who literally inspires me every day

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What are your fave things about Hobi?

dhsbn im guna try not to make this deeper than it is but firstable hes literally helped shape every single positive aspect of my personality/big achievement of mine since i was 15 if i hadnt seen him freestyle i woudnt have been inspired to pursue styles of dance outside ballet if he hadnt constantly reminded fans to eat during run promos at the height of my bdd who knows where i woud be now he inspires me every single day just by being kind enuf to share his amazing self w the world to have a positive influence on others and have a similar drive to work toward personal goals like the ones he shares w us i love how excitingly and authentically he raps all the way down to the intricate adlibs especially on this new album in cypher 4 and boy meets evil and mama where i can hear smthn new every single time listening and i love when he laughs so hard that he does those whiney hiccups and hes so so pretty and has so many unique physical details like the mole on his lip and his mini dimples and his heart smile and his incredible glow and i love watching him perform bc his stage presence and skill and voice is just overwhelmingly breathtaking and beautiful and i love hearing his relaxed speaking voice and his voice period tbh fdfg and im amazed at how he selflessly works to be a source of positive energy even when hes down and i love seeing him every day and seeing him have fun and smile i love how i never truly get used to the extent of his skills and kindness and warm presence bc hes just so so great in so many ways and ill always love him for allowing me fall in love every day and follow my dreams and making life just so much more exciting and wonderful for so long…hdfjng imma stop..love that guy.


hi everyone I’m Natalie! not many of you know me because well i don’t have a lot of followers or online friends yet but taylor means everything to me. I can seriously say that she has saved my life. like literally. words can’t express…. this is the first tour that my parents are willing to let me go to a tour/I’m old enough to go (I’ve loved Tay since I was 8 and I live in alaska so it’s kinda hard to get to places…) but the thing is I can’t afford tickets right now. I got accepted into Idyllwild Arts Academy, an amazing performing arts boarding school to major in musical theater, my art is the one thing I love as much as taylor and she was the one who inspires me and my art every single day. this is a dream come true for me… seriously I’m so happy to go! but it’s crazy expensive tuition so my family is spending all our money on that and we don’t have anything extra for things like concert tickets :( so I finally accepted that it was okay and I live off crappy cell phone videos of the tour and they make me SO HAPPY! but today at dinner when I was talking about how much I wish I was going my mom told me if I could get taylor or taylor nation or xfinity to give me tickets she would find a way to get me there!!! I haven’t had my hopes this high since I was waiting to see if I was accepted Idyllwild. I’m going to tweet and blog taylor and taylor nation as much as I can, and I also wrote taylor a letter but I do still need as much help as I need. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me and use your magic blogging fingers and help me get those tickets I will seriously love you forever and it will help me make more friends on here. I love you all so much :) -Natalie❤️❤️❤️


For those who are having a bad day, week, month, or even year, here’s some YouTuber inspiration.

I remember I used to get so mad that I would cry when I would see people saying horrible and mean things about Taylor. Whether it was people I knew personally on Facebook, random kids in my class at school, magazine articles, complete strangers on the Internet……
the harsh words they were saying felt like a personal attack against me.

And I knew that none of the things they were saying were true. I knew that she was an amazing human being in every way and every sense of the word.

And now I’m so proud to say that it is 2015 and now everyone sees what I’ve seen all along.

A brilliant, talented, sassy, loving, generous, beautiful singer/songwriter who deserves the entire world and more. Someone so beautiful inside and out that she literally radiates love and happiness. Someone whose smile could provide light years after the sun’s burned out. Whose determination and perseverance inspires me every day.

taylorswift always had your back and always will, my love. ❤️

real 🌽iness hours

uh i love hobi so much fhjng im truly falling in love every day bc ill never get used to loving someone who has such incredible skills and work ethic someone who constantly sets goals and works to better himself someone who is so quick to be humble or shift the focus when he is praised someone whos movements literally inspired me to pursue dance someone who uses his verses to share intimate stories and wit and even speak out against terrorism in his hometown who has the most beautiful of beautiful smiles whose little details so unique to him from prominent mini dimples to a heart mouth when he beams and such an indescribable glow about him and seeing him just keep coming up seeing him working to write and compose for So Many songs on this new album and constantly expressing how happy he is and the way he treats himself on expensive shoes and bags and clothes and thinking of all those mfn royalties this time around makes me so so happy man i coud never be sure if he was getting paid before and im just so happy theyre making it as a group like this and his pride in his team is so admirable and sweet i associate him with so many of my best memories whether it was a certain release or selfie or line of his i heard at a particular moment the past three years now i want to give him everything he desires buy out every boarders and zumies and mfn gucci store if they have those for him and im so happy hes following his dreams i hope he gets to travel and relax more too and ive really been wondering how i got such a wonderful opportunity to love him im always so grateful to him amazed by him ill always love him for allowing me to fall in love in all the best ways for so so long

I do not drink enough. I can go all day with my only liquid intake being a single cup of tea.

My organs are probably sobbing.

Since I’m off work (half term) this week I’m gonna try and drink like… Maybe 2 litres of water a day? I dunno if I can manage that :/ but in the unlikely event it makes my hair shampoo commercial soft and my skin radiantly beautiful, I may consider keeping it up… Except I can’t keep it up at work because I will literally be needing to pee every 10 mins. And you can’t do that when you work with children who cannot be left alone.

Sooo there’s kinda no point. Ohhh, look at me quitting before I start. I’m an inspiration.