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I know we don’t like to be left behind, but it’s inevitable. It’s like swimming while trying not to sink, it’s a strain and it’s traumatizing and it’s alone. Sometimes people don’t even know they are hurting the other person, or act like they don’t know what they could possibly be doing wrong but it is so possible. It’s possible to make someone feel forgotten or excluded from the world as if there is nothing or no one else to go to. Where can I go when the people I love treat me like I’m not there? What can I do to show that I am here and I am all in.

All I know is I need a person who is in it, with me. I need someone who will support me through the things I do completely wrong, I need someone who won’t say “Did you not know that?” When I don’t know the answer, I need someone real who won’t walk away because I’m not known to run after you and I won’t make you remember me in screaming color but rather in black and white. And if you don’t like the bland color then you should’ve been there when it was bright.

—  From Behind, ultra-mckenzie-me 

anyway, i watched the snakket ikke om han clip again just now, and one thing i realised whilst watching it was that, 

people yesterday were calling sana a “manipulative, untrustworthy friend”, and i realised,

when even told sana yesterday that he’d “heard that isak and her were talking about mikael”, sana could have so easily lied? she could have said “what? no, of course not!”, to settle even and give him a false sense of security and peace of mind.

but no. sana didn’t do that.

because she rather be honest with even, and tell him, that “look, isak did see mikael’s photo on my facebook”, so that even atleast knows that it’s true, beause … that’s the whole point of this. 

even needs the truth. and he needs the truth from the only person who knows about this whole thing because he can only rely on sana. nobody else.

and then she saw even’s reaction to it, and at once, eased him with a real sense of security, telling him she hasn’t uttered a word, that this thing they have between them? it’s safe. it’s still between them. 

even trusts sana. he trusts her so, so much. and sana respects that trust even has in her so, so much. she ain’t disloyal. she ain’t manipulative. she ain’t untrustworthy. at all.

NAME: Andrew
ZODIAC: Gemini
FAVORITE COLOR: Light blue and light pink
FAVORITE SEASON: Autumn and Spring
FAVORITE PLACE: Parks are lovely 
FAVORITE HOLIDAY: I really like Easter!!
NieR;Automata, it’s an absolute masterpiece
LAST SHOW YOU WATCHED: Gintama and Sangatsu no Lion
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE?: Scathach is such an impressive person. She’s completely developed as a person with perfect understanding of herself and other people, and how to bring out the best of other people, and that is absolutely amazing.

WOULD YOU DATE YOUR MUSE?: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh nah that would be very very very strange.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE KINDS OF THREADS?: You know those fights that carry real emotional weight, I can’t get enough of them. But it’s so difficult and writing one of these threads is one of the main reasons I am still RPing.

ARE YOU A SELECTIVE ROLEPLAYER?: For Scathach, I am super selective >> I find it hard to thread with someone I don’t know and it doesn’t feel right when Scathach gives out generic responses for the sake of a response. 

Somewhat related to the question above, my main goal in RPing is to figure out how to write scenes and stories to stir emotions, so I don’t want to spend time on simple interactions unless I feel like it can amount to something! (sorry!) 

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE MUSE?: Without a doubt, Scathach is my favourite muse. She’s amazing, super fun to play and her character suits my goals very well. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve projected myself onto her a lot but she’s a lot like me I think??

Either way, I think we’re a good mod and muse match hah! A battle-crazed woman with a boy who loves the fight. 

WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM?: Almost two years ago one of my tumblr friends joined MHGW as Issei, and I thought it would be fun! I joined as Natalia Kaminski, a difficult muse to play T_T Unfortunately she is now dead.

(randomtrivia Scathach blog was born December 2015 when I rolled her on FGO lolololol thanks @bewitchingserpent U REMEMBER THAT INTENSE CONVERSATION??????) 


I’m going to stay here until someone can play Scathach for more than a week. 

As long as Scathach lives, I will be here and I will fight people.

Seriously though, if the fight makes your blood boil, that is the first thing you should do when you make a Scathach blog please fight someone and feel it. She’s a whirling crimson moon and she spins a demon’s pirouette. 

Out with the mundane conversations and instead, exchange words as you exchange blows. 

u can see why i love her so

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I found a Youtube recipe channel and I’m thinking about giffing some of the recipes from it. Would anyone be interested in that? Pouring, cutting and liquidy things (in case you couldn’t tell) are high on my visual stim top 10.

Also, if I do gif this, is there anyone who needs tags for hands, knives/cutting things or food following me?

anonymous asked:

It kinda occurs to me that between Kon being Tim's rock and Tim being the Titan's rock, in a way, that also makes Kon the titan's rock in a kind of circuitous sense. So it's possible he was removed from the timeline / everyones memories specifically for that reason- I know removals are supposed to be to 'weaken' characters but from what I've seen Superman is fine without Kon. Or not? Prove me wrong pls

Since Oz stole Tim away because he brought the batfamily hope (and Oz created the n52 timeline so the heroes would be without hope) it’d make sense for Kon to be written out/changed completely. After all the Kon before n52 had a deep bond with Tim and supported him/tended to his issues when no one else did or could. A hope based character like Tim with out the best friend who gave him hope when he needed it most is a sad thing.

These were so similar so I put them together but guys I’m gonna cry that’s so sweet. Tim gives everyone hope but who gives Tim hope? @ms-nothingspecial was telling me they think Kon was the one who escaped from space prison and I’m hoping it’s true! If DC does this I’ll forgive like 1/3 of the bullshit they’ve tried to force feed me the last few months.

Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble  


— Your smile can brighten even the darkest night. ☆ 

Happy birthday to my precious source of happiness, inspiration and motivation.
Thank you Sehun for everything. ♡
Never stop smiling. ~ ☆ 

akaashi is definitely the type that has to shave every morning

bokuto is struggling save him

Ravenclaw Headcanon

McGonagall will work with any student for as long as they need her to, and Ravenclaws will sometimes take advantage of that, while also being too nervous about it because she’s not their head of house. So one day she makes a point of telling the Ravenclaws that she was a hatstall and it was between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Ever since then, the Ravenclaws sit late into the night with McGonagall, working, and smiling slightly when they hear Filch complain about students out of bed.

  • Me: *despises thinking about myself in sexual situations
  • Me: *finds other people pleasing to look at but gets wierded out at the thought of sex
  • Me: *is generally uncomfortable when it comes to sex
  • Also me: but am i really asexual
Appreciation post for Lance’s shoulders

So we all know that Shiro is the dorito of the paladins, but may I draw your attention to exhibit B: Lance

His shoulders!! So broad!! His chest!! So masculine!! How does he hide all of that under his hoodie??

Those are shoulders you could stand on, shoulders built for a fireman’s lift, shoulders to break down doors with

They look good in the suit too. Also he has a nice broad back

Petition to end the myth of skinny noodle Lance in favour of canon holy shit wow Lance