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So, because we’ve gotten a few asks recently and it’s Mod Monday, I figured I may as well make a post about my latest tattoo: the Yuri!!! on Ice inspired “Born to make history”.

People have asked me a couple times why I decided to get it and if I was being serious when I jokingly said if my blog got 15k, I’d get a yoi tattoo. I personally wouldn’t get something permanently on my body over a follower count. It was more of a way to treat myself because I planned on getting the tattoo anyway. I like having freedom over my body. I haven’t always had a lot of control and a tattoo is something that can’t be taken away. So yeah, I wouldn’t let Tumblr dictate whether I got ink or not. Lol

So why then? There are actually a lot of reasons I got this and some of them are kinda personal so I’m not going to really get too in depth here. Mostly, it was out of love for the show.

Obviously, the show itself spoke to me. A main character with anxiety and low self esteem? I relate so much, it’s unreal. History Maker, as I’m sure you know, isn’t just a song they threw in at the beginning. (Remember the time they put a song about sex in Black Butler? Yeah, not this anime.) The full song includes lyrics like “I’ve got a feeling it’s never too late” and the whole thing is just really inspiring to me. History Maker beautifully represents the struggle that Yuuri faces. Throughout the show, he learns to love himself. It’s beautiful. How many times am I allowed to say the words “inspiring” and “beautiful” in one paragraph before my blog gets deleted? Eh, one more for good measure: this entire show is beautiful and inspiring… These words are literally how I explain the show to everyone who hasn’t seen it.

Anyway, I went with the line “Born to make history” because it’s a pretty clear nod to the show (among fans) and OP while also being able to stand on its own without context.

I may not like myself now but I’m working on it and having these words on my arm reminds me that it isn’t too late. They give me a reason to keep fighting, just like Yuuri did. I’m so glad that I’m able to wake up and see this tattoo every day and I’m super thankful for all of the nice comments from people. You guys are awesome!

Lots of love and yummy katsudon,
Mod Star


For those who are having a bad day, week, month, or even year, here’s some YouTuber inspiration.

*breathes in*

mitch grassi means the world to so many people and he impacts lives every single day without even knowing about it. he is open about who he is and honestly that helps so many other people open up about who they are, whether that means they come out about being LGBTQ+ or admit that they have a mental illness, or even just something small that possibly could have been eating them up inside for a long time. his involvement with project HEAL has been so moving and impactful to so many and inspires more than he could ever know. and don’t even get me started on his talent. he is literally the most beautiful amazing flawless person on the planet and I’m so proud to love him. he is a truly beautiful human inside and out and no one can deny that. he affects thousands of people’s lives every single day. the fact that he uses his social media platforms to discuss real world issues and connect with fans all over the world means so much to me because it truly shows that he is human. he breathes the same air that we do and is as impacted by negative comments and issues as we are. he is not his fame. it does not define him. which makes it so much more real. and my god, am I ever glad to love him. I must be the luckiest person in the world to be a fan of someone so unapologetically THEM and so irrevocably good, right down the core. mitch grassi truly inspires me, and I’m not just saying that because of his fame. I’m saying that because he is so much more than that. he is inspiration. he is goodness.

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Hi, talking about Kara, I've seen many people interpret her character as a mere bright sunshine, bubbly and shy girl, and completely abandon a closeted angry part of her. It's kinda bothering me a little haha

What makes Kara Danvers so incredibly interesting isn’t just that she’s bubbly and bright amongst a storytelling setting with just… mass amounts of superheroes that brood and sulk. 

What makes her fascinating is that she’s every bit as damaged and hurt as those heroes.

That’s what Falling showed us, when Kara’s darkest thoughts were ripped from her and broadcasted.

It’s what we’ve been shown every time Kara gets angry. Because, boy, does she get angry. Rage-burn a hole-through-her-a-hologram-of-her-mom angry.

People forget this. Hell, the characters don’t always know this. Barry said, in the Invasion crossover: “She seemed pretty angry. I didn’t know she was capable of being angry.”

And everyone was so shocked that they felt betrayed when Kara had pretty normal terrible thoughts, ones we all have but go “that’s shitty let’s not think that” and move past it, that were forcibly brought to the surface while on Red K. 

Which was frustrating for me, because the fact that she has those negative thoughts and emotions are what makes it remarkable when she pushes past them. Kara works every single day to be a positive force in the world and it’s hard. And if you forget that you’re forgetting the immense strength that she accesses every day. 

I suppose part of me thinks that, while people who just naturally don’t have many bad thoughts are still good, but people who struggle to keep darkness at bay in their hearts so that they can touch the world in light are just… an inspiration. And people are losing that in their “purer and more innocent than thou” interpretation of her.

Yes, sure, she’s sunshine in Kryptonian form.

But, like the sun, she burns.


ahhhhh hi it’s rain aka lunarstudie (≧∇≦)/

I’ve finally gotten around to typing up this intro post after lurking around in the sidelines for a pretty long time aha. But I’m really excited to start my journey in this wonderful and loving community and pursue my dreams and aspirations alongside all the amazing people here (。´∀`)ノ

Sooo here’s a few fun yet boring facts about me ->

  • name: Rain (it’s actually my nickname aha)
  • age: 16
  • grade: 10
  • best subject: maths,biology
  • worst subject: physics
  • hogwarts house: ravenclaw
  • mbti: istp
  • zodiac: aquarius
  • coffee and harry potter addict
  • avid procastinator
  • hermione jean granger aka the goddess is my role model!!

some studyblrs who inspired me to start here are:

@studyign@studyquill / @studyplants / @tbhstudying /  @effectivestudies

@obsidianstudy @studykouffee / @dotgrids / @ohlookimstudying 

@mochi-studies / @fuckstudy / @focusign + literally every blog I follow lol

please please feel free to message me send me an ask if you want to be friends!! I would love to get to know you ヾ(・ω・o)
have an amazing day/night wherever you are and don’t forget to smile!!
lots of love,

rain ☆

Serious question- is it like some sacred pilgrimage for white people, especially white photographers, to go to Tanzania or Kenya and take basic ass photographs of Maasai people? It’s like their trip to the zoo. Look- Maasai jumping! Look Maasai piercing! How often do you see a humanizing photograph? Never.

As an African photographer, it’s SO easy for me to tell when a photograph in ~Africa~ was taken by a non-black and non-African person. It’s always the same shit. Cameras angled down on children, literally looking DOWN on them. Children peering around corners at the camera since they have no fucking clue who this person is waltzing around their community like its a safari. The same basic exotifying shit you would see on the discovery channel of a pack of hyenas with the exhibit this time featuring either the Maasai or the Himba. Poverty pornography. It’s all horrific.

And then I compare that to the work of African photographers like Samuel Fosso, Seydou Keita, Malick Sidibe, Zanele Muholi, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Sabelo Mlangeni, James Barnor and much more. These are the people who inspire me every single day and the core of their work is grace, art and an enduring humanity. When you look at a Keita photograph from Bamako, Mali in the 50s, it’s like you’re having a conversation with that person today. I’m always arrested by his work and that of the other African photography greats.

The photographic work of white people on the continent and non-Africans more broadly, on the other hand, does nothing for me. There is no gentleness, kindness, warmth or- fundamentally- humanity in the works. They just don’t get it or really SEE us and it shows.

There’s no way that anyone can ever tell me that great art about Africa can be made by non-Africans. It just does not compute. The continent has been pillaged for centuries. In addition to robbing us of millions of people (including countless creatives) who were exploited and killed through the slave trade, the artistic labor of our ancestors were also savaged and shipped all over the West (e.g. the Benin Bronzes). You can walk into almost any “Natural History Museum” today and find the fruits of our labor featured next to other stolen antiquities between various wild animal exhibits. When I went to the Brooklyn Museum I was captivated by the incredible indigenous art on display, but also by the exploitation, brutality and colonization which spirited this art away from its home communities all the way to Brooklyn. I hear that the British Natural History Museum is an even more horrifying glorification of colonial exploitation in the form of stolen artwork- including a huge inventory from their former African colonies.

So I honestly find it offensive when non-Africans, especially white people, are running around trying to tell African stories FOR us. Robbing us of our agency like they’ve been attempting to do for centuries now. But in spite of all of this, we rise, we create and we flourish. We create works by and for us and there’s so much power in that… and us! I’m so inspired by African artists from across the diaspora and looking at the amazing work being produced day in and day out it reminds me that we shall overcome in spite of any and all bs.


Jules Rules

Why @outside-the-government is The Literal Greatest™

  • She’s a goddamn genius.
  • Actual healer, actual hero.
  • One of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.
  • Inspires me every damn day, with her words, with her wisdom, with her knowledge, with her indomitable spirit and untempered encouragement. 
  • Pyromaniac ;)
  • The backbone of this community. Perhaps I’m biased because she was the first to reach out to me, but I truly believe that this corner of the fandom has one of the most welcoming and inclusive atmospheres on the internet, and I truly believe that it’s JULES who sets that tone for us. 
  • Does badass things like snow skiing and rhythmic gymnastics.
  • Gives excellent advice. Also a good listener.
  • Knows. Her. Shit. 
  • Has a profound understanding of character (both actual and imaginary), which leads me to believe that she is observant, perceptive, inquisitive, and sensitive.  
  • Literal Gay Scientist™ **
  • Kind. Like, undeniably, honestly, no-pretenses-or-bullshit kind.
  • Is well on her way to being PUBLISHED (holy shit) *standingfuckingovationjuliathatisbeyondawesome*
  • Cool, calm, collected. The ultimate role model. Reminds me a bit of the sea, and I mean that in the best way.
  • Kickass writer.
  • Incredibly patient, understanding, empathetic, and accommodating. 
  • Fun. For lack of a better descriptor, Jules is a whole lot of fun, you guys.

Happy birthday, Jules, you wonderful woman, you. You’re a marvel and a treasure, and I could not imagine this corner of the internet without you. 

FOR THE REST OF YOU - I’d like to encourage you to add on to this list. Reblog, tell me (and Jules) what I missed. Let’s show this sensational lady some mad love. Nobody deserves it more.

** Jules, dear, I know you’re pan. I just… wanted to say Literal Gay Scientist really really bad. Seriously, crack me over the head if that’s not okay.

Sophia Bush’s Top Tips for Maintaining Balance When Life Gets Nuts

Sophia Bush has become a pro at juggling a hectic schedule. She landed her first big role as a junior in college, and never looked back. It goes without saying that the Chicago P.D. star, now 34,doesn’t get much “me time.” But she refuses to let the demands of her work get in the way of her sanity. Instead she’s on a mission to bust the stigma on self care, and change its connotation from “selfish.” We caught up with the actress at a Listerine event, where she was promoting the brand’s new campaign about boldness (a quality Bush embraces). Here, she shares her strategies for maintaining balance, no matter what kind of stress she’s dealing with on the job.

Carve out alone time

“Relaxation is tough because everything is always going 100 miles an hour, especially in a job like mine, when you’re on a set for 16 hours a day and there are 150 people around you all of the time. What I’ve learned through trial and error over the years is that you can really create big change with small moments, and you have to start injecting those moments into your life with little incremental changes.

"So with me, knowing that I get pretty drained being on set, I have started changing what that habit looks like. I come into work earlier, I give myself an extra half an hour in the morning. I go through hair and makeup. I have breakfast and then I’m done while everyone else is still getting ready and doing their thing. So I have half an hour to myself and I’ll sit in my trailer, do a meditation app, stretch (especially if I have a big scene of stunts coming up).

"I love the people that I work with, but I don’t have to have lunch with them everyday, 10 months of the year. I now hang out with everyone for eight hours on set. But at lunchtime, those 20 minutes are mine to sit by myself and that’s where I practice self-care. Maybe I do 25 sit-ups, or maybe I just lay on the floor with my dog and it’s so good.”

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Meditate in the morning

Meditation wakes you up. Someone asked me, ‘Don’t you meditate before you go to bed?’ If I meditated before I went to bed, I’d never sleep. For me, to meditate in the morning before things get going on set, that sets the tone of my whole day and I notice that I don’t feel as happy or as calm when I don’t. Taking time for you actually has a ripple effect in how your entire day goes and how you are with others. I get more stressed when I’m not meditating, so it’s not only a way to practice self-care, it’s also a way to be a better performer at work.”

Give yourself a break

“I’m nowhere near perfect. I don’t meditate everyday. But, I do what I can, when I can. Creating that habit has also created the bigger change in just accepting what I can do at that time. One day I’ll eat really healthy and go for a walk and think 'I earned all the wellness points.’ But then the next day, I’ll eat a bunch of Thai food, sleep in, and not answer any emails, but so what? We’re only human.”

Repeat this mantra

“My best friend Nia said something to me years ago, she just said, 'Whatever it is, let it be enough,’ and I think about that all the time: Let it be enough. And I find that when I take moments of pause, those are the thoughts that I can come back to.”

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Be bold

“You’re allowed to be proud of your intellect. You’re allowed to set goals. You’re allowed to ask questions when you don’t know the answers. All of those things require boldness and giving yourself permission. And I think sometimes having that philosophical moment of saying 'I’m going to to let this be enough’ or 'I’m going to take a risk,’ that all requires boldness. Both care and mindfulness encourage us to own our power and be bold.”

Find your happy song

One of my best friends is an artist called Betty Who and her albums are the best. Her new record, The Valley, just came out and literally I listen to “Mama Say” on repeat. I listen to it all day, every day. Sometimes in the morning I won’t meditate and just put on Betty Who and have a dance party of one in my trailer, and it puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day.

As part of its #UnlockYourBold campaign, Listerine teamed up with the app Inscape to create three guided meditations meant to inspire and invigorate. Download the free app to listen.

There is something i cannot describe about you, yet every time i look you in the eyes i see myself in a better version. Every time i speak to you, my smile gets bright enough to light up every holiday decoration in this town. Every time i am around you i can literally feel the hands of magic connecting us, tying us together. Every day being close to you is like a blessing, and every conversation with you is living proof that there is someone who can touch my soul without touching my body. And i don’t know what kinds of feelings are these, is it just me being in-expressively fascinated by someone close to me, or is it me being undeniably in love with someone that i should never have.
—  sociosophia 

happy 4th birthday to the boys who mean the world to me, who inspire me every day, who teach me new things with every song, who make me smile every minute of every hour of every day, who make me cry with their deep and real lyrics, who bring me true happiness even in my darkest moments, who make me laugh whenever they say stupid things, and who motivate me to work towards my dreams no matter how tough the road ahead is & no matter how tired i may seem!! these past 4 years FLEW BY and i can’t thank you boys enough for ///literally// making this the most beautiful moment(s) in my life as well!! i love you @ bangtan and i can’t wait for SOOOO many more birthday celebrations together to come heheheh LET’S STAY YOUNG & BE TOGETHER FOREVER ♡

The Crossing Guard

Username: anonymous until reveals
Prompt Number: 6
Rating: PG-15 (Romance, Slight Angst, Slight fluff)
Word Count: 8,947
Warnings: Slight Angst, slice of life, mentions of depression and anxiety, swearing and a very small non-descriptive hint of intercourse.
Summary: After moving to a new city a few years back, Luhan’s sudden interest in the familiar face of the every day crossing guard on the way to his job has him not only annoyed but strangely curious.
Author’s Notes: I’m very, VERY sorry to whoever prompted this. Cue the bodyguard song here, an uncreative and unoriginal tittle also here and all the rocks. I literally wrote this in one night because it was eating at me when I saw it in the prompts but I’m pretty sure it’s still disappointing af. I dedicate this fic to the person who wrote the wonderfully cute fic, MONOCHROME, which is half the inspiration for this story. I can’t find the link for it or remember the name of the author (it’s been a while) but if you know who wrote it and you’ve read it, you’ll see why. I can’t smut for the life of me so this is a bit angsty instead a nd yeah…… I’m sorry. I’m so so so SOOOO SORRYYYY OTL

(There was nothing more boring than routine…)

Enzo Amore One Shot - Superstar Ink (Zo’s Girlfriend)

Part one: http://taylorsmithnotswiftduh.tumblr.com/post/148157126214/enzo-amore-one-shot-superstar-ink

“So today we have the beautiful (Y/N) with us on Superstar Ink.” Corey Graves began as you adjusted yourself on the bar stool beside him. “Thanks for having me on here… Maybe my phone will stop blowing up now.” You chuckle. “Yeah you have been our most requested guest yet.” “I’m flattered.” You blush adverting your eyes from the camera. You and Corey go over your various tattoos and finally got to the one that everyone as been pestering you about on social media. “Okay so lets get this one over with.” You roll up your shirt sleeve to show the large tattoo on your forearm. “Looks familiar.” Corey smirked. “It should… Its inspired by one of Enzo’s tattoos.” Your tattoo was the outline of the state of New Jersey. “But it looks like the outline of it is handwritten.” You nod and move your arm for the camera to get a good angle of it. They show a side by side comparison of yours and Enzo’s Jersey tattoos. “Now did you get this because of Enzo or??” Corey asked. “Yeah I did… I mean I didn’t get it just because Zo got a tattoo for me… I got it because Zo as been a huge part of my life… He told the story of how we met and his side of the story but mine represents my side of the story… You see its true that I saw something unique in both Zo and Cass but it wasn’t just something in the ring when it came to Zo… I was drawn to everything about him. He always put a smile on my face. Even if it was just a phone call in the middle of the day it could turn my day from horrible to fantastic.” You smile over at Corey who hung on your every word. “Now everyone knows that Enzo is a confident son of a gun so it wont be a surprise to everyone that he asked me out the day he made it to the main roster. Literally the first words out of his mouth when he saw me backstage were ‘Me you dinner tonight okay??’ and of course I said yes.” You blush thinking back to that day. “When we went out to dinner that night Enzo was talking pretty much non-stop about how I inspired him to shoot for his biggest dream and how it wasn’t an easy road… That right there that passion he had for his dreams and how he claimed I helped inspire him was the inspiration for the the quote at the top of Jersey on my arm.” They show the top of the tattoo that says ‘Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations’. “I just feel like that sums up the look in his eye that day…” “Now what about the bottom quote?? What does it say?? ‘Life is tough my darling but so are you’??” Corey questioned. “Yup… A lot of people who follow me closely know that about half a year ago I had some difficulties with my family and it really took a toll on me… Made me go into a dark place that affected every aspect of my life… I was pretty much living in a pity party and started to push people away from me… It wasn’t a fun time for me or anyone close to me… One day on a really hard day for me I found a note in my duffel back… It was from none other than Enzo and all it said was ‘Life is tough my darling but so are you’ and somehow that right there snapped me out of my sinking hole. Honestly I can never repay him for all the support and strength he has given me since the day I first met him.”

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… thanks to everyone who requested part two and a big big thank you to @meganloveeeworld for helping me with the details :)… if you want another superstar ink with another superstar let me know… please let me know whatcha think… any and all feedback is welcome… THANKS AGAIN FOR READGING


30 days of brooklyn nine nine: favorite character
amy santiago

I planned to this when I hit 2k, but was so busy with uni and assignments being co-incidentally due at the same time that I couldn’t get to this till now. It’s been 4 months since my last follow forever and whoa, a lot has changed since then. I descended into the life of multifandom trash and followed way more blogs.

I’m honestly pretty bad at expressing my feelings, but I want to thank everyone who follows me, whether you’re from before I switched to a k-pop blog, or you literally followed 2 minutes ago. I appreciate every single one of you, and read every single tag. Reading things like ‘these gifs are so nice’ actually brighten my day so much and motivate me to keep creating content. I also want to extend my thanks to all the blogs I follow, who fill my dash with a+ content and also inspire me to keep creating.

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So, I’ve shared my Cockles photo op story… now for my Misha photo op story!

. I know, it’s a bit late since the convention was a couple weeks ago, but I am definitely still riding the high from this picture.

So, I was stressed to the max about this picture… I knew exactly what poses I was doing for every other picture I took except this one, and this was the only one I was doing alone as well, which added to the stress even more. I decided less than ten minutes before my number group was called that we were going to do a sort of sorority girl pose, so that helped my nerves slightly. While I was in line, I was absolutely freaking out. I was standing in line with my friend who was also taking a solo picture with him, and once we were in the room and able to see him, we basically lost it. I couldn’t believe the love of my life was literally right there. He was chewing gum and dancing a bit, and I swear there is no one else in the world who can sexualize chewing gum like Misha Collins. As we got closer we could hear him talking to people as they got their pictures and that made it even harder to contain myself. My friend went first because I literally was so hyped up about finally meeting the man who inspires me to be better every day that I couldn’t function. She went and took an adorable picture, then finally it was my turn. I got up to him and he smiled so big and said “Hi there!” and basically my insides melted into nothing but happiness. I managed to smile back and said “Hello!” then I looked at him and said, “Would you like to be a basic sorority girl with me?” and he smiled really big and said “Absolutely!” so I faced him and wrapped my arm around him, and then HE reached out and took my other hand, threading his fingers with mine and I swear I absolutely DIED because I said nothing about holding hands.. he just did it himself and I swear I’ve never been filled with more happiness than that exact moment. He pulled me close to him and we turned to face the camera and Chris snapped the picture. I stepped back a bit but neither of us let go of the other for a few seconds. I smiled at him and said “Thank you so much, Misha” and he just squeezed my hand a bit and said “Of course! Anytime!” and i regretfully let go of his hand and went to catch up with my friend. I had to stop outside the room to collect myself because I definitely forgot how to breathe for a bit.

The picture is absolutely perfect to me and I was a bit nervous because he wasn’t smiling for many of them, but then I got this back and nearly dies because of his smile. No matter what, every single time I look at this, I just remember how happy I was in that moment and how I can’t wait to meet him again.


This is a comic diary. I record and draw a memorable event from each day. I started on January 1, 2015.

Who are you?

My name is Eric Bowser. Just another artist who doesn’t know how to give up.

Why is the date at the bottom of the new comic so long ago?

At the end of each day, I write down the day’s notable happenings in my notebook. It will often take me a week or two to get to any specific date, unless I choose to ditch continuity to get to an unusually important event early, or if I’m just not very far behind.

What does Dogstomp mean?

Why are you doing this?

Keeping a record of the events in a year helps prevent “It felt like just yesterday” which I think is a very negative thing to say. You say it because you forgot everything between now and then and that’s a huge shame. My life feels significantly more full when I can look back at a year and remember literally every day of it. 

Why did you start?

I was inspired by other artists who run similar comics. @thekuto and @muggyebes specifically. (and I believe they were in turn inspired by James Kolchaka’s American Elf comics)  Getting a peek into someone else’s life really makes me feel good about living. It was my New Years Resolution for 2015 to keep it up for the year, and like those other artists, I don’t see any reason to stop.

Why do you draw yourself that way?

Convenience. Since I’m drawing these every day, it helps to make them less time-consuming and this pony-dog happens to be the easiest form for me to draw.

You wear Glasses and clothes daily, right? Why don’t you draw them on yourself?

Both glasses and clothes are rarely relevant to the memory and I tend to leave out details that aren’t relevant. 

One Year

Okay, so I don’t know how many of you know this or remember but on December 8 it will have been exactly one year since I posted my first Reader Insert fic on my old blog. I had all of 12 followers when I posted my Amnesia Series (LINK HERE) and I was terrified, scared to death becasue I have been told all my life that I’m not creative and that I’m only good at numbers and that type of stuff. I had started writing fanfic the summer before with an OFC, but reader inserts were so daunting and scary, I didn’t think I could do it, and I really had no idea about Tumblr.

Since then I have not been able to stop writing, and even when I don’t post for awhile, I’m still dabbling around. I written a lot of stuff I never thought I would be able to write (smut definitly comes to mind lol). I’ve also completed quite a few fics that I am truely proud of. It is really surreal that it has only been a year. I honestly don’t remember what I used to do with my spare time and I don’t remember what I did before I met so many amazing people with so many amazing stories (life or fic) of their own.

In the last year I have met so many fantastic people. So many awesome, amazing people that I am so proud to call my friends. I love all of you, even if we don’t talk every single day, even if we haven’t talked in a month, I still consider you a friend. I know I’m going to miss some people below, but know that I still love you, I still appreciate you, I’m just a scatter brained person who can’t think half of the time. But here we go, a special shout out to the following peeps…

@writingaworldofmyown- Sarah, dear, none of this would have been possible without you. Yeah, I was a nerd but I didn’t know what fanfiction was let alone what a fandom was. You are my best friend, I miss living with you so much and our fangirling moments. Literally you are one of the most important people who have come into my life and I am honored to have you as my friend.

@trash-trashaf- Steff, for those of you who don’t know is my real life little sister. She encourages me so much. She sits there paitiently when I’m going nuts with ideas. I love you girl.

@deanwinchester-af- Elsie, my boo, you were my first tumblr buddy. Your seven day challenge was the first challenge I did and gave me enough confidence to write and plan out series. You are literally one of the sweetest people I have ever met. You are so encouraging and kind and the master of fluff and every time I read your stuff I’m a giggling mess. 

@the-mrs-deanwinchester-Kathryn!! You inspired me to write a lot of my fics. I look up to you so much and you have always been there for me when I need you. I know we don’t always talk as much as we used to but your still my bae and ily girl.

@nichelle-my-belle- Nichelle, I know we don’t talk a lot but I feel kinda this comradery with you becasue we were guppies at the same time and we had a ‘few’ gif wars lol. I admire your writing so much, you’re angst and smut are the bomb.

@sherlock44 - Amanda, literally the sweetest sweetheart to ever exist. You are so kind and such a cheerleader. I seriously remember when you rebloged my first fic and I think you were the first person who ever asked me for a tag. I haven’t talked to you in awhile, so I hope school is going well. I know you are kicking ass and taking names.

@winchestersnco- Erin! You are amazing. You are such an amazing writer, such an amazing person. There are not enough words in the world to describe you. Thank you for being there, being supportive, letting me vent to you and being there at 3AM when I have a random thought or there is a mouse in my house.

@bloodysideofhell-I swear to Chuck you are my long lost sister. I enjoy your fics so much, I enjoy talking to you, your angst kills me slowly and I love it. Your random puns and gifs never fail to make me laugh.

@torn-and-frayed-Steph, my dear. I love how you are funny and sarcastic. I love your fics and your angst and just what an awesome person you are. 

@bandobsession98- Rach! ily girl. It sucks becasue of timezones, but I absolutly love to talk to you and I love how we have absolutley no shame at all when we do lol. I know you are a Sam!girl, but I will forgive you this once lol

@salvachester- Scar! You are so sassy and helpful and perfect. I love how you add to porn battles and honestly when I post something angsty or smutty I look foreward to your reaction. Every time I write angst I actually edit it thinking ‘is this worthy of Scar Tyra-ing it?’

@eyes-of-a-disney-princess-Alright, I got to keep this to a reasonable length so let’s just cut to the chase…You are awesome (I could go on for days). Like I wish one of us would have bucked up and started talking to the other months ago. I look foreward to our porn battles, I adore you and your writing. I love, love, love talking to you everyday. I legit miss you when I don’t hear from you and I always love how there is zero off limits when we are talking or tagging. 

And a special shoutout to some people that I talk to occasionally, that I consider friends, that I admire and love and look foreward to getting to know better in the future @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit, @oriona75, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog@percywinchester27 , @deandoesthingstome, @writingbeautifulmen, @chaos-and-the-calm67, @thing-you-do-with-that-thing, @idreamofhazel, @mrswhozeewhatsis, @winchesterenthusiast, @fabulouslyboredeveryday, @vintagevalentinexx, @adriellej, @kas-not-cas, @kazchester-fanfiction, @ackleholic96 @i-have-loved-a-thousand-lives and I’m 100% sure there are a couple people I am forgetting at the moment. But thank you all!!!

katstablook  asked:

Your artwork is amazing; made me really ship Logyn! I gotta ask, what or who was/is your inspiration for your art style? (You may have answered this already, but I literally just joined tumblr a few days ago)

Wow! Thank you!

There’s a whole MOUNTAIN of artists who influence me every day (Phobs, Chira, Jubilatio, for instance) and I’m constantly finding more lol But some really, really big ones are

Don Bluth- Specifically Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace (oddly enough I was at a Video Games Live concert way, way back, and they had a piece on Dragon’s Lair. And just seeing a few split seconds of the artwork was what made me curious about drawing.)

Iain McCaig- Man, what can I say about Iain McCaig that I haven’t already gushed about before? I grew up on Star Wars and as soon as I was able I got my hands on the concept art he did for the series. But even past SW, Iain McCaig’s work is just so… striking to me. In things like the Consort AU he influences me IMMENSELY.

Glen Keane- I’m sure this comes as a surprise to literally no one lol 

James Baxter- First place I learned about drawing horses without feeling utterly stupid

I remember I used to get so mad that I would cry when I would see people saying horrible and mean things about Taylor. Whether it was people I knew personally on Facebook, random kids in my class at school, magazine articles, complete strangers on the Internet……
the harsh words they were saying felt like a personal attack against me.

And I knew that none of the things they were saying were true. I knew that she was an amazing human being in every way and every sense of the word.

And now I’m so proud to say that it is 2015 and now everyone sees what I’ve seen all along.

A brilliant, talented, sassy, loving, generous, beautiful singer/songwriter who deserves the entire world and more. Someone so beautiful inside and out that she literally radiates love and happiness. Someone whose smile could provide light years after the sun’s burned out. Whose determination and perseverance inspires me every day.

taylorswift always had your back and always will, my love. ❤️