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Okay, first of all, until episode 8, I haven’t seen the fanfiction or any headcannon yet for Yuri On Ice in general. Just yesterday, I opened it up and what I found?


Motherfrickin People made Chris as a sex predator!

Okay okay. I am not trying to shaming you guys cuz I too have my own Kink. But the growing in a tag of ‘Chris is a sex predator’ is making me really uncomfortable. Yes, He’s touchy

(I even named that pic as Chris Stop.jpg) but honestly, we haven’t seen him touching Yuuri ever since. Not to mentioned Victor’s eyes didn’t smile

and Jealous could be used here, Chris understand and also keep his distance from Yuuri after that. And that’s it.

Agh Sorry if this doesn’t made any sense but I just need to talk about this. Maybe It’s just me who think this is becoming a problem.

[Fic] Light in Dark Places 3/?


Stiles is extremely careful not to let anyone discover what he is. In a pack consisting mostly of teenagers who are self-absorbed on the best of days, it’s not all that hard. Really, the only members he has to worry about are Lydia and Peter, both of whom are too damn observant for their own good. Which is a major asset to the pack when trouble comes to town, but otherwise is just a major pain in the ass for Stiles, who likes keeping his creature status a secret, thank you. 

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        what’s up yall! i’m ro. & adore the face that is chris wood. so of course i dig any supergirl and tvd fcs. hopefully this’ll pick up and get going whoop ! i have a bio i need to put up for this guy, but for now i’ll post some basics. it was going to be more sad than it is. but i decided to not be too evil. tw: death

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~Helping Hands~

TITLE: Helping Hands


AUTHOR: bookwarm85

WHICH JAI/CHARACTER: Jai and his female friend

GENRE: Romance

FIC SUMMARY: Jai always helps people, and when his roommate needs help he’s only too happy to oblige


WORDS: 2,489

NOTES/WARNINGS: So this idea came to me and what can I say, I’m a sucker for good smut…

Please let me know if you want to be tagged in my future stuff and once again thanks to my lovely beta @anditcametopass

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Your boss Geoffrey has been extremely needy today, even more so than usual. For a man who ran his own company, he acted as if he couldn’t bother to pick up his own coffee or dry cleaning. You had been his assistant/maid for a few months and the pressure was beginning to wear you down, not to mention when you came home, you’d find video games, sneakers and weights strewn about the apartment you shared with Jai Courtney.

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pure (sin)

Haikyuu!! | TeruDai | Rated: M | Alcohol, strip tease, unresolved sexual tension (or maybe resolved, you’ll never know) | Words: 4021

Daichi’s not a good momma’s boy. Kuroo and Bokuto think otherwise. And Yuuji? Yuuji is a loving boyfriend, so he doesn’t let Daichi prove them too wrong. 

A/N: My contribution to TeruDai tag. Title from Dactyl’s “Pure Sin”. Yes, I know it’s not very creative, but I couldn’t help it.

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Coming to Tokyo only to be left to his own devices makes Daichi feel a little lonely. He understands that this time it’s him who needs to wait, because car parts won’t order themselves. Yuuji isn’t done with the supplier, while Daichi has already finished all of his meetings. He strolls down the crowded sidewalk, wondering how the guys at the workshop are handling the repairs. Their place is in good hands, so it isn’t a problem when something takes him or Yuuji longer than they have anticipated. Usually, they wait together, going ‘town viewing’, because the younger hates wasting time sitting and idling about. Unfortunately for both of them, this isn’t always the case. When they were on Hokkaido, Yuuji had to fend for himself for a whole day - he sulked about it for the whole of the next week.

Daichi feels his phone vibrate in the deepest pocket of his dark, jeans jacket. The signal is short. After a ten seconds pause comes another one, so he finally makes an attempt to fish his mobile out. Two unread messages, with the content of the first one being precisely what he expects it to be. He sighs in defeat, making his way through the busy street.

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Augustus Avery. Her older brother would be the person Katherine loves and admires the most in the entire world. She always has. She does love Silas too but not with the same intensity. Augustus she would have so much affection for because he would be the one she could always rely on. The one who from the moment she was born had her back, even if it was in his own special way. He helped her with school, and later on with Death Eater duties. He would also sometime allow her to tag along with him and his cooler and older friends. It would mean the world to her that she could go with him and sort of be part of his group even if it was only for a little moment and out of obligation. She would be grateful that he tried to include her. But mostly she loves him that much for the way he stood up for her and made sure that him and Silas would take the hardest job and be the one who would serve the Dark Lord in an active way. She knows he did what he had to do not only out of the goodness of his heart but also to protect their family name. Maybe it was his main motivation but still she will always be grateful for what he did. 

I usually pass over most posts that, because of shipping reasons (it’s obvious when is like this), misinterpret Renji, some even openly insult and bash him (sometimes even on his own tag, not on the search of “Renji”), because I’m sure that they are going to continue thinking the same despite what I can say, because they are blinded by their hatred. And I see this kind of posts many times because I use Renji search too.

But when I see someone, on the Renji tag, who say that they really like Renji, but it seems they haven’t really been putting attention to his character, or the own manga, I really feel the need to make them see that their interpretations are wrong, especially when there is evidence in the manga of this. And then they get angry and defensive, probably because their ship is more important to them than trying to get this character right, so they blind their eyes to the evidence.

So, I don’t understand why, having the evidence in chapter 682, of Renji saying that were BOTH, Renji and Rukia who avoided each others’ path:

why there are still people saying that Renji abandoned her (?). I know that you can’t expect much from people who have been reading the manga wrong, and still read the manga with the shipping googles on, to only see their prefered pairing and, in the process, they distort the characters that get in the way of their deluded dreams. But, come on! if you can’t read what is clearly said in the text: “RUKIA AND I had grown so distant from each other, WE drifted so far apart,  WE avoided not only eye contact but crossing each others’ path”, then what kind of reading comprehension you have. 

Renji is saying in that panel that were BOTH who avoided the other, that were BOTH who drifted apart. Renji doesn’t consider himself the only one who did this. He thinks that were BOTH of them, Renji and Rukia.  And the scene where Renji says this, shows the panel where Rukia is running away from him, so this is related to Rukia being upset and disappointed with Renji because he let her go.

But, besides, that Rukia had drifted apart from Renji too had already been implied before in this scene in chapter 144, so chapter 682 only clearly confirmed it:

Kira said that Rukia knew it herself, that they had a very different social status, so here Kira is implying that she had already avoided Renji’s path by herself, by her own decision, so Rukia hadn’t tried to get in touch with Renji either, because Kira knew that Rukia had kept herself away from Renji too. And not only that, but in this scene Renji had thought to have some sort of contact or relationship with her, even though he said later, in chapter 682, that were both of them who had avoided each others’ paths, and so Renji finally chose not to go near her, but Renji’s first intention wasn’t to avoid her path. And in that scene Renji is looking at her longingly, so Renji didn’t avoid to look at her either, but she didn’t look back at him (if she really noticed his presence).

People forget that Rukia had been very upset with Renji when he didn’t tell her to stay with him, that she had the gesture of removing his hand and running away from Renji, which implied a breakdown of their relationship on Rukia’s part:

Kubo and Morita’s impressions about that scene, and its influence in Rukia and Renji’s relationship later, also confirm this:

Kubo- That episode was really amazing! (commenting anime episode 32) Renji and Rukia, those 2 acting performance gave me the chills, and the last “yeah” by Morita-san was also exciting. In that episode, there was a scene where Rukia, played by Orikasa-san, made a shudder run through me for the first time. When Renji put his hands on Rukia’s shoulders, Rukia said, “…I see… Thanks.” and removed his hand. I was thrilled and surprised at the way she said “I see”. It made me think, “Wow! So this is what was going on!”

Morita- Rukia’s words “I see” are the starting point that characterizes how the relationship between Renji and Rukia develops after this. Hence, if not enough emotion is put into those words, the story that follows would seem rather shallow.

People also forget that was Rukia the one who said sorry to Renji because she hadn’t shared her burdens, her problems, with him, not only now, with the problems of her execution, but during the past years, since that she had removed his hand and ran away from him. Because of that, she has the gesture of gripping to him, a gesture contrary to her removing his hand. It’s a gesture of reconciliation:

So, here it’s implied that Rukia was aware of that she had avoided Renji, and in chapter 682 is finally confirmed. And Kubo didn’t put a similar scene of Renji saying sorry to Rukia, because of the years of their separation, because Renji’s main mistake had been other. Renji’s main mistake had been to let her go to be adopted, he had upset Rukia with his decision of letting her go, and so that is the mistake that Kubo gave Renji a scene to fix it:

People shouldn’t be surprised that Renji and Rukia ended up together, married, because Renji finally said that he wasn’t going to let Rukia go. So Renji finally said what Rukia wanted to hear, what Rukia would have wanted to hear that time when she received the adoption offer, because that was what Rukia had felt upset with him, that he let her go. And he sure fulfilled this promise, and BOTH fulfilled their wishes, because BOTH wanted to end up together, in a romantic relationship, married.

And I’m not saying this to make Rukia look bad, because, in my opinion, that Rukia was shown as a human being, like any person, feeling hurt, disappointed and angry at someone, and being able to make mistakes too, makes her a more realistic and relatable character. In my opinion is a point in her favor to show these feelings. And Rukia had every right to feel upset and disappointed with Renji, especially and because he was a very important person to her, so she had many expectations put on him, but was also a mistake on her part, because it was a drastic and a very long separation, she had to have thought in trying to fix this situation of their relationship. Like was a mistake that Renji let her go to be adopted, and also not to have tried, not only thought, to talk to her before his appoinment as vice captain.

In fact, some people don’t like to analyze why Rukia acted in her past with Renji in the way she did, because then they would have to admit that Renji was more important to Rukia than what they want to admit, even important in the way that they don’t want to admit. So they solve this conflict simply blaming Renji for everything, even not really reading what is clearly written in the manga, so, in their eyes, Rukia can continue looking perfect, because, apparently, to be imperfect, like any person, demotes her character. So Rukia can show what great person she is forgiving Renji, he is the only one who made mistakes, even though in the manga was Rukia who said sorry to Renji, and in the manga is said that were both who avoided each others’ path, and in the manga were both of them who made mistakes. I don’t like at all this fanon and boring version of Rukia.

chudoru replied to your post: ngl it feels so shitty being in big fandoms

sorry for being out of line and reading your tags but i 100% agree with you…. both the gintama thing and the self comparing thing… at the end of the day, we’re only human arent we!!!!! at least Gintama is there and im grateful for that too. what would gin say??? :D

afsgdakdl its not out of line omg my tags are supposed to be read :^) and yess we’re only human, sometimes we can’t help comparing ourselves!!!! i feel like gin-chan would be like “so what? just try your best to get to the point where you don’t need to compare yourself” but who knows gintoki is his own enigma ;;

CREATION  OUGHT  TO  BE  THE  ANTITHESIS  OF  DESTRUCTION.   a man who made a living through taking life must seem out of place with a brush in hand. and yet ——– painting is one of his few joys. it grounds him,  CALMS HIM.  these days it is not uncommon to find him in front of a canvas during his free time. these days he has far more of it than he used to. it’s not necessarily a  good thing  for someone like him to have: too much free time means too much time to think. sebastian’s presence helps, but his lover has other responsibilities. he can’t be around to entertain him as often as kylo would prefer. so he occupies himself. he’s made more pieces in the last  MONTH  than he has in the last ten years. destroyed many that he finds himself unsatisfied with, much to seb’s dismay. he’s watched two of them disappear right off the easel only to show up on the  GALLERY WALLS,  much to his own dismay.

he’s painting when the lock turns, brush pausing to stare up at the door. he watches it, find himself relieved to see a familiar face step into the room, and he finally sets the brush down entirely.  COMICAL,  HOW  FAST  HE  STANDS ——– out of his chair, hastily wiping paint from his hands. and then a package is retrieved that he had set aside earlier, wrapped in red paper and white ribbon.

hey  you’re ————— here, i…. here… ❜

@moranument | valentines day fun! (selective)

And while I’m at it, it’s about damned time Sam got to just talk about all that shit he’s been bottling up for the past decade to someone who understands the road he’s traveled but isn’t going to bulldoze him with their own baggage. It’s so, so gratifying to hear him get to set his cross down for a moment and examine it. He has to internalise far too much.

This is a little something for royalradrobot’s big woy fan character thing shes hosting right now.

Now on to the info! Babs is a devious and skeaky little Trickster that travels all around the galaxy hunting for rare and valuable treasures. However on most occasions her ravel, Captain Bartleby will try to thwarted her plans of stealing treasure so that he could steal them for his own, and they would sometimes engage in a dagger/sword fight! She also has a companion named Indigo the Puffing who sometimes tags along with Babs on adventures whenever she feels she is needed. Though Babs does have a heart, be careful not to be with her for too long. Your things might get stolen.

flash fic rec time @ zutara thots.

60 MONTHS by YinYangSisters

You’ve had your story, Aang. You’ve found out who you are and what you need to do - well, now it’s my turn. I have to find out who I am beyond you or saving the world. On my own.”

When Katara finds she can bloodbend on demand, she sets out to find answers. Zuko tags along too, hoping to find his mother along the way. For five years, they travel together.

Rated T ( dark as hell imo • Status Incomplete ( read it anyways )Word Count 33.5K