who makes us clothes and always gives us money even when we ask her not to

Bloodlust (Roman Godfrey)

Prompt: You come home on day, to find a note your brother and mom left you in Destiny’s care. So you run to the one person you trusted, Roman.


“I’m sorry your brother was in trouble and we had to leave. I know how much you loved it here, and you deserve better than a life more that a life of running. You deserve a shot at a normal life. Ive talked to Destiny and she will watch over you, ill call you when were safe. I love you baby, its better this way. -Mom”

Her note took the breath from your lungs. The house was ruined and even the cat was gone. They took that damn cat and left you here!

Your eyes began to burn as you screamed grabbing the closest thing, which happened to be a family photo and smashed it into the wall. Your body shook as you kicked, threw and broke everything you could get your hands on. They actually wanted you to stay with Destiny? She wasn’t exactly the greatest role model using her gifts for sex and money, claiming to heal people.

You ran out of the house grabbing your bike, the note snatched in your hand. You began to head to the one person you could talk to and would understand you.


Tears burned your eyes, before you used your sweatshirt to wipe them away. You stood on the front porch nervous, your hands shook above the doorbell. You took a deep breath and hit the button.

You heard footsteps and a familiar face looked slightly down on you confused.

“Y/N what are you doing here? I thought you guys left? Where’s Peter?” His eyes looked around the area but turned back to you.

Holding out the note tears began to flow faster down your cheeks. Roman snatched the note, reading swiftly he finished and looked up into your eyes.

“What the fuck……” he whispered and grabbed your shoulders pulling you into his arms.

You sobbed into his chest as he pulled back and led you to the living room, he sat down beside you on the couch.

“Do you want some tea? Or bourbon and shit?” He said quietly.

You sniffed giving off a smirk “I dont even think shit would taste good with bourbon.”

Roman gave a light smile “Yeah me neither.” He pulled you to his chest, letting you cry until your eyes hurt.

Picking you up he carried you upstairs and into a room, he set your down on something soft which you guessed was his bed.

He took your shoes off, still in silence and set them on the floor. “I’ll figure this out just rest now Y/N.”

He stood by you grabbed his arm “Please stay……at least until i fall asleep.”

He stared down at you for a moment, then he slipped off his belt and nodded. Moving over he laid beside you. You turned putting your head on his chest, he seemed to tense up and the closeness of you. He could feel the blood pumping through your veins and his fangs scraped his tongue. He bit down on his tongue trying to suppress the urge to feed on you.

You seemed to remember moving away suddenly “Sorry i guess i forgot.”

“Your the only person who would run to an Upir, and forget what they are.” He chuckled

You shrugged turning onto your side, you hid the tears that began to start again “Well my brother is a werewolf.”

Roman seemed to sense your change in emotion, he pulled you into his chest “It’s okay, i know…”

You nodded wiping your eyes, and slowly let the emotional exhaustion take over.


You woke up to find Roman had left, hearing the shower running you stood up slowly. Romans clothes were on the ground as steam crept from under the bathroom door. Walking over you knocked on the door “Ro!”

“Yeah?” Came Roman’s voice muffled by the door

“I’m gonna go get food if that okay? You want anything?” You asked shifting your weight slightly from one side to the other.

“I’ll be down in a sec!” He replied 

Nodding you turned and made your way downstairs, you had been here loads of times when either you or your brother found yourselves in trouble. Usually you talked to Shelley but since her disappearance you swayed closer to Roman. Peter had began to notice and always scolded you about how much of a man-whore Roman had been. But since you two had started to hangout the less he seemed to be interested in other girls, only on days when you two were fighting did he have the occasional hook up. It bothered you at first but learning his true nature you realized for him, it was more of an impulse and how he had been raised by his mother Olivia. 

Finding some of your favorite cereal you and Shelly shared in secret, keeping it hidden behind the boxes of oatmeal and forgotten cans of soup. Olivia hated when he children ate such unhealthy processed and sugary meals. Most of the time, when she was gone was the only time the kids could eat what they wanted. 

You poured in the cereal and milk into the bowl, hopping on the counter. Taking a bite as Roman came down in his boxers, his hair still wet as light amounts of steam seemed to rise from his body leftover from the shower. 

Roman began making coffee, leaning back to examine you as you ate your breakfast. “You can stay here if you want? It pretty much empty and I know you don’t wanna stay with Destiny. Shelleys room is empty, shit over half the house is take whatever room you want.”

You nodded “Thanks Ro…..I was so wrapped up in myself, I never asked how you were. So….How are you?”

He shrugged taking  sip of his coffee walking over to you and snatching your bowl taking a bite of cereal. “I’m okay I guess, I mean your parents are kinda shitty and siblings are gone. Everyone wants me to take over Godfrey Enterprises, and I’m trying to control myself from feeding 24/7.”

“I can help if you want?” You asked 

Roman paused as you moved your head to the side, brushing away your hair to reveal your soft skin. 

Roman reached out gently brushing his hand on your neck causing shivers to run down your spine. He could feel the beating of your heart on the pads of his fingers, the way your chest rose and fell with your breathing. 

He leaned in intoxicated by your scent as he felt his fangs on his tongue again. Your heart beat faster at his proximity………………… he could hear it, but the only thing on his mind was how you would look covered in your own blood. How your scent would only light the flames of his desire and soon it would not be just your blood he craved, He would crave your body. Needing to the burning of your lips on his. He would ravish himself in your body, pleading for you to moan his name begging you to reach your climax as he thrust into you over and over again.  He closed his eyes before shaking his head “I can’t, I won’t be able to control myself if I do.”

You nodded the breath that caught in your lung seemed to slowly release “Okay.”

Roman handed you your cereal “ You can shower if you want? The waters still hot in my bathroom. It’ll need to warm up everywhere else.”

You were about to head upstairs, when you paused “I left my clothes at the house…..”

Roman nodded “Ill have someone pick them up, you can wear some of my clothes if you want. I let you borrow Olivia’s but your already beautiful plus I dont want you going around looking slutty.”

You gave a light smile trying to hide your confusion “…….Thanks.”

Going up the stairs, you cracked the door wanting to let the steam escape and make it hard to breathe when you got out. You sighed as you went into the bathroom. You had always though Olivia dressed more intimidating and classy but it seemed Roman did like that, despite the fact that Olivia was still his mother. You turned on the water and began to peel off your clothes, stepping out of your jeans you slowly slid down your panties. Unclasping your bra you tossed it to the side and let the hot water cascade down your back. 

Closing your eyes you felt your muscles begin to relax. You looked over grabbing the shampoo that smelled of pine…….it smelled like Roman. lathering your hair and rising off you used the conditioner massaging your scalp. You thought of your brother. 

It was rare for a girl in the family to have the wolf gene, but when your brother turned your life began to change. You had to leave every school you had been to if someone spotted your brother, even sooner if he began to kill more than the occasional deer. You could never have many friends, your mother didn’t want you to get close to many people in case you had to leave. It had become a routine never lasting more then a few months. You would finally have the courage to talk to someone, to try and make friends before your mother whisked you away to the next town. Peter teased you sometimes about being socially outcast but the truth was you didn’t want get attached. After a while Peter was used to it but you weren’t. 

Coming back to reality you noticed the water beginning to chill slightly. You quickly washed you body and rinsed the conditioner out of your hair.  

Stepping out of the shower you grabbed a towel looking up you jumped to see Roman at the door.

Towel still in your hands you froze as your gaze met Roman’s. His breathing hitched in his throat as he looked down clearing his throat. He turned around “Sorry you shut off the water…I just wanted to give you these.”

You looked down to his hands and saw he had a clean t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. You wrapped the towel around your body and stepped forward. Placing your hand gently on his he passed you the clothes. 

“Thank you Roman.” You said quietly your heart pounding in your chest.

Roman slowly turned around and you could see he was biting his lip. His eyes were glued to your neck. His face turned from one of embarrassment into hunger and lust. You felt yourself freeze like a deer in headlights.

“Roman?” You whispered as his mouth began to open and you saw his sharp canines begin to draw closer to his bottom teeth as he growled.


Part 2??

Ghost // Jughead Jones

Summary: Jughead’s been neglecting his girlfriend in favour of the case leaving no time to see each other. It slowly gets worse until things escalate into a fight when you came home late when he’s been waiting to apologize.

Characters: Reader x Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, and Veronica Lodge (mentioned).

Words: 2888

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters involved. In this, like every other Riverdale fic I do, Jughead is NOT asexual in this.

Warnings: Swearing, fighting, neglect, and smut.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: Finals are finally over and I’m free to write again!

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Prompt List


Originally posted by juggiehead

It was a tough week to say the least with your boyfriend Jughead completely skipping the study dates you set. He had asked you out not even a full month ago in a sweet but very Jughead way that you appreciated dearly. Your teacher had put you together for a project that you were steadily doing the project solo and it was a lot of work to do.

You couldn’t believe how you barely saw him anymore with his obsession over the murder of Jason Blossom and he was spending it with Betty Cooper. That made you a little uncomfortable given she was a basket case and obviously mentally unbalanced from the Chuck Clayton incident. Jughead and Betty had gotten together earlier in the year for a month tops before it become glaringly problematic on how different they were. It was insane how little you saw each other when he lived with you. You were emancipated from your parents a year and a half ago and now you could see how it wasn’t that smart to start a relationship with someone you live with. He just didn’t care about you like you cared for him.

To: Jughead👑
From: Y/N
~When are you coming be here?~

To: Y/N
From: Jughead👑
~Can’t make it sorry, info about Jason came up~

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Baby’s First Christmas

Originally posted by netflixuniversity

Summary: Billy’s concerns about being a shitty father are reignited by Christmas time rolling around. 

Author’s Note: The fluffiest shit I have ever written. Shout out to SOA for giving me the name Abel which I adore…Takes place a couple years after high school graduation. 

Feedback appreciated! Requests open!

Billy and I  sat on the floor in front of the Christmas tree, wrapping the far far far too many presents we had brought for Abel. I tried to justify how many we purchased by buying mostly books, classics that I read as a kid. Billy, on the other hand, picked out mostly toys, bearing no shame for spoiling his son rotten.

He and I got married after we found out I was pregnant. That was far too taboo for his family though, and they shut us both out. Not that we wanted them involved with our son anyway. Max came around when she thought she could get away with it unnoticed, which, sadly, wasn’t often. She had mailed us gifts to give to Abel, in case she couldn’t make it around for the holidays. As she was still underage, she couldn’t get away like Billy had.

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✰ * º ❛ you’re the worst sentence starters. ❜

‘  who knows their own address?  ’
‘  are we feminists? is this feminism?  ’
‘  i’m not a sidekick! i’m beyonce, not kelly rowland.  ’
‘  your cockaholism may just be about the least important thing in the world to me right now.  ’
‘  i wouldn’t call 10 a.m. ‘really early’.  ’
‘  cool! let’s add cocaine to the butt stuff.  ’
‘  you can’t leave! i love you!  ’
‘  do you even know what love means?  ’
‘  now go make me some bagel bites.  ’
‘  love isn’t about having somebody get you things. love is putting someone else’s feelings above your own. do you think you could ever do that? honestly?  ’
‘  do i look like a fitbit? i don’t give a shit about your sleep.  ’
‘  why are you yelling at me? what are you doing in my house?  ’
‘  i need you to act like a human person and pick up your damn phone when i call your skank ass!  ’
‘  you know, after i cleaned the fries off your face and put you to bed, you said something to me that was pretty dark.  ’
‘  did you wear your booby shirt?  ’
‘  if i don’t get a night off soon, i think my liver is gonna slide out of my body.  ’
‘  i’m peeing blood and i briefly forgot the word for telephone.  ’
‘  you’re right. she’s gonna hate me.  ’
‘  you think i’m an unfriendly treacherous mountain?  ’
‘  we’re adults! we can do this ourselves.  ’
‘  you’re losing your hair.  ’
‘  practicing what? dying alone?  ’
‘  i told the spice girls i was dying in order to get free concert tickets.  ’
‘  i learned blue balls were a myth when i was 12.  ’
‘  i’m not much of a cleaner.  ’
‘  you’re not much of a human!  ’
‘  did you slither out of your mothers cooch yesterday?  ’
‘  i can’t believe i finally made a new friend and i tried to bang her the first time we hung out.  ’
‘  no offense, but you’re kind of making my skin crawl.  ’
‘  i’m not comfortable about feelings.  ’
‘  aren’t we lucky we’re both in professions where we can day drink?  ’
‘  i’m glad this is a one-night thing so we can reveal all this awful shit about ourselves.  ’
‘  what do you mean you watch tv on your computer?  ’
‘  i don’t know what i’m doing here. i’m not even attracted to you.  ’
‘  you two are poison people. this is gonna end so badly.  ’
‘  if you wanna go, just go.  ’
‘  why can’t you just let this be over?  ’
‘  you and i, we’re inevitable.  ’
‘  move in with me.  ’
‘  i just humiliated myself by accepting your non-marriage proposal, i cannot now move in with you.  ’
‘  you’re just doing this as a hail mary because you know you’re about to lose me for good.  ’
‘  what i have finally realized is that the worst possible draft of my life is the one without you in it. i hate it, but you goddamn floor me.  ’
‘  oh shit… we’re gonna do this even though we know there is only one way this ends. whether in a week or twenty years, there is horrible sadness and pain coming in and we’re inviting it.  ’
‘  she stayed! you say she forced you, but we both know there’s not a person on this planet who’s ever had a good outcome trying to force you to do anything. she stayed and that means something whether you wanna admit it or not.  ’
‘  i’m not doing anything… i’m crying in my car.  ’
‘  don’t start keeping secrets now.  ’
‘  the only thing i need from you is to not make a big deal with it and be okay with how i am and the fact that you can’t fix me.  ’
‘  no, i’m mad at you because you think you can fix me! you can’t fix me! i don’t need to be fixed!  ’
‘  it’s like you have amnesia. every day you think things are gonna be different.  ’
‘  maybe you can understand this: i feel nothing.  ’
‘  i’ll be back in a couple of days.  ’
‘  you stayed? …you stayed!  ’
‘  you just said ‘boyfriend.’  ’
‘  i understand that my actions could lead you to feel a bit unwelcome and i’ll work on not being such a control freak.  ’
‘  i’m done comparing this to what normal people do.  ’
‘  normal people are terrible.  ’
‘  when i look at you, i swear i can see years years into the future with you.  ’
‘  …i love you too.  ’
‘  i’ve just heard that you’re the worst.  ’
‘  i tricked him into giving me back rubs, saying it made me horny.  ’
‘  obviously, i thought it was, like, boring as shit.  ’
‘  clearly you used to jack off to hemingway in high school.  ’
‘  i’m an irresponsible monster who burned down her apartment with a vibrator.  ’
‘  if there is even a remote possibility of breakfast and you don’t wake me up, i will never touch your dick again with any part of my body.  ’
‘  jokes on you, dummy, i’m already horny.  ’
‘  oh my god! that is so sexist and mansplain-y.  ’
‘  if ‘i love you’ is like a promise, it’s just a promise to try real hard. doesn’t mean you can’t fail.  ’
‘  i shit myself earlier and that is only the second most embarrassing thing that has happened to me today.  ’
‘  you knew who i was, you don’t get to act surprised now.  ’
‘  bam! carpe those diems!  ’
‘  i have to gone girl myself and start over where nobody knows me.  ’
‘  i’m going to have a baby.  ’
‘  i just want my kids to be sad when i die.  ’
‘  i didn’t want to kill him. i just snapped!  ’
‘  i feel guilty because of how much he suffered… and because you stabbed him on purpose.  ’
‘  you’re so getting murdered.  ’
‘  i can’t tell him my brain is broken.  ’
‘  don’t stalk me again because you suck at it.  ’
‘  back off, bitch.  ’
‘  don’t go.  ’
‘  i got your back, always.  ’
‘  you might not be useful in the radish sense, but you’re a good friend and you make people happy.  ’
‘  when i get back, you’re going to take me to a real bar and feed me cheap whiskey until i forget about that time i stopped being able to have sex with my boyfriend ever again because he took me to a bar that only served water!  ’
‘  so, would you say it’s a… problem-free philosophy? it’s like… no worries for the rest of your days?  ’
‘  did you just quote the lion king to me?  ’
‘  hey, um, so listen… i think you’re funny and cute and i’d like to take you on  a date with me for a date.  ’
‘  why did you put a murder tour on your list?  ’
‘  you even quit a rewards club because you couldn’t handle the commitment.  ’
‘  wear your stains on the outsides of your clothes.  ’
‘  see? dogs eat nachos.  ’
‘  hey, that’s your best garbage bag. you going somewhere?  ’
‘  i’ll be out by the time you get back. have fun, you deserve it… whoever she is.  ’
‘  red licorice vodka?  ’
‘  send money, loser!  ’
‘  and you date him… willingly.  ’
‘  my heart is a dumb dumb.  ’
‘  i’ve always been able to flip myself back over eventually, but… i ran out of times. this is how i am now and it’s not okay with you, nor should it be.  ’
‘  i suppose it’s good that this happened now, instead of like, ten years down the line.  ’
‘  the world is absolutely lousy with people and i hate them all. i hate everyone but you.  ’
‘  what the hell is wrong with us?  ’
‘  let’s make a pact never to feel anything around each other ever again.  ’
‘   i’ve never eaten a blueberry.  ’
‘   i’ve always had one foot out the door. with everything. especially with us.  ’
‘   so, you might just suddenly bounce out of here?  ’
‘  can we just… bail?  ’
‘  you’ve had a little too much to drink, didn’t you, buddy?  ’

Daddy Issues (E.D)

Summary: “Are you going to be a good girl, and listen to daddy?” “Y-yes…”

Warnings: Cursing. Mentions of sex. Daddy kink. & DD/LG ( Daddy Dom // Little Girl )

A/N: Inspired by the song Daddy Issues by The Neighbourhood. If you guys aren’t familiar with what DD/LG is, it’s basically just age play between 2 people in a relationship (could be romantic or sexual). “DD” being the older dominant figure, who likes being referred as “daddy” or “sir” (in this case daddy.) & “LG” being the younger submissive one. * * IT IS NOT AN ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN A FATHER & DAUGHTER!!! * * Also the events in this story are completely false, & made up. So please keep that in mind while reading this!!!! Anyways! This is probably one of my favorite one shots I’ve ever written, so I hope you guys like it! Leave some feedback, & let me know what you guys think! Love you! :)

Ethan’s POV

She looked so sad, so confused, and helpless, as she sat on my living couch. She was freezing, and soaking wet from getting rained on as she was running over here.

We live in the same apartment complex, but she stayed near the front, where as I stay towards the back. Y/N lives with her father, and they didn’t have the best relationship. Or hardly a relationship at all. He was always drunk, and out with a different woman every night. He was never around to take care of Y/N, or play the role of her father. Her relationship with her mother wasn’t any better. She doesn’t even speak to her mom. The last time they spoke to each other, her mom told her how much of a mistake she was. I mean what kind of mother would say that to her own child? She lives in Florida, with some guy in his late 20′s. I was 22, so to think her mom was dating someone around my age was kind of weird. 

I’ve known Y/N for about 2 years now, and I guess you can say we have a bit of an interesting relationship going on. We weren’t technically boyfriend and girlfriend, but we have sex, mess around, and do cute couple shit here and there, but only when we were behind closed doors. Nobody knows about our relationship. To our friends we’re just friends who live in the same apartment complex. 

Y/N was 18, but she was very mature for her age. Most 18 year old like to party, get drunk, and hook up with random dudes. But Y/N wasn’t like that. She was very smart. She’s currently a freshman at UCLA, and while being a full time student she also maintains 2 jobs, just so she could help her sorry excuse of a father pay rent, and keep food in their apartment. She didn’t have a car, so wherever it was she needed to go, whether it was work, or the store, I would take her. It’s better than spending money, plus she doesn’t need to be in a car with some creepy stranger anyway. But as mature as she was, she still needed guidance. Someone to teach and show her things. She needed that male figure in her life. Something he father obviously couldn’t give her. But I can. Along with so many other things I will be able to give her but no other guy can! She was also so broken, and so vulnerable with all the things she’s bring through, so I can’t help but feel very protective of her. I always want to take care of her, and make sure she’s okay. I also wanted to keep her away from everyone. I didn’t want anyone to talk to her, touch her, or look at her. No one deserves someone as beautiful, or as pure, as Y/N. She may be broken, but that’s why she has me. My job was to fix her, and keep her from ever getting broken again. 

“Here. Get out of those wet clothes before you get sick.” I said, handing her a pair of my sweat pants, and one of my hoodies. Knowing that I probably won’t get either of those items of clothing back, because once Y/N “burrows” something it’s basically hers. I obviously don’t mind. She looks good in my clothes. 

Almost as good as she looks without any on.

* * * *

I was in the kitchen making Y/N some tea, when she came out of the bathroom from changing, and sat down at the kitchen bar. Her hair was wrapped up in a towel, since it had gotten wet from the rain, when she came over.

“Thanks.” she spoke softly, as I placed the hot cup of tea in front of her. 

“What happened?” I asked, standing across from her on the other side of the kitchen bar. She took a sip from the cup, before telling me what happened.

“He got drunk, and brought another woman home again. And then he told me to leave so they could have some alone time.” she said, putting air quotes around the word alone time.

“And I didn’t want to leave, because I mean why do I have to leave just because he wants to bring some whore home. I live there too! So I told him no, and went up to my room. But he just started freaking out, and yelling at me. While the lady just stood there with an amused smirk on her face… That bitch! So, he grabbed my wrist, and dragged my downstairs, and out the apartment. Than he slammed the door in my face.” she said, as she was wiped away the tears that were starting to fall. I hated to see Y/N cry, but at the same time I liked it. Obviously not because I like seeing her sad, but because I get to console her, and make her feel better. 

“I banged on the door telling him I needed my stuff, and he opened it throwing my phone at me, and it hit the wall behind me and broke. I didn’t want to come over without calling or texting you just in case you might have friends over, so I just walked around the complex for a bit, but then it got really cold, and started raining, so I didn’t know what else to do… so I just came here.” she finished speaking, and starred down at the sleeves of her hoodie, fiddling with them.

This wasn’t the first time her dad did something like this, and unfortunately wit won’t be the last time either.

“That son of a bitch!” I cursed, as I balled up my fist. I hated the way her father treated her. No one should be treated like that by their parents. My dad used to treat me like shit too, so I kind of relate to her when it comes to having a shitty relationship with her father. 

* * Flash Back * *

“Dad’s drunk again.” my twin brother Grayson said as he was leaning against my bedroom door.

“I wish mom would come home. Maybe then he’ll stop drinking, and stop being such a dick all the time!” he continues to speak, as he sat down on on my bed.

“Mom’s not coming back, and we both know that. I’m just glad Cameron was able to get away from all this.” I said. It’s true, I am glad my sister was able to get out of this hell hole and go to college. I miss her like crazy, but at least she’s doing good. I miss my mom too, but ever since our parents got divorced, we barely talk to her. I guess because every time she gets in contact with us, our dad somehow finds out, and goes ballistic and lashes out at us. He even sends her threats about how she needs to stay away from us because she was the one that decided to leave. So I guess our mom just wanted to prevent that from happening. Which I understand. I just I miss her a lot, and I know Grayson does too.

* * * *

“Ethan! Grayson!”

“Come downstairs now!” we heard our dad yell, and shot each other a look before we headed downstairs.

“What’s up dad?” I asked my drunk father.

“G-Grayson, I-I need you to take out the t-trash!” my dad said, slurring over his words. He also got me confused with Grayson, which wasn’t anything new.

“Dad, I’m Grayson. He’s Ethan.” Grayson spoke up. He hates when our dad gets our names mixed up. I mean it’s kind of annoying. How do you get your own kids names mixed up? What kind of a father is that?

“Are you t-trying to call me stupid? You think I-I can’t tell my own kids apart?” our dad yelled, as he grabbed onto the neck of Grayson’s shirt, pulling him closer to him. He pushes Grayson back, causing him to fall backwards, hitting his head on the hardwood floor. Grayson let out a small groan, rubbing the back of his head. I helped Grayson up, as we both starred at our drunk father in disgust.

“I-I don’t care w-who you are! Ethan, G-Grayson, who the hell ever. Just t-take out the t-trash! You’re b-both useless sons of b-bitches anyway!” he said as he pushed pass us to walk out the front door.

“I’m g-going to the bar. Don’t wait up for m-me!” he said, before walking out, leaving Grayson, and I home alone again…

* * End Of Flash Back * *

“He’s going to regret treating you like that one day.” I told Y/N. Remembering how not even 4 months after Grayson and I moved out, our dad was already calling us telling us how sorry he was, and how he was going to change in order to get his family back. But turns out it was all talk. He never changed, he’s still a drunk. But now he’s a drunk who’s in jail for hitting a pedestrian while he was driving because he was intoxicated. Luckily for him, the victim didn’t die and only walked away with a few injuries. Or else he would’ve been in there for life! Which sounds harsh to say, but I honestly wouldn’t care. 

“I just wish I knew what I did wrong for him to hate me so much.”

“I help out around the apartment. I pay bills, and buy groceries, just so he can have money to spend on his stupid whores, and liquor. Maybe he recents me? Maybe I was a mistake like my mom says.” she said, and the tears started rolling down her rosey cheeks. 

“Hey look at me!” I said, placing my finger under her chin, tilting her head up.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, and you aren’t a mistake. Your parents just want someone to blame, so they can try to justify the way they treated you. You’re not a mistake, you aren’t worthless. Do you hear me?” I said, moving my hand to cuff the side of her face, and she nodded. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Even when she was crying she looked beautiful. So soft, so angelic, and to others she probably looked innocent, but I personally know that there was nothing innocent about her at all. I began to bite my lip at the thought of all the things that happened behind close doors.

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“What?” she asked, noticing I was starring at her. I stayed quite as I traced my thumb over her bottom lip, and bent down crashing my lips onto hers, closing the distance between us. She immediately started teasing her tongue with mine, sucking and exploring as if she couldn’t get enough of me. I closed my eyes shut, hoping to prolong the moment of her soft lips, against mine a little longer. Eventually, we both pulled away panting, heavily. We starred at each other for a moment, her gaze flitting all over my face, before looking into my eyes. She looked flushed. Her cheeks were red, and her lips were even redder. Her eyes still wet from crying, but she had a slight hint of lust in them.

Our lips connected again, and this time my hands reached underneath the hoodie she had on, and trailed my hands along her sides, and up to her breast. I realized Y/N wasn’t wearing a bra, and I couldn’t help but let a smirk form on my lips. My fingers splayed over her rib, as my thumb grazed over her hard nipples. I heard her breath hitched, and I trailed my lips down to her neck, while my thumbs teased her nipples again.  

“You’re wearing too much clothes.” I whispered against her ear. Hoping that she’d catch the drift but she didn’t. Or maybe she was being disobedient. 

“Did I not make myself clear?” I questioned, as I pulled away from her. Crossing my arms over my chest as I stood in front of her. 

“You did.” she says, as she bit down on her lip. She grabbed the bottom of her hoodie, and pulled it over her head, with the towel coming off her head with the hoodie. Her breast were no exposed, and she was only in my sweat pants.

I grabbed the bottom of my shirt, and quickly pulled it over my head, tossing it on the floor. I started to undo my pants, as I felt Y/N’s  gaze on me the whole time. 

“See something you like princess?” I asked, and she nodded, sucking in her bottom lip. I stepped over closer to her, and captured her lips but this time, in a more hungry kiss. My hands slid back over her ribs, and my thumbs tortuously skimming her nipples, and along the edges of her breast. Wherever my thumbs were on her breast, that’s where my tongue followed. I trailed a line alone her skin, from one nipple to the other. Biting, and sucking until they were marked purple and blue. 

“Can you take these off for daddy?” I asked, tugging at the sweat pants. Y/N obeyed, and started to pull them off, letting them fall to the ground. 

“Panties too.” I said with a smirk. And within seconds they were on the ground next to the sweat pants. 

She captured me in between her legs, pushing my hard dick against her heat. I slipped my had in between, and gently brushed her clit with my finger. 

“You’re so wet already.” I whispered against her ear, as I continued to rub her wet clit. A few soft whimpers escaped her lips, and I couldn’t help but let a satisfied smirk form on my lips.

“Who are you this wet for princess?” I asked, as I pushed one finger into her. 

“You, daddy!” she whimpered as she gripped the counter. I couldn’t help from get turned on even more from seeing her in this state.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum!” she moaned, tipping her head back, and closed her eyes, letting the sensation flood through her. But I didn’t want to let her cum yet. 

“Uh uh! Hold it babygirl.” I said, as I slid another finger into her, and she let out a moan. With my two fingers driving inside of her, I brushed my thumb over her clit. I could see the goosebumps forming on her arms, and her breath was hitched again, as I yanked her hair with my free hand, and captured her lips again, with a heated kiss. My fingers kept driving inside of her, and my thumb drew circles on her clit. Moving faster, and harder, driving her closer to her orgasm.

“Can I cum now daddy? Please let me cum!” she begged, and the sound of her begging for my permission to cum turned me on. 

“Cum for me princess. Cum on daddy’s fingers!” I said, pushing my fingers in deeper, and faster. Within seconds, Y/N’s moans filled my kitchen, and I could feel Y/N tighten up around my fingers, and a gush of warm liquid dripping down my knuckles.

I pulled out my wet fingers, and put them in my mouth tasting her sweet juices, as she watched me hungrily.

I wrapped Y/N’s legs around my waist and carried her to my bedroom, laying her down on my king size bed. I grabbed her legs, pulling her over to the edge of the bed, before I got down on my knees.

Originally posted by sensualkisses

“ Take you like a drug. I taste you on my tongue … ”

 I lifted her hips a bit, making her spread her legs wider, giving me an open invitation, in which I did not hesitate to take. I buried my face in between her legs, licking her from top to bottom between her folds repeatedly. Occasionally letting my teeth graze against her most sensitive nerves. Y/N’s body started to tremble, as her back arched up, raising her hips. I started drawing small figure 8s over her clit, as she grabbed a handful of my hair.

I pulled away, and brought my face up to hers, planting a deep kiss against her lips. Letting her taste herself as she kissed me. I stood up, and pulled down my pants, causing my erection to plop up and bobbed against my stomach. 

“Eyes up here babygirl.” I said, when I noticed Y/N’s gaze on me. She blushed, and sucked on her bottom lip, shooting me a sultry gaze.

“Lay back, and open those legs up for me princess.” 

“Open up, and let daddy fuck you.” I said, climbing on the bed, on top of her. 

I rested one elbow on one side of Y/N, so I could help keep myself up. I bent down and planted a kiss on her forehead, and down to her cheek, and neck, as I slowly, and gently slid my dick inside of her.   

 “Oh my god!” Y/N moaned, once I was fully inside her. She was so tight, that I could just cum right then and there. 

I started off slow, with long strokes, letting her adjust to my size. This wasn’t our first time having sex, but she still wasn’t quite use to my size yet. Although I must say she’s taking me better than the first few times. 

I thrust myself into her tight pussy a few more times, feeling the warmness of her walls wrapping around me. She grabbed onto the sheets, as she scrunched up her eyebrows, letting her mouth form in an “O” shape.

“It hurts Ethan!” she cried out, as I thrust deeper into her.

“Take it baby. Take daddy’s dick.” I said, as I continued to pick up my pace. Loud moans escaped from Y/N’s lips, as a few groans slipped out of mine.

“What’s my name?” I asked, as I pumped deeper inside of her.

“Daddy.” she whimpered.

“S-say it louder!” I groaned, speeding up my pace, putting more force into each thrust.

Originally posted by sensuous

“DADDY!” Y/N screamed out. Sensation spread through me, as I heard her screaming my name. I knew I couldn’t last much longer, but I didn’t want to cum just yet. So I slowed down my pace, pausing between strokes to let that feeling of sensation calm down a bit. I felt Y/N’s legs getting weak, as she started to close them around me.

“Keep your legs open for me babygirl.” I said, planting kisses along her temple, and trailing them down to her neck. Moving my free hand down to her waist helping her lift herself up a bit, as I began to pick up my pace once more. 

“You’re daddy’s little girl aren’t you?” I asked, as I pumped deeper, and harder into her tight wet pussy. She opened her mouth to say speak but she couldn’t speak. I was fucking her so good, that I literally took her breath away.

“I asked you question princess.” I said, giving her a few more hard strokes. Her breasts her bouncing up and down, as I was pounding my dick in and out of her. She clawed at my back, as she let out a loud moan. 

“I’m…daddy’s…little…girl!” she said in between breaths, as her legs stared to shake from beside me. I felt her walls squeezing my throbbing dick, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I was about to cum. I gave her a few more deep strokes, before releasing inside her.

* * * *

“God, that was amazing.” Y/N said, as she was trying to catch her breath. I was laying beside her trying to do the same.

I wrapped my arm around her waist. I grabbed the covers and put them over her naked body. I planted a kiss on the top of her head, as I ran my hand through her hair. It didn’t take long for Y/N to fall asleep in my arms.

We both laid there, with the sheets covering out naked bodies. Y/N had her head snuggled into my chest, as her arms tangled around mine, as if she was afraid I was going to let her go. But I wasn’t. I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. I needed her just as much as she needed me. But I didn’t want her to know that. I didn’t want her to see me weak. I want her to see me as her protector. But what she didn’t know was that she was also mine. I would never admit it to her, not now at least, but I love her. 

My needs filled her. They filled her mind, body and soul, and she let herself get wrapped in it, letting both of our desires fuel each other. That feeling of love we were both missing, we were able to find that in each other. I was able to mend her, make her feel safe and loved. And in returned, she gave me a kind of love that no one has ever been able to give me.

She was daddy’s little girl…

“His Wedding” Part 5

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Bucky and you are exes. He moved on but you couldn’t since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor - a ridiculous one. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will be fine. But it doesn’t always work out, does it?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 3423

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: repost, with a lil’ editing! taglist is open! also this part is a lil’ cheesy, but who doesn’t like that

‘His Wedding’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

gif (is not mine) has nothing to do with this part 

A week had passed away since my meeting with Bucky and Lilly in that Japanese restaurant. A lot happened in these days. Lilly and I were constantly tied up, we were texting, talking and meeting more than I did any of those activities with Nat or Wanda or even my mother. Natasha lives with me, so she is an exception, but the other two ladies in my life were surely disappointed. Although I kept texting them here and there.

Coming back to my week, it was not just Lilly I spent all my time with. Bucky often dropped by my office, more than ever. He said he wanted to be involved in the wedding as much as Lilly is (I was just considering myself lucky since I got to see him).

Apart from that, surprisingly Steve was also determined to help me in every possible way. We’d get lunch or dinner together. He’d share funny stories with me or just listen to me ramble about anything and everything. He’d constantly check up on me, even if it was just a quick text asking me how my day is going. Or something along the lines that made me feel like what I’m doing is not going to be half as bad of an experience. Natasha and Wanda were showing support in their own way, they liked making fun of Lilly. Sometimes it would get out of hand, other times it would also make me laugh. But Steve was here for me, asking what makes me feel better, what I like and what I want to do. He didn’t talk about how the wedding planning is going. After a long day I just want to forget about all of it.

Steve helped me do exactly that.

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Make Me Happy (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Bucky Soulmate AU: you have your soulmate’s handprint tattoed onto your body in the place where they first touch your skin. [~3800 words]

warning: language, also: fluff

Originally posted by enochianess

Growing up, Bucky had always kept his soulmark hidden. Not even Steve had seen it, which stung a little bit, knowing that Bucky wouldn’t even trust his best friend enough to show it. He had assumed that it was in a place which made Bucky uncomfortable, but still. It’s not like he would have laughed or teased him about it.

 The truth is that Bucky never had a soulmark.

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Okay, so our D&D party played with the Deck of Many Things tonight.

First up, the Sorcerer that stole the Deck drew four cards:

Comet - If you single-handedly defeat the next hostile monster or group of Monsters you encounter, you gain experience points enough to gain one level. Otherwise, this card has no effect.


Gem - Twenty-five pieces of jewelry worth 2,000 gp each or fifty gems worth 1,000 gp each appear at your feet.


Skull - You summon an avatar of death-a ghostly humanoid Skeleton clad in a tattered black robe and carrying a spectral scythe. It appears in a space of the DM’s choice within 10 feet of you and attacks you, warning all others that you must win the battle alone. The avatar fights until you die or it drops to 0 hit points, whereupon it disappears. If anyone tries to help you, the helper summons its own avatar of death. A creature slain by an avatar of death can’t be restored to life.

Whoa, shit. He wins though, and as per the Comet card he drew first, gains a level.

Donjon - You disappear and become entombed in a state of suspended animation in an extradimensional sphere. Everything you were wearing and carrying stays behind in the space you occupied when you disappeared. You remain imprisoned until you are found and removed from the Sphere. You can’t be located by any Divination magic, but a wish spell can reveal the location of your prison. You draw no more cards.

FUCKING BYE. So our characters are all pretty scared of this deck now. Our bard is happy that it left the money behind. We collect his belongings and head back across the desert and magical wilderness to the town we were traveling toward.

So a few days travel later we reach the town and my Monk, hoping to draw something to save the Sorcerer, draws one card:

Skull - An avatar of death appears and attacks. I win, but I didn’t have a Comet, so I gain nothing.

Our Oath of Conquest (i.e. Evil) Paladin said he would draw to try and save the sorcerer if I did, and declares he will draw two cards:

Rogue - A nonplayer character of the DM’s choice becomes hostile toward you. The identity of your new enemy isn’t known until the NPC or someone else reveals it. Nothing less than a wish spell or Divine Intervention can end the NPC’s hostility toward you.

So he has a new enemy we don’t know anything about, somewhere.

Jester - You gain 10,000 XP, or you can draw two additional cards beyond your declared draws.


Gem - 50,000gp of gems appear at his feet

So our money troubles are pretty much over with.

Knight - You gain the service of a 4th-level Fighter who appears in a space you choose within 30 feet of you. The Fighter is of the same race as you and serves you loyally until death, believing the fates have drawn him or her to you. You control this character.

His character is driven by his diety/patron to amass power and followers, so this is pretty cool. The first of his army.

Our Bard gets over his fear and declares he is drawing three cards:

Flames - A powerful devil becomes your enemy. The devil seeks your ruin and plagues your life, savoring your suffering before attempting to slay you. This enmity lasts until either you or the devil dies.

Well, shit. The bard, and by extension the party, have been trying to build a trading company in addition to performing around the world as a travelling band, so this angry devil has a bunch of ways to ruin us before killing the bard and maybe all of us.

Star - Increase one of your Ability Scores by 2.

Always good. 20 Charisma now for the Bard.

Vizier - At any time you choose within one year of drawing this card, you can ask a question in meditation and mentally receive a truthful answer to that question. Besides information, the answer helps you solve a puzzling problem or other dilemma. In other words, the knowledge comes with wisdom on how to apply it.

Okay cool, he’s hanging onto it for now, but we’re pretty sure we’ll end up using it to find out how to stop that devil that wants to destroy him.

Did you notice anything about the Knight card? Oh that’s right, the player controls the fighter. So next up, the 4th level fighter, ordered to draw from the deck by the Paladin, draws four cards:

Key - A rare or rarer Magic Weapon with which you are proficient appears in your hands. The DM chooses the weapon.

He gets a +2 cursed weapon that one of the components of the curse is that he won’t give it away. No free loot for the Paladin.

Fool - You lose 10,000 XP, discard this card, and draw from the deck again, counting both draws as one of your declared draws. If losing that much XP would cause you to lose a level, you instead lose an amount that leaves you with just enough XP to keep your level.

He literally just magically materialized here at level 4, so he has no xp to lose. He draws again.

Vizier - Ask any question and receive a truthful, useful answer.

The Paladin lost his memory just before the start of the campaign, so he’s going to have the fighter ask later about that.

Moon - You are granted the ability to cast the wish spell 1d3 times.

Hot damn. He gets 1 on the roll for number of wishes, and grants the entire party permanent fire resistance. Our DM even decrees that the resistance will stack with the Paladin and Fighter’s tiefling fire resist and make the immune to fire, because hey, it’s the Deck of Many Things, it’s real fucking powerful.

The Fates - Reality’s fabric unravels and spins anew, allowing you to avoid or erase one event as if it never happened. You can use the card’s magic as soon as you draw the card or at any other time before you die.

Jaysus. The Paladin and I had agreed that we were drawing to save the sorcerer, and he decides that applies to his servant’s draws also. We use this power to undo the Donjon draw that banished the sorcerer. So he appears alone, naked, in the desert where he had drawn the card. He starts walking, quickly becoming exhausted by the heat and his complete lack of any clothing, food, or water.

But he had declared he would draw four cards. We had undone the draw that banished him, and per the rules of the Deck of Many Things, he must draw all the cards he said he would. An hour after he reappears, a new card flies off the deck, and its effect immediately applies.

He’s lying face down in the desert sands, when suddenly, a 4th level fighter appears, offering him a waterskin and some clothing. They believe that they have been drawn to him by fate, and will serve him loyally until death.

He is saved! But there’s one more thing about the Knight card.

He controls this character. Next week, he’s going to have them draw from the goddamn Deck.

Writing Harry Potter fanfic without reinforcing unconscious antisemitism when you write goblins or Snape

Hi, I have a question about writing fanfic of source material with questionable/ offensive aspects. I’m writing Harry Potter fanfic and am unsure how best to deal with antisemitic undertones in both the goblins and in Snape (esp his physical appearance). I’m not jewish.

I tried researching goblins in general, and the approach I came up with so far is to remove the connection of the harry potter goblins with gold/ gringotts. In my fic they have other jobs, professions and roles besides that, and humans work alongside them in the bank. I got rid of negative descriptions like “swarthy”, untrustworthy etc, and while not really going indepth (they’re not the focus) hinted at them having their own culture not revolving around gold or treasure, but with their own traditional clothing and art.

I wonder if this is a good approach, if there are other things to be aware of or pitfalls to avoid. I’m not trying to portray goblin culture to resemble jewish culture in any way btw, but will rather have human jewish characters. 

The second thing I’m struggling with is Snape. I don’t think Rowling intended either him or the goblins this way, but he comes across as a negative jewish stereotype and I feel unsure of how to change this. Since he is such a central character, I feel less like I can completely disregard canon or make him unrecognizable. I also don’t feel like just changing his physical appearance would help at all? Doing that might only reinforce the idea that there’s something ‘wrong’ with his features. So far the only thing I could come up with is not to portray features like his hooked nose or oily hair in a negative way or as a sign of bad personality traits. I’m honestly at a loss though. – Sorry this got so long!

First of all, for anyone who isn’t aware of what OP is talking about, it’s not that JKR deliberately set out to poke us in the eye with her money-babysitting goblins and hook-nosed Snape. It’s built into English folklore this way, so much so that she most likely didn’t realize why her knee-jerk idea for what those characters should look like was informed by centuries-old garbage. So I’m not blaming her, and this is a warning that you don’t have to be deliberately racist to accidentally perpetuate harmful tropes.

Moving on to the answer: 

>> the approach I came up with so far is to remove the connection of the harry potter goblins with gold/ gringotts. In my fic they have other jobs, professions and roles besides that, and humans work alongside them in the bank

I have a question for you. Why was it easier to create entirely new goblin canon than distance them from Jewishness ? I mean, I don’t know about you, but even if goblins are upstanding citizens who save puppies and help old ladies cross the street on the daily, always do the dishes after every meal, and never misgender their friends, the word ‘goblin’ is not something commonly thought of as beautiful or heroic. It’s a GOBLIN. So if this were me I’d move in a “goblins are not Jews” direction instead of trying to turn them into ugly little heroes. (This is advice specifically for gentiles, by the way. I know several Jewish fans who like to try to reclaim, for example, Tolkien dwarves. It can be very validating–from within. And for people who aren’t me. :P )

Ways to distance goblins from Jewishness and anti-semitic tropes in general:

  • First of all, fix the noses. We as a society decided that having your nose turn down at the end makes someone monstrous and unhuman. Can we not? That’s just silly. So give the goblins either all kinds of noses including snub noses and pointy noses and uninteresting noses, or give them something totally inhuman like a Pinocchio nose.
  • If they follow polytheism in any way that’ll help drive them away from Jewishness. A goblin pantheon, etc.
  • Having human Jews in the story is the best way to make it clear your goblins aren’t Jews, IMO. Especially if they have the same “meh” reaction to them that the gentile human characters do.

I mean, trying to make them independently cool is not a bad goal, I’m just saying that it doesn’t necessarily make them seem less Jewish because let’s face it, tiny and ugly is one of the negative tropes about us even when we’re awesome and I just plain don’t want to feel ugly when I wake up in the morning!

>> will rather have human jewish characters.


By the way, if this seems like way too much work – if you leave goblins out of your fanfic entirely the fact that JKR uses them won’t make your fanfic antisemitic. Does that make sense? Like, yes, the source material is problematic, but it’s also okay to completely ignore the goblins entirely within the scope of your fic. Unless you really need them there for plot reasons.

>>  Since he is such a central character, I feel less like I can completely disregard canon or make him unrecognizable. I also don’t feel like just changing his physical appearance would help at all? Doing that might only reinforce the idea that there’s something ‘wrong’ with his features. So far the only thing I could come up with is not to portray features like his hooked nose or oily hair in a negative way or as a sign of bad personality traits. I’m honestly at a loss though. 

The Snape answer is easier.

Don’t talk about those particular physical features. Does anyone reading HP fanfic not already know what Severus Snape looks like? There really isn’t a reason to mention his nose in a fanfic.

If you also show him being his usual douchecanoe self to Jewish students in addition to all the gentile MC’s, that would be cool–and another thing you could do is have him deliberately go out of his way to be a douche to a Jewish student in an antisemitic way like, if a muggle from a more observant background is ooked out about having to touch pig parts for a spell he could make fun of her and she could defend herself or one of the others could reassure her she’s okay and he’s just an ass to everyone. I mean that would make it super obvious he’s not us. But you don’t really have to do that.



“The forbidden starts seem to appear again.”

Ceo!Sehun/Sugar Daddy!Sehun

You made your way to the studio,slowly but with steady steps.The wind kissed your face as you tried to welcome the new weather,which you had been missing all summer.Orange and yellow leaves said their last farewell to the tree,leaving it alone,only to face with the cruel clouds that seemed to disappear in a while.

After pulling the door open,you took a look around the studio,realizing that there were a few people compared to yesterday.You had been assigned more projects over the wee which seemed impossible to finish,but trying would not hurt.

You opened your small case,taking your brushes and paints out while your mind drifted to your rent.You had been having cash problems for the past 2 months and living like this was stressing you out,only thinking of money after a certain time.

It was not that you liked money,but people did.They were blinded by the smell of the colorful paper which seemed to cure everything.You slowly mixed the paint,making sure you kept yourself clean otherwise you would have to wash your clothes which meant both money and time,two things you did not have at the moment.

When your grandpa sent you to college,he made sure you had some money,enough to keep you going for a year and then you would start working on a job but his death turned everything upside down.You had to take a break from school and pay his funeral costs as well as all the loans he had taken.Selling his house kept you going for a few months and you still had some of the money,but you were keeping it for the worst of the worst.

You took a deep breath,slowly coloring the canvas that seemed to be so empty after a few hits of the thick brush.The small bell rang while you tried to find the right angle,signalling the presence of a new-comer.You did not look up or try to guess who it was like you would normally do,not with all these things going on in your mind.

The brunette girl sat beside you with a small smile while she watched you paint the water,sighing as she realized how quiet you were.

“Hello” she said with a joyful voice,making you feel dull for a moment.

“Hi” you said,wanting her to go away so that you could manage to finish the painting.

“I’m-” she started off,but you cut him,you knew who she was.

“I know who you are” you said,still focused on the painting.

“Oh,well.” she said awkwardly,making it obvious that she was here for a reason.”I’m directly gonna get to the point.” she breathed out,surprising you at her sudden courage.”I heard that you had cash problems.” she said with a grin on her face.

You immediately looked at her,questioning yourself while you tried to find who could’ve told her that.

“Your friend told me” she said,still smiling. “The curly one” she took a step towards the window you were facing.

“So?” you said,trying to remain silent.

“I have a solution.” she said as she raised her eyebrows.

She slowly took steps towards the exit after giving you a piece of paper.

You were hesitant about this.The girl from your art history class gave you an address of a place,telling you to meet here there.You were sure you would never do this if you had any other choice.

But there you stood in front of the door.

You slowly opened the door,facing a few girls with heavy make-up and cigarettes while they talked about old man.You raised your eyebrows and just when you were about to say her name,your friend showed up with a revealing costume that made your eyes go wide for a second.She screamed at you,telling you how she missed you even though you had never talked before.

She was an actress.

After getting rid of her heavy arms around your neck,you pulled yourself out of her embrace,waiting for an explanation.She made a small sound while other girls asked you who you were.

“I’m just here to see her” you manage to say between their heavy gazes.

“Sure,you are” said the tall girl with a smirk.”So are the others.” as they left for a drink.

“Uhm?” you said as you made it obvious that she was late for an explanation.

“Oh,right” she said chuckling awkwardly as she returned to her true self.”I was just about to explain” a sarcastic grin covered her features.

You both sat down as she talked abut how she made so much money and every time she said money,she used the word like she had millions.She also mentioned how easy it was,making your curiosity lead the way.

“So what I do is…” she said gulping and checking your reaction,”I actually have a sugar daddy” she chuckled.

Your pupils went wide as a sigh left your lips along with “Oh my god!”,telling her how surprised you were.You gave her a bad look and just when you were about to leave,she held you arm,making you look at her.

“Look,I used to have cash problems and I couldn’t even pay my rent,now I own an apartment.I know It seems hard but it’s going to be a one-time thing.” she said,making sure you believed her.

“One-time thing?” you said,looking at her for response.

“You’re going to have one and only, a sugar daddy.You can just mess with him for a month and he’ll give you all the money you need” raising her eyebrows.”Exchange of some things of course”

After you heard what she said,you quickly stood up,wanting to leave and erase every imaginative moment you had with a sugar daddy.You felt like a heavy stone had been replaced into your heart,like it was making you drown.You were just about to get out the door when you heard what she said.

“Live or survive.It’s your choice”

You looked at your reflection on the mirror,unable to recognize the face as the heavy make-up covered all your flaws that made you yourself.You had been debating over a month to get a sugar daddy.It was a unique,unusual idea but you had no other choice.You were sick of eating the same things and wearing the same clothes,you wanted some source of comfort.

You made yourself comfortable at the taxi,heart beating fast as you took deep breaths in,unsure of what to do or what to expect.

You always imagined a sugar daddy as an old man,in his mid 40s,super rich and obviously,needy.Not needy as in needing sexual actions but in a need of someone beside him.He was probably best at making money,which led him to pay someone to love him,or at least make love to him.

You got out of the taxi,your eyes searching for a small building near the work center,but all you could see was a tall building which stood right in the middle of the street.You asked a few people about the address,not believing that it could be the building but every time,you were proved wrong.

You got inside the building,while your mind was sure you were going to get lost.Just when you were about to get in the elevator,a tiny worker appeared next to you with a smile.

“Hi” she said ,offering a hand.

“Hello” you said,fixing your hair as you were unsure of what to do.

“You must be Mrs.Y/N” she said,making your head spin.

How did she know?

“Uhm..” you said,having difficulties while you tried to follow her.

“Mr.Oh will meet you in ..” she said,taking a look at her watch “3 minutes,so be quick” she said,giving you a smile while she led you from one door to another.

You stood awkwardly in front of the big doors which he small worker introduced you as Mr.Oh’s office, waiting for the worker to open them.

“You can go now” she said opening the doors.

You could feel your heart trying to get out of your chest.

A young man with brunette hair,eyebrows scrunched as he stared down at a few papers.He had his jacket on the chair,leaving him with a white shirt which fitted him just right.

“Mr.Oh” she said,wanting to take the attention of the young man sitting in front of her,failing.

”She’s here” he immediately looked up to see the young,delicate woman who was too bust taking a look around.

“O-okay” he said as he gathered the papers,wanting to look as neat as possible.

The worker smirked.

She stormed out of the room with her high heels,realizing her absence after the loud bang of the door made you look up to the man in front of you,who now was looking at the floor.

You thought he was the son of the man you were supposed to meet with.He was too young,too handsome to be alone.You were pretty sure he was surrounded by a bunch of woman every single night by the look of his face.

But you were wrong.

Faith,destiny,luck or success…,whatever you call it.The man standing in front of you,Mr.Oh was indeed alone.He had been approached a few times by woman,who never failed to disappoint.He was busy all the time,making it impossible for him to see someone.He was married to his job,or that’s what the employees around here said, even though they loved their boss.He spent his life either studying or working,making him lack of experience.

He looked at you with soft eyes,which seemed to have some kind of fire in them.His lips slowly got covered in a smirk,hand reaching out to offer you a chair.

“I-I’m Sehun” he said,with shy eyes.

“Y/N” you said as you awkwardly looked at him.

You sucked at this.

Just when all the thoughts of running back to your apartment and living with your plants for the rest of your life,broke,flashed through your mind.When you were sure this was your last chance to escape and be free and feel fine again,his words made the wall around you shake.

“Look I–uh…I’m not looking for a relationship that you were here for.I actually want company,someone to keep me sane and peaceful.Maybe It’s too much to ask but I..I don’t want your body or freedom,I want your time.If we feel close enough after some time, that part will also happen but for now….I just want to have someone who I can talk to.” 

You just nodded

It’s been a story I’ve been meaning to write and here it goes! The next chapter will be out this weekend,requests are open.I hope you’ll have a wonderful week and Monsta X had their first win so I M  P R O U D as a hardcore monbebe.

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spreadsheets to make it easy [ao3]

unbeta’d and late as is usual (~4200 words) 

Justin isn’t sure what he expects when he clicks on an email with the subject Adopt a Child for the Holidays! , but he’s not that surprised when the link inside brings him to the homepage of a local orphanage. He’s more surprised than he’d like to admit outside of his own head when it’s a link for donating a holiday present to a child rather than actually adopting a kid for the holiday month, but he blames that on the fact that he’s been in a youtube spiral since he got home from work at lunch and has apparently forgotten how to think for himself.

He eats the sandwich he made for dinner one handed while he skims through the page, looking at the pictures of kids of all ages decked out in holiday reds and greens and blues and whites, smiling or making faces at the camera. The captions on the photos say that they were taken from last year’s party, the first time the orphanage was able to do a holiday party, if the captions are to be believed and Justin hasn’t accidentally opened a virus again by clicking on a link from an unknown source. He doesn’t remember giving out his email address to any orphanages, but then again Holster never remembers his own email address half the time so he uses Justin’s to sign up for things. At least if this is clickbait, it’s probably Holster’s fault time.

The more he clicks through the tabs though, the more Justin thinks this is probably a legit orphanage looking for donations in order to make sure they can purchase enough gifts for the kids who will be there through the holiday season. He’s staring at the bright red ADOPT-A-CHILD button that’s been on the side of every page when Holster kicks open the front door of their apartment.

“Hey, fuck daylight savings,” Holster says in lieu of a greeting. It comes out a little muffled; he’s got a scarf wrapped around the bottom half of his face to fight the wind, but he shucks that off easily enough and throws it on top of the chair they’ve been using as a coat stand since the weather’s turned cold. His jacket goes on top of it. Justin would be more annoyed if they weren’t the same size in outerwear and wore each other’s interchangeably. Holster continues, “It’s like barely 6pm and it feels like midnight, I hate it.” He kicks his shoes at the wall, letting them fall on top of Justin’s neatly placed shoes. That actually annoys him so he glares at Holster until he bends and fixes them.

“And it’s dark and cold, and I had to talk to Margaret about her daughter for fucking ever,” Holster continues talking all the while he passes the kitchen and goes into his room to change out of his work clothes.

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Prodigy Lance Fic Part 12!!!!!

Lance could feel his palms becoming sweaty. He looked between his teammates nervously. They hadn’t said a word for five minutes. Lance was about to say something, anything, when Pidge started slowly.
“So, just so we’re all clear. You, Lance, are a genius once-in-a-lifetime prodigy, who has created these famous plans and strategies all by yourself?”
Lance wiped his palms across his jeans. “Um..yes?”
Pidge shook her head. “Something isn’t adding up here though. If you’re this amazing prodigy, then why weren’t you at the top of the class?”
The team looked at him, waiting for an answer. Lance let out a sigh.
“I could’ve have been if I really wanted to. I aced all my tests, excelled in all my classes, but I would always barely pass the flight simulators. Fail them even sometimes. Keith deserved that position. I didn’t want to be at the Garrison in the first place, so it wouldn’t be fair if I was the top of the class and didn’t even want it.”
That got Keith’s attention.
“Wait, Lance, what do you mean you never wanted to be at the Garrison in the first place? The Garrison is a prestigious flight school to get into, and people are very competitive to get in.” Lance gave them a small smile.
“Heh, well that my mullet is a long story.”

Lance slowly stood up, making his way to one of the castle’s windows. He gazed at the stars and planets that passed them by.
“I never applied to the Garrison. They recruited me. I have no idea how they even found out about me or my skills, but they did. And they wanted me.”
Lance nervously picked a string on the edge of his shirt, the team watching and waiting patiently.
“You guys all know that I come from a large family. And I love it, love all of them. But having such a large family comes at a price. Literally. My parents were struggling to get us by. We lived in an old house that needed major renovations, I shared rooms and even beds with my siblings. We never went hungry, but we ate tortillas and rice and beans almost everyday. We weren’t living. We were surviving.”
The team wore shocked expressions on their face, Allura’s eyes were slightly glistening from unshed tears.
“But we had each other as corny as that sound. And we’re were happy. But that didn’t stop the bills or bring in more money. Dad had just lost his job and mama was working on our farm, trying to sell produce and other products. I knew I had to go something. I couldn’t just watch my family suffer.”
Lance turned toward the team, ignoring their expressions.
“And that’s when a letter from the Garrison came. I almost threw it away because it was too expensive, and I never wanted to go in the first place. I never wanted to fight or hurt anybody. I just wanted to protect the ones I love. But then I read in the letter that they would offer me some sort of scholarship. They would pay for my schooling and even give me a huge amount of money if I worked with them. How could I refuse? So, I told my parents and accepted the Garrison’s proposal.”
Hunk gazed at his friend, standing up and reaching toward him. “Lance…”

“My family could finally live. We fixed our leaky roof, I was able to buy my sibling new shoes and clothes. Even bought them makeup and and paint and coloring books.”
Lance’s eyes turned glossy.
“I even bought mama a dress, one that she fell in love with the moment she saw it. She cried when I gave it to them. Everything was going smoothly. I did what the Garrison told me to do, didn’t ask questions, and got paid.”
His eyes suddenly turned dark.
“Then the Kerberos mission happened.”
Shiro inhaled sharply. “The Kerberos mission? What about that?”
Lance turned toward him, eyes still dark. “Something did add up. I helped set up that mission, I created flight strategies specifically for that. But then you all suddenly went missing, ship included. I reviewed everything, thinking it was my fault, but that’s when I noticed somebody tampered with the file, with my plans. It was like somebody tried to cover up their tracks, and put the blame on someone else. When I asked, they gave me some vague answer and told me not to ask about it again. That’s when I knew something was wrong…but I didn’t do anything about it. My main concern was providing for my family, and I didn’t want to risk losing that scholarship. I-I’m sorry Shiro. If I had just-”
Shiro quickly raised a hand, cutting him off. “There’s no need to apologize Lance. You were thinking about your family, and there’s no shame in that.”

The team stared at Lance, waiting. They were starting to become nervous, thinking they had said the wrong thing when Lance suddenly began to cry. Keith quickly leapt to him, taking him by the shoulders.
Lance just shook his head, not bothering to wipe the tears. “That’s just it, isn’t it?”
Keith looked at the others in confusion, who in response just frantically shrugged their shoulders. Keith turned back toward him.
“What do you mean Lance?”
Lance locked his watery gaze with Keith, starting to choke on his sobs.
“I-I’ve always though about my family, trying to do my best to take care of them. But look at me now! I’m in space, who knows how many fucking miles away from them! I left with no goodbye, no warning! I don’t know if they’re okay, if they have enough money. I don’t know if dad got another job, if the roof started leaking again, or if Tio needs new shoes! I-I just left them. And I know that I’m protecting them here, protecting the whole universe, but it’s just so hard sometimes. The guilt and sadness is too much to bear, and my mind just takes over and drives me crazy, trying to create a solution to this problem!”

Lance fell into Keith, throwing his arms around his neck, and tucking his face into his neck. “I-I just want to know if they’re okay. Let them know I’m okay. To see their faces. I’m sorry if I’m being selfish, but is that too much to ask?”
Keith just held Lance, tightening his arms around his waist. The others sadly looked amongst themselves, letting the new information sink. Allura then rose and walked over to Lance, gently resting a hand on his shoulder to get his attention. Lance sniffles loudly and with a quick squeeze, released Keith and turned toward Allura. Allura smiled softly at him, taking his face in between her hands, brushing away his tears.
“My dear Blue Paladin, you are the complete opposite of selfish. You put yourself before your family and all of us. You have showed us such bravery and respect, and we are so proud of you, just like I know your family is. Speaking of your family, I believe I have an arrangement. Zarkon and his followers have been quiet here recently, so I think we all deserve a quick break, a vacation if you will.”
Lance stared at her with wide eyes, disbelieving what she was implying. “Allura…?”
Allura gave him another smile and turned toward Coran.
“Coran, please set the fastest course to Earth. I would like to see these beaches Lance has told us all about.”

[I’m On Fire] - Part 3

AU!Jeffrey x Reader

[Prompt: Jeffrey picking you up from school, and the scandal when everyone who thought he was your father, finds out he’s actually your boyfriend]

A/N: I wanted to write a flashback on how these two met, especially since they have such a huge age gap. In case any of you were curious – Also, I have been having such a serious struggle writing part 3 so if this is shitty or disappointed you guys in anyway…I’m so sorry in advance >.< I’ve written two different versions which I hated and now that I finished this draft I just wanted to post it without thinking. UGH again I’m sorry if its shitty. 

Tags: Smut, Daddy Kink, Fluff

Part 2 || Masterlist 

(gif by @londoncapsule


Alma was bustling with life.

Students, lovers and friends gathered together in the tiny narrow restaurant bumping elbows by the dinner tables and getting to know one another as they crowded the bar. The walls were painted an aztec blue, decorated and adorned with textiles of white, orange and mustard yellow. The eclectic music was drowned out by the sound of heavy chatter and the clinking of wine glasses.

Juxtaposing this lively atmosphere, you found yourself seated across Phoebe and Regina spending the first half of your night dealing with their chilling stares and withdrawn attitudes.

No matter how many times you profusely apologised to them, they didn’t appear to be in a forgiving mood.

“Did you guys forget how we became friends in the first place?”, you argued after they continued refusing to accept your hurtful “excuses”.

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“Heirs: The Scent of Revenge” - [ Tom Hiddleston / Jeremy Irons - One shot].

Based on: Imagine: Tom’s reaction when you get home late one night, and after falling asleep on the couch waiting for you, he opens the door and as you walk past him, he catches a whiff of another man’s cologne.

Imagine: Tom cheated on you with one of your best friends before getting married. So your revenge is hooking up with his father, Jeremy. Tom feels guilty, apologizes and begs you to get back with him. Jeremy walks in and looks at Tom saying, “My son, what a huge mistake you made.”

Written by: A.Wölf.


Not even the high levels of caffeine in his bloodstream could keep Thomas awake.

One, two, three. One, two, three strong cups of coffee later and he still felt his eyelids heavy, his blue eyes not maintaining focus anymore until they finally defeated what was left of his willingness around 3:15 am, and closed as he fell asleep on the couch. Not having slept the previous night made it easier for his body to give in, not to mention the emotional pain he had felt which now resided in his back in the form of multiple knots, thus turning into physical discomfort as well.

He had been waiting for her to return home, but after the recent events, it’d be a miracle if she did. After a terrible indiscretion was committed by a friend, she found out that her husband had cheated on her before their wedding, which had taken place no longer than five months prior to the unfortunate discovery. The sleepless night was spent arguing until she locked herself in their bedroom and left Tom in the living room.

“You bastard!” the wife had cried against the door as she sank to the floor with a broken heart.

On the other side, Tom did the same thing but remained silent, accepting the consequences while running his fingers through his hair, looking hopeless.

A couple hours after the sun came out, he could hear her moving things inside their bedroom, he wasted no time and made himself useful in the kitchen. He washed and diced some fruit, cooked eggs and waffles, even made freshly squeezed orange juice before setting the table. And just as he finished, in perfect timing, his wife came out of the bedroom, already dressed and with her purse hanging over her shoulder as she wrapped a purple silk hair scarf around her head.

They locked eyes in utter silence, and Tom tried to show her a friendly smile but she broke eye contact to glance at the perfectly set table. Tom cleared his throat and shifted in his spot. And just like everything had abruptly changed between them, so had the weather; gray clouds had covered the sun and a heavy summer rain had started to fall.

“Uhm, I thought we could have breakfast together”, he said timidly.

The wife let out a breathy chuckle and walked towards the door. But before she even reached for the knob, Tom had already taken three long strides to block the exit.

“Where are you going?” he gently asked, trying to remain collected.

“You have no right to ask me anything”, she said in a quiet yet firm tone.

Tom looked away and sighed, looking upset for a split second but trying to come up with any reason to make her stay.

“It’s raining”.

“Get out of the way, Thomas”.

“Please don’t do this. Let’s talk”.

She ignored him and brushed past him to finally open the door. If the situation hadn’t been as serious, perhaps he would’ve touched her, grabbed her gently by the arm to stop her but he knew it wasn’t a wise thing to do. He wasn’t giving up anyway.

“I made breakfast”, he insisted.

She turned around to face him again and frowned while blinking several times before showing him a sarcastic smile.

“I do wonder, my love. If things had been the other way around… if I had slept with another man and made you an apology breakfast, would you have forgiven me?”

Tom’s lips parted, he was hurt but by nothing but the truth, so at last he let her go.

He spent the whole day waiting for her. The sun had set and she was nowhere to be seen. He tried calling her twice but there was no answer. By 11pm, the lack of sleep caught up with him, and he decided to make some coffee.

The sound of her keys woke Tom.

He sat up on the couch, looking confused, and glanced at his watch. He got up in a rush but his drowsiness made his movements clumsy, and yet he managed to beat her at opening the door. She looked up at him as soon as he did and seemed startled.

“It’s almost 5 in the morning”, Tom said sounding utterly displeased.

“Yeah, so?” She challenged.

Tom pushed his hair back trying to feel awake.

“I was worried, I-” but he stopped talking when she walked past him.

He frowned when he caught her scent, an unnerving mixture of the perfume she used and he loved, notoriously eclipsed by a man’s cologne; Her notes of pink pepper, lilac, peach, amber, and patchouli, stained with strong bergamot, nutmeg, clove, sandalwood and lemon.

A man had marked his territory.

Tom’s first instinct was to reach out and grip her arm.

“Where were you?”

“Don’t touch me!” She said trying to break free in vain.

“Where were you!?” Tom repeated between gritted teeth, “Who were you with!?”

His wife let out an amused giggle, somehow, it scared him and he absentmindedly loosened his grip around her arm for a split second but didn’t really let go.

“Jeez, Tom, your true colors are showing”, she said.

Tom pulled her closer to him in a rough manner.

“Quit fucking around”, he warned.

“Do you honestly believe you have the right to ask me that?”

“I know you were with someone. Just tell me the truth”.

Of all the weapons she fought with, her silence was the most violent. It was torturing him, and the more he stared at her the more details he picked on about the change in her appearance from the time she had left the house until then; her hair and clothes looked different, even her expression of anger seemed to have softened and turned into pride or something else.

She showed a demure and empty smile.

“You’re projecting, darling”, she whispered, and Tom let go with a clenched jaw.

She walked towards the bedroom but stopped and stared at her husband one last time.

“But then again”, she added, “There are some things in the world better off not knowing”.

Tom was beyond confused, he knew that his wife was mad but this was something else. Something had changed and she was acting out of spite, deliberately trying to hurt him back.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

She shrugged.

“Goodnight, darling”, she said sweetly while blowing a kiss in his direction before locking herself in the bedroom again.

Tom made tight fists, and felt like punching a wall, like trashing their place and even thought about going after her, kicking the door down and forcing her to tell him the truth. But this was his punishment, he knew. He didn’t really know whether she had been with someone or not. She was playing mind games. The uncertainty would eat him alive until she decided to speak, that is, if she ever did. But how could he demand answers after what he had done? And what could he do about it anyway?

“Perhaps, not knowing is better…” he thought.

“You look good”, Tom said as soon as he walked into his father’s bedroom, and leaned against the doorway with his hands in his pockets.

He hadn’t seen him in a couple months. Father and son never had the best relationship. Daddy had been absent most of the time, working, and the few moments he shared with his son, had always been characterized by a peculiar coldness. The more Tom grew up the more he tried to impress his father which wasn’t an easy thing to do, especially when he already had it all; prestige, money, a family.

The family was incomplete and had been for a while now.    

“I feel like a million bucks”, Jeremy said with raised eyebrows and in a playful tone.

He was standing before his mirror, fixing his bow tie and getting ready to attend an awards ceremony. He glanced at his son’s reflection.

“Surprisingly though”, he added, “I didn’t really get much sleep last night”.

“That makes two of us”, Tom murmured.

Jeremy walked towards the bathroom.

“You don’t have to come if you don’t want to”, he said.

Tom walked towards the unmade bed and sat down before grabbing a picture frame from the nightstand. It was a photograph of Jeremy and his late wife, Tom’s mother, on their wedding day.

“Mother would have never allowed it”.

Jeremy smiled to himself as he applied cologne on his neck. Then he grabbed his watch and put it on.

“She’d also go bonkers if she saw this mess”, Tom said while his eyes traveled around his father’s bedroom, “Whatever happened here?”

“Ah… yes. The maid will take care of it when we leave”.

A familiar scent suddenly invaded Tom’s nostrils, and he stared at his father who was standing before the mirror again, putting on his jacket. It had to be just his mind playing tricks on him, the sleep deprivation. He rested his elbows on his knees and shut his eyes briefly while running his fingers through his hair and taking a deep breath to shake away the malicious thought but the smell wouldn’t fade. And then he saw it; right there on the floor, next to his left foot.

“Ready to leave?” his father had asked but Tom had gone deaf, and his fingers trembled as he reached for the purple silk fabric.

“You son of a bitch”, Tom whispered.

Jeremy’s lips parted when he noticed what his son had found. His mind flashed back to the previous day.

He had put on his trench coat, ready to leave the house to attend a work meeting when he opened the door and found his son’s wife standing on his porch, soaking wet from the rain, about to knock. Jeremy furrowed his eyebrows, looking worried and confused.

“What are you doing here, child?” He asked looking over her shoulder to find no companion.

She was trembling, so he took his coat off and put it over her shoulders as he let her into his home.

“What happened?” he asked, “Is Tom with you?”

“Y-your son…” she stammered, “He cheated on me”.

Jeremy froze, and surprise and disappointment were evident in his expression. He dragged a hand down his face and looked around, expecting to find the maid standing there.

“Carol? Carol!”, he yelled.

“Yes, sir?” the old woman asked joining them in the foyer.

“Change of plans. I’ll be eating here”.

Tom’s wife stared at her father-in-law as he told the maid to prepare them a special soup or any warm meal. She had always liked Jeremy, and he had always been nice to her, but she was there for other reasons, and the nervousness made her stomach clench. When the woman left, he gave her his whole attention again.

“Good God, I don’t know what to tell you”, he said looking genuinely concerned.

Jeremy placed his hands on her shoulders and looked straight into her eyes.

“You’ll tell me all about it later, alright? First, we need to get you out of these clothes or you’re going to get s-”

She suddenly pressed her lips against his, interrupting him with a long and slow kiss. And when they pulled away, Jeremy was speechless, just swallowing hard and staring at her lips while the taste of her urgency traveled down his throat. She hadn’t come to find solace, or to tell on his son as if they were children. She had come for revenge. And for the first time in years, Jeremy, hard-working, routine-driven, widower Jeremy… was thrilled.

Tom carefully rose up from the bed, his eyes still glued to the hair scarf in his hands. He was speechless, outraged by his wife’s actions, by his father’s. Jeremy tightened his jaw, put his hands inside his pockets and took three slow steps closer to him. If he had never been warm towards his son before, this certainly wasn’t the moment to change that but to shamelessly emphasize it instead.

“My son, what a huge mistake you made”.

Tom had gotten his answer, and confirmed what he had wondered in the midst of chaos with his wife at home the previous night; it would have been better for him not to have known a thing.

Jon Snow

Originally posted by xsciamachy

Jon x Reader

Your father sighed when he turned and caught you dawdling behind, watching Jon with a smile slowly forming on your face.

“Hurry child, it would do you no good to be caught staring at him, his is a son of our Lord… bastered or not.” He chided and hurried you along.

“You know most of the girls talk about Lord Robb but I think Jon is far more handsome.” You mumbled which made him scoff.

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I’m Here // Carl Gallagher x Reader

*not my gif 
Summary: Carl is your boyfriend and you two have been the happiest couple ever. However, you deal with anxiety and depression which happens every now and then. Carl didn’t know about it. Until one day, you had enough and you wanted to take your life. But Carl caught you. 
A/N: This one is a request by an anonymous. This one is a serious one but it has a happy ending. And also before you start reading, I just want to remind you all that if you deal with depression or anxiety like I am, everything will be fine. x 

Carl and Y/N were just hanging out at Carl’s house rooftop, cuddling as they watch the stars glitter. “If we saw a shooting star right here, right now. What would you wish for?” Y/N asked, looking at Carl as he tries to think of something. “I probably would wish that I could’ve been a better little brother. Cause you know how I am, I’m stubborn and reckless.” Carl smiled looking at Y/N. “But you didn’t regret a thing you’ve done, huh?” Y/N said. Carl nodded him, looking back up to the sky. 

“How about you? What would you wish for?” Carl asked. Y/N started to become sad but she tries to hide it, so she forced a smile. “You know how Nemo got lost in the ocean and his dad went on to search for Nemo and he found him?” Y/N said. “Yeah?“ 
"Well, I want to be just like Nemo I want to do something that’s not meant to be done except that I hope no one would come and find me.” Y/N said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “So you basically wish to be Nemo?” Carl laughed. 

Y/N, of course, expected Carl to laugh because he doesn’t get it, he doesn’t know that Y/N is dealing with depression. So she just went on with it, “Yes, I do want to be just like Nemo.” Y/N laughed, as she looked at the watch and saw that it was already 2.30 a.m which is the time Y/N was supposed to be at home. “Hey, it’s 2:30, I gotta go.” Y/N said as she walks towards to a ladder that was on the side of the house. “I’ll take you home,” Carl said as he gets up as well. “You know you can’t come at my place, Carl.” Y/N said as she walked down the ladder to the ground. “We’ve been together for almost 2 years, Y/N. And I haven’t seen what your house looks like on the inside.” Carl sighed, walked back down the ladder. 

When Carl finally made it down from the rooftop, Y/N gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You’ll find out soon enough.” She says as she brushed her thumb on Carl’s cheek, making him touch her soft petite hand. “Take care, okay? I love you.” Carl said, looking into her eyes. “I love you too, Carl. So much…” Y/N said as if it was her last “I love you” to Carl. Y/N walked away from Carl, and looked back at him once again, giving him the middle finger, laughing. He did the same thing at Y/N before walking back inside his house. 

As Y/N arrived home, she saw her drunken step-father who was asleep in the chair while the TV was still on as she enters, she slowly took the remote control for her step-father’s hand and turned off the TV. “Goodnight,” She whispered, walking up the stairs slowly to her room. When she went inside her room. She saw her sister still awake in bed on her phone, “Have you told Carl yet?” Kendra asked. Y/N’s eyes started to tear up, “I didn’t.” Y/N sobbed. Kendra sat back up on her bed and started to look worried for Y/N. “Y/N, if you won’t tell Carl about your depression, you’ll just be worse. I’m just worried about you, you know? What if something happens to you? How would the boy you love know that finally, you ended your life?” Kendra said as she stood up, giving Y/N a tight hug. Y/N started to cry, “I just wish that I didn’t have to deal with any of this bullshit. I wish that mom didn’t die. I wish that our stupid step-dad is not here to abuse us.” She cried. “I don’t deserve this! I wanna be happy again.” Y/N said, pushing Kendra away from her. 

Kendra quickly put Y/N to bed and gave her medicines. “Drink this, you’ll be fine, kid,” Kendra said, giving her meds. Y/N did as what she says and finally she slowly went to sleep. Kendra stroked her hair and started to cry. “You’re right, Y/N. You don’t deserve this.” Kendra said. She stood back up from the floor and went to bed. 

n e x t m o r n i n g 

Y/N’s step-father went inside their room at 9 a.m, pulling Y/N’s blanket aggressively which made Y/N to sit up and saw him. “What are you doing here?” She shouted, which now made her sister wake up. “Where the fuck were you last night?” Y/N’s step-father said. “I was just out with Carl!” Y/N said, as her step-father pulled his belt from his pants and started to whip it on Y/N. Y/N started to cry of pain and tried to protect her own self. Kendra finally stood up and tried to push him away. “Back the fuck up!” Kendra said as she was pushed by her step-father. He then crawled into Y/N’s bed and started to slap her in the face hard. “Please stop! You’re hurting me!” Y/N cried. He stopped and stood back up. “Don’t ever go out and see that fucking Carl ever again!” He said, angrily and walked out their room. 

Kendra ran up to Y/N in bed and hugged her. “Pack your things, we have to leave this house right now,” Kendra said, standing up and took out two pieces of luggage under her bed. “Where will even stay? We barely have money.” Y/N sobbed, limping out the bed and started to take out her clothes from their closet. “Why don’t you call up Carl or someone who is a Gallagher,” Kendra said, as she still is focused on putting her stuff in her luggage quickly as she can. 

Y/N took her phone under her pillow and started to call Fiona, who she thinks is the right person to call since she is the leader of the house. “Hello?” Fiona said from the phone. “Fiona? Thank god you answer!” Y/N cried of happiness making Kendra look back at her. “Yeah. What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Fiona asked Y/N can tell that Fiona was worried from the tone of her voice when she asked her what was wrong. “Our dad just started to hit me with his belt and he slapped me across the face and we want to leave our house right now. So can we stay over at your house?” Y/N asked. “Oh, my god. Sure. You’re always welcome. Please be safe when you leave.” Fiona said, hanging up the phone. 

As Kendra and Y/N are packing, Fiona who is right now getting very scared and worried for the two. She started to walk around the kitchen as the kids are eating their breakfast. “Who was that on the phone? You started to look scared when you hung up.” Ian asked. “It’s Y/N who called,” Fiona said as she stopped walking around and looked at them. Carl then looked at her because Y/N’s his girlfriend so he has to know what happened to her. “What about Y/N? What happened to her?” Carl asked, also getting worried about what might happen on his girlfriend. Fiona couldn’t say it because she knows that Carl would get really angry would cause trouble. But she finally had the guts to say it. "Your girlfriend, Carl. She just got beaten up by her step-father.” Fiona sighed. Carl then stood up from his seat and ran upstairs to call Y/N but no one answered. He sat down on the floor leaning his head against the wall, as he rang Y/N again and again. 

As Carl tried to call Y/N, she and Kendra are finished packing up and they had to climb out the window so that their step-father won’t see them. “We throw the bags first and then we jump out,” Kendra said, making Y/N nod her head. They threw their bags out and now they are deciding on who to jump first. “I’ll go first.” Y/N said, jumping out the window and winced in pain. “Are you okay?” Kendra whispered. Y/N gave her the thumbs up and waited for Kendra to jump. When Kendra has finally jumped out, they took their bag and ran quickly as they can. 

f e w m i n u t e s l a t e r  

The sisters knocked on Gallagher’s door really loud as they see Lip right in front of them who opened the door. Y/N and Kendra ran inside and shut the door. Carl ran downstairs to see his girlfriend and her sister, sweaty and tired, catching their breath. Carl ran up to Y/N and kissed her lips. “Why weren’t you answering my calls?” Carls said. “I was sick worried about you." 

"I was in a hurry and scared that my step-father would catch us running away.” Y/N said but Carl noticed that something was not right about Y/N. The way she said it, she was emotionless and tired like she’s not happy about being safe. But Carl thought that she was just tired so he let that slip. “You know what, go inside the kitchen and have breakfast,” Ian said, guiding them to the kitchen. “I’ll just get something upstairs really quick,” Carl said, walking up the stairs. As they sat down, Y/N didn’t want to eat. She sat there and looked at the food. “Are you okay, Y/N?” Debbie asked. “Yes, Debbie. I’m just tired.” Y/N said. Kendra then noticed that she wasn’t feeling very well, she noticed that her depression was kicking in and it’s making her feel bad. “Can you guys excuse me please?” Y/N said, standing up and went to the bathroom, locking it. 

“Kendra, is Y/N okay?” Debbie asked her, again. “Yes, Debs. She is. Don’t worry.” Kendra said. Carl then came downstairs just to see Y/N was not in her seat. “Where’s Y/N?” Carl asked. “In the bathroom,” Ian said. They then heard something shattered coming from the bathroom. 

“Oh no. fuck!” Kendra shouted, and ran towards the bathroom, started to bang on the door. “Y/N! Open up! Don’t do this please!!” Kendra shouted. “Whats wrong? What is she doing?” Carl asked Kendra getting very nervous. 

“Y/N has a severe depression!” Kendra cried out. Everyone started to help Kendra out. “Move!” Ian shouted and kicked the door. And they saw the suicidal Y/N, on the floor, crying with a piece of mirror on her hand. “I don’t want to live anymore!” Y/N cried. Carl walked towards her and put her around his arms. “I’m Here. Don’t worry.” Carl gave Y/N a kiss on the forehead. 

Rating: PG

When we were younger, Luke and I would hide from our parents in the tree house that was in my backyard.

We would sneak off after filling our plates with food climb up the wooden ladder to the top. We would always get in trouble because we knew we had to eat at the table. That would result in luke getting sent home but we would do it again the next day.

That was also the same tree house luke fell out of when we were 8 while racing to the top. I was the first person to sign his cast when he got home from the hospital.

Luke and I have been best friends practically since birth. It was weird being grown up and living on our own. Luke was going to a university close to his apartment while I just finished my program for the art.

Calum, Ashton and Michael who Luke and I met in secondary school were another one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. They knew how to have a good time, we were constantly getting into trouble. It was the kind of trouble that made you feel like you were really living.

None that really got us in trouble. Except for the time we all snuck into the aquarium and quickly set off the alarm. Michael took the fall for that one, he got arrested while all of us had already ran blocks away.

“Hello?” Someone waves their hand in front of my face.

I snaps me out of my thoughts and back into reality, which was Ashton’s basement with the boys.

And Arzaylea. Who was standing in front of me.

“Do you have any mascara with you?” She asks me.

I can hear Michael chuckle and I look at the other boys.

“No. Sorry.” I say shortly.

I wasn’t the type of girl who wore make up. I could never get it right and I just didn’t see the need for it. It’s not like I didn’t keep up on my looks. I plucked my eyebrows obsessively and always make sure to do my hair but that’s about as much effort as you’re getting from me.

She clicks her tongue, frowning slightly before take a seat next to Luke. They have been dating for almost two months now. We were friendly with each other because she is dating my best friend and Luke wouldn’t let her be any other way. But her and I have never really connected.

I slightly feel like it’s that was with all the boys as well but Luke. If Luke ever leaves the room, even for just a second it’s very awkward when she is in here.

“Can I borrow some lipstick.” Calum leans over to me, using his high pitched voice to mock Arzaylea.

I laugh quietly before smack his arm. Michael and Ashton are playing FIFA while calum and I make conversation trying not to pay much attention to Arzaylea and Luke who are bickering about going out to dinner tonight.

“I’ve got a big test tomorrow. I can’t be out late tonight.” Luke says annoyed.

“Yeah, why would I even think we would do something nice like that. Whenever we hang out it’s always with your friends. When are we going to have spend some time together. You know? As a couple!?” She says back to him.

I can’t help myself from listening in to their conversation. Luke and I never really talk about her. They haven’t been really getting along lately but none of us really mind because she isn’t the best to be around.

“We will. Just not tomorrow.” Luke looks like he’s paying more attention to the game then her which would make me upset too.

“Whatever. I’m going home.” She gets up and Luke sighs. He looks like he’s about to stop her but we make eye contact and I shake my head. “Bye guys.” She says to all of us before walking upstairs.

“God Luke! I just feel like, you don’t even like me anymore!” Calum uses the same voice to mock her again.

Saying it just loud enough so I can hear. I try to stifle my laugh but like notices and glances at me. My face turns red as he raises his eyebrows in confusion and I shrug.

The boys and I hang out until it gets dark. Calum and Michael end up staying the night while Luke and I head home. I offer to give him a ride back and he gratefully accept.

“So you’re coming to my first art Debut right?” I ask him as I drive the winds back to his apartment.

“Of course.” He smiles at me. His blue eyes taking my mind off the road until I feel the shaking of the divider under my wheels. I redirect my car back into my lane and he laughs.

I apologize embarrassed but he just blows it off. We learned to drive together, I think we have both seen the most embarrassing moments we’ve had.

A few short minutes later I pull up to his green apartment building that catty corners an old market we use to spend all of our money on candy at.

“Do you have time to come in?” He asks and I look at the time. It’s not even dinner time yet and I love spending time with Luke.

Lately we haven’t really gotten best friend time because of the other boys and Arzaylea. I nod and pull into a parking spot.

His apartment is just as I remember it. The living room and kitchen were very neat, almost untouched. As soon as you stepped foot in his bedroom it’s like a bomb had gone off, dishes and clothes everywhere.

I smile and pick up a picture of us from graduation. His arm is hooked over my shoulder and our smiles are real. His blond hair is peaking out from his cap while I complained that day about how I looked bald. He has just gotten his lip pierced and loved how it looked.

We went together to the shop, I got my nose pierced while he got his lip.

Things seemed the same but they were also much different. Luke changed a lot after he met Arzaylea, he took out his lip piercing and was a lot quieter. I almost feel like he is unhappy but then I’ll see him and her together and he will look like he is enjoying himself.

I set the frame down and Luke shoves a controller in my hand. I smile at him, “Why even try Hemmings? I kick your butt every time.” I smile before jumping on the couch and taking a seat. He puts in the FIFA soccer game that he can never quite seem to beat me at.

“Let’s just say I’ve got a good feeling about this.” He sits next to me.

After while of playing I have to stand to me feet because the restriction of standing is too much with the pressure.

“No. No!” I yell as he gets a penalty shoot-out which will win him the game. He makes it and jumps up in joy, I fall to my knees.

He laughs while standing over me, I glare at him playfully before trying to kick him. He grabs my foot and I try to wiggle it free. He just watched in amusement as I flop like a fish out of water.

I finally give up, my hair sprawled all over my face. He still holds onto my leg, a last attempt to make sure I don’t kick him. I just lay there, attempting to smooth out my unruly hair.

I start to feel a bit uncomfortable when Luke’s eyes are locked on me. He seemed to be in his own little world but his gaze was fixed on me.

I wiggle my leg, “Can I have this back?” I smile.

He seems to return to present day before letting go of my leg.

“For now.” He smiles, almost flirting with me.

I shake that idea out of my head. He doesn’t see me that way. He told me he really likes Arzaylea. We haven’t talked about her in a couple weeks but he sees me as his best friend. Nothing more.

I wish I could say the same. Since grade 10 I started thinking Luke was attractive. We were each other’s first kiss in grade 6 but that was just to get it over with.

I started really liking him the grade we graduated. I started seeing qualities in him that I wanted in a boyfriend.

He met Arzaylea a couple months after graduation and by the way he looked at her I knew. It got even worse, seeing how good of a boyfriend he could be broke my heart.

So I let it go. Tried to just see him as a friend and not make it obvious. I guess I wasn’t doing as good of a job as I thought be the other boys found out soon after.

He kicks me lightly, still leaning over me. “Get up before I spit on you.” He jokes.

Spit dangles from his mouth and I open my mouth jokingly.

He starts laughing and I move out of the way just on time. The spit hits the floor and i quickly stand to my feet.

“Lucas!” I gasp at how close he actually was to spitting on me.

He doubles over in laughter. His hair, that has gotten quite a bit longer, falls into his eyes. I smile, his laughter is very contagious. I start laughing as well.

“What’s so funny?” I question even my own laughter.

He looks over at me, taking a deep breath of air in before laughing again.

It’s impossible not to laugh with him.

I push him over and he lands on the couch. Soon enough he pulls himself together, swiping a tear away from the corner of his eye.

“Come on. You know my spit has been in your mouth before.” He chuckles again.

“Not on purpose. You do have a habit of spitting when you talk though.” I cross my arms.

“Oh yeah. What about grade 6?” He brings up our first kiss.

I scoff, “Please. That barely counted, it was closed mouthed and lasted like half a second.” I try to play off how much that actually meant to me.

Luke and I kissed, he wanted to kiss me.

He shrugs and stands to his feet, yawning.

“You’ve got a test tomorrow. I’ll let you study and get some good sleep.” I start gathering up my things.

“Agh, I don’t want to study. I want to hang out with you.” His whining makes me smile.

I know I mean a lot to him but I worried when Arzaylea come into his life that another girl would be put in front of me. It sounds selfish but it’s really relieving to know he didn’t want to go out to dinner with his girlfriend but wants me to stay and hang out.

“Goodbye, Luke. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I smile, putting my hand on his shoulder before exiting his apartment. The air outside is cool but it’s light and easy to breathe.

I walk out to my car and glance back up to his apartment while unlocking the door. He is standing in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe.

His eyes are watching me from across the parking lot. He smiles widely and waves at me. I start my car and wave at him while driving away.


Doomed — Min Yoongi (04)

Words: 4210

Warnings: demon!Yoongi + fluff + angst + cliffhanger (because I’m evil :))

Description: Maybe dating a demon isn’t exactly what you thought it would be like…

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When you woke up, you were temporarily blinded by the sunlight that was shining through the curtains.

You were sleeping in your bed because a couple weeks ago, Taehyung told you and Yoongi that he was going to sleep on the couch, and he wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Although there is a possibility that Taehyung was just being kind, you were almost sure that Yoongi was the one who convinced him to switch to the couch. You decided not to question it though.

There was an arm wrapped around your waist. It was Yoongi, and he held you closely, having his chest pressed against your back.

Since you were against his chest, you felt him softly breathing in and out. It relaxed you, even if you were already relaxed.

You put your hand on top of his and shuffled in the bed to get comfortable again, trying not to wake him up.

“Babe?” He called, his morning voice being heard. “I didn’t mean to wake you, sorry.” You apologized, turning to face him.

His eyes were half opened and his dark hair was almost covering his eyes. “It’s okay.” He muttered, pulling you close to him again.

“I love you.” He says, casually. “You don’t need to tell me that all the time.” You tell him, blushing.

“I know, but I want to tell you. I want to make sure you know how much I love you.” He speaks, eyes closed.

“Oh, look at that.” You giggled. “Min Yoongi, a demon, actually has a soft side.”

“I’m only like this because I know you love it when I’m soft.” He points out. “If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t hear these words from me.”

You smiled at him and moved his hair out of the way before kissing his forehead. “I love you too, Yoongi.”

You played with his hair for a bit until you smelled something coming from outside. “Do you smell that?” You asked Yoongi. The scent was very good.

“It smells like pancakes.” He comments, eyes still closed. “And bacon.” You added.

“Come on,” you say. “Lets go brush our teeth and then go see what the smell is. Taehyung is probably cooking.”

“Taehyung? Cooking? I don’t think so.” Yoongi chuckled. You raised your eyebrow, sitting up on the bed. Yoongi’s hand was still on your waist.

He opened his eyes a little bit before speaking. “Taehyung cannot cook. He couldn’t cook if he was in a cooking show and the prize was to keep his life.”

You giggled a little at his example before hitting his chest playfully. “Don’t say that. He’s your friend.”

“Yes, he’s my friend. That’s why I’m being honest. He can’t cook.”

“So who do you think is cooking out there? It’s not just some stranger.” You said, trying to stand up, but Yoongi pulled you back down.

“Can’t we stay in here for another hour?” He asks. You shook your head and he sighed.
“Let’s go.” You say, standing up and grabbing his arm so you could pull him off of the bed.

“Yoongi.” You groaned, not able to pull him off of the bed. “Come on.” You tell him.

“Fine.” He scoffed, standing up and walking with you to the bathroom.

You two brushed your teeth before walking into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, you saw three boys. They were each doing their own thing.

Hoseok was by the stove, cooking eggs in a frying pan. Namjoon was by the table in the dining room, setting up plates and utensils. And Taehyung was taking the pancakes that had been made and was putting them into the plates after Namjoon set them up.

You smiled at the boys before speaking. “I hope at least some of this is for me.” You say. “Nope.” Hoseok chuckles. “We just used your kitchen to make our own breakfast.”

You playfully rolled your eyes before Taehyung came up to you, grabbing your hand and pulling you into the dining room.

“Of course it’s for you. Why wouldn’t it be for you?” He smiles, ushering you to sit down in front of a huge plate of food at the table.

You took your seat and Yoongi took the seat beside you. “Thank you, but guys didn’t have to do all of this.” You speak.

“Yes, we did have to.” Namjoon smiles. “Today is your special day.”

“Plus, Yoongi paid us fifty bucks each to do this.” Hoseok added, laughing.

You looked at Yoongi and smiled. “Thank you.” You tell him.

“Happy birthday, y/n.” He smiled back at you. “Can you believe that we came face to face with each other a year ago?” He asked.

“It feels like it was just yesterday.” You say.

“You guys are so corny.” Hoseok groaned playfully. “Happy birthday, y/n.” Hoseok and the other two boys said at the same time.

“Thank you guys.” You smiled at all of them.

They all sat down at the table and you all ate and talked, having a nice breakfast. While you ate, you began to think.

These boys were like your best friends now. You can’t imagine your life without them anymore. They’re always by your side. It’s been a whole year with them, and you’re so grateful for all of them. You love them all so much.

“Aww! Y/n is thinking about us!” Taehyung says to everyone, looking at you. Everyone turned their heads and smiled at you, causing you to blush.

“What is she saying in her head?” Namjoon asks.

“She says that she loves us. And she’s grateful for us.” Taehyung informs them.

“Y/n is so adorable!” Hoseok says, excitedly. “Be quiet.” You tell him, looking down at your plate so they couldn’t see how much you were blushing.

“We’re grateful for you too, y/n.”

“And we love you.”

“Yoongi, stop calling me every five minutes.” You giggled, holding your phone to your ear as you walked through the aisles of the store you were in.

“I just want to hear your voice. I miss you.” He says.

“Aww you’re so soft. You saw me like ten minutes ago.” You laughed, picking up a shirt that looked pretty.

“I know, but I miss you. You know, you’re not supposed to leave your boyfriend when it’s your birthday.” He explains.

“You’re the one who gave me your credit card and said that I can get whatever I wanted.”

“Yeah, but I thought you were going to go online shop or something. I didn’t want you to leave.”

You playfully rolled your eyes, picking up a sweater.

“What store are you in by the way?” Yoongi asks you. “Victoria’s Secret.” You answered.

“Oh, really?” He asked. You could practically see the smirk on his face. “Don’t even think about it, Yoongi. I’m only in here to get some shirts and sweaters.” You told him, before he could speak again.

“Just listen to me. How nice would it be if you bought some lingerie? You know you would look so good in it. I just—damn. I’m picturing you in lingerie right now.” He tells you.

“Yoongi!” You groaned. “Stop. I’m not buying any lingerie.”

“Fine. But tonight when I give you your birthday present, you’re gonna wear that set I bought you last week.” He says.

“My birthday present?” You ask. “What is it?”

“What do you think it is?”

“The rent money, I hope.” You laughed.

Yoongi sighed playfully. You could tell that he was probably rolling his eyes. “You know what it is. It starts with an s and ends with all of our clothes on the floor.”

“Wow, you’re so romantic.” You rolled your eyes. “What can I say? I am a demon.” He chuckles. “How romantic can I get?”

After you got everything you needed, you went to the cashier to pay for the items with Yoongi’s credit card.

“How much money did you just spend?” Yoongi asked through the phone as you walked out of the store.

“A lot.” You said, giving him a vague answer.

“You know I can check, right?” He asked.

“Go ahead and check. I’m gonna hang up. I’ll see you later, okay baby?” You say.

“Hey! I’m not your baby! You’re my baby!” Yoongi said. “Whatever, baby.”

“Fine. I’ll see you later. I’ll probably call you in like ten minutes anyways.” He says. “Don’t.” You say.

“Okay, bye.” He said before hanging up.

You put your phone in your back pocket and walked into a different store. It was Hot Topic. The store was dark and had a lot of nice band merch that you liked.

While walking through an aisle, you felt a tap on your shoulder.

You turned around to see a tall boy with blonde hair. He was wearing blue ripped jeans and a black hoodie. He looked strong and muscular.

“Hey, you dropped this.” He smiled, reaching his arm out to give you something. You looked down at the object. Your phone.

“Oh, I didn’t realize that it fell out of my pocket.” You said, taking your phone from his hands. “Thank you.” You smiled.

“No problem.” He said. You were about to turn around when he spoke again. “You’re y/n, right?” He asked.

How did he know your name?

“Uh, yeah. That’s me.” You tell him, slightly nervous.

“You don’t have to be creeped out. I’m friendly.” He says. “I’m a friend of Yoongi’s.” He tells you. “He’s your boyfriend, right?”

You thought for a second. Should you tell the truth? Should you lie?

You remembered what Yoongi said to you one day.

“If you don’t know the person, make sure you don’t tell them that we’re together. It could be dangerous for me and for you.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” You tell him.

The boy looked shocked by your statement. “Are you sure? I’m sure that Yoongi told me that you two were dating.”

“Well, were not.” You say. “What’s your name?” You asked him. When you get home later, you can ask Yoongi if he’s ever heard of this person.

“Wonho. Soo Wonho.” He answered.

“Okay, Wonho. I have to go pay for all of this stuff now, so…..bye.” You say, turning around to walk away from him, but he grabbed your arm, pulling you back.

“Let go of me.” You said sternly while pulling your arm back, trying not to make a scene in the store. Wonho let go of your arm, but stood closely to you. You tried to look away from him, but you were unable to. He was looking into your eyes, just like Yoongi does, rendering you unable to move. “Stop it.” You tell him.

“You’re dating Yoongi, aren’t you?” He asks.

“I’m not.” You answered.

“You like to lie? You should know never to lie to a demon.” Wonho speaks. As he finishes his sentence, his eyes turned fully black. Your eyes widened and you tried to scream but no sound came out.

“You’re coming with me.”

“Let me out of here.” You pleaded to Wonho. You were trapped in a small room. You only saw him through the small window that was in the red door.

“I can’t let you out. Not yet. Not until they see you. Not until he sees you.” Wonho tells you.

They? He? Who is he talking about?

“Let me out!” You screamed, going to touch the doorknob that was on the door. As soon as you touched it, you felt scorching pain in your hand. It felt like your hand was on fire. You yelped in pain, pulling your hand away from the doorknob.

Wonho laughed, standing on the other side of the door. “Stupid human.”

“You were a human once, weren’t you?” You asked him while hold your own hand. You were still in pain.

Wonho continued laughing. “Me? A human? How dare you?” He scoffs. “Do I look like i used to be some filthy human?”

Wow, this guys sucks.

Although you didn’t respond to him, he kept talking.

“I can’t believe you thought that I was a human! Me! Has Yoongi not told you about me?”

“I don’t see why he would want to.” You tell him.

“You’re so lucky I can’t do anything to you from behind this door. If I could, you’d be on the ground, gasping for air right now.” Wonho tells you.

You rolled your eyes, although you felt like crying. You were scared. Who wouldn’t be? You were literally in hell.

“Why won’t you just let me go? I did nothing wrong.” You say.

“You’re dating Yoongi! You must know that it’s against the rules. He must’ve told you.”

“I’m not dating him! Just let me go!” You lied and said that you weren’t dating Yoongi so many times that you were starting to believe it yourself.

“Just wait until they’re done with you. You’re going to regret whatever relationship you had with him.”

“I never had a relation—” You started, but he spoke over you. “Do you really think you’re in a position to lie right now?”

Even though you didn’t answer, he kept talking once again.

“If it was up to me, you and Yoongi would both be dead. You, because you’re a filthy human and Yoongi for dating someone like you.”

By the end of his sentence, you were crying. Was it because what he said was true? Or because you didn’t know if you would live to see the end of today?

You were terrified. Hell was a place you never wanted to go to. It was scary. You heard the sounds of screams, which sounded liked they were coming from all different directions.

They were ear piercing, eardrum shattering, loud screams. They terrified you.

“I don't—” Wonho starts, but is cut off by someone’s voice ringing through your ears.

“Bring her to me.” The voice says. It was a man’s voice. His voice was very loud, and you heard it over all the screams.

As the man stopped talking, Wonho grinned before opening the door and immediately grabbing you, forcing you hands behind your back.

“Let me go!” You yelled, fidgeting while trying to get out of his grasp. He was stronger than you, so although you were relentlessly trying to fight him away, he easily overpowered you, taking you to a different room.

The room was huge and Wonho stood you in the center of it. In front of you, a man was sitting on a big red throne. There were two smaller chairs on each side of his throne. Sat in the chairs were two men and two women.

They all looked different, but something that was the same was that they all had jet black hair and red pupils.

The man on the throne smirked at you before speaking.

“Ah, so this is y/n?” He asked. “Yep.” Wonho answers.

“Let her go.” The man says. Wonho released your arms, and you didn’t dare try to run anywhere. You were way too scared to even move.

“So, y/n, how are you?” The man asked. How could he try to have such a normal conversation with you?

“Not good.” You answered.

“Oh, how rude of me. I haven’t introduced myself.” He speaks. “I’m Lehun. Soo Lehun.”

Wait. He has the same last name as Wonho. Were they related?

Your question was answered as Wonho spoke. “She’s a liar, dad. She kept trying to tell me that she’s not dating Yoongi, but we know the truth.”

Dad? Lehun was Wonho’s father?

Lehun chuckled before looking at you once again.

“Y/n, I’m only going to ask you once. Lie if you want to, but I’ll know if you do.” He tells you. “Are you in a relationship with Min Yoongi?”

You took a deep breath before speaking. “No.”

As the word left your lips, you felt a sharp pain on your left arm. You looked down to see scratches forming on your arm, blood dripping from them.

You yelled in pain, holding your arm as if that would stop it.

“You’re not a very good liar, y/n.” Lehun chuckles.

As he spoke, the doors opened, and some people came through. Although you recognized that faced, it didn’t make you any happier. It just made you more worried.

“Leave her alone.” Yoongi says, entering with Namjoon, Hoseok and Taehyung by his side.

“Would you look at that? Everyone’s here!” Lehun smiled. “Now we can really have some fun.”

What did he mean by fun?

Lehun looked at Wonho without saying a word, but it seemed like Wonho knew what Lehun wanted him to do.

Wonho grabbed you once again, forcing your arms behind your back and standing behind you.

“Get off of me!” You screamed, trying to wiggle yourself out of his grasp.

“Don’t touch her!” Yoongi yells, running over to you. When he get close to you, Lehun looked at him, and he stopped.

It was like he was unable to move. Lehun did that to him? Of course he did! Lehun was a demon, he had all the same powers as Yoongi, maybe more.

Wonho held you close to him, his grip on your arms getting tighter as he whispered in your ear.

“When I’m done with you, you’re gonna wish you never had anything with Yoongi.” He says.

What did he mean by that?

“Stop! Let go of me!” You yelled, still struggling to get out of his grasp. You suddenly stepped on his foot and you heard him gasp, releasing one of your arms. 

You took the opportunity to elbow him in the face, hoping that he would release you. Thankfully, he did, and you ran over to where the boys were standing. Hoseok healed your arm before linking his arm with yours, keeping you close.

“You little—” Wonho says, looking at you as he began to walk over to where you were standing.

“Stop.” Namjoon says, taking a step towards Wonho. Namjoon stood in front of you, blocking you from him.

Wonho scoffed before going to punch namjoon. Namjoon was able to back away before Wonho punched him. Wonho pushed Namjoon to the side easily, walking towards you once again.

Without hesitating, Taehyung stepped up, punching Wonho in the face. Wonho held his nose, which was now bleeding, before looking at Taehyung and smirking.

Wonho grabbed Taehyung’s arm, trying to pin it behind his back, but Taehyung fought back. They were hitting each other, getting in some good punches before Wonho wrapped his hands around Taehyung’s neck, choking him.

Taehyung was gasping for air while Wonho tightened his grip. Out of nowhere, Yoongi came running to them, pulling Wonho off of Taehyung before grabbing him and throwing him to the other side of the room.

Both Yoongi, Taehyung walked back over to where you, Hoseok and Namjoon were standing.

You all watched as Wonho stood up, walking towards you again.

“Enough, Wonho.” Lehun says, causing his son to stop walking.

“You should kill them. All of them.” Wonho speaks.

“You should shut up.” Hoseok finally says.

Wonho scoffed, not responding to Hoseok’s comment.

You all looked at Lehun, who had just got off of his throne and was now walking towards you.

When he got close, Yoongi stood in front of you, blocking him. “Leave her alone. She doesn’t deserve any of this.”

“I’m not going to hurt her. At least, not now.” Lehun says. Yoongi didn’t move, he stayed in front of you. “I should hurt you for dating her, shouldn’t I? You know that’s against the rules. You lied to me.” Lehun tells Yoongi.

“What was I supposed to do? Tell you the truth? You would’ve killed her in an instant. I couldn’t let that happen.” Yoongi says.

“That doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t have lied. You know how dangerous it is to have a relationship with a human. What if—” Lehun says, but then stops his sentence to say something else. “Move out of the way, Yoongi.”

“No.” Yoongi says, crossing his arms over his chest. “I don’t want you talking to her. I don’t want you to touch her or do anything to her. Just leave her alone.”

“How dare you talk to me like that?” Lehun asks, grabbing Yoongi by his shirt. “I don’t want y/n having any contact with you. You’re not a good person.” Yoongi says.

“Why are you like this? Why don’t you listen to me? I should kill her right now, shouldn’t I? Would that make you more obedient?” Lehun asks.

“Don’t touch her.” Yoongi states.

“You know, Yoongi, I thought that after your father died, you’d come to me. You’d respect me and then I’d treat you like my son. Do you know how much privileges you would’ve had if you weren’t so damn stubborn? If you were my son, you could rule this place with me and Wonho. But you don’t want that, do you? You want to run around causing trouble with your misfit friends and act like you’re not the nephew of the most powerful man in this place. You could’ve been somebody, Yoongi. You could’ve been someone important like your father.” Lehun speaks.

“All you do is hurt people. Maybe if you weren’t so violent, I would join you.” Yoongi says. “I’m the leader of the demon council. What do you expect?” Lehun says.

The demon council? Lehun was the leader of it!That still didn’t answer most of your questions. What exactly is the demon council?

Lehun released his grasp on Yoongi’s shirt, but Yoongi still didn’t move out of the way.

“Why don’t you respect me? All I’ve ever tried to do is make you powerful. Stronger.” Lehun says.

“Just because you’re my uncle doesn’t mean I have to respect you.” Yoongi tells him. “And I don’t want to be powerful or strong if it means that I can’t have these three idiots by my side.” He looks at Hoseok, Namjoon and Taehyung before looking back at Lehun.

Wait a minute.

Lehun was Yoongi’s uncle? They were related?

Lehun scoffed. “You could do so much better than them, Yoongi.”

“I don’t want better than them. I just want them.” Yoongi said. Yoongi was tough, but he could act soft sometimes. This was one of those times.

“Whatever, Yoongi. But you know that it’s still against the rules for you to date y/n. So that’s still a problem.” Wonho speaks.

Yoongi turned to look at you. You looked him in the eyes before speaking. “If it’s putting you in trouble then we can break up. It’s okay.” You tell him. You unlinked your arm from Hoseok’s and took a step closer to Yoongi.

“Y/n,” Yoongi sighs. “It’s fine. Really.” You say. “I don’t want you to be in trouble anymore. If we break up, neither or us will be in danger anymore.”

You didn’t want to break up with him, but you knew that you had to. What else was there to do?

Yoongi wrapped his arms around you, burying his head in the crook of your neck. “I love you, y/n.” He admits. “I love you too, Yoongi.” You wrapped your arms around him.

You closed your eyes, feeling a few tears run down your cheeks.

“This is so corny.” You hear Wonho say.

“I’m so tired of you.” Hoseok says to the boy. “Me too.” Taehyung and Namjoon say at the same time.

“Who isn’t tired of him?” Lehun says, honestly.

It made you chuckle a bit. You pulled away from Yoongi, wiping away your tears. “I love you so much.” He says. “I know.” You slightly smiled at him.

A few seconds passed and you and Yoongi just looking at each other before Lehun spoke.

“Wait.” He starts. Yoongi turned around to face his uncle, wanting to know what he had to say.

He carried an expression on his face, but you couldn’t quite read it. He looked worried, maybe a little confused.

“What is it?” Yoongi asks.

“I hear something.” Lehun says. “What?” You asked, confused.

“He’s telepathic, like me.” Taehyung says. “But he has more—senses? Abilities? Something like that. I don’t know what to call it.”

“Of course, you don’t know.” Namjoon says, hitting Taehyung lightly on the back of his head.

“What do you hear?” Wonho asks his father.

Lehun looked around the room before his eyes landed on you. “It’s you.” He tells you.

What did he mean?

“What?” Yoongi asks, before you could say anything. “Yoongi, move out of the way.” Lehun says.

“No. What are you going to do? What do you hear?” Yoongi asks.

“Yoongi, move or I will move you myself.” Lehun tells his nephew.

“Yoongi, it’s okay.” You tell him.

Yoongi looked at you before sighing and reluctantly moving to the side.

Lehun took steps toward you. He looked at you, inspecting you. “You.” He says, walking in circles around you.

He stopped, standing directly in front of you. He turned his head to look at Yoongi, who was just as confused as the rest of us.

“You two can’t break up. Not anymore.” Lehun informs. “Why not?” Yoongi asked. “Did something happen?”

Lehun took a deep breath before speaking.

“She’s pregnant.”