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Jin - Arranged Marriage

The marriage was over; it was majestic with the luxurious designs and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Everything was perfect, the food was sumptuous and the clothes the couple wore were extraordinary, everyone looked their best and were dressed to kill. All who attended only had positive comments on how the couple looked perfect for each other and were a match made in heaven. All was happy except for a certain someone. And that certain someone was none other than the groom of that night, Kim Seok Jin.

Y/N could tell, all the smiles Jin showed on their marriage night was nothing but a fake smile. He was just being polite. It was not as if he could put a frown on the whole night. It would bring disgrace to his father and his father had too much pride to afford that. Hence his smile. Though it wasn’t as if anyone would be able to see through his facade, all except for his own wife whom he had met only once or twice.

The people who complimented them received polite smiles and bows in return from the couple, but that was it and nothing more in return. Their cheeks were aching from having to plaster on a smile for the whole night and they just couldn’t wait to be alone where they could just stop smiling so much.

It all started one day when Jin was called into his father’s study. Both of his parents were there and his elder brother was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he was busy somewhere.

“Seok Jin, I need you to marry Y/N from our business partner’s family. She’s the youngest daughter of three siblings and is younger than you by two years. We need you to marry her since that is the only way we can seal the business deal between our families.” His father’s voice was stern and void of emotions, while his mother kept quiet for the whole time.

The sudden news came as a shock for him. How could he just marry someone he didn’t even know, much less love? All of this was just too much for him but there was no way he could go around disobeying his parents’ wishes. He was respectful and polite towards his family members, except that he was awkward.

“But what about hyung?” He questioned in a voice that wasn’t hostile, neither was it kind either.

“Her father chose you. So you will have to obey me, do you get it?” His father ordered and at this point in time, Jin knew that there would be no way in talking his father out of it anymore. Once his father was set on something, he would make sure that he accomplished it without any faults.

Going back to the current situation Jin was in, he was in a predicament. He was now in the luxurious hotel suite that both of their parents had booked just for the wedding of their “business deal”. He did not even want to be there in the first place, so why had he even agreed that would possibly ruin his future? What had he done to deserve this?

He didn’t particularly hated Y/N. He just didn’t know what to do to make the situation less awkward given how awkward he has been ever since he was young. It couldn’t be helped, he was trying his best not to show too much of his displeasure already. He did not want to ruin his father’s plans.

On the other hand, Y/N was fidgeting about non-stop. Her hands, once empty but now adorned with a beautiful wedding ring on her ring finger on her hand was busy and could not stay by her side. She didn’t know what else to do to improve the atmosphere as she stood there in her gown while Jin stood opposite her, his matching white suit back facing her.

“Go and wash up first.” Being the gentleman Jin was, he still had manners in him but for some reason, his voice contrasted with his gentle attitude. His voice had came out as rough and deep, different from his normal voice. What was wrong with him?

Afraid of worsening the heavy atmosphere that lingered in the room, Y/N nodded and left to shower first, just as how Jin had told her.

Sighing, Jin finally had some time alone as he walked towards the window facing their bed. It overlooked the whole of South Korea for it had been the best hotel their parents had booked for the newly wedded couple. If he was in a different situation, he would be happy and hyper about it, smiling as he gazed out at the bustling city life. Yet now? It was a completely different story. He was now a wedded man with a wife in law.

This was going to be the start of a very long and unpleasant journey for him.

In the next few months, Jin had made sure to keep a good distance with Y/N. She was pretty, he wasn’t going to lie to himself about that fact, and neither was he going to disagree with his own brother about that. The way her golden brown dyed hair fell just past her shoulders that highlighted her soft and pale skin. Her eyes were big and cute, her nose wasn’t as high as the featured models on magazines but it was good enough to make her look cute, even her lips were slightly pouty. Everything about her was perfect and iy wasn’t her fault. She was innocent. It was his; he just couldn’t find himself falling in love with someone who was arranged to marry him.

It’s not like he didn’t try to either, he had try to but he just couldn’t bring himself to fall in love with her. For that, he knew he no one else to blame but himself. He knew that no matter how hard he tried, he would never fall in love with her.

As for Y/N, she had found herself slipping deeper and deeper into love with her “husband”. Truth be told, they had only agreed to the marriage just to please their parents, nothing more and nothing less. She had absolutely no say in that, as much as Jin had too. Both of them were actually in the same boat.

However, why was it only her that started to develop feelings for Jin? Why was she the only one who managed to succeed in falling in love with Jin? Yes, he was cold-hearted at times, whenever they went out for dinner and it was chilly, he did not bother to ask what she felt like eating and just went ahead with his choice but she still went with it, she was fine with it.

But, he did show care to her, in small, little ways. For example, if they were out at night, he would be nice enough to drape his jacket around hers if he noticed her shivering in the cold. He wouldn’t open his mouth to say much to her and words between them were few, but his actions spoke louder than words. She could see that he was trying as hard as she was already and that was more than enough for her as of now.

One night, the couple had to attend a family party that both families had hosted in commemoration of 10 years of partnership. They were instructed to attend, to show that they were still leading a happy life as a couple. They didn’t have much of a choice either and could only go along with it.

When they managed to reach home in their chauffeur-driven car, both were too drunk to do anything else and one thing led to another. Jin pinned Y/N to the wall of their bedroom as he leaned in for a kiss on the lips, it being their first kiss in one year of marriage and that’s where they spent the night in a new way rather than the same procedure of Jin sleeping on the couch in their living room.

The next day, Jin woke up first and despite his headache, realized the mistake he had committed. There was no turning back now. When Y/N managed to wake up after him, he couldn’t do anything but look away from her wide, brown orbs. He couldn’t believe what he had done to her, but what was done was already done and they could only accept it like mature adults.

It seemed as if they had reached a silent deal to never speak about that night after that and the nights that Jin spent outside were more compared to before that incident happened. Their occasional late night strolls in the park or dinner dates reduced to nothing but once in a week.

Needless to say, if Jin had been keeping his distance from the start, it was as if they were complete strangers made to live together now. He couldn’t seem to face Y/N anymore, except for during breakfast and the rare times when she would successfully manage to stay awake to wait for him to reach home after his work.

If she didn’t, she would wake up where she was, in a more comfortable position with a blanket over her, for which she was thankful of. At least he still cared for her.

It wasn’t till a few weeks later did Y/N start to feel sick, it was a morning and Jin had gotten ready, waiting for his wife to be done cooking their breakfast.

During breakfast, she felt the sudden urge to throw up but she didn’t want to be rude, wiping her mouth with a tissue as she excused herself quietly. She didn’t know what was wrong with her either, it must have been something bad she had eaten the previous day but it was highly unlikely since Jin would be vomiting with her too.

While Jin was at work, she busied herself before she felt the urge to vomit again. This time, she was in disbelief. To cure her doubts and ease her worries, she hurried to get herself a pregnancy test and tried it on her.

The few minutes of waiting felt like eternity as she prepared lunch for herself. When she came back to check on the results, she was taken aback. That one, fateful night had proved to create a whole new experience for the couple. And opened a whole new world of possibilities for them to go through together.

When Jin came back home slightly earlier than usual that same day, Y/N had a hard time trying not to look him in the eye. She feared breaking down while telling him the news. She had chosen to ignore it for now, discarding the kit in the dustbin.

When the tired husband went to take out the rubbish, he noticed the kit which caught his attention and wondered why there would be one at home and when he saw the results, everything fell into place. The sudden urges to vomit and her weird cravings as of late, she was pregnant. Not just pregnant, but with his baby, their baby.

Y/N was afraid, she was terrified. What if Jin found out and decided to walk out on her and their unborn child? What if he found them a burden and decided to leave her because she was just going to pull him down? She wasn’t ready to part ways with Jin yet and thinking of that one day to come brought tears to her eyes. Before she knew it, tears were streaming down her face.

Jin stood in front of the door and looked at her weeping silently, her hand covering her mouth to muffle her cries. He had never seen her break down so badly before and this was new for him. Having had little interactions with females, he didn’t know how to react to make her calm down but he was determined to calm his wife.

Since they had already made it this far, he had found himself falling for her day by day, maybe it wasn’t as deep as her yet, but he was nearly there.

Jin made his way in and took her hands into his own, warm and large hands that covered hers easily. His own brown orbs looked at her as he kneeled in front of her sitting on the bed.

“Y/N, I’m.. Sorry, that you had to go through all that. I know that I haven’t been a very good husband.” He paused as his right hand reached up to wipe away her never-ending tears. Continuing, he found his voice cracking slightly as tears welled up in his eyes seeing his wife so heart-broken. “I promise you, that I will be here with you from now on. I will never leave you or our unborn baby. It is my responsibility and I will make sure that I do not shirk from it. I will try to be a better husband, and a good father. I admit that I avoided you but it was because I couldn’t seem to fall in love with you. However, in this past one year of marriage, I have grown to see your charms, how strong you are and how kind you are. You have always put me before you and now, I want to do the same for you. I’m not saying this out of our unborn child, but from the deep of my heart with sincerity. Can we please, start again?” His voiced was soft and gentle, his hand wiping and caressing her face like as if she was a fragile object. He just didn’t want to break her anymore. He had done too much already.

Y/N nodded and wrapped her arms around Jin’s neck, crying freely onto his shirt as his hands rubbed circles soothingly on her back. From now on, he was going to strive to be a better son, a better husband to his wife and a good father that his unborn child could look up to.


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Scenario Request: Imagine with V where I am an American actress who’s promoting my film with my co stars, and the boys interview us. The boys start teasing V saying how I’m his celebrity crush and he was fanboying the night before and it’s funny and fluffy! 

Genre: I’m going into the pillow stuffing business because all the fluff I’m writing today.

Word Count: 1417 (and to think I have issues writing a 1200 word essay for school -.-)

A/N: All these Taehyung scenarios are causing him to become a bias wrecker for me. Damn it. I already have Yoongi ruining my life.


“It’s so cold!” your friend, Kaley, squealed as you two stepped out of the airport and into the icy cold wind that stung every area of exposed skin. You frigidly nodded in response, burying yourself deeper into your infinite layers of clothing, but you knew it would have no effect until you were physically inside a warm building.  

One year ago, if anybody were to tell you that you were going to be flying around the world promoting your new film, you would have thought they were crazy. Life does have a funny way of leading you back to your childhood dream though because now you are at the last location of the promo tour: Seoul, Korea.

“Hello, Ms. Y/N, please follow me into the interview room please,” one of the guards guided my co-stars and I into a colorful room filled with fun little designs. It was all quite cute.

“Do you know who is interviewing us? I don’t even know this show… After School Club? What kind of a name is that?” Jessica, your other co-star expressed, sighing, highly dissatisfied with the atmosphere.

“I’m not sure. All I know is that this show is normally live, but today will be a interview special. It looks like it will be fun,” you responded, looking at the set, along with having a makeup artist complete the finishing touches. Upon hearing the sound of a few more people entering the set, you looked up and saw three bodies walking towards you and your friends. When they got closer, you recognized them to be the MCs of the show.

“Hi! I’m Eric Nam, this is Ji-Min and Kevin,” a brunette boy introduced in perfect English, pointing to himself, and the two others next to him. You stood politely as they said their hellos to the rest of the co-star.

“Hi! You are Y/N, right?” Ji-Min smiled, shaking your hand.

“Yes and you are Ji-Min from 15& right?” you asked, having seen a few episodes of ASC before landing.

“Yeah! You into kpop?” she asked, tilting her head.

“Oh no, not that I’m not into it, I just haven’t heard much,” you explained, mentally scanning through the variety of boy groups that you stumbled on during the series of ASC videos you watched.

“Ahh… Well, one of our popular boy groups here will be guest mc-ing today. They are called BTS, short for Bangtan Boys,” Kevin informed, smiling brightly.

“Oh okay… Umm did they sing Run?” You wonder aloud, laughing, remembering the seven boys that caused you to wake the people surrounding you in the plane because you could not hold in the laughter.

“Yes! Yes, they did! You an ARMY?” Eric entered in the conversation after hearing your knowledge of this group.

“No, I just remember seeing them on this show last night. They were so funny! The one who wore the Santa hat headband was so good,” you didn’t go ahead and confess that you thought he was also incredible cute and it has been a while since anybody have made you burst into fits of giggles. You couldn’t help but to smile a little knowing that he will be apart of the interviewees.

“Oh god, that’s Kim Taehyung. He is crazy,” Eric said, looking at the wall with eyes wide with forged fear.


Spinning around, you see a boy dressed in striped sweater charging towards the gang of MCs, having six others slowly following behind him, laughing and falling onto each other’s shoulders.

“STOP!” Eric screamed back, pushing against the jumping boy. When he calmed down you see that it was him, Taehyung. Laughing along with Ji-Min, Taehyung turned towards your direction and froze.

“Hi, my name is Y/N. You are Taehyung, yes?” you slowly spoke, knowing he isn’t fluent in English, but you wanted to get to know him, so the language barrier isn’t going to stop you.

“Uh yes yes. Name is Taehyung,” he nodded politely and repeatedly, his voice lowered into his normal octave. The other members were finally caught up with all the commotion and when they saw you, they shifted their gaze back and forth between you and Taehyung and started to laugh again. But this time, Taehyung did not join, instead, his face tinted pink and began to shuffle behind his friends, who laughed even louder.

Wait what?

“3,2,1 and action!” the cameraman declared, waving his hands.

“Hey guys and thanks for tuning in to ASC today!” Eric greeted the online audience, waving and smiling.

“We have a few changes today, including our MCs! The BTS boys will be co-hosting today, while our main guests are from the new upcoming summer hit movie! Say hi guys!” Ji-Min stated, motioning towards the excited boys and you and your co-stars

The interviews began and while other members did join with the questioning, the main leader was Namjoon/Rapmonster, who definitely knew English best. You answered a few from Namjoon, but you wanted Taehyung to speak more often. He seemed a lot more quiet, comparing to what you saw last night.

“Hey, Taehyung, would you like to ask some questions? I have a few for Y/N, but since I talked so much already, you should try out your English,” Namjoon teased, elbowing the increasingly shrinking Taehyung.

“Ahh ahhh okay okay,” he waved off Namjoon, while the rest of the members quietly snickered in the background, talking among themselves. “Umm how are you liking Korea? Have you eat anything good?” He quietly stammered out, solely staring at the card that gave him the question.

“Aishhh… Eaten, Taehyung. Eaten anything good.” the leader corrected, shaking his head jokingly, making everybody laugh a little. You felt bad for him, but at the same time it was insanely cute because of how shy he was and the accent that emitted through his words.

“Yah! Okay! Eaten! Have you eaten anything good?” He shouted a little, chest puffing out and pushing against his friend, acting tough. He was then attacked by the youngest, Jungkook, who smacked him with a toy hammer.

“I’m your hyung, who you think you are!” he turns around to face Jungkook, trying to steal the hammer. Agh, you could feel your heart burst, he was so adorable.

“Well, I haven’t been anywhere yet because we all just came from the airport, but I would love to try some dokboki,” your respond initiated many head nods and a uniform “ahhh”. This was all very normal until the one named Hoseok, stood up and suggested, “Hey Taehyung, you should take Y/N to eat dokboki! You so excited last night about seeing her! Did you know he ran around our dorm twice, trying to imagine meeting you in real life? He loves y—” That was it before Taehyung jumped off his chair and chased Hoseok off the set with the infamous toy hammer.

“Well we are not going to air that!” Ji-Min laughed, holding onto the table’s edge in order to not fall down. It was a while before Taehyung got a hold of Hoseok, but when he did, Hoseok was stuck backpacking Taehyung around the set. Flinging Taehyung onto the floor, the boys all ran to surround him, while Jungkook bent down to pull him up.

“You are a good person, Kookie, don’t take after your other hyungs. They are a bad influence, don’t let them pollute your mind. Stay pure,” Taehyung patted the younger boy on the head, while nodding like a proud a father. Oh, this boy will be the death of me.

My mind wanted to walk up to him and say hi personally, but my legs were awkwardly stuck in place. Before I knew it, I was being tugged off set, getting ready to get a move onto our next destination. I grumbled in disagreement, but Kaley was already dragging me off.

“Y/N!” he called for you, making the other six holler and cheer behind, but it didn’t seem to deter Taehyung as he jogged up to you.

“Umm… I think you are really pretty and I want to take you to a date… Can I?” he asks, his eyes wide and lip bit by anxious thoughts.

“You definitely can take me out on a date,” you said without a second thought. You then immediately witnessed a 21 year old boy trying to not jump around in excitement with a smile that might just burst if he smiled any bigger. From that moment on, you knew no matter how cold the weather was, you will always warm up at the thought of his smile.


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Ten Cups Of Coffee; Arrival

This first installment is shorter than the others, as it more just an introduction to the story or a prologue I guess:) Hope you enjoy it

-Admin Kitty

Libby’s Cafe was deadly quiet. It was early morning and the sun was breaking through the clouds and shining through the windows of the cafe. Dust danced in the light as the usual people took their usual places. There was Woo Jae Hee, the retired old woman who sat at the smallest table, close to the door, sipping her weak tea and saying good morning to everyone who passed her by. Mr Kim, the businessman with an important looking suit, who wolfed down currant tea cakes in only two bites before arriving late to work - again. And Mr Kwon, the builder with paint smeared overalls who called the waitress ‘love’ everyday and only drank pineapple juice. And last but not least, there was a young woman who always chose the same booth, old enough to know what she wanted but young enough to lose sleep over not achieving it; you.

8th March
You looked around the cafe at the usual three. Every week day you sat in the same spot, and every week day you marvelled at the quietness, the calmness of it all. No one spoke, as if to respect the morning time, coffee time, the start of the day. As a girl who spent her day at lectures, or at work, or with your phone constantly buzzing, you enjoyed the silence. It was if it was agreed in this place; quiet in the cafe, as if it were a library. But today, there was another’s presence in the cafe; a scraping back of a different chair, a new order to be made.There was four. There was always four in Libby’s cafe. But now, when you counted there was one, two, three, four…five.The man dressed in black. Simply dressed, but stylish all the same. He wore sunglasses and a hat.His presence unnerved you. It was as if, to you, the extra count in the cafe made the place seem crowded, as petty as it seemed.
However, it excited you a little. A new story to learn, a new character in the cafe.
Realising you had been staring, you quickly averted your eyes to Mr Kim, who had got currant tea cake in his moustache. You laughed quietly in your head and gave way to a small smile.

8th March
She is pretty. Before anything else I notice, she is pretty. Naturally so, as well. She is ordinary. It’s not a criticism, but a thing I envy. She is…sweet. She wears her hair up, in a pony tail, like a child. But she isn’t innocent, no. She has her head on her straight. She knows what she wants.But by the way she drums her fingers along the edges of her table, I can tell she is impatient. She doesn’t have it yet, what she wants - she hasn’t got it yet.