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Sorry for the lack of quite literally anything; I’ve just moved into my first house (yay) and the internet was postponed for a month because of bad line connections.

I’m in love with this dress so much. I don’t know why I wanted it so badly other than oooooh pretty but absolutely everyone who has seen it has said they want one too!

I’ll be having another photoshoot soon, so if anyone had ideas of what I should wear please let me know. Also, don’t be afraid to ask me any questions! I haven’t had many over the last months and I do miss talking with you all :)

Again, sorry for the lack of content. We’ll be back to normal soon enough!

- Jessica Blaise x x

'Don't give us flak for trying to fit in', Q&A with transgender woman
A 24 year old transgender woman from Pennsylvania answers questions about her life and gives advice to others.

Gwen, a transgender woman who let people ask her questions about her life on an internet forum was inundated with even more when the BBC reported on her story.

How can I support my friend who is transitioning?

“The best advice is to just listen to what they have to say and try not to make it a big deal.

"When I was starting to transition, all I wanted was for life to feel ‘normal’ again.

"I didn’t really want to talk about transitioning too much, but it was nice to have friends who just listened to me on the days where it was especially hard and told me they loved me anyway.”

I work as a security guard in a store and have a male customer who wears a dress and make-up. I always address my customers as “sir” or “madam”. What address should I use with them?

“The best thing would be to address someone by what it looks like they’re going for. If this customer comes in every day in a dress and make-up, I would assume they wanted to be greeted as 'Ms’.

"It’s always best to go by what you see and then, if they correct you, just go by what they’d rather be called instead.

"Maybe this person isn’t comfortable being called 'Ms’ yet, but that’s something only they could know.”

Has the change affected your relationship between you and your girlfriend?

“My girlfriend and I actually dated a year before I transitioned. I broke up with her out of fear of her breaking my heart and breaking up with me, after telling her that I felt I should have been born a woman.

"I should have told her though, because when I finally did tell her a year later, she was 110% accepting and supportive and we started dating again shortly thereafter.

"I’ve been with her since a couple of weeks after starting HRT [hormone replacement therapy].”

More questions and answers from Gwen here!

I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It sentence starters
  • "Love me, if that's what you wanna do."
  • "You've been reading 'bout yourself."
  • "You've got a beautiful face, but got nothing to say."
  • "You look famous, let's be friends."
  • "You're the only thing that's going on in my mind."
  • "You're meant to be helping me."
  • "I'm not giving it up again."
  • "Am I too old to be this stoned?"
  • "I wasn't told you'd be this cold."
  • "Finding a girl who is equally pretty won't be hard."
  • "Oh, I just had a change of heart."
  • "Your eyes were full of regret."
  • "You took a picture of your salad and put it on the internet."
  • "I've been so worried 'bout you lately."
  • "You're mad thinking you could ever save me."
  • "You used to have a face straight out of a magazine."
  • "I never found love in the city."
  • "I feel as though I was deceived."
  • "I just sat in self-pity and cried in the car."
  • "You were fit, but you're losing it."
  • "Look! He's having a breakdown."
  • "Don't fall in love with the moment."
  • "You know I'm in love with this city."
  • "Don't fall in love with the moment and think you're in love with the girl."
  • "You think you've got it figured out."
  • "Well, your face has got a hold on me."
  • "Are you feeling the same?"
  • "You just keep nodding at me looking vacant."
  • "I'm petrified of being alone."
  • "If I told you I need you, is that what you want?"
  • "If I'm lost now then how can I find myself?"
  • "I heard you found somebody else, and at first I thought it was a lie."
  • "I don't want your body, but I hate to think about you with somebody else."
  • "Our love has gone cold."
  • "You're intertwining your soul with somebody else."
  • "This ain't the last time that I'll see your face."
  • "We are just gonna keep doin' it."
  • "I know when you're around 'cause I know the sound of your heart."
  • "I can't believe I forgot your name."
  • "I thought that you were straight, now I'm wondering."
  • "You're so conceited."
  • "I don't regret it, but I'm glad that we're through."
  • "I'm such a cliche."
  • "You call me when you're bored and you're playing with yourself."
  • "I'm sure she'll be gone in a second."
  • "Let me tell you 'bout this girl."
  • "I can't wait for you, boy."
  • "What does all our love amount to?"
  • "I thought it was love but I guess I must be dreaming."
  • "You got excited and now you find that your girl won't even get you undressed or care about your beating chest."
  • "I'd love to go to Paris again."
  • "I'm done, babe, I'm out of the scene."
  • "I'd fill you in on the things you missed."
  • "I like to think you hear me sometimes."
  • "I hope I'm half as cool as you."
  • "I haven't been doing too well."
  • "The chemicals that make her laugh don't seem to be working anymore."
  • "She just wants to feel something and I don't think that's asking for too much."
  • "What if you die with all of the cameras?"
Sarah's broadcast in a nutshell.

Sarah: It’s in everyone’s best interest that i go back to an abusive environment. Thanks a lot guys, you got what you wanted. *flips everyone off because she’s got it all figured out and doesn’t need anyone looking out for her*
Gerg: Billie i miss you and I’ll use any excuse to talk to you!
Sarah and Whineybot: *constanly squinting at screen even though they’re both wearing glasses*
Whineybot: We’re in danger of getting into legal trouble, but we’re not in danger. It’s just a waste of my time.
Sarah and Whineybot: Let’s blame the internet and make excuses for a grown-ass man who’s proven time and time again to be an abusive creep! 
Sarah: It’s not fair! I deserve an apology!

The thing that irritated me most is the smug looks they had on their faces the entire time, like… The main point of this whole thing for them was not to protect Sarah from “the internet”, but to try and make us all feel stupid/guilty about showing concern for a minor getting involved with someone like Greg. And they genuinely think they’ve succeeded, but they just made it even more suspicious by waiting all this time to properly explain the situation.

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Thank god for tumblr


Gabriel was moving to a new town, yet again, this time all 6 of his sibling and his dad was coming with him, he didnt mind as much as he had last time though because of tumblr.

He had an internet friend named Charlie Bradberry who lived in the same town he was moving to and would be going to the same school.

Both of them were very gay.

Thats why when Gabriel walked the halls for the first time on Monday morning and walked directly into a soccer player who was 10 foot tall he immediately asked charlie about him.

Charlie had heard rumours that this so called Sam Winchester was either pan or bi, but hadnt had a relationship since his last girlfriend moved away in the summer.


UFO Debate - Banned From UK Tv Show “This Morning”

Published on 28 Mar 2012

Sub Rate & Comment

Lively debate with UFO reseacher Gary Heseltine giving it good to the debunker Prof. Chris French who uses his usual tactics of don’t bother me with the facts, lets just attack the witness on a personal level. Also UFO experiencer Brigitte Barclay talks about her sightings. The segment was quickly removed from the UK’s TV channel ITV’s internet I player watch again service for no other reason except that someone on high does not want the evidence getting out !!

I’ve been letting @rongasm read parts of my fic as I write it, and it went from being mildly slutty to full-on sex fest because of her egging me on with these comments. I will never be able to look the Internet in the eyes again, but I am also proud?

INTP conversations #6

(actual conversation on a Facebook status)

INTJ: Now that Friday is canceled, school can empathize with pages 478-9 in our biology textbook…

INTP: Is it bad that I knew what those pages were about without having to look?

INTJ: Socially or grade-wise?

INTP: Both. Not that I had a social life to begin with. Yesterday’s 11-hour biology work session has taken its toll.

INTJ: Ah-ha. Well, we should probably stop communicating over Facebook…

INTP: Then, we would have no social life at all.

INTJ: Well, anything for a Facebook friend.

INTP: I find it depressing that our society needs a term for friends we make and talk to only over the Internet. But then again, who am I to criticize? After all, here we are, holding a conversation on a Facebook status.

INTJ: True. Let me make another one.

INTP: So then we have to hold two conversations at once? I can barely play two melodies at once.

INTJ: No, to cover this one up.

INTP: Okay, so it’s a dead body now. I see how you think.

Just wanted to let you all know, the homelessness adventure is over - I have an apartment and an internet connection again.

Things are still deeply distressing. My cats couldn’t come with me to the apartment so my friend is keeping them until they can be rehomed or some other arrangement can be made (which is killing me - I don’t want to rehome them, I want them to be with me). The neighbor who initially took me and my mother in is keeping most of our possessions hostage in his garage, demanding hundreds of dollars to unlock it and allow us to get our stuff, while also promising to throw it away on the 8th. My ISP continued charging me for service even after service had been suspended and now that I’ve closed my account they want their modem back or else I have to pay for it, but the modem is in the neighbor’s garage. My mom’s check for this month is in some kind of limbo because of a snafu with our address, just in time to make it very hard to get to a con I’d already paid for a table at. (impossible, if the check doesn’t come in time to cover travel expenses)

ALL KINDS OF FUN STUFF. But I have an apartment and I’m alive, despite my brain’s efforts to the contrary.

But I wanted to say thank you to all of you for hanging in there waiting for me to get back. Thank you, thank you for the contributions via ko-fi. There were multiple times were we wouldn’t have gotten by without it.

Hopefully even this set of crises will pass soon.


Hey I’m Amanda and I’m 15 and I’m honestly the craziest person you might ever meet but probably also the most romantic.

Favorite stuff
Color: periwinkle , blue
Food Taco Bell:
Music: all of it except for opera lmao WTFF WHO LISTEN TO OPERA FOR PLEASURE
artist: Justin bieber, drake

Interest: I mean as long as your not awkward and you don’t make it awkward for me to talk to youu idc who tf u are honestly I’m just looking for cool internet friends but if we end up liking each other who knows what will happen JUST PREPARE YOURSELF FOR MY SAUCEEE GAME (oh god I’m kidding)

Last time I posted on here I met a lot of cool people I’m heree nowww again because I love meeting new people so if your crazy AF and weird and your loud and stupid lmaooo and want to be friends den VAMONOS LETs GO
KIK: Amandaluvluv
Tumblr: drunkpandaz

So I just saw this post come across my dash and something struck me.

I don’t know whether to call this an aspect of superstition or religion because I think it might be both- but let’s think a second about the power of names.


And I’m just thinking of the historical instances where people erased the names of the disgraced from the records, or the literary example of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. If you preserve the name, you preserve the memory; and if you use the name, you give the thing named power.

This comes up often enough in talking about identity labels, but I think Tumblr’s done an interesting thing here.

They’re denying people their names in response to some communally-held objection to the one in question, but the pseudonyms are meant to be deliberately disrespectful. It’s taking away power, but at the same time it’s mocking.

It’s not meant to erase the person being talked about or convey a sort of respect or fear, like not saying certain names of demons or evil spirits or deities or fairies/the fae or any sort of powerful thing that could knock you flat if you drew their attention to you. It’s meant to sort of take that person’s name away while at the same time highlighting that you’re doing it, and that it’s because you’re supposed to dislike them.

I don’t know how it started for that actor, and I know sort of the story behind that singer; but for the second I think it just sort of followed the trend set by the apparently spontaneous adoption of the purposeful misspelling in the first instance.

But here we have someone using that phenomenon consciously to direct communal hate towards someone that they want out-group, which I think is pretty interesting sociologically. 

Especially since I can’t think of a historical example of mocking people by taking their names away (unless we’re counting derogatory media nicknames that may or may not stick and are only really used by tabloids or newspapers; and I’m not because it doesn’t occupy the same sort of social position). 

personal headcanon: the reason cain didn’t kill cas wasn’t because he needed him to run to the winchesters and lure them out. it was because he knows what it feels like to lose a colette and he wasn’t going to do that to dean.

hockeyfan-problems summed up in one post.

when ur favorite player scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when u see the player you hate :(

when biz makes a funny tweet!!!!!!!!

when ur sister’s boyfriend’s brother in laws best friend makes a fb status when your team loses………………….

when the oilers actually win LOL OILERS LOL

when u see a game on tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when ur team plays the bruins >:(

when none of these gifs were even relevant to the shitty text titles accompanied by them and this blog could be run by a 5 year old!!!!!1!111!!!11!

11 questions to me! :D

((Avoiding editing because of a headache, but cannot leave the internet because of abstinence, so let’s do one of these again.))

Rules: 1) always post these rules; 
2) answer the questions given by the person who tagged you and give 11 questions for the blogs you tag and 
3) tag 11 people.  :P

I was tagged by this-is-not-my-fairytale

1. Dream Job?
Director/editor/screen writer  
2. Favourite food?
Finnish salmon soup and rye bread
3. What are you doing right now, besides blogging?
Trying to kill of my monster headache. Staring at a computer screen does not help. (but I have been having migraines since I was 8, so I am used to this)
4. Where would you be right now if you could be anywhere in the world?
San Diego Comic Con
5. What are you looking forward to most at the moment?
Steven Bomb 3.0 and my trip to London
6. What’s your best friend’s name? What sort of things do you do together?
I have several best friends, so I will give them a united name —> Bob. Me and Bob travel a lot together, but we also like just hanging out at cafes and talk for hours about shit.
7. What is one thing you’re good at?
I guess digital compositing and editing. And eating ice-cream in all weather conditions.
8. Favourite Character?
At the moment? Jasper from SU! <3
9. What are you wearing right now?
A turquoise summer dress.
10. Current obsession?
Isn’t it obvious? ((Steven Universe))
11. What is one of your goals in life?
To open up my own animation/film studio.

all of these games (we play)

summary: 29. rival CEOs who secretly fuck au. send me a prompt from this list. requested by kayla-ships-klaine-and-destiel, and 4 other Anonymous users.

word count: ~ 2,900 

rating: m. i’m serious.

a/n: ok mostly just smut and some feels, but MOSTLY SMUT. is under the cut bc some people won’t want to read this. now let me go fly to alaska without internet and never be seen again for writing this.

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First of all, I wanted to thank you all for the support! ♡
Second, I’ll keep translating but I’ll check if there will be a link or not, call me a control freak, I don’t even care anymore. 
And since I know this fandom and the ugliness of the internet I know I will have to go through this shit again at some point so just to let you all know:

Next time, If anyone takes my translations - retranslates them or just posts them on their blogs - and doesn’t link back to my blog, if anyone insults me, if anyone attacks or threatens me, I will stop for good! 

I will reply to all my messages later, but once again, thanks to all the great people who sent me all sorts of wonderful messages last night!
you guys are the only reason I’m still doing this, I swear! YOU ROCK! 🤘

(Art by Martha Shilling)

Hate. Let me tell you how I’ve come to hate Tumblr’s brand of social justice warrior. Wait, sorry, let me try that again. As someone who’s genuinely passionate about social justice and helping the less fortunate, Tumblr’s idea of social justice is a perverse mockery. 

When I look at the various social justice blogs across Tumblr, I don’t see people that are genuinely passionate about helping others, I see petty bullies that are using the noble cause as an outlet for their own issues. Yes, sure, we’ve seen some people being called out for genuine bigotry, but where are the campaigns? The petitions? The charity drives? Even your idea of education is a joke, since Tumblr doesn’t bother with basic fact-checking, uses skewed statistics and only belabors the same few points over and over. It’s not a movement, it’s a circlejerk. These people claim to be changing the world, yet they’ve done absolutely nothing for anyone else, It’s a way to make yourself feel like you’re fighting for good, but it’s an empty sort, nothing but a quick ego boost so you feel better about the fact that you haven’t actually sacrificed a single goddamn thing for anyone else.

And yes, let’s talk about the elephant in the room, the blatant majority-hatred, a catch-all for all the cisphobia, misandry, etc. going around. Sure, it’s not as bad as what minorities go through in the real world, but I still have to find it absolutely childish. The average tumblr user? While wanting to vent is a natural urge, Tumblr is not a safe space, but a public website designed to be used by everyone. As such, every post you make can be seen and circulated by tens of thousands of people, many of whom might be suffering from depression, self-esteem problems, and generally having a shitty day.

I should know, a few years ago I went through a period of depression where I truly, honestly believed I ought to kill myself because I wasn’t good enough to exist. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, yet here we are, where the site has essentially become a bullying circlejerk where death threats and wishes for suicide are the norm. Funny, for a site so obsessed with trigger warnings you think nothing of trying to get people to hurt themselves, huh? 

There are actual safe spaces on the internet, you realize. Places like blogspot or trans-only spaces where you’re free to rant to your heart’s content before resuming your day. By the way, can you really claim this is a “safe space” when people are getting doxxed, their spouses deported and their pets murdered thanks to their activities here? Even 4chan never got anyone’s fox killed!

But that’s nothing compared to the way you’ve managed to harm minorities and turn the whole movement into a joke. You’ll fight for women, but only if they think the same way they do, and are doing your damndest to raise a generation of people too scared to go outside. You’ll fight for trans people, but gladly appropriate their experiences because you think regular pronouns aren’t good enough for your privileged ass, and call them scum and trash when they object to being made a mockery of. You’ll fight against homophobia yet turn around and fetishize any gay couple that comes your way. Objectification is bad, unless it’s a hot british guy amirite? Also, you seem to be surprisingly okay with reinforcing sexist stereotypes so long as you specify you mean “white” girls, because, you know, that sort of misogyny is totally cool. 

As for the whole hulaballoo about cultural appropriation? While I can understand being upset about someone making a mockery of your culture, I’m worried that tumblr’s interpretation of it as “white people doing brown people things” is going to result in a generation of people too scared to actually try to experience other cultures for fear of being un-PC, and as someone who believes that all cultures are beautiful and have something to offer, this frightens me.

It truly scares me that for so many people, this self-righteous circlejerk is going to be their first experience with social justice. I mean, one of the most popular social justice blogs is a Wario roleplayer who communicates through passive-agressive image macros, and you still don’t see why you might have an image problem? When you look around and see that people have turned “social justice” and “feminism” into subjects of mockery, you need to look in a mirror

But you know, I could forgive that, all of that, if you actually managed to get anything done. But you haven’t. Even 4chan has managed to actually raise money for the less fortunate, bust child porn rings, and do good in the world. Yet you can’t even get a simple goddamn fundraiser going? How many of you can honestly look in the mirror and say that you’ve sacrificed something, anything, for the less fortunate? How many of you have done more for the world than circulate a post or two that you didn’t even bother checking the authenticity of? Not many, I think. 

Maybe it’s time some of you stopped looking for new ways to say trash, and start thinking about how you could actually make a difference in peoples’ lives. But, you know, I’m just some person on the internet. 

Okay so this is like my first official follow forever! I cannot believe that i have 1,000 followers! I know that some blogs have more, but I am just in shock that I made it this far! I am so blessed to have amazing followers who even consider my lame blog somewhat cool! So without futher ado lets get started! 

First I have to acknowledge all my internet friends that I have met through tumblr: 

Grace - Thank you for being my right hand. The cute cup of coffee on a gloomy day. Thank you for listening to me rant and for being there when I need it the most. You are truly one of my best friends and I cannot wait till the day that I get to hug you and tell you how beautiful you are in person. 

Katie - my twin, my first internet friend, I love you so much. Even though we dont talk as much, I love seeing your posts on my dash and your tweets on my tl. Ily soo much <3 

lovely-risk - i love you so much, you are always there when i need you and honestly your blog is goals so yaaa <3

5SOS - MY FAV MUTUAL! I still cannot believe that you guys even follow me on here, Lord only know what you have seen lol. I love you guys so fucking much and I wish that I could hug you every day and tell you just how much you mean to me. Okay just please dont do anything super bad on tour like die or something lol. Okay love you bye

Sam - thanks for being the only person in real life that i follow on tumblr  lol i love you so much <333

MUTUALS - (i love you all so much please never change thnx for being my friends <3)

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QUEENS - (blogs that I want to be when I grow up)

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BAE - (famous people that i love alot lol) 

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OK YAY!! Again, thanks so much to every single one of you that follow me I am so blessed and can’t imagine life without tumblr. I would be lost. So yeah, here’s to many more follow forevers!! 

I fought the (internet) law...

…and the (internet) law won. Again.

For now. 

Those who are still blocked from watching the Randall-free episode 16 in the United States I am thinking of the best solution to solve this problem on for the long term. I will not let them beat me. 

Stay strong, friends. 

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