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The worst thing about the “friendzone” isn’t that some poor guy didn’t get to have sex with the girl he likes even though he’s such a nice guy, it’s that some poor girl finds out one of her friends was only trying to be close to her with the hopes of getting in her pants. Any idea what that does to someone’s self-worth? Or are you too busy lamenting your unrewarded sense of entitlement? Fight me on this. I’m angry tonight and I will bite your throat out.

so maybe I’m not a wolf girl. maybe I’m not a
goddess with destruction in her cheekbones,
but a fragile thing, a scarred thing. I can’t help
but wonder why it’s a curse to need someone
else, why I can’t be whole yet tethered to a
gravity that the earth does not provide.

perhaps I don’t have claws, but I can’t help
but think that maybe claws were never what I
needed. it seems awfully lonely, forever
prowling the forests with rage in your footsteps
and revenge in your eyes.

maybe I can grow poppies instead of poison ivy.
maybe stars are just as important as ashes.

just because I don’t love with teeth does not mean
I don’t know how to be strong. perhaps I can be
a soft and shiny thing. perhaps I can love someone
with everything I have and still love myself
with something more.

—  topaz winters // for the ones without battle cries

Tumblr Tuesday: Women’s History Month

Who Needs Feminism?
All of us.

Equality for HER
Health Educational Rights (HER) has been celebrating WHM (Women’s History Month) with biographical snippets and minimalistic portraits of influential women past and present.

Women of Library History
Name some badasses. “The Navy SEALS?” Sure. “B-613?” Maybe. “The Feminist Task Force of the American Library Association?” Fuck yes. Shout out to our Tumblarians.

Cool Chicks from History
Chicks have been cool since forever.

Stop Telling Women to Smile
An art series letting you know that it’s not okay to tell women to smile.

Photo via Who Needs Feminism?



I know that what the 4channers are doing is fucking vile, but please don’t exact revenge. You will make it worse for the rest of us. Block, flag, and report as many of the offending users as possible, but don’t go back to 4chan and start bitching. Start filing legal shit and suing people if you have to.

Also, you can keep posting the palette cleansers to flush out the tags (please try to keep it relevant, though, we want them back to normal), but don’t post reactions. That’s all they want. The angrier and sadder you get, the better it is for them.

They find this whole thing hilarious, so let’s not give them anything to laugh about, okay?

Stay off of Tumblr for a few days, or even a week or two. Just ignore/avoid the goddamn stupidity as much as you can.