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Welcome to the frickin’ Guardians of the Galaxy

Ascent is the way of the world. Climb the corporate ladder. Get the bigger house. Increase your portfolio. Gain prestige and recognition. Build the Tower of Babel so we can reach the heavens on our own. Men are accustomed to this world. Climb, climb, climb. Ascending in the world is the way in which men prove themselves. But the world doesn’t just need men who stand on the tops of mountains; it needs men who have been in the valleys and understand the important, life-saving reasons to pay attention to and value the descent.
—  Nate Pyle, Man Enough

Today on My Adventures with Breath of the Wild, I caught a horse for the guy on the way to Gerudo who needs a horse. Well, first I caught the Lord of the Mountain and brought that to him, but he was like “the fuck dude, I said a HORSE.” Okay, I guess my horse-moth-owl-celestial being isn’t good enough for you. So I went back out and caught an actual horse. Things were going well until we got to a bridge and the horse just fucking walked off the bridge. Fell onto the rocks below and it was too steep to climb out. Fell into the water, got mad, swam to the shore, still couldn’t get out. It was surreal and irritating.

11 Questions

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1. If you were a mythical creature, what kind would you be?

probably a vampire ! they’re fucken cool and who needs sunlight anyways lmao

2. Ocean, forest, mountains, or elsewhere?

forests, i think ! they give a certain elegant mysterious feeling, it’s really kind of serene… tho i don’t like bugs lol

3. Favorite qualities in a person?

uhhhhhhhh 1. tolerating me 2.not leaving me 3.maybe being nice to me sometimes 4.doesnt yell at me

4. Any dreams for the future?


5. Favorite video games?

i don’t play a lot of games, tbh the most games i play has been the pokemon ds games throughout my childhood ((still havent gotten around to finishing Sun/Moon yet aaaghghghhggg))

6. Do you have a crush?

hah i mean my gf is @sasyquin so does that count

7. Do you have a song that feels like it was made for you?

“I’m Just A Kid” by Simple Plan maybe… or “Bullet” by Hollywood Undead lol.

8. Favorite fictional characters?

Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds), Saeran Choi (Mystic Messenger), Xerxes Break (Pandora Hearts), and Pidge Gunderson (Voltron)

9. What’s something you’ve always wanted to do?


(idk, haha sorry..)

10. Do you believe in soulmates or destiny?

nah. nice concept i guess but doesn’t seem realistic to me

11. What’s something that cheers you up when you’re feeling down?

stuff that makes me laugh, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, talking my gf, or getting attention from my dp lol


idk man go ahead if u want. sorry im not making any new questions, im boring

know what i love about online friends? they’re literally half way across the world and damn it feels like they are right beside me, even though we’ve only known each other for a few weeks, god i really look forward to untimed good mornings and the cringy conversations and there is so much hype and love like “my god you breath, so beautiful, 10/10, my angel, my queen” and so much warmth and support like “aww having a bad day? im sending you so much love and hugs, so so much also who do i need to fight” i would cross oceans and the mountains for you. damn if only words could express how much im thankful and greatful, and how much i adore you for always listening to my worries and comforting me and going along with the syrup sweet and cavity causing conversations and i want the world to know that you are literally the most beautiful, wonderful,kind,brave and the most fragile yet strongest soul i know*cries happy tears*

to my queen @returnofthesquishies


  • Formerly Deathwing’s lieutenant and his real son
  • Friends with Rexxar, a strong and independent half orc who don’t need no clan
  • Hangs out in Blades’ Edge Mountains just wanting to chill and get revenge on Gruul for their dragon genocide
  • Tanks Goc for you in the final battle so you don’t have to work too hard
  • Stays in his lane and doesn’t summon intergalactic demons from outer space
  • No weird daddy issues


  • Can’t even make up his mind as to whether Deathwing is his dad or granddad 
  • Brought the Burning Legion to Azeroth
  • Caused WoD
  • Thinks he can protect Azeroth better than the person that killed his dad
  • Needs to be babysitted by his guards
  • Didn’t help you stop Cordana Felsong

Sabellian confirmed for superior black dragon and son.


an all-female vocalist mix for the wild girls, for earth-lovers and skinchangers who don’t need saving from the sweet darkness of forests and mountains

Listen | cover

i. Phenomena - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs | ii. Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore iii. Wolf & IOhLand | iv. Off & On - Findlay | v. Bad Things - Cults | vi. Me and the Devil - Soap & Skin | vii. Blue Eyes BlindZZ Ward viii. Under the Earth  -  The Yeah Yeah Yeahs | ix. Feral Love  - Chelsea Wolfe |  | x. Demons  - Sleigh Bells xi. Becomes the Color   - Emily Wells xii. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)  - Nico Vega |  xiii. Night  - Zola Jesus 

The songs of episode 6x06 of Glee: What The World Needs Now (spoilers)

Burt Bacharach is one of my most favorite composers. His songs often sound simple and light, but they are usually very difficult to sing (or to play on the piano). So I was excited when I found out Glee would do a tribute episode. But that excitement quickly changed into disappointment when Glee decided that Burt Bacharach week also would be basicly Daleastreet week, ugh. While Matt Morrison (who hadn’t sung this season yet!) and Chris Colfer, who both have proven to be able to handle Bacharach songs before, are mostly swaying gracefully in the background, counting the days till they’re free of this horrid show who don’t appreciate their talents. Thank God for the saving graces of Amber and Kevin, the season 6 ‘regulars’ who are hardly ever there but who’s few songs hold more quality singing in them than all the songs of the New Directions in seasons 4 and 5 together. 

Here are the songs of 6x06, aka “How Glee fucks up good songs once again and wastes the real talents in its cast”.

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The Boys:

Josh:Due to the fact that he did the whole prank, he wouldn’t have involved you. He would be going out of his way to make sure you are not scared and protected but he will be the one who needs the help. You will have to make sure he will be getting out alive, unharmed and safe.

If he never did the prank and he saw what was going on, Josh would be protecting you at all cost. He would do his best to set traps[much like the stranger] and he would be sending you down that mountain so fast those things wouldn’t know what would hit them.

Wendigo!Josh: He is much different much do to him not really understand much. But the one thing he know’s is that he love’s you and will protect you know matter the cost. He is a lot braver and will dive head first at the wendigo who attacked you, he will be the one carrying you down the mountain.

Mike: He will do what ever it takes to protect you, when he loves someone he will be showing it.If you are taken you bet your ass that he will be going back to rescue you. Though he may not be a very good shot, he is smart, fast and strong. He doesn’t care what would happen to him as long as your safe.Befriending wolves,cutting of limbs, it doesn’t faze him until you are by his side.

Matty B: Being the nice guy he is, Matt will make sure you will always be safe,tending not to think he will put his life in danger even if it ,means to save yours. Due to him being a star athlete he will be preforming stunts you’ve dreamed of you could do just to protect you.

Chris: Having the best shot, he is the one who will shot is way down the mountain if need be.He will keep you safe at all cost’s and if it is between you or him, he will be the one to give up his life to protect you. You mean everything to him and he will not be letting you go anytime soon.

The Girls:

Sam: Being the bad ass she is, she will be the one to keep you calm and collected. She knows you can not panic in a situation like this and she will make sure you are safe, happy and not scared. If you are being attacked, she will grab any weapon she can find and use it to protect you.

Emily: She is very intelligent and will be the one to make sure you are not doing anything stupid to hurt yourself.She will make sure that someone else won’t make some stupid mistake to get you killed.

[Only did these two since Jess was out of it most of the time and Ash is a little puppy.]|| Submission Here || 


A role model
Does no wrong
Perfect singer

What you shouldn’t be
Constantly messes up
Sounds like a dying whale

Skin peeling back from concealer burns
Teeth sharp
Tongue sharper
Mouth lined with insults for those who cross her
Breasts pressed in wire frames pushed up like mountains being revealed to airplanes
Still loved

Body delicately cracked barely holding together
Teeth blunt with lack of use
Tongue padded with kind words for those who need them
Breasts forces in too small of frames, less like mountains and more like water balloons nearly popped
Still hated

Slowly her face peels away her true form in view
Her words sharper and her hits harder
Accusations spreading like wild fire
Evils invisible by those around her

Face cracking away showing the nothing underneath
Words become softer more and more like a whisper of a frightened child in a storm
Bullets hit a cracked shell crumbling even more away
Evil is the only thing visible

Morals twist and turn like​ fire in the wind
Her legs open to those who never should see such things
Her spite swells and slowly they can see

Morals reinforce themselves around the only uncracked piece left
The heart of a child
Legs pried open by the minds around who should never think such things
Acceptance swells but no one sees

Watching as her well constructed empire formed on the basis of fear crumbles beneath her feet
She grasps for the power again
Coming back with nothing but her own empty promises and compliments
Slowly her true form starts to crack.

Oblivious to the hands and materials used around to build a new empire formed from trust and understanding
The stars seem in reach and everything is beautiful
The crumbled exterior and wall of morals slowly come together
The empire giving a new body
A true body

We aren’t so different her and I
We took our pain and went down different forks in the path
Hers ended in destruction and hopefully she finds another fork
One like I took and slowly she is built back up
For the better

I need people in my life who will sit on top of a mountain with me or in a sunflower field and ask me questions that take me a minute to find answers to because I’m searching in my soul for an honest answer. I need people who dig deep because I am more than what I do for work and how I spend my weekends. I am someone who has fought every single day to stay alive to make it to where I am today. I am more than my favorite color but no one seems to care.

Get out every moment you can.

We so often get swept in the tow of busyness, of plans and tasks, meetings and chores, and all between flurries of text messages and e-mails we somehow never find the time to respond to. Modern life is a life spent inside of screens, and while the world that exists within screens is large and abundant, with endless digital ephemera to keep you in your seat forever, without trees and isolation, you lose mystery.

For me, there’s nothing that I look forward to more than locking my computer up away for the weekend to spend a night in the mountains. There’s nothing that stokes me more than a long drive out of town after the sun’s set, snaking down state highways eating a gas station dinner while folks in the city are ordering their Ubers, lapping up microbrews, and having bad Tinder dates.

In the woods, I find much needed oxygen. On mountains, composure. And with friends who share the same love, levity.

A trip that I took with two of my friends—sisters, Tally and Tressa—out to a lone cabin in the Umpqua was one of those experiences I kept thinking about after, not because it was a big adventure. Because it was the complete opposite.

The cabin was anchored deep within a forested trove of firs, hemlock, and foothills. Quiet, alone, a dry place to sleep. The first day we meandered a steep grade up Bohemia Mountain, where wordlessly I mulled over the ghost town below, a gold mining development that was home to saloons, hotels, and family cottages in the mid-1800s. All but gone now, though some vestiges of life and activity remained behind. Across the way higher up in elevation was a fire lookout, perched on a rugged summit overlooking the Cascade range. When we approached its 5000 foot viewpoint a few miles later, the winds picked up and blew straight into our ears. Young droplets splashed our coats and the clouds were moving westward and I liked that I was away from home.

That night we made use of our books, wine, and heavy sweaters. We cooked vegetable soup on a rustic wood stove and fell asleep to gushes of autumn rain hitting timber. Twice I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, which was outside, and there came the feeling of sliding bare feet into my boots, and carefully treading mushy soil that spurted outwards at me with each step, and the light cover of late night (or early morning?) mist.

We didn’t get up until well past the first light of dawn, so fitful was our sleep, and slowly we got to making the first pot of coffee and throwing our breakfast on the stove. Sometimes I just think there’s really not a better sound than eggs crackling in cast iron, a better smell than sausage cooking in oil, or a better breakfast than one made inside of a log cabin. These are the kinds of things you really don’t get to appreciate in the thick of city life where all you listen for are the dings from your iPhone and your name being called out by the barista who crafted your latte.

Get out every moment you can, I say.

In a time defined by information, knowledge, speed, and the need for certainty, we’ve lost the feeling of mystery—the mystery of why certain things feel the way they do for us. The mystery of the way small things like rain and wind and hot soup can be so powerful. Mystery as an invitation to search slowly for meaning, to wonder and observe, when distractions don’t arrive swiftly at your fingertips. 

Rowan is NOTHING like Tamlin.

Like come on guys stop this stupidity.
Yes Rowan was violent and didn’t treat Aelin the best way till middle HoF, but how the hell can you even compare him to Tamlin.
Tamlin who only loved Feyre because he needed her to be free. Tamlin who let her suffer under the mountain and never tried to save her until the very end. Tamlin who saw how much Amarantha had broken her and decided to just ignore it and turn her into a beautiful, dead inside, anorexic doll. Tamlin who when Feyre tried to fight for her rights as a person, locked her up in a freaking manor. Tamlin who sent everything and everyone to hell in order to get her back when she particularly screamed to him that she didn’t want to go.
Like how can you even THINK of comparing the one to the other.
Tamlin and Rowan are NOTHING ALIKE!
Yes, Rowan didn’t treat Aelin right. Yes, he was violent and rough on her. Yes, he hurt her body and her soul. But…hey guys, that was before he even liked her…And no I’m not saying that he had ANY RIGHT to do so. And yes these things made him an asshole on some degree.
But comparing him to Tamlin….TAMLIN…is totally unfair. Because Tamlin did the things he did AFTER falling in love and generally loving Feyre. And do you really want to talk about all the ways that Rowan healed Aelin after deciding that he likes her and putting aside his stupid ego and pride? Do you really want to talk about the way he worshiped her? First her SOUL and then her body? Do you really want to talk about the things he sacrificed for her? About how fiercely he came to love her. About how he swore and wanted to protect her from any harm, but giving her the choice to do whatever the hell she liked because he CHOSE to be protective…not OVERPROTECTIVE. Do you really want to talk about this male who lost his mate and unborn child knowing that it was his mistake…and still let himself fall again. About the mail who though that was going to die alongside Aedion in QoS and the only thing on his mind was Aelin….how he whispered her name wanted it to be the last word he’d say…You really want to talk about THAT male?
And even if all those things don’t matter to you…well let me tell you this.
Aelin isn’t Feyre.
Feyre fell so hard for Tamlin because she hadn’t know ething better. But Aelin HAD know better. Aelin had known so much better. …she had known Sam who loved her more that anything. San who was taken from her too soon. She had known Dorian who worshiped her but chose to keep him as her friend. She had known Chaol. Chaol who I believe truly loved her. But didn’t know how to love or accept ALL OF HER. And as Dorian said in HoF….you can pick and choose what parts of her to love.
Feyre became a Queen. Aelin was born a Queen. Of course shed known better…and she’d known a LOT worse.
And yes many of you want to hate on Rowan….but does that mean that you also hate on Aelin? Because she chose him…and she kept choosing him even when she had the chance not to.
Personally I don’t care who aelin ends up with. I ship her with everyone and no one at the same time… because firstly I ship Aelin with happiness.
So chill and stop being unfair with such great characters. And even if you want to ROWAELIN TAG IS CERTAINLY NOT THE WAY TO DO SO.

In a broken and fallen world, God says, “I am the God of hope. My message is one of salvation, restoration and healing. I have chosen you to be My messenger. I have equipped you with the Truth and your story of redemption. Take it to those who are hurting, who are searching for meaning. Share the good news with those who most need it.”
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”
Isaiah 52:7