who needs photoshop skills

Attention Karamel/Mon-El defence squad i need your help

This blog recently changed and became the base of our defence squad as i would like to believe and think. I really want to create something here with you, to work all together, as a family. 

I was once again been attacked by three antis a few minutes ago (three against one, fair enough #not) and I’m really sick of these things. I want to spread love and happiness.

So, our team needs members. We are two people now but only one of us knows how to create gifs , icons and photosets (not me, i’m useless lol xD). We need someone:

- who, first of all, loves Karamel and Mon-El. We want to spread the love and not hate for other characters though.

- to create gifs. We need to create our own material. Gifs, photosets and account icons. So we need people who are creative, have photoshop skills and take requests.

- to create videos. If you are a video maker, you are welcome to share your talent through our community. 

- who really wants to help. If you are busy it’s okay and of course we all have lives to attend to (i guess xD ), but if you volunteer, don’t bail on us please.

Please reblob this family so we can create a beautiful community for our Space Puppies! If you want to help please DM me. I love you all, take care of yourselves