who lives in a blue box through all time and space

you do create yrself // wild, sacrificial headfirst into battle // powerful // two words // connection inscribed through time and space.

howl: you have inhaled the vortex of time and survived. maestro over life and death in brief, monumental increments. 

head burns having looked into the heart of camouflaged blue box, tasted the churning sights living open soul eyes. she is no egg. she is telepathic conduit over atoms themselves. 

fall into open arms of alien lord and for you he will muster all the strength his cells can bear. for you he will die. memories (even with new teeth, barcelona) regenerate.

overwhelming energy, the entirety of the universe, passing between beings, contained in a quelling kiss to keep burning new fire. 

this is a better life // fantastic

xxx SirPup Kingston // 02.02.2017