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Hello! So i just finished reading the available chapters of "through his eyes" by littlestwolf (I cannot wait till it's updated again) and I really loved it. So do you have something like it? With Stiles being a mastermind criminal and Derek being an FBI agent or cop (and maybe them working together)? Thank you, and love your blog!

Can’t promise how close these are, but they all feature FBI/Cop/Deputy!Derek and Criminal!Stiles.  Enjoy!  -Emmy

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Here’s the referenced fic, if anyone else wants to read it:

Through His Eyes by LittlestWolf 

(63,628 I Not I Rated I Complete)  *sterek

A (kind of) psychic Stiles gets offered a deal to leave his 8 year prison sentence early and be a criminal consultant with the FBI. Agent in Charge Derek Hale is assigned to be his handler on his first day back after a four month leave due to an undercover case going wrong and resulting in the death of his partner. Derek keeping his job as Agent in Charge relies on the success of Stiles and Stiles’ eventual freedom depends on their success together. Simple enough.

Now onto the others

Can I Steal You by Rena 

(4,920 I Explicit I Complete)  *deputy!Derek, pickpocket!stiles, sterek

One day Derek will learn how to not be affected by a cheeky, barely legal, pick-pocketing brat. Today is not that day.

Unfinished Business by Nival_Vixen

(7,704 I Mature I Complete)  *fbi!derek, criminal!stiles, sterek

The FBI has sent Agents Lahey and Hale to investigate a pair of grifters who are supposedly operating out of a high school in California. Apparently the fact that Isaac’s a newbie and Derek has impulse control issues means that they get saddled with all of the lame cases. What could possibly be that interesting about a pair of teenage miscreants?

Absolute by amaranta 

(21,767 I Teen I WIP)  *thief and forger!stiles, fbi!derek, sterek

The first time he really met Stiles was back when his name was still unpronounceable, and the worst he could do was pick pockets.

Sort-of White Collar AU

Catch Me If You Can by illusemywords 

(32,470 I Teen I Complete) 

Before Stiles Stilinski is 20 years old, he successfully cons millions of dollars’ worth of checks posing as a Pan Am pilot, doctor, and lawyer. This is the story of him, and Derek Hale, the FBI agent chasing him.

Based on the movie Catch Me If You Can.

Delinquency Is an Art Form by Aaeris 

(39,446 I Explicit I Complete)

When pickpocket Stiles stole Deputy Derek’s wallet, his dad gave him two choices:

A) The Sheriff can’t bend the rules for his wayward son anymore, so he will have a criminal record to his name.
B) In order to walk away freely, he needs to attend Derek’s sister’s wedding and pretends to be his boyfriend during that time.

An AU where Stiles is a delinquent, with a lot of issues, steals people’s wallets with no remorse and Derek, the newest Deputy in town who has to fake his own relationship status in order to be left alone by his too nosy family, doesn’t put up with Stiles’ shit.

It’s my own twist on the fake/pretend boyfriend tag.

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Hi!! First of all, I really enjoy your blog, it's probably my favorite! Now, could you please recommend me some (more like tons) of Destiel High School AU's?? I want to read some good stuff today. Thank you and gave an incredible day!

Hello!! Well thank you very much for the compliment!!

I don’t read a ton of high school AUs but i found these in my ao3 bookmarks

Out of Hand by @whelvenwings

Summary: When Castiel starts getting beaten up at school, his neighbour Dean knows that he has to do something. Cas has it hard enough already - his blue hair, piercings, and unique attitude mean that he spends most of his time at school alone, anyway. Meanwhile, Dean’s popular enough to bring Castiel some respite from the bullying; or, that is, he would be, if only Cas was connected to Dean in some way. As a friend, perhaps. Or even as a boyfriend, maybe…

There Must Also Be a Lock by @whelvenwings

Summary: Cas sighed. Prom season. Never his favourite time of year.
And perhaps the worst part of the whole thing was how the seniors were expected to ask out their dates.
“Padlocks!” Balthazar had announced, rattling a box full of them under the noses of the front row of the class the morning before. “Anyone ever heard of the Pont des Arts? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I thought not. I am surrounded by philistines.”
“Balthazar, you had to google it two days ago,” Cassie had heckled from the back, and the rest of the class had laughed. Balthazar had sneered teasingly back at Cassie, and left the box of padlocks on the teacher’s desk at the front of the room.
Castiel knows exactly who he wants to ask to be his date to prom. When he sees Dean handing his padlock away, he knows that he must have lost his chance forever. Ignoring his best friend is hard, but easier than trying to pretend he isn’t upset. But when the night of the prom comes around, whose name will be on Dean’s padlock?

There Goes Your Heart by you_idgits

Summary: Deanna is having the worst day.
It probably has to do with the whole getting-punched-in-the-face thing.
It gets a lot better when Cas, the cute new girl from her English class, shows up and breaks Alastair’s nose.

Silly Love Songs by @puppycastiel

Summary: Every year, for Valentine’s Day, the Lawrence High School Choir sells sing-o-grams for their incredibly popular, annual fundraiser. Sam is a freshman who sings alto in the choir; his brother is a senior with a crush on his best friend. So when February 14th comes around once again, Sam is more than willing to play the messenger.

Shakes-queer: A Comedy by @ozonecologne

Summary: "I’ve never talked to you before but the teacher just used us as an example for a scenario where we are married" AU.
(Conveniently, a comedy usually ends in marriage.)

The Nuances in Flirting by @thebloggerbloggerfun

Summary: Based on the tumblr prompt: “HS AU with popular!Dean and popular!Cas, they’re those two annoying guys who make funny (but also obnoxious) comments in every single class, and make stupid, flirtatious remarks to each other like “Cas looks pretty hot today guys” or “I’m totally dating Dean, everyone” etc. Only thing is, they’re secretly in love, but neither will admit it.“

You May Say That I’m a Dreamer by @envydeanwrites

Summary: Dean’s been a fan of the men’s figure skating for as long as he can remember. He’s always been fascinated by how the contestants move on the ice, contort their elegant bodies into beautiful positions and land each jump with grace – not that anyone at school knows this, they only know Dean as the tough-man soccer player. When Dean’s favourite under twenty-one’s figure skater transfers to his school, sparks fly.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger by @destieldrabblesdaily

Summary: Castiel’s younger sister Anna wants to go to the school dance with Dean Winchester, but she doesn’t have the guts to ask him. Instead, she asks Cas if maybe he can do it for her and be the messenger. The tricky part? Castiel has feelings for Dean too.

Dear Diarist by @whelvenwings 

Summary: One day, Dean finds a diary hidden on top of the lockers at his high school, and he’s totally not planning on reading that much of it - until he catches sight of his own name at the top of a page. It seems like the writer has a crush on him. Dean knows who he wants the mystery person to be - he’s had a crush on a certain blue-eyed physicist since forever - but there’s no way it could be Castiel. That’d be just too good to be true - right?

And if you need more than those

All of Shirley’s high school AUs on Ao3

All of Emily’s high school AUs on Ao3

And Shirley’s high school AU tag on Tumblr

Those are all the fics/resources I can think of for now!! Hope it helps!


@shippinggg thank you for bringing me peace, even just for a little while 

reigen’s garden (probably rooftop) slowly becomes a safe haven for everyone. except for shou’s hamsters. shou only has to learn that lesson once

teru comes there to read when his apartment feels too stuffy. no he doesnt have a key. dont ask. mob, who does have a key, doesnt ask, so why should you 

in the summer maybe reigen would put a mat in a corner so hed have a place to sit down. then all the kids would take naps there. maybe sometimes at the same time. 

also I put in both the ink and the colored version bc I cant decide which one I like more so yeah

Fake Love (part two)

Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky comes to reader for dating tips and doesn’t know reader has feelings for him, reader starts a fake relationship with Sam in order to show Bucky what he’s missing out on

Chapter summary: Reader is feeling jealous about this girl that Bucky is trying to take on a date and decides to come up with a plan

Warnings: jealousy & sort of anger, more dating advice

Author’s note: How do y’all like it so far? I feel like it’s going in a good direction, but I don’t mind any feedback

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“Yeah Nat, and he came to me for dating advice! Like, who the fuck does that?” I practically yelled, holding a glass of wine. “I mean, you basically let him,” Nat responded coolly, taking a sip of her drink. “I know,” I muttered glumly. “But it still hurts.”

Suddenly an idea came into my mind. “I’ve got a plan!” I announced, looking at Nat waiting to see a reaction from her. “No, Y/N. Your plans never end well,” she said with a little smirk. She was right, but I wasn’t going to back down. “You’ll see,” I said with a cocky smile.

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(Not my gif)

The future will always be a mystery, but while you only could hold yourself to the present you had in front of your eyes, you just wanted Daryl to stay with you.

Request made by prince-of-edolas: Daryl x Reader are married and they’re secretly together, sneaking around so one night, the reader has a nightmare about Daryl dying so Daryl wakes up and comforts her. So the next day, while on a run, the reader is worried but suddenly Daryl kisses her and so they start to make out, almost having sex and Daryl teases the reader.

Hope you like it!

  • Daryl x Reader
  • Words: 1,395
  • Warning: Curse words. A bad mini hot scene xd  (Sorry if you see grammatical errors)

You lay down sideways on the bed inside your cell, the warm colors of the candle flame on the small table fluttering softly on a silent night in which everyone was asleep. The light fought against the darkness of the prison, wrapping you in a pleasant warmth like a hug. Raising your hand, you looked at the wedding ring on your finger and that little flash of light that shone in it thanks to the candle. A beautiful little coincidence that made you smile a little bit.

“Can’t sleep?” Daryl’s voice was a low and hoarse whisper as and he walked in to stop to the side of the bed. He lay down sideways next to you, using his right arm as a pillow. “What happened?”

There were nights when your mental fatigue kept you awake, alert without trying, as a defense mechanism. But other nights your eyes simply couldn’t close, without a particular reason.

“It’s nothing. I just can’t sleep.”

Daryl looked at you when his usual calm expression, but he felt worried behind his gaze.

“You sure? Ya can tell me.”

His unnecessary concern made you smile a little, because behind his hard being, was hiding the man who talked soft to you, who tried to protect you even from a nightmare. Some things were impossible for him, but for things he could control, Daryl was always there for you. Your right hand made contact with his cheek, so soft and intimate that it made him lean to your touch.

“You are such a sweetheart.”

Daryl growled, but he used his own hand to keep yours on his cheek. He didn’t know how to be the man who gave flowers or chocolates; he never was that kind of man, but because of his own ignorance about that subject, he didn’t know he was the best man you could get.

But he was a loving husband in his own way of being it.

“I ain’t a sweetheart, sunshine…” His parted lips captured your hand, in a hot way as he went down to your wrist, kissing your skin with his wet tongue. You found yourself licking your own lips, looking at him as he finished his little game. “But I do love ya so fuckin’ much.”

You chuckled looking at his playful eyes as he went close to you, kissing you in the same way he kissed your hand. Being married to him was not a romantic novel, but it was kind of perfect, in its own little way.

The sunlight entered through every window of that abandoned house as you walked down the hall, lost in a world far from that. The run that had to be simple had gone wrong. The sound of that bullet so close to your ears left a sharp beeping in them, and the blood spattered of that walker dripped from your face painting the world red. You turned around the corner and a huge weight fell on your body. It felt painful, like you couldn’t breathe as you walked. Sitting on the floor, Daryl pressed the bite on his arm, banging his head against the wall over and over.

But like a never-ending tale of terror, you walked and walked without reaching him.

The tears on your face were burning your skin, and something caught you like a cage, pulling you to reality. Your hands covered your face because you didn’t want to see that sad and heartbreaking picture of him, although it wasn’t there anymore, while the hot air around almost didn’t let you breathe.

“It’s okay, sunshine…” Using his elbow as a support, Daryl kept repeating that everything was fine as he stroked your belly under the blanket, giving you the time to calm down. “It was just a nightmare.”

It felt like you were drowning but you sobbed again, and you used your hands to wipe your tears away. When you dropped your arms, Daryl used his thumb to gently slide it over your skin one last time to make sure there were no more tears in you.

“It doesn’t matter what it is, darlin’, it ain’t real.”

You lay down sideways, closing your eyes to not look into the darkness of the place.

“It felt real.”

Daryl slipped his arm around your body, his cheek pressing softly against yours as he stroked your back.

“Wanna tell me?”

Putting that image of him in his head wasn’t a good idea. In real life or in the fiction of a bad dream, death seemed to be everywhere.

“You don’t need to hear it. It’s the same old story.”

Daryl understood right away, because after all, he had nightmares too.

“Was it ‘bout me?”

Always, you tried not to think that something could happen to him, but it was impossible not to live with the fear of losing him every time he was out there on a run.


Daryl held you tight, hiding his face on your neck.

“I ain’t goin’ anywhere, sunshine, not tonight…” He paused. You didn’t need a truth right now, but a hypocrite lie would make you feel safe for a while. “Not ever. I won’t leave ya. Ya heard me?”

You knew that wasn’t just a phrase, but that he wanted an answer too. Aware he was lying about being there forever, you accepted his lie.


Daryl smiled slightly even through his own concern.

“That’s ma girl.”

Inside that brown-walled kitchen, you opened the last cupboard and finally, you found that formula milk that Judith needed. The dust covered part of the name tags but you took it. However, you couldn’t help but think of the baby who was going to use it one day as you put it inside your backpack.

You closed the zipper and passed the strap over your shoulder, turning around to leave.

“God!” You held your heart to see Daryl standing at the door, having come there without making a sound. “You scared me, Daryl. I didn’t hear you coming.”

Maybe another time he would have chuckled a little, but he knew you were still sensitive because of last night’s nightmare. You tried not to look as weak as you felt then, so you walked around the granite table in the center of the room and towards the door.

“Let’s go.”

You walked passed him by, worried, because you felt your fears escaping out of your hands. You knew how to control them, but that fear of losing him, was a little, big exception.


Daryl held your arm to make you turn around, holding your cheek with his free hand just to crush his lips against yours. The sudden surprise disappeared before your eyes when you close them, letting him push you against the wall with his own body. The closeness of your body didn’t feel enough for him, even when he couldn’t take a step closer to you. His rough hands searched under your sweater, feeling your soft body that seemed to on fire every time he touched you here and there. The fragility of your mind disappeared with the heat of the moment, under his touch, as he kneeled pulling up your clothes to sank his tongue on your navel. The arousal sensation made you moan, holding yourself on his hair as you felt the tingling in between your legs.

Daryl left a kiss on your belly and he went back up, pressing his body and his bulge against you as he pulled you towards him with his hand on your butt.

“Yer so fuckin’ hot I just want to be inside of ya, darlin’.” His gaze was so intense that you could not help but whine through your closed lips, and he finally chuckled because he knew you would only think about how much you needed him all the way back to prison, so he leaned forward and left a wet kiss on your neck, slapping your butt playfully to then walked away. “Let’s go, darlin’. It’s time to go back.”

Your mouth fell open as watched him go.

“Yer an idiot.” You started walking behind him, noticing you talked with his accent. “And now I speak like you.”

Daryl chuckled, but everything was better when he did it.

“Ya will have me here teasin’ ya for a long time, sunshine.”

However, that confidence in his words made you smile.



People should know those two are very lovable.. and I hope Shiyoon doesn’t try too hard to please the viewers, He simply needs to be who he is and that’s enough.

yehet, negative maknae and positive maknae united.

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I was reading on your insight to Scully's jealousy and it brought tears to my eyes. What I can't understand is why (and was bothered by) Mulder is defending Diana for keeping tabs. I love reading your reasons for characterization as much as the series so I would love to know why he does it. I don't mean this as a backhanded compliment but as a testament to your writing that you bring out the worst in Mulder to an extent where he is almost unattractive and I can feel Scully's humiliation.

At the risk of inviting some inbox salt, I think Mulder gets painted with a pretty flattering brush in fandom literature. And I think it’s because he’s a beautiful and sensitive and vulnerable character, with a lot of the traits of a traditional romantic hero. He’s deliciously Byronic, he’s our modern-day Rochester, our Mr. Darcy, even our Heathcliff. We’re all a little in love with Fox Mulder. But the guy is a fucking asshole.

My Mulder believes that his perspective is the only valid perspective. That his judgement is fundamentally objective. He dismisses everyone that disagrees with him, with the one notable exception of Scully - and he still makes her work hard as hell for even an inch of leverage.

He has an undying soft spot for Diana, because Diana supported him and believed in him at a time in his life when he really needed it. He’s willing to forgive her so readily, and defend her to Scully, because he’s literally not capable of believing that Diana could do something as selfish as willfully joining forces with the enemy. He thinks her motivations are pure. That she’s been misled. That he can rescue her. 

Mulder’s a man who can’t choose any side but his own. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants the old comforts of Diana and the new zeal of Scully. He probably fantasizes about them tag-teaming his dick. 

Don’t get me wrong. I am ridiculously enamoured of Mulder. I think he is soulful and profound and funny and provocative, insanely sexy, a visionary, a maverick. But he’s not the virtuous, heroic gentleman he’s so often portrayed as. I mean, that’s kind of my favourite part of writing Mulder and Scully - digging into Mulder’s unsavoury characteristics, exploring Scully’s rich darkness. The stuff we get hints of in the show, mostly thanks to some superb and subtle acting by DD and GA. 

And in regards to your second message - don’t you worry! I actually love delving into why I write characters a certain way. It fortifies my own convictions and makes me work for the characterization a little harder. No offense taken, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the series! ♥️

SS family a "military family"

Ok, I’ve seem a lot of things coming from the S/S fandom but this is just ridiculous in a huge way.

Are you really tryng to explain Sasuke’s absence by saying that SS’s family is like a military family. No. Just no. Kishimoto is just like that, he didn’t explain anything because he didn’t wanted, he doesn’t care.
He create Gaiden just for a drama for the shippers and in the end he wrote some chessy words about how their “love” is the real deal even after proving in all the Gaiden that is not like that. Is like me watching an abusive relationship type of movie and saying at the end that it wasn’t that bad because the guy didn’t killed her at the end so they should be together.

Are you seeing my logic?
Man SS is not as a military family, the military families actually gave contact with each other even per month with letters and photos.

Konoha is in peace they aren’t in any war. Sasuke neglecting his own family is not because he is too busy with war, he is in a special mission yes but that doesn’t excuse him of not knowing his own daughter’s face when they meet for the first time

Because yes, he tried to kill her. It doesn’t excuse Sakura of having to top his own photo on a Taka photo because she didn’t have one of Sasuke and her as a “happy marriage” or even of their own weeding.

I’m pretty sure military marriage actually have photos of their most important person. That is not a excuse, SS’s problem was so horrible that even their own daughter had to look for her father and Sasuke was clearly pretty close to Konoha.

He has a cellphone and a hawk. He wasn’t in other continent as most of the soldiers on the war he was THERE. Sakura not knowing if his own husband used glasses or not is sad. In Sakura’s novel she actually release how little he knew about Sasuke.

“Oh but Sarada ask her about if she and Sasuke had kiss”
“She was happy and blushing the day Sasuke arrived”

That is fucking sad. How would you blush if you have so many years with your husband, plus SS doesn’t have a canon kiss and the “even better than a kiss” (because is clear he never gave her one) was Itachi’s form of leaving Sasuke’s side. It wasn’t a proof of love, Kishimoto never said that and in the manga it clearly says by Itachi’s mouth that he used it to get away from Sasuke.

How is SS a military family when they barely see each other, know about each other and care to have some family time?
Is clearly not Sakura’s fault because she obviously wants, but Sasuke who actually choose to train Boruto that train his own daughter and have some family time, doesn’t want.
The military families aren’t like that. Sasuke don’t sending a fucking “I’m fine” in all the decade he wasn’t in Konoha is not because he is too “busy” with war, is because SS is a broken family.

Seriously this guys need a better excuse.

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Hellooooo! So, since sense8 is back, I wanted to ask if there were any sense8 AUs or crossovers? Thank you!

Yup! - Anastasia

Originally posted by utopia-intransmutavel

Wolf Sensates by silentassassin21

(1/1 I 962 I General I No Pairing)

Some of the characters from Teen Wolf become sensates

voices in my head (oh, how they scream) by awkwardacity

(1/1 I 1,415 I Teen I Lydia/Scott/Stiles)

  • Stiles has two soulmates- he can tell by their vastly different dreams. 

Limbic Resonance by callunavulgari

(1/9 I 1,542 I Mature I Sterek)

“All right, children,” Laura tells them, and catalogs each and every one of their expressions. Some startle, others glare, and Derek breathes her name again, confused. “Here is my first and only lesson to you: You are no longer just you.
[Some beginnings are endings, and some endings become beginnings.

I Am Feeling a Little Peculiar by ceann_cinnidh

(1/1 I 2,448 I Not Rated I No Pairing)

A new cluster is born.

Angry German Fairy God Parent by JackalPinesOfHouseEvergreen

(2/? I 4,012 I Mature I Sterek)

Lito gives birth to a cluster of his own. One of them is in huge danger at the same time Wolfie and Felix really need to leave Berlin.

Stiles, Erica, and Boyd are saved from Gerard and his hunters by none other than Stiles’s own angry, German, fairy godfather. Because that’s his life. Stiles will beginning meeting his cluster soon, but he’s in too much danger. And Lito asks Wolfgang to bring his child to him. Erica and Boyd want to tag along.

Shelter: Stiles’s House of Security & Comfort by Alazan

(3/? I 6,852 I Teen I Sterek)

Amanita reminds Nomi that they have friends they can count on. At first Nomi doesn’t want to endanger anyone else than those who already did so much for her and her friends. But Wolfgang flees Germany and ends up in their area, they can’t take him in because it’s too risky to be together in one place…enter one of their friends Amanita mentioned.

Wolfgang and Stiles hit it up surprisingly well, very similar to how Wolfgang clicked with Lito. Stiles tries to keep Wolfgang on the downlow for as long as possible…but it’s hard when he’s surrounded by actual wolves and other supernatural shit! Turns out that having Wolfgang in Beacon is a plus cos he saves Stiles’s life a few times…

Enter Derek, who usually saves Stiles, and well…jealousy, misunderstanding, possessiveness happens.

Not Alone by WritingintheCandlelight

(2/50 I 21,572 I Mature I Sterek)

In the aftermath of a nightmarish vision of a woman committing suicide, eight strangers inexplicably find themselves connected together through their minds, their emotions, and their senses. Each try to navigate their own lives while simultaneously being immersed in a new world they hardly understand, aided only by a mysterious man named Deaton, all the while they are being pursued by a secretive organization. Things only grow more complicated when it becomes apparent that the supernatural is not only limited to their strange psychic connection.

title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

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Hi, this is my first time using Tumblr on my laptop so I'm not sure I'm doing this right? (SO GODDAMN SORRY IF I AM, SO SO SORRY!!!) and I don't know how to ask for fics or if I'm doing this right (God I hope I am). So, here's my ask. Any Sense8 AUs out their? Thank you!

no you’re doing it right! here’s our sense8 au tag. there’s not much to add to it tho :( season 2 was amazing

Angry German Fairy God Parent by JackalPinesOfHouseEvergreen (2/? | 4,012 | R)

Lito gives birth to a cluster of his own. One of them is in huge danger at the same time Wolfie and Felix really need to leave Berlin.

Stiles, Erica, and Boyd are saved from Gerard and his hunters by none other than Stiles’s own angry, German, fairy godfather. Because that’s his life. Stiles will beginning meeting his cluster soon, but he’s in too much danger. And Lito asks Wolfgang to bring his child to him. Erica and Boyd want to tag along.

Shelter: Stiles’s House of Security & Comfort by Alazan (3/? | 6,852 | PG13)

Amanita reminds Nomi that they have friends they can count on. At first Nomi doesn’t want to endanger anyone else than those who already did so much for her and her friends. But Wolfgang flees Germany and ends up in their area, they can’t take him in because it’s too risky to be together in one place…enter one of their friends Amanita mentioned.

Wolfgang and Stiles hit it up surprisingly well, very similar to how Wolfgang clicked with Lito. Stiles tries to keep Wolfgang on the downlow for as long as possible…but it’s hard when he’s surrounded by actual wolves and other supernatural shit! Turns out that having Wolfgang in Beacon is a plus cos he saves Stiles’s life a few times…

Enter Derek, who usually saves Stiles, and well…jealousy, misunderstanding, possessiveness happens.

Imagine that #1: Roman Reigns

Note: I promised to tag @hoodgirl163 in this😂This just popped in my head. First time at semi smut/dirty stuff for writing. Bare with me. Enjoy my dirty mind! —– Imagine being in the heat of the moment with Roman. Hot and heavy kisses left and right; being pushed against the wall, having kisses worshiped on your body, your clothes long gone before hand. He lifts your legs up over his shoulders with all his strength and starts to ravish you with his heated mouth. Forcing you to either grab his hair or the door frame. You’re at an impressive height so arching your back for stability is key. He throws you on the bed and kept using his tongue and lips on you, until you come undone. He has you begging for mercy every second, as he licks the remains of your golden essence off his fingers. He has your body shivering in ecstasy, desire and want. Craving him more than ever. The alpha in both of you, call out as you rip his shirt to shreds and pin him to the bed below you. Still hot and bothered, your honey nectar dripped down your thighs as the moonlight shined through the windows of the master bedroom. Straddling his bare hips with your own, you look at him like hungry wolf. “My turn big boy.” You whispered against his lips, actually getting a groan from him. All of this is considered your “punishment” for not focusing on your tag team match. He told you to stay alert and be focused but, you were too busy fighting with Maryse who wasn’t even in it. Even though you won.

Originally posted by stellarollins

Obi-wan, who cares too deeply for Padme’s happiness to deny her the comfort of being held in Anakin’s arms, who loves Anakin too dearly to forbid him from the pleasure of Padme’s lips on his; who is overwhelmed with joy when, somehow, Padme and Anakin decide that he too is worthy of their love.

It’s Not So Useless After All

A continuation of It’s Useless if Not With you and It’s Useless if You Don’t Realize

Also available on AO3

in which kakashi decides to confess… badly, that is.

Largely inspired by AKMU’S I Love You

It is caused by both encouragement and exasperation, that Hatake Kakashi, a healthy young man by the age of seventeen, finally decides to confess.

Mind you, it’s only the decision to do it, not that he has done it… yet.

Keep reading

For that ask meme I reblogged earlier, I thought I might write out my answers too!

Hi I’m Iru

88% of everything I own is some shade of blue. I love all shades of blue. 

I’m sure everyone who follows me has figured this out but I ship Victuuri. Hard. Unparalleled OTP for LIFE

How do people choose favourite ice cream flavours? I can’t choose???? All ice cream is good ice cream 

I don’t have a cat, which is one of the biggest tragedies that overshadow my life. I often think about my cat-less life and lament my existence

Thank <3



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Gender: Male
Race: Sin’dorei
Height: 6 ft. 6 in.
Eye Color: Fel Green
Hair Color: Gray


Birthday: October
Occupation: Soldier | Veteran | Lightward | Former Spellbreaker
Sexual identification: “The worst.”
Romantic identification: “Virtually non-existent for about a decade.”
Alignment: Neutral
Criminal History: There is perhaps a count or two of dishonorable conduct on his records with Silvermoon’s military, but that was “literally three hundred or so years ago so they’ve probably let that go.”
Relationship Status: “A bit of cavorting here and there, but nothing serious. The whole idea of a relationship is a complicated one right now.”


Food: Sweet or savory pastries
Drink: Coffee
Artist: “Mages can be considered artists, right? Qeren could create some amazing things with her magic.” 
Scents: Cigars, polished armor, certain magics, coffee, chocolate.  
Person(s): “They passed away a long time ago. No further comments*.”

* In reality, there are quite a few people in the present who Ithanar would consider his favorite or just enjoys their company in general. Here’s a list of people in no particular order… Elleynah, Thanidiel, Qeren, Bricini, Avie, Esheyn, Vynthius, Faervell, Ithaerin, Iloridan, Aurelian, Sare’wen and others. 


Ten facts about your character…

-  Hails from House Islesun, a smaller noble family that has forged an alliance with the Farstriders; their estate rests on an island called “The Isle” (or “The Whirlpool”) which resides off the northwestern coast of Quel’Thalas.

- Holds the seat of leadership for House Islesun not by line of succession, but… by other methods. How and why Ithanar took control is a mystery to mostly everyone who isn’t a family member. 

- Practiced the art of spellbreaking to some degree or another before the organization was officially established by Kael’thas; cannot perform spellbreaking any longer due to an accident suffered during the Fall. 

- Has served for hundreds of years with Silvermoon’s military, and even held command of his own unit at one point or another before his first retirement nearly a century ago.

- Possesses a variety of tattoos, the most prominent being a series of interlocking dark purple circles on his forearms. The inside of these circles are emblazoned with runes, and were most definitely utilized for spellbreaking prior to the Fall. Has had rather intricate fel tattoos applied on his forearms recently; the why and how is known only to a few. 

- Was briefly recruited by the Farstriders due to his family’s ties with the organization, but refused them due to his interests lying with Silvermoon’s military. 

- Was married to his fellow spellbreaker, teacher, and former commander Tanrae; the two had a child named Iltheria, who became a rather accomplished mage. Both perished during the Fall. 

- Has had a variety of associations with mages over the years, but none more engaging and thoughtful than the time he spent with the archmage Qeren Bloodmantle (formerly Brightmantle) after they were introduced in Dalaran. Their relationship lasted for a century; in fact, the elf’s daughter Iltheria apprenticed under the woman. 

- Has reluctantly made an acquaintance of an ancient entity from the Emerald Nightmare who seeks his destruction. 

- Has been pronounced clinically dead once. It’s a rather long story. 


Things they like:

- Smoking a good cigar and having a fine glass of wine.
- Conversation (e.g. trading quips and friendly barbs) with friends.
- Sparring and training.
- Discussing magical theory, especially spellbreaking.
- Meditation. 

Things they dislike:

- The open sea.
- Ancient curses.
- Unpreparedness
- The Burning Legion. 
- Certain stealthy animals*. 

* “That fucking bear. I swear.” 

Good habits:

- Rather prepared for a variety of situations.
- Cool and calm under pressure.
- Doesn’t “fuck around” (for the most part).
- Shrewd and resourceful.
- Thinks before acting (most of the time). 

Bad habits:

- Stubborn at times.
- Easily annoyed.
- Probably swears a little too much.
- A little too quiet; probably doesn’t speak up enough. 
- Has a bit of “resting bitch face” at times. 

Personalities they gravitate towards:

- Those who can appreciate a good joke.
- Those who are quick witted and can keep up.
- Those who have seen “shit on the battlefield”.
- Those who are younger and may need some advice here or there.
- Those who are confident. 

Personalities they avoid:

- Those “who get caught up in their own bullshit.”
- Those who are afraid to do the job they’ve been tasked with.
- Those who talk too much “and won’t shut their damn mouths”.
- Those who do not do well with stress. 
- Those “who doesn’t try and do a little bit of thinking before they act.” 


- Being incapacitated/crippled (again)
- His twin sister Ildrielen
- That he’s lost a step or two.
- Losing his new friends. 
- Himself 

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y’know i love angsty galra keiths but how about a happy galra keith who’s finally accepted who he is and can be comfortable in his own skin

bonus space dad:

Which Free! Character Should You Fight?

Haruka Nanase 
Who wins: Nobody

Don’t fight Haru. Haru will not fight you. Remember all the times Rin tried to fight Haru in season one? Haru was having none of that. He will let you yell at him for a couple minutes and then he’ll leave with some vague little comment that makes you feel silly for wanting to fight him in the first place. Unless you somehow manage to mess with one of the very few things he’s emotionally invested in. In that case, he will fight you and he will win and you won’t even realize it happened until you wake up in the hospital two days later. Either way, do not fight Haruka Nanase.

Makoto Tachibana
Who wins: the entire Iwatobi Swim Club

Do not fight Makoto Tachibana. Why would you even want to fight Makoto Tachibana? He is an angel. He stops to pat kittens and he swims with his friends even though he’s afraid of the water. You will later get punched in the face by every member of the Iwatobi Swim Club (and also Rin Matsuoka if you’re instigating this fight post Season 1). It’s not worth it. You should feel bad for even considering this.

Nagisa Hazuki 
Who wins: Nagisa

Nagisa may look like an easy mark, but don’t be fooled by his small frame and easygoing attitude. Nagisa is tricky and will manage to convince you that you don’t even really want to fight him in the first place, before catching you off guard and kicking you into the pool just as you are ready to surrender, still smiling cheerfully. You don’t want to fight Nagisa. Spare yourself the humiliation and shame.

Rei Ryugazaki
Who wins: You

Rei talks big, but you could fight this nerd with one hand tied behind your back. Plus, once you win you will get to watch him try to explain the logical reasons why he was at a disadvantage and he will demand a rematch under better conditions while pushing up his glasses in that way that he thinks makes him look cool and mysterious. Fight Rei as many times as you need to: he will keep altering the circumstances in hopes of finding the scientific reason for why he keeps losing, but the truth is that he’s just hopeless at fighting. Just beat up this giant nerd. Stuff him in a locker.

Kou Matsuoka 
Who wins: Kou

Kou has to deal with keeping the Iwatobi Dork Club in line on a daily basis, and has had to deal with Rin’s drama queen shit for a very large portion if not all of her formative years. She knows what she’s doing. Kou is incredibly perceptive and ruthlessly efficient. Do not fight Kou, she is possibly the scariest person on this list. This is the worst idea you have ever had.

Rin Matsuoka
Who wins: You

Do it. Fight him. Rin needs a good punch in the face every once in a while to keep his priorities in line. He will probably cry, but don’t feel bad. Rin exists to be fought. You did a good thing, and once he’s done crying he will probably thank you.

Aiichiro Nitori
Who wins: Aiichiro

Upon finding out you want to fight him, Ai will be nervous and will try to get you to reconsider. However, if you don’t, keep in mind that Ai’s greatest strengths are his perseverance and his raw determination to do whatever he is doing to the very best of his ability. He will wear you down until you can’t fight any more, but he will still be throwing punches even after you surrender. Do not underestimate Aiichiro Nitori’s tenacity. He does not give up. You have no chance.

Momotaru Mikoshiba
Who wins: Nobody

He won’t even notice that you are trying to fight him. You will literally be throwing punches at this kid and he will take it as an act of camaraderie and talk your ear off until you knock him out. When he wakes up, he will start telling you about his prized stag beetle and invite you over to see it. Only fight Momo if you are willing to hang out with him on a regular basis from now on.

Sousuke Yamazaki
Who wins: You

Make no mistakes though, if it wasn’t for his shoulder, Sousuke would literally tear you to shreds in 0.5 seconds. Fortunately for you, he’ll be in too much pain after taking one hit if you aim it right, and that will put him out of commission long enough for you to make him surrender. That is really not fair though and you know it. You are a bad person and will be haunted by the guilt of what you’ve done. Just don’t fight Sousuke.

Seijuro Mikoshiba 
Who wins: Seijuro

Are you kidding? Sei is both extremely powerful and absolutely swole and could beat you easily. Especially if he knew Kou was watching. This is a bad idea. Reconsider.

Kisumi Shigino 
Who wins: Kisumi

Fight him anyway though. He’s too smug for his own good. He needs to know that someone is willing to fight him, and he doesn’t have to find out that you still want to smooch him anyway as he’s punching your lights out. If you don’t tell him, I won’t either.