who literally inspires me every day


30 days of brooklyn nine nine: favorite character
amy santiago

ok, so I have feelings
Ultimate Storytime was amazing. like I can’t even contain how amazing it was. the show had such a good message and such good songs. I am in love with this entire cast. everyone is so insanely talented and I hope they all end up where they belong. but overall, the best part of it all was meeting the person who inspires me to be someone better, greater than myself, every single day. the person who spreads such joy throughout the whole world. I still can’t really believe that it happened. my hands and face were literally numb. it still hasn’t hit me yet that it happened. this person who always cheers me up when I get into a sad mood. I’m so happy that after three years, I finally got to meet this wonderful person. I also made some new friends! Lily, Nina, and Scout, you are all wonderful friends and I’m so glad we got to meet each other. this show has such a good message, and everyone should go see it. if you’re as obsessed with him as I am, you will probably cry as hard as I did. I’m so glad that I got to be in the front row of such an amazing show. @thatsthat24, you are an amazing hugger. stay ultimate, my friend💜