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Yall asking for marriages when theres this amazing concept called bff im upset please let me be ia's bff

hehe nah man, there was a thing called bffapocalypse that happened once (and a few more times before that was some official title) and ppl asked for bffs dont be upsetti since it was i who was like no pls don’t overload me 2 many apocalypses i can’t deal so it’s not bc it’s not a thing ppl haven’t asked, it was just a thing that i wanted ppl to not ask since i didnt want to have 2 tags going on and spam ppl who didn’t want to see any of this shit (same for the emoapocalypse) so instead ppl r just getting married (platonically (since thats how im getting married 2 everyone) or watever) to my shit edits instead since its easier for me to tag everything weddingapocalypse, so u can ask to be bffs but im not making a bffapocalypse, it’ll still be wedding hehe✌

but otherwise since i wanted to address that strikeout bit yes u can totally be IA’s bff i wanna be ia’s bff as well :3ccc

You know it’s funny how some Barisi shippers like to point out that Rob Cohen ships them therefore it will happen. But Rob has likes a number of tweets favoring both Barson and Rollisi in a romantic sense. The guy is playing shippers and is fueling shipping fights. He isn’t anyone’s ally here.

Also let me remind all the folks so convinced Barisi will happen. Raul ships Barson. He plays Barba has someone who has feelings for Benson! This has been confirmed multiple times. That doesn’t mean you can’t ship your ship but stop kidding yourself that it will be canon.

Barisi shippers, some of you are mean little trolls. You single out someone who doesn’t like your ship and then spread nasty ugly rumors about them. You need to get over yourselves. Stay in your corner and do your thing. Learn to turn the other damn cheek. There are things worth raging over and someone bashing your ship isn’t one.

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AU where Ace still kinda hates his dad but not because he thinks his dad is an awful person but more so because the stupid world government managed to make the world believe that Roger was the Pirate King instead of Rouge while trying to maintain his anonymity because he doesn't want to deal with his accomplishments being overshadowed by his mom either. Its kinda enough that he gets it because of who his dad was when his dad didn't even do those things.

“Why hate Roger quite a bit for being so young,” Marco says watching Ace closely. “Kill someone in your family before you were born?”

“Took something from my mom,” Ace answers smirking at him. “She worked hard to get it and he got the credit for it. You know?”

Marco hums slowly, “Roger wasn’t a thief, not like that.”

“It happens. Are you gonna let me eat or keep asking questions?”

“I’m sure Rouge wouldn’t be too upset.”

Ace stops, “You-”

“I was with Oyaji at that point, Ace. And I know that smile,” He grins at the look on Ace’s face. “You look like her.”

“I was actually avoiding a last name for that reason,” Ace admits.

“It’s not helping.”

Ace laughs, “Because of my mother’s smile?”

“I always did think she was pretty. It looks better on you, however.”

I want to talk about this whole “punching nazis” thing, which I have been thinking about for some days.

To start, let me clarify that I have no moral or ethical qualms with Richard Spencer getting punched in the face on tv. I’d be happy to see it happen again.

But I do have a couple issues with much of the dialogue that has emerged in the wake of this event.

A lot of the people suddenly talking about nazis right now are people who didn’t seem to even realize they existed in this country prior to this election.

A lot of people seem to have gotten some strange ideas about how and where nazis are typically encountered, or who they actually are.

So, I’d like to talk about some of the times in my life when I’ve encountered nazis.

Before I do that, let’s try to establish a definition. There are a lot of different stripes of fascists and white supremacists out there, with varying agendas and varying degrees of organization. In the US we’ve got many types, ranging from the KKK and Aryan Nation to various unorganized skinhead rabble to the newish group calling itself the Alt Right. It seems easiest, at least for the sake of this argument, to lump those all together under one general “nazi” category. But does that really make sense? I’ll come back to that. But for now, in most of the examples I will describe below, these were people who openly called themselves such.

Also, I want to establish a bit about who I am. I don’t like to discuss any of these things publicly, but I also feel like I kind of have to, to explain where I am coming from. So: I am Jewish, I am bi, I am neurodivergent. Due to this last thing, I have certain issues navigating the physical world. I am physically fit but not athletic. I have very little self defense training. By occupation I am a musician.

And lastly I want to point out that these examples are from 15-20 years ago and describe some of my earliest encounters with these forces to provide context. And I’m going to start with some clear cut cases:

I first became aware of the existence of modern nazis my first year in high school. This was in the suburbs of San Francisco. I had a few friends who were into punk music and culture. I heard about “white power punks” and nazi skinheads who would sometimes show up at shows. When I started going out I would see them every once in a while. When I started going up to the city, at that time there were places that were absolutely notorious for nazi skinheads. I never interacted with them, I always steered clear of them, and never really fell in with the punk scene anyway. But that’s when I first became aware that there were people in modern America who called themselves nazis and directly advocated for white supremacy.

To be honest I did not think of myself as their “target” because (in my mind, at that time) Jewish culture in the SF Bay Area was practically invisible and unlikely to be on their radar. In fact I didn’t think too deeply about who their target was. I mostly thought they were crazy people who loved violence and called themselves “nazis” because it was the meanest thing they could think of, that they were in favor of “white power” because it was so obviously wrong. At this time, there was fair amount of tension in the state around the issue of immigration from Mexico. But it did not occur to me then that there could have been any relationship between the xenophobia I saw expressed by mainstream circles in conversations about Proposition 187 and the blatant, violent white supremacy expressed by the skinheads on the periphery of local punk scenes. (also please note that I am aware that not all skinheads are nazis and that there is an anti-racist element within skinhead culture as well)

In college, in Pittsburgh, I lived on a store with a convenience store on one end. One of the people who worked in this store was a skinhead who wore a jacket covered in various white power/“rock against communism” band logos. He had a group of similar buddies that often hung around nearby, a couple of whom had aryan nation tattoos. On several occasions when I woke up in the morning I would find leaflets distributed up and down the block decrying the Holocaust as a “Jewish scam to make money”. These flyers were attributed to Church of the Creator, one of the more active neo-nazi groups in Pennsylvania at that time. Every once in a while I would cautiously engage in arguments with some people on the fringes of that crew of guys who hung out in the area. Things were sometimes tense but never got physical. Soon after 9/11 most of them disappeared. I don’t know why or where to.

While traveling alone in Slovenia, I nearly ran into a parade of about 40 skinheads chanting and marching in the street while I was on the way back to where I was staying. I do not know what specific group they were affiliated with but wore patches with the common “celtic cross” symbol used by far right/white nationalist groups all over the world. At that time, fascist graffiti covered Ljubljana.

Those are just a few of the more blatant examples from that time. These experiences were not rare. The KKK and various neo-nazi groups held public parades and rallies all throughout this period, and sometimes showed up as counter protestors or forces of violence at protests for progressive causes. They marched through downtown Pittsburgh - with the local government’s blessing - and many other cities in that region.

There were protestors at those marches, and there were people who fought the nazis directly, but the general consensus in mainstream liberal circles at that time seemed to be that nazis had the right to march just like anyone else, that any violence against them would be bad. It certainly wasn’t at all common to hear college educated, NY Times-reading liberals talking about the glories of “punching nazis”. This is a problematic but very complicated phenomenon: they were to be tolerated up until the point at which they’ve come into power.

But let me explain why _I_ didn’t go around punching the nazis I saw, during those times when I encountered them personally. To some extent, part of me did follow that logic mentioned above, but that’s not the real reason. The real reason is pretty simple: most nazis are a lot better at fighting than I am, they do it more frequently, they usually travel in numbers, they are often armed, and in almost every circumstance when I’ve encountered them the odds would not have been remotely in my favor had things gotten physical.

Richard Spencer was alone and unarmed standing in front of a video camera busily talking about an internet meme while he was sucker punched. This occurred in broad daylight in a very crowded, open area with a ton of media and police present. While I applaud the anonymous puncher for seizing upon that opportunity, that’s not really a typical situation in which one encounters nazis.

Recently, Richard Spencer posted a video in reaction to this incident. In this video he mentions that the Alt Right will not succeed if they are unable to be who they are in public. I’ve seen a lot of people pointing to this video as a sign of victory over the Alt Right, a sign that they are scared. I think the latter half is true but not the former. What Spencer is saying is that they are going to ramp up security. And I would anticipate that these people will begin to receive even more protection from the current administration.

So, this is one conclusion I’d like to leave here - in most cases “punching nazis” means getting involved in serious physical violence in which your life will be at risk. And that risk is only going to increase in the future. Fantasizing about punching some idiot talking about a frog on tv is fun, but I think it ignores the realities that many have faced and many more are about to face. And while many of us have disabilities that hinder us in this department, I think it would behoove anyone who is serious about getting physical with fascists to study and learn how to do so before getting involved in a situation you are unprepared for. I would also think long and hard before making that demand of anyone else. But that’s not the most important point.

I’d like to circle back to talking about definitions. The examples I gave above are obvious. These were people who, in almost all cases, were openly wearing the actual logos of white supremacist organizations. So let me bring up a different example:

About one year after 9/11 I was in Budapest, taking an overnight train to Amsterdam. I had a spot in a sleeper compartment on a train. I got on and a couple other passengers came in. One of them was a young guy, a little older than me (I was in my early 20’s at this time). He spoke English very well and we got to talking. It turned out he was an Austrian who worked in finance. Middle management at a major bank. He bought us a couple of beers and we were getting along. Inevitably, the topic of 9/11 came up. Seemingly out of nowhere, he explains to me how “there were no Jews in the building that day”. He then goes on to explain how 9/11 and the entire War on Terror that was then unfolding was all a Jewish plot to direct money to Israel’s armed forces. And hinted that the Holocaust was a similar plot. I tried to argue with him for a bit (without letting on that I was Jewish) but it was nearly impossible to get through to him, and he soon became surly and then passed out. I tried to do the same. But what caught my attention was that this man was well spoken, dressed conservatively, he looked every bit the upper middle class finance professional. It was difficult to imagine him in a street fight. No one would have described this person as being on the fringes of his society.

Up until a year ago, if I told this story to a European, or to an American person of color, they were unsurprised. But if I told it to a white American their reaction would usually be “yeah, well, that’s Europe for you”.

But that’s never been the case.

One common narrative is that many of the groups of fascists have figured out that they aren’t going to get very far if they are seen just thugs who march around on the street wearing in leather jackets getting in scraps. many of them have figured this out some time ago, and have been infiltrating mainstream education and corporate life. And yes, that is happening.

But there is a big problem with that narrative: it ignores the fact that many of America’s institutions and businesses are, themselves, organizations that promote white supremacy. Many of our banks, many of our police departments, our prison system, much of our media. Does these mean they are all “nazis”? Not really. But what it does mean is that white supremacy is not some outside force that just suddenly popped out of Steve Bannon’s suitcase. It’s been here for a long time. It is deeply engrained in our society. Fascism is not some new danger that we suddenly need to prevent from being “normalized” - for much of America, fascism has been the norm for a very long time.

Here’s my point with all of this: sooner or later, Trump will be defeated. This regime is monstrous, but I have seen the power and anger and sheer volume of opposition to it, and I do not think that this regime will last. My worry is, once this most obvious of enemies is defeated, the liberal establishment will go right back to completely forgetting that white supremacy and fascism are a major problem in this country. The sad fact is, even when Democrats in power, even when the POTUS is the most progressive sounding person electable, the nazis are still here, white supremacy is still here, fascism is still here. And not always on “the other side”. We need to remember that, we need to keep pointing to them and ostracizing them and speaking out against white supremacy and fascism even when it looks like things are more comfortable, because that comfort is a trap.


Newt crouches on the floor. Credence looks to him, the tiniest trace of hope dawning in his expression: Might there be a way back?






When greeting card designer Emily McDowell had cancer, she got a lot of cards that just felt weird. “A get-well-soon card is kind of strange if you might not,” she tells NPR’s Rachel Martin.

So McDowell started writing nontraditional sympathy cards. They say things like “Please let me be the first person to punch the next person who tells you everything happens for a reason. I’m sorry you’re going through this.”

Check out her conversation with Rachel here.

Quotes from Zevran that made me love him even more:

  • “We… are ridiculously awesome.”
  • “Elves plant these trees to remind themselves of who they once were. And then they pee on it. Charming symbolism, really.”
  • “The good thing about mages, I find, is that they die much like any other. You need to worry about what happens before that.”
  • “Have you ever heard the saying ‘let sleeping abominations lie’? Now would be the time to consider it.”
  • (Upon urging Ser Perth to use the oil in the siege of undead on Redcliffe) “A fine tactic. Provided it actually kills them and you don’t end up having to deal with FLAMING undead.”
  • “Ooh! A path that looks like it’s there, but is really a trap! I want one!”
  • “I’m sure there’s a moral in here…something about building bridges with friends, and such. Something poetic…oh, well.”
  • “What a remarkable amount of lava. Do you think anyone ever falls in?”
  • “That is a sexy sword, and I must have it.”
  • “Your husband? Dead. It was horrible, and so forth.”
  • “Do you know that there are poisons that I can ingest which would be harmless to me and yet be already killing you as we speak?”

Also, his laugh, and the tone he gets when you piss him off.

Not that I’ve ever pissed him off. Had to Google that shit. But, mmm, angry assassin.

For anyone who’s afraid they’re moving apart this year:

“2016 was a really crazy year for me and Phil, and we want 2017 to be more chill, a lot more YouTube-focused…then we’re gonna, just do some life things.” - Dan

“That is definitely gonna go on our wall for years to come.” - Phil

“Like what would happen if we did go further apart?” - Phil
 “I think the universe would rip in half, let’s not try that, Phil.” - Dan

Context: My DM named the stone we’re looking for “Xikra”, which, in our language, is awfully close to the word that means “cup”. We gave him a hard time about this, always making the gesture of having a cup of tea when the name came up, till this happened.

DM (ooc): So, there is a this town you guys are in, that is next to where the Xikra is… *Everyone in the table does the gesture at the same time.* Oh, come on guys!

Me, I play a tiefling warlock (ooc while helping him with the online map): So, where is this town? What’s it’s name?

DM: It… Doesn’t have one yet.

Matt, who plays an elf monk: Maybe that’s a good thing. You named our objective “cup”. *everyone does the gesture again while the DM facepalms.* You should let us help.

Mark, who plays a gnome necromancer: Yeah! Or you could match the names, right? Like, I don’t know, glass, fork, knife, plate…

The rest of us start listing kitchen utensils, till our DM interrupts us.

DM: You know what? I’m done with you guys! I’m gonna name it Pires! (the word for saucer) There! Are you happy?

We stare at him for some seconds.

Me: Guys, guys! We have the tea cup and the saucer now! We can have a tea party!

Everyone, including the DM, does the gesture.


It was a better life. And I don’t mean all the travelling and seeing aliens and spaceships and things, that don’t matter. The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life. You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand! You say no! You have the guts to do what’s right, even when everyone else just runs away! (requested by anonymous)


Who you are is Caitlin Snow. I know firsthand the battle going on inside of you. I know what it feels like. When it happened to me, I lost. I was weak, and I let it win. I did horrible things to a lot of good people. And you don’t have to do that, you’re not gonna do that. You’re stronger than I am, Caitlin. You’re far stronger than I am. You’re one of the strongest people I’ve ever known. You can win this fight.

He broke my heart. Or perhaps I broke my own. I’m not sure, I can’t quite decide. It’s not like I went into it blind folded, or maybe I did, maybe I chose not to believe the things he said. He told me what he had done to other girls, about how he made them fall in love only to make them fall apart, he told me he never stays around for long, he told me my feelings had no place in his life, you know? Like, he made sure I was aware, well aware that we wouldn’t skip along happily into the sunset at the end of the story. Instead it was more like “and in the end you’ll be crying on your bedroom floor calling my phone and I’ll let it ring while it sits on my bedside table as my lips are pressed against a girl who isn’t you” kind of thing, and god knows that’s exactly what happened. I spent months crying for him, screaming for him, my heart yearning for him every single second of every single day. But I mean, how mad can you really be at someone for being exactly who they told you they were? I knew how it would end and yet I read the book anyway, went along with the storylines as if the moments of happiness were supposed to last despite already knowing they wouldn’t but pretending they would for a good few chapters.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

just some warm up sketchbook sketches of The Boys

y’all asking if I like ekurei as well as serirei well let me introduce you to clueless Reigen who has no idea that both of them have a massive crush on him

Clapping Banned

I think this was last year, but anyways, clapping became a thing at my school. It was crazy. At first it started out small like a few kids clapping when a teacher walked into the room, but a week later it was the whole class clapping when anyone walked into a room. It was loud, there was cheering and screaming as if someone famous had walked in, and let me just say.. This happened to every. person. I mean if you were the second one through the door to a class, that one person sitting there would be clapping. You could hear the clapping from other classes on the other hall. So one day, we’re all sitting at lunch when the principal stands up on the stage(there was a stage type thing in the cafeteria, idk why), and announces that clapping is banned. Anyone who claps will be given a warning, but if they do it again, a referral. And suddenly, the whole cafeteria is quiet. 

And then we start clapping.

  • Law: Me like Mugiwara-ya please.
  • Zoro: He can be so childish
  • Law: He doesn't think things through
  • Zoro: He just goes with the flow
  • Law: And just is amazingly strong
  • Zoro: Amazing leader
  • Law: His smile is brighter then the sun
  • Zoro: And when he's serious my heart skips a beat
  • Law: hahah same...
  • Zoro: ...
  • Law: ...
  • Zoro & Law: Let's keep this to ourselves...
Writing Prompts

• This was his first miracle.
• We’ve been defeated.
• We need to make friends there.
• Let’s not get fired.
• We are cousins.
• Can they understand?
• Are you blowing things up?
• He opened his first business.
• I’ve never seen such beauty.
• So let’s talk about the disaster.
• You should be on the run.
• This is really important to me.
• We don’t have the time for more.
• Who ate them?
• Never turn your back on me.
• They were all very hungry.
• Something happened between those years.
• Logically, I agree with you.
• You should rescue him first.
• What is he famous for?
• They went along with it.
• Maybe you could tickle them.
• This needs to work out.
• How fascinating is this?
• We should have had a plan.
• We need to give them hope.
• He is a successful spy.
• I’d love to collect those.
• I want them back.
• Is this official?
• I don’t want to argue.
• We didn’t like the play.
• Have you called?
• Is that a banana?
• What’s that noice?
• It was an exhausting task.
• That’s what we’re paid to do.
• Your resume is impressive.
• You are not being objective.
• Can we actually cast them?
• It’s not something I can talk about.
• At least they tried.
• This idea is too complex.
• Who makes the decisions?
• They do have a knife.
• Let’s meet weekly.
• You decide what you believe.
• Keep it by the computer.
• I had alibi.
• Who even talks to you?
• All according to the plan.
• Pick up the blade.
• Who buys this nonsense?
• Can we do it quietly?
• Who is your contact?
• They are too real.
• Who’s responsible for this?
• They went a little overboard.
• You have all the answers.
• Who carries the weapon?
• I have no pior knowledge.
• You aren’t so chill anymore.
• They don’t want this conversation.
• It’s all about resistence.
• Throw him under a bus.
• You should have listed it.
• This is always going to be needed.
• They are a little obscure.
• I’m telling you everything.
• Is that your password?

advice to the signs from a scorpio
  • aries: you are not the world around you. the things that are happening to you do not define the person you are. chin up, be strong.
  • taurus: you get so worked up about everything, it's good to stop and breathe once in a while. smell the roses, watch the wind.
  • gemini: you don't have to pretend to be something you're not. the people that matter most will like you regardless of who you are.
  • cancer: let your emotions out. you feel so strongly, it is only hurting you to keep them to yourself,, which i know you do...
  • leo: the only advice i have for you is to know that the way you treat others can either make or break them. you are very influential and that is a gift. use it wisely.
  • virgo: stop expecting things out of people that they aren't giving you that you think you deserve.
  • libra: not everyone has to like you, you are special enough to know that others don't matter. stop letting them effect you so much.
  • scorpio: you're going to be okay, you just need to get all of the facts of a situation before you react because all of your choices, no matter how small, greatly affect your life.
  • saggitarius: it's not okay to play both sides of a situation. you are more manipulative and secretive than any scorpio, and it's not okay to treat people the way you do sometimes. you need to realize when you're hurting and not helping.
  • capricorn: you have to stop getting so worked up and angry at everything. take a second to listen to what others are saying to you before making yourself all upset. you're good.
  • aquarius: you need to open up more. you are so full of light and knowledge that keeping yourself locked away in the quiet is keeping the world from being so much better.
  • pisces: understand that not everyone is going to be helpful on your journey in life. forgiveness is so easy for you, you just really need to realize when people don't deserve it.

Dont ever forget how easly it is to loose control of meth or any other drug. One day you will be having the time of your life and the next minute your life is a disaster and drugs suddenly become the worst thing to ever happen to you. Dont let it get that far. Dont be like me. I use to have so many friends that i would use drugs with and we would have some of the greatest times. But then one day i looked around and it was like “hey where do everyone go?’” They grew up. Moved on. And now Im just here chasing the high while everyone else is making something of themselves. Its embarrassing, Being the druggie who could never walk away. Who would keep coming back here to this same, dark, depressing world. I wonder to myself when am i going to say enough is enough and its time to live life as a responsible adult. I sit and think am i going to be 30 or 40 years old still on drugs? Still making nothing of my life. Still just a fuck up. Whats it gonna take for me to stop? What do i gotta do???? I WANT A NORMAL LIFE. I think about all these things, but as im thinking im \ getting high and suddlenly all those thoughts are gone from my mind, And idc anymore, 

EXO - a girl flirts with you.

Request: Exo reaction please, when a girl flirts with you instead of him, could be funny could be jealousy whatever makes you comfortable 💗 thank you so much


You two were at a party, and a girl was looking in your direction. Every time you thought she was looking at Minseok. But when you went to the bathroom, she went too and started flirting with you, saying that you are beautiful and those things.
You came back where your boyfriend was. “Baby! That girl flirted with me, do you believe it?” “What?” He was surprised. “Yes. I am irresistible, these things happens.”


“Baby, I think that girl is flirting with me.” He said looking at a girl who was looking at your direction. “Go talk to her then.” You challenged him. “Alright, let’s see.” He went to her and began to talk. “Hi, I saw you were looking at me … Are you single?” “I am. But I wasn’t looking at you, I was looking at the girl that was with you.” “Oh sorry.”


You went to the bathroom and left Yixing at the bar getting some drinks. The waitress started a conversation with him, making him confused. “So … are you and that girl dating?” “Yes. Sorry, I’m not free.” He laughed. “Oh, but I was wanting her, not you.” She laughed even more, making him completely shy.


You were talking to your friends and Baekhyun was with you. A strange girl came to you and began to talk and flirt. “Hi, sorry, she’s my girlfriend and she’s not interested in you if you didn’t notice.” He spoke, with apparent jealousy. “You really don’t want me?” The girl teased. You denied it and she left. “Oh my God! What was that?” You said laughing. “It’s not because she’s a girl I’m not going to be jealous, okay?”


“Hm, baby! That girl is obviously wanting me.” Jongdae said, pointing to a girl. “Nah, she wants me.” “I don’t know, I’m much more attractive.” “Wanna bet?” “Go ahead and ask her.” “Oh really?” You laughed. “Yes.” “Okay, wait here.” You went to where the girl was and she was shy at the same moment. “Hi, excuse me. Were you looking at me or the boy next to me?” “You … Maybe … I don’t know.” “I just wanted to know. It’s not a problem.” You laughed. You came back to your boyfriend’s side. “She was totally looking at me. Now you have to pay.”


You were at a party and a girl kept looking at Chanyeol. This was making you jealous. “Baby, that girl don’t stop looking at you.” “Let she look, I’m all yours, you know.” “I know! I’ll go to the bathroom, okay?” “Okay.”
You went to the bathroom and seconds later, the girl who was looking at Chanyeol entered the bathroom too. She smiled at you and you smiled back. “So … Do you date that guy?” She asked. “Yes. Now you can stop flirting with him.” “No, I was flirting with you, I’m a lesbian.” “REALLY?” You asked. “Totally serious.” You came back to Chanyeol. “What happened?” “That girl was flirting with me, not with you.” “Oh really?” “Yes.” “I understand her. You’re hot.”


You went out to get ice cream. You made the orders and soon the waitress brought it to you. “Baby, there’s something written on this paper.” He said and you took it to read. Immediately you started to laugh. “What do you have there?” “It’s written: For the most beautiful girl that ever came here.” “Who write this?” “It says here that Anne wrote.” You two looked and the waitress was looking embarrassed at both of you.


You two were walking with their dogs in the park, you went to take them to pee out of there and he kept there waiting for you.
A girl came to him. “Hm, hi. Is that girl your girlfriend?” “Yes, why?” “Shit, nothing.” “Tell me.” “Well, she’s very beautiful, and I was trying to flirt with her but she even look at me.” She smiled shyly. “Oh, it’s okay, she’s really beautiful.”


You were talking to one of your friends and Sehun was sitting waiting for you. And near him were two girls. And one of them don’t stop talking about you. “Look at her, she’s very beautiful! I’d give anything to kiss her.” When he heard, he began to laugh. “Baby … Let’s go home?” He said, just to see the girl’s reaction. “Wait a minute, babe.” You said.

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Constant struggle: Not wanting to participate in a fandom where standard operating procedure is to denounce and push out those with different opinions, who aren’t fans in the way deemed acceptable vs. Not wanting to let those people get to define the fandom and deny people the opportunity to enjoy something they love.

People are welcome to disagree with me. I honestly am fine with that. If after thinking about things, you think that how this arrest has been handled is part of a smear campaign ruining his reputation with the GP, then that’s fine. Discussions of differing opinions are healthy. But that’s not what usually happens. Differences of opinion become criteria upon which people are put on “lists” and “kept an eye on” and will be “remembered later.” (And it’s usually not even differences of opinion so much as the level of protectiveness language used that becomes the relevant criteria.) Discussion is replaced by calling out and some sort of moral record keeping, usually based on isolated statements. 

And, to me, that creates an environment that’s about policing each other and not allowing different opinions to be proffered. People who do offer different opinions regularly get silenced or pushed out altogether. In the year or so I’ve been here, I’ve seen it happen more than once. Sometimes I’ve agreed with the dissenting opinion, sometimes not, but the process is the same. (And I’m not talking about people who have changed their minds on fundamental things and have been cut out. While I don’t always agree with the tactics, those people are choosing to step out of the community when they’ve changed their mind on something that is fundamental to being a member of the community. I’m talking about people who had new theories to speculate about or who have had different opinions on the severity or importance of things.) 

And that process leads to my above dilemma. If that sort of policing and name-taking is a defining feature of the fandom, do I want to participate in that? It would certainly be less aggravating to just move on to something else and let people have the fandom they seem to want. To just bow out. But that just cedes the fandom to those policing it, ensuring that nothing ever changes. And denying myself something that at one point I really enjoyed. I’ve seen that struggle with others – a few people can make life here so miserable that some just leave, but in doing so they’re letting those people define what they can and can’t enjoy. I don’t have an answer. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I welcome advice, because I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. 

[So that it’s very clear, none of my fundamental opinions on anything have changed. I still think Louis and Harry are together, I still think that Louis is not a father (and Briana isn’t a mother), I still think that most of their PR is being controlled by contractual obligations, I don’t think Louis is choosing to closet himself willingly, I still think that to the extent OT is involved they are targeting Louis as part of a smear campaign, I still think that Harry is unlikely to release music before Dunkirk but that stranger things have happened and I’ll welcome his music when it comes, I still think the band will stay together and be managed probably by Full Stop. But I also think that we can get trapped in our perspectives and have a hard time being objective about how all of them are perceived by the GP. I don’t think that every single thing that happens is intentionally done to smear them. I think sometimes incompetence is just incompetence, sometimes we set high standards that aren’t met through inefficiency or inability, not intentional efforts to destroy. I think there are more things we don’t know than we do and we can maybe be too quick to judge the people involved when we’re lacking facts. I think that we can get very protective of our favorite and ignore the little agency they do have. I think we get competitive with other fans who have different faves and that can influence our opinions. I think these aren’t radical viewpoints and yet people often see them as heretical.]

Anyway, I know this is long and most people don’t care at all about what I’m feeling. But I think it helped me to write it down, and if anyone has advice, I’ll listen.