who needs his abs when you have this

Reasons I Love VIXX

•Each member is an idividual. Their personalities contrast so much but they all work together well •I really haven’t heard a song from them that I haven’t liked •DARK CONCEPTS •Ravi’s composing = constantly blown away. Seriously, Beautiful Liar slayed. •They’re trees. You think N is short, but he’s 5'11, and everyone else is even taller than that. Other idol groups seem so shocked by that. •The abs. Thanks •N is totally confident with his skin tone •The group’s lack of drama •Who else cried about Error? •Reaction cams to them are so cute. Have you seen V? EXO even… They get blown away. •When they’re allowed to do their own concepts. Who else didn’t know they needed chokers and shirtless suits until Chained Up happened? •HYUK’S CHEEKBONES AND JAWLINE SERIOUSLY WHAT HAPPENED? •Lee Hongbin. That is all. •Leo is mischievous •Ravi stands out as a rapper. He was slightly hated on for soundng more ‘aggressive’ when he raps during MyDol, but it works so well. His raps are his raps and stick out during songs instead of just passing by as another part •Bubbly Ken. He is a cute cheese ball. Plus his nose. •Leo and Ken’s high/ power notes. Bless •Leo is dad goals. Don’t let him near puppies or babies. It’s too cute •Hongbin’s raps in Chained Up •Each member looks super different and stand out in their own way. •Hyuk and N’s vocals. Yes •The title songs’ choruses •They are concept kings. Cyborgs? Vampires? Love Slaves? Superheroes? Cuties? Jekyll/ Hyde? Torn lovers? Voodoo dolls? Video game characters? All right here •Biasing all of them at one point •Their dances require all six members •Acting!!!!!!!!!! •Mama N •thirst for every member at some point. •Ravi’s aesthetic instagram •just when you think they’ve gone silent, they will do something •Their stages •VIXX tv Lastly, •The wonderful Starlights that support these wonderful boys