who let me on photoshop


i have no impulse control so have these. they’re uh… dwane “the rock” johnson iconic icons for your blog. who let me use photoshop

please like/reblog & leave credit somewhere on ur blog if you use!


Well now I have. And got a lot of weird looks from my coworkers while doing it


autistic daisy johnson for @incomprehensiblelentils
 “Being different can mean making a difference” 


A page from Donut’s sappy scrapbook that he definitely has somewhere, probably.

i got bored of my homework and made this in photoshop instead thanks bye

anonymous asked:

(Based off someone my friend does) Who do you think would be the person that softly hugs someone before looking at another person and saying "this my bitch"

God it’s Phichit XD I wish it was Yuuri but that’s such a Phichit thing to say, especially when he hugs Yuuri.

Here I made you all a terrible photoshop edit:

Anonymous said: 

Since people seemed to enjoy the first one well enough, have a little more Cavill/Cullen (Cavullen, Cullvill?) 

Hope you like it!