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Listen, I know. He hates it. 

How an abortion saved millions of lives
In 1962, Leonard Hayflick created a cell strain from an aborted fetus.

The woman was four months pregnant, but she didn’t want another child. In 1962, at a hospital in Sweden, she had a legal abortion.

The fetus — female, 20 centimetres long and wrapped in a sterile green cloth — was delivered to the Karolinska Institute in northwest Stockholm. There, the lungs were dissected, packed on ice and dispatched to the airport, where they were loaded onto a transatlantic flight. A few days later, Leonard Hayflick, an ambitious young microbiologist at the Wistar Institute for Anatomy and Biology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, unpacked that box.

Working with a pair of surgical scalpels, Hayflick minced the lungs — each about the size of an adult fingertip — then placed them in a flask with a mix of enzymes that fragmented them into individual cells. These he transferred into several flat-sided glass bottles, to which he added a nutrient broth. He laid the bottles on their sides in a 37 °C incubation room. The cells began to divide.

So began WI-38, a strain of cells that has arguably helped to save more lives than any other created by researchers. Many of the experimental cell lines available at that time, such as the famous HeLa line, had been grown from cancers or were otherwise genetically abnormal. WI-38 cells became the first ‘normal’ human cells available in virtually unlimited quantities to scientists and to industry and, as a result, have become the most extensively described and studied normal human cells available to this day.

Vaccines made using WI-38 cells have immunized hundreds of millions of people against rubella, rabies, adenovirus, polio, measles, chickenpox and shingles. In the 1960s and 1970s, the cells helped epidemiologists to identify viral culprits in disease outbreaks. Their normality has made them valuable control cells for comparison with diseased ones. And at the Wistar Institute, as in labs and universities around the world, they remain a leading tool for probing the secrets of cellular ageing and cancer.

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You should make a zodiac post about the aesthetics of each sign. Outfits/lifestyle?

i think aesthetix are gay so uh … looks n lifestyle

aries: dressin like theyre from florida and laughin like a dumbass and stayin up till like 8am covered in beer cause u got into a play fight where u and ur friend dumped beer all over each other

taurus: kind of a homebody but occasionally gets smashed off three glasses of wine and you gotta carry them home … dresses like your 70s bohemian wet dream. takes that weed that’s not weed cause it chills them out even though theyre already like the chillest person u kno. recreates stories to make themselves look better lol

gemini: a well dressed punk rocker who hates workin and loves their wife 

cancer: dresses like ur easy breezy hipster lil brother … think early 90s popular kid meets gay grandpa. seem real mean if u dont kno them but once u do kno them but one day u realize they actually really love u and theyre just a freakin weirdo … gets really mushy when theyre stoned n smashed at 2am

leo: the definition of a hot mess … well dressed but only changes like,once a week. a drinkin druggin rager of a person who gets fired cause they told their boss to go fuck themself. really good hair & full of love & passionate about everything. mad insecure and would literally rather die than let someone disrespect them. has a really big laugh. more quiet and moody than u might expect.

virgo: a massive stoner (cause theyre anxious asf without it) who dresses like theyre rich and cant handle their liquor at all … usually madly in love with someone and a workaholic. secretly an extrovert.

libra: dresses like a freakin weirdo and these fools will out-party you every single time and youll be flappin in the wind like damn … i thought i could party but u just keep goin … a workaholic with adhd and sooo much energy. dances while they eat. full o love but theyre the kind of lovers who cant own up to their shit.hate confrontation for the important stuff but get kicks out of confrontation about weird random shit (10/10 most likely to be a dick to some rando in a bar it’s actually mad funny).

scorpio: the kind of fashion sense you really take notice of. all the weight on their body is beer weight and without it theyre scrawny asf. passionate about everything and magnetic and they looove to party so this the kind of person who knows the whole damn neighborhood. not to be stereotypical but the sex drive on these guys is fucking ridiculous. they got a different lover for every day of the week and then theyre passionately in love with someone and then they realize theyve got zero emotional stability whatsoever and the relationship disastrously explodes rinse and repeat. a partner in crime for life

sagittarius: wont do drugs but will drink like 82 guinnesses in one night. knows all the words to every dropkick murphy’s song ever. has a big personality and anger issues and is friends with everyone. emotionally unavailable because theyre still in love with that one ex who cheated on them. all about that fall/winter wardrobe and loves going to the country and cookin and road trips. obsessively keeps up with occult blogs. mad anxious

capricorn: so fucking repressed … well dressed and good looking, good with money and stubborn asf. genuinely likes hennessy. has a hot girlfriend who theyre madly in love with … smokin weed drinkin out of a red solo cup playin cards kinda guy. mad charming but theres always somethin u cant quite put ur finger on that’s unsettling about their personality. 

aquarius: damn these fools dress well. they take whatever style and just own it. they drink but dont really fux with drugs and when they get older they transition into wine drinkers. heinous anger issues do not get on the wrong side of them you will get Slapt. full of love but they dont know how to express it and will deny the fuck out of their emotions but if u know them really well u know that theyre actually the kind of person who cried when gay marriage was made legal because they were so happy about it. the kind of person who would kiss u n ud be like “uhh … does that mean theyre into me?”

pisces: not particularly interestingly dressed but there’s something mad hot about them that u can’t quite put ur finger on. madly in love with whoever theyre seeing and never does anything but hang with them and then they get dumped and start ho’in it up but only cause they wanna find love rinse and repeat. obsessed with their last ex till they meet the next one.

Back to School Ideas for Trans Students!

High school is hard enough without worrying about your gender identity and being misgendered. Here are some handy tips!

1. Trans Cards

Get an index card or a small piece of paper. On the side with the lines, write:

Dear [insert teacher name. Teachers might appreciate more if your personalized it and wrote their name, instead of just writing Dear Teacher]

My name is [preferred name]. I will be attending your class [you can specify what class, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t.]. I am transgender [you can specify your gender here, instead of writing transgender. Again, I didn’t.] and have not yet legally changed my name. On your roster, is my legal name, [legal name]. I would greatly appreciate it if you refer to me as [preferred name] and use the pronouns listed on the back. [This next sentence isn’t super vital, but I put it there for personal preference, and you can too if you want]. Also, I would appreciate it if you refrained from gender specific terms ([insert gender specific terms that you wouldn’t want used]). Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to starting your class.


[Preferred name]

On the back, you write your preferred pronouns (and pronunciation) and an auxiliary set. 

This sounds similar to a post I reblogged not too long ago, but I just changed it because my school’s roster system works a little differently and because I don’t have the emails of my teachers.

2. Stop! Cards

I really like this one. Keep in mind that at some schools, these signs could be considered disrespectful, so use wisely.

First, you get a few pieces of red construction paper (or any color that looks more urgent and a black sharpie (so that the recipient can read it).

On one, you write “Stop! Wrong Name!” or any variation of that. If someone calls you the wrong name, you just hold the flag up in the air until they correct themselves. 

On the other side (or on a separate piece, whatever floats your boat…), you write “Stop! Wrong Pronouns! [preferred pronouns]”, or any variation of that. If someone calls by the wrong pronouns, you just hold the flag up in the air until they correct themselves. 

You can also write things like “Stop! Not a [assigned gender]!” or “Stop! Wrong identifier!" 

And make sure you write them nice and big! Or else how can the teacher, who just called you by your legal name, see that they made a mistake?

These are all I can think of for now, but if you have any other ideas, feel free to add! 

And please signal boost! These are so important! This can change so many trans kids’s high school experiences!


If you support the criminalization of marijuana you are either ignorant to what marijuana is, or somehow tangibly benefiting from the criminalization of marijuana. Not only has marijuana been proven time and time again to be far less dangerous than tobacco and alcohol, both legal intoxicants, the very people who made it so taboo have openly admitted it was for political reasons, and the entire history of the drugs criminalization revolves around politics and corporate greed, and public health interests.

If Donald Trump cracks down on marijuana, it would be against everything he “stands” for, eliminating a huge market that would be an organic american industry, and effectively returning marijuana production and sale to the drug cartels.

Paul Ryan’s google search history July 11th 2017

  •  "Ayn Rand bible" 
  • “Ludwig von Mises bible”
  • “Famous bibles" 
  • “bibles owned by white dudes”
  • “bibles owned by white rich dudes”
  • “swearing like a bro”
  • “swearing with a bible like a bro”
  • “how to hire a private investigator to find guys who made fun of me in college”
  • “law bro”
  • “law dude”
  • “lawyer”
  • “legal advice”
  • “legality of sending US citizen to Guantanamo bay”
  • “legality of sending a former president to Guantanamo bay”    
  • “look ripped in 30 days”
  • “directions to white house gym”
  • “p90x”
  • “p90x for presidents”
  • “executive office bowflex”
  • “official presidential workout”
  • “how to get an agent”
  • “how to file for a trademark”
  • “where to buy empathy”
  • “does the president have to touch poor people?”
  • “bulk tiny american flags”
  • “inauguration” 
  • “DC weather august”
  • “indoor inauguration”
  • “edible arrangements”
  • “mike pence address”
  • “Fort Leavenworth federal penitentiary address” 
  • “secret service code names”
  • “Rage Mortarfury”
  • “does the presidential ‘football’ actually contain a football?”
  • “harry and david gift baskets”
  • “Cock brothers address”
  • “Kock brothers address”
  • “Koch brothers address”
  • “is koch pronounced like cock?”
  • “reddit”
  • “reddit conservative jokes”
  • “gifts for jewish bros”
  • “Sheldon Adelson address”
  • “rubber dogshit”
  • “John Boehner address”  

Man do I love Roman FAHC inmortal AUs, like Gav was one of the three son of emperor Constantine and when Constantine made it legal to practice Christianity good old Ryan who was spreading word about Jesus while traveling with Paul marched on into Rome. They met and became friends, later meeting Michael and Jeremy who where two Persian soldiers forced into gladitorial games. Gavin would meet Michael and Jeremy when ever he had the chance and would go with his father, brothers, and Ryan to the bread and circuses. When Constantines sons faught for power after their fathers death Gav, Ryan, Jeremy, and Michael all left for Eqypt around 340 A.D. After several years and long long travels they met childhood friends Geoff and Jack who lived in Mecca in 637 A.D. They moved everywhere, seeing and learning anything they can. It’s been mamy years and most their memories had faded but they still remember when they first met each other.


‘It’s like chess, you know. The Queen saves the King.’ [x]

Age Difference

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Summary -  I want one! If you write for Alfred Pennyworth? Can you please do when reader is Bruce’s lil sister and in love with Pennyworth and he feels the same but thinks that he is too old for her? (with happy end if possible) If you are not comfortable with it it’s ok I understand. Thanks anyway!

WordCount - 882

A/N - While I’ve decided to use Gotham’s Alfred Pennyworth (I just love him) Bruce is around 30 in this fic. The reader is around 22. Also, requests are Open 

Being Bruce Wayne’s younger sister was never easy. Not only were you dealing with your brothers constant brooding (you preferred to call it sulking) Attending countless board meetings, balls, dinner meetings, galas (you didn’t mind those so much) But you never stopped. You couldn’t especially not with your brother learning over you twenty-four seven.

Yet the most difficult thing about being Bruce Wayne’s little sister was the worry that you were consumed with on a daily basis. You were well aware of your brother’s late night activities, in-fact you had known for some time. But that never made any of it easier. Night after night (sometimes even during the day) your brother would go out there and purposely put himself in danger against some of the most dangerous criminals in all of Gotham.

There was one person who made it easier though. Alfred Pennyworth. While he had been your legal guardian while you were a child, he had remained “working” for you and Bruce. His loyalty was like no other. You couldn’t ask for anything more from Alfred. But unlike Bruce, you didn’t look at Alfred like a father figure. 

As you grew older your feelings for Alfred were anything but platonic. Alfred was the man of your dreams. He was respectable, loyal, charming, witty, brave, smart; there were so many other unique qualities connected to Alfred. He was the perfect man. He was the man that you wanted. But you thought he’d never want you, you were so young and he was an elder gentleman. What could you bring to a relationship if you had one? Which is why you decided to ignore the feelings that swarmed through your thoughts every day.

But you were wrong, so very wrong. It wasn’t just you that was struggling with their emotions. Alfred sighed as he wiped the plate as he cleaned it. He was thinking about you again. He put the plate in the drainer, drained all the water out of the sink and wiping his hands before heading back the study where he was to wait for Bruce to return from his nightly activities. He almost took several steps back when he found you sitting in the study, mulling over a book. You had informed Alfred that you were going to head to bed several hours ago so why you were up puzzled him. 

“Are you alright Miss?” Alfred’s voice startled you. You almost dropped the book that was tightly in your grasp. Turning your head so you could look at Alfred, he acknowledged your sombre expression. 

“I’m okay. I couldn’t sleep with knowing that Bruce is out there hunting the Joker.” Alfred slowly walked deeper into the room.

“Perhaps a nice cup of tea would help Miss.” Alfred asked you were puzzled. Alfred never called you Miss normally. You insisted that he called you Y/N. 

“Alfred, please call me Y/N. You know you way more than a butler to me.” And your way more than an employer to me, Alfred thought. But he was never going to tell you that. 

“Sorry Y/N, I’ll be right back with your tea.” Alfred left the room with a sort of haste heading towards the kitchens. 

When Alfred returned, he noticed you had a blanket thrown over your legs. You were attentively reading once again 

“He’s going to be alright Y/N. He always is, how sometimes that leaves a big bloody question around it. But nonetheless, Bruce always seems to come back relatively unscathed.” You moved your legs so Alfred could take the seat beside’s you before taking your tea in hand and taking a sip. Alfred always knew how to make amazing tea.

“You’re going to make someone an amazing husband one day.” Alfred shook his head, he couldn’t outright say what he wanted to but perhaps he could allude to it.

“The person I’m interested in would never be interested in me. You see she’s a bit younger than me. A woman with her whole life ahead of her would never wanna be with someone like me.” A woman would be insane to turn Alfred down. He was a true English gentleman. A rare form of person. Alfred was so well rounded. Yet you couldn’t ignore the stabbing feeling that came from your heart. 

“ I’ve always admired an older gentleman myself.Alfred, if I were you I would inform the women of your feelings you never know. Love works in mysterious ways. I think I’m going to retire to bed now. Goodnight Alfred.” Placing your book on the side you began to leave the room but a hand grabbed your arm forcing you to remain. Alfred tugged you backwards gently, you were confused by Alfred’s actions when you felt a pair of rough lips on yours. At first, you were stunned completely shocked. How could this be? 

Once the shock had faded, you kissed Alfred back just as fiercely and passionately. After years and months, you\ deepest wish had finally come true. Words didn’t need to be spoken as you pulled apart, your head resting against each other. 

Bruce walked by with a smile on his face. It was about time you two showed each other how much you were meant for each other…


So I woke up to see millions of people pissed about elephants and Trump and all of them are making it sounds like he’s some evil fuckwad bastard who made it legal to hunt elephants. No. He made it legal to bring elephant trophies back into the US. It’s already legal to hunt elephants at certain times with certain specifications in Africa. People are so fucking stupid I can’t even deal with it.

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Does your state have any laws protecting employee "whistleblowers"? If there was ANY part of the reports against her that said she was doing discriminatory or harassing things, firing the people who made the reports could land her in deep legal crap, if so.

From the OH Workplace Fairness website:

Notably, Ohio has a general whistleblower protection statute that protects whistleblowers who report suspected felonies, crimes that may cause physical harm, and crimes that may produce a hazard to the public health or safety. Also, several other Ohio statutes contain anti-retaliation provisions. 

I would have a case worth looking into, if it came down to it. I don’t think it’s likely, I just think it’s more likely than usual circumstances. 

But if it does happen, I would at least certainly have a case to collect unemployment. 

A/N: I cried while reading this. I hope you do too!

I’ve also tried to keep this fic as gender-neutral as I can, but being a female writer, there may be the odd slip.

You stand at the window, staring out across the Wakandan rainforest. You watch flocks of birds soar through the sky, mist roll over the tree canopy, and take a moment to admire the enormous panther statue in front of the complex. Not exactly subtle, T’Challa.

The door slides open behind you, but you don’t turn around. You know who it is and what they want.

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So this is based off a prompt I received for a fusion with Klaroline and Suits from the amazing NikMik and two nonnies. Also big shoutout to my Klaroline/Darvey Girl Squad of Kate - @accidental-rambler - and Jo - @fanfantasticworld (who made this amazing cover too). 

Legal Eagle and best closer in NYC, Klaus Mikaelson, would be nowhere without his longtime and in some cases long-suffering executive assistant Caroline Forbes who organises his life and that rather large ego. Their chemistry has always been undeniable but lately things have begun to heat up when Klaus’ siblings interfere and Caroline’s hunt for a boyfriend evokes some unexpected jealousy from her boss.

As is customary the opening dialogue in italics are from the show, hope you enjoy!

She Works Hard for the Money

Mikaelson St John Offices, NYC - 7:02am

“I can’t believe it, you have no idea what to say.” Klaus uttered reclining back in his chair, obviously completely shocked she had no snappy retort for once. It would have to be the first time in her entire life, or at least since she’d known him which was close to seven years now. She didn’t respond, just placed her hands on her hips in a show of clear frustration.

“What’s the date today, I want to write it down,” he asked, locating his nearest pen and notepad and curving those crimson lips into a mocking smile while waiting for her reply.

“It’s the 7th of kiss my ass and the 8th of set your own goddamn meeting,” she shot back, turning on her heel and storming out of the office before she was tempted to tip that glass of water over his head.

“Is that the Mayan Calendar?”

“Nope, that’s the Caroline calendar,” she growled, slamming his door shut.

Caroline rested her back against his door and closed her eyes, she was too old for this crap. The fact she could still hear him chuckling from the other side of the door was enough to make her barrel back in there for round two but it was Monday morning and she’d need some caffeine and a croissant before she attempted that. Arguing with the best closer in New York City was winnable, she knew that from experience, but definitely required some sustenance first.

“I’d know that tense body language anywhere,” a voice interrupted making Caroline reluctantly open her eyes. Katherine Pierce was immaculately dressed as usual in a black pencil skirt and fitted, white shirt with her long dark locks fastened in a chic bun. “What did he do now?”

“Oh, you know just the usual,” she huffed, falling into step with her friend who was also the firm’s resident paralegal. Katherine was juggling her law studies at Columbia while employed there and her work was second to none, not that the partners would expect any less. “Takes advantage of the fact I’ve had no coffee and it’s 7:00am on a Monday morning to taunt me.”

“Why are men so damn childish and arrogant?”

“Well, in Klaus’ case I’d say it’s definitely that infuriating god complex he wears like a badge of honour. I suppose I deserve it really.”

“How exactly?”

“I thought I was being proactive by hunting him down at that bar all those years ago and basically begging for a job. I mean call me stupid but all of that career progression excitement must have gone to my head.”

“Maybe so but you’re the only one standing, how many associates has he fired in your time?”

“Too many to count,” she shot back. “And that doesn’t even include all the mail room staff and remember poor Glen?”

“How could I forget, I’ve never seen anyone fire a person for getting the wrong flavoured muffin,” Katherine quipped. “So really, this is his way of showing how much he cares I suppose?” In his own weird and sadistic way, Caroline knew that much was true.

She’d had the best of intentions to be a dutiful and cooperative assistant in the beginning but his ass-like tendencies couldn’t go unchecked and she’d told him exactly what she thought. Many had tried in the past and many had found themselves unemployed for their efforts but not Caroline. He seemed to enjoy sparring with her and if there was one thing Caroline hated it was losing a fight.

“Anyway enough about Klaus, how’s your day looking?”

“Apparently Elijah Mikaelson is coming into town to go through the firm’s records and guess who’s the lucky person that gets to help him?”

“Why haven’t I heard about this?”

“I have no idea, Enzo was the one who told me about it.” Enzo St John and Klaus had a long history. They studied law together at Oxford and had gone on to work together, first in London and now they were name partners at their firm in New York City. He’d also recently married Rebekah, something that an over protective Klaus was still trying to get his head around.

“Now that is not like Elijah,” Caroline said knowingly. What the hell was going on? Elijah had every right to peruse the records given Mikaelson & St John was an American offshoot of the UK firm but to not tell his brother about it was another thing.

“Maybe he wants to surprise him, you know show a little brotherly love?”

“Have you met Klaus?” Caroline joked.

“So what is the eldest brother like then?”

“A serious workaholic,” Caroline explained. “He’s also tall, dark and extremely handsome.”

“It so isn’t fair that our bosses are that good looking,” she sighed wistfully.

“Klaus is not that good looking,” she drawled, rolling her eyes for extra effect. Just hearing herself say it aloud Caroline knew she was lying. She just hoped it didn’t sound as forced as it felt.

Caroline would have to be blind not to find Klaus attractive, she was human after all. She blamed it on that dark blonde hair that curled teasingly over his ears and those damn dimples that had a tendency to appear without notice and had the power to silence her mid sentence. She was pretty certain he used them to get what he wanted and was slightly annoyed he’d employed that tactic on her. She’d learnt to control herself though, she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction after all.

“At least sound convincing when you say it,” Katherine scoffed. “We need to go out and meet some eligible and available men with good temperaments.”

“You make it sound so easy.”

“Bonnie sent me this,” Katherine said, producing a flyer from her folder. “She thinks we should go on Thursday night.”

Caroline stared at the paper in disbelief, had it really come to this? Granted she had no love life and hadn’t for some time, her last attempt at a functioning relationship was some brooding, hair obsessed idiot called Stefan for six wasted months. The hair product jokes had come thick and fast from Klaus not surprisingly. For some reason he maintained a keen interest in her social life but Caroline was sure it was so he could tease her mercilessly.

“Speed dating? Really? We are attractive and intelligent career women, do we really need to meet guys this way?”

“That we may be Care but all us attractive, career women do is work. Well that and talk about Klaus and his latest mood.”

“We do not,” Caroline denied.

“Ah yes we do,” she shot back without hesitation. “I know more about your boss than I ever needed to know.”

“So what time do you want to meet?” She replied, choosing not to address her comment about Klaus. She’d always put it down to the fact that he was her employer so of course she’d talk about him but one look from Katherine told Caroline that she needed a new hobby.

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@tomriidle thank u!! THEYVE STARTED 

and they wont end until december!!! who the fuck made this legal!! tomorrow is chem, at least im done w math/general paper alr…..n then theres 3 more physics papers n economics and more chem, in other words, i await my death with a deep sense of resignation. wbu???