who needs sleep when one can doodle dumb idiots at half past 1

In Sickness and In Health (Part 1 of 2, Miraculous Ladybug)

HOO BOY, a very late Christmas gift to my wonderful parent, @arejayelle​, who has indulged and encouraged by Miraculous Ladybug obsession <3

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Marinette Dupain-Cheng x Chat Noir (ish)
Rating: K+, low Teen
Words: 5179
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Being flattened by one thousand elephants would be better than this.

Being seared by a flame-throwing, spatula-wielding akumatized chef would be better than this.

Hell, being smothered by Chloé in his sleep would be better than this.

“If you’re going to whine so much, you could at least pair it with some cheese,” Plagg sniffs.

The kwami swoops over so that Adrien can see as well as hear his disdain: Plagg crosses his tiny arms and rolls his eyes. In response, Adrien weakly bats him out of the way and reaches for another tissue. The past twelve hours have found him waging war against his fiercest of foes; upon the battlefield of his bed are strewn the crumpled forms of the fallen. Adrien glares at Plagg the best he can as he blows his nose, hard.

“Traitor,” Adrien says, “No sympathy for your best friend and charge.”

When he speaks, it sounds like he’s talking through pudding - he can’t tell if it’s because his nose is so clogged, or if it’s that his ears haven’t stopped ringing, but it’s uncomfortable nonetheless. His whole mouth feels thick, tacky. Breathing through his nose ceased to be an option hours ago, but fortunately Plagg had stopped tossing bits of cheese and paper past his parted lips any time he’s attempted sleep.

Plagg shrugs at his complaint. “It’s hard to be sympathetic when you do dumb stuff. You fully deserve this, you know.”

“I knoooooow,” he moans, flopping over so he can continue grousing into his pillow.

“You’re still going to do it though, aren’t you?”

It hurts to swallow, but Adrien can’t help it. Through the haze of cold medicine and a barely-beaten-back fever he knows the choice he’s made is the right one. That doesn’t make him any less nervous about it.


“And you’re going to drag me along too, huh?” Plagg asks, like he doesn’t already know the answer.

“I can’t do it without Chat Noir.”

“What makes you think I’ll agree, sicky?”

“You love watching me make an idiot out of myself, Plagg.”

“Eh, fair enough.”

He’d love to say it was all her fault, but he knows better.

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