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A Sidekick Compilation:

Anonymous said:Do you mind if I ask for some snippets of the villain sincerely consoling their lackey after the lackey failed a important task and feeling bad about themselves thank you

loyaltrencher said:Do you have any (or could you make any) hero/underappreciated sidekick prompts? I kind your hero/ villain ones, and thought it’d be awesome!

Anonymous said:Hi there! I’m sure your ask box is super full, but if it’s not too much trouble, could I have some prompts for the villain’s right hand/closest assistant being crushed after the villain is defeated, dies, or loses their mind? Thank you, and I adore your writing!

1) “I’ll take whatever punishment you see fit.” The lackey braced themselves, surrendered themselves over without hesitation. The guilt churned nauseous in their stomach, clenched in their throat. “I’m at your mercy.”
“You’re always at my mercy,” came the villain’s reply. “Fucking up doesn’t really change that.”
The lackey flinched at the reminder of their failure, however resigned they were to their fate. 
The villain’s hand closed around their throat - but not constricting, secure and firm. “Look at me.” The villain waited until they did. “Your life is mine, your mistakes are mine, you have sworn yourself to me. Don’t trouble yourself over this. If a weapon fails its because the one who commands it didn’t do so well enough. It’s not your fault, so be at ease, and help me fix this. Alright?”

2) “You want me to hurt you, is that it? Tell you that you’re a failure? Punish you?” 
“I would deserve it if you did.” 
“That’s not what I asked.” 
“I - no.” They didn’t think they could bear that, but they were equally unsure they could bear being forgiven. “I don’t know.” 
“Were you disloyal to me?” 
“I failed you.”
Were you disloyal to me?”
“No - I would never - I’d rather-” the lackey shuddered. The villain’s hand smoothed over their bruised temple. 
“Then there is nothing to forgive, and no punishment necessary. You did your best. That is all anyone can ask of you. Now, be calm, and tell me what happened.” 

3) “You’re a wonder,” the hero stared at them in astonishment. 
The sidekick’s heart slammed. Normally, people didn’t really pay them much attention at all, let alone look at them like that. They cleared their throat - a pleased, too hot, fluttering feeling squirming in their chest. “It was nothing.”
“It really wasn’t.”

4) “Any chance you can yell at me when my brain isn’t splitting open?” Everything hurt. They really didn’t need a lecture on how they should have done better, been braver, or stronger - more heroic. 
“Actually, I wanted to apologise,” the hero said softly. “I feel I’ve rather treated you badly, as of late. 

5) The hero watched the villain’s sidekick - the violence, the eruption, the throwing themselves against the walls of their cell, snarling at anyone who got close.
Vicious. (Sometimes it’s kinder to put a rabid dog down, said their commander.)
Hurting. Heartbroken. Hollowed.
The hero approached, shutting the door quietly behind them. They adopted the same mannerisms, the same way of speaking, as the villain once possessed. 
“Enough of that, now. You’re opening your wounds. Be still.” 
The sidekick froze, quivering, responding to the tone on dazed and hopeless instinct. 

4) “It’s over, you don’t have to do this.” 
“You don’t understand, do you? You took my world from me. So now I’m going to take yours from you.”

One year ago, on this day, I started working as a vet. I realised:
- it’s okay to not know everything
- books are your best friends ( all hail Cote’s Clinical Veterinary Advisor)
- more often than not, clients are disrespectful morons
- others are very cooperative and kind
- you need some time to get used to being called doctor
- never trust owners who claim that their dog has never bitten anyone
- no matter how hard you try, you lose patients; we’re trying to heal living beings, not fixing washing machines
- there will be days when you insert an IV canulla at first try into a kitten, and days when you fail to insert a pink canulla into a Staffordshire terrier
- euthanasia is one of the hardest parts of our job, but we have to learn to accept it; sometimes it’s the most humane option
- intact female dog showing vague symptoms- always check for pyometra
- atopic dermatitis is No.1 in my Top 5 of frustrating diseases
- owners entering with a rabbit sends chills down my spine
- I die a little inside when I see pugs, french bulldogs and chihuahuas
- I strongly dislike breeders/reproducers
- how difficult it is for young doctors to be taken seriously
- how many times I have been mistaken for an assistant, because God forbid only men can be doctors
- it’s really entertaining to see old ladies swoon over one of my handsome colleagues
- clients use the most surprising methaphors when they talk about animal genitalia
- it’s difficult to hold back a chuckle when owner comes in for tablets against distemper
The list can go on forever I think, but the most important thing I realised is that, despite the difficulties, I immensely love what I do and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


A Wattpad request. I do not own T’Challa, Steve, Tony or Natasha. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: VERY DARK! Mentions of violence, kidnapping, obsession. Darkest thing I have EVER written. 

Pairings: Yandere!T’Challa x fem!supermodel reader, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff. 

Originally posted by destiny-will-bee

As a model, you’d gotten lots of attention for as long as you could remember. You’d even gotten some obsessive, unwanted attention. You never knew that one of your admires would turn out to be the King of Wakanda. You also never believed you’d end up in a photo shoot with the Avengers. To say you were giddy was an understatement. You weren’t expecting that day to turn out the way it did.

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Imagine getting jealous after Sonny reunites with his first love

Imagine getting jealous after Sonny reunites with his first love

“Amanda!” you hissed as she walked by you, you grabbed her arm and pulled her beside you.

“Is it still going on?” she asked, looking over in the same direction you were.
With narrowed eyes you nodded.

“Am I being crazy?” you asked looking for reassurance.

“Most definitely.” she chuckled.

“But he’s still talking to her.” you pointed out, “It’s been thirty minutes.”

“They might be talking about a case.” Amanda offered, watching them.

Suddenly, they both broke out into laughter.

“Yeah, they are definitely talking about the case.” you commented rolling your eyes dramatically.

“Hey, you know that Sonny would never cheat on you, right? That boy loves you more than life itself.” Amanda reminded.

“I know.” you sighed, “He’s annoyingly literally the perfect guy. He’s too sweet to notice when anyone is flirting with him. I trust him. I just don’t trust anyone else. The might take advantage of him.”

“He’s a big boy. He can take care of himself.” Amanda informed.

“Hardly, he’s more of a puppy dog. An adorable little puppy dog who needs to be protected from the big bad world.” you commented trying to be bitter but emotion took over.

“If I don’t know any better I would say that you’re jealous.” Amanda sing-songed, raising her eyebrows at you.

“Me, jealous? Ha.” you scoffed playing it off.

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anonymous asked:

This is going to be super random but why are people rude towards aro/ace/pan people. Heck they at least are nice to demisexual but c'mon.

I have a theory that people who are obsessed with sex are afraid of people who aren’t because they know people who aren’t get more shit done.

I also think that sex obsessed people, i.e. everyone except the ace community, tend to see sex as something much more mystical than it is.

For some reason we’ve decided that sex is what makes us human and people who don’t care about it just aren’t human.

We’ve also decided that sex is emotion.

And it’s passion. And the most meaningful thing you can do with someone.

And what does that mean?

Asexual people are missing their souls, they’re not participating in that thing no one can shut up about, and they must not have emotions.

They can’t truly love anyone because what’s true love?

Some genital bumping.

That’s the ultimate human act right there, mate.

Not adopting old dogs from the shelter even though you know it’ll break your heart when they die quickly because you want their last days to be good ones, out of the pound, in your lap just like when they were loved.

Not making a cross country last second flight to a friend in need whose mother died recently, a woman who treated you better than your own parents and loved her children so much she taught them to be the friends you would do that kind of thing for.

Or even just knowing in a split second, when surrounded by friends in a warm setting with the lights low, that you’re not alone and your presence is appreciated and people care to love, laugh, and live alongside you and would be with you through the thick and thin, for better or for worse, to lighten your mood and to do you favors and offer you support.

That’s not human.

If there’s no sex involved, it’s just whatever.

It’s just some weak platonic throwaway, right?

That’s not what humans live for.

Humans live for that one special person who’s just gonna rock your world with their genitalia.

That’s my belief.

Invictus (The End)

Summary : “So then, before I can even think about doing something stupid like trying to stab him with his fucking paperknife, he gives me a choice, see?” Haymitch continued, almost detached. “Either I play nice like all the other victors or he will kill my family. I could either become his puppet – greatest punishment he could give me, according to him – or I could become the example.” AU in which Haymitch’s family lives. Hayffie. 

And here we are, you and me on the last page… It was a long journey and I’m so grateful to those who not only read but left kudos, reviews and comments up until the very end…

Special thanks need to be given to @akachankami who dutifully betaed this story from beginning to end. We had a number of arguments because of it (mainly because YES I WILL WRITE LONG CHAPTERS GOD DAMMIT ;) ) but I wouldn’t have done it with anyone else. She is the best beta and the best friend one could ask for.

Without further ado, I give you the final chapter!

Chapter 116 :

Fucking dog.” Haymitch grumbled, careful to hit the nail with the hammer and not his thumb. Hayden’s stupid pet kept rushing head first into the pen when it tried to herd the geese back inside and it had loosened more than one plank of wood. The time Haymitch was forced to spend patching the pen up…

Not that he had anything more interesting to do.

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So do you feel bad now for exposing your own animal abuse to justify raisingopal's behavior?

Hello not-so-lovely Anon.

Short answer: No.

Long answer under the cut. But first have a cute picture of Mango, because cute is needed to cancel out drama:

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anonymous asked:

Any advice for writers in general I don't see myself as a good one at that.

This sounds corny as hell but you gotta just keep doing it! I don’t see myself as a good writer either! I see myself as a lucky one who doesn’t know when to quit embarrassing herself. 

The reason I keep writing is because I’m gay and thirsty and when I don’t write I feel like I’m being chased by rabid dogs, but you need to find your own source of inspiration, maybe possibly a more positive one, but you know what I mean, you just have to keep doing it, AND DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU “DOING IT FOR ATTENTION” IS BAD, I AM ALSO THIRSTY FOR ATTENTION WE ALL ARE. (It’s only bad when you get bitter about it and use it as an excuse to be mean to others or put them down! we can’t control how we feel, but don’t make it someone else’s problem or frankly they won’t want to be around you and then you’ll get even less attention. it’s lose-lose. )

and also READ TONS

read outside fanfiction! Your writing is like a flowering tree, and the water and nutrients you receive are the books you read! That sounds corny as hell too but I would bet everything I own on it. Your life experiences also shape your writing so don’t stay cooped up all day! Go out and do things that have 0% to do with writing! You will grow as a person and your writing will too, because writing is your personal reflection of reality! 

If you read nothing but fanfiction your writing will look like fanfiction. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but fanfiction has some very specific flaws as a genre that can only be rounded out if you expand your reading intake. Every genre has their own flaws, so that’s why you read widely and try to pick the best from all the stuff you enjoy.

Challenge yourself to write outside your comfort zone! Write a western! Write a noir thriller! write some porn WRITE SOME POETRY

I have a generic writing advice tag here too!! it’s called Making Words 

A voice in the darkness

Sherlock x reader

Note: and here is another one x) I am on fire xD I wrote this one yesterday before bed time from the suggestion of the lovely @prettyxlittlexwriter who beta-read it for me once again this morning. I tried something different this time since it’s supposed to happen when Sherlock get shot in HLV, you’ll see, several lines were taken from the scene, if anyone want them identified, just tell me :) Once again my computer is being an annoying little… so it chose not to work this morning, I’ll edit this as soon as I’ll have borrowed one (which actually shouldnt even take that long) additional thanks to the few who answered my question about Redbeard, I really needed to know his breed so yeah, thanks guys :D

With that I shut up and leave you to enjoy this :)

‘’Come on, it’s me. It’s me, come on! Come on!“
The dog ran to his master, barking happily as the sound of the alarm filled the air.
“Good boy, clever boy!”
The man lovingly pet his Irish Setter, fighting the panic menacing to take him over.
“Hello Redbeard. They’re putting me down too now,” he mumbled, as the canine tried affectionately to lick his face. “It’s no fun, is it, Redbeard?”

The soft sound of footsteps, somewhat still possible to hear with all the noise, had him turned around to face his friend.

“Y/N…” he tried to get back on his feet but failed miserably, wincing in pain. She knelt down beside him.

“Don’t try to get up, it will only make things worse.”

The sound of the alarm kept ringing louder and louder, his heart racing, fighting for his life.

“What do I do?” whispered Sherlock, panic filling his eyes.
“Breath,” she said calmly, taking his hands “It’s going to hurt, but I need you to stay focus. I’ll be right here, don’t worry.”

“Y/N, I-” he groaned in pain “… I won’t make it…”
“No, you will Sherlock! As long as I’m alive, I will not let you die!”
“You’re not even real, just a construct of my mind to-” he stopped in mid-sentence, gasping for air, crying out in pain as he fell against Y/N.

She held him in her arms, whispering to him in a soft and appeasing voice, getting through him in a way that only she knew how, as he kept groaning in intense pain.

“I might not be the real one, but I won’t let you down Holmes.”

He tried to answer her, to tell her it was probably too late even if the ambulance had already been there but everything went dark around him.


“Mrs Hudson will cry.
And Mummy and Daddy will cry.
And the Woman will cry and John and Y/N will cry buckets and buckets…
It’s them I worry about the most.
And that wife…
You’re letting them down Sherlock.
And John Watson is definitely in danger.”

He suddenly opened his eyes, groaning. No one would hurt his friend, not under his watch. Pushing himself up off the ground, he screamed in pain as he got up.

“Oh, you’re not getting better, are you?”

Now back on his feet, fighting the pain and the temptation to go back to the void for once and for all. Against the padded walls of the room, breath shallow.

“Was it something that I said, uh?”

To the door, screaming and then out as his archnemesis screamed his name, trying to lure him back into the nothingness.

A stairway, the exit was up there, he could feel it. Gripping the banister with all the strength he had left, groaning, then dragging his own self up to the next stair. Gritting his teeth, extending his hand once again and gripping another one to his surprise. It was Y/N.

“I told you I wouldn’t let you down Holmes.”

He wasn’t alone anymore.

She pulled him up to the next flight of stairs. Placing a hand on his back, half pushing him, she helped him to grip the banister once again.

A second hand on his is back, a bigger one, a man’s hand.

“Alright Sherlock we can do this.” John.

He had friends on whom he could count.

Pushing on his back to the next flight again, closer and closer to the top, getting stronger and stronger every step. Another hand, frailer, older, Mrs Hudson’s, and the larger one of Lestrade.

And he would never let them down again.

Higher and higher to the top of the stairs, closer than ever from the exit. One more step… Stumbling on the last one, he was about to fall down but a powerful hand gripped him by his shirt before he did, and pulled him up.

“Watch your step, brother mine.” Mycroft. ‘’It would be a shame if you were to have to do it once again, wouldn’t it?’’


He opened weakly his eyes, only to be blinded by the light over the operation table, as doctors were running around everywhere in the room, trying desperately to keep him alive. He closed his eyes once again, knowing he was safe now.

He did it.

All I want in life is Bruce’s built up tension bursting out at the littlest things. Alfred warned him- he had to let it out before he exploded but nooooooooo he’s the big bad bat…

“Maybe if I go into space I can absorb the yellow sun’s-”

“Hey darlin-”
“Jesus, fine, I’ll catch you another time!”

“Hey b-man!”

“Bruce i need help with this-”

“Bruce, chill, I think you’re giving Tim a heart attack!”


“Father I heard you were in a bad mood-”
“Yes, father, Alfred told me these were your favorites. I… I may not be good with interacting outside of the field but… I thought this might help?”
“… yes, thank you Damian. I’m sorry for yelling at you.”
“It’s quite alright father, I understand.”

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking requests, how would the RFA+V & Unknown react to Zack wanting to adopt a child.

Hello Anon! Just to let everyone know REQUESTS ARE OPEN. Okay let’s get started and thank you for sending one in. :)

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  • “Really?!” 
  • “I’m going to look into it now!”
  • “Should we get them pets now? Or later?”
  • I think he’d be excited actually. 
  • At max I think he would want two
  • A boy and a girl
  • He’d be happy to start a family with Zack and live a comfortable life together. 
  • He’d want to tell the RFA right away and would spam the chat with: 
    -The new house they bought so they can have the perfect family home
    - The playground set
    -The adoption process
    -Getting the children
    -And etc. 
  • Buy them all the game systems
  • Go hunting for rare ones on the weekends. 
  • I hope they look like Rika
    -LMBO I had too… XD


  • He’d be scared. 
  • Would he be a good dad? 
  • Would he be there for the kid and his husband because of his busy workload? 
  • I picture them adopting a girl. 
  • He’d treat her like the princess she is. 
  • They’d take her to plays 
  • She’d be in drama/choir
  • They’d get her all the pretty costumes and do mock plays in their living rooms
    -Zack’s the audience cuz he can’t act to save his life
  • They’d get her a puppy to grow up with
    -The dogs name is Shakespeare because why not? 
    -They would love each other and be best friends
    - I am now jealous of her
  • He’d love her unconditionally 

Jaehee Kang

  • She’d be happy with it. 
  • Wow! He asked her! She was nervous to
  • They’d get a sensible child
  • I picture a boy. 
  • If you’ve played Dreamy Days in West Tokyo he’d be Haru
  • He’d take over the family coffee shop
  • She’d always help him with his homework
  • She’d put him in Tae Kwon Do (or whatever she does) 
  • He’d have a pet hamster 
    - His name is Espresso
    - He’s very fluffy 
    - A cute little QUIET thing 
  • They’d have their own little at home book club, just the three of them. 

Jumin Han

  • Er…what? 
  • “How am I supposed to devote all my attention on you then, Zack?” 
  • I think Jumin might have the same mindset as me where I think “Ah…but they are a big responsibilty and I’m a jerk and am really selfish and want all the attention on me” <- that’s my thought process not his okay? 
    -I know, I’m selfish
  • Eventually they would adopt one child (girl or boy) after five more years of just them
  • This comic by( @myetie follow her, I recommend to at least, she’s really good) would be the eventual outcome
  • Still he’d love his child like they were the moon and sun. 
  • Best school
  • Best college
  • Best clothing
  • Best food
  • Everything he does is for the kid and his husband. 
  • They’d play chess together
  • They’d read together


  • “My own family!?” 
  • “I’m going to cry!!” 
  • They now run an orphanage. 
  • Okay this is NOT what Zack was expecting but he’s okay with it. 
  • Three of the children in the orphanage (triplets no less) are theirs. 
  • They all enjoy playing with Seven’s toy inventions. 
    - Now with less the fire! 
  • They have a big St. Bernard named Tom
    - Resident dog who loves to play with the children
    - I Love Pet Drama CD anyone? No? Okay :P
  • They teach the kids great skills 
    - No Seven no hacking…
  • Seven loves each child (all 12 of them including the triplets) unconditionally 
  • A HUGE ceremony when one gets adopted.
    -Bigger than a graduation. 
    -Bigger than a college graduation


  • “I…I can’t. Not just yet…”
  • He just can’t
  • He knows Zack wants to but he needs time
  • I’m Sorry That I Love You is cannon in my head okay? 
  • One day, but not now. 
  • And when they do it’s a quiet, soft spoken, talented girl
  • She smiles and his world is renewed with immense joy. 
  • “What did I do to deserve a happy family like this?” 
  • She can draw
  • She is always so quiet but they know she loves them very much
  • She loves drawing still life. 
  • Their walls are covered in her drawings
  • They have a quiet cat named Vera (Apollo Justice Reference) 
    -The cat is gray
    -But she say’s “She’s the most colorful being to me’
    -She loves her with all her heart. 
    -Vera was the first thing she ever drew


  • No. 
  • He still has nightmares of Magenta and Paradise
    - Especially if he’s the Unknown from my stories :P
  • He was the one *($)#$()# in the flashbacks with his brother (I don’t want to spoil) 
  • He can’t handle it. 
  • It brings too many bad memories
  • They’re going to live a nice life together, just the two of them
  • Zack understands and he’s not entirely hurt. 
  • Instead he raises a German Shepard 
    - They love it like it’s their kid
    - Not like crazy dog people though
    -So now it’s the three of them
  • He feels bad but he’s grateful Zack understands. 
  • He’s too messed up to be with a kid. 

That was a lot of fun. I hope you like what I put :) thank you so so so much! 
And again! Requests are OPEN :D

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Hey, I'm having a really bad week. Depression has been kicking my ass lately and my two biggest feelings have been a lack of anything and just wanting to die. Is there a discord you know of or anything where I can chat with people and just feel less alone? I have no support network anymore, and my parents are even making me force my dog out of my room at night even though for years he's slept in there.

If you want, I’m always happy to listen to anyone who needs to vent. You can message me on my main, or if you’d rather stay on anon thats perfectly fine as well. No pressure or anything. I’m not entirely sure about anything for that when it comes to discord, but chances are a few of the followers do. 
If any followers know of something to help the anon, could you reply below/reblog this post? 

-Mod Ari 

Welcome to The Ramos Family.

Thiago’s lips hungrily attacked my neck, slamming the door shut behind him with his foot as he cornered me against the closest wall. My breath grew heavy as he insisted on cutting off my air circulation with his many aggressive kisses, those kisses causing my red lipstick to smear against his lips and parts of his face around his mouth.

This was what it was like when we got together in these rare moments. Passionate kisses, nails digging into skin, heavy moans. It was like we forgot the world around us, forgot all about all our other obligations and unfulfilled promises as we focused on pleasing each other instead in these short heavenly moments.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I spoke in a breathy tone, my neck craning back as his plump lips moved against my jawline. My actions were defying all that I said. My mouth was saying stop but my body was urging him to continue. He was never really one to listen to the words that came out of my mouth.

“We shouldn’t do a lot of things,” he said as his lips tremored against my skin, the vibration of his words making the hair rise on my arm.

“He’s going to kill us…”

Thiago raised his mouth from my skin then, those enticing eyes of his settling in on mine. “He’ll kill me,” he made sure to correct. “I’m the one that’s going to have to deal with his mouth and that’s if he finds out. He won’t. Now…” He backed away and pulled the t-shirt over his head and dropped it onto the floor. “Are you going to let me fuck you or what?”

My hand fell to my face as I felt the sun rising over me. I wasn’t sure when I had gotten into the bedroom. Our movements went from the door to the kitchen to the bathroom and somehow we had found our path to the bed that now creaked under me as I tried to sit up. I briefly grimaced with the pain that shot through my legs, attempting to stretch them out and remove any of the cramps that were threatening to hold me still any longer.

I pushed the blanket on top of me to the side and headed straight for the bathroom to try and fix myself up a little bit. I didn’t have much time to get myself together but I needed to at least brush my teeth and fix up my hair so it didn’t look like I had just rolled out of Thiago’s bed.

Once in front of the mirror, I pulled at the black lace bra that clung to my skin, my nipple ready to escape from its place behind the cup of the bra. I didn’t even know when I had replaced the bra back onto my skin or my underwear which was covering my bottom as well.

I brushed my teeth with a spare toothbrush I found while rummaging through Thiago’s closet and pulled my hair into as much of a decent ponytail as I could muster given no hair product and the amount of sweat that had permeated my strands over the last twelve hours or so.

I returned into the bedroom and began pulling through Thiago’s drawers that held his clothes until I found a suitable shirt. After he had ripped one of the buttons on mine I knew there was no way I could return home wearing that. I could at least re-wear the jeans I had worn last night.

I began pulling it over my head and walked out of the room towards the place where my jeans were, sliding them on and then heading to the kitchen where I smelled Thiago working on something on the stove. “Good morning. Look who is finally up,” he chimed as he smiled towards me.

“Yeah well, you didn’t wake me either.” I slid into a seat at the table nearby.

“I figured you needed the rest. I’m sure you don’t get much of it.”

My head fell into my hands, my palms tracing circles against my forehead to fight away the oncoming headache I was feeling. “You’re right about that,” I grumbled. I dropped my hands from blocking the view. “Hey, do you think this could pass as one of Sergio’s shirts?”

I pulled at the grey shirt I wore which was obviously oversized for my frame. Thiago turned around for a moment to look at it. “Eh not really though his tops have seemed to get even tighter lately,” he joked as he took a sip of his orange juice.

I giggled. “Well you know he loves showing off how muscular he is.” That was my brother. The handsome pride of the family.

“I’m sure…he won’t notice.” Thiago made it a point to never utter his name and I rarely did either unless it happened to slip off of my tongue. It was just a bit too awkward when I did.

“Cool. I’ll take it then. I should probably get going.”

He turned back to me again but this time wearing a large frown. “You’re not staying for breakfast? You’re just going to hit it and quit it? Am I just a one night stand to you?” He pretended to feign hurt, his hand flying to his chest to show his disapproval while I could only laugh at his antics, standing from my seat and walking closer to him.

“You are. The best ten-time one night stand I’ve ever had,” I smirked before placing a lingering kiss to his lips. As I tried to pull away his lips just continued to press forward onto mine until he finally withdrew.

“Alright. Fine but at least let me walk you out.”

“No! Way too dangerous. The last thing I need is someone noticing me leaving your place and you being next to me would just be even more suspicious. I’m fine. I’ll call you later or something. When I have time.” I gave him one more kiss before I skipped off into the other room and grabbed for my things. I quickly made my way from his doorstep to the path that led to my car, my head hanging down to avoid catching the eye of anyone who may have been outside walking their dogs or just roaming through the neighborhood.

I slid into the driver’s side after unlocking the car, throwing my bag to the back seat and starting the ignition but I didn’t even have an opportunity to look out my rearview and back up. The loud banging to my window caused me to jump in my seat and as soon as I looked over, I saw a fuming Sergio.

“Get the fuck out of the car,” he demanded.

“Sergio! Quit yelling!” He didn’t wait for me to follow his demands. He began storming to the door of Thiago’s home and I quickly quieted my engine before rushing out after him. I reached the steps, attempting to pull him away but it was too late. He had already knocked and Thiago had already opened the door allowing Sergio to push him and himself inside while I reluctantly followed, slamming the door shut behind me.

“I can’t believe you two idiots!”

It was just like my brother to do this and I was sure he was going to take pleasure in berating both me and Thiago for as long as he could before either his phone rang and interrupted his tirade or Thiago threw him out. Sergio turned to me for a moment, his eyes and body language seeping anger. “Are you forgetting you have a husband at home?” Sergio then turned to Thiago to give him a shove that caused him to stumble backwards some but he kept his balance for the most part. “And how quickly you forget you have a girlfriend! Are you two out of your minds?!”

“Relax, Sergio,” Thiago tried to calm him but there was no calming this mad man.

“Relax? Relax?! No! Fuck you. I’m tired of covering for you two and I’m definitely tired of you sleeping with my sister. How many times do I have to explain she’s off limits? Not just because she has a husband but because I said so.”

When my brother turned back to look at me all I could do was wish he’d redirect his anger back at Thiago but he didn’t. “And how many times are you going to sleep with my teammates?!”

Ouch. People, if they could have heard Sergio’s loud comment, would have begun to think I just went around sleeping with the entire Real Madrid and Spanish national team roster but that was far from the truth. There was only one footballer on my resume and that was Thiago but ever since Cristiano made a comment about my legs one day, Sergio had made this assumption that we were screwing or close to it.

“I’ve never slept with any of your teammates besides…well,” I shrugged and pointed to Thiago who gave a proud smirk before fixing his lips incase Sergio saw.

“I’m not covering for you guys anymore. Nope.” Sergio raised his hands as if he was freeing himself from this whole situation. What was going on between Thiago and I had been going on for some time despite the fact that both of us were in very committed relationships. We just weren’t all that committed to them. No one knew about us but Sergio who had managed to slip into my home at just the right time to find Thiago and I tangled up in my bed sheets one day.

It was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life and he wouldn’t let me ever forget it. My brother didn’t talk to me for weeks after that and for the month after it was mainly short and cold conversation mixed in with his threats that if I didn’t tell my husband Dru that he would.

He never told and neither did I.

“You don’t have to cover anymore,” Thiago muttered. “This was the last time.” My jaw dropped. Thiago and I had never talked about this being the last time we would hook up and I thought that maybe he was just saying this to pacify Sergio but from the sad look on his face I was beginning to think he was serious. I nearly choked out a response but I couldn’t quite find the words. My brother did.

“Good,” he nodded. “Good. You two need to start thinking more anyway and learn to break away from each other. When you come visit Spain, don’t see her,” he said as he pointed to me. Thiago just nodded in silent understanding while I watched him waiting for some signal that he wasn’t serious about what he had just said. He didn’t give one.

Sergio walked forward towards me and grabbed my arm to lead me out of the door. I didn’t protest, my feet just rushing to keep up with quick pace. “I can’t believe you’re still being this stupid,” he spat lowly.

“I-I’m sorry. I…”

“Save the apologies because I know you’re not really sorry.” He opened my car door and shoved me inside of my car. “Go home,” Sergio commanded before he shut the driver’s side door, nearly slamming it shut and walking towards his own car that I realized was parked behind mine.

While I waited for his departure, my head fell onto the steering wheel. I wanted to cry and break down but why? Thiago wasn’t my boyfriend. I didn’t have any emotional attachment to him. It was just sex. Entertaining sex. I could let that go right?

I grabbed for my phone that was within the junk of my purse and sent him a message.

Me: Did you mean that? About that being the last time?

I waited for the responding bubbles to pop up into our messaging thread and soon enough it did. I waited with bated breath.

Thiago: No. Of course not. Talk to you later?

I mean maybe if you got a job and stopped begging people for their hard earned cash, you could probably afford basic necessities. The price of living can actually be pretty low if you’re willing to put off buying stupid shit or not having animals when you cant even care of yourself. I know people who buy a bag of weed and then ask people for money to feed their dog. Hm, maybe dont have that poor dog if you can’t even meet his basic needs over your own selfishness. Stop bringing other people down with you just because you can’t put in the same daily effort as majority of the world. No more boohoo victim shit. Get the fuck up, go out there and fucking help yourself.
P.S. this isnt about anyone particular here bc I don’t know anyone but hey if the shoe fits, idgaf.

Pet Dogs.

In the dog world (especially the purebred dog world) these days we often hear the word “pet” said with a negative connotation. “Oh he’s just a PET puppy” “Pet people drive me crazy!”. I’ve had people ask me on numerous occasions why this is, so I figured why not make a post about it? (And I went to a dog show all weekend and had to listen to people say “ugh looks pet quality to me” or “pet people just don’t have a clue” - it gets to me.)

I’ll start with what I think of pet people: I believe the right pet owner is absolutely invaluable to a breeder. Truly there is nothing better than a good pet home for one of your puppies. Not every dog is cut out to be a Champion Show Dog, or a World Qualifying canine athlete. But what makes a good pet home vs a bad pet home?

The Good- Is prepared to have a dog and understands all of the care and training a dog requires. Picks the best suited for their lifestyle - Do they have time for a puppy ? Or would they prefer and older housebroken puppy or even an adult dog? They will spend a ton of time researching breeds and talking to breeders. (Or looking into a responsible rescue nearby). Are prepared to meet the emotional, physical, and mental needs of the dog- spending time with the dog daily, feeding a high quality diet, exercising the dog regularly, training and keeping the dog occupied to prevent bad habits.

The Bad- Not prepared for a dog. Thinks dogs require minimal to no training and will just behave on its own. Doesn’t research breeds - just picks a pup at random from a shelter or picks a purebred on looks alone. Is not prepared to meet the dogs basic needs- works long hours, doesn’t want to deal with unwanted behaviors, minimal training. I find many “bad” pet people don’t research food and just buy whatever is cheapest.

We’ve all seen that family that brings home a lab puppy because it’s a “great family dog” and “the kids will love it”. But it quickly becomes apparent that they had no idea that a lab is a high energy breed. They thought their puppy should be a couch potato and not a tornado with teeth. It happens all the time and unfortunately it’s giving all pet people and pet dogs a bad name. I

Through my breeder I know some wonderful pet people. They take their Aussies hiking multiple times a week, they are wonderfully trained and the people understand the breed. They may even dabble in a dog sport which is great!

But at work I see people who wonder why their GSD is leash reactive and fearful. They think because she’s in daycare she should be socialized. I have a client with an Icelandic Sheepdog. She’s wondering why the dog tries to chase cars and barks nonstop- but admits she leaves the dog in a kennel by the road for hours on end by herself. Seems baffled that a herding breed that is known to be vocal reacts this way.

This is what gives all pet people a bad rep. I personally feel that a lot of people just shouldn’t have dogs. If you’re rarely home, unable to exercise a dog or give it any sort of training- why should you have a dog? What’s stopping you from really researching a breed? Look into a lab, you’ll quickly find that they require a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Maybe a Lhasa Apso or a Shih Tzu is a better fit for someone who just wants a dog to hang out and cuddle. But guess what? Little dogs need exercise and training too! That’s another HUGE problem with people- thinking their little dog is content to sit home and do nothing and needs no training.

Honestly I could go on forever on this topic so I’ll wrap it up before I make myself crazy.

Personally I prefer Performance type dogs. I love that high energy that needs structured physical activity several times a week. I like a challenge. But I understand that isn’t the lifestyle for everyone. You will never ever hear me say the word “pet” like it’s a dirty word and something to look down on. It’s an insult to all of the great pet people out there. You simply cannot lump all pet people into one category. And my dogs are pets too. Sure they may be athletes by day but at night when they’re tired we still snuggle on the couch and watch Netflix. They aren’t somehow better, they aren’t made of gold. I really think it’s time people got off their high horse and stop putting themselves on a pedestal for having a “sport” or “show dog”. Anyone who is putting time and effort into their dogs is deserving of praise. Encourage others to do more with their dogs instead of patting yourself on the back for being better.

Sorry for the rant dogblr, you are all wonderful and encouraging to everyone. I just need to get these thoughts out there after everything I’ve dealt with this weekend.

oryginalayo  asked:

I'm so bad at adulting. Like really bad because my mum found some Legos back from when I was a child and I started playing with them again. I'm 20 and my brother was complaining and I feel bad because everyone wants me to be an adult. I don't want to be an adult??? I want to sleep for 10 years and wake up with a degree, job and pretty girlfriend who would act childish with me. Anyone??? Pls I'm good at cuddling and I have cute dog c: I also have terrible sense of humour :)

Here’s some advice that I’ve learned from my year of essentially being the parent of two fully grown people. Growing up is basically being responsible and doing the stuff you need to when you need to, then doing whatever the fuck you want the rest of the time. If that means playing with Lego at 20 years old, then it’s playing with Lego at 20 years old.

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What placement does Pisces have to be in to be psychic? Because my aunt is a Pisces(sun) and she has the ability to see when things are going to happen and my younger sister can too but not as well as my aunt. My mother and older sister also has this ability, but in their dreams and they're not Pisces. Idk why I not able to, but I can sense when a crisis is about to occur like a dog can... maybe my family is weird

Anyone can be psychic, whether they need time to open their third eye, or if they’re born with it. My mom has a Pisces Mercury and Rising, she’s had dreams about the future, and people who have passed around her visit her in her dreams. There’s lots of placements that can indicate it. Since you asked, Pisces anywhere in the chart is a good sign for some abilities. Also if you have Pisces in a water house.

What being a twin to Damian would be like

How the twins are around the batfam: 

-No matter how close you are to your extended family, the two of you will always stick together. You have a strong bond that could never be broken or replaced. 

-Both you and Damian get on with Dick the most, having a high respect for him. Although Damian does like to make digs at him every now and then to make it seem like he only tolerates him. 

-You have a slight crush on Dick, he is very handsome. 

-The two of you prefer to train with your father but if he is unavailable then you will train with either Dick or Katherine.

 -Alfred is like a grandfather to you both, he is always there if you need to talk because he knows it can be difficult to talk to your father. He seems to understand you and give you the best advice he can. If anyone was to ever hurt him you and Damian would be the first people they would answer to. 

-Damian does not get on well with Tim at all, the two of them constantly butt heads with each other. You, on the other hand, seem to get on pretty well with him, admiring his intelligence and detective skills. Tim has taught you how to use many different gadgets to use in combat and has even shown you how to make your own. 

-You look up to Barbara and Katherine, they are your female role models. One day you hope to be as smart and strong as they are. 

-Damian also doesn’t get on well with Jason as they are pretty similar in nature. However, you feel sorry for Jason as he has been through a lot. You have spoken to him on many occasions about how hard it is to resist the urge to kill, as it was what your mother raised you and your brother to do. Jason is the only one in the family that could possibly understand your struggle, other than Damian.  

-Your relationship with your father has solidified over time. In the beginning, it was difficult because you and Damian were so full of rage and had an innate need to kill. He has taught you his ways and pointed you on a less destructive path. Damian is sometimes reluctant to show your father affection but has done so on occasions. You have become a daddy’s girl and give him hugs whenever you can. Your father is very proud of you both for all that you have accomplished. 

-And of course, who could forget your lovable pet dog, Titus. You and Damian share him and he loves you just as much as you love him. When you have free time you and Damian take him for long walks or play fetch. 

What the Batfam thinks of the twins: 


-Adores the both of you like younger siblings.

-Will always be there for you when you need him or if you ever find yourselves in trouble. 

-Makes sure he visits every week. 

-If anyone was to ever hurt either of you, he would make them pay. 

-”They are the babies of the family, it’s my duty to keep them safe.” 


-Thinks you are good kids, although he finds Damian to be the most annoying twin and can tolerate you more. 

-Always has your backs, even though you might not know it. 

-Visits every now and then to make sure you’re doing okay. 

-Like Dick, he is a protective older brother, if anyone hurts you they will be sorry. 

-”The twins are my family, just like the others. Although Damian does get on my nerves. I’d take a bullet for them.” 


-Cannot stand to be around Damian so swiftly avoids him. However, he doesn’t mind spending time with you as you actually show him some respect. 

-Thinks you are just as smart as he is and sees potential for you in the future. 

-He likes to geek out with you as you have similar interests as him. 

-When he needs to team up with someone he always comes to you because he knows he can rely on/trust you more than Damian. 

-”Me and Damian argue a lot but at the end of the day, he’s just a kid, maybe he will grow out of it one day. Y/n is smart and I enjoy spending time with her.”


-Thinks it’s funny when you wind up Tim and Dick. 

-Has taught you how to hack into the most secure systems.

-She is like the older sister that you have always wanted. 

-”The twins are great kids though there is no separating them, they stick to each other like glue.”


-Doesn’t usually like kids but she seems to like you two

-Being around you makes her remember her own sister and it feels like a gap in her life has been filled. 

-Finds Damian to be a little challenging but he seems to listen to her. 

-”At first, I wasn’t really sure what to think about the twins. But now I’m fine with being around them.”


-Won’t put up with any of your crap and will sass you otherwise.

-Has high hopes for your future and believes that you can do anything you put your mind to. 

-You both remind him of young Bruce and he enjoys watching you grow as people.

-”They are as much as my children as the are Master Wayne’s. Mess with them and you mess with me.” 

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My dad is abusive towards his 2yr old dog. If the dog misbehaves once, my dad yells at him and sometimes hits him. Im worried for the dog's safety. I can't talk to my dad about it bc im scared of my dad (he's been verbally abusive towards me). His fiancee usually cares for the dog but she's out of town for a few days (thats when my dad hits his dog more). Im not always living with my dad so I cant do much. I need to stop this abuse towards the dog but Idk what to do. Please help me :(

Oh, sweetie, that’s awful.  I wish I had a great answer for you, but that’s a really tough situation if you’re not there to monitor and step in, and if your dad’s fiancee is gone.  Do you have anyone else in the family who could just stop by and check on him?