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After a Fight with Sincerely Three+ Zoe & Alana (hcs)

A/N: Does this fit the request? (And thank you very much)

Request: can i get hc’s for the sincerely three + zoe and alana for making up with them after a fight? i’m a huge fan of your blog by the way. 

Warnings: N/A

Evan Hansen

- Since Evan doesn’t like to argue, I feel like this will happen once every blue moon

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Tip for girls who live in the middle of nowhere and can't travel easily: play up the distance aspect in your profile, don't ignore it. I study in rural MA and present myself as an opportunity for a beautiful, discreet mountain getaway for stressed city men who need a sexy tour guide to help them explore the Berkshires. It's gotten me tons of luck from Boston and NYC SDs.

Oooh this is good!!

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hc's of Link getting hyper from a haste potion? Like he just downed a few red bulls?

Link hyped on Haste Potions

  • You want things done fast? Have a Link fucked up on haste potion! He’ll get any menial task completed!
  • Doesn’t mean it’s gonna be pretty though
  • You need about 30 rushrooms for a good hearty meal? Fear not! Link is already half way done, but oh shit- he ate some because his stamina was dropping and didn’t have more stamina potion. Link is now going ludicrous speed that he isn’t paying attention to wear he’s grabbing- OUCH..that fall must of really hurt. It’s okay Link, walk it off.
  • He’s moving so fast that even the bokoblins can’t even spot him! They’re all dead before they can blow the horn
  • But he wasted about 5 swords, 6 spears, and ruined his guardians shields. All because he’s moving too fast and missed all his targets. Be nicer to the ground, Link. Get your shit together.
  • He runs faster than his horses! Who needs them anyways when everyone knows the best shortcut is climbing a mountain!
  • which still takes him 15 fucking minutes, because why not
  • Need to herd in some sheep? Forget the dog, Link will throw them all in the kennel!
  • Need to collect cucco eggs? Well shit, he already did it but accidentally decked one in the face- WATCH OUT FOR THE HORDE OF CUCCOS
  • But the wind down is harsh, bros. So very, very harsh. The moment he’s out of haste potion, he face-plants the ground and sleeps there for good three days.
  • Fear not, some wandering travelers threw a blanket over him. He’ll be fine.

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Nikki!! It's august 1, which means it's national girlfriends day! However, it is also national mountain climbing day and national raspberry cream pie day. So looks like I need to find a cute girl who's willing to climb a mountain and then eat a raspberry cream pie at the top for our first date. Any clue where I can find one??

no but if you find out share ur location with me pls 

Birthday Shenanigans // Choi Seungcheol Part 1

PAIRING // Seungcheol x Reader 

REQUEST // “I’d like to request a mafia!au Seungcheol avoiding work to spend time with his s/o (the reader) on his birthday, sending his members on a wild goose chase all over the city as they try to look for him while still being out with his s/o.” 

WORD COUNT // 1164 (This one is a little long sorry)

SUMMARY // Birthday shenanigans with Seungcheol (Mafia AU)

“Seungcheol come on, Wake up!” You whined, hitting your boyfriend’s arm. He groaned as he pulled the blanket over his head and rolled away from you. You grabbed a pillow and hit him until he peaked his head out of the blanket.

“Baby it’s my birthday let me sleep in.” He said pouting.

“No, you have to work, so I made breakfast and you’re gonna spend time with me before you leave with the boys.” You said whacking him with the pillow. He whined, but he reluctantly got up.

“Only because I love you.” He said getting out of bed. Once he finished getting ready the two of you sat down to enjoy a birthday breakfast.

“So, I was thinking of skipping work, let’s just go on an adventure today.” He said, mouth full of pancakes.

“No you can’t the boys are gonna be here any second.” You said. He got up from the table and grabbed your hand.

“We’re going, don’t worry the boys won’t care.” He said. He pulled you up and opened the door. However, 12 men stood on the other side dressed in suits ready to go. You smiled at them while seungcheol continued to hold onto your hand.

“Let’s go Cheol we have business to attend to.” Jeonghan said. He pulled you out of the apartment and ran away from all the work he needed to get done. You heard the 12 men yell at each other to catch Seungcheol, but the two of you were already out if the building. 

He let go of your hand as he signaled a cab, the orange vehicle (I searched the color of taxis in Korea lol) stopped at the curb and he quickly ushered you in. He quickly got in after you and slammed the door. 

“Namsan tower please.” Seungcheol said. The taxi started driving away, leaving the 12 speechless guys behind.

“Someone follow him, catch him and get him back!” Jeonghan yelled at them. They all scattered as they chased after the taxi leaving Jeonghan behind on his phone, trying to contact Seungcheol.  

“Cheollie you need to go to work,” You said, “ Not avoiding the guys and going to Namsan Tower with me.”

“But I want to spend my birthday with you.” He said. He pouted at you with puppy dog eyes, begging for you to let him skip work. You looked at him until you cracked a smile giving into his adorable face. 

“I knew you would agree.” He said laughing lightly.

“Mhmm it’s because I love you.” You said, kissing him lightly. The taxi finally stopped making you realize you had forgotten your bag; leaving you cashless. 

“Sweetie I don’t have my bag.” You told him. He smiled at you, pulling out his wallet and waving it around. He payed the driver the amount due and pulled you out of the taxi. 

“You want to go up?” He asked. You nodded and the two of you walked to the cable car station. He put an arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer. The two of you stood in line as people stared at your handsome boyfriend; pointing and whispering. 

The longer the two of you waited in line the more girls came up to him asking for pictures. You were separated from him and you stood off to the side; an annoyed look on your face.

“I’m sorry, but no more. I just want to spend a peaceful day with my girlfriend!” He yelled at the group around him. The girls slowly scattered and you made your way back into his arms.

“Glad you finally noticed I was gone.” You said. He wrapped his arms around you hugging you from behind. 

“You are my entire world, how could I forget you.” He said. You laughed and looked up at him, kissing him on the cheek. His cheeks turned a light pink making you laugh harder.

“CHOI SEUNGCHEOL!” You heard a voice yell. You both turned around to see a familiar face running up the street. It was Hoshi, but you called him by his real name, Soonyoung, out of breath and looking frustrated. He almost caught up, but before he could Seungcheol pulled you into a cable car and the doors shut. 

You saw Hoshi get farther and farther as the cable car left the platform taking you up the mountain. When it came to a stop the two of you got out and bought tickets to go in the tower. You went to the top, enjoying the view of the city and the company of each other. After enjoying your time at Namsan Tower the two of you headed back down and bumped into Hoshi who was walking up the mountain. 

“Cheol you need to come with me, we have that meeting today, remember?” Hoshi said, a look in his eyes. Your boyfriend grabbed your hand and raced down the mountain, laughing the further you guys got away. Hoshi momentarily froze, but he regained his senses and chased after the two of you. You guys caught another taxi and then off you headed to a new destination. 

“Samcheongdong-gil Road please and step on it.” Seungcheol said to the driver. He nodded and began to drive leaving Hoshi behind, empty handed and out of breath once again. Hoshi pulled out his phone and dialed Jeonghan quickly.

“I lost them again.” He told Jeonghan.

“ YAH if we don’t get Cheol we won’t be able to finish the cash transaction (idk how the mafia really works but yeah), do you have any idea where they went?” Jeonghan yelled over the phone. 

“No, but send the guys to the popular spots of Seoul, we’re bound to find them.” He replied. Jeonghan quickly hung up his call with Hoshi and sent a mass text; telling the guys to search everywhere and quickly. 

Back in the taxi, you and Seungcheol talked quietly in the back about everything and nothing. While Seungcheol was checking his phone you suddenly thought of something that you hadn’t realized all morning. 

“Why are they chasing him he’s only skipping one day of work and it’s for his birthday.” You pondered in your head. 

“Baby what are you thinking about so seriously.” Seungcheol asked, snapping you back to reality.

“Well, I was wondering why the guys are chasing you. Does the office really need you that bad?” You asked. He sighed, mumbling some stuff to himself, and looked as if he were seriously debating in his head.

“Um, I need to tell you the truth and if this scares you away so be it, better than lying to you.” He said. You nodded and told him to go ahead, holding his hands. 

“I’m the head boss of a Mafia.” He said softly. Your hands that held his dropped, the sudden confession shaking you to your core. And before you knew it, you asked the driver to stop and let you off, leaving Seungcheol in the taxi. 

A/N: Requests are always open! And sorry it got really angsty at the end, but there is a part 2 for everyone not satisfied with a sad ending. 

33 OTP Things (Disney World Edition)

Send me a number and ship from ACOTAR or TOG series!

Seriously guys I am so obsessed with Disney and these series so I am more than excited to answer these!

1. Who has a to-do list of things needed to ride/see?
2. Who runs around like a kid when they enter the park?
3. Who takes the most photos?
4. Who ends up napping during the trip?
5. Who ends up wearing mouse ears?
6. Who buys a souvenir for their significant other?
7. Who wants to ride the Regal Carousel?
8. Who needs to change clothes after Splash Mountain?
9. Who buys the sweet ice-cream?
10. Who wants to see ALL the Disney characters?
11. Who is the most pumped for Space Mountain?
12. Who calls the other one cute names?
13. Who is considered the Disney Prince/Princess?
14. Who accidentally lets go of a balloon? 
15. Who is flirted with by a Disney Prince/Princess?
16. Who sings along with the songs during the parades?
17. Who enjoys Magic Kingdom/Animal Kingdom/Epcot/Hollywood Studios the most?
18. Who loves which park ride the most from Magic Kingdom/Animal Kingdom/Epcot/Hollywood Studios?
19. Who is mistaken for a Disney character by children?
20. Who makes reservations at Be Our Guest Restaurant?
21. Who sings Disney songs during their trip?
22. Who screams the most during the rides?
23. Who gets lost in the park?
24. Who would wear “If lost return to…” t-shirt/ Who would wear “I am…” t-shirt?
25. Who kisses who first/where in the park?
26. Who orders the most food/drinks?
27. Who stands in line for hours to get an autograph for the other’s favorite character?
28. Who Disneybounds? (Dresses similar to a character.)
29. Who cries and/or kisses the other during the Wishes fireworks?
30. Who teases the other the most during the entire trip?
31. Who works at the park?
32. Who flirts with the other while they are working?
33. Who is the biggest Disney fan?

what if the squip comes back but he like

is physical, this time.

and jeremy just walks into school, with the squip behind him

he meets up with the squip kids and theyre just like

‘who the fuck is that’

jeremy: 'who do you think’


jeremy: now michael– hes chill– hes ,,,weak

michael: yuo bettr not fukin hurt him

SQUIP: (shrugs)

Beauty and the Beast AU

Ok but like I just thought of a Beauty and the Beast AU for Shimadacest.

So all that shit happened between Hanzo and Genji (like in canon) but Hanzo left and after a while he was considered dead. A Witch (fuckin Mercy goddamnit) put a curse on him for ‘killing’ his brother, turning him into a beast, and whomever he came into contact with (and was kind to him/cared for/pitied him you know what i mean, this doesn’t affect Genji yall) something hideous as well (and it would only be broken if he truly redeemed himself). With his shame a huge burden and his ‘terrible’ looks he hid himself in the countryside, all the while gathering friends. It might be those who came back from war, those who were hiding from the authorities, or those whose honors needed restoring. Either way, he gained his own group of sorts. With his group he built a small town, living there for what seemed like forever.

Then Genji woke up from a coma. After over a decade of being trapped inside himself did he wake (in his cyborg form obviously jfc). He found himself in Overwatch, which became his new family. After a time Winston game him a mission to go on by himself. He was to travel through the countryside and reach Jack, who needed to be recruited. 

Genji traveled through the mountains and countryside, and after a week or so found what seemed to be an abandoned house. He stayed there for the night, sleep never coming with the night sounds and dangerous sounding creatures afoot in the woods. 

The next morning he was attacked (fuckin whatever you want I would explain but then there wouldn’t be any imagining off of it would there be???). The attacker was however warded off by another beast (Hanzo y’all). This beast took him in, fixed him up, and cared for him. Once he was healed he left, finishing his mission. (Btw when Genji tells Hanzo his name Hanzo thinks its just a coincidence).

After that mission however, he kept coming back to the village, curious. Every time he came there he sought out The Beast. Overtime he became fond of The Beast (this is still Hanzo yall). Though The Beast was hesitant at first, he soon returned Genji’s fondness towards one another.

After several months Genji stopped coming back, and Hanzo was deeply concerned and worried about this. He went looking for the Cyborg, eventually coming upon Overwatch. Genji had apparently been captured several weeks before. Rage filled The Beast, his affection for Genji growing into something fierce and fiery. He vowed he would find Genji and bring him to safety. With a team of Overwatch’s in tow, he found the Cyborg in the claws of Talon.

(A lot of shit happens, fighting, tacticy stuff blach blah).

In the midst of the fighting, Hanzo saw Widowmaker taking aim at Genji. He threw himself in front of the Cyborg, the bullet piercing his chest. He fell to the ground. Genji soon rushed over to him, pulling his head into the other’s lap. Genji seemed to be crying, even if tears weren’t visible. After a moment he felt himself transform, his fur disappearing and his horns shortening into nothing. He was Hanzo Shimada again. Genji suddenly stopped and stared at the now human.


Then all came into recognition. Genji. This was his brother


(Aight yall think of an ending for yourselves).


I’ve had a few people ask about the status of the raws, some more rude than others by implying that as it’s the weekend, I should have the time. Which is a lie. I’ve worked every last weekend at the coffee shop for about two months now. Weekends mean nothing to me. I did get today off, so I’ve been working on them. But I’m housesitting two houses this weekend as a side job, one has 2 big dogs who I need to take to the mountains to run around. When I get back, I plan on finishing up the raws and doing the other fandom asks I’ve gotten so far as little breaks in between. A lot have been sent with much love, and I appreciate each and every one. You’re sweet messages really do mean a lot❤️

The Boys:

Josh:Due to the fact that he did the whole prank, he wouldn’t have involved you. He would be going out of his way to make sure you are not scared and protected but he will be the one who needs the help. You will have to make sure he will be getting out alive, unharmed and safe.

If he never did the prank and he saw what was going on, Josh would be protecting you at all cost. He would do his best to set traps[much like the stranger] and he would be sending you down that mountain so fast those things wouldn’t know what would hit them.

Wendigo!Josh: He is much different much do to him not really understand much. But the one thing he know’s is that he love’s you and will protect you know matter the cost. He is a lot braver and will dive head first at the wendigo who attacked you, he will be the one carrying you down the mountain.

Mike: He will do what ever it takes to protect you, when he loves someone he will be showing it.If you are taken you bet your ass that he will be going back to rescue you. Though he may not be a very good shot, he is smart, fast and strong. He doesn’t care what would happen to him as long as your safe.Befriending wolves,cutting of limbs, it doesn’t faze him until you are by his side.

Matty B: Being the nice guy he is, Matt will make sure you will always be safe,tending not to think he will put his life in danger even if it ,means to save yours. Due to him being a star athlete he will be preforming stunts you’ve dreamed of you could do just to protect you.

Chris: Having the best shot, he is the one who will shot is way down the mountain if need be.He will keep you safe at all cost’s and if it is between you or him, he will be the one to give up his life to protect you. You mean everything to him and he will not be letting you go anytime soon.

The Girls:

Sam: Being the bad ass she is, she will be the one to keep you calm and collected. She knows you can not panic in a situation like this and she will make sure you are safe, happy and not scared. If you are being attacked, she will grab any weapon she can find and use it to protect you.

Emily: She is very intelligent and will be the one to make sure you are not doing anything stupid to hurt yourself.She will make sure that someone else won’t make some stupid mistake to get you killed.

[Only did these two since Jess was out of it most of the time and Ash is a little puppy.]|| Submission Here || 


  • Formerly Deathwing’s lieutenant and his real son
  • Friends with Rexxar, a strong and independent half orc who don’t need no clan
  • Hangs out in Blades’ Edge Mountains just wanting to chill and get revenge on Gruul for their dragon genocide
  • Tanks Goc for you in the final battle so you don’t have to work too hard
  • Stays in his lane and doesn’t summon intergalactic demons from outer space
  • No weird daddy issues


  • Can’t even make up his mind as to whether Deathwing is his dad or granddad 
  • Brought the Burning Legion to Azeroth
  • Caused WoD
  • Thinks he can protect Azeroth better than the person that killed his dad
  • Needs to be babysitted by his guards
  • Didn’t help you stop Cordana Felsong

Sabellian confirmed for superior black dragon and son.


an all-female vocalist mix for the wild girls, for earth-lovers and skinchangers who don’t need saving from the sweet darkness of forests and mountains

Listen | cover

i. Phenomena - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs | ii. Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore iii. Wolf & IOhLand | iv. Off & On - Findlay | v. Bad Things - Cults | vi. Me and the Devil - Soap & Skin | vii. Blue Eyes BlindZZ Ward viii. Under the Earth  -  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs | ix. Feral Love  - Chelsea Wolfe |  | x. Demons  - Sleigh Bells xi. Becomes the Color   - Emily Wells xii. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)  - Nico Vega |  xiii. Night  - Zola Jesus 

In a broken and fallen world, God says, “I am the God of hope. My message is one of salvation, restoration and healing. I have chosen you to be My messenger. I have equipped you with the Truth and your story of redemption. Take it to those who are hurting, who are searching for meaning. Share the good news with those who most need it.”
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”
Isaiah 52:7

The songs of episode 6x06 of Glee: What The World Needs Now (spoilers)

Burt Bacharach is one of my most favorite composers. His songs often sound simple and light, but they are usually very difficult to sing (or to play on the piano). So I was excited when I found out Glee would do a tribute episode. But that excitement quickly changed into disappointment when Glee decided that Burt Bacharach week also would be basicly Daleastreet week, ugh. While Matt Morrison (who hadn’t sung this season yet!) and Chris Colfer, who both have proven to be able to handle Bacharach songs before, are mostly swaying gracefully in the background, counting the days till they’re free of this horrid show who don’t appreciate their talents. Thank God for the saving graces of Amber and Kevin, the season 6 ‘regulars’ who are hardly ever there but who’s few songs hold more quality singing in them than all the songs of the New Directions in seasons 4 and 5 together. 

Here are the songs of 6x06, aka “How Glee fucks up good songs once again and wastes the real talents in its cast”.

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I need people in my life who will sit on top of a mountain with me or in a sunflower field and ask me questions that take me a minute to find answers to because I’m searching in my soul for an honest answer. I need people who dig deep because I am more than what I do for work and how I spend my weekends. I am someone who has fought every single day to stay alive to make it to where I am today. I am more than my favorite color but no one seems to care.