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Age Gap

 Group: BTS


Requested: @wjishing-jimin said: HIII may i request like a boyfriend thingy with jimin but his gf is like way younger like 8 years younger it smtg BAHHAHA tyy

Summary: The members aren’t a fan of the age gap in Jimin’s new relationship and as they tell him why, you overhear.

Genre: fluff

Length: 1k

A/N: my first off anon request~ I hope you liked it! I did bump Jimin’s age up by a few years to make this legal

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“Chim, you haven’t paid me attention in like an hour,” Jimin looked down at you before he ruffled your hair with a smile, pulling you further into his lap as he stroked your hair, his eyes no longer glued to the movie playing as he’d glance down at your satisfied smile. The boys glanced between them in worry and knew they needed to speak to Jimin soon about his new relationship with you.

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Seriously though, had been seriously wanting to draw something after watching Swan Princess with my sister and butchering it with these two losers.

May have stayed up til 1:30 in the morning working on this

P.s: Am I the only one who thinks this kinda looks like @zillabean’s art style? 

ashortasianfangirl  asked:

Can i request a hc where MC is the sister (younger or older, your choice) of RFA + minor trio?

This… is literally the latest request in the inbox and we basically never do the latest req in consideration of older reqs who have waited weeks/months… but this was really fun to imagine, and very simple to write compared to everything else!

It’s relaxing to do something simple like this once in while ^O^ Thank you for the request!!


Request Killing: 4/30

RFA as Your Older Sibling

Yoosung Kim

  • While he’s the childish one in the RFA, he’s an entirely different person around his baby sister
  • Although he slacks off on his own studies at college, if you mentioned that you had trouble with any of your own work, he would research the topics, learn it himself and teach you to help you understand
  • Always worried sick when you’re on trips away from home, even when it’s only for a day at a school trip
  • Tries to respect your decisions in relationships, and holds back his concerns, not wanting to overwhelm you
  • Calls when has time, but never too often, so he doesn’t disturb you
  • Basically, a very thoughtful brother
  • The type to spoil you at home, does your share of the chores, gives his servings of your favourite dishes and snacks
  • If you ever got lost, he’d run around frantically to find you—only to get lost as well, but he’d always end up bumping into you by accident. He’d never tell you that it was only an accident though, letting you think your older brother had magical powers that told him where you were
  • You stopped believing that as you grew older, but it still made you smile every time he found you


  • The overprotective, overbearing brother
  • Because to him, you’re his adorable little sister who is too cute for the world. …Besides, he’s really handsome himself. It’s no surprise those good looking genes run through you, too…
  • Always too busy glaring at other guys who dare to look at you, to the point he doesn’t realize how much attention he attracts from the girls
  • Tells you all the worst things about guys
  • “They’ll play with your heart, you shouldn’t trust them! I promise I’ll beat them up if anyone tries to hurt you, okay?! Seriously, men are wolves, please please please be careful…”
  • When you asked him if he was like that too, he spluttered before exclaiming, “NO! You can definitely trust me, baby sis. I’ll never, ever hurt you.”
  • Always worried about you. After he moved out, he would call you EVERY night
  • And before he moved out, he would be the one who picked you up from school and social gatherings, and he was almost always early, which upset you because you wanted more time with your friends
  • Bragged about you to everyone he met
  • He’d definitely regret talking about you so much to his co-workers though…
  • Very likely that he’ll bring you to his studio where you meet his co-stars… one of which, ends up falling for you completely and listens very attentively every time Zen talks about you… And you felt the sparks, and damn, that guy was pretty hot (he’s an actor, after all)
  • You’d keep going back to the studio under the guise of visiting your brother… when in reality, you went to check out his co-star… who eventually gave you his number…
  • Well, no one was surprised that Zen beat him up after finding out about your relationship
  • Still, Zen wanted his little sister to be happy, so he permitted the two of you to date. He swore that he would murder your boyfriend if he broke your heart but… hey, several years later and you were married.
  • Zen cried a lot at your wedding…


  • He’s always been bad with women because a lot, ahem, A LOT of women were after his family’s money… So he wasn’t completely sure how to act around you either, even though you’re his blood sister.
  • He definitely loves you a lot though, having grown up by your side. He’s just awkward expressing it
  • You’re the only girl in his life that he doesn’t mind because you’re his sister, so he babies you and treats you with utmost respect and care
  • Bombards you with gifts
  • Begs father to lend him money so he can buy expensive gifts that you’ve mentioned to really, really want
  • The first person to take you to the concert of your favourite artist—he hates crowds and he hates being in public because the family name follows him, but he’ll go for you
  • Would be against you studying abroad… but if you threw a tantrum with him, he’d give in
  • Panics when you cry
  • Pays the bodyguards to beat up anyone who eyes or touches you inappropriately
  • Whenever you’re out together, he has a protective arm around your shoulder
  • Being the children of the C&R Chairman, the two of you would have to attend a ton of formal business meetings and parties. He held your hand through every one, but as you grew older, it would be seen as ‘inappropriate’ so your arms would be linked instead.
  • A very loving brother, although he never expressed it through words.


  • People already saw Jaehee as a tough, independent woman… but they haven’t seen her around her little sister. Gosh, she was even tougher.
  • In public, she would send nasty looks at the guys who eyed you, snarling at them to turn their head
  • And she was ALWAYS ready to fight for you—you were the reason she learned judo. So she could protect you.
  • After all, your parents had died early on in your lives.
  • Started working early to support your education and living fees
  • She was a big sister that you greatly admired because she was so strong… When you were little, you wanted to be just like her
  • But Jaehee encouraged you to be yourself, of course.
  • Her door is open for you at any time, whether you need advice, a shoulder to cry on, or help with studying
  • Stresses about your exams and assessment results more than you do!
  • Prepares your lunch for school, and wakes up early to make you breakfast even though she sleeps late every night due to work
  • The only reason she takes days off is because of you—when you catch a cold, when you need someone by your side, your graduation, your appointments…
  • Always cared more about your opinions and preferences than her own—she’d make the food you like to eat even if she doesn’t like it much herself, or if you wanted to go somewhere, she’d go with you… And she would even drop her own plans for you!
  • As you grew older, you refused to let her keep sacrificing for you, and tried to depend less on her
  • She’d notice quickly and laugh, telling you that she loves taking care of you. “Haha, you’re so cute for wanting to be independent. Please, let me spoil you~”

Saeyoung and Saeran

  • They come in a pair, of course
  • Saeyoung’s the one who jumps on your bed to wake you up in the morning, which earns himself a scolding from Saeran every day. And a smack on the head. With a pan.
  • When Saeran gets a tattoo, he tries to hide it from you because he didn’t want you to get one as well… but you did, anyway, and he was there to hold your hand to endure the pain throughout the entire time
    • It would be a secret two of you kept from Saeyoung
    • Well, until he spies on Saeran in the shower and whines that he wants a matching one since they were twins…
    • Saeyoung would be very jealous that you’d left him out
  • Saeran was the “cool” brother
    • You’d go to his room whenever you just wanted peace and quiet, and he’d never question it
    • Has his music turned up, blaring through the house honestly, but you liked it that way—especially since it bothered the annoying brother
  • Saeyoung was always silly and overly cheerful, and you’d be embarrassed for your friends to meet him
    • He wasn’t all fun and jokes, though. When he didn’t feel like acting sunshiney, he was the type to lean against your doorframe and ask if you want to head out with him
    • And he’d drive you around the city, aimless. In those times, it was often quiet, but it was a nice silence
  • In public, he’d kiss you on your cheeks or your forehead, making others misunderstand that he was your lover
    • Which honestly he didn’t mind because he didn’t appreciate the thought of other guys hanging around you
    • But he didn’t have to worry about that
  • Because even if his falsely-interpreted affectionate, brotherly touches were ignored, Saeran would be there to scare the crap out of the guys who did try to approach you
  • Needless to say, you never had a boyfriend or girlfriend, all throughout your school years because of them
  • But you didn’t mind too much. They were already a handful to handle
    • Aka they were messy and annoying and you had to clean up after them at home while dealing with their occasional attitudes
  • But you loved them all the same


  • Spoils you so much, honestly
  • He’d look after you all the time
  • And if you ever broke something in the house, he covers up for you, saying it was his fault
  • Your parents would accuse him of being a bad child, but he was always happy about it because he was able to protect you from their anger
  • Even when you grew up and stayed out late with your friends, he’d cover up for you and make excuses to your parents
  • Whenever you could spend time together, he’d always take you somewhere that made you feel better. Often, it’d be a place you want to go to, except you never understood how he figured it out
  • When he finally got his driver’s license and car, he took you for a ride first
  • Never got a girlfriend because he was too busy worrying about you instead
  • You’d have to be the one to urge him to date
  • Teary-eyed at your graduation
  • Tutors you for your classes
  • Always made time for you, even if he was studying for important exams, or if he was a whole city away, or if you awoke him at 4AM in the night
  • Never raised his voice at you. Ever. He’d step in if anyone, your parents or even friends, dared to shout at you. He’d risk getting beat up, as long as you were unharmed
  • In fact, Jihyun got into a lot of fights because of you, even though he had zero fighting skills and didn’t even bother to raise a fist back at his opponents
  • You’d yell at him each time, crying because he got hurt again but he never blames you and it only makes you feel worse…
  • But he loves you, and he’d do anything to protect your smile.

so just the other day I took my two little sisters to see the new Power Rangers movie. None of us had ever actually watched Power Rangers, but I was curious (and let’s be honest, the casting? gay character? autistic character? diversity? it sounded great)

it was a great watch. as someone who grew up in the power rangers era but never had been into it, I found myself pretty invested and even felt a bit of nostalgia. my sisters really liked it too

well, we were walking back to the car after it was over and I asked my sisters what they thought and who their favorite ranger was (we all really loved Trini).

the youngest, 9 years old, said “I really liked how it looked like the girls were stronger than the boys sometimes”

“Oh? When was that?”

“During the training parts”

“And why do you like that?”

“Because it shows that girls can be better than boys too, or at least just as good as them”

see y’all

Kids notice these things. Representation is important.

Half-Blood Princess (Part 3): This Time Around

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader, Hannah (Twin Sister)

Length: 1150+ words

TW: Nothing of any sort! Just all the fluff~

A/N: Someone asked about writing a Part 3, and I seriously wasn’t going to write one, but this just came out of nowhere, and now I just had to write it. I hope this was somewhat believable, and true to character! I hope this gives you some comfort after Angst Appreciation Day yesterday! Feedback is encouraged!

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

It was a few days later, and Y/N wasn’t sure what to expect when Dean made the promise. Everyone seemed so sure they were going to start treating her differently, but she wasn’t sure how they could change so easily like that. She decided early on that she would give her siblings another chance. It takes two to make a relationship so she would try her best to form a bond with them, and see how it goes. Though, she was pretty wary of them still, she wanted to give them another chance. 

“Hey, kiddo,” Dean greeted, seeing her already in the kitchen making breakfast. “Need any help?”

She was about to shake her head when she paused. “Sure. Wanna help me make the eggs?” She was already halfway in making the pancakes, a pile already stacked beside her. 

“’Kay.” He grabbed another pan from the cabinet, and the carton of eggs along with the bacon. “What’s eggs without bacon, right?” he joked with a wink.

She laughed at his antics, shaking his head. “If you want to get high cholesterol, and die early- then knock yourself out.”

“Sounds like someone’s been spending way too much time with Sam.”

Y/N scoffed, but it came out more like a snort causing her to slap her hands to her lips in embarrassment. Dean looked at her for a millisecond before an evil grin formed on his face, reminding her of the Grinch. 

“Did you just snort?”

“Nope. Didn’t happen.”

“Yes, it did!” Dean threw his head back in laughter before bumping her hips with his. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Your secret is safe with me.”

“What secret?” Y/N said, playing dumb.

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I think the problem with this particular theory stems from the fact that it is a litmus test on how you view Jon Snow’s current character arc.

Hyperbolically speaking, either Jon is a cruel cad or he is a faithless idiot. If you step away from the hyperbole, his pragmatism or naivety might actually make him less of a righteous cookie-cutter hero and more like a flawed human being. But it’s the internet and ideas are quickly distorted into their most hyperbolic versions of themselves. If Jon isn’t wholly good, he has got to be evil. If Jon isn’t smart, he eats crayons for breakfast.

Regardless of reception, has the theory itself some merit?

You know I keep ask myself one question over and over again while looking at all the dangling plots from Season Seven:

Is this bad writing or actual foreshadowing?

I mean when characters are doing stupid shit, are they gonna be punished for it like Ned did when he told Cersei all his plans?

Or are they gonna get away with it because the plot needs to move from point A to point B and the character doing a stupid thing is a great short cut? (Like the should-have-been-suicidal wight hunt storyline that was apparently conceived to get the Night King finally past the Wall.)

Or do the writers actually consider that stupid thing actually not stupid but rather brilliant and amazing? (“Mean Girls Winterfell” was their best idea for getting rid off Littlefinger.)

And it’s not just that characters make ambiguous choices or have ambiguous characterization beats. (Cersei – smartest woman in the room for forcing her antagonists to fight among themselves before fighting her or completely myopic for not fighting the Great War?)

It’s also ambiguous presentation where stuff gets lost in the direction (like those redshirts in the wight hunt whose number actually varies from scene to scene, making their deaths and the heroes’ survival feel even more unearned) or on the editing room floor. (When exactly did Sansa decide to move against Littlefinger? In the script it’s in episode 7.07, in the show the editing allows the interpretation that she and Arya decided it five seconds after their reunion.)

So every time I try to look at Season Seven for clues about Season Eight I ask myself if I look at foreshadowing, intentional misdirection or the show letting the audience down.

And I can never tell. And everyone who says they can… well, they are selling you something.

Jon pretending to be in love with Dany for the Greater Good is an interesting theory but if anyone thinks it’s sure and true and something-this-or-that is the proof, they are not operating in good faith because the show isn’t operating in good faith and they should have noticed.

Anyone who puts the show under enough scrutiny to judge characters’ microexpressions, should notice that Jon’s five miraculous survivals on the wight hunt alone (zombie bear, convenient ice breakage, Drogon ex machina, not drowning, Benjen ex machina) is bad faith writing.

It should be impossible to not acknowledge that this show is entirely capable of fucking up a storyline and character to the degree that a theory where it’s all a ruse looks like the better explanation than the intended reality.

In Season Seven the show’s writing had one Stark sister threatening to kill the other in all seriousness over an obviously planted letter written by a imprisoned, pre-pubescent child. The editing allowed for the kinder explanation that Arya was always faking this to mislead Littlefinger. But the original intention was for it to be real. Aside from being a bad plot, this also does something incredibly unkind to Arya’s characterization – and she is a major character and fan favorite.

It pains me to say this but there is no longer a baseline to what is possible and realistic to expect in GOT. Any character can survive being dumber than Ned. Any character can survive putting themselves into a tighter survival spot than Aerion Brightflame when he drank wildfire. Any character can turn stupid. And any character can turn so unexpectedly briliant and smart that they are defeating whole armies single-handedly.

Anything goes. It’s deus ex machina, handwaving and plot holes all the way down.

The problem with a theory like Undercover Lover is the same as any other theory which relies on the argument that the creators wouldn’t execute a core plot this badly. The counter argument is in the pudding.

I mean I really would like to talk about how the show tends to normalize and soften up romantic relationships from their book counterparts. How they alter female and male characterization in order to give characters a more appealing romantic storyline. And whether something like this can be currently observed. But I try to examine the evidence and all I end up with is the same old question:

Is this bad writing or actual foreshadowing? Misdirection or wobbly characterization? Is this shot meaningful or is there any meaningful shot at all if they don’t even have a consistent number of redshirts to sacrifice?

The real implication of this uncertainty, of knowing that “anything goes” goes unfortunately much farther than one theory or ship.

It means that every theory is built on quicksand. I still believe that Cersei will die and the Night King will be defeated but I am sticking to what I’ve written about book canon. I am washing my hands off speculation that is based on show-only stuff until further notice.

There is just one thing I do wanna say as a response to Season Seven.

It’s the conclusion I arrived at in 2013 about what a potential book canon Jon/Sansa endgame has to be in order to be meta-narratively satisfying. Namely, that it needs to be narratively dissatisfying:

“…no one, not the characters, not the readers, would consider the far away possibility of happiness a happy ending. [Jon/Sansa] would be merely the least terrible of all choices. No one’s gonna be happy with that - not even people who would actually like the idea of Jon/Sansa.“

It’s time to consider the possibility that getting the ending that you ship might significantly differ from getting the ship you like.

  • kween day: rude, has a stick up his ass, not a morning person, probably has a shrine dedicated to jeremy knox in his bedroom, his blood is probably just dissolved protein shakes, exy is sexy, string bean, everyone's son and everyone's boyfriend at the same time, probably thought that eating spinach actually made you strong after watching popeye as a kid, thinks sports movies are romantic, would use his own body for target practice if he got half the chance
  • neil "not fine" josten: 35 lies per hour, has literally never been fine. like ever. in his whole entire life, mommy issues, sad tumblr hoe, human piñata, unhealthily obsessed with exy & andrew minyard, probably thinks smoking is fucking aesthetic, still uses internet explorer, neck fetish, the oblivious friend™, the salt content in his body beats that of the dead sea
  • andrew murderyard: smol, probably eats nutella for breakfast, definitely drinks milk straight from the carton, *says he'll stab you* *will actually stab you*, as emo as emo can get, i'm talking like emo as an actual fucking metal trash can, desensitised to every color except for black, talks like a fucking comic book villain, will fight any sentient being
  • aaron miniyard: angery, hates virtually everyone, *cough* homophobe *cough*, "i'm going to pretend i don't know you", transforms into a 12 y/o whenever he's within the same radius as his crush, only marginally less emo than his brother, probably listens to a lot of rap, science is kewl
  • Miss Dan Probably Wilder Than You: BAMF, the best friend you wished you had, the girlfriend you wished you had, "he fell into a tank of piranhas", pack alpha, starts feminist debates at parties, Stressed, the mom friend
  • allison baenolds: is fabulous, boss ass bitch, looks like a princess but could literally kill you, has watched every buffy the vampire slayer episode at least 5 times, drives a very pink car, has probably used her stilettos to kick a guy in the nuts, out of even god's league
  • nicky hemmlickk ;): is loyal, the inappropriate friend, everything he says is an innuendo, the gay cousin who turns out to be gayer than you initially thought, always suspiciously cheery, probably tweets his entire life, TMI bro, ONLY EVER TEXTS LIKE THIS, will spank your ass as a greeting instead of a handshake & drive you home from work/school
  • renee Keep Walking: cute but she once plotted murders, the brand ambassador of cinnabon like she is literally the purest cinnamon roll, back tf up or you'll probably get bitch-slapped (by a holy bible), she's the cool older sister you've always wished you had kinda friend, a little gay for allison reynolds, her hair probably looks like a swirl of fucking twix yogurt??
  • matt oh boy!: fucking angel, protect him, no seriously, he like, descended from the heavens above, stays out of his girlfriend's fights despite his better judgement bc he knows she can handle her own battles, gym rat, he recovers like a prostitute who converted to being a nun, neil josten is his pride & joy & if you touch a single hair on his head your ass gon' get whopped, did i mention Neil Josten Protection Squad 2kFuckingForever Founder & Councellor??, the sweetest human bean in the entire series imho
  • seth "should've stayed in school" gordon: dead as a doorknob & a bigger dick than a rich white artist evading questions about cultural appropriation on Saturday Night Live, but you kinda feel sorry for him anyway because the author knows how to round out all her bloody characters

Haleigh Cummings (5) disappeared some time between the night of February 9, 2009, and the early hours of the next day. That night, she and her younger brother, who was 3, were staying under the care of 17 year old Misty Croslin (pictured above), their father’s live in girlfriend. The father, Ronald Cummings (also pictured, with Misty), was working that night and arrived to their trailer at around 3 am. By that time, Haleigh was gone.

According to Misty, she’d gone to sleep at around 10 pm in the same room as the children, but had woken up shortly before Ronald’s arrival to find Haleigh missing and the back door of the house held open with a cinder block. Police found no signs of forced entry. Haleigh’s little brother claimed to have seen a man in black take his sister but it’s uncertain how seriously his account was taken, given his age, and even his own father dismissed it later.

All this happened in Satsuma, Florida, the same state that was at that time in the midst of the Casey Anthony case. In fact, February 10, 2009, the day Haleigh was reported missing, was the same day of the memorial service for Caylee Anthony, whose remains had been found two months earlier.

And just like in Caylee’s case, the police soon started looking into Haleigh’s inner circle, particularly at Misty, who gave several inconsistent statements about the night in question and allegedly failed four polygraphs. Eventually, more than a year later, Misty and her brother Tommy, accused their cousin Joseph Overstreet of taking Haleigh. They said he’d come to the Cummings’ house to look for a machine gun and when he couldn’t find it, he took the little girl instead. Through his lawyer, Tommy Croslin claimed that Overstreet had thrown Haleigh’s body in the river. Misty said she’d lied because she was afraid of her cousin and that he’d sexually abused her when she was a kid. The river was searched and no body was found, and Overstreet has never been charged. Neither has anyone else, and Haleigh’s fate remains a mystery.

As you can probably imagine by now, Haleigh wasn’t being raised in the best circumstances. Ronald had fought and got custody of the two children because their mother, Crystal Sheffield, had admitted to using cocaine and wasn’t keeping up with Haleigh’s doctors appointments, which she needed because she had Turner Syndrome. It was a bit ironic though, since Ronald had several arrests in his record for drug trafficking and in 2010 was sentenced to 15 years in jail for the same type of crime. Along with him, Tommy and Misty Crosling (who married Ronald a month after Haleigh’s disappeareance and divorced him six months later), were also convicted for drug trafficking: Tommy got 15 years and Misty 25.

Have a thing that’s not really sad… I guess??? You should also read This for reference. 

“Jason!” The air practically booms with his name.

“Well, looks good to me. Rest and ambrosia.” The words come quickly, the medical equipment disappearing even faster.

“Will, he looks like shit.” Piper turns to him, “sorry babe. But seriously, Will, look at him.”

“Look, the arm won’t kill him. His sister, though…” Will gives him a pat on his good arm, then ducks away in a flash.

“My sister?” Jason blinks up at his girlfriend. “Why would she be here?”

“Because she’s your sister?” Piper’s brows knit together. “Why wouldn’t she be here?”


“Jason!” The air crackles this time.

“This is gonna be great.” Piper draws out the last word as she takes a half step back.

“Jason Grace, I am going to kick your ass.” This time he can see Thalia as she yells at him.

“Hey Thals.” He tenderly rubs his shoulder, giving his sister a gentle smile.

“Hey Thals? Hey Thals? Get up so I can fight you.” She stomps across the last dozen steps to him.

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Some more ‘What if Tex and Church were Max’s parents?’ stuff:
  • Max’s full name is Maxwell Epsilon Church. Tex regrets letting Leonard Lee-Alpha Church name their child. Leonard points out how HER full name is Bethany Texas Church and that shuts her up. This is a family full of terrible names.
  • Max cursing and the two of them immediately going ‘Watch your fucking mouth’ in PERFECT unison.
  • Max hating David at first because GOD, he reminds him so much of his ‘uncle’ Caboose. Max DREADS to imagine the two of them actually meeting one day. That is a cursed thought.
  • Max ESPECIALLY hating Cameron because he’s one red outfit and an over-the-top Southern accent away from being like that asshole from next door who won’t leave their family alone. SERIOUSLY, DAD, WHY DO THE SHITHEADS FROM NEXT DOOR KEEP COMING OVER? (Because despite Sarge’s supposed neighbor rivally, everyone in both houses are actually friends with one another.)
  • Grif’s sister is constantly over at their house for reasons he doesn’t want to think about because he’s a child and fuck that. Hell, she’s probably the reason he wants to know what boobs look like since she’s CONSTANTLY talking about hers and Tucker is just talking about them in general (Guys, come on, there’s a child present, stop talking about boobs and dicks and shit like that). It’d definitely explain his vocabulary, even without taking his parents’ own cursing into account.
  • Speaking of cursing and stuff, it also doesn’t help that Tucker’s kid (Junior) lives in the house, too, and is probably as dirty-minded as his father. But again, he never goes too far with it when Max is around. He’s is a CHILD for fuck’s sake! Max is just bitter that Junior won’t let him look at boobs on his computer, but he does see Junior as an older brother figure and he’s one of Max’s best friends at the end of the day.
  • Max not being afraid of anything because…with a family like his, what on EARTH could possibly scare him? He’s spent holidays with these fuckers, he has NO FEAR (except the obvious stuff in the Spooky Island episode but y’know, can you blame him?).
  • The cobalt-blue sweater is a family thing, especially with the Church men. Church has his own sweater, his father has one, and Max has one. It’s a nice color, okay?
  • Whenever someone says that Max and Leonard look and act so much alike, they both go ‘Don’t insult me’.
  • As overwhelming as his family gets at times, Max actually REALLY likes spending time with his Aunt Carolina. She’s fun, even if she tries to sing along with songs on the radio constantly and is TERRIBLE at it (I…love her……). Uncle Wash is cool too, sometimes, though he used to be such a stick in the mud. And he always seems nervous about spending time with Max, as if he’s worried that he’s going to like…break the kid or something. Calm your tits, Wash, he’s not five anymore! He’s a tough kid!
  • Don’t even ask about his relationship with Grandpa Leonard. Fuck Grandpa Leonard, he sucks.
  • Him and his parents constantly insult one another (calling each other shithead and fuckface and the like), but it’s always more playful than malicious, and at the end of the day, Church and Tex (okay, mostly Tex because Church is a weak-ass bitch) would fucking murder someone who tried to hurt their kid. Thank God Daniel never met Tex, or heard the horror stories involving her accidentally shattering Grif’s nuts with her foot (though Tex is still apologizing for that because she does feel bad for it. But apologies won’t fix them, TEX, and there’s nothing stopping her from doing it again to someone who actually deserves it. Like Daniel. Please kick him, Tex).
  • Sometimes there’s this guy in purple over at the house but he’s often never acknowledged. Hey….hey, does anyone else see this guy? Is he some kind of cryptid? When they do see him, they just call him Doc but he’s not a doctor and that’s not even his real name? Hello? Who is he?
  • His family is loud and obnoxious and ridiculous and full of idiots, but he can’t help but love them. Especially since he’s constantly spoiled by all of them, being the youngest kid and all.

Sisters and Misters

“So you and professor Tyrion, why, how and when?” Arya said dumping her school bag in Sansa’s bed and letting her stuff spill all over the sheets “talk, now” she ordered giving her older sister the look that warned her against lying

“We kinda, might have, sort of….slept together this one time the day Joffrey dumped me for Margaery” Sansa had the decency to look ashamed, this was Arya, not Bran, although if Arya was here then it was probably because Bran knew, and that was way too many family members keeping tabs on her

“Wait! Didn’t Asshat dump you during summer camp? How did you go from there to having sex with your political science professor?” now Arya was intrigued, one thing was to hear it from Bran’s Three Eyed Raven surveillance system and another was to hear the details from the source. Normally Sansa was an insanely private person who only trusted a few of her girlfriends, but she was also the only source of feminine wiles that Arya would ever listen to, so finding out she was not as perfect as mom and dad thought was exciting as hell.

“I didn’t know he was a professor at King’s Landing’s University when I met him! Let alone Joffrey’s uncle” Sansa hissed “to me he was this short man in a bar who was also getting publicly dumped, we comiserated over our sorrows you know, he was funny and witty and…”

“And you had drunk rebound sex I get it” Arya stopped her sister before she got to the dirty bits “Doesn’t explain what happened after though, let’s face it Sansa professor Tyrion is not exactly your…type”

“Why do people keep saying that? Lyanna said the same thing” Sansa huffed crossing her arms over her chest “so what if he’s not tall dark and handsome, he’s witty and devious and terribly funny, we can talk for hours and still want to see each other next morning”

Apparently the last part went right over Arya’s head “Wait a minute Lyanna knew you were banging your professor before me? Who else knows?, I’m your sister, I should come before Lyanna Mormont”

“Lyanna knew something was up the first time she saw my scooter outside the tower of the hand, nothing escapes that brat” she remembered she’d been so completely frozen when she arrived late to her first day of class only to find out that her new professor was the Mr best-sex-ever that she hadn’t been able to concentrate on his lecture at all, which was fine because she later she found out he only talked about KLU’s honor code on loop for forty-five minutes.

Tyrion had asked her to stay back in order to apologise and Sansa had willfully misinterpreted the whole thing to avoid his apology so he’d asked her about her political ambitions and they ended up sharing a meal in his office while Sansa bitched over how creepy Petyr Baelish was.

“Also I’m not banging him!, we just have lunch together a lot….and maybe dinner, he takes me to all these exotic restaurants and I like dragging him to Hot Pie’s for some good northern cusine, its nothing bad, we just talk about class and family and stuff, sometimes we see a show in the Targaryen Arena or go driving around town”

“But no sex?” Arya observed Sansa closely, so far she’d been truthful “not even a handjob under the desk?” Sansa shook her head which made Arya laugh “Does he have brain damage? What man in this universe has a one night stand with you and never tries getting into your pants again?”

“He said he wouldn’t, well not unless I ask him to that is” Sansa blushed “Tyrion isn’t like that, he’s very respectful”

“Are we talking about the same Tyrion Lannister?, Founder of the ‘God of tits and wine’ wet T-shirt competition back when he was a student?” Arya snorted “You’re crazy”

“Maybe he doesn’t like me that way, ever thought about that?” Sansa muttered picking at the threads of her floral pajamas “Maybe he feels sorry for me, after all he knows Cersei pulled strings and kicked me out of Royal House sorority when Marg got together with Joffrey so he’s trying to make it up to me”

Arya looked at Sansa’s blush, turned her face to the side and studied the way her lips suppressed a sigh “But you WANT to, oh my Stranger I’m so telling Jon about this!” She made to leave but Sansa tackled her to the ground

“Don’t you DARE, Jon will tell Sam who will tell Gilly who will tell Roslin who will tell Robb who will tell Dad who will tell Mom who in turn will DEFINITELY kill me”

“But professor Tyrion practically adopted Danny, don’t you think Jon should know you’re dating his unnoficial future father in law?”

“WERE NOT DATING” Sansa growled clasping a hand over Arya’s mouth “Besides Tyrion isn’t like a father to Danny, he’s more like a fun uncle, or an annoying elder brother, if anything Danny adopted Tyrion not the other way around”

Arya twisted out of her tackle and licked Sansa’s hand to make her move it “Sansa hate to break it to you miss prissy but if he’s taking you out to nice places, spend your weekends together and ditch family dinners to meet up in the library while you secretly want to bang in the nearest surface” Arya levelled Sansa with her best bitch face “That’s called dating” she started to head for the door again

“If Jon hears about this Arya I swear I’ll tell him about the greasy mechanic from Fleabottom that you like so much” Sansa shot back crossing her arms over her chest “let’s see who wins the prize for 'most disappointing significant other’ in our parents eyes this year”

“Go ahead!” Arya called her bluff “I’ll even invite Gendry over to tonight’s Thanksgiving dinner, because unlike you I’m not ashamed of my friends”

“You mean it’s serious with the guy? I’ll have you know I’m not ashamed of Tyrion! I’m afraid dad will kill him, there’s a difference” Sansa was actually very proud of him and would have loved to parade her non-relationship all around campus if it wasn’t for the fact that “He’s also my professor, people will think I’m with him because I want an easy A” Cersei would definitely make it look that way

“So?” Arya deadpanned “Jon is practically married to a pyromaniac distantly related to him by blood, Robb hooked up with Roslin Frey, who’s the daughter of the biggest creep in Westeros, I have Gendry who I really like, Gendry who dropped out of highschool and currently works for less than Rickon’s allowance, Bran has both Meera and Jojen because he thinks he’s the next Oberyn Martell all that was missing in the table was your addition to the list”

“You’re right, dating Tyrion could only make him lose his job and get me expelled” Sansa felt like the worst, but Arya was right she had to face the music “all right, if you bring Gendry tonight, I will drag Tyrion up here for Turkey, besides who in this family could disappoint mother more this year anyway?” And then Sansa’s eyes lit up “unless…”

“Sansa NO” Arya warned her big sister “I know that face, it’s not going to work!”

“But Brienne likes you, ask her to come over with Jamie, she won’t say no to you” Sansa begged with her best puppy eyes “it works in your favor too, mom will take one look at the Kingslayer and we’ll all be off the hook because she hates him since his last reality TV show”

“You’re not wrong” it was a testament to how much Arya liked Gendry that she was seriously okay with throwing Brienne to the big wolves “as far as extreme disappointment goes, short of dating Tywin himself there is no topping off Jamie Lannister in mom’s mind and Brienne doesn’t have to live with mom, unlike us, she can walk out of Thanksgiving dinner unscathed”

“So you’ll ask her?”

“Yes” Arya bargained “but only if you convince professor Tyrion to come too, I don’t want Gendry to be the only one suffering”

Sansa considered it for a minute and sighed extending her hand “it’s a deal” this was going to be the most awkward Thanksgiving ever

EXO Reaction when they show a picture of their little sis to the members and someone says she's cute

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“I’m never going to introduce them to my sister… never… they have betrayed me…” *So dramatic*


*So protective this brother*


*Can’t believe what he just heard* “You… realize.. you are talking about my sister right? Vivi, bite!”


*So done with life* “Remind me to never bring her here… she’s my little panda!”


“I know she’s cute but… you didn’t have to say it. Stay away!” *Nini will fight*


“I’m going to cut your candies supply for a month, for saying that!” *Trying to make a statement here*


“Stop right there! I’m the only one who can say she’s cute! Want to compliment my sister? Say she looks like me!”


“Seriously… did you just…why did I….” *Knows they won’t stop asking for his sis until he introduces her*


“EWWW no! you and my sister? No no no, just no! Don’t even imagine it! No!”


“One word… RUN. Run before I catch you!”


“I know right? She’s really cute… I love her. But I always have to watch over her.. so many boys after my sis.. no. No one touches her!” *Slightly possessive*


“Say that again… I dare you… Choose wisely this time” *I mean, he has the wifi password and can change it XD*

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Why Clowns?

“Oh my God.” James Rhodes stares at the campus green, doing his best not to throw up. What the hell? What the literal, actual hell? What the… he can’t even think of more things to think as he stares at the campus.

Thirty differently dressed clowns mill around, juggling and painting the faces of college students who are smiling and laughing for some ungodly reason. How is this real? Why would clowns be here? Who would want clowns here, and, furthermore, who the hell would want a clown close enough to paint their face?

James blinks, takes a deep breath, and forces it out, trying to stop himself from throwing up. He can’t throw up here, not at college. This is the place where none of the embarrassment from high school can follow him, and he’ll be damned if he ruins this clean slate for himself.

And no, he isn’t being overdramatic. His sister says he is, and his high school friends agree, but James isn’t. It isn’t overdramatic to dislike people who willingly paint themselves to look like disgusting nightmares, and it certainly isn’t overboard to be afraid of them.

James takes another breath, and then another, and clenches his hands into fists when a new voice calls, “Are you okay?”

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Family (Jared Kleinman x Fem!Reader)


Jared Kleinman x Reader

A/N: yikes took to long. and yikes kinda drifted away from the prompt.

words: 942 yikes

warning: pregnancy, children, (a brief dog moment idk), almost a swear word, mean relatives, annoying relatives, relatives in general.

this was requested.

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“We’re going to that party with your family tomorrow, right?” Jared asked after seeing you sitting on the counter, eating ice cream, looking out the window. “With your extended family?”
“Mmhmm.” You swallowed the food in your mouth. He leaned against the wall, admiring you as you watched the world through the tiny apartment window by the counter. He smiled to himself, wondering, just how did he get so lucky to have you, honestly. You were absolutely stunning and you had such a wonderful personality. And he was…Jared Kleinman.

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All I Could Do Is Think About You (2k)

It’s rare when they get the time to relax with each other during the day.
It’s not bad, don’t get him wrong, Louis cherishes these short moments with Harry more than anything, more than the grand moments when he’s on stage with the boy or taking a group photo with him at some ancient wonder of the world.
because it’s just the two of them, no fireworks, no security or fans keeping watchful eyes, it’s just skin on soft skin, gentle breaths on the back of necks and slow hands gently thumbing at the crook of elbows.
It’s just them.

Louis and Harry are high and in love in Amsterdam.

Happy Birthday @setsailtomorrow !! Hope you enjoy this drabble and I hope it makes sense, I am terribly rusty when it comes to writing again RIP me

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Glamour and Danger

BTS Jin and Reader Mafia AU

hello guys! So this is based off of a dream i had recently and i couldn’t get it out of my head. i was thinking about making it into a series if you guys liked it. so let me know if you want to read more.

(As always the gif isn’t mine.)

Originally posted by jinesthetic

“Kim Seokjin, the international businessman, is going home today with an extra 2.5 million dollars in his pocket. Of course, to him 2.5 million is just pocket change to a man like him…” The news anchor on the television droned on and on as you stood in line at the small coffee shop. The line slowly moved forward as everyone around you seemed to be in the same zombie like state as they waited for their caffeine fix.

As you reached the counter, you couldn’t be anymore happier. You ordered you favorite drink and paid as you step aside to wait for it to be made.

“But could we discuss the legality of the deal made? I don’t see how a deal this big is legal.” You looked up the television screen hanging on the wall. There was two news anchors on the screen with a picture of a very handsome man in suit place in the middle. “The government should step in. Mr. Kim Seokjin walked away with an 2.5 million dollars for a deal that - experts are saying - should have only gotten him 500,000 thousands at most.”

“Well, Seokjin is obviously really smart. He played the seller very well. That’s not a crime,” the other anchored argued.

“White mocha latte for Y/N!”

You are snapped back into reality as you walked up to the bar to grab your drink. You gave your thanks to the barista. You glanced down at your phone to check the time,  noticing that your were five minutes behind schedule. You groaned inwardly as you rushed out of the door.

You worked as a secretary at a business office, meaning that you mostly took phone calls and filed paper. Your work was tedious and boring. It didn’t help that your bosses were grumpy old men. But the pay was good enough to afford a nice apartment, so you stuck with the boring 9 to 5.

“Hey there beautiful!”

You looked up to see a dimple smile causing you to smile right back. “Hi Namjoon,” You answered as you hurriedly placed the files in the cabinet. “Did you need my help with anything?” you asked as you walked up to him.

“I just came by to say hello to the prettiest girl in the office,” his hands into the pockets of his suit.

You cheeks warmed a bit, but you knew he meant nothing by his comment. “Well, I’m sure you have some work to do,” you responded as you bit the inside of your cheek. “We wouldn’t want you to get fired for flirting” you joked.

Namjoon chuckled as he patted your head. “Yeah, I should head into the office. Have you heard the rumors?” You shook your head. “The CEO has gotten an offer.”

“He’s selling the company?” you asked with a gasp. “Oh no. What does that mean about our jobs?: you pouted worriedly.

“Don’t worry Y/N. You are the most capable worker here. Without you, the whole company would fall apart.” Namjoon smirked at you. “They would never get rid of you. My job, however, might be in question.”

“Don’t say that!” you scolded. “Ah, I can’t survive the office without you by my side.”

Namjoon sighed. “Let’s hope for the best then. Hey, some of us are getting drinks after work. You should come along.” He glanced at his watch. “Oh, I’m almost late for the meeting. We’re meeting at that new dance club in downtown at 7. Be there, okay?” He gave you a wave before talking off towards his office.

You stumbled out of the cab at around 7:30. You handed the driver some cash before continuing to the door of the club. Namjoon had promised that your name would be on the list so that you didn’t have to wait in line, you only hoped that was true. The line was headed down the block.

As you reached the bouncer, he immediately held his hands out to stop you.

“Where do you think you are going, kitten?” He crossed his arms as he glared down at you. You shrunk against his gaze and managed to choke out that your name was on the list. “And what would your name be, kitten?”

“V. Stop intimidating the girl.” A voice came from behind you. You turned around to see an angelically handsome man behind you. He had a piercing glare in his eyes that made you want the ground to swallow you up, but you notice the glare wasn’t on you.

“Sorry boss,” V had immediately straighten out his posture and his arms were on the side.

The man looked down at you and his glare immediately soften. You breath caught in your voice as he grabs you hand and pulls it to his mouth for a kiss. His face looked vaguely familiar. “Sorry about that, Princess.” He said with a coy smirk. “Some people have to learn better manners.” He placed his hand on the lower side of you back as he led you inside the club.

V hands twitched to stop you, but immediately froze as he was subjected to the mysterious man’s glare once again.

The man guided you straight to the bar. “What would you like to drink, Princess?” he asked. The bartender immediately came to serve you.

“Um…” You hesitated slightly. The whole ordeal feeling a bit odd to you. “I’ll just have a coke.” You decided it was probably best to remain sober around the mysterious man.

He raised his eyebrow at you but made no comment as he ordered his own drink. The bartender brought the drink over to you and you nervously sipped at it. “Thank you um…”

“Oh, excuse me. Where are my manners?” He chuckled. “I’m Jin.”

“Thank you, Jin.” You reiterated. “I should probably find my friends though.” You looked around to make the point as you slid off the stool. “It was nice meeting you, Jin.”

“Sure thing, Princess. Save a dance for me later though,” he smirked at you once again.

“If you can find me in this crowd,” you joked with a chuckle.

His eyes darkened slightly as he stared down at you. “No worries, I’ll find you.”

You shook off the strange feeling of that encounter as you began searching for Namjoon. You finally spot him at the VIP section as he waves you over. You smile as you are greeted with hugs, noticing that they all started drinking already.

“I hope you didn’t have trouble getting in,” Namjoon commented as he pushed a shot towards you. He had a smirk on his face, challenging you.

“Not really, some dude name Jin got me in.”

Your answer caused him to stiffen. Your eyebrows raised at his reaction. He took the shot out of you hands and downed it himself.

“Whoa, what’s up with you?” you asked.

“Nothing’s up,” Namjoon lied through gritted teeth. “Just stay away from that Jin guy. He’s bad news.”

“Okay,” you agreed easily, which confused Namjoon. You shrugged. “He just sent out these vibes, you know. He looked kind of familiar though.” You sighed. “Anyways, how did you get us VIP anyways?” you asked, changing the topic.

“I have connections.” Namjoon answered vaguely. He chuckled it off as a joke. “Drink up. It’s all free.”

You lost sight of Namjoon about an hour ago. You walked around the club, trying to find him before you left home. As you searched, you ended up in a dark hallway. Namjoon’s voice could be heard from the back end, so you continued to walk forward.

“All I’m saying, Jin, is to leave her alone. She’s better than all of this.” Namjoon said. You paused in you step to listen in. Why was Namjoon speaking with Jin.

“Are you sure that it’s not because you don’t want competition?” Jin’s voice sneered back. He chuckled darkly. “I’ve seen how you been looking at her all evening.”

“She’s like a little sister to me. I just want to keep her safe.”

“I could give he the best protection in the world. Namjoon, you know my lifestyle.” Jin argued.

“You’ll also put a target on the back of her head,” Namjoon growled. “Seriously, any other girl but her.”

“Namjoon. You seem to forget who you are talking to,” Jin sighed. “You aren’t in any position to give me orders. In fact, I own you. So if I choose to pursue her, I will. You won’t say anything more about it.”

You hear Namjoon groan in pain, causing you to call out to him. “Namjoon?” You continued to walk down the hall, finding Namjoon leaning on the wall as he clutched his stomach. You gasped as you rushed forward to comfort him. “Oh my gosh. Are you okay?”

Namjoon groaned again as he waved off your worries. “I’m fine. I’m fine.”

You narrowed your eyes as you looked over at Jin. He had V and another man standing beside him. “Did you do this?” you questioned Jin as you glared at him.

“Princess,” Jin began with a playful smile. “I never laid a hand on him,” he denied.

“I don’t believe you,” you spit out.

“But it’s the truth Princess,” he continued. “In fact, why don’t we have that dance you owe me?” he asked as he reached his arm out to grab your hand.

You yanked your body away from him. “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“It’s just one dance, Princess.” He smiled at you innocently. “If you dance with me, no more harm will come to your friend here.”

“So you did hurt him?”

“No, Princess. But I can guarantee that whatever happen to him won’t happen again.” He held his hand out to you.

You hesitated as you stared at his hand. Slowly, you placed you hand in his. Jin smile widened as he led you back down the hall. “This way, Princess.”

“Who are you exactly?” you asked once you reached the dance floor. His hands were on your waist as you hands were wrapped around his neck.

“Someone who gets exactly what he wants,” he answered vaguely. His tone was solemn as he stared down at you. “And right now, I want you.”

“And what if I don’t want you?” You questioned back. You pulled your body away from as the song came to an end.

“Princess,” he sighed. He ran a hand through his head with slight frustration. “Then I’ll have a hell of a time trying to convince you otherwise.”

You practically ran out of the club after that.

“International wealthy businessmen Kim Seokjin is under investigation for his latest 2.5 million dollar deal. An insider source claims to have evidence that Kim Seokjin frequently uses extortion in his deals. If this is true, that means their is a possibility that none of the money he has made over the years is legal.”

You looked up at the television screen as you waited for the barista to make your drink. Your jaw dropped and your eyes widen. The screen had the same anchor from yesterday, but the picture besides her was Jin - the same Jin from the club the night before.

“This isn’t the first time an investigation has been started for Kim Seokjin. There has been numerous allegations over the years that Kim Seokjin has connections to the BTS mafia. None of the allegations has ever been proven, it is mostly speculation.”

“Y/N’s white mocha latte is at the bar!”

Your eyes snapped over to the barista standing by the bar. You walked over to grab you drink, surprised to see a small paper bag with a blueberry muffin inside. You eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Um, excuse me?” You called the barista over. “I didn’t order this.”

“A guy came and ordered it for you,” she explained. Before you could question her again, she was off to help another customer.

You picked up the paper bag, noticing the note scribbled on the side.

Have a nice day. Don’t miss me too much.

Jane was out of town when all the Avengers trudged in looking the least heroic Darcy had ever seen them. Without even speaking Clint stomps threw the common room where Darcy is lounging watching DogCops. Natasha follows silently but heading the same path her friend had taken. Steve came threw next giving her a grim nod and  heading for the elevator and likely the gym. Tony and Bruce had settled at the counter and Tony is already pouring shots in between sipping from the bottle. Normally Bruce would complain but he makes no comment and knocks back his first one before staring morosely into the second. Bucky flings himself down on the armchair and Sam takes the other end of the couch both oddly quite.

“I’m glad you’re home” Darcy offers softly. Sam doesn’t acknowledge other than his eyes glazing over looking exhausted. Bucky grunts and scratches absently at his stomach. Whatever happened must have been really rough for Bucky to not even wink at her. Before Darcy can decide on her next course of action the last Avenger comes in from the cold.

“I would eat and then meet you on the train grounds, Lightening Sister.” Thor’s voice usually fills a room. Even in his softest tones his words swell to seem fuller somehow than any non Asgardian’s. Darcy nods and is standing before she realizes. “The Armour you wear for Lady Natasha will suffice” and then he’s rooting around in the fridge, back to the others. Darcy looks around but Only Bucky is even paying attention and he just shrugs.

“Have fun Doll”


“Where did you get that?” Darcy exclaims in awe when she arrives in the gym. She must have been wrong about Steve because Thor is sitting alone beside a number of impressive looking mid evil weaponry. Thor looks up from the short sword he’s holding. 

“Anthony and I fashioned them when you mentioned your interest in taking up arms” He smiled lightly flipping the sword causally. “It was an good bonding experience to bend metal with the Man of Iron”  

Darcy steps closer and can tell the Tony works from the Thor works. Tony’s look impeccably sharp and deadly. All raw edges and gleaming in the sunlight pouring in threw the windows. Thor’s however, they look just as deadly but the handles are more interesting. One is a curving a leaves and stars and it reminds her of Jane. There’s a huge double headed halberd that has a wing on each blade and is connected to a twisting center pole that ends in a hawk like bird on the end. There are several smaller knives and Darcy could spend all day looking at the things he’d made with his hand. 

“Which of these calls to you?” Thor asks gently breaking up her look at all the sweet stuff trance. Darcy’s a little overwhelmed. She had jokingly told him she’d like to be a bad ass wielding claymore warrior like Lady Sif from the Norse stories but it seemed a tall order for her to not only hold one but successfully swing one as she was 5f3 to Sif’s 6f4.  Darcy’s lamenting the lack of Claymore and her stature when she sees it. 

It’s undoubtedly one of Thor’s because the hilt is engraved with lightning and runes. If she didn’t know any better she’d call it a long sword but it’s thicker than anything she knows the words for. When her fingers close around the hilt she surprised at how light it is. The weight it perfect and she closes both hands around the grip admiring the center ridge and shininess. Thor chuckles lowly. 

“I have told you that this is a highly personal request yes?” Thor speaks again and Darcy manages to stop staring at her new found friend. She nods. “The first weapons training Asguardian children have is with their father or mother, whichever is more skilled. Most of the time parents will craft the weapon together for their young and then the parent and child go on a trip together to learn. It is different with each house and each child. It is a very special thing Darcy” He says. Darcy nods again almost afraid Thor will change his mind. He waits however needing to hear her speak.

“Did you make this for me?” Darcy gestures to the weapon in her hand. He gives her a tight smile that reminds her of all the years he has lived. He nods. “It’s amazing, buddy, I love it. If you don’t want to do this it’s okay I can learn on my own and well spar or something” He chuckles at her babbling. He holds up a hand before she can talk herself out of this. The sun is beginning to set and the way it slams into their tower windows has her sweating slightly. 

“I did not know what to make of your request at first. But Anthony tells me you have no father or mother. I have long considered you my family, Darcy and I can not hope to replace that which you have lost but I should like to be your family as much as I know how.” His lower lips trembles just enough that Darcy’s heart instantly breaks. Whatever happened today has him in knots. 

“Yes.” Her voice is thick too seeing his emotions. “Yea of course.” Thor shakes his head as if to clear whatever was bothering him, he wants to push it off a little longer. “So does she have a name?” Darcy smiles holding her weapon again and striking a pose.

“Not yet, little one, We’ll name her together when we finish.”


They practice until the sweat rolling down Darcy’s body has nothing to do with the Sun that has long disappeared. Thor shows her the correct way to hold position her top hand so the cross guard doesn’t chafe her knuckles so badly. He demonstrates a thrust and Darcy copies. He continues it shoulder muscles rippling with each ferocious jab and they repeat it until Darcy finally lets loose and completes the move with all her energy. Thor beams and they move onto perrys. 

Eventually Thor senses her tiring and calls it quits, passing her a bottle of water. Darcy is exhausted and aching in weird places her workouts with Nat don’t touch. It was incredibly difficult and she feels another flare of respect for Sif and her Claymore. 

“You would have made a formidable opponent had you learned as a child” Thor commends. “and will be sooner than I anticipate, no doubt” He winks with a secret smile. Darcy grins back. It was weird to say they bonded thru arms training but she really did feel closer to her giant bestie. 

“Did you like use Mjolnir to make this? Because I feel like that makes me pretty worthy be default. I fully expect a coronation on my first visit” She giggles. Thor barks out a laugh.

“Why wait?” He grabs his cape from where he’d tossed in on the bench and throws it around Darcy’s shoulders. The cape is heavier than she would have guessed and of course is a foot too long for her. It pools around her on the ground but Darcy stands a little straighter beaming up at him. “By the power granted me by this might hammer, I proclaim you, Lady Darcy, Princess of Asgard.” He grabs her shoulders and presses a kiss to her forehead. His lips linger and Darcy feels his fierce love and his emotional day surrounding her. She wraps as much of her arms around him as she can, keeping him in close. It seems so wrong that such a big guy could tremble in her arms, like a child, but his arms shake with tremors that the work out had pushed off. 

“It’s okay” She says softly. Hot wet tears splash on the top of her head and forehead. “It’s gonna be okay Thor, There’s nothing we can’t fix. It’ll be okay” She mutters gentle reassurances until he’s calmed and finally he pulls back with a watery snotty smile. It was mildly comforting to Darcy that even Thor was an ugly crier. 

“You are surely a blessing I have not earned little one.” He says. “Come let us name your blade” He smiles for real and grabs the hilt and presses it back into Darcy’s hands. She grips it expectantly waiting for instruction. Thor beams at the picture she makes, short, flushed, eager and in under armor gear and his billowing red cape. 

“So how bout Alfred?” She says awkwardly rocking on the balls of her feet. Thor laughs again and clasps his hands on the grip over hers. 

“Do your best to relax.” Thor says and that’s all the warning she has before their hands begin to glow a bright white color and heat flares up her am like she’s touched a car that’s been the hot sun. It’s almost too much to bare when Thor finally releases her and the white light fades to blue and the blue light rescinds into the weapon.  “Loki is not the only son to study with Mother” He smiles. 

Darcy spreads her fingers curiously to find two things. The first is that the dull silver lightning engraved on the grip is now an otherworldly blue and a name has been carved into the blade just above the rain guard, Thor peers at it curiously before beaming at her. 

“Eldr Hjarta ?” Darcy stumbles threw the unfamiliar words. “Fire something right?” She looks up into Thor’s eyes, thumb still rubbing the words. The lightning matches his eyes, she thinks. 

“Fire heart” He agrees. “It is a good name. My first one was called, Byrstr, or thirsty” 

Darcy laughs and the worry she held about Thor softens a little. He’s going to be okay. 

“Come let us spread the news.” He passes her the scabbard and belt. Thor is packing away the other weapons while she fastens the belt and blade to her side. 

“You’ll talk to Jane about whatever happened? and maybe Sam?” She asks. Thor hums noncommittally. “Seriously Thor if you can’t tell those two who can you tell?” 

“You are very wise, sister.” He huffs. “Very well, let us dwell on it no longer. Instead I should like to brag to Anthony that you chose a blade of my fashioning over his.” His smirk is playful and Darcy can’t help but giggle.


They enter the common room and Darcy’s so excited to show off her present she doesn’t really think before she speaks. 

“Bucky look at my sword!” She shouts the second she’s off the elevator pushing her hips  toward his face.Sam must have gone to bed or he’d be laughing at the bewildered owlish look on Bucky’s face. Bucky blinks rapidly at her pelvis for a moment before seeing the actual weapon 

“That certainly would explain a lot about you Lewis.” Tony sniggers from behind his glass. Darcy glowers. 

“As if I would call my hypothetical dick a sword!” She scoffs. “It’d be a Thompson gun” She smirks. Bruce chokes out a laugh and even Tony cracks a smile. 

“I happen to be a weapons expert Doll” Bucky winks with a smile. Darcy pats his head affectionately and beams at Thor..

“So am I Buck, so am I” 

Content I want from Ava’s Demon

Character bio of Tuls & Pedri

New hosts/demons introduced

A look inside Gil/Odin’s mindscape

More on Nevy’s backstory

What kind of lives the demons led before becoming ghosts

The name of Tuls’ (and Pedri assuming he’s not a Vengess) species.

More on Tuls’ backstory

How Maggie and Ava’s falling-out happened

Are all the demons pre-potion were around Wrathia’s height???

The other hosts drinking the vials and how they will react

Where is Magpie? Odin’s bio hints that she’s the sister he likes most, is she the only one who isn’t mean to him?

Where is Olai? Is he dead? The last update seems to imply he was attacked and possibly kidnapped - was he?


More of Nevy’s memories surfacing

How Maggie became friends with Ava

What were they like as friends?

How Maggie feels after the falling-out - she keeps a photo of her and Ava in her Pact Door, she can’t completely hate her.

Why Ava blames herself for the falling-out

Are Ava’s parents still alive? Are Maggie’s? I know they were taken by TITAN and indoctrinated in one of their schools, but neither actually states their parents are dead.

Mutual...Respect (The Flash, Leonard Snart x Reader)

Summary: After months of being together, you finally convince Leonard to tell Team Flash about the two of you. Going to Cisco for help, however, is more mortifying than you thought it’d be…

Word Count: 1800

Warnings: For once, I don’t think there are any warnings. If there are, please let me know and I’ll add them!

A/N: Fulfilling a request sent in by anon! This is my very first time writing for Leonard Snart, so please bear with me on this! Since I haven’t watched Legends yet, this is set in Season 2, before the timeline was reset. Probably not too relevant to the plot but just so there’s not any confusion.

Originally posted by hopelessidiotsinlove

Falling in love with Leonard Snart was not on your bucket list.

Then again, neither was aligning yourself with vigilantes and working with the Flash, but at least they were good, not on the fence all the time and “in between” good and evil.

Plus, Barry didn’t freeze your feet to the ground and give you severe frostbite (you almost lost, like, six of your toes), and you kept asking yourself why you couldn’t have fallen for him instead. Seriously, when you do the comparisons, Barry seems like the better choice, and yet here you were, rambling off to Cisco, about your confusing love life.

“So…let me get this straight,” Cisco said, giving you a slightly confused look, “you like Captain Cold, who threatened me to spill Barry’s identity, who kidnapped Caitlin, who literally froze you to the ground, and who has a really hot sister that actually likes me and -,”

“This is not about Lisa, Cisco.”

Keep reading