who made these i cant even remember

i got bored and decided to mess around with making yan sim skins again and ended up making a kork one

i forgot about the laughing animation and it made the mask look rly hilarious

does anyone remember how ppl used to make like,,, private club penguin servers where everyone was a member and u could say whatever u wanted on there?? where are the heroes who made those servers now…..

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What is Brutal Doom and why does everyone hate it so much?


its a mod for doom that adds a bunch of new things, more blood/gore, finishing moves, new sounds, weapons, monster behavior

Its not amazing or anything, but there was a period where it was super popular with entry level doom fans, to the point where alot of people started to claim it was “the way doom was meant to be played” and modders would constantly get demands that their mod be made to run with BD

On top of that the mod is made of a bunch of unsourced material and stolen code, afaik the mods creator sgt mk iv refuses to credit, plus hes a total asshole who told someone in a thread about how he was suicidal to kill himself, plus he did a bunch of other stupid shit i cant even remember or have the time to look up

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  • 19. tell me about an obscure classical figure who needs more love

he isn’t very obscure or even a classical figure in the traditional sense, but vercingetorix from caesar’s de bello gallico. my friend made a powerpoint exactly about why he needs more love and it taught me how much our perception of his existence could improve my life. 

in more seriousness i wish i knew enough to recommend obscure classical figures but i’ll take this as inspiration to do more research tbh


These are my favorite dramas of the 2013 season. Granted I did not watch a WHOLE lot of 2013 dramas but these are the ones that caught my eye and well gave me all the feels I could ever want. You may not agree with me 100% or maybe not even 1% but as always this is MY personal opinion and if you do not agree feel free to leave your own TOP 9 dramas of 2013 in my ask box or as a response to this post. Now these dramas are not in any particular order because I have a hard time making preferences about what is better than something else. So I hope you enjoy this post and if you havent seen any of these dramas I recommend reading my review and or watching them for yourselves!

Heartless City: A drama that had me from episode one. Drugs, violence, hot men, beautiful women, crime, and all the things that make up a mystery type drama was all in play in this and I loved every moment. Every curve ball they threw, every moment that made me scream in anger or scream in surprise by who was an undercover or who was stabbing who in the back. The badassness that is this drama makes it so damn amazing that I just simply cant put into words how much enjoyed this drama. It was shot beautifully, though the censorship in this could of been turned down a couple notches, the actors and actresses in this were spot on and the story behind it all was so freaking good. It was a drama that had me rolling on the floor like an idiot because of what was going on in it. It was fast pace, interesting and well it made me have all the feels in the world. I loved it from start to finish and it just was one hell of a ride watching it. 

Flower Boy Next Door : This drama was a real big surprise to me, if Im going to be completely honest. It had all the things that I find rather annoying about romantic comedies, the things that make me squeal with horror, but made it work. It was cheesy and goofy and I loved every moment of it, which is rather odd considering my personal taste in dramas. I fell in love with the characters from our main couple to the sometimes rather creepy second lead, to our supporting males and even the rather mean second female. They all seemed to work well together and the characters where just people that you could really connect to in some way or another. The acting was great, and even though some people dont like Park Shin Hye, I enjoyed her a lot in this drama, because she reminded me of myself. Though I wish I was surrounded by good looking men, but sadly Im not. It wasnt a boring story and it didnt drag on for too long like some dramas, it was just perfect in the way it was delivered from start to finish, and in my opinion are rather great drama that you could introduce your friends to Asian dramas with. 

Itazura Na Kiss Love In Tokyo: Now if you know me and how much I adore Itazura Na Kiss the anime and how much I fell in love with It Started with a Kiss and how much I hated Playful Kiss, then you know I was rather hesitant on watching this new remake. Guys I was so scared because this series is something rather close to my heart, being it was one of my first anime and how attached I was to the characters in the Taiwanese version. But putting all that aside, I dived in and man Im glad I did. Though it wasnt perfect , it did have the essence that I was looking for when it comes to a live action of this story. It had the characters I loved and they were portrayed well. The story ran smoothly and I didnt find myself comparing it to the other dramas as much as I thought I would. It made me cry and it made me laugh and I felt that it did an amazing job for the short amount of time that it had to tell the story of the coupe that I really love. I was super impressed and I loved it to pieces. Im even more excited to see the next season and hoping that it will be just as great as this was. 

Shark: Oh come on, let me tell you how much I screamed and yelled and cried over this drama, well I may not have to if you watched it yourself. This was one of the dramas I watched in 2013 that was airing while I was watching it. I was hooked from episode one, it starting in the present and moving back to the past back in forth really made for a good intro to the story, and if you know me I love a back-story with kids, its one of my favorite things. The story was interesting and they mystery part keeps you going. The use of dramatic irony was also a good feature because it made it interesting to watch as our leading female tried to figure out who our main lead really was, and we already knew. I love when things like that happen. Though there were some big surprises in this drama and it just never got boring to me. Plus the love of my life (Lee Soo Hyuk) was in it and I could help but scream in fan girl delight whenever his face appeared on screen.  I loved it, plain and simple from the melodramatic parts to the action and mystery that surrounded the whole thing. It was well shot, acted, and written and had one of the best songs off a 2013 drama. 

That Winter The Wind Blows: I was so excited and yet hesitant to watch this drama because it was based on a movie which I really enjoyed. But once I started watching it, I was hooked. Me and melodramas are just meant to be together and it had all the things of a melodramatic story that I could ever want. I was crying tears that could flood a river, and smiling from ear to ear with all its cute moments as well. The acting in it was outstanding for the most part and the story was genuinely interesting. The characters developed well, and even though you may of hated some character for the things they were doing, deep down I still liked them all. And even though the ending kind of left me on a flat note, I could forgive it , because the journey to the end was so amazing. It truly was one of the best dramas of the year from the writing, to the cinematography, to the OST it truly hit all the crucial material that makes up a  well rounded and successful drama in my opinion and is one I would watch over and over again, though it might lead me to depression.

Master’s Sun: Now this is a drama that fan boys and girls alike squealed over and over during is airing time, and Im not going to lie, I was one of them. The cast in this drama was what got to me at first, I was super excited to see them all working together because there are some pretty amazing people in this! Then the story, it wasnt something I had actually seen before in a drama and though it wasnt “scary” like some people thought it might of been, I still enjoyed it a lot. Ghosts, I love them and seeing them in a drama and the way they were used really made it that more enjoyable. Then throw in a main couple that makes your heart melt and then second leading male that makes you want to die because you want to root for him but you want to root for our main male, then throw in the “bitch” that is too lovable to hate and you have the main characters that you just love to watch. Though it was a romantic comedy, and those arent usually my style, I found myself loving every moment and laughing harder than I had in a while. And even though there was laughter there were still tender and heartbreaking moments that made you cry your eyes out and I really loved the mix of it all. Truly a really great show.

The Queen’s Classroom: A drama that doesnt have to have a love line to make it worth watching was this one. A story of kids and their teacher, sounds boring enough if you think about it like that, but the story itself really was a great one. I had never seen the original version but this version made me want to watch it. I found myself so attached to these kids and wondering why our “evil witch” of a teacher was doing the things she was doing, and though I knew deep down, I still found myself wide eyed by how FAR she would take it. The cast, excluding the adults, these children were amazing and I even saw some kids that I remember from previous shows that had grown up and it made me feel so nostalgic about it. Just a story of kids growing up, and not our high school kids, but elementary kids..it was pretty much amazing. Even my grandma watched it with me. I cant really put into words why I loved this story, but there was just something about it that made me have feels and made it one of my favorites of 2013. 

Tonbi: Now I dont know many people who watched this drama in 2013 and I would consider it to be an underdog myself, because well it dosent have the romance most people are looking for, but to me..it has something much much better. Heart. It has the heart and relationship between family that really gets you right in the heart and makes you feel all kinds of emotions. I cried because I was happy, I cried because I was sad and I cried even when I didnt know why I was crying. This show had emotion and it didnt have the sad breakup or any of the stuff that we see in a lot of drama. It had emotion between a father and his son, and their story. Their story about living life and how the son came to be the man he is today because of the trails his father went through to raise him. It was just a really touching story that made me emotionally drained in a good way. I loved it and though its short and underrated and not a whole lot of people saw it, it was one of my favorite dramas of 2013.

Good Doctor: The tears or the tears that were shed while watching this drama. Now I know people were super excited about this drama because of WHO was in it, and dont get me wrong I was jumping up and down because of it too, but there were people who didnt want it to be a MEDICAL drama. Now for me, I LOVE medical dramas, they really interested me, and the fact that this was one made me super excited to watch. From episodes one, not even 15 minutes into it,  I was crying like baby, and thats when I knew this was going to be one hell of a show. The story and the characters, though sometimes annoying and just plain old rude, they were what made the show what it was. Our leading male pulled off a an amazing performance that I will never forget and all the little side stories that were thrown into the mix, were all worth watching and well made you have all the feels that you could ever want. It was a tear fest from start to finish and I loved everything about it. It was drama that I couldnt wait for the next episode and I just counted down the days. It was perfect and it is a drama worth watching and may I say paying the outlandish price for on DVD.

Well that's my sweet little list of 9 dramas that really just stuck with me this year. There were more dramas that almost made it, but I had to cut down the list. Dramas like Gu Family Book, Secret Love, Reply 1994, Suspicious Housekeep, Kazoku Game, Two Weeks, Nine Times Time Travel, they were all really good too so check them out as well. But those above are my TOP of the TOP! 

  • Clementine: Luke, I'm sorry to tell you this, but Nick died painfully from a bullet near his neck. I know you guys have been best friends for as long as you can remember, but I found him turned and pitifully struggling in a fence.
  • Luke: ohh that sucks lol
  • Clementine: Luke, I'm sorry to tell you this, but Jane, who you had no profound bond with, left but is safe.

im at work and i just want to go home and play persona 5. i just found the treasure for the 6th palace and i seriously cannot believe i made it through in one go i had no sp and im so glad i had haru grow tomatoes on the roof. she saved me.

i probs wont max all confidants this play through bc sometimes i would get so bored reading text and sitting through long ass cut scenes that i would go fishing… even after i maxed proficiency. haha

i cant remember all of who i maxed bc i tried to do everyone evenly so i have a lot of peeps at 7/8 rank.
im really bad with Japanese names
but i maxed the teacher, doctor, ryuji, hifumi, (i probs spelling all this wrong) makoto, that politician dude, the twin wardens… im likely forgetting someone too. (not including the auto confidants like sae and morgana) im sure im forgetting someone :/ eh

im 1 rank away from lving up ann. i never used her much bc she constantly died. idk if i just suck but her ass is 2 lv lower than everyone bc of all the KOs. rip ann 2k17

idk if i could handle replaying this game any time soon to get all the trophies. there is a strangling amount of text and where i dont mind it it just become unbearable after awhile.

also its dum how it costs like ¥67,000 to fuse a persona 1 lv higher than u. maybe it depends on the persona but the whole reason i bothered with warden quests was so i could have over-powered persona spam late game. and whats this— i must pÄÿ¿ im afraid ill pay to fuse one but then ill just find it in a later palace. ultimately its worth it for higher level peeps (i was debating fusing cybelle and shiva) i mean, i have like ¥860,000 so idk why im being a cheep ho. plus even if i do encounter it later mine ill be better bc it will have better abilities n shit. itd probs be worth it for high lv fusion exclusive personas. (only, idk which those are) im probs not registering all personas this play through either haha


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Hello this is just legitimate curiosity, no my ship is better than your ship sorta thing. So, like the canon and fanon art thing made me curious. I know back years ago, there was an artist who made art for FF7. There were drawings made that pictured Cloud and Aerith, and also Cloud, Aerith, and Red. Now, I remember reading that the artist had said he didn't know the characters, all he did was make art. Now years from now, has Square given us any art with Cloud/Tifa, and even maybe Cloud/Aerith?

Answering both your asks now!
(Hmm I cant say for sure in regards to your comment about my post because I wasn’t thinking of or including feelings about ffvii in it)

To my knowledge no, aside from Amano’s old drawings which also included many strange things (like early Sephaeris concept O.o) that never made it into the full product, Square has never once in the past or officially produced original shippy content in a canon vacuum. Not even so much as Amano level benign standing near/around each other stuff, so it’s pretty interesting I suppose. Even Amano himself said his art never had basis or bearing on any of the FFs and he drew them all with zero contextual information about the characters and stories…

Obviously that would be impossible to do now and now that FF7’s true narrative and intent and tone is renown worldwide, square official never once “encouraged” or fueled our ship wars in such a way. I guess the fanservice from mobile games can come close but it’s all so third party and basic- it’s hard to take as serious as an official square statement or artwork, perhaps drawn by Nomura himself~ I think they know such a thing would cause too much of a stir- even if it wasn’t meant in a romantic context.

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not much of a prompt, but i need some honest to god R27 fluff please

i gotchu fam

this is based on a post i saw yesterday bUT I CANT REMEMBER WHO REBLOGGED IT

“Tsuna, come here!” Reborn called. It was the middle of the night yet he was up like it was mid-day. 

Tsuna rolled over groggily and fell off the bed. He heard Reborn laugh a little from the doorway. It wasn’t a good time for Tsuna as usually, during the night, he enjoyed sleep.

“W-Why?” Tsuna said through a yawn. “It’s not even two in the morning, Reborn. What-what is wrong with you?”

“There’s a thunderstorm. You said you liked watching them.”

That made Tsuna sit up, his eyes shinning a bit more brightly. He scrambled up, almost tripping over the blankets tangled around his feet. Reborn stepped forward and caught his elbows. Tsuna smiled sheepishly; Reborn returned the gesture with a kiss to the cheek.

“It just started.” Reborn breathed.

Tsuna felt his face light up as he grabbed Reborn’s arms and pulled him to their spot.

They had a prearranged spot where they sat whenever something like rain or a thunderstorm happened. It was a big picture window they were lucky enough to get in their apartment. It was a ground floor they had it on so it was too good of a chance to pass up. Reborn had pulled the suede couch out and around so it was facing the window. 

There was a tray with two cups sitting on the window sill. Tsuna knew one was coffee and one was hot chocolate. Reborn wasn’t one for sweet things so he always made coffee for himself. He had said once that Tsuna enjoyed hot chocolate because it was sweet like him and it made Tsuna want to drink it so much more.

Reborn had a blanket draped across the back of the couch. Tsuna was the first one to reach the couch and pulled it off. He held out his arms and Reborn smiled gently. Every single time Tsuna couldn’t help his blush and his eyes widening. Reborn picked Tsuna up easily and sat down so Tsuna was in his lap.

Right as they sat down there was a clap of thunder that had Tsuna sitting forward. He looked giddy. Reborn brushed hair away from Tsuna’s face and tucked it behind Tsuna’s ear.

“It’s not raining this time.” Reborn commented. Tsuna looked a little disappointed but the look didn’t last as there was a flash of lightning.

“I saw the zig-zag!” Tsuna exclaimed.

“Where did it hit?” Reborn knew exactly where but Tsuna liked describing where it hit. It was a weird fascination he had with lightning.

Tsuna started explaining where it hit, pointing excitedly as he did. Reborn watched the entire time, letting Tsuna explain where he thought it hit. He leaned his chin onto Tsuna’s shoulder and listened to Tsuna talk. His voice had dropped a lot over the time they had knew each other. They met when he was 14 and Reborn was 15. 

It was completely by chance but both were glad it happened. Tsuna had gotten lost in a shipyard in Italy. It wasn’t uncommon for him to get lost but this was a foreign country. He was visiting his dad with his mom and they had went out to get groceries when Tsuna got caught up looking at one of the islands [Reborn later told him it was Poveglia Island] and his mother walked on without him. Reborn happened to walk by and asked if he was lost.

“I don’t know what you’re saying.” Tsuna said nervously. Reborn seemed mildly surprised for a second before clamping down on it.

“So you’re Japanese? Why are you here?” Reborn asked in fluent Japanese. Tsuna was taken aback.

“How do you talk so well in Japanese?” 

“Trade secret. Are you lost?” 

“Yeah, I was looking at that island and my mom left me. She does that all the time. It happens a lot in markets at home. I-I’ll be fine, you don’t have to help me.” Tsuna clamped his mouth shut, trying to stop rambling. 

Reborn seemed unimpressed and almost herded Tsuna forward. “Don’t talk about the island. We don’t like to think about it. I saw somebody that looked like you earlier anyways. She’s talking to the blond idiot over there.” Reborn pointed through a row of boats to his dad and mom. 

“That’s my dad.” Tsuna groaned.

“I feel bad that you’re related to him. He flirts with everybody here; it’s gross. Especially since he gushes about his kid and wife so much.”

“How do you know him?” Tsuna asked curiously. He looked behind him as he walked. It was a mistake as he tripped over a rock sticking up from the ground. Reborn caught him by the elbows and hoisted him up again.

“He’s my boss. I work here and do maintenance on the boats” Reborn said. Tsuna had a little more of a harder time saying anything in response as he was too embarrassed over tripping and how handsome this guy was. Reborn seemed to know exactly what he was thinking and smirked. Tsuna didn’t even know people did that in real life.

It was his signature style. And it had reeled Tsuna in. It had been for the last five years now too.It didn’t help he was hopelessly attracted to Reborn.

Somehow, Tsuna had seduced Reborn with his stuttering and nervous tripping throughout his entire stay in Italy that before he left they exchanged phone numbers. And now they were here, sitting in front of a window, watching a thunderstorm.

Reborn leaned back so Tsuna could rest against his chest. He brought his knees up as he laid against Reborn. They didn’t move, just breathing in the atmosphere, sipping their drinks, and realizing that they were the luckiest people in the world.

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today we went to visit my friend who lives one hour away. the weather was good for a change too and we had a bbq. she lives surounded by fields and after a while i got her to go on a walk with me (and mine and her sister). shes always reluctant to go outside, because she hates insects (who doesnt tho) and getting a tan. everything was fine until i remembered that in order to get to the fields, we had to cross 2 train tracks, which arent ground-level, no, you have to go down a REALLY steep

hill slope and the up an even steeper one. so i made it down there and first listened and then looked for trains. you cant see wether or not one is coming if you dont step close to the tracks, so i did just that and there actually was one coming (it was still in some distance, thank God!) and we had to run back up rly fast. we made it across safely after that but when i looked for an easy way to go down the hill on our way back, i saw what i thought to be a staircase, but actually was fake tomb

probably for someone that got hit by a train while crossing the tracks, and i was like :)))) why do i do stupid stuff like this? i, who regulary dreams of dying on train tracks. why? anyway how was your day?

OH MY GOD THAT’S SUCH A WILD STORY FROM START TO FINISH omg im so glad youre all ok how does a situation like that even just….. happen wtf

on the other hand, i stayed in all day, played d&d, and ate garlic bread. had a great day

it’s sleepover saturday!

as a kid i had a disc of songs that my dad made that id listen to nonstop. i dont even remember where the disc came from or who it was made for. anyway i cant name all the songs that were on it but when i hear them i Know. the ones i know that were on there was ‘video killed the radio star’ and ‘she blinded me with science’ but there were like 10-15 songs on this disc and it was literally all i listened to until i was like 10

idk why i think u guys care but fdklsajfkld

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You ever think about how ugly Jason feels compared to his brothers? Theres all hail the perfection that is Dick Grayson, just a beautiful/hottest man all round, (literally canon) on the other side theres Tim Drake, the teen heart throb pretty boy executive to Wayne Ent, and then Damian who is half (chiseled by the gods) Bruce Wayne and half (actual goddess) Talia. Even a decent looking person must pale in comparison, let alone a street rat Jay. He must consider himself so unattractive near them.

Originally posted by un-espiritu-en-la-oscuridad

jay needs to realize he’s beautiful in his own way. tbh he goes under the type “hot bad boy” more than “dreamy boy tim” or “handsome grayson”

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I'm really not into ship-bashing, I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion on who would be good with whom, but what I absolutely detest is when someone writes a fic with a ship that they like, and they COMPLETELY change a character's personality to make it work. In other words, Karkat is not some shy, soft-spoken, anime schoolgirl. But I suppose the character's personality's don't really matter. It's clear this story is actually just about the smut. Have a nice day.

“It’s clear this story is actually just about the smut" well mr anon sir if u read my faq before sending an ask

you sound personally offended ngl

i dont have karkat screaming every 2 seconds cuz that would get annoying to draw real fast, i dont want him screaming unless something serious is happening that the reader can understand, not a "oh there goes that diddly darn karkat screaming and taking up the entire page again oh u rapscallion u” + it’s not like i have him going desudesu up in this biz, the comic is sadstuck not comedic like the real homestuck too.

and a healthy reminder that authors don’t write and artists dont draw specifically catering to you and they don’t owe you anything you’re the audience no one is forcing you to do anything. they aren’t pets, people who make fics deserve so much more credit?? and to be honest im that way too with fics (only if its like, idk cronus assaulting someone or kakat giggling and wearing all pink) but hey they’re doing something that makes them happy and they want to share it with people. i like reading canon characters too but that’s not going to make me dismiss the fic entirely because they cant 100% mimic hussie or perfect dynamic characters. even HUSSIE gets knocked for his own characters man you just cant keep tumblr people happy like eve r. i dont make fics but dont bust their buns

but nah son im totally fine if you dont wanna read the comic because it wasn’t made for everyone and this is tumblr and that’s okay c:

you dont need to give me attitude tho remember friend youre the one who was too shy and went on anon, not me

Originally posted by thisisntmycat

Hay guys if you’re super stressed out like I am over everything that’s been going on this past evening, here’s a cat cloud to help cheer you up. Remember guys it’s ok to take a break from things. Look at some cat video’s if you need to. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

ok can i just say something about rinharu

ive been really absorbed into haru lately, and i’ve been looking at multiple moments from the anime where he feels lost. and do you know what i just realized? for haru and rin to stay happy, they need to be together. even platonically, when they are with each other, they are okay. they help each other. they NEED each other. sure, haru needs makoto and the others’ support and to be in their presence as well, but literally-no. other. relationship. in free. is like. rin. and haru’s. for them to get through their problems, they need each other’s help, otherwise they can’t. examples are the entire first and second seasons of the anime. when rin came back to australia more lost than ever without his friends, who helped him? haruka nanase, of course. but in season two, who returns the favor to haru when he cant find his DREAM? you guessed it- rin matsuoka helped haru find his dream, and made BOTH of their futures shine even brighter. TOGETHER. they dont just share the same dream, they share the same FUTURE. don’t you guys remember the phrase from the anime, “for the future”? you got that right- rin and haru helped each other for the sake of the future they share, and the dream that helped haru realize where he was meant to be- with rin.

Oh my , i would never imagine this hahaha , my 2nd one with 300+ , im so suprised thank youu guys like ughh lskfjsl i want to hug all of you >.<

so ill start with the NETWORKS

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jeongjicheolnet : this is network is life for shipers of jicheol , or jeonghoon or jeongcheol , and the admins are cute and i love them , they are special to me and i would so meet them in real life and give them a bear hug

chinaline-net : this is the 2nd one i joined , and to tell you , the kakao notifications are blowing me hahahah , im waking up to 300+ msg , and their memes and jokes oh god , sometimes i can’t even breath , when someone writes or posts something

svteditors : i became a apprentice here ,and now i choosen to be a teacher , i really wanna share my work with someone and tell them how to do some stuff , and be like the best teacher hahah jk jk , i just love these , sharing your work and seeing other work who are the best , i get so many inspirations from them 

Now to my lovely follow forever blogs

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holywonwoo : Ayyyyy she my vampire sister , whos married to wonwoo and shes really funny ,and her posts are A+++++ , and please remember this , say wonwoo 3times and she will be there , LY <33333

minghaozz : i ricently meet this sweet bun of mine and shes so nice and cutee and i love her line art , shes really sweet and shes crazy about minghao , she cant even pu her words in the ask box why she loves him , that true love man , <33 LYY 

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