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Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble  

i just started reading sbr and so far……i’m mcloving it

‘I’m so tired’. Of life or right now? Get rest, it’s important. Stay hydrated. Try to get eight hours of sleep. If you don’t get eight hours of sleep, have a nap. It’s better to get eight hours of sleep but if you ever don’t get eight hours of sleep, when you get back from school or work, just have a little nap. Because you should always try to get the right amount of sleep in a day.

@danielhowell​ during his live show on the 4th of July 2017

Quotes from Dan (65/?)

A little reminder to try and get as much sleep as possible and drink enough water. 

Honestly, Katara and Zuko could’ve gotten together if Aang died in The Crossroads of Destiny. Who needs dumb spirit water deus ex machina, anyway? It is a poor plot device, just like the rock that suddenly, magically made Aang into the Avatar. If Aang died, we would have the arc where Zuko fully gets to realize his love for Katara. Katara will learn to reciprocate and deal with the loss of her friend who was like a little brother to her.

It would be healthy and advance the plot in so many good ways. Aang was abusive to Katara, and she needs to move on from the mindset he forced onto her. Aang always goes into the Avatar state without considering how he would affect/hurt Katara. He tries to force her to go to the Northern Water Tribe with him. He is always pushing his ideas onto her whenever he can. Not to mention the Southern Raiders, where he keeps shoving his dumb ideology down her throat. Aang pressures the shit out of Katara, and she is constantly being manipulated by him.

After Aang dies, Zuko will go join the Gaang (except Aang is dead so now it will be the Zukrew). He will support them through the time where everyone is mourning, thus proving his loyalty to their cause against his own father. Zuko’s plot has always been much more compelling, and in a perfect world, his redemption arc will end with him killing his father. In the end, Zuko will Agni Kai with Azula, and while Katara defeats her, and Zuko and Katara kiss, then Zuko will run off and go to fight his father as it is his destiny.

While fighting Ozai, Zuko will be thrown onto the rock and his eye scar will hit the rock, and Zuko will become the Avatar. And Defeat Ozai. It is the redemption he deserved, and Aaron Ehasz planned it out from the beginning. And we the audience would get our lovely Zutara make out at the end and Katara will say, “I love you. I always have because you are NOT an abusive, midget twelve year old who is bald.” And Zuko will say, “I know baby”

And then the credits roll as they passionately kiss a lot.

170522 real__pcy: 리더형 생일파티는 함께해야지 사랑해 생일축하해 수호❤ 

Of course we must be gathered together for Leader Hyung’s birthday party. I love you. Happy birthday Suho ❤

Baekhyun’s comment: Suho who has a heart as wide as a lake (호수 hosu)! I hope you can be a person who is always needed like water. That’s all for today’s “Baekhyun’s Famous Words”.. Have a good night.. Let’s love today and tomorrow! We’ll say goodbye after listening to one last song. While listening to Suho-ssi’s Curtain, should we meet again next time?^^ #Happy birthday to EXO leader Suho who protects EXO

Swhaggar is confused as to why she isn’t the one taking over the universe

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can we get some HCs about Ethan cuddling up to Tyler at random times of the day

hell yes anon im here for this

-Ethan just really likes cuddles okay so whenever he’s feeling down or homesick or whatever he’ll seek out the nearest living thing and cuddle up to them
-While he was living with Mark he’d always go and hug Chica or Tyler, if he was around
-But now he just lives with Tyler so he goes straight to Tyler for any cuddles
-If he’s having a slow day editing he’ll come downstairs to the living room where Tyler’s watching TV and just press himself into Tyler’s side and they just kind of cuddle on the couch
-If he has a nightmare or something he’ll go across the hall to Tyler’s bedroom and just crawl between the covers and Tyler’ll pull him closer like shhh
-When Tyler cooks Ethan will smell it and sneak into the kitchen to hug Tyler and press his face into Ty’s back
-sometimes the urge to cuddle hits Eth while Tyler’s taking a shower and he just kind of steps in, clothes and all, and just yelp because Tyler’s one of those people who takes showers in freezing cold water so Tyler just pulls him into an embrace to keep his blue boy warm because body heat yes

Sinister ǀ 07

A/N: Chapter 7 is here! I decided to post a couple days early to celebrate the release of Taeyong’s station song! (Even though the MV was honestly a bit of an acid trip). Also huge shout out and thanks to @jay-jay-the-jina for reading through part of this and helping me out with it. I don’t know how long it would’ve been before I finished the chapter otherwise. 

Genre: Supernautral!AU, Art School!AU, 

Pairing: Demon!Taeyong x Reader, Demon!Ten x Reader

Warnings: Smut in this chapter, in fact most of this chapter. Feel free to skip that part if it isn’t your cup of tea~. That’s about it for once though.

Word Count: 3345


Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6

You nodded before leaning up slightly to kiss him quickly, pulling back before it could get too heated. You looked into his eyes, seeing the pure adoration in them as he looked back at you. You brought your lips closer to his, not breaking eye contact.

“Make love to me, Taeyong.”

He pulled back from you slightly, looking into your eyes for any sign of hesitation. “Are you sure, Y/N?” You nodded, keeping your eyes on him as you blushed from the way he was gazing at you. He leaned closer, still not touching you. “Use your words, beautiful. I need to know you want this.” His voice was smooth as he cooed at you.

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Omg, are you near Santa Rosa?

no im in iowa. like, the state of iowa in the midwest thousands of miles away. the international carnivorous plant society has their next international convention from august 3rd, 2018, to august 5th, 2018 in santa rosa, california, and it’ll be the last one in the united states for the next ten years. there are no carnivorous plants in iowa (although we DO have an endangered parasitic that lives here but thats a story for another time lmao) so like, a lot of the plants that will be on display there (included at this conference isnt just academic presentations- although thats a big reason why i want to go, seeing as that’s going to be my career- but also a carnivorous plant show where horticulturalists will go to get their exotic plant babies judged) will be plants that i know a lot about and own books on and have watched documentaries about and love deeply but have never seen in person. 

i’m gonna try and get some plant shitposting designs up on my redbubble shop so i can start raising money to go, but im saving money on my own and probably will apply for a conference scholarship, too. its also important to note that im reeeaalllyy fortunate in that my family is like, middle class, both parents college educated and working, so like i’m not like dying to afford basic needs from day to day and stuff, but i gotta strrreeettcchhh those dank funds and raise money on my own to afford extra stuff like that, you feel? especially because it’s so far away.

oh hey side note: because it’s much closer to where I live and is more conceivable financially, I’m also going to the Botany 2018 conference in Rochester, Minnesota this summer!!! it’ll be my first professional conference, although not my first experience with academic symposium style set ups. pretty sweet yo

Reasons to have lgbtq spaces that aren’t bars or nightclubs (since this seems to be a controversial idea on this hellsite):

Openness to minors. In the US, where a lot of people complaining about all the nightclubs are from, bars and nightclubs often don’t allow in anyone under 18, sometimes not under 21.

Cost. Not everyone has the money for a door fee (idk about other places, but in the US nightclubs usually have a door fee, or have a fee for 18-20 year olds)

People who need water frequently, but can’t afford several dollars for each tiny bottle or glass. (If you’re lucky, they’ll sell you a bottle that you can refill in the bathroom sink. Yes, I’ve had to do this. Most nightclubs and bars don’t allow in outside drinks or even empty water-bottles, even if you have a medical reason and even if it’s just water)

People with sensitive hearing

People with autism who might be overwhelmed by the lights and/or noise and/or crowds

People with migraines

People with epilepsy, since so many nightclubs have a ridiculous love for flashing lights

People with physical disabilities, since many clubs and bars aren’t accessible

People with a service dog

People who’re sensitive to heat, or prone to heat-strokes - nightclubs are frequently extremely warm

People who can’t be around alcohol

People who’re agoraphobic

People who’re stressed out by crowds

People who can’t stay out as late as clubs and bars are usually open

People who’re triggered by sexual situations

People with trauma specifically associated with clubs and/or bars

People who doesn’t want to run the risk of being sexually harassed, esp if they’re perceived as female (I, personally, have been sexually harassed and/or groped in over half of the lgbtq nightclubs I’ve been in)

People who wants to do something other than stand around uncomfortably in a too-loud, overheated, noisy, crowded room

And so many more. Feel free to add your own problems; this list is admittedly very heavily biased towards the US East Coast metropolitan nightclub scene, since that’s my experience. I’d love it if people with experience that skews more towards lgbtq bars and/or places outside the US - or even elsewhere in the US - could weigh in

Plus: in very many places, especially in the US, bars and nightclubs are the only lgbtq spaces! Sometimes a local high school will have a GSA, but that’s only open to students currently attending that school. And many non-nightclub spaces don’t advertise, especially if they’re in a homophobic area. You’re cutting out a very large swath of the community by restricting spaces to just nightclubs and bars, with the occasional space meant only for minors

look at this motherfucker

this is pique character design

Fuuucking had to do this sorry not sorry >M < 

Sooo In the Mer!Lance au, shortly after Lance is captured by Lotor, as a way to punish Lance/ Teach him obedience, Lotor throws him in a cell without water >< To help him breath tho, he equips him with galra teach that lets him breath, tho its not water~ So Lance starts drying out and thats a no-no for someone who needs water to live hahahaha >:3 

so yea there he is…. dying from fever and losing strength as he waits for Shiro and the other paladins to come and rescue him > 3< 

@taylor-tut :3c because u need to see this lelelelele <3  Honestly would have never posted this if not for u and that beautiful anon ^ 3 ^


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