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Korean Fans (not all of them)

Seriously i hate koreans fans, esp the teen ones. They don’t have life!. The love and the hate towards an idol is too much.
If they loved an idol they get angry if he starts dating or have any affair with a female idol. They only want him either for themselves or with their OTP! Just like what happened to Kai,Baekhyun and much worse Chanyeol, who starts following a foreigner model in twitter and then unfollowed her because of his fans.
And if they hate someone, they will do anything to see her falling and losing her job or even wishing her to die. Just like what Tiffany is suffering now.
Koreans fans have no mercy, they sent her death threats and ask her to leave snsd. And for what? It’s just a mistake, she didn’t mean any harm and yet they treat her like a criminal.
i feel sorry for the korean idols, always trying to keep their doll image. They are not allowed to date or to make mistakes or even express what they feel just like any human being.

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Relationship Status: taken-ish 

Favorite Colors: Blue, a light pastel blue really, really any pastel colors.

Pets: none

Cats or Dogs: Cats I just love’em

Chapstick or Lipstick: Neither, I use chapstick now, but I hate it equally with lipstick.  

Last Song listened to:  Vessel - Red Sex so edgy music played in the lesbian movie The Handmaiden.  

Favorite TV Show: Stranger Things

First fandom: Vampire Knight…

Hobbies: Reading and occasionally writing.  

Meme of Choice: Dicks out for Harambe

Dragon Ball Z: Use to watch it, but now I barely know anything about it. 

Favorite Food: None I’m losing my taste buds.

Favorite Season: Autumn it sounds fancier then fall  

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