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i can’t get why yousef is looking at sana like this… i mean, he probably has something for her, but, exactly, what? what is, boy? what is this? you’re not supposed to act like this after what happened on may 12th. what is your point, yousef? what does this mean, julie? because i’m confused like a lot

Jon Snow

**images are zoomed in for clarity**

Top: Jon Snow turning his head to face someone - as shown in the earliest GoT trailer (we all know it’s Sansa, you can see bits of red hair in the actual screen cap, on the extreme right)

Bottom: Newest pic of Jon Snow leaving/returning from/to Winterfell, looking at someone and making a slight tentative and shy wave.

Quiz time! Do you see the similarities?? (hint: it’s in the eyes)

YO @leoriotheoreo!! *ties this to a rock and throws it at your window* I finished your commission! Man, can you believe it?? Martello is finally alive in color haha// Well anyways, I hope you like it my friend!! Also can you believe this dork?? Sitting on the dirt with white pants?? Unacceptable, mister.

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Please can you gif Jensen,when he talked about the hug that Jared gave him? In Jen/misha panel.

Here you go :) 

Did I mention how much I like it that he mention this? He didn’t have to. He just wanted to tell us that Jared was there for him. And I’m really happy about it. :)

So, my mum works at a primary school,

and she called me this afternoon to see how I was going with University and stuff. And we got onto the topic of my concentration problems and all that jazz. I brought up how the fidget cube I bought a while ago has been a big help with studying. And eventually, we started talking about fidget spinners. Because, as most of ya’ll know, have become a big trend lately. 

Long story short, the school my mum works at want to ban them because of all the NT kids with them. They’re being distracting and annoying and doing tricks with them and, well, not using them how they’re intended to be used. 

Since the principal of that school is a good family friend as well as my mum’s boss, I asked mum to pass on a message to not ban them, since ND kids need them to concentrate and stim and all that other stuff.  

Guys, I don’t want them to ban them at that school (or any school for that matter). There’s a ton of kids with ADHD and autism there, and a ban on fidget toys would be awful. I need a way to explain to Anne (the principal) what to do to make sure they won’t get banned but can still be, like, used properly if you know what I mean?  

Please. I don’t want those kids who need them to lose something so important. 

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Then, I have to ask: are you okay- no, that's not right... are you safe?

I’m safe where I am now (Luzon)! There’s an alleged bomb scare in Quiapo (that’s kinda near) but I’m still trying to find sources for that to confirm if it’s real or if it’s another propaganda stunt. But I’m overall safe! It’s the people at Marawi that I’m worried about because they’re situation isn’t getting any better and we have no means to contact them (because of the lockdown)

I’d post this privately but I kinda wanna get it out. I’d post this on Facebook but it’s not the platform that feels like it helps. I wish I could express to my country that what happened in Manchester wasn’t ‘pointless’. So many call it a senseless act of violence and that the UK is so strong and will always carry on so there’s ‘no point’. But the point isn’t the damage, the point is the poison. Too many of us turn inward and wave the flag and shriek for the love of their country. It’s not what we should be doing. We should be standing tall for the love of decent humanity. We should be fighting with knowledge not defiance. Knowledge that we are being poisoned with lies and hatred for our Muslim siblings, for the peoples in need who are yet to be our citizens. The faceless enemy are not fighting with bombs. They’re fighting with seeds of ruin so that we can feed our children with the fruit of hate, so that we suspect anyone who looks different and make them isolated and vulnerable. We turn on our allies and give the enemy new soldiers. We blame the blameless and conveniently forget that more people die behind the locked doors of our own people than a few loud and public tragedies. If we want to save our people, we need to understand who our people are.