who let the 80s in here

Here’s the thing though

Pagans can be Satanists. Witches can be Satanists. Throwing an entire sect under the bus because of Christian fears is just sick. You don’t want Christians accusing you of being Satanists, but let’s be honest… this fear is based on the Christian devil and not actual Satanists. 

Educate yourself on Satanism. Learn what it really is. Ignore the Christian beliefs of it unless that if your path and part of who you are. Ignore the damn cult panic of the 80s and 90s that was mostly lies. 

I do not get how we as a culture, especially on tumblr, are STILL demeaning satanists but ignore the white supremacists in our midst who are open and proud about their hatred.

So here we are with the “Three assembles and paints her very first warhammer 40k model”. This first episode we start with the Sisters of Battle Exorcist… something I probably shouldn’t have started with as my very first thing ever but flamethrower wielding space nuns who fire church missiles. 

We open the box and WOOWWW ok that is a lot of stuff ok this is fine I can do this …..

Oh … oh ok… apparently we have zero instructions and the box has no picture … right ok… this is still doable… we can do this. Just need to lesbian powers activate

Flannel: Donned
Tools: Unpacked
Gay: out 

Ok with my newly activated lesbian building skills, some common sense (aka dry fitting shit that looked relatively close to being right together) and some online pictures we assembled the base WOOO. Pretend it looks awesome ok.

Ok ok so next was the metal… which of course has warped and doesn’t sit right in many places because of course it doesn’t so gonna file me some stuff down to try reduce the amount of ASKEWWWW. 

Ok that sort of worked….. so all that is left is the remaining assembly (plus green stuff to fill in the gaps) and the dreaded painting… which i suck at because I don’t ever paint so this should be fun! Especially those small miniature figures! *digs her own grave*

AND HERE WE GO. Is it perfect? Lmfao god no it’s shit and I am sorry I let down the team… but it’s painted? and it didn’t fall apart? So for my first ever one I say yes good. Well done. Let me die now.

Here’s to the people suffering from conditions that primarily affect women and people designated female at birth. There probably could have been a cure or more effective and humane treatment discovered 80 years ago, but sexism happened and people threw up their hands and said “what do  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”

Keep fighting the good fight for awareness and recognition. Your struggle matters and is deserving of more than a brush-off of “that’s how life is.”

Shance in DotU

‘Kay, so, I’ve been watching 80′s Voltron and like? Has no one brought up the fact that Sven (AKA Shiro) basically dies for Lance in 80′s Voltron? Not even shitting you. (Yeah yeah the English dub claims he was “badly wounded” and out of commission and cut out his entire funeral scene, but hah no, he’s killed in this scene.)

Haggar, deciding she has to take out only one of the paladins to destroy Voltron, manages to lure away Lance. It was going to be Lance who was killed.

Until Sven (AKA Shiro!) shows up to save him.  And takes his place in Haggar’s trap.

Also, let’s not forget Lance and Keith BOTH holding Sven (AKA Shiro), crying together as he lies dying.

…so anyway, my point is it’s not like VLD writers have to grasp that hard for shance moments or anything. It’s all here in the original!

…and yes, I know 80′s Voltron has zero bearing on anything that comes to pass in VLD, but I’m just saying.


……help me. But yeah, if anyone was wondering, this is what I was referring to in this post.

Dammit @wigglytoughazshit, I thought I was finished drawing more gem AUs! I thought I had aaallll my bases covered, but apparently not. X_X

*sigh* Anyways, here’s the Monkey Team in their gem AU. Chiro’s basically in Steven’s place, being half-human/half-gem & training with his gem guardians. Who are even though they’re all the colors of the fuckin’ rainbow a bit more discreet about keeping a low profile among the humans. So they usually stay shifted as monkeys about 80% of the time.

No need to let the humans know their planet is under threat by Homeworld who’re armed with magical weapons and advanced technology far beyond the human race’s ability to understand or fight nope nope nope, nothin’ goin’ on here.

BTW, if you’re wondering why Chiro’s eyes are blue even though his gem doesn’t have any blue in it, his eye color changes to orange/yellow when he uses his gem powers. :3

I’ll start sketching the monkeys’ human-based forms in a little bit~


Request: okay i know this is a lot, sorry! : 58, 80, 82, 14 with Sebastian Smythe with lots and lots of fluff, please! thanks xx

14. “It’s 3am what the hell are you doing in my bedroom?”

58. “If you’re crying about it then, of course, it’s a big deal.”

80. “You’re warm.”

82. “Babe, calm down. I’m right here.”

It was stupid, really. Some people, people who in your opinion don’t even matter, said some mean things about you. It shouldn’t be something that kept you up at unGodly hours. You had built up a sort of dam. You wouldn’t let yourself cry over it but it’s now causing you to lose sleep. It’s Saturday tomorrow, though, so you don’t have much to worry about. You decided that you might as well get some water. You went into your kitchen and returned in just a few minutes. You opened your door to see non-other than your boyfriend sitting on your bed.

It’s 3am what the hell are you doing in my bedroom?” You asked.

“What? Am I not allowed to visit my girlfriend?” Sebastian asked.

“You are but why 3am?”

“I just missed you that’s all. Plus I have ice cream.” He said as he made himself comfortable under your covers. You placed the glass of water on your nightstand and then cuddled into Sebastian’s side.

You’re warm.” You said. You don’t know what made you snap. Maybe it was the feeling of being safe, but you snapped. You started to cry. You held on tightly to Sebastian, fisting his shirt as if your life depended on it.

Babe, calm down. I’m right here.” Sebastian said while rubbing your back. He held you close as you cried. It was about 15 minutes before you were able to calm down.

“What happened?” Sebastian asked.

“it’s not a big deal, don’t worry about it.” You replied.

If you’re crying about it then, of course, it’s a big deal.

“Some people said some stuff.”

“Like what kind of stuff?”

“Like the hurtful kind of stuff.” Sebastian tensed.


“Babe, can we please not talk about this right now.”

“Of course. Anything for you. Now how about we eat this ice cream before it melts.” The rest of the night was filled with both you and Sebastian laughing and stealing kisses here and there.

I am such KuroKen trash, I am here for that fluffy KuroKen <3

1. Who is more of a ler and who is more of a lee?

By Ler/Lee, Kuroo is 20/80 and Kenma is 80/20. Kuroo loves being tickled as much as Kenma will give it to him and every so often, Kenma will let Kuroo tickle him to.

2. Who (pretends) they hate being tickled and who openly admits it?

Both of them just can’t admit that they like it. They also don’t talk about the fact that they like it, unless it’s with wonder that ‘wow, how do we actually like this thing that makes our skin crawl’ but it’s a mutual enjoyment. And they don’t make each other say that they like it, because then the other would have to admit that they like tickling the other and it’s just a bundle of embarrassment for all parties involved.

3. Who prefers gentle tickles and who prefers getting Totally WreckedTM?

Both of them like gentle tickles and getting Totally WreckedTM. Even though Kuroo is the one getting tickled the most in their relationship, when Kenma is finally the one being tickled, he feels the same. 

4. What are each of their most ticklish spots?

Kuroo is the most ticklish under his arms.

Kenma is most ticklish on his ribs and his feet. 

5. Bondage? Pinned down? Tickle fights? Quick tickles in passing? What do each of them prefer?

Bondage is a must with tickling for them. 

Kuroo is so lanky that he’s afraid of hurting Kenma. 

Kenma just can’t handle being tickled without being strapped down. The idea of possible escape just doesn’t appeal to him at all. He likes to know that he can’t get away.

6. Favorite tickle headcanons for this pair?

When it comes to being tickled, Kenma likes it as a stress reliever. But when it comes to sexy tickles, they’ll get into a dom/sub mindset about it. And when he’s not being the dominant one, he really likes being tickled when Kuroo is all dominant. It’s a good time.

70s/80s Stanford Pines Mix
A small playlist filled with some 70s & 80s music for Stanford Pines. I probably will add more if I find some more good ones. I'm always up for suggestions! :>

It’s a fairly small one for now, but if anyone ever finds a 60s/70s/early 80s song that would fit in this playlist, feel free to let me know and I’ll check it out and may put it in. (I also didn’t know what to name this playlist either, so excuse the lame title haha) And I actually had a lot of fun making this!


01. She Blinded Me With Science - Thomas Dolby // 02. Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Swede // 03. Who Are You - The Who // 04. Sara Smile - Hall & Oates // 05. Blinded By The Light - Manfred Mann // 06. Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles // 07. Let It Be - The Beatles // 08. Private Eyes - Hall & Oates // 09. Rocket Man - Elton John // 10. Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel // 11. Ventura Highway - America // 12. Sister Golden Hair - America // 13. Imagine - John Lennon // 14. Leave It - Yes // 15. That’s All - Genesis // 16. Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas // 17. Eminence Front - The Who

Doctor Who {Sentence Starters}

  • “I am being extremely clever up here and there’s no one to stand around looking impressed!”
  • “You’re okay. How can you be okay?”
  • “Hey, of course I’m okay. I’m always okay.”
  • “So, how much trouble are we in?”
  • “Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”
  • “You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a stand!”
  • “Sorry! Sorry! Pressed the wrong switch.”
  • “Why can’t you leave me alone? What did I ever do to you?”
  • “I thought you’d run out of ways to make me sick.”
  • “Excuse me, do you mind not farting while I’m saving the world?”
  • “Books! The best weapons in the world!”
  • “I don’t want to go.”
  • “Don’t worry. We’ll get through this, I promise. Don’t be scared.”
  • “It goes ding when there’s stuff.”
  • “Is there a word for total screaming genius that sounds modest and a tiny bit sexy?”
  • “You know, this isn’t nearly as bad as it looks.”
  • “Okay. I’m assuming that’s for something I haven’t done yet.”
  • “They are fast. Faster than you can believe.”
  • “You’re going to have to trust us this time.”
  • “But the good news is we’ve got a secret weapon.”
  • “How long can you hold your breath?”
  • “Don’t play games with me. Don’t ever, ever think you’re capable of that.”
  • “I can complain about things. I can really complain about things, now.”
  • “You have to do this. And you can’t ask why.”
  • “You realize this is almost certainly a trap of course.”
  • “I’ve made many mistakes, and it’s about time that I did something about that.”
  • “Don’t shoot! Definitely no shooting.”
  • “How long are you going to stay with me?”
  • “Nothing is gained by you being a sentimental idiot.”
  • “Nice to meet you, ______. Run for your life!”  
  • “Are you being threatened? Is someone making you say that?”
  • “I’m so, so sorry. But I don’t think I know who you are anymore.”
  • “Everything has its time. And everything dies.”
  • “Whenever I wear this, something bad always happens.”
  • “Nothing is more important than my egomania!”
  • “I trusted you! I pitied you!”

sly bunny, dumb fox- a wildehopps playlist

*~ “you know you love me.” “do i know that? yes, yes i do.” ~*

a playlist that kind of captures that weird vaguely 80′s/90′s buddy cop movie aesthetic that jude the dude and slick nick totally have. plus they’re like, totally a thing. so don’t ever let ‘em get to you kid. here, anyone can be anything.

1. Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon 

2. Our Song - Matchbox Twenty

3. Take On Me (Kygo Remix) - a-ha

4. Magic - Mystery Skulls

5. Misbehavin’ - Pentatonix

6. Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae

7. Lottery - Kali Uchis

8. Something Stupid - Michael Bublé

9. Who’d Have Known - Lily Allen

10. The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson

11. Tonight You Belong To Me - The Bird and the Bee

I originally made a post like this last year, but I decided to update it. I’ve removed/changed some broken links and added a few more must-sees.

Obviously there are tons more interviews and Monkee-related stuff out there (particularly from the 80s-present), but these are some of my favourites!

Feel free to let me know of anything I’ve missed from the list!


Hey Hey We’re The Monkees, 1997

Behind The Music, 1998 (?)

We Love The Monkees, 2012


The Monkees on KDWB-AM, 1967.
Not an interview as such, but here is audio of when the boys took over a radio station on their summer tour. (courtesy of psychojello​ )

Pop Chronicals, 1967 [audio only]
Great interview with Mike, who talks (among other things) about the hurt of not being respected.

The Hy Lit Show, 1968
Promoting ‘Head’.

‘Walking in New York’, 1969
Brief interview with Micky and Davy.

Australian Interview with Davy Jones, 1971(?)
Davy at his home with Talia.

Jane Pauley Interview, 1986
Noteable for Micky literally falling to the floor in laughter after being asked about the 'New Monkees’.

Mike and Micky 'After The Greek’, 1986
Micky looking at Mike adoringly and Mike giving Micky a big kiss on the cheek. Need I say more?

Mini Peter Tork Documentary, 2015
A short but sweet documentary about Peter, by his son Ivan.

Gilbert Gottfried interview with Mike Nesmith, 2015
A candid, hour-long chat with Mike

Loose Women, 2015
Micky and Peter interviewed.

Press and News Footage:

UK Newsreel Footage / Press Conference, 1967

The Monkees arrive in the UK/Press Conference footage, (in colour) 1967

The Monkees UK Press Conference, 1967

WKBW Radio, 1967

Australian Newsreel Footage / Press Conference, 1968

Australian Press Conference, 1968 [audio only]
Great interview which also includes a hysterical fan gate-crashing the press conference!!

Live footage with Monkee Talk dubbed over, 1968


Salt Lake City Concert, 1968
Silent behind the scenes footage and outtakes of The Monkees concert for 'Head’.

The Johnny Cash Show, 1969
Nine Times Blue.

The Glen Campbell Good Time Hour, 1969
Medley (Last Train To Clarksville, I’m a Believer, Salesman) and 'Teardrop City’. Especially worth watching for the hilariously random sketch!

Christmas Medley, 1986
Monkees with extra cheese but seriously WORTH IT. Also features some of the Monkees kids. But can you spot Mike..?

Through The Looking Glass, 1989.
Micky in drag for no apparent reason…


Davy Jones as the Artful Dodger, 1964.
Davy performing I’d Do Anything with the cast of Oliver! on The Ed Sullivan Show the same night as the Beatles made their US debut.

Monkees Screen Tests, 1965.
All the Monkees auditions and screen tests for the show.

Monkees Romp - Behind The Scenes, 1967.
Rare silent footage of the Monkees on the beach, set to 'Saturday’s Child’. Very cute!

The Emmy Awards, 1967.
Footage of The Monkees scooping two awards. The boys themselves don’t collect the awards, but worth watching for their lovely reactions!

Happening '69, 1969
The Monkees appear now and then throughout the whole show, but mainly from 20 minutes in. Listen out for what’s said about Piscean men and keep an eye on Micky’s reaction…

Laugh In, 1969
Clips from when the Monkees appeared on the show in October '69.

'Junkyard Movie’, 1969 (?)
Silent footage of Micky messing around a junkyard which includes him having a wee. The description says it’s from 1967 but I think it’s from later than that, maybe 1969 or even 1970.

Monkees Commercials, 1966-1970
Compliation of all The Monkees commercials.

The No No Song, 1975
Ringo Star performing the “No No Song’ on Hoyt Axton’s “Boogie Woogie, Gospel, Rock and Roll Show”, which features Micky drunk dancing and singing along.

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart TV Special, 1976. Part One / Part Two
Features Micky’s infamous glam-rock performance of 'Steppin’ Stone’.

The Ben Stiller Show, 1992
Spoof of The Monkees called 'The Grungies’ (co-written by Judd Apatow!). Cameo appearance by Micky.

'Peter and Davy Come to Blows’, 2009
Davy and Peter talk about the bust-ups between the boys back in the day, including the famous fight between the pair.

The Monkees induction into the Pop Music Hall of Fame, 2014.
At the 2014 Monkees Convention.

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Good luck to everyone (actually me)! I’m so excited about this, I hope this works and have a lovely day <3.

No More Anonymous Questions

All right, going to try a little experiment here. I have now turned off Anonymous Posts, so the only people who can submit questions are those who have a name attached to those questions. I have a sense that this is going to eliminate something like 80% of the abusive garbage that comes through without losing much of anything in terms of the worthwhile questions–let’s find out!

  • me listening to the radio: this sounds like mozart's later work. so it's from some composer in the 1770s or 80s probably. who was alive then, let's try and figure out who it w-
  • announcer: -that was a setting of De Profundis by Mozart
  • me: ....oh. here I was thinking it sounded just slightly too little like mozart to be him. that's embarrassing.
  • me later: *looks up same work*
  • IMSLP: De Profundis by Georg Reutter: This composition was formerly attributed to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
A decrease in viewers does NOT mean that the show is bad

All this talk about how Doctor who, or any show as a matter of fact, is failing due to the decrease in viewers makes my blood boil. 

Let me introduce to you the Audience Appreciation Index (AI), this is system that scores each episode out of a hundred and over 20,000 people are invited to take the survey, meaning that it’s mostly random. This is a system used in the UK and they do this for every show, the next 2 days after the episode is aired, they hold the survey. Research analysts would then deliver the result to the BBC.

Shows (as of 2013- present) would tend to score between 80-90, shows would barely reach 90+, and from here they would deduce if the show is of high quality. Modern Who has been mostly scoring 80+ and that goes for 9, 10, 11, and 12′s run. 

Let me average it out for you

Series 1: 82.77
Series 2: 84.43
Series 3: 86.21
Series 4: 87.93
Specials: 87.60
Series 5: 86.15
Series 6: 86.00
Series 7: 86.27
Specials: 85.50
Series 8: 83.33
Series 9 (till episode 7): 82.63

And if you say “Oh, OP, look at the difference between series A and series B, there’s such a big gap– bla bla bla” 

Yes, there is a gap but statistically speaking it’s still within the range. Remember, the people taking the survey is by random and in that crowd there will be people who will both love and hate the show based on their own opinions, whether it was the actor’s performance, writing, or other reasons. 

The lowest score that Modern Who had was in series 2, and it may be obvious which that episode was. 

Those saying that series 8 and 9 are the worst, I want you to look at the information above and say that again– better yet, look at the AI scores for Classic Who. It will surprise you. The scores were extremely low but that’s due to most of the participants of the survey being 16+ when the show was targeted to kids in their early teens.

So, if you see someone who uses the viewership as evidence that a show is suffering, due to this or that– give them a lesson on the AUDIENCE APPRECIATION INDEX. 

If they’re still acting like a pudding brain, these are current problems that can greatly affect the number of views a show has.

1. Illegal 3rd party streaming
2. Torrents
3. The rise of subscription video on demand (netflix or amazon prime)

Sorry for the long post, I just felt like this had to be said. 

5 Reasons why 80/90′s kids are fighters.


Let’s be honest here! 

Originally posted by neogohann

Everyone wanted to be the reason Vegeta broke that fated scouter.

Since the late 80′s TV shows for kids have taken a huge flight. 

You wanted to be like them.

Originally posted by tallwhiteman

Well.. not all of them…

The explosion of anime, mostly English dubbed, combined with the popularity of fight movies made 80′s and 90′s dojo’s everywhere explode with members. 

I’ll give you 5 reasons why. 


#5 The many many many fighting style movies

Okay let’s just blast this one in here right away. The Karate Kid Trilogy, Bruce Lee movies, adaptations of Mortal Kombat and Tekken, Van Damme movies, Seagal movies, Jackie Chan etc. etc. etc. I am not gonna expand too much.

Originally posted by andy-whitehead

We all tried… we all hit our head and/or groins…

Originally posted by ffuckyeahfrederick

And everyone who actually pursued any form of Martial Arts knows very well that this does. not. work. EVER. He should’ve crashed through his injured leg… BUT IT LOOKED SO GOOD!

These movies boosted dojo visitations until the turn of the century. I had hoped the 2010 version of the Karate Kid would do the same for my own dojo, such a shame that the movie wasn’t anything for kids to be excited about.

#4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

COWABUNGA they crashed into our hearts from 1987 and onwards! 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~
Heroes in half shell - turtle power! 

Anyone else having the 1987 intro in their head by now?

Lemme give you a hand!

The combination of weird turtle monsters with weapons and ‘ninjutsu’ guided by a mutated rat turned out to be a golden combo. 
PS - Splinter’s purple/pink-ish robe made me feel so good about my bathrobe

Combined with two hit games on the NES (yes children, that’s what we had) the Turtles were destined to forever remakes and a special place in our hearts.

#3 Batman/Spider Man/ Any other ‘man’ + women version of it

Originally posted by nekosbatmanblog

Who would’ve thought that these (sadly mostly) men in tights would bring people to the dojo!? Fact is that even though are gi do make us look good, if you have that sixpack it will probably look good in tights!

Oh dear is that a crop top storm!? Well at least women got some screen time in a hero form!

Originally posted by jassex

#2 Pokémon 

Seriously Tirza, Pokémon?! These cuties??

Originally posted by brohntosaurus

Oh… dear…  errr maybe a different example of loveable display between Pokémon themselves then??

Originally posted by catmoyashi

…  moving on.


In my opinion, the BIGGEST one. Never before had I seen such a huuuuuuuuuuge amount of fighting. I had never heard of a soap opera before, but I guess Dragonball was my kind since it was never-ending and the chapters took FOREVER. *cough Frieza fight 10 episodes cough* 

Originally posted by asap-titty-fucker

And don’t tell me you’ve never tried.

Dragonball Z and GT were aired during the time when I was a child and I must say; these guys made you really want to be able to FIGHT. 

Originally posted by eminbosna

Especially when 18 started representing the girls!


Yes you heard me.

Originally posted by pop-crash

These girls were sparkly, shiny and if I remember correctly, completely in love with some masked guy.

Not really the mix for martial arts? Well fact is that the girls battled evil in their own way with a strong link to Japanese culture and the circle is complete.

Originally posted by nakamorijuan

Oh sorry I could just not resist!

By the way, these are just general picks that I concluded from my surroundings.

That’s it for now. Remember fellow teachers: know what is popular with kids today and you’ll be able to play on that!

Dear Klaroliners,

First of all, thank you SO MUCH, for all that you guys have done today. You’re amazing. And extra special thank you to all of you who have contributed time to create little gifts for everyone who is donating!!

I can’t just sit back and do nothing so I’m going to contribute something.

Right now, the fundraiser is at 80% of it’s goal. Which is HELLA awesome. I never expected all of that. 

So here’s the deal… 

Some of a you MIGHT have heard the rumor that a certain couple of sister wives of mine let slip (nonamesmirandaandashley) that I am writing a sequel to The Madness Underneath. Yes and no to that. I started writing a first chapter over Christmas vacation at my mom’s house using her computer. I just did it out of boredom and needing to cheer up from fire catastrophe’s and writing makes me happy. So I wrote a bit of it. I can’t say that I have any time or intention of finishing it. 

But I WILL…post what I have written for all of you lovelies to read as a massive thank you. It’s the least I can do.


If we reach 90% of the goal…I will finish writing the whole chapter for everyone to read. So instead of 2000 words…you’ll get around 10,000 words!!!

And if we reach 100% of the goal…I’m gonna do something a little major. 

Raise your hand if you like printed books? Everyone? Good. 

If 100% of the goal is met, I’ll enter everyone’s names into a raffle drawing and the winner will receive a printed copy of Timeless….I’m not talking a crappy, home printer version of the fanfiction…I mean an actual bound, set, covered version of the story. A real book you can add to your home library. 

Sound cool? Sound lame? It’s what I could think of to do to contribute some measure of thanks for the fandom’s kindness. I love you all!