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@cheshirerabit said: Shit, your teacher Bakugou idea is something I never considered but now think would be really cool. Cuz he would not stop being a hero but he wouldn’t half-ass being a teacher so it would be like how All Might attempted to hero and teach but could actually work. Plus, I’m all for Bakugou’s role model switching with time to Aizawa. 10/10 idea.

Anon said: OMG Fran now i want to see Teacher or Older Bakugou or or Bakugou with Aizawa

Bless both of you for giving me a reason to talk about this cause honestly I love this idea way more than striktly necessary - this!!! is how I like to think it would go down:

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of death, springtime, and three-headed dogs by slugmutt

Jyn has no interest in joining the Lord of the Dead in his pointless battle against the Titans.

It turns out he’s not planning to give her a choice.

Hades & Persephone AU with modern elements - Read it on AO3

  • random person: *compares Donald Trump to Voldemort*
  • me: YESSSSS.
  • my thoughts: Except he's not a Slytherin -- he's impulsive, rash, hot-tempered, and puts a lot of value on his public image and how people see him...plus he shows no resourcefulness, self-preservation, or loyalty to his inner-circle, since he had multiple divorces and only seems focused on himself. So basically he's an evil Gryffindor! ...Wait. What about Hillary? SHE shows resourcefulness, cleverness, and loyalty to her inner circle...plus she is methodical in her decision-making, can be incredibly flexible, and will kiss up to people to get her way. And of course she was vilified by people who mistook her cleverness for deviousness--OH MY GOD, HILLARY IS A GOOD SLYTHERIN HOLY COW.

interviewer asked if i thought mario was handsome. he had a mustache so i had to say yes. right? i had to say yes. saying yes was calculated. saying yes was the smart move. 

“hell yeah,” i said. the room was spinning. 
“i’d fuck the shit out of mario. i’d let him do things to me that weren’t even legal.”
i was overdoing it now but i couldn’t stop. although my mouth was forming words that were coherent, albeit a bit vulgar, the inside of my head was screaming. my mouth was so dry. i needed to stop now.

“i want the pipe.” 

he tried to interrupt then. he’d clearly had enough, but i knew that, at that point, i had to keep going. continuing was calculated. continuing was the smart move. 

“i want mario to rip me apart. i want him to blend both of my livers and make me drink it. i want him to freeze his semen into an icicle and stab me thousands and thousands of times.”

he told me to stop then. he didn’t so much say it as yell it, which i personally thought was incredibly rude. you don’t yell during an interview. none of the interview youtube videos i’d watched had mentioned any yelling. i wanted to point it out but he seemed a bit agitated, so i made a mental note to send him a polite email after i’d gotten the job. 

“that’s quite enough.”
at least he was using his inside voice now. 

“peach who?” i said, my voice barely above a whisper. my mouth felt as if it were on fire. i needed water. 

“excuse me?”

“peach who” i croaked. 
“that’s what mario’s going to say after i–”
suddenly i began coughing. maybe even dry heaving a little, but he didn’t have to know that.
“–after i fuck his brains out.” i finished. 

turns out mario was his son. i must’ve glanced at the family beach photo on his desk one too many times, but only because i was trying to figure out how one man could be so bald. he must have waxed his head. he had to. no human head reflected direct sunlight with such boldness. 

he began to talk about how there currently wasn’t a position open. i’d watched enough videos to know that was interview talk. it meant i wasn’t getting hired. i had to think fast. maybe there was still a way i could spin this. if i couldn’t attack from outside, maybe i could still infiltrate from within.

“that’s too bad. but maybe you could tell mario to give me a call sometime?”

he called security.

Imagine a scene in the upcoming Mary Poppins sequel where Emily Blunt as Mary is walking down the street, drenched in the rain. Having lost her umbrella, she is suddenly tapped on the shoulder and spins around to see Julie Andrews who says,

“Excuse me Miss, I believe you need this more than I do.”

and she hands her a new umbrella.
Like a cute little cameo and wink to the audience. Almost as if she’s passing on the torch.


kid!destiel + puns + fluff = happy halloween! 🎃

based on (x)

Head Canon

Dick: Alright everyone, it’s Easter and on Easter we dye the eggs.

Jason: Aren’t the eggs already dead?

Tim: Dye as in D-Y-E you idiot. You color the eggs. Not D-I-E. Why do you have to associate everything with death? We get it you died. Move on!

Jason: I’d like to see you D-Y-E and try to move on.

Tim: It’s D-I-E!

Duke: Guys.

Jason: Stop trying to mess with my head Drake! It’s D-Y-E.

Duke: Guys seriously.

Tim: No you idiot it's​ D-I-E!

Duke: Can we just dye the eggs?

Jason: Like I said, the eggs

are already D-Y-E-D.

Tim: *runs a hand down his face*

Damian: *rushes into the kitchen* I just heard someone say die! Who do I need to kill?!

Jason: Go to bed.

Damian: Excuse me?

Tim: Or you could just…

*glares at Jason* D-I-E.

Jason: It’s D-Y-E.

Damian: …

Dick: *sitting on a stool in a shady corner* I just wanted us to have a nice Easter tradition. That’s all I was asking for.

Duke: *panicking slightly leans out of the kitchen doorway* Alfred!

anonymous asked:

Love your blog! Can I request RFA+V and Saeran being college classmates with MC?

Thanks so much! Hope you like this, and thanks for sending in a request!


  • You both were in an elective class studying Shakespeare and other dramas
  • You didn’t really wanna be there…just there for the credit
  • He saw you sulking and tried to brighten your day
  • It worked and you guys became class buddies
  • He always borrows your pencils, cuz he never has them
  • Don’t give him one with cats on it though
  • He helps you decipher Shakespeare in exchange for help with other classes
  • One day he’s reciting some sonnet and you realize your heart flutters when he looks at you
  • Your professor low-key ships you two
  • You don’t realize until he adds a kissing scene where there wasn’t one?
  • Oh well…who’s complaining. ;)


  • He ended up enrolling later in this culinary course to make up for some bad grade
  • When he first walked into the class, you thought he was the cutest thing
  • Lucky you ended up being paired as his partner
  • He never paid attention during the lecture, but somehow really good at practical cooking
  • As it so happens, you were good in the lecture but bad at cooking
  • “Aww, MC! We’re a perfect pair!”
  • Whoops. Your heart skipped a beat.
  • You guys are inseparable even outside of class
  • You listen to his rants about LOLOL because he just acts like a little puppy and it’s adorable


  • You mistake her as the TA on first day of Business 101
  • You’re really embarrassed about it and apologize hundreds of times
  • You notice how meticulous her notes are during class
  • So you ask for help a lot
  • You’re not sure how to talk to her about anything else but school, even if you want to
  • One day, you bring her coffee to thank her for everything
  • That’s when you find out about her passion for coffee and dream of opening a cafe
  • You find that she actually comes to you a lot more often for advice
  • Somehow you grow really close over the semester


  • You don’t know who he is until half-way through the semester of Marketing when you’re paired off for group projects
  • The other people in the group think he’s really stuck up
  • But you know it’s not the truth and see he’s really kind
  • Study sessions always go off on a tangent because you two end up talking about everything else
  • Even when the project is over, he starts sitting next to you in class
  • You’re unsure why he keep staring at you when you wear your cat sweater
  • When he tells you about his love for cats, you ask if he’s been to the cat cafe on campus
  • You’ve never seen him so happy before
  • He tries to pictures with the cats, but all of them are blurry
  • You never thought you’d be teaching a college kid how to take selfies, yet here you are


  • It’s a pretty difficult  IT course and he’s the kid in the back who doesn’t talk to anyone
  • You’re pretty sure he’s failing
  • Until one time the professor calls him out and asks him to answer a particularly difficult question
  • And he completely nails it without even a bit of stress
  • Unlike everyone else who thinks its weird, you find it fascinating
  • Give the excuse you need help with some problems
  • Turns out he’s a complete dork
  • You don’t realize until the end of the semester that he knows a lot about you
  • That you don’t remember telling him
  • Gets you friendship pencils for the final


  • Art 101….you are not thrilled
  • Lookie, there’s another person scowling in the back, so you sit next to him
  • He constantly makes sarcastic comments about the lecture
  • After awhile, you join in and you two now have an unspoken bond
  • Turns out he’s actually really good at painting
  • You’re surprised at the amount of emotion in the picture
  • Really bad at sketching people though….
  • “Is that a bug?”
  • “…That’s a nose…”
  • “Oh….it’s a very cute nose.”
  • “Shut up.”


  • You’re taking a photography class for fun
  • You end up mixing up the times and get there an hour early
  • Well…he ended up doing the same thing
  • There’s an awkward silence for a long time…
  • so you ask him “What’s that?” and points to the camera in his bag
  • He stares at you confusedly….”Oh…I should mention I’m partially blind.” 
  • Embarrassment aside, you two start talking a lot…you flirt a little too
  • When it’s getting nearer to class time, you ask politely why he’s taking this class if he can’t see too well.
  • Find out he’s actually the TA
  • Oops….you’re more embarrassed now.