who needs to travel to vietnam

“I’m a television program director. You know, there are too many music audition shows these days. I think this trend is outright undesirable, because there are so many other things that need to be discussed. One of the programs I directed was a documentary that touches upon the life experience of women who got married to Korean men from foreign countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, and Russia. It was saddening to see the brides struggling because of the language and cultural barriers, but I particularly remember recording video messages of them and showing the messages to their family members. We traveled to the brides’ home countries to show the messages. When brides were getting married, they said, ‘I’ll come back at least once a year.’ But they can’t do as they wish; if they stay in Korea and send money to their families instead, they can fix bathroom plumbing and leaking roofs. So, they send money instead of visiting home… They put it off like this every day, and that becomes 5 years, and then 10 years. Seeing families watching the messages and weeping as they say, ‘I thought you were coming this lunar New Year at last,’ made me feel… This is the type of programs I want to direct—programs that portray how people live, and you can smell life from the TV screen just by watching them.“

“저는 방송 PD예요. 요즘 오디션 프로그램들이 너무 많잖아요. 그것들이 너무나 많은 지금 상황은 딱 잘라 얘기해서 바람직하지 않다고 생각해요. 그런 것들 말고도 할 이야기가 너무나 많잖아요. 제가 했던 프로그램들 중에 필리핀, 베트남, 러시아 같은 외국에서 한국으로 시집을 온 며느리들이 겪는 이야기를 다루는 다큐가 있었어요. 며느리들이 언어나 문화를 몰라서 겪는 어려움도 슬프지만, 그 내용 중에 며느리의 영상편지를 찍어서 자기 나라의 가족에게 보여주는 기획이 기억나요. 거기 가서 영상을 친정 가족들한테 보여주는 건데, 처음 시집 갈 때는 ‘일년에 한번씩 이라도 오겠습니다.’라고 하지만 뜻대로 못 가는 거죠. 왜냐면 차라리 안 가고 돈을 보내주면 물 안나오는 화장실을, 비가 새는 지붕을 고칠 수 있으니까요. 가지는 못하고 돈만 보내고… 그렇게 차일피일 미루다 보니까 5년이고 10년이고 못 가게 되는 거죠. 며느리 가족이 영상편지를 보고 ‘언니 이번 설날에는 올 줄 알았는데…’ 하면서 우는 걸 보면… 저는 이런 프로그램을 만들고 싶어요. 사람들이 살아가는 모습, 그것만 봐도 TV화면 속에서 살 냄새가 느껴지는 그런 프로그램이요.”

Grazia Magazine

Me, My Selfie, and I - Natalie Dormer’s interview for Grazia Magazine, July 11th, 2016.

Who is your best friend?
I have six close friends who I’ve known for years. They help me to stay grounded and keep life in perspective. 

What’s your biggest regret?
I never did a gap year and I regret not taking a year off just to travel to places like Australia, Cambodia and Vietnam. I was too busy trying to get into drama school. 

What’s your biggest extravagance?
My puppy Indy, named after Indiana Jones. She’s a Rhodesian ridgeback. She’s being trained within an inch of her life because I want her to come on set in the future, so I’m spending a lot on training classes. 

What is your type?
A man who can make me laugh, that’s why I’m with an Irishman [director Anthony Byrne, above]. They need to make me laugh at myself too, because sometimes I can take myself too seriously.

When was the last time you were embarrassed?
Whenever Indy isn’t behaving. She can be overly affectionate with people so I’m constantly apologising to people about her sniffing them or jumping on them. 

When was the last time you lost your temper?
Today! I couldn’t find the right gate getting to Glastonbury because it wasn’t signposted properly. I went into the wrong field and we had to walk for ages through the mud.

What from the past would you delete from the web?
Any trolling and people being negative. I never go looking for it but it happens to most people. 

Who owes you an apology?
Cersei Lannister from Game Of Thrones. She’s responsible for a lot of bad stuff that happens to my character. In real life it’s a long list, but they know who they are. 

Who or what would go into your Room 101?
Aniseed. I avoid it at all costs. 

Tell us a secret.
I’m wearing pink knickers. Even my boyfriend didn’t know that. 

What’s the biggest misconception about you?
That I don’t have moments of vulnerability and weakness because I tend to play strong women. But I can cry and feel pathetic and like I want to give up, just like any other person. 

Who do you miss the most?
My brother and sister. We’re very tight. We speak all the time on What’sApp, God knows what any of us did before it. 

What is your biggest life lesson?
Perseverance. If you get knocked down eight times, get up nine. It took me 12 years to get to where I am, but anything worth fighting for can take time. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.