t have anywhere else to put him.” Sara explained as she stood next to him with her hands on her back pockets. Leonard took a step back and turned to look away from her, intending to leave again.

“Wait. You can come in my room until Mick cleans up his or we can tidy Rip’s old room up a bit and-.”

“No.” He answered.

“No? As in, no you don’t want Rip’s room or..?”

“As in no I don’t belong here.” Leonard stated with a strained voice. “Not anymore. I’ll just crash in Mick’s room until we get back in 2017. Can you drop me off in Central City?”

“You’re leaving?”

“Do I have a reason to stay? Pocahontas talked to me only so I wouldn’t feel guilty for killing her and the other newbie couldn’t even look at me. The rest of the team didn’t seem thrilled with my miraculous return either.”

“They’re glad to have you back, but you have to understand that just a week ago we saw you kill two members of our team in front of our eyes and they are gonna need some time to get over that. Mick… He was hallucinating seeing you and then you were there and… Just everything went to hell as usual and now we’re trying to pick up the pieces.” Her hand ghosted on his forearm. “But we want you to stay. All of us.”

You leave me room for my imperfections
When I’m a mess and you jump right in
If I drift in the wrong direction
You turn the tide and you calm the wind


“Snart, you might be a crook and a very snarky asshole but you are not that person anymore. You care about people more than you would admit and… you cared so much that you died so we can live and save the world. Without you, without your sacrifice we would have never defeated Savage and the time masters… we would have never defeated the Legion of Doom.”

“A team of supervillains which I was also a member of.”

“A past version of you. Not the you I- we know… Plus, Rip was a part of the Legion and he killed me and I didn’t hold a grudge.”

His face paled.

“He what?”

“He was brainwashed by Thawne, story for another time. The thing is that no one held a grudge either because they knew it wasn’t him.”

“That’s different… That was me. The same me who let a train full of people derail so I would later ambush the Flash. I recruited Mick and I kidnapped The Flash’s doctor friend just so I would get his attention.”

“I don’t know that man. I know the man you became when you saved our lives so many times; when you saved Stein’s life even though he looked down on you and Mick and you saved my life too… you stopped me from being the killer I once was. You don’t know the things I did to survive and the things I did in the name of Ra’s al Rhul, just as I will perhaps never know everything you did in your past. What matters is now. And that you changed. You feel that in your chest? That ache… that agony that makes you want to scream? That’s called remorse. You feel guilty, Leonard. For something you don’t even remember. You feel horrible for killing a woman you don’t even know. That’s the you that deserves to stay on board. So please… Don’t go.”

Anytime, everytime I get lost
You will find me
You will find me
Anytime, everytime I get lost
You will find me
You will find me


She reached out and took his hands in her, looking at him with her blue/grey eyes wet with tears.

“What do you say?”

“…Okay… Okay, I’ll stay.”


He felt her arms wrap around his waist as she pulled him in for a hug; not letting him go until he surrendered and set his own arms around her too and rested his chin on top of her head; closing his eyes at the feeling of being home…

Faint applause, empty rooms
Even when the crowds are gone
You take it all


“Maybe we should get out of the hallway; I’m surprised Nate hasn’t come back to his room anyway.”

“No, I’m here!” Nate piped in from the corner and soon he walked in front of the pair who immediately broke their embrace. “I just didn’t want to interrupt. And Snart… I would like to know the real you… if you decide you wanna stick around I mean…”

Leonard smirked even though his mouth had curved into something much softer than his usual smirk.

We’ll see… I appreciate it though.” Once Nate got in his room and the steel door closed; he turned to face Sara who stood there and looked at him with a small smile.

“Wanna go back to my room? Unless you want me to get Mick and you can sleep with the mouse?”

“Mouse?” He sounded even slightly scared. “Doesn’t Gideon have some sort of… cleaning thing so you went get mice or rats? And how the hell did Mick’s dirt attract a rodent on a timeship?”

“Relax, Ray got Axel for Mick as a Christmas gift.” Explained Sara as they began walking towards her room. “Don’t ask.”

Lines are crossed
Even when my mind’s consumed
I never mean to bruise your heart
But you take it all


“No… No… No.” Leonard mumbled in his sleep as he began breathing easily and stirring; waking up Sara in the process.

“Leonard..?” She asked but he didn’t seem to hear her; being far too consumed by his dreams.

“No, no… Let her go… Take me… Please- not her… Please… NO-.” Leonard cried out and jumped up with his breath catching on his throat.  

“What was that..?” asked Sara as she took his hands in hers; stroking his soft skin with her thumbs. “Snart.”

“Nightmares. I’ve been having them ever since I woke up one day on Jurassic LA. I think it has something to do with the Oculus… It’s like I’m seeing every possible timeline in my head. Every tiny thing that could have gone wrong went very wrong.”

“What did you see tonight?”

“You. Savage slashing your throat because Rip had killed Per Degaton.”

She didn’t say anything… she couldn’t help him with soothing words just yet, so instead she pulled him close and help him tight until the man fell asleep again with tears still rolling down his cheeks.

Sara didn’t try to stop her own tears from coming that night.

Anchor to hold


And the next morning when Leonard woke up with Sara asleep on top of him and realized that it wasn’t some sort of dream he smiled; something that he hadn’t done in a very long time.

Because he finally had returned back to where he belonged.

With his team and the two new members who seemed okay with him after everything that his past self did.

With Mick.

With her.

His family.


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Rated: Slight M I guess?

Pairing: JinxReader

Summary: Journey’s are more important than destinations. Will this one change your mind about the destination you aren’t even looking forward to?

(A/N): My flight got delayed a painful 3 hours and I came up with this while eating dumplings and sipping a beer.

It’s not like you weren’t looking forward to this new adventure, it’s just that you weren’t particularly excited about uprooting your life for a job you didn’t even want. Still you bid goodbye to your old life and checked into your flight.

You sunk into your seat with a sigh, abhorring the hours ahead of you. Sure flights were nice, but 10 hours of being confined in one place didn’t sound appealing to anyone. Soon enough the drinks trolley was on it’s way and you started to relax, focusing on the work you had to finish on your laptop. You absentmindedly asked for a vodka tonic and earned a light chuckle, almost unnoticeable. You turned to the source to find a rather gorgeous flight attendant looking embarrassed.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t couldn’t help notice how bothered you look, I made a bet with myself to see what you’d get.” You just raised an eyebrow at him, not sure how to respond to the very friendly attendant. You ended up just giving him a smile and a sigh.

“Well now you know, though I’m usually a tequila kind of gal, Jin.” You read his nametag. You made a joke like you usually did in awkward situations because of course you have your foot in your mouth. You blushed red as he laughed wholeheartedly placing a cup in front of you. Then he placed another small bottle in front of you, the word ‘tequila’ written on it in all it’s mexican glory and you turned up to give him an amused expression. He just winked at you and moved on.

After a good hour of trying to focus on your work, your mind kept drifting back to the very attractive, very helpful attendant. Every time you heard footsteps, your eyes drifted up on their own to see who was walking by.

Finally it was time for food and your tray arrived with a side of another tequila bottle. You didn’t even look up at him, you couldn’t. The embarrassment only got worse with time as you sat and silently ate your tiny portioned food.

Three hours into the flight all you could think about was how utterly embarrassed you were, you even tried sleeping and failed, but you tried harder this time, avoiding meeting the gaze of any of the cabin crew. After what you could easily tag as centuries, you got up and walked down the aisle to where the crew usually stayed. As you just about the reach your destination, the curtains drew back revealing none other than the very perpetrator. You took in a deep breath and with all the courage you had mustered, walked right into the washroom.

After spending enough time inside to stop the excessive cringing you were doing, you opened the door and was face to face with Jin.

“I was going to knock, you’ve been in there for a while.” His eyebrows were knit together in a clear show of worry, his lips were upturned in a frown, they were the fullest lips you’d ever had the privilege of seeing. You looked up with a face much warmer than it was before.

“Why? Did you think I’d passed out?” His eyebrows knit further, in confusion this time and you instantly felt bad. “I’m sorry, look I’m not an alcoholic or the kind of person who drowns their worries in booze for that matter, I’m not sure what led you on to believe that.” You blurted all in one go, groaning instantly when you realised that you probably sounded drunk to him. You saw his expression clear instead, his eyebrows unknitting.

“I’m-I’m sorry, I was just trying to make you feel better because you looked sad for some reason. I’m so sorry I wasn’t insinuating anything. Oh god!” He groaned, “This is what happens when I try to flirt with a cute passenger, I was just trying to hit on a hot girl and now you hate me.” He was blabbering to himself you realised, your face still went through various shades of red at his progressing banter. He looked at you and instantly covered his mouth, eyes blown out to twice their size.

“I’m sorry I assumed things about you.” You mumbled awkwardly, he rubbed the back of his neck of his neck and smiled at you.

“I’m sorry I said all those things.”He winced like he was in a world of pain. You looked at him with wide eyes.

“No no! They were ni-” You stopped yourself when you realised the implication of it, you were absolutely on fire today. But you saw his lips tug at the sides anyway.

“Let’s start over, I’m Kim Seokjin, I’m about as subtle as a drunk uncle.” He extended his arm with a smile that took your breath away. You offered him your hand and giggled at his strange comparison.

“Seriously, he emphasised, I even make the bad jokes, what do you call a fly without wings?” He looked so genuinely serious that you broke into a fit of laughter. He grinned at you clearly very proud of himself.

5 hours into the flight and you were sitting on your seat grinning like a fool because of a particular cabin crew. He’d keep coming by to give you small things; water, soda and even a toothbrush at one point. The people around you seemed to be all in different phases of annoyed, amused, fascinated and jealous of the interaction but you were enjoying too much to care.

Soon enough the lights went off and everyone was off in deep sleep, you groaned and sat back. You didn’t know why but you could never sleep in flights and you were always thoroughly envious of people who could. After finishing work and trying to watch a movie you decided to stretch your legs and got up to take a quick walk. When you reached the end of the aisle you had a terrible urge to peek through the curtains and see if Jin was busy, after a good moment of contemplating the possible flaws of the plan you decided to just go for it. You poked your head in two find Jin and another attendant talking, they stopped to look at you and smiled politely though Jin’s felt more intimate.

“Can I get a cup of water?” You asked awkwardly, you decided to pretend to have a purpose and not just drop by to say hi. The other guy with him gave a quick reply and offered you a glass.

“Can’t sleep?” Jin asked with a grin. You shook your head and he laughed.

“I can’t sleep on flights.” You answered him honestly with regret in your voice.

“Me neither.” Was his sympathetic reply, you raised your raised your eyebrow at his remark. “Mostly because I have to work though.” He added sheepishly and you laughed so hard he had to remind you that people were sleeping. The other attendant walked away suddenly and you stood there holding an empty glass and wondering if you’d have to go back. Jin filled your cup with some cola and you looked up at him to see him wink at you.

“So what do you usually do when you can’t sleep on long flights?” He asked you.

“I don’t know I just keep fidgeting on my laptop or make conversation, this is my first long flight alone so it’s making me more restless.” You admitted very honestly to him.

“You have me.” He said with a killer smile which you had to take a second to recover from.

“I’m grateful.” You added with only a hint of skepticism in your voice. If he noticed he didn’t point it out. After a while of awkward silence Jin spoke up again.

“So what takes you to Korea? Travel or work?” He asked.

“Work.” You sighed into your glass, “I am being transferred to an office in Seoul.” You looked up him with a half smile.

“That’s great. You’ll love the place!” He said with a screaming whisper. You smiled wider at his excitement.

“Yeah maybe I need to give the place a chance. You never know what’s in store for you right?” You believed your words for the first time. You saw Jin nibble at his lip while staring at the floor.

“I mean I could always show you around.” He looked up with an expectant expression. Your lips parted and your breath stuck there before a response. Jin moved closer, his movement so natural that you wondered if you were imagining it. But soon enough his breath was fanning your face and he pushed a stray strand behind your ear.

“I’m sure there are many things I could show you.” He whispered against your cheek, a rogue whimper slipped past your lips.

“I don’t doubt it.” You whispered back, his lips curled into a smirk so delicious it was almost unfair. If it was even possible, he seemed to move closer.

“Would you like that?” His voice was so tender, yet the stray professionalism remained and for some reason it had your heart thumping in your throat. You had to stop and control your thoughts to remember that he asked a question.

“Like what?” You squeaked out in utter embarrassment. He only smirked, his face pulling so close you stopped breathing till his lips went to your ears.

“Would you like me to tell you the dishonourable thoughts thoughts I’ve been having about you since I saw you?” His words were clear despite the ringing in your ears that was growing. You gathered your courage for what you were about to say.

“I’d rather you show me.” He pulled back and grabbed your hand, guided you to the unoccupied lavatory. You didn’t think it was possible for your heart to beat as fast as it was right now. The anticipation combined with the rush and the fear of being caught was making you feel dizzy and your breathe was already shallow.

There was a moment’s darkness inside before the lock was placed and the small space was lit. In that moment it seemed to occur to you, you were about to do this. He turned with a look in his eyes that seemed to either clear all doubt or leave no room for it. Still your body moved to meet him halfway as after what seemed like too long, his lips met yours.

His lips were soft and so full that your mouth opened on its own. His tongue was warm and demanding in your mouth, your mewls seemed to be filling the small space with more tension as it build slowly.

A sudden jerk thrust you back and if your mouth wasn’t occupied in the moment you probably would have let out a yelp. Your hand moved behind you to grab the counter, both of you breathing heavily.

“Turbulence.” Was all he whispered in your ear before he just nibbled on your ear and you had to bite down on your lip hard to stop the scream stuck in your throat. His voice was raw and there was no professionalism left, you kept repeating that one completely unarousing word in your head and reveled in the effect it had on you, it was just the way his voice said it, the way his very appealing lips brushed against your ears as he said the basic word.

“Fuck.” It was just a natural response to the places your mind was going. You had to chastise it before you got carried away. He pulled back and looked at you with a worried expression.

“It’ll be fine, the weather is just a little off, turbulence is normal in flights over these areas.” You could tell this was a long memorised response to nervous customers.

“I’m fine, I’m not afraid of turbulence. That’s the last thing on my mind I assure you.” You scoffed with a stray grin touching your lips as you looked back on your thoughts from a moment ago. Jin chuckled and placed his forehead on yours.

“What were you thinking about then?” He asked the question like he already knew the answer. Again with a sudden fit of bravery you didn’t know the origin of you pulled in close to him. You heard the breathing seize from him and it made you feel a little power in the moment. You grabbed his bottom lip between your teeth, watching as his eyes closed.

“This.” You answered after you let his lip go, he seemed to still be transfixed by the moment, even with a shaky ‘that was hot’ leaving his lips with a chuckle. You bought caught each other staring and you knew you couldn’t look away. The moment was interrupted by a knock on the door, Jin immediately put a hand on your mouth before you could say anything.

“It’s just me. I’ll sit out the turbulence here.” Jin spoke up like he knew it was one of his fellow cabin crew members. An unconvinced ‘okay’ seemed to prove that, Jin just smirked and proceeded to return the favour your teeth left on his lips before.

When you finally settled back in your seat, you were sure everyone around you knew what you were doing. The person who knocked on the door probably knew, what caught you most off-guard here is how little you cared. You refrained yourself from going back again and decided on watching a movie.

You jerked up when a warm hand landed on your shoulder, confused for a moment before you removed your earphones.

“We’ll be landing shortly, please fasten your seatbelt.” The foreign female voice left a trace of disappointment in your mouth. After this you wouldn’t see Jin again and you didn’t how to feel about it yet.

As you waited patiently in the line that inevitably forms while getting off, you tried not to look around too much and when you finally got to the exit you tried to hide the way your eyes lit up. Jin bowed to the passenger standing before you and his polite smile turned into a grin that made your stomach jump to your throat. He with another female attendant bowed at you and you bowed back. Jin coughed awkwardly and bend down.

“You dropped this ma’am.” He said with a curt voice, you gave him a quizzical stare but took what looked like a boarding pass from his hand nonetheless. He gave you a quick wink that made you blush as you walked out of the flight.

When you finally came out into the airport you unfolded the card and looked it over before finding a number and a scribble of words reading, ‘call me if you really want me to show you around ;)’. You laughed how how he cut out the smiley like you wouldn’t see it but smiled staring at the number, you needed to get a local number soon. You sighed and walked out of the airport knowing that maybe your new life wouldn’t be as bad as you thought.

Dazed that there is a sun.

Hello! I’ve decided to start posting some stories on here, most likely fan related, and anyways I hope you enjoy this Ohmtoonz!

He’s not sure what lead to this, strapped in Luke’s car going nearly 80mph down a back road in New Mexico with Luke’s music so loud it seemed to electrify the air, setting something in him off with every beat that reverberated throughout his soul. He could blame it on the conversation that sparked everything a little over a day ago, but it feels more meaningful than that. He pushes that thought down in time for when Luke nudges him, leaning forward to turn down the radio.

“You okay there, Ohm, you look a little spaced out.” There’s a slight smirk playing on his lips, and yet Ryan can tell they’re thinking the same thing, only he seems to be the one going to say something.

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Blast From The Past (fem!reader POV)

A Kol Mikaelson Imagine (Kol x reader) from the fem!reader’s POV.

Alrighty! This is NOT a part two from Blast From The Past, this is from the point of view from the reader, who I imagined as female when writing this.Let me know anything you’d like to see in the Part 2, and if Ishould do a part 2 for the fem!readerPOV. Any critique and advice is welcome! :)

ALSO, remember, these are my writings from my old blog, I had just deleted my old blog and am putting these up here.I promise I havent ripped them. Just letting you guys know in case you recognize them.

Hey, @philautia-love-of-self , I know you wanted to be tagged but IDK if you meant in this perspective or in the actual part 2, so here’s a tag! :)

Triggers: blood, fight, and if you see anything else that should be added to this let me know!

word count: 3735


She woke up with a splitting headache and had no idea what had happened to her. Her neck was sore and her throat and stomach burned with a hunger she had never felt before. Blinking rapidly, she looked around trying to get her vision back. When she could finally see, the first face she saw was his. Klaus.

“What the hell?” she moaned. “Klaus? Why am on the floor?”

“Ah, yes, sorry about that, darling!” he smirked, shrugging his shoulders. “There’s really no graceful way to snap someone’s neck.” What? Snap someone’s neck? As in…..

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To Find A Home - Part Seven

Originally posted by bellarke-stydia

Summary: Bellamy struggles to get information out of the captured Grounder as Clarke tries to save Finn. Meanwhile, Y/N copes with her concussion.

Warning: violence, injuries, torture, swearing, mention of character death

Word count: 5700

Main masterlist / To Find A Home masterlist

Previous part - Next part

A/N: Well. It took me some time, but I’ve finally finished this chapter. Also, I have now reached 30,000 words for To Find A Home! I still can’t believe it. I made an aesthetic for Y/N to celebrate, you guys want me to share it? Anyway, I hope you like this chapter and please remember to tell me what you thought about it. 

The storm that raged outside the dropship was violent, so violent that I could feel the metal underneath me vibrate with each gust of wind. I was leaning against the wall, my head between my knees and I wanted to die.

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bpdamianwayne  asked:

Superbat: "Can I have my shirt back?"

(This ended a little awkwardly and I apologize)

Clark had a Smallville Crows shirt that he had gotten his Junior year of high school. Ma had made him get it three sizes up since he was still growing at the time and even back then he was never scrawny. Even so, it had hung almost down to his knees back then. Now it fit perfectly, though it was old, the bright red faded and dulled to almost pink, and there were ink stains and holes in it. Not to mention the ‘r’ in Crows had faded almost completely so from a distance it read ‘Smallville Cows’. But it was nice to sleep or relax in during those rare moments he could do either. Apparently he wasn’t the only one who thought so.

He hadn’t thought too much about it when the shirt first went missing. He was in the (rather slow) process of moving his things from his tiny apartment in Metropolis to Wayne Manor (of course, he’d keep basics there for nights where he either couldn’t leave Metropolis or that Clark Kent couldn’t be seen at Wayne Manor), and thought he had packed it with his first bag of clothes. However, when he went to grab it out of the dresser he had now shared with Bruce (and if that didn’t make his heart soar), it was nowhere to be found. He had shrugged it off and slept shirtless that night, not that his lover complained. But as weeks went by and stuff really started transition from his apartment to the Manor, he started to worry he had somehow lost it or if even worse, Alfred had tossed it. Not that he thought ill of the butler, he just knew that Alfred liked things a certain way. That thought was dismissed when he saw Bruce’s ratty old blue hoodie and grey sweatpants ensemble one afternoon when the billionaire was feeling particularly dead to the world. Besides, Alfred would have asked him (like he did Bruce for what must have been the millionth time if the older man’s tone was anything to go by) if he was sure he wanted to keep it first. After a few more days of searching, Clark decided he must of dropped it somehow when he was flying clothes over and resigned to that fact that it was probably gone for good.

It was late, or rather early, almost morning,  when Clark had finally gotten home from an off World mission. J’onn had been waiting for him at the Watchtower, meaning he or Diana had made Bruce go home after his turn on deck. B never admitted to waiting for him when he was gone, but that was alright, Di or Barry were more to happy to inform Clark. He never let him know he knew. It was a dance they had done with most things in their lives, from their identities to how they had felt about each other. Of course, they always confronted it sooner or later. For now, Clark enjoyed having the upper hand.

He landed on the balcony that connected to their room. Just as quietly, he stripped out of the Superman suit and slid in bed next to his sleeping lover as carefully as possible. He was a light sleeper, especially right after patrol. Clark smiled a bit when Bruce only stirred to curl into the new heat source. Must of been a long night. After a quick scan of his body (bruised ribs and a sprained wrist), he laid his head on his arm to watch him a while. He always thought Bruce looked younger when he slept, easier to read. The dark circles around his eyes were more prominent and he could see faint whispers of scars peaking out of the collar of whatever shirt he was sleeping in, souvenirs from years of trying to clean up the streets of Gotham.

“You’re doing it again.” Bruce hummed, eyes never opening nor was there any trace of sleep in his voice. Damn heart rate control.

“Doing what?” Clark asked gently, playing with his hair in hopes to lull the other into actually sleeping. Bruce wasn’t fooled, never was.

“Staring. I can feel you doing it, Clark.” The Dark Knight grumbled, leaning slightly into the touch. “We’ve talked about that.”

“You’re own fault for being so nice to look at.” Clark teased, earning a grunt that could have been a snort. He watched as Bruce opened his eyes only to turn away to check the time before sitting up and stretching. He gawked at what he saw in the pale dawn light. “That’s where it went!”

Bruce raised an eyebrow and followed his lover’s eyes to the shirt he had been sleeping in. It was a little baggy on him, the lettering lower than it should be on his chest and the worn out crow almost on his stomach, but it was unmistakably Clark’s shirt. Looking back up, Bruce smirked. “Have you been looking for this?”

“Can I have my shirt back or what?” Clark rolled his eyes, hiding a little smirk of his own. Bruce hummed in thought, moving to settled into his lap. He leaned down as if to steal a kiss, only to stop inches from his lips and murmur.

“Only if you can take it from me.”

And really, who was Clark to back down from a challenge like that?

BTS turning you into a vampire Pt.2

The “part 1 (BTS turning you into a vampire)″ is here :)


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Was is just a dream? The dream of You and Jin you were taking a walk, the alley, he was sorry… You opened up your eyes, you had never felt this awake ever before, you must have had a really long deep sleep. You thought to yourself. You were laying across your and Jin’s bed, but Jin wasn’t there. You stood up placing your feet on what didn’t really feel like a soft carpet… JIN! You tripped and feel on top of him. What was he doing on the floor? “Ugh..” Jin moaned as he opened his eyes.He placed his arms around you and rolled over so you were underneath him. He looked you in the eys, realisation hiting him hard. The memories from yesterday… He crawled off you and put his face in his hands and leaned against the bed. “Oh no.. no..” You looked confusingly at him. “Jin what’s wrong?” “I.. *sigh* i’m sorry. I.. You.. Look in the mirror…” You stood up and walked over to the mirror. You gasped as you made eyecontact with a pair of blood shot eyes. Your skin looking pale and dried blood on your neck. You turned to Jin “What’s happened to me!?” “I… I bit you… I’m sorry love! I.. Please..” “You what…” “I’m a vampire… and so are you… I’m sorry please don’t be mad at me I.. I can explain” He stood up and walked over to you with tears in his eyes. “Jin. I’m not mad at you…I…” Jin walked over to you and pulled you against him into a tight hug, you could hear how he breathed out relief.


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Suga woke up on his stomach on the bed with one arm and one leg over his girlfriend. Wow what happened yesterday, must have been a wild night he thought to himself and smiled proudly. He moved his leg of her and tunred to his side to caress her cheek. He moved her hair away and noticed the two holes in her neck and the dried blood that had sipped out of them. “Shit.” Suga sat up quickly as the memories from yesterday came back to him. Trying to calm his panicking he tried to think of a plan. Leaving not being an option. “Should I act like nothing and just take whatever happens…no I can’t… I…” Suga sighed and pulled his hand through his hair. He decided to let her sleep and walked out of the bedroom and in to the kitchen. A moment later a heared a scream coming from the bedroom. He ran out of the kitchen and into the bedroom to find his girlfriend staring at her reflection in the mirror. When she noticed Suga she just looked at him. Filled with panic, nervousness, sadness and regret Suga just stood there and looked back at her. “Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked, in a surprisingly clam voice. “I… uh…” “Well I guess you’re stuck with me forever now.” She joked. The stress and tension abandonned him as he saw her smile.


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You woke up all tucked in under the warm blankets in bed. Twisting and turning you felt how sore your body was… was it after all the dancing at the club? Probably. You sat up and looked around the room, Namjoon was nowhere to be seen. hmm.. That’s odd… You stepped out of bed, your body feeling even more sore. You walked into the bathroom to wash your face, after splashing your face with cold water you look at yourself in the mirror. You gasped as you saw your eyes no longer were they’re normal color but a vibrant red. What the hell. you thought. Turning to the side you saw it. The mark. The memories came back. Namjoon acting weird, pulling you out of the club, the two of you behind the building, him sinking his teeth into your neck and you realsiing the fact that he was not human. He turned you. The emotion of realising your whole life was about to change hadn’t really got to you yet. But the feeling you had wasn’t bad. It was oddly satisfying. As if you had come closer to your destiny… you washed away the blood on your neck in the shower. Walking out of the bathroom and in to the living room you spotted Namjoon reading on the sofa. You sneaked up behind him, he didn’t hear you thanks to his headphones. Slowly you aimed your lips to his neck and bit him playfully, making him jump. “WoW! ok, wow, *notices your red eyes*Oh my god.. hi honey..” You smiled at him cutely… “you.. I… I can explain” He said “No need to” you smiled and satt down next to him. “What are you reading?” “Wait what? I thought you were gonna be mad at me… you have noticed right?” “Yes, I have noticed but I unexpectedly feel satisfied… and alive” you laughed. Namjoon looked at you with loving eyes and kissed your forehead. “Welcome to my world….”

JIMIN (Slightly smutty)

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Stretching out his arms and legs and moaning slightly in bed, his body feeling slightly sore after yesterday’s activity. The day after feeling, the day always involving cosy time at home, ordering take out and a couple of more round’s. He smiled at himself, with his eyes still closed. Jimin felt how the memories from yesterday put him in the mood for a round two. Turning over in bed to gently wake up his girlfriend (in the best way possible). He climbed on top of her, one hand supporting himself and one hand reaching down to sweet spot. Jimin started to leave a few kisses on her jaw, she moaned in her sleep and turned over slightly revealing her neck to him. Jimin looked at the marks, they looked painfull and he felt extremely guilty. He couldn’t controll himself. He had planned to tell her but it took a different turn. Great. He made the woman he loved hate him forever. Jimin began to climb of her but she grabbed him holding him in place. “No.. Jagi” Jimin sighed, holding in every drop of emotion he could. But she refused to let go. Jimin gave in and lowered himself down on her and grabbing her waist and rolling over so she was on top. He pulled her down against his strong body. “Honey I’m sorry.” To his surprise she replied. “Don’t be, I already know, I woke up before you.” “you did? don’t you hate me?” “Why would I?” Jimin hugged her tighter and whispered in her ear as a tear of relief made it’s way down his cheek. “I love you.” “I love you too.”


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V walked in to the room to check on you again, this being the 16th time since he carried you home. After he bit you, you became unconsious. V was ready to handle the consequences of turning you into a monster… even if it meant for him to never ever get to see you again. He wanted you to be around as long as him. Forever. You were still sleeping so V walked out of the room again. after a while he went back for the 17th time, but this time to sit down on the bed next to you. But when he walked in you were gone. V panicked.You were a new-born who knew what could happen if nobody watched over you and protected you!? You could get yourself in trouble, other vampires could use you! V began searching in the apartment and found you in the kitchen. He sighed of relief. You turned around, your red eyes glowing with thirst. But the moment you saw V you calmed down inside. V took a few steps towards you, before runing and pulling you into him, hugging you hard. “You made me worried” “V… I’m scared…” V stroked his hand up and down your back. “I know, I know, take it easy, I’m here.” “I love you” V hugged you tighter “I thought you were gonna’ hate me…” “I would never be able to hate you… I trust you.” V pulled away from the hug slightly and grabbed your face and kissed you passionately. “I’m sorry, I love you too… That’s why I did it…”


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it felt like that night lasted forever… J-hope was eagerly waiting for you to wake up. He didn’t know how you would react but he had noticed that you’d been acting suspicous + his hint dropings that he was not a human. It didn’t matter to him if you’d end up hating him. He atleast got to see you forever and protect you, maybe you’d forgive him during the new-born stage, the stage J-hope had to be around you 24/7 to protect you from vampires wanting to use the new-borns and to help you learn to controll yourself. While thinking for himself he noticed that you moved. Slowly rollng over and stretching out your arms, you found J-hope with one of  your hands. Your eyes were still closed but you grabbed the colar of his shirt as a guideline for yourself, you sat up and leaned your head against j-hope. His fingers brushing your hair. You opened your eyes and looked at J-hope. “Wow…” J-hope said, he had forgotten about the intense red glow new-borns had in their eyes. It sure was cool. J-hope decided not to pull out on it and just went for it. “Babe… I’m a vampire and tonight when you slept I bit you… Just so you’re aware of that…” He looked down unsure of how you would respond. “I know, and I was awake…” J-hope gasped. “Your hint’s were kinda obvious hobi…” you playfully pushed him. Unaware of your new powers you almost pushed him off the bed. “You’re not mad at me? right?” “No, i’m not actually… “ You leaned over him and playfully bit his neck and laughed. J-hope grabbed your face and turned it to face his face instead and pulled you into a kiss.


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The bruises were still there, even more intense than before. Jungkook walked around the living room panicking. “Shit, shit, shit how could I do this!?” He looked over at his sleeping girlfriend on the sofa. “What should I do” he cried. He fished up his phone with shaky hands out of his pocket and called V. “come on… pick up pick up pick up.” “Jungkookah?” “Hyung! I bit her, I’m scared. I don’t know what to do, I… I’m panicking, can I stop the change? I…” “Yah! Calm down! breathe. When did you bite her?” “About an hour ago… Hyung what if she’ll hate me… I basically killed her.” Jungkook cried “No, take it easy, you should be safe, after a bite the endorphin levels in the victim go up so it’s harder for them to controll anger and sadness. Also she should wake up any moment now if it’s been an hour, if she doesn’t wake up for another hour you have to call me again because it could be dangerous.” V explained. “Thanks hyung” Jungkook hung up the phone “I don’t hate you.” Jungkook jumped at the voice of her. He turned around, she was stadning right behind him and had probably heared the majority of the phone call. Her bruises were gone… Jungkook swallowed “are you o… ok?” “I, I feel fine…” she looked confused by the question. “Honey I’m sorry please I didn’t mean to I..” He was silenced by her placing a hand on his cheek and kissing him gently on the lips.

Stolen Raspberries

“Woman, if you do not stop waking me up, I swear.”

Yaaaaay Sheamus lovin’. He my boo boo. (They’re literally all my boo boo’s I mean, really.) BUT YEAAAAAAAAAAH. This is fluffy. FLuffy fluff fluff. Uhhhhhhh. Literally I am a firm believer that every wrestler is really a giant teddy bear??? So???

Warnings: it’s v fluffy. Well. I mean. At least in my opinion. It is very fluffy. Uhhhhh there’s no smut? But there is a bit of a makeout scene kinda sorta towards the end. But yeah. No sexy times. Well I mean. Implied sexy times. But yeah, no, I didn’t write any this time.

AND YES I KNOW THAT IN AN AIRPORT THESE THINGS WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE, ESPECIALLY DEALING WITH AN INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT BUT GUESS WHAT. I don’t care. This is fiction. FICTION. I DO WHAT I WANT. You can have running through airport scenes (don’t get me wrong, I live for airport chase scenes, which would be impossible without getting a boarding pass, and then going through security and yada yada yada), AND I SHALL HAVE MINE.

To the person who messaged me with this, thank you, it turned out super super cute and I will leave you anonymous as wished, BUT THIS IS CUTE SO I HOPE YOU READ IT SOON. Also tagging my boo boo, because I tag her in??? Everything??? Bc I love her??? @fuckyeahbulletclub AND I’M ALSO TAGGING MY BAE, MY WIFEY, YA ALL KNOW HER THE QUEEN OF FABULOUS HAIR, @hardcorewwetrash

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The Invisible Girl : Jungkook X Reader One Shot

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye…”

                                                   -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

She was invisible. Well, not in the literal sense, of course, but figuratively? Yes, she definitely was.  You probably couldn’t pick her out of a crowd, and if someone mentioned her name, you’d ask, “Who?”.  But there was one boy; this one boy that actually  did notice her…and she had no idea why…

     The car jerked to a halt and _____ got out.  She leaned forward to say goodbye to her mother, but the car sped off the moment she closed the door behind her.  Watching it turn the corner, she sighed, shoving her hands into her pockets.  As she crossed the street, she looked around until her eyes met his.  His eyebrows furrowed and his lids lowered into a glare, so she put her head down to avoid making anymore eye contact with him.

     Jungkook had been picking on her since the beginning of the year, and she couldn’t figure out why.  They’d had multiple unpleasant encounters, despite how hard she tried to remain invisible.  It started out with rude comments, but eventually escalated into physical bullying.  He never directly hit her, but he did little things like knocking her lunch out of her hands or slamming her locker shut to scare her.  

     She was walking down the hall through the crowd of her peers when she felt someone’s shoulder collide with hers.  She took her attention off her shoes and glanced at the person, frowning when she saw that it was Jungkook.  "Watch where you’re going,“ he spat.  She just rolled her eyes and kept walking.

     _____ suffered through an entire day of isolation at school, outside of her contact with Jungkook, only to be faced with even more loneliness at home.  She looked at the note her parents left on the fridge and sighed.  "Don’t wait up.”  She balled it up and threw it away before opening the fridge.  "Guess Mom never got a chance to go shopping, huh?,“ she mumbled to herself.  She closed the fridge, turned out the kitchen light, and went upstairs to her room.  After her homework was finished, she went to sleep, trying to ignore her growling stomach.  

     The next day at lunch, she sat alone like she usually did.  She quietly ate her lunch, feeling content as the emptiness in her stomach dissipate.  She reached for her apple, but a hand quickly grabbed it before she could.  She didn’t even need to look up to know who the hand belonged to.  "Just give it back, Jungkook,” she muttered, not making eye contact.  "What, _____? I don’t think I heard you,“ he teased, pulling her chin towards him to force eye contact.  She let out a heavy breath before speaking a bit louder. "I said…Give. It. Back,” she growled, smacking his hand away.   His eyebrows raised in a mocking way at the tone in her voice.  "You know what?…Fine.  You can have it back.“  Her eyes widened as she watched him take a huge bite of the apple and place the rest in her open hand.  "Enjoy,” he smirked before walking away.  She dropped the apple in disgust, knowing that her appetite was gone.

     _____ felt anger building up inside of her as she thought about everything: her parents, her peers, her teachers…Nobody ever bothered to pay her any attention…And then she thought about Jungkook, who was the exact opposite.  He payed too much attention, and it was all negative.  She paced down the empty hall with her books clutched to her chest, hoping to make it to the library without running into him.  Her hopes were in vain, though, and he swiftly knocked the books out of her hands.  She glared at him before bending down to gather her things.  She was reaching for her favorite library book when his heavy sneaker pressed against its cover, bending the corner.  "No!  That’s a library book; I have to return that!,“ she yelled, trying to pry his foot off of it.  He snatched it away and chucked it down the hall, smirking at her flustered expression.  She was about to go get it, but he grabbed her wrist.  Before he could say anything, she turned around and screamed, "Why can’t I just be invisible to you like I am to everyone else?!,” and snatched her arm away.  He was taken aback, never having heard her voice at that volume before.  "W-what are you talking about?“ "Don’t you get it?!  I’m invisible!  I’m invisible to everyone but you and I hate it!  Nobody else can see me, but somehow you can and-”  "Calm down and stop yelling,“ he said, deepening his tone as he pressed her against the lockers.  She tried to fight his grip, but the tears forming in her eyes took away her strength.  "Look, I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean to make you cry…”  "I don’t want your apology and I don’t need your sympathy.  I want.  To be.  Invisible.“  ”_____, nobody wants to be invisible.  What are you talking about?“  "I was fine because I had gotten used to it.  My parents, teachers, classmates; no one cared…but then you came along.  At first I didn’t mind because part of me liked the idea of having someone notice me…but then it just got worse and worse and it was only negative attention.  And now I’m telling you: I don’t want it anymore.  Just leave. Me. Alone.”  There was a long silence as Jungkook stared into her eyes, finally understanding all the pain she was feeling.  "I can’t,“ he stated simply.  "Why not?,” she asked, pushing him away.  His hands found her waist as he gently pressed her to the lockers again.  "Because, I-“  "If you’re going to give me some bullshit logic about picking on me because you like me, then I don’t want to hear i-”  His lips stopped hers from moving, mid-sentence.  "I’m a teenage boy…Bullshit logic is the only kind we can understand,“ he smirked, pulling away from the kiss.  ”_____, I don’t care what anyone else can or can’t see….All I know is that I can see you and I think you’re beautiful…in every possible way.  And I know I have a horrible way of showing it, but I really like you…Do you think you could forgive me for being such a jerk?,“ he asked with pleading eyes.  She kept a straight face as she gave her answer.  "Three conditions.”  "Anything.“  "One: pay for that library book.”  He nodded, trying to hold back the grin on his face.  "Two: buy me another apple.“  He chuckled, nodding one more time.  "And three:…..kiss me again.”  "Done, done, and definitely done!,“ he said, pressing his lips to hers again.         

A/N: what was this? i don’t even know.  it’s not my best work, but i hope you like it.  i had a little trouble with it just because i would probably kick kookie’s ass if he ever did this stuff to me lol, and i doubt that he would ever act like this anyway.  but hopefully it makes sense and you enjoy it.  tell me what you think. 

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Let me lay out this curse Blonde Bitch has...
  1. JBL and Cole show was doing great on YouTube and soon as she gets involved views went down and it eventually got cancelled.
  2. Unfiltered never did good in ratings no matter who was on there and eventually that led to it being cancelled.
  3. SD has never done good in ratings the only time it’s ever spiked is when Cena is said to be there and when she was involved in Dean and Miz’s feud the ratings were lower then they’ve ever been that’s why her involvement ended quickly. Soon as she got taken out of the story ratings went back up.
  4. TS never did good in ratings no matter who was being interviewed which led to Vince making it a monthly show.
  5. Whenever an episode of TD aired that heavily featured her the ratings went down. Not even Dean Ambrose was enough to pull in the views and that’s saying something.
  6. She sleeps her way back onto Raw and what happens? The ratings go down over 3%

Everything this bitch gets involved in is just doomed to fail and does fail. Don’t even get me started on the HUGE fall Dean’s career has taken ever since she opened her big mouth and went public with their “relationship” he went from being this badass from the streets of Cincinnati to a complete joke.