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Even Bech Nӕsheim. Oh, fuck you, I’m already crying. Okay. Stop looking at me like that and let me talk. You are… the best thing in my life. You have taught me so much. You have given me the love that I never expected, the love that I didn’t think I’d ever find, and you have shown me how to love someone back. And in this minute, in this universe and in every parallel one, I am fucking in love with you, because you are the only person who can make me laugh and make me cry, and you are the only person who loves me and understands me and supports me and you are the fucking man of my life, goddamn it, and I’ve known that ever since I was seventeen and you kissed me in some random stranger’s pool. You’ve changed my entire life. You have made me happier than I’ve ever been, sadder than I’ve ever been, angrier than I’ve ever been, and you have made me a better person. I love you more than anything I’ve ever known. And, yeah, in this minute, we’re getting fucking married. So. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, I love you, Even Bech Nӕsheim, and I always will. Fuck. Oh, shit. Everybody, I’m sorry for swearing so much, and also for crying. Okay. Your turn.

Isak Valtersen. Out of all the movies I’ve made you watch, and all the ones that exist, our love story is the most beautiful that I’ve ever known. You always say that love at first sight is bullshit, but I saw you on the first day of school and just knew that we’d be here one day. Getting married in front of our families and friends. In tuxes - and, might I add, you look really fucking hot right now. Sorry. That made you laugh, though, so I regret nothing. But I have loved you for my entire life, and everything fell into place when I saw you, like all the parallel universes lined up in that minute. I loved you when I didn’t know you existed, I loved you from across the courtyard at Nissen, and smoking weed on my windowsill, and with pink streaks on your face, and snapbacks and omelettes and cabin trips and morning breath and everything you’ve done, everything you’ll do. I am so, so proud of you. I am proud to know you. I am proud to love you. And I will remind you of that every single day for the rest of our lives. You mean everything to me. Thank you. I love you. And I can’t wait to call you my husband.

I’m huge on affection, I will kiss your face a million times especially your cheeks, I will never get tired of kissing them. I will never get tired of showing you constant effort showing you how bad I want this because actions speak louder than words most of the time. I’m huge on doing random things to make you smile. I’m huge on just spending time together, we don’t need to go out and always do stuff I’m okay with staying in bed all day cuddling and watching movies. I’ll be your gym partner, someone you can confide in,your best friend someone who motivates you because I see how much you can do. I will be here for the good days, the bad days and the everything in between. I’ll hold your hand through it, if you let me. I’ll be your 3 am phone call if you need company and your afternoon lunch date if you want to hangout. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that we take for granted, because at the end of the day they’re the most important to us.
—  Show them they’re important 💜

My dumb self has been feeling down again

I know that Tana Mongeau has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and my little blog post isn’t going to change a thing but let me just drop this here anyway.

If you don’t know who Tana is, she’s a YouTuber, 18 yrs old. She had a big scandal a while back because another YouTuber (ayydubs or some shit) came to her meet and greet and took a picture with her and instead of saying “say cheese” he said “say n-word”. So she made a 20 minute video crying about how horrible it made her feel and it was just a really shitty video. She makes it feel like it’s her problem and turns it around into discrimination against her and serving her white guilt instead of actually speaking out against racism. Kat Blaque has a whole video on this if you want to hear an actual poc’s opinion on all of this.

Shortly after this, some videos of her calling her best friend the n word when she was 14 ended up resurfacing. She made a few shitty attempts at an apology in the past when the videos resurfaced that were all just garbage. When it came out this time, she made a 20 min long apology video saying how sorry she is. She also monetized the video so she’d be making money which a lot of people criticized.

I had seen her going downhill for a while and I didn’t like her anymore but the very last straw that made me want to speak out is a video she posted on snap chat.

I haven’t heard anyone else talk about this yet so I wanted to bring it up. Tana is friends with jams charles, another young problematic kid who got famous way too fast and way too young. He had a scandal when he said some racist stuff about Africa on his twitter. He then invalidated everyone who confronted him and eventually did a 360 and apologized for it.

So if you’ve been called out for problematic behaviour and you genuinely felt bad and apologized for it, you probably wouldn’t joke about that same situation, right? I mean if it was a genuine apology. But obviously we already know that these apologies were just to try and save as many gullible fans as possible.

Anyway she gets on snap chat with James Charles and makes a video saying “omg lol scandal queens haha were so problematic haha lol”


Anyway I just wanted to say this so if anyone out there even has an ounce of respect left for her, you now know, yeah she’s a total sell out and she doesn’t care that she was racist. Same with James Charles.

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Heeeyy, in regards to your serial killer David au, what do you think would happen if Max's DNA was accidentally left at the scene of one of David's many crimes and the police traced it back to Max and accused him of the murder? btw i'm a huge fan or your killer!david au and camper!david au so uh... keep up the great work!

who gave you the right.
seriously though, this is such a good idea and let me just!! think it through!
tbh i don’t think the police would accuse max as a culprit - he’s 10 -, but finding a link to him would def make things more complicated for both him, his family and just people in general he’s in any connection with. not at all excluding good ole david.

Con Booth Etiquette!

Hello guys! Anime Expo is just around the corner, so I’m writing up a little OOC introduction to meeting your favorite artists and people who are running booths!

This does NOT APPLY TO ALL CREATORS, as some run their booths specifically for this stuff, but just keep in mind some things that may happen!

I’m making a read-more since it’s a pretty big article! If you want to chip in, please let me know! Would love to hear more feedback that I’m not thinking of at the current moment!

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Advice or tips for simmers converting to minimal cc, such as blogs like you, @omniplant, @madoof, @cupidjuice etc. etc? Please and thank you!

hey!!! i don’t know what advices i can give to you but imma try!!

  • try to use the game’s content more and more and less cc, i think it’s a good start. then you’ll realize you don’t need most of the cc you have. 
  • you can watch youtubers who play cc free. i know watching deligracy’s videos made me want to go minimal cc. you can watch let’s plays, speed builds…
  • minimal cc simblrs can as well make up your mind + inspo blogs that are completely cc free (get that inspiration!!)
  • play with a friend who doesn’t have custom content? idk about this one but seeing somebody you know playing without cc can make you realize there’s plenty of enjoyable things!! (same as the youtubers one)
  • if you’re still hesitant, delete every cc you have except your defaults and start your game and a new save. it might feel weird in the beginning but if you enjoy maxis match cc you’ll appreciate it. even maxis match cc sometimes don’t really look like the game itself, so why not use what the game has to offer?
  • if you have the possibility to buy packs do it!! sometimes we don’t want to spend money on a pack that’s not worth it (me 3 months ago), but the more ea’s content you have, the less cc you have and going minimal cc is easier. i know i couldn’t go minimal cc when i owned around 5 packs and cc really helped having a game with more content, but now that i have most of them i can tell i won’t use cc anymore.
tessa positivity post 2.0

i’m actually not sure what number post this is but it doesn’t matter bc i’m not gonna keep track of how many times i say i love you. it’s a lot.

@pureren is a gift to this world and i’m not as good as her at typing paragraph after paragraph of words, but i’m gonna write as much as i can. some things i love about tessa:

  • sends multiple messages at once to let me know i’m important (double texting whomst??)
  • the most awesome english major who landed an internship that actually pays!!
  • sooooo pretty and beautiful and gorgeous and breathtaking like wow have u seen her she’s stunning
  • really smart! loved by her professors for writing such amazing papers! the best!
  • makes me laugh a looot
  • sends me snapchats of her getting drunk and singing karaoke
  • once skype called me while drunk and stayed on call with me until i knew she was safe n sound at home
  • has so much love for all her friends like… she heart too big for she gotdamn chest,,
  • back when i had my actual name on tumblr and then switched to m, she switched right away even though i told her she could still call me by my name name. she’s stuck with m for a whole year and 3 months and i actually really appreciate it bc even though i don’t mind my name, it’s nice to be called m by her ;v;
  • she’s a popular friend who is loved! she doesn’t think she’s popular but she really is and idc what she says, she’s popular! the general public likes her! she’s great!!
  • will say she loves my art and say the nicest things about it,,
  • i just love hearing stories about her days and even though i put off responding sometimes bc i get overwhelmed by other things, she’s patient with me and waits until i’m ready
  • also! she once got really concerned about me because i was offline for several days without responding to p much anyone and it was really touching bc it shows just how much she cares,, basically this bullet point is “she heart too big for she gotdamn chest” part 2
  • she has a super cute laugh and smile and i love seeing her happy
  • she’s just really great at making people feel special and important?? like, the fact that she responds with so many words makes you feel like she’s really listening and interested in what you have to say and it’s one of my absolute favorite qualities of hers
  • she somehow likes my rly cheesy fic notes (she likes the cheesy romance but i don’t write well is what i’m saying here). somehow likes me as a person and that’s wild to me! i’m blessed to be in her good graces
  • every time i see her face i’m like “i can’t believe i’m seeing an actual fairy here on this day??” i’ve said it before and i’ll say it forever but tessa is seriously so pretty!!
  • she’s so wonderful and i could go on about why i love her but mere words don’t do her justice

i love you tessa, always remember that!

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For being the best cullen-writer in my universe, I hereby declare u Queen of Ferelden and dedicate the song "You make my dreams" by Daryll Hall & J ohn Oates to you, because bby. Oh my god. YOU'RE AMAZING.

You are so kind, my sweet. 💖

I truly appreciate this. Sooo much! With heart eyes! 😍😍😍I really do love Cullen and his character, but…

Idk, I’m sort of losing my interest in the fandom. The small pocket I’m in is wonderful (YOU in particular!), but there’s a lot of toxicity just outside of it, too.

That toxicity is really pushing me away and making me want to return to my quiet fanfic “reader-commenter” state and let the people who’ve been in the fandom “forever” who “clearly have a better understanding” of fictional fucking Dragon Age characters do their thing. (Side note, I’ve been “in the fandom” since the first release of Origins, just not online–but what do I know?)

I think I’m going to stay on long enough to do my giveaway. And I would love to meet you (and anyone else who would like) at Dragon Con if you’re going! (Or when the hubs and I make it to your neck of the woods when we travel to Europe next year). But I think I’m pretty much done with Tumblr. I just…idk. It’s so negative, overly critical, and I purposely quit FB for those very reasons.

But I thank you, truly. You have been such a wonderful light in this super dark and depressive hellsite and I value you more than you probably know.

memejocksupreme  asked:

Faye you're basically the witch mama of all of tumblr so could I get some mom advice? I randomly came down with a fever today and I feel awful about being sick in the summer. I know I'm going to get better how do I stay positive about it all?

Oh my, what a very sweet thing to say. Let’s see what we can do for you.💙

  • I like to remind myself while my body may be sick my brain isn’t, I tend to get swept up in the “poor me” dialogue when I’m feeling under the weather but that just makes it worse! Despite being sick I tried to remind myself to say positive things about who I am and my situation otherwise despite being sick.
  • Take sensory care! It can be overwhelming when you’re sick if everythings a mess, too loud, too smelly, whatever. Even if it’ just your little nest in your bed, light a clean smelling candle, get a box of tissues, ask your family/roommate for quiet if you live with any, and a clean blanket. Or do something small like wipe down a table or water your plants to still feel active and productive. Keep it small!
  • Ask yourself: Does this have good energy? No point in reading, watching, or listening to something that’s going to make you feel down when you’re already low energy. Try to find a dvd, show, or book that keeps things relatively up beat or at least keeps you invested!
  • Try not to isolate yourself, let family, friends, or me know you’re not feeling well - we’ll check up on you. Let yourself be nurtured, it will help along the healing process.
  • Stay hydrated! I’m sure you and everyone knows this but please please drink water!  It will not only hydrate you and flush what needs flushing and keep your cells in optimal fighting shape, it will help your brain counteract negativity. Our moods are very dependent on proper hydration and it’s easy to forget to drink when you’re in napping all day!

I hope this helps a little sweetheart and I hope you feel better. May the winds of good fortune be at your back.💨💞

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Seriously though, trying to find a gay guy whose conversations don't revolve around other guys, sex, drama starbucks, etc. is like trying to find a gem. A turn on would defintely be a guy who is a nerd, especially someone who loves to learn and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. A man who is career-oriented is a MUST HAVE. A man who constantly loves to be academically, intelectually, and culturally stimulated would be a dream.

uhm okay wow let’s get married? I mean I get “living in the now” but what does that really lead to? For me, I have goals and have a lot of things I want to accomplish. And I honestly hate when boys look past that and just pay attention to “how cute I am.” Like I’m so tired of dealing with the same conversations all the time about nonsense I don’t care about. Like tell me your dreams, your passions, anything that makes you stand out other than “i’m gay so date me”

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Diavolo with a short & shy s/o? ((He always pegs me like the kind of guy who would totally use his height to an advantage in any situation, be it intimidating or not. c: ))

Sure, anon! Here we go~ :D

I hope you like it!

  • Diavolo’s s/o is pretty much the opposite of his usual subordinates, since they’re so shy. It is also the one thing that kind of makes it difficult for him to be with them. He can’t give them any missions, because they have a hard time even approaching someone, he can’t even let them go to a meeting for him, because they could never achieve the goals Diavolo has set in his mind. It makes it difficult for Diavolo sometimes, but it doesn’t make him send them away.
  • Since he can’t let them do public work for Passione as long as it involves other people or something, which is really out of their comfort-zone, they assist him a lot while he’s doing paperwork. They organize it, write letters to other operatives or gangs, or send mails (when they need to book a new hotel for the night for example) and basically just give him company. He is paranoid beyond belief, so having someone at his side that he trusts is something completely new and refreshing for him.
  • A good thing about them being so shy is that they couldn’t have ulterior motives when they’re with him; they don’t seek to destroy him or anything. They couldn’t play the role of the shy person, who has trouble looking him in the eye, that well. It relieves Diavolo immensely. Even better their shyness makes it possible for him to pretty much manipulate and persuade them should the need arise, especially when his s/o can’t understand why it is so important (for him) to erase any trace of his past or identity.
  • He enjoys it greatly to use his own height to tease his s/o. He approaches them, a teasing glance in his eyes, a mischievous smile on his face, whispers a few teasing and not so innocent words, until they slowly step back until their back hits the wall. Diavolo leans his forearm above their head, looking down on them with the same expression on his face, and traces their face and lips with his other hand. They keep their head down, and fidget with their own hands a bit. He leans his head down a bit to whisper in their ear. “Am I making you uncomfortable, cara mia?” his teasing smile grazes softly their earlobe and he relishes in the shudder and the blush that spreads across their cheeks immediately. He releases them after this and lets them have their space again. There will be a later time and place for teasing them until they can’t even think about being flustered anymore.
  • Diavolo is absolutely not one for PDA or being cuddly. So any physical contact, whether private or in public, always have a possessive touch to it. Diavolo is extremely paranoid, so it more often than not happens that he feels watched, or he feels eyes on his s/o when he’s out in public with his s/o. During these occasions Diavolo will wordlessly drape an arm over his s/o’s shoulders. Given their small height it’s easier for him to go for their shoulders rather than waist, but it’s not supposed to be a romantic gesture anyway. His s/o might feel like it, and any stranger on the street might think the same, but it’s actually just a possessive gesture to keep his s/o close to him, and to make sure whoever’s eyes are watching them, they better retreat now.

June 24th 2017, 2:11:00 pm · 2 days ago

In champion Lance au, you said that both his legs are galra prosthetics, so are they like Paniniya’s automail (the girl from fmab who stole Ed’s watch) as in with one having a blade and another having a gun???

Gonna be honest with you I haven’t thought that far ahead yet, but I did consider something like that bc I love that character from FMA haha.

June 25th 2017, 9:51:00 am · 2 days ago

same anon about the icons, just wanted you to know i completely respect that and will comply :) i might make an oc for it, since i really like the idea. thank you for replying and letting me know because the last thing i’d want is to upset someone, and i know how something like that could upset someone. thank you again and i really look forward to reading the rest of BnB!!

Thank you for understanding!  I’d love to see your OC if you make one someday!

June 26th 2017, 7:05:00 pm · 5 hours ago

I have to say that your art is so beautiful that every time I see it, I smile <3 You are lovely 

Thanks anon, I’m glad you like my art :D

My friend told me that she’s better off alone in her apartment. So I asked her, “wow, are you sure you can make it throughout the year? Believe me, you can’t.“

“Of course I can, you know me, I’m an independent person. I can do things on my own, I don’t need someone to take care of me, eat with me, be with me. I can fully take care of myself.“ I shook my head because, she was just like me.

We were overwhelmed by the idea of independency, being free, without being guarded. But we hadn’t thought that being free doesn’t make you really free; when all your shits collided and there’s no one with you to talk to, you let yourself overthink. You get trapped in your own thought, and think every possible thing that will stoke up that ill-feeling of being a mess. There’s this another friend of mine who had such experienced. I gave this little advice beforehand so she’d be aware.

JT Anon

I wonder why Ben doesn’t employ the same travel methods when he is w family to ensure their privacy? I mean he ended up w his first child’s face exposed and put up on a professional site for purchase and financial profit. He can clearly travel w out being spotted. Why doesn’t he implement the same thing when he is w his minor children and wife? Certainly protecting their babies is as big a priority as keeping himself private w some pap down time, no?


Putting aside the point you’re making for a moment JT, let me remind you that Ben does NOT travel WITH his family.  

The second to last time he was in NYC, he made sure to be sneakily photographed by a sneaky fan (who then later turned out to be a sneaky paparazzo) travelling from London to NYC alone.  When he returned to London from NYC on that trip, he was again sneakily photographed by sneaky fans and sneaky paparazzi, most definitely travelling alone.  As you do.

The last time he was in NYC, was during DS promo of course and he couldn’t afford to be spotted travelling sans wifey.  So… we didn’t get sneaky pics of him and the family in London, but we did get paparazzi shots of him, his bodyguard, Rent-A-Pilo’s blurred-out face (although the high definition pics of the pap walk from 7 months prior were still up for sale on the paid-for pap site with Rent-A-Pilo’s face unblurred in high definition for the world to see) and his wife smiling straight to the paparazzo’s camera.  We didn’t get any sneaky pics by sneaky fans or sneaky paparazzi on the way back of course, because… reasons.

I wont’ remind you how he arrived alone in LAX last year, or the fact that Weirdo arrived in Malibu a day later for the pap walk, cause I feel there’s no reason for it  :P

one day things will be better. one day i’ll wake up every morning and i’ll smile. i’ll get dressed every day and i’ll have friends and i’ll have a home that i can let them sleep in. i’ll go to musicals and shows and roller derby bouts and drive around at midnight with people who love me. i’ll talk to people. i’ll be able to keep working, i’ll be out there fighting. one day i’ll make art again. i’ll make movies and i’ll draw and i’ll write and i’ll make art i’m proud of, that makes me feel alive. one day i might learn to sing. one day i’ll play the ukulele. one day i will safe and at home and i’ll wonder why i ever doubted it was coming.

i’m working for it. right now, all i can do is keep myself alive, keep taking my medicine, and work on healing after all i’ve been through. all i can do is the bare minimum for myself right now and that’s okay. once i’m better i’ll be a better friend to all those who have helped me along the way. it’s okay if things seem slow or dead right now, if there are days where nothing happens, where i talk to no one. it’s okay. i’m working on me, and one day i’ll look back and be so happy of how far i’ve made it. i’m already proud of how far i’ve come. i can keep going.

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To the other anon, there's DEFINITELY a hierarchy here. If you're a small blog, you literally have to clown yourself to get their attention. And also some of these blogs already have a clique with inside jokes that will always leave us clueless with their long ass post. And make us feel left out ofc. -small blog rants

maybe if y’all got off anon you could team up and become friends.

first of all, I’m a small blog. I’m nowhere near the level of followers that my friends have, and that doesn’t bother me because i don’t really care about the numbers anymore. but with the whole clique thing, let me put things straight for anyone wondering. the discord that you all consider a clique was one that was made by dawn, WHO POSTED ABOUT MESSAGING THEM FOR THE LINK. LITERALLY ANYONE COULD ASK FOR THE LINK. IF YOU DIDN’T, THAT’S NOT ANYONE’S FAULT BUT YOUR OWN, CONSIDERING THE OFFER IS STILL UP. i’m only in the discord because i saw the post, and immediately messaged dawn because i was a big fan of their blog, and got the link from them. 

ON TO THE INSIDE JOKES. Guess what, all the gc photos i post don’t need any context, i post them because they’re like shitposts that i think people could enjoy. there’s nothing but me wanting to show people things i thought were funny. and i haven’t posted anymore of those for a few days, i’m stopping entirely, thanks to people who think it’s cliquey, which bums me out because i like to post them because i think they’re funny. if you feel left out, you could easily join the discord. 

All in all, there aren’t any fucking cliques. you don’t have to clown to be noticed. being salty will get you nowhere. this hierarchy bullshit is stupid. and i’m fucking tired of this unneeded drama . 

We're on iTunes!

Thanks to @roguekraytdragon for pushing me, I’m proud to announce that Moe Moe K-Yun! is officially on listed on iTunes! Also, thank you so much for the reception I’ve already gotten with the podcast. It really makes it worth all the work I’ve been pumping into making this as great as possible, and I really hope i can continue it.

That being said, if you want to see more MMKy! in the future, please rate and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Follow this blog and reblog the episodes. Follow the twitter. Show all the support you can, it let’s me know that people are actually interested in this project and that I’m not just wasting my time making content for a seemingly dead fandom.

And for all of the support I’ve gotten, I also want to present another thing. In addition to podcast episodes, those who keep up with the blog will see the tumblr-exclusive MMKy! blooper reel, Not So Moe…!

This bonus content will only be posted on tumblr, and will be humorous cut-out portions of the podcast that did not make the episode cut. They’ll be released on Tuesdays following the episode release. Yup, that means the first one comes out TOMORROW. Keep an eye on it!

Thanks again for the support, and I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast and all I have to offer with it.


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Discourse ask: Ph/eacker

Ah yes, my problematic ship. Now, first off its not pedophilia for those who’ve tried to argue me down about it. Philip is a legal adult, 19, and if I remember correctly Eacker was like, 28. Anyway, there’s alot I like about this but there’s also a lot I hate. Deeply. For instance, the same thing pulled with Jamilton ‘since they hate each other let’s make it abusive and call it hot.’ Honey, no, please. How about we 'work out their differences and build a healthy relationship that isn’t so unhealthy.’