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Meet the newest addition to the bunch of heirs, Irene Fletcher ~

taureans are sensitive people who barely miss an emotional beat. but the way they express their concern can vary. they may just offer mutual support, unconditionally. maybe they will make sure that you are eating well. they could become agitated at you when you don’t respond to messages because they fear for your safety. sometimes the taurus is not so overt in their intentions

I’ve been going through a difficult time as of late. On Friday, I made a hard decision to step down from a job that just was no longer good for my mental health, for a wide variety of reasons. In the last few weeks, I’ve been very quiet because I have been exhausted and depressed all the time - and now that I’m past it kinda sorta not really,  well - I’m trying to move forward. To do this, I’m going to try to be  more active around here, and resume the fanfiction recs. I also plan on doing another round of meta, and finishing off some of the long standing fic I’ve been neglecting, including 5 Times Hannah Shepard Met Garrus Vakarian, a long-overdue Christmas gift for a friend, all the fics that my last prompt-fest, and, for the rare @slipperykick​ and @acequeenking​ follower, my contributions for the Tekken fanzine, @fight-night-anthology along with some sorely needed updates.

My other big plan is try to run through the Mass Effect Trilogy before Andromeda comes out. To do this, I decided to make a new Shepard because – well, when do I not love making a new face character?

So this is Wren Shepard. She’s a sentinel and a tech nerd. I’ll be updating with thoughts of her story through the trilogy, along with hopefully finally finishing up the 30 days of Mass Effect series I started, oh, a year or so ago. >_>

Anyway, suit up folks. We’re starting a heck of a ride.

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dUDE YOU LIKED MY GASTER ART???? oh my god it's such an honor but you haven't even seen the creepy part about it yet- i've deleted the blog about a year ago but recently i've found out that someone is holding it without doing anything. empty blog, no posts, no icons, used the same color scheme that i did. being the forgetful person that i am, i thought i was the one who kept the url for old time's sake and i forgot which email i used- i said hi on IM for funsies, and then... he replied back.


that’s actually really freaky shit! I want to try messaging him myself >_>

I Wanna Be Yours

Hey guys! I am so excited to share some of my new fics with you guys! WHOO! This is for @decemberftw who requested a fic based on the song I Wanna Be Yours by the Arctic Monkeys I hope you like it! This is the first time I’ve done anything someone has requested, so I hope it lives up to what you wanted. :) Thanks for being a wonderful follower! <3 Happy Sunday!!

Warnings: wittle bit of angst, fluff, sarcastic reader in a funny way, language like kind of not really

Today was the third Friday of the month. That could only mean one thing.

“MOVIE NIGHT WITH MAH BOYEEEEEEEZ!” You howled as you ran through the kitchen and crash landed on the couch, just missing Steve who was already lounging on the cushions.

“(Y/N), please, I’m begging you to stop talking like that.” Steve groaned.

“Steve, if you’re gonna call yourself my friend then you have to deal with every side of me, including the 90′s rapper side that makes the occasional appearance.”

He chuckled and shook his head while he handed you the remote to pick tonight’s movie. You glanced down at the clock and furrowed your brows.

“Hey, where’s Buck? It’s nine on the dot, he should be here.”

“He didn’t text you? He’s not coming,” Steve said cautiously.

“Not coming?” Your finger froze on the button it was about to push. “What do you mean he’s not coming? It’s our movie night.”

“Well, he’s with a girl, (Y/N), it is Friday night.” His defense made you snarl, but you took a deep breath to try and calm yourself.

“Okay, I’m gonna ignore that last statement and pretend you didn’t just disrespect our movie night.”

Steve snorted at you. You rocked in your seat to face him, tucking your feet under you and strangling a pillow in your lap. “Which girl is it now? Dot?”

“No. Uh, he said her name was…”

“Oh is it, umm, what’s her freaking name…” you snapped your fingers in the air until you remembered the blonde who only seemed to be able to access about 12% of her brain. “Kelly?”

“Uh-uh,” he declined.

“The one who lives down on Ferry St.?”


“The one who works with Sharon?” You asked.

“That’s Kelly,” Steve chuckled.

“Jesus, I can’t keep ‘em all straight,” you shouted, completely exasperated and throwing yourself down on the couch.

“I think this is a new one anyway. He didn’t say much about her.”

“He never does.” You grumbled as you picked the first movie that popped up on the screen.

Before the opening credits ended you texted Bucky.

How dare you skip out on movie night.

You placed the phone on the coffee table and made yourself comfy as you watched the set up of the action movie you’d seen a couple times before.

A few minutes later your phone lit up with the most unflattering picture of Bucky, meaning he had texted you back. You sat up so quickly, the couch creaked. Steve spotted Bucky’s face on the screen before you could yank it out of his sight.

“(Y/N), he’s on a date, leave him alone.”

“Uh, I highly doubt it’s a traditional date, Steve,” you mumbled as you unlocked your phone and read the message.

I know, I’m sorry. 
I could bring her over and we could all watch something?

You growled aloud and shot him back a text. 

Absolutely not. No randos at movie night.

You tossed your phone on the couch next to you and tried to focus on the movie. A message lit the screen again and you looked down without unlocking it.

You’re a piece of work, (Y/N).

You sighed and burritoed yourself in a blanket, watching the explosions and gunfire on the television.

“What did he say?” Steve asked you once the violent scene had quieted down. 

“He apologized,” you grumbled. 

Steve sighed. “It’s harder than you thought it would be isn’t it?”

The confused look you gave him made it clear he would have to elaborate. 

“To live with us and hide how you feel.”

You shouldn’t be surprised that Steve knew about your feelings for Bucky. Steve and you had been friends for years and he knew you so well, it was like he always knew what was inside your head. 

“I just- he shouldn’t be hooking up with all these girls, ya know? It’s not good for him.” You practically whispered. 

Steve threw his arm around you. “He’ll figure that out.”

You sighed into his touch and leaned on his shoulder. The rest of the movie went by quietly until you both picked up and went to bed. 

The next day you went to the gym to blow off some steam and by the time you got back, Bucky was finally out of bed and making some coffee. He was standing in the kitchen, his long hair pulled into a messy bun, black tank top clinging to his chest and shoulders above thin, grey sweatpants. He was a sight to behold if you weren’t so angry with him for bailing on you and Steve the night before. 

“Good morning,” he said sleepily, sensing your presence as he focused on pouring his drink.

“Morning,” you answered quietly as you squeezed by his large body to grab a plum from the bowl on the other side of the counter. You bit into it as silence hung in the air.

Bucky finally cleared his throat. “How was the movie night?”

“Great,” you shortly declared as you reached to the top cupboard for a glass. Bucky’s eyes fell to your waist as your workout tank rose off your hips and your pale skin peeked out for a moment. You closed the cupboard with a slam and asked, “How was your night?”

“Fine,” he said, side stepping out of your way as you filled the glass with water.

“So you’ll be moving on rather quickly then.”

He sputtered and coughed as he choked on his sip of coffee. “What?”

“If your night was only fine, I’m sure you dumped her this morning and you’ll be moving on to someone new tonight, right?” you spat before taking a sip of your water, grabbing a napkin for your plum and heading out of the kitchen. 

“Hey! You can’t just say something like that and then walk away,” he said, grabbing your elbow and spinning you around.

“Well, it’s true, isn’t it?”

“That-that’s none of your business,” he stammered. When you scoffed, it sent him over the edge. “Is this all because I missed your stupid movie night?” he shouted.

“Well, that was quite the cherry on top, Buck! Since when are your hookups more important than me and Steve?”

“They’re not just hookups, (Y/N)! What kind of a guy do you think I am?” He yelled, ripping his fingers through his long hair.

“I don’t even know anymore! All the sudden you’re going through girls faster than you go through freaking underwear! What the hell happened to you? What are you trying to make up for?”

He pressed his lips together and refused to answer you. You shook your head and put your glass and plum down on the counter with a bang and stalked out of the room. 

“(Y/N)!” he called after you.

You spun around in the doorway. “What, Buck? What do you want?”

“I wanna be yours.” It was soft like a prayer, but you were sure you heard it. 

His words pulled at you, made your hands fall to your sides from their strong position on your hips, your jaw relaxed from its clenched position, the air pulled right from your lungs. But your heart soared as he continued.

“I really care about you, (Y/N). I try to be everything that you need- I try to give you everything you deserve, but I know I’m-Jesus you’re way out of my league and I know that, but I just- I don’t know.” The words flew out of his mouth like they were on fire. When he ran out of steam he sighed and stared at his bare feet on the kitchen floor.

“Bucky-” you started but he interrupted you.

“Ju-just forget it, okay?” He mumbled like a kicked puppy. With his head down, he crossed in front of you and got out of the kitchen as fast as he could before you could stop him.

The next day you laid out on your bed waiting for the sign from F.R.I.D.A.Y., but it never came. 

Later that night you asked her, “F.R.I.D.A.Y., do you remember the plan?”

“Yes, Miss (Y/L/N). But Mr. Barnes hasn’t left his room today.”

“He hasn’t?” you knew an AI couldn’t lie, but you were amazed at her answer. Maybe something else was bothering him or he was busy with paperwork from missions, he always let that stiff pile up. Surely he wasn’t that upset about what happened between you two in the kitchen yesterday.

You waited for her signal for hours before you finally let yourself fall asleep. He would have to come out sometime, you thought.

F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice startled you when she woke you up in the middle of the night. “Miss (Y/L/N), Mr. Barnes is in the kitchen.”

You rolled over and sat up too quickly, your head reeling from your sudden movement. You grumbled, “What time is it?” and though you weren’t really expecting an answer, the AI announced that it was 3AM. 

Throwing a sweatshirt over your head you asked F.R.I.D.A.Y. to follow through with her part of the plan. “This better freaking work,” you mumbled in a sleepy fog.

The elevator doors opened and butterflies flooded your stomach when you heard the slow guitar strums coming from the speakers in the kitchen. You sneaked down the hall and peeked your head around the door frame and you couldn’t help but giggle at what you saw. 

Bucky was frantically running around the joined kitchen and living room, pressing just about every button on every remote to try and turn the loud music off.  

You swallowed your fear and a little bit of your pride and stepped into the dim light in front of the refrigerator.  You took a deep breath and started to sing softly to the song and you ignored the heat running through your system when Bucky froze in his pace and stared at you.

“I wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust. I wanna be your Ford Cortina. I will never rust. If you like-”

Your soft singing was cut off by Bucky’s chuckles. “You wanna be my what? My vacuum cleaner?”

“God, Bucky, shut up! Listen!” you shouted, holding a finger up to the speaker as the song rolled on and the most important lyrics were about to be sung. You let the record sing for you because your voice was stolen by your nerves. 

“You call the shots, babe. I just wanna be yours. Secrets I have held in my heart are harder to hide than I thought.” 

Bucky’s smirk fell as he listened to the lyrics booming from the speakers. When he practically ran toward you, you involuntarily took a step back and ran into the cabinets. 

“Maybe I just wanna be yours, I wanna be yours, I wanna be yours,” it sang.

As the music swelled Bucky’s hands cupped your jaw and pulled your lips to his. You fervently kissed him back and when he was sure you weren’t going to run away, his hands fell to your waist and his arms wrapped tightly around your body, pulling you closer to him. 

The four words repeated over and over as he wrapped himself around you and you hid from the world in his long, thick limbs. Every breath was in sync as you ran your fingers through his hair and he fisted the back of your sweatshirt in his rough hands. 

The song ended seemingly as soon as it began and you pulled away from Bucky, his face still only inches from yours. 

“So, you had to wake the whole team up just so you could tell me you liked me back?” He said with a smirk.

“That’s your fault for eating dinner at three in the morning.”

“I was hungry,” he said, playfully pinching the skin on your back. “And where the heck did you find this song?”

“Youtube,” you said, as if it was obvious. “Do you get it? The song’s called I Wanna Be Yours and that’s what you said to me? Do you get it? I spent a lot of time on this, Buck, please acknowledge-” 

“Yes, I get it,” he groaned before stopping your sarcastic rambling with another kiss. You laughed against his lips and thanked Youtube for introducing you to the Arctic Monkeys. 



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I’m back

I know, lately I wasn’t very active here. Mostly because of job I had, but because of some accidents I lost it. They kicked me out after I almost fainted. Twice.

I was feeling worse with every day, I even didn’t had an energy to write stupid smiley icon. But, long story short, I was diagnosed with something named Panic Disorder. I’m taking pills now, and I’m slightly better. Still fighting tho.

But the happy news are; I have new laptop, so I’m back on track with art :D

I hope you guys forgive me my lack of activity, and I hope all of you are doing fine and well <3

PS. Please, don’t ask me about what caused this disorder. It’s connected with my past and present, and I don’t feel strong enough to reveal it, not yet. Also, I know some of you really care for me, and I appreciate it very much <3 but don’t say “just don’t think about it” or “just don’t panic” because it doesn’t work that way. Those attacks are striking even when I’m not stressed, even when I’m relaxed, doing something.

And also, don’t worry for me, guys. I’ll beat the shit out of it, I’ll survive it and become stronger, I just need some time to gather my forces for battle against my own fears >:D *battle music intensifies*

Love ya all~

Jay Z flew into New Orleans late Friday evening with Beyoncé and Blue Ivy to attend the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities. His first stop was attending the “TIDAL X: NOLA” event at the historic Preservation Hall on St. Peter Street, hosted by Angie Martinez. Roc Nation Sports client Kevin Durant was also in the building.

During the show Hov told Roc Nation artist Jay Electronica that he “needs to release the album!” Does a push from Hov mean we will receive Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn), an album we have been waiting ten years for, this year? Time will tell. Ha.

For those of us who are missing out on the Roc’s NOLA festivities, don’t worry: Angie Martinez is putting together a video piece for TIDAL, which will include interviews and performance footage.

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All these new leafy blogs are cringey I didn't realize how cringey they were. I miss everyone who used to be here, I miss the fun we had. I miss the feeling of everyone having fun, chilling, and discussing his newest videos. I miss it man

I relate so hard, these newer ones r so bad it makes me want to cry. I miss the og squad 😤😤😤

The remains of a missing teenager were found in a chimney not far from his home.

The remains of Joshua Vernon Maddux, who went missing seven years ago in Colorado, were found earlier this year inside a chimney.

While the discovery solved the mystery of where he went, it opened up several new questions. The kicker in the story is that the chimney of the house his remains were found in was only TWO blocks away from his dad’s home. (source)

Jay Z flew into New Orleans late Friday evening with Beyoncé and Blue Ivy to attend the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities. His first stop was attending the “TIDAL X: NOLA” event at the historic Preservation Hall on St. Peter Street, hosted by Angie Martinez. Roc Nation Sports client Kevin Durant was also in the building.

During the show Hov told Roc Nation artist Jay Electronica that he “needs to release the album!” Does a push from Hov mean we will receive Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn), an album we have been waiting ten years for, this year? Time will tell. Ha.

For those of us who are missing out on the Roc’s NOLA festivities, don’t worry: Angie Martinez is putting together a video piece for TIDAL, which will include interviews and performance footage.

Tell me about your MC!

I get questions now and then but actually, I’m pretty curious about all of you!

So - hmm… all the Mystic Messenger fans. We probably all play our MC differently and have our own versions of what they are like. I’d like to know what yours is like. Send me an ask if you want to tell me :D

What is their user name?
What gender are they?
How old are they?
What is their job?
Did they leave it when they joined RFA?
Why did they decide to stay in the apartment instead of leave?
Do they like the apartment/miss home?
Who is their personal canon romance? (Saeran and V completely count!)
Who is their best friend in RFA?
What are their hobbies?
Which of the MC’s outfits do you think they wear most often?
A bit about their personality?

sophie kira roth - 27 years old - adelaide kane

child of the cult. the devil’s in the details (or in her father). pristine and innocent appearance hides something more. straight for the jugular threats & venemous intentions. velvet dresses & black chokers. sex is a weapon. violence is more than lashing out with fists.

harleen sunita kamala - 22 years old - hotel maid

the girl who was missing after a prank gone wrong. hoarder of secrets & thrift store findings. child full of wisdom. a softness for gangs & people who don’t ask questions. safety isn’t an illusion. a quiet 5′11″ pillar of strength. never say no to the right kind of mischief. bomber jackets & tennis shoes.

rowdy jensen caldwell - 25 years old - weird things blogger

weird twin #2. psychic connections to dead family members aren’t strange at all. an actual innocent. shows what he feels without any remorse. outcast kiss-ass. pretentious, exhausted ramblings paired with zero ways of shutting him up. coffee enthused. conflict and stress need not apply. facial beards beyond belief.

COC: Double victory for Slovenia

The hosts could celebrate yet another home victory in the Continental Cup in Planica (SLO) on Sunday. Tilen Bartol and Bor Pavlovcic even secured a 1-2 finish for Slovenia.

Tilen Bartol, who missed to qualify for the final round on Saturday in 41st, won the competition with two jumps of 138 m and 274.3 points. It was his third win in the Continental Cup, he took the first two already in December 2015 in Rena (NOR). “The conditions were great today. Not much wind, sunshine, perfect for Ski Jumping. Both of my jumps were quite good today, I don’t know what happened yesterday when my first jump was really, really bad. I’m really happy with today’s result”, said Tilen Bartol.

The winner of this weekend’s first competition, Bor Pavlovcic, proved once again that he can do really well on his home hill and finished second this time with 135 m and 139.5 m and a total of 268.6 points. “I think my jumps were even better than yesterday. It’s my best weekend in the Continental Cup so far”, said Pavlovcic.

The third place in this high-level competition with lots of jumps around the hill size mark of 139 m went to Constantin Schmid of Germany. The 17-year-old  was sixth after his first jump of 137 m, with 136.5 m and 257.4 points the bronze medalist of this year’s Junior World Championships achieved his first podium result in the COC.  Of course the young German was happy about this performance: “Yesterday my jumps were pretty good and I had only a few things to improve and I did that today. I’m really satisfied with this result.”

The Junior World Champion Viktor Polasek, who finished third on Saturday came in fourth today. The Czech missed the Top 3 by only 0.7 points. Florian Altenburger was fifth and the best of the Austrians today.

Nejc Dezman of Slovenia moved up from 21st to sixth with a great final jump of 139 m. The once again strong team result of Slovenia was completed by Rok Tarman, who was ninth, behind Thomas Lackner of Austria and Germany’s Felix Hoffmann.

With Joakim Aune in tenth the best Norwegian also made the Top 10. Like on Saturday, Austria’s Daniel Huber (11th) could again show the longest jump of the day. With 142 m in the second round he equalled the official hill record held by Peter Prevc.

The two Slovenes Nejc Dezman (786 points) and Miran Zupancic (747 points) still lead the overall ranking of the COC ahead of Norway’s Joakim Aune (567 points).

The athletes in the Continental Cup now take a long trip across the pond for the next two competitions on February 25th and 26th in Iron Mountain (USA).

Full results

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Are you going to re-open your store soon? I didn't have enough money the last time, but I've been saving some!

I need to finish sending orders to my friends next week, then afterwards yes I will re-open the store soon! :)

AVAC standees will be up for preorder again for those who missed out the first time ,I still have quite a few charms left and a handful of Stony Neko Atsume sticker sheets left. Limited FREE bonus prints- are limited and once gone are gone for good.