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Be kind to yourself.

“If you tell yourself you’re ugly, untalented, and unlovable, you’re probably sending that same message to others.”  - Your Next 24 Hours

How many times a day do you compare yourself to others? It’s so easy to believe the lie that our lives would be better if we were different… but you were made by your Creator — exactly as He intended. 

Maybe it’s time you let yourself off the hook. If you identify as nothing more than a sinner who is destined to fail, that’s how you’ll act. But, if you identify as a child of the King whose sins have been forgiven — everything changes! 

Are you emotionally, physically or spiritually exhausted? Is the guilt of your past affecting your future? When your kindness tank is depleted, find a way to get it filled up again. To live a kind life, you must be kind to yourself first. 

Remember: “In your quest to assist others, invest in yourself. You won’t be investing in anyone if you’re chronically fatigued or emotionally spent.” - Your Next 24 Hours

I cannot believe that I have been role playing wendy and being apart of the tumblr community for two years now !! time sure flies by, i first made this account on november 19th 2015 as a freshmen, unsure how my life is going to go and now i am preparing for college as a junior. guys, i am surely blessed by each and every one of you and i am soo happy that you have kept up with me over these two years. warning you all now. you aren’t getting ride of me any time soon. anyways let me stop being so gay.

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Super Strange Things

Chapter Three: I Don’t Give A Damn ‘Bout My Bad Reputation  

Pairing: Eventual Johnathan Byers x Reader

Summary: Y/N Winchester, middle child of John and Mary Winchester, arrives in Hawking’s with her family to investigate a series of disappearances and hearsay of a strange, faceless monster, along with a girl who can supposedly move things with her mind.

Warning: Warped time line (like music and birthdates of certain characters).

Series Masterlist

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One of the disadvantages of being below the average height was that it made everything harder to reach, harder to see. Your brothers, it had seemed, had stolen every single height gene that either side of your family had to offer, and you would by ling if you said you weren’t just the slightest bit bitter about it.

This reason alone would be why you were currently standing atop the bench of one of the outdoor tables, your right hand shielding the bright sunlight from your E/C irises as you looked for your new found friend, Jonathan.

He had said to meet him outside after school so that the two of you could head to his house so he could teach you how to take proper photos in the daylight. It had been a long time since you were this excited, you were practically vibrating with energy atop that table with the passing students giving you strange glances, but you didn’t really care. You were focused on finding Jonathan, and when you finally spotted him, he leaning against a pole, trying to be subtle about looking for you. But you could see his head slowly turning as his gaze raked over the school yard.

With a satisfied smile, you jumped from the picnic table and started to make your way over to him, slinging your school bag over your shoulder, as you had plopped it down while you were searching.

“Hello,” you chirped, causing Jonathan to jump slightly.

“Hey,” he greeted, shifting his shoulders awkwardly. The vast majority of his mannerisms seemed to be laced with ineptness, which you found oddly endearing. “You wanna get going?”

“Sure,” you replied, linking you flannel covered arm through his jacketed one. Jonathan stiffened at your action, but you ignored his stiffness and began to walk towards his old, beat up car. He eased into his position along the way, and you found yourself smiling lightly as you walked, enjoying the feeling of your new friend on your arm, that is, until you saw a few figures perched up against Jonathan’s car, watching the two of you approach. You felt Jonathan go rigid, and you quirked your head to the side.

“Whose that leaning on your car?” you asked, your voice laced with confusion.

“Trouble,” Jonathan muttered as he began to walk towards the car, breaking from your hold as he put himself in front of you, as the two of you approached the group of students leering at him. You followed behind closely, watching the group of kids blatantly, a strut in your step that you always seemed to acquire when confrontation arose.

“Hey man,” a boy with large hair stepped forward, his words were friendly, but his eyes and stance said otherwise.

“What’s going on?” Jonathan asked, his voice small.

The boy who had first spoken, Steve maybe? You were pretty sure you had heard things about him around school. One of the popular kids, maybe. You were going to call him Steve either way. Steve stared at Jonathan accusingly, “Nicole here was just telling us about your work.”

Nicole, you assumed, was the red head with longer hair, who perked up at the mention of herself.

“We heard great things,” Carol, an obnoxious girl from you biology class, said. Her voice was a little too cheery for your liking.

“Yea,” a guy with a face plastered full of freckles said, “Sounds real cool.”

“We’d just love to take a look,” Steve said, looking down at Jonathan, “You know, being connoisseurs of art.”

You had come to a halt beside Jonathan, crossing your arms and cocking your right up out,  your intense E/C gaze sweeping over the group of students, the two girls stared back at you, but dared not say a word. You were very intimidating when mad, even despite your smaller stature, and you damn well knew it.

What the fuck is going on here? You wondered to yourself.

But as you stared at the accusing faces the group of students were giving you, it hit you, what the group was talking about. “We don’t want to stumble into Steve’s yard.” This must have been the people that were outside last night around the pool. They were talking about the pictures you had taken of them the night before when Jonathan was trying to teach you to use his camera.

“Ohhhh,” you grinned, the wheels in your heading turning quickly in hopes of diffusing the situation. You unzipped Jonathan’s backpack and stuffed your hand inside, fishing around for the binder that he kept his photos in. When you found it, you drew it out and opened it up, flipping through Jonathan’s pristine shots until your eyes landed on the out of focus photos you had undoubtedly taken the night before.

“Here, you must be talking about these things I took last night.”

Jonatan shot you a questioning look, but you brushed him off as you focused on Steve.

“Last night Jon and I ran into each other in the woods where the police department found Will’s bike. Jon was looking for clues, I was looking for something my dad had dropped earlier that day, he’s the FBI agent on the case you see,”

Steve watched you with his arms crossed over his chest, he had the pictures clutched in his right hand but had yet to look at them, opting to watch you re tell the vents that had occurred last night. You figured by now he would have figured out Dean, who had established himself a popular playboy in just one short day, was your older brother. And it only took a few interactions with your elder brother to understand that he would fuck up anyone’s world if they tried something funny with you or Sammy. He was playing it safe. A smart move on his behalf.

“I asked Jonathan if he could teach me to take pictures like him, I’d always want to learn, but we never stayed in once place long enough to, not that my dad would ever buy me a camera anyway but, long story short. He agreed to teach me, and we were taking some other photos of things around the site when we heard a scream, which we ran to investigate. When we saw it was just you guys partying, Jon wanted to leave. But there’s was a lot of light right there, so I could see what I was doing, so I just wanted to snap a few and see what I needed improving on,” you paused and shrugged your shoulders.

“Jon had to develop them while I was in lit class, and we were just heading to his house to go over them, then trash them. I’ll be honest, I never really thought about how weird it was until now.”

“She’s just trying to cover for him,” the freckled boy in the back accused.

“Yea, no.” You replied with a roll of your E/C eyes. “Just telling the truth, if you look at the ones I just handed, Steve, I think? Is that your name? That’s what I’ve decided to call you, anyway, if you look at the photos I’ve handed Steve you will see that those photos are armature hour, while these are, quite frankly, gallery worthy.” You held up Jonathan’s binder, showing off a few of his faultless photos to the group.

Steve analyzed the two examples carefully, frowning as he looked at your photos.

“You could try not to look so disappointed, Steve. I am still new at that,” you grumbled sarcastically.

Carol peeked over his shoulder, her face scrunching up as she took some of the photos from Steve. “This isn’t creepy at all,” she said, looking at the photos in disgust.

“Oh please, you can’t even make out who you are in most of these,” you snapped.

“You do realize this is called stalking?” Steve asked, looking at Jonathan.

“Hey,” you said, snapping your fingers to avert Steve’s outrage back onto you, “Your issue is with me, not with him. Eyes over here.”

“And fist of all, stalking is an unwanted obsession by an individual over an elongated period of time. So, going by that definition, I am not a stalker, as I’ve only been in town for under a week and have no clue as to who any of you are,” you paused, then pointed at Carol, “Except for her, she’s the annoying girl in my bio class. Other than that, I don’t even know who the fuck you are. You never even told me if your name is actually Steve,”

“Yes,” the boy nearly shouted in frustration, “My name is Steve!”

“Finally,” you smirked, “Some answers.”

“You’re not the ones asking questions here,” the other boy chimed in. You ignored him.

“Also, don’t flatter yourselves. You’re not important enough, or good looking enough for me to stalk. Especially you, human freckle, wipe that grin off your face.” You snapped at the chuckling boy.

“So that’s it then,” Steve asked, “You just took a couple of photos of us as photography classes?”

“Yea, that’s literally it.” You said as you uncrossed your arms and put them on your hips.

“What’s going on?” a small voice asked. You turned your head slowly and scanned the new arrival over. You weren’t sure what her name was, but you had seen her in a few of your classes yesterday, along with her red headed friend. This girl was much shorter than her best friend, with pretty, long wavy brown hair, but her face, though beautiful, was contorted with worry.

“The star of the show,” Carol greeted with her hands gesturing to the upcoming girl, “These creeps were spying on us.”

“Literally not spying.” You dismissed with a wave of your hand. You were ignored, however, as Steve squared up with Jonathan, fixated on the boy for some reason.

“He was probably gonna save this one for later,” Carol said as she handed the new girl a photo from the stack. Your face contorted in confusion at wat the insufferable girl could be talking about.

“Hey,” you yelled at Steve. “What did I tell you? Your issue is with me, leave Jon alone!”

“Oh shut up,” Steve snapped. “We know your covering for him.”

Steve rounded on Jonathan once more while you fumed silently, to angry to form a coherent sentence as you shook in place. Steve poked Jonathan in the chest, and Jonathan just shrank into himself, taking the abuse.

“I don’t know why you’re covering for him though, because, look at him, he knows he did wrong. But that’s the thing about perverts, it’s hardwired into them. They just can’t help themselves.”

Steve began to rip the photos up in front of you, not that it bothered you. You could always take new photos, of things you’d rather photograph anyway, however what bother you was the way he was talking to Jonathan.

“How can we help?” the boy with the freckles asked.

“We take away his toy,” Steve said.

“No!” You and Jonathan cried out simultaneously.

“No it’s not his fault, leave his camera alone! It was me, it was me!” you screamed, lunging forward to grab a hold of Steve as he grabbed Jonathans backpack from off of the boys shoulder, shoving him back a few steps for resisting. But the freckled boy grabbed a hold of you from behind and hugged you to his chest.

“Get the fuck off of me!” you screamed, thrashing around in the boys arms. You used the back of your head to head butt the boy, but he only grunted and held you tighter.

“Hey, its ok, it’s ok,” Steve told the boy, motioning for him to release you.

“Here you go man,” Steve said, holding out the camera for Jonathan to take. He lunged forward, but he wasn’t fast enough to catch it when Steve suddenly dropped it. It hit the cemented parking lot with a loud crack, causing you to flinch.

“Opps,” Steve said as he looked down at the camera.

Jonathan trembled as he bent down to gather up the broken pieces of his beloved possession, his lip quivered as the people surrounding you laughed, and the sight of your new friend, on the ground like that, threw you into a rage.

“What the FUCK dude?” you yelled, lunging forward to snatch Steve up. However, the boy behind you grabbed you again, only this time, you brought your foot up to connect with his groin. He let out a strangled cry as he went to cup his injury, but you gave him little time to do so, as you elbowed him in the nose sending him falling backwards on his butt.

“Come here you,” you roared, you stalked forward as caught Steve by the collar of his pretty boy shirt and drug him down to your height.

“Why the actual fuck would you do that?” you seethed, looking into the freighted eyes of the older boy. “I told you it was me you idiot, what is your vendetta against Johnathan?”

“He’s a creep,” Steve spat at you, “That’s my problem.”

“He is not a creep you egotistical piece of-” you words were cut off as someone grabbed two fistfuls of your flannel and threw you backwards. Your head hit the ground, but not hard enough to keep you down.

“Y/N!” you heard Jonathan cry, but you were already hauling yourself up off the ground, your E/C irises flashing dangerously as you swept your H/L locks from your face, the loose braid you had them in had come undone during your fight.

You laughed dangerously, “Come here you little bastard,” you snarled as you rounded on the freckled boy, you brought your fist up in the air, ready to deck the boy, when a strong voice boomed over the parking lot.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Dean yelled as he stalked towards you. His fists were clenched at his sides, his jacket flapped in the wind as he made his way over to you with a grim face.

“What the hell is going on?” he demanded.

“Your sister is fucking crazy,” the freckled kid said, wiping some of the blood oozing from his nose off with his lower arm.

“Fuck you,” you growled.

“Y/N, it’s alright,” Jonathan said from behind you, placing a comforting hand on your shoulder. You hadn’t noticed the boy creeping up behind you in an attempt to grab and sooth your anger.

“No,” you swallowed, “It’s not alright. They can’t just treat you like that,” you protested.

“It’s fine,” he muttered, rubbing his thumb over your shoulder, “I’m use to it.”

“But you shouldn’t be,” you whispered back.

“Y/N,” Dean boomed, “What happed?”

“What happened is your sister and her friend are fucking creeps,” the freckled boy said.

“Shut your cake hole, human freckle!” Dean rounded on the boy.

“Does bad name calling run in the family?” you heard the boy mutter.

“Y/N?” Dean asked again as he turned back to look at you.

You quickly ran through the situation, and Dean listened with his arms crossed over his chest. When one of Steve’s crew tried to throw in their version of the story, he would shut them up real quick. At the end of the story, Dean rounded on the crew and raised a finger to point at them.

“If I ever catch one of you putting your hands on my baby sister again, even looking at her the wrong way, I will put you in an early grave, do you understand that?”

All heads in the party were eager to nod.

“I don’t wanna hear another damn word on this situation, you were all idiots, we clear?”

You all nodded.

“Good, now you six, get out of my face.”

Dismissed, Steve and company began to walk off, save for the quite girl who walked over to you last, who stayed to gather the ripped photos on the ground, shoving them into her back pack hastily when Steve called for her.

“Y/N, you coming home?” Dean asked as he raised a single brow.

“Not right now,” you said, looking back at Jonathan, “I’m gonna hang out with Jon for a bit, if that’s cool with him?”

“Yea,” Jonathan muttered, “Of course.”

“Ok,” Dean nodded, “Call the house when you need to be picked up.”

“I’ll bring her home,” Jonathan muttered.

Dean gave him the once over before he nodded, deciding that he would allow it.

“Safely,” Dean commanded, giving Jon a stern look before he turned and stalked off toward the Impala.

So I have Best Stuff First off, but I still think it’s applying to my dashboard. Or at least, that my dash is a lot more dead than it should be . I refresh my dashboard after like 5 minutes and there are only like 3 more posts above what was at the top of my dash the previous time. Anyone else having this problem?

Last night my boyfriend and I talked about how hard things have been since my relapse started in May. He acknowleged that I have come a long way since then but I know that the past two months have been very upsetting and scary for him. We have a wonderful relationship and no matter how much I’m struggling, it has never affected how much we love and care for each other. But I think I hadn’t realized how bad things have gotten again and our conversation last night was a real eye-opener for me. So yeah, hearing all that stuff was hard but today I got up and I made myself breakfast for the first time in weeks. I ate all my meals and snacks. The eating disorder often makes me lose sight of what really matters but I’m so so lucky that I have people in my life who remind me of why I need to start fighting for myself again. I don’t know, things are still messy but at least I’m feeling more hopeful

Couple Asks: Liam and Eleanor

For @juliromantique

  • Who was the one to propose: Liam. He proposed more than once. The first time was a blurted out “marry me” once her name had been cleared. But then he told her that he wanted a do-over and brought her to the maze garden where he did it properly, flowers and champagne, and going down on one knee. He presented her with a custom ring made from the pearl he gave her in Capri. He also proposed officially in front of the court but that was a mere formality. 
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: Eleanor. Trying to plan a royal wedding was stressful, especially since it didn’t really feel like “her” wedding. 
  • Who decorated the house: Liam had an apartment built for them in the palace and they decorated it together. 
  • Who does the cooking: Eleanor. Not very often, but on special occasions or when she is stressed.
  • Who is more organized: They are both very organized. 
  • Who’s the cuddler: They both are. Liam constantly wants to touch Eleanor, remind himself that she is real, and she likes wrapping her arms around and knowing that she’s allowed to do it, that he’s hers.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Liam. He likes to hold Eleanor close and know that she’s safe and she loves being in his arms. 
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Exploring. They love to make little getaways wherever they happen to be and just steal private moments together and get an appreciation of their surroundings outside of the palace.
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: Neither.
  • Who kills the spiders: Liam. Eleanor hates spiders and won’t go near one. 
  • Who falls asleep first: It depends on who had a busier day.
  • A headcanon: They had to have a big, formal wedding of course. But Liam arranged for them to have a quieter ceremony with just a few friends there. 
  • Who has the most patience? Liam. He can be incredibly patient, especially when in pursuit of a goal.
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif:

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Seducing Caitlin’s Sister (Harry Wells x Reader)

Rating: T

Summary: When you receive an important text from your sister Caitlin, you rush to look for her in all the places she might be and end up running into Harry (who may or may not be trying to seduce you) along the way.

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Interviewer: It’s not like it’s never been documented a situation where a band has gotten tired of a song that made them popular.

Zac: It shows the nature of the security that it takes, you know, you have to get over to be a musician, for years, and years, and years. People say: ‘You ever get tired of playing your songs?’ and you go, it’s part of the job. The job is actually like go on stage every night and play the same songs and make them new for the person who came to the show for the first time that day.


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do you know why all that kamen rider stuff never took hold in the west like super sentai/power rangers did?

Short answer: subpar adaptations

Long answer: Power Rangers worked so well because it was appealing to a specific 90s kid audience. It followed several teenagers who all were cool, at least in the sense that they said a lot of 90s slang and had cool jobs and characters. But all the characters also had great character arcs and a fun dynamic beyond just being tailor-made for an audience. 

Which is why when they decided to adapt Kamen Rider for the first time, they ignored ALL of that 

Masked Rider, despite being introduced in Power Rangers (one of the later seasons before they realized that adapting other Sentai shows was a good idea), was later reformatted to have no connections to it and focused around an alien from another planet who lived with a multiracial family and his pet Ferbus. Imagine a family sitcom but with a Kamen Rider in the mix. While the original series it was adapted (Kamen Rider Black RX, originally made 7 years prior to Masked Rider) from was certainly lighter than its previous show (Kamen Rider Black), this show took the camp and ramped it up. 

Sadly, lightning couldn’t strike twice (or thrice if you count VR Troopers) and the series was cancelled 1 season in due to low toy sales. Therefore, Saban decided not to pursue it any further.

In 2009, Adness Entertainment and Toei decided to give it another try and adapt Kamen Rider Ryuki, a show that had aired in 2002 and is arguably the most influential Kamen Rider series of the new era. With the use of multiple riders, a darker story, and conflict at every turn, surely this would be a better adaptation right?

Sadly, despite having moderate success when airing on the CW (winning a Daytime Emmy for best fight scene at one point) and having a largely successful dub in Japan, Dragon Knight didn’t exactly ignite people’s desire for a Kamen Rider show either. And due to Adness wanting to save money for another potential adaptation down the line, it wasn’t even able to get a movie to increase its saturation either.

So at the end of the day, I’m not sure what worked with Power Rangers could work again. I mean after all, when most people think of the series as a whole, they think back to Mighty Morphin’ and that was at a time when adaptations like these were brand new. So unless Rider can figure out a way to reignite people’s desire for half tokusatsu/half american live action shows, I doubt it will ever gain a foothold in American culture in the same way. 

DanganRonpa Re:Birth Summary - Chapter 1, part 3

First half of the trial. Sorry for being late, English V3 made me forget I was doing this. Anyways, I’m pretty sure I know who the culprit is and how they did it.

Trial video and script

This trial’s murder trick is completely credited to Nao Shigure (Mitsunari Koga’s voice actor)

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That Time You Made the Angry Stoner Kid Laugh

You were sitting on the bleachers after school, a pencil being twirled inbetween your fingers. Your chemistry homework was killing you. Not even Quizlet could help at this point.

“Who the eff decides to give one day to prepare for something worth half our grade? Seriously? The fuck?” You threw your folder and it landed four rows below you, causing you to immediately regret what you had juat done.

You heard a chuckle behind you.

“Never thought I’d see you doing that.” “Yeah, well, sometimes I really hate life.”

You turned and looked at Connor Murphy, who had a smirk on his face.

“Like I always say, school sucks.”


Today is “Volkstrauertag” (people’s day of mourning) in Germany. It’s is always two sundays before advent. Germany remembers today those who have died in wars or due to the violence of an oppressive goverment.


The first time the “Volkstrauertag” was held was for the fallen in World war one in 1919. But it wasn’t a offical/legal holiday yet.

The Nazis made “Heldengedenktag” (Day of Commemoration of Heroes) out of the “Volkstrauertag”. And basically they gave it a totally diffrent meaning. They worshiped the heros instead of remembering the dead. Last time “Heldengedenktag” was held was in 1945.

After the second world war it changed to “Volkstrauertag” again. It was first a day to remember the fallen of both world wars but later it changed again and now its a day to remember the fallen of all wars and those who died due to violence of a government. The date of it was also changed to the one it has today, two sundays before advent.


(I can’t think of a better word for it but celebration sounds wrong in that context. Some help please?)

The Volkstrauertag is offically celebrated in the Bundestag. They tradionally play the national anthem there and the song “Der gute kamerad(The good comrade) also known as “Ich hatte einen Kameraden” (I once had a comrade) and some other songs and of course people are holding speeches.

A lot of citys , towns , organisations… are doing Volkstrauertag today. I actually went to the celebration of it in my town. Half of it is singing and the other half are speeches and a minut of silence. There weren’t a lot of people and I personally think it’s normal that only a few are still celebrating that day.

At court

Appreciation post for Jaime and Brienne’s first time in King’s Landing together. Not in any particular order because I just pulled up the gifs as they come. Thanks to everyone who made the gifs. 

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So, I have a question for you guys, just to get your thoughts/opinions!   

I’ve seen a lot of people talk about the Terry Fawles-Dahlia Hawthorne relationship (if one can truly call it that, given the circumstances) lately and I was wondering how people read that (and read that case in general).  Looking at their ages (25 vs 14, respectively), Fawles can easily become less sympathetic despite the narrative; he was obsessed with a young teenager to an unhealthy degree, and she was a victim of him because of that, rather than the other way around. 

However, when I first played the game I actually read Fawles as mentally challenged.  Granted, the last time I played that case was more than a few years ago, but that was how I saw him myself.  Mia described him as childlike and simple, if I recall, and that in addition to his mannerisms and stuff made me think that he had an unsaid condition which made him unable to see Dahlia for who she was and also unable to see that them being together just wasn’t right based on their ages.  So, the way I read that situation when I was younger was that he was a mentally challenged man that a brilliant girl was able to manipulate to her own advantage. 

Not saying that she isn’t sympathetic at all (she is, it is one of the reasons I love her), but I guess that was always why I saw Fawles as sympathetic as well!  

So I guess I’m just wondering how you guys all read that case/relationship?  It’s only been recently that I realized that other people read this differently, so now I’m curious! 

16 NOVEMBER 1974 |  Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes was born in Salford. He joined United as a youth player in 1991, then joined the first team for the 1993-94 season, properly establishing himself the next season. In total, he won eleven Premier League titles, two Champions’ League trophies, four FA cups, three League Cups, and three club world cups. 

He first played for England in 1997 and appeared 66 times before retiring in 2004. After coming out of retirement in January 2012, he retired again in 2013 having made 718 appearances for United and scoring 155 goals. Along the way, he built a reputation as one of the best midfielders of his generation, earning plaudits from opposing players and coaches such as Barcelona midfielder Xavi, who has called Scholes the best midfielder he’s seen in the past 20 years.

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Prior Incantato.

Prior Incantato: 3 letters that never were sent and one that did



I know you love him, but Lucius really is a spineless rat. The time for dithering is over. There’s no room among our ranks for people who like to cast their lost with where the wind is sailing. He has to pick. Or the Dark Lord will see fit to punish him when he returns. I won’t stand in his way. Consider this my first and final warning.

Don’t go down with him.



You’d better start running. Blood-traitor is as good as mudblood in my books. I’m coming for you both. You made your own bed when you chose him over us. Time to lie in it.



There was an accident involving me, your campaign strategist and an order to don a pretty white dress and smile more.

You may want to consider sending flowers to St. Mungos. And finding a new member of staff. Something tells me this one will be indisposed for a while.


Alice & Frank Longbottom,

I’d so hate to leave a job unfinished. Next time, I won’t knock.

I have mixed feelings about destiel

While Dean and Cas clearly have a deep connection, and part of me would love for that to be romantic, I’m not sure that it needs to be. Poor Dean has been on the move since he was 4, and never got to experience real friendship. Dean has spent his life being a protector and fighter. When he spent a year with Lisa and Ben he got to be a partner and father, and I’m sure he made friends but he couldn’t share his true self with them.

For the first time ever, he has a real friend. Someone he looks out for without feeling the overwhelming responsibility of protection. Someone who knows exactly who he is and what he’s done but chooses to stay by his side. Sometimes I think Dean just needs a friend.

two truths are a lie.

─ because who are you, really?

word count: 495
summary: perceptions of RIZO & insoo, as told by the 5 senses.
notes: after about a month of dealing with my muse’s uncooperative ass, i think he’s finally returned to me, safe and sound?? ️🎉️🎉 – i’m not sure what exactly this is.. it doesn’t read chronologically like a self-para, but it seems too abstract to be a headcanon.. ig they’re just a bunch of blurbs? 💁 
anw, this was a rlly good exercise for me, because! i don’t usually write about how insoo smells or tastes like, but that’s? Information!! not super pertinent, but still!! Information. – if this inspires anybody to write about their characters in terms of specific senses, please.. post it so i can read it………….. these things are so interesting to me….. pls

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I don’t really post in the Markiplier community, or at all for that matter, but after seeing Marks video today I just felt that I could and should. I know this is just gunna dissapear and look like I’m speaking to a brick wall but still! who cares.

Mark, i’ve been watching your videos for practically no time at all compared to most people here, only since around last Christmas, but those months have been the best ever. The first video of yours I watched was the gingerbread house making video and it made me laugh so so much and now I have tickets for You’re Welcome. I just want to awkwardly ramble and say how much I, and everyone else, love and appreciate how much work you put into YouTube and how truely amazing you are for interacting with your fans and giving hope to so many people across the world. Thank you for existing.

This isn’t half as much as how you’ve helped some, but I’ve gone from being a socially awkward dweeb to a slightly less awkward dweeb in the past few months and I put a huge amount of that down to your support and the support of other people I’ve spoken to in this great community.

Thank you @markiplier


Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!