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starbotdubs would literally probably not exist if it wasn’t for her, askerror and aftertale were some of the first blogs I ever stumbled on and I checked every single day to see if askerror updated. My ACTUAL first comic dub, which you will never see cuz its awful, was askerror when I was still practicing. It was inspired by that one supershadic dub of askerror which is a fantastic dub go check it out, SO ANYWAYS ENOUGH SCREAMING



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The post you reblogged about whole master/slave idea with Pharah and Mercy, I was curious, do you mean art that's supposed to be like bdsm? Or literal depictions of Pharah as a slave?

First things first, I’m a white person. I will be happy to concede this conversation to woc who is smarter than me about these things. But here is my answer:

There are a lot of slave/master fics and other works that put the Birds at uneven power structures within their AU every-day life in order to facilitate some sort of kink-inspired sex moment. This is wrong because it puts them at this gross uneven social and/or financial situation. Worse, it puts a woc, Fareeha, as lesser and dominated by a white woman. I would hope I don’t have to explain to anyone the entirety of white racism and colonialism in order to explain why this is harmful and reinforces some pretty monstrous concepts and stereotypes that are placed on woc as objects to be possessed by white owners (don’t get me started about the possessed skin). And in not just framing this in the bedroom you are absolutely harming people. These fics and drawings exacerbate the racial privilege differential, and are based on racist ideals form the author and artist.

Don’t get me wrong tho! I don’t think there’s a problem with consensual bdsm involving leashes and other bondage or power differential tools. I’m as kinky as the next gal and love being degraded and “owned.” That’s what rocks my socks! But I’m a human woman who wasn’t created or rendered by another person.
I do enjoy seeing these things played out between two characters I love and identify with. However these have to be written within a context of safe, sane, consensual “reality” where the Birds are presented as equals who are purely doing this for sexual gratification. Because they are fictional characters it means they will never be without the authors intent for them, and thus cannot just say “that’s what rocks my socks.” Rather the author and/or artist have to ask themselves what am I doing to prevent racist and other harmful overtones when I say these two characters are going to participate in this bdsm scene. Why do I want Fareeha to be the sub in this situation? Am I showing aftercare? Am I making sure that the sub is shown as capable, consenting, and enthusiastic about this situation? When the scene is over are they equal again?
A good question to ask is can the sub say “No” in these situations? Often with slave AUs or other power imbalances there is no real way for the sub to say no, because they are the possession of a master/goddess/otherwise owner.

Tl;dr. Have sex however you want to, get off on what you want to in your own bedroom. But what you create exists within a wider social and historical context of racism and colonialism so you have to be extremely careful with how it is represented. These fics are taking away Fareeha’s ability to consent, putting a woc in the possession of a white woman. Which is bad mmmkay.

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Questions 1-15 ^_^

1. things that inspire you

I find inspiration is literally everything. In fact, most of my story ideas come from basic things I do every day. However, I do draw a lot of inspiration from my family (my brother is one of the most creative people I know) and music.

2. things that motivate you

I am literally the laziest person out there, so very few things actually motivate me to write. One of them is the readers. Basically everyone who reads my stories is so supportive and I love you all to death.

3. name three favorite writers

Fanfic wise, my faves are @bellamysgirl, @lydamartin and @catarcher. As for real world authors, I love Victoria Aveyard, Marissa Meyer and Sarah J. Maas.

4. name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why

Yikes there are so many! But probably in number one place is Shakespeare. When I was a kid, my dad told be all the Shakespeare stories and I still love them to this day. I guess I just want to be able to write stories as magical as his one day. Next is Hans Christian Anderson. His stories are just so beautiful, and I always dray inspiration from fairy tales. Lastly, Kenneth Oppel. The Matt Cruse series is one I have reread so many times that the cover has literally fallen off the first book. I just adore that series and one day I want to have stories as incredible as that.

5. since how long do you write?

I’ve been thinking up stories in my head since I was a toddler, but I actually only started writing when I was eight.

6. how did writing change you?

Writing really changed my life because it gave me a sort of escape from everything. As well, the first actual, finished story I wrote, my friends convinced me to enter in my school’s short story competition. I got an honourable mention on it, and I eventually won it two years later. I’ve connected with so many people through writing and it’s something I love to do.

7. early influences on your writing

I guess the biggest influence on my writing is my family. They’ve always inspired me. We also used to travel a lot, so visiting different places was always something that gave me lots of ideas. My dad also loves mythology, and he used to read the Greek myths to me all the time. These still inspire me today.

8. what time are you most productive?

Usually, it’s write when I’m not actually writing (did you catch the pun?) I get really creative in school or when I’m in the shower. 

9. do you set yourself deadlines?

I suck at following deadlines, so I barely even try.

10. how do you do your researches?

Honestly, I don’t usually do that much research before I write. It’s only if I realize something doesn’t make sense or I need background information. Then, I usually just do a google search and see what comes up.

11. do you listen to music when writing?

I do! I usually have a playlist for every story, so I just put that on shuffle.

12. favorite place to write

Hmm, I’m not really sure about this one. I write everywhere I can, so there isn’t really a definitive answer.

13. hardest character to write

I hate to say it, but it’s definitely Vivian. I have so much inspiration for her, but physically writing Ashes makes me want to throw my computer across the room.

14. easiest character to write

I have an unpublished OUAT OC named Zara. I really associate with her, so she’s super easy to write.

15. hardest verse to write

Harry Potter. That stuff is too complex for me. Plus, Those spells are hell to spell.

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I've literally had people say to me "It's been eight months, time moves on" but it hurts me when they say that. It makes me feel like it's their condescending way of telling me "stop whining over him". It's not wrong for somebody to miss another person. I'm gonna miss Anton every single day. He was the one who inspired me to go study filmmaking.

I have used his pictures as my sns profile image ever since he left us. And some people say to me “It’s time to move on.” or  “You have to let him go.” as you heard before. But I still can’t. I don’t understand why he had to go, even now. It hurts too much to comprehend. Whenever I see his face or hear his voice, It makes me shed tears all the time. I believe it is normal to miss him still. So, Do not think you are alone. If too hard to bear, just tell me. I’m here always.

I planned to this when I hit 2k, but was so busy with uni and assignments being co-incidentally due at the same time that I couldn’t get to this till now. It’s been 4 months since my last follow forever and whoa, a lot has changed since then. I descended into the life of multifandom trash and followed way more blogs.

I’m honestly pretty bad at expressing my feelings, but I want to thank everyone who follows me, whether you’re from before I switched to a k-pop blog, or you literally followed 2 minutes ago. I appreciate every single one of you, and read every single tag. Reading things like ‘these gifs are so nice’ actually brighten my day so much and motivate me to keep creating content. I also want to extend my thanks to all the blogs I follow, who fill my dash with a+ content and also inspire me to keep creating.

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I remember I used to get so mad that I would cry when I would see people saying horrible and mean things about Taylor. Whether it was people I knew personally on Facebook, random kids in my class at school, magazine articles, complete strangers on the Internet……
the harsh words they were saying felt like a personal attack against me.

And I knew that none of the things they were saying were true. I knew that she was an amazing human being in every way and every sense of the word.

And now I’m so proud to say that it is 2015 and now everyone sees what I’ve seen all along.

A brilliant, talented, sassy, loving, generous, beautiful singer/songwriter who deserves the entire world and more. Someone so beautiful inside and out that she literally radiates love and happiness. Someone whose smile could provide light years after the sun’s burned out. Whose determination and perseverance inspires me every day.

taylorswift always had your back and always will, my love. ❤️


hi everyone I’m Natalie! not many of you know me because well i don’t have a lot of followers or online friends yet but taylor means everything to me. I can seriously say that she has saved my life. like literally. words can’t express…. this is the first tour that my parents are willing to let me go to a tour/I’m old enough to go (I’ve loved Tay since I was 8 and I live in alaska so it’s kinda hard to get to places…) but the thing is I can’t afford tickets right now. I got accepted into Idyllwild Arts Academy, an amazing performing arts boarding school to major in musical theater, my art is the one thing I love as much as taylor and she was the one who inspires me and my art every single day. this is a dream come true for me… seriously I’m so happy to go! but it’s crazy expensive tuition so my family is spending all our money on that and we don’t have anything extra for things like concert tickets :( so I finally accepted that it was okay and I live off crappy cell phone videos of the tour and they make me SO HAPPY! but today at dinner when I was talking about how much I wish I was going my mom told me if I could get taylor or taylor nation or xfinity to give me tickets she would find a way to get me there!!! I haven’t had my hopes this high since I was waiting to see if I was accepted Idyllwild. I’m going to tweet and blog taylor and taylor nation as much as I can, and I also wrote taylor a letter but I do still need as much help as I need. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me and use your magic blogging fingers and help me get those tickets I will seriously love you forever and it will help me make more friends on here. I love you all so much :) -Natalie❤️❤️❤️