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“What the hell happened? Are you all right?” Dean asked, holding onto the front of Sam’s jacket, though it was clear he was anything but all right. He looked close to collapse as he shook his head minutely at his brother.

“Where’s Y/N, Sammy?” Dean tried again, searching his face desperately. 

“I don’t think…” Sam trailed off, breathing hard.

“No. No, because you two were together when we got split up. Y/N’s fine, probably right behind you, had to kill another demon or something,” Dean said, trying to force himself to believe his words. 

“You can’t go back, Dean,” Sam said softly. “There’s too many; it’s suicide–”

“I’m not going back!” Dean snapped. “This is the rendezvous point, dammit, Y/N’s coming. We’re just going to wait. Now sit down before you fall down.”

Sam didn’t need to be told twice and sank to the ground, elbows on knees as he replayed the last he’d seen your face over and over in his mind. You had been right with him when he’d been running. He hadn’t heard a scream, hadn’t seen blood; you were just gone the next time he’d turned around. It had been chaos.

He and Dean waited there by the side of the road until the sun set and still there was no sign of you. And when Dean left his brother despite all protests, a weakened Sam could do little more than watch as he jogged the two miles down the road back towards the battle grounds they’d left hours before.

Dean’s parting words to Sam had been right, though; the remaining demons had long since cleared out and all that remained was the carnage the Winchesters and you had left in your wake. Dean searched the place entirely, yelling your name, looking for any sign of you, but as the night wore on and all that greeted Dean’s ears was cricket song, his hammering heart slowly came to the realization that you were gone.


spent most of the day out of the house & driving,, i have the beginnings of a migraine & im lowkey vv sad tonight,, so pls bear w me w replies to both threads and ims. i just need some rest ?? ily all pls don’t think im ignoring yoU i’m just v drained today :~( 

I just bought tickets to Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic

and idk, I’m kind of convinced it’s going to make me feel really old.

Heaven forbid anyone ever talk to each other or actually listen or think critically about the information they’ve already been given.  Because why would that be useful?  And I’m supposed to trust these people to do their incredibly important jobs?!?!!

Whenever I see some misogynistic asshole going on and on about “horrible” feminists, and that if they’d stop being feminist, men would want to date and marry them, I always want to chime in and tell them I’d rather life my life solo then stuck with some asshole who mistakenly thinks I’m lesser because I’m a woman.

mad max - space smuggler au

an untidy mashup of the space smuggler genre

warnings: smut?? allusion to smut. really no smut at all, but someone/s gets laid.

The Interceptor makes planetfall in the late afternoon.

It’s a rough descent - always is - but by the time they’re swooping over Joestown, Toast is trading banter with the Port Authority as though it were a leisure cruise. Max lingers at the back of the cockpit, an eye on the settlement below as it swims into focus. With a skilled touch Toast brings them in, permitting a thunk-thump that runs through the hull as Interceptor magnetises to the dock. They’re formally welcomed to the port and the radio chatter ends with a parting shot from his Navigator, who jams a toothpick back between her teeth and undoes her harness.

As the engine cycles down the solar shields fade first, flooding the console with the ruby shine of sunset. Throwing a hand up to shade his eyes, Max catches a matching grimace on Toast’s face as she swings out of the pilot’s chair, bare feet silent on the corrugated metal.

“It’s gonna’ be dusty out there Cap’,” she says, stretching.

“Mm,” Max says, and leaves the cockpit.

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6 & 18 with X-Men Quicksilver! I think those would make a hilarious story. Please and thank you. Love your blog :)

this is my first time writing for him i am nervous but also very excited i hope u guys like ahhhh

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Title: Speedster.
Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader.
Words: 409.
Rating: T(Mentions of sex).

“I’m tellin’ you, plain chocolate is way better than these flavorful ones like.” You tilted your head and looked inside of the freezer at the local grocery store. Peter stood beside you, mockingly tilting his head as well, staring at the ice cream as you continued speaking, “Rocky Road. Who needs all the stuff inside of an ice cream?”

“But, all the stuff inside is what makes it delicious.” He countered with ease, crossing his arms and the leather of his jacket squeaking quietly as he did so. “C’mon, (Name). Rocky Road is where it’s at. All the way. All day, every day.” Giving you a charming smile, Peter quickly opened the freezer door, tugging out a chocolate pint and a Rocky Road pint. Peter felt the cold ice cream sticking to the warmth of his Atari t-shirt. It was a soothing feeling, but also began stinging the longer he stood there with it against his body. “We have to get home before the ice cream melts.” He said in a sarcastic tone of voice, “We’ve gotta be fast.”

“Not a problem for you.” You stated, taking the pints from his arms and walking towards the registers. He followed you, his silver hair bouncing as he did. Peter smirked, ever so slightly. The edges of his mouth were curled in amusement as you sat the ice cream down, ready to pay and head home. 

“I’m not that fast in bed, am I?”

“Embarrassingly fast.” You teased, feeling one of his arms snake around your body to pull you closer. “And I hardly think a grocery store is the place to have this conversation.”

“Hardly?” He asked, “I think it’s the perfect place.” 

Peter’s hand trailed downwards for a few seconds.

“Get your hands off my ass, before I rip them off.”

“Someone isn’t in a good mood today.” He uttered, defeated as he stood back and crossed his arms once again.

“No, I’m in a good mood,” Your retort was simple, “I’ve got to make sure the ice cream gets home to your mothers basement before it melts.”

“Ice cream is your priority? Really?”

“Well, when your boyfriend gives you .5 seconds of satisfaction every so often, you learn to take in the small pleasures in life.” 

“Low blow, (Name).” He held a hand over his heart, pretending to act offended by your words but still craned his head down to kiss your cheek. “Maybe we’ll work on that.”




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